9 Scenic City-Adjacent Nature Walks to understand more about


4K Virtual Hike Amazing Nature Scenery with Soothing Music Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail

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8K Rainforest Walk with Nature Sounds Hall of Mosses Trail and Spruce Nature Trail

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4K City Walks Exploring Salmon, Idaho Small Town Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill Scenery

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4K City Walks: Old Street to Tower Bridge London Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

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4K Nature Walk 4.5 HRS Forest/River Fabulous Views with Calm Music and Birds Chirping

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4K Virtual Forest Walk 5 Hours Walking in the Woods, Grand Ridge Trail, Issaquah, WA

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Virtual Run | Alby Island | Treadmill Scenery Workout | Treadmill Walk

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Nine scenic hikes near major cities to explore this summer. It’s been on your calendar for months and, finally, the day is almost here. That’s right. We’re talking about National Trails Day, otherwise known as June 2. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still what a nice little holiday. Ascend the 10-minute ride from the Tram’s Valley Station (at 2,600-feet elevation) to the bounty of the Mountain Station (at better than 8,500-feet).

Awaiting hikers at Mount San Jacinto State Park are 54 miles of trails, ranging from scenic walks to extreme tests. For a happy balance, explore the 2.5 mile hike to comely Round Valley. 8. Top Minneapolis Parks & Nature Attractions: See reviews and photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tripadvisor. The 9 Best Backroads Around Cleveland For A Scenic Drive.

One thing that is particularly lovely about living in Ohio is the many landscapes we get to admire — our sights range from sprawling meadows and forests to cityscapes and small towns, and each view is as lovely as the last. These 10 Gorgeous Waterfront Trails In Massachusetts Are Perfect For A Summer Day. There’s nothing like a walk by the water to calm the spirit and uplift your soul. Check out these amazing waterfront trails in Massachusetts that will absolutely take your breath away. With over 40 km of scenic nature trails to explore and plenty of spots to stop for a picnic, Albion Hills is the perfect escape from the city.

And while the Albion Hills trails are currently closed because of winter weather, they’ll be opening once it gets warmer. DeCew Falls. Ellisville Harbor State Park (Plymouth) This DCR park offers a 0.9-mile woodland trail down to a remote beach with a short loop alongside a salt marsh.

At the beach, look for shorebirds in the summer and harbor seals in the fall and winter. North River Wildlife Sanctuary (Marshfield) This Mass Audubon site includes more than 2 miles of trails through woodlands, a red maple swamp, small. Explore Judy Kingma’s board “TREADMILL WALKING SCENERY VIDEOS”, followed by 128 people on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Treadmill walking, Scenery, Virtual walk. These are the best places to take a walk, get outdoors, relax and enjoy nature in Rhode Island. Click on the trail name for directions, information, and printable pdf trail maps. Rate the Trail & Post Photographs from your walk. Explore the most popular trails in Scenic State Park with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you.

Description. Deserving of its name, Scenic State Park is just that: scenic. Wilderness and lakes surround you as you enjoy hiking, biking, camping.

List of related literature:

Environment: alpine vegetation and landscape, granite tors and boulders Rucksack:camera, water, jumper

“Walks, Tracks and Trails of Victoria” by Derrick Stone
from Walks, Tracks and Trails of Victoria
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This path leads to a tourist attraction, eg: a castle or cave, about ten minutes’ walk from the main trail.

“Slovakia” by Lucy Mallows
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by Lucy Mallows
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Journeying through rustic mountainsides, around blue-toned lakes, and past bighorn sheep grazing along the western roadside, we arrived back at the Draper Museum of natural History—the most recent of the five museums of the BBHC—having traversed the ecological wonders of nature.

“Places of Public Memory: The Rhetoric of Museums and Memorials” by Greg Dickinson, Carole Blair, Brian L. Ott
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Three distinct areas, or districts—Island in the Sky, the Maze, and the Needles—comprise this popular but spacious national park; each one offers plenty of opportunities to put boot (or mountain bike) to sandstone and become totally immersed in sun and solitude.

“Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West” by Fodor's Travel Guides
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Close by is a picturesque waterfall and a curious cavern, which I had not time to explore.

“The Malay Archipelago: The Land of the Orang-utan and the Bird of Paradise; A Narrative of Travel with Studies of Man and Nature (Complete)” by Alfred Russel Wallace
from The Malay Archipelago: The Land of the Orang-utan and the Bird of Paradise; A Narrative of Travel with Studies of Man and Nature (Complete)
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  • What a beautiful evening to showcase this charming little town. Excellent video and audio quality. Great (& humorous narration) “Here’s the county court house up on the hill… AND probation services across the street, if things don’t go your way.” (LOL!) Great job, Traveling Mel. I also really enjoy your Traveling Mel videos. Keep up the great work & stay safe!

  • For me, the longer the better. I watch these during my long meals or during exercise. I’ll often play these for several hours while writing bits of software-for now there’s nothing more heartening than to listen sounds of life and to look up and see that I’m walking on an iconic city street or among cows toward the Eiger. These walks also prepare me for my own city walks.

  • Thanks so much, love it! Especially now with this COVID19 mess! And to everyone complaining about the music, mute the sound, and use your imagination then, and stop being rude! Everyone stay safe, and enjoy all the best in life, like this-like nature-and your loved ones! <3

  • Thank you very much for such beautiful & soothing experiences you’ve offered us <3 I enjoy every minute of this! Truly appreciated! <3

  • Such a quaint town. Really lovely. I just got a 360 5k and really didn’t know if I was doing the walking videos right. I love doing them in Kathmandu. Even during the pandemic, there’s just so much ‘eye candy’ it makes them fun to make. I think I’m going to do a little binge on your videos. You do a great job.

  • I made my indoor power walk with this, and it’s so funny because the closer i get to the tv screen ( i watch it there) then i sort of immerse myself and turn when you turn and such. I wish i could walk in such a forest with a virtual reality device. Now that’d be the summum. But for now, i’m delighted because it’s winter here, so cold…like -30 celcius, and i don’t wanna walk outside, and i miss nature and the color green like crazy. I suffer from seasonal depression, severely, and i have to gather useful tools to make it through. Your videos are one of them. You’re doing more than you think by uploading this. Nature has a healing power.

  • People that never go camping or hiking and really never get out of a town or city and spend a few days in the wild like this have no idea, no idea at all, the healing power of just hearing nothing but wind, birds, and the sound of a forest, and seeing the green and variety of living things out there. Spend a few days out there without electronics and you start feeling natural again. You belong, you feel it, and you have to put no thought into it. It just happens. Your body remembers.

  • What a great idea to do this first person from a walking perspective! I’m drawing inspiration from this channel and starting a nature walk and nature sounds channel of my own. If you wouldn’t mind checking mine out and subscribing to see my progress as I grow and maybe throw in a couple comments/suggestions that would be great. Thanks!!

  • Appreciate a lot! Living in the forest of concrete,dragged by dozens of work,we all fail to embrace our mother nature. Watching your video while reading a book makes me feel like being really in nature. Thank you!

  • Wonderful walk in London! I love the streets there. I have thought many times to go and I must do soon. What a lovely day, also nice and interesting narration! Sofia

  • Hola henry,,muy linda ciudad o pueblito no se como lo llaman ustedes,,muy tranquilo sereno pocas personas circulando y con ese hermozo telon de fondo como lo son las cadenas montañosas y pequeños arroyos en donde hacen que se vea como una postal,,felicitaciones y sigan adelante desde (Uruguay) les envio un gran saludo walter ��������������

  • Videos like this are becoming more and more popular as people around the world ride their stationary bikes, run and or walk on their treadmills, in front of their TVs. We’ve all gotten very creative in staying healthy through these lock-downs.

  • this video is the one that inspired me to actually begin my youtube channel. because i also felt the essence tp explore the beauty hidden in nature. i moved to germany recently, and as we are rolling slowly into summer, i get to enjoy a lot the nature as i take afternoon nature walks, i do make small videos for my youtube. i hope after this model, my channel will grow

  • good god man…. edit out the sound of your feet… maybe consider over tracking more pleasant sounds. im not trying to be rude… my apologies.. this is tranquil and lovely…. but your footsteps where MADDENING.. i mean no disrespect.. ty for your time

  • Please upload this vedio without external music…. Thank you everyone……. This is Ultimate forest view very very very Thank you everyone……. This is dedicated all nature dudes……

  • I absolutely love your videos. I really like that there is no music and no humans.

    Hopefully, you will make a video of hiking through the desert. I will keep an eye out for that video.

    Thanks again for your great videos.

  • Why did you keep changing up the scenes so much in the beginning? I thought it wasn’t going to be a walk, just clips. I can’t share this one

  • I think this walk could have been better if only occasionally the walker would have occasionally paused only for a moment and pointed the camera to the right and to the left. A whole lot of trail by the lake and could only see glimpses of the lake and mountains.

  • Something very poetic about the forest. To think the entire time our lives have been going on, through childhood up until adulthood this place has always been there. This peaceful place whether times in our lives were good or bad. Makes you realize a lot of times we get in our own way.

  • Wow, excellent walk I loved it, and such a beautiful morning for it! I really enjoyed your narration as always. Btw, the Gherkin is the building you filmed at 21:58. Keep up the great job Henry:)

  • I know everyone is a critic, but I think most comments are not meant to be mean, but to express a great need for beauty, which you are providing, but also a break from constant noise assaults! And, Omgosh, that 1 note constantly playing is really hard to hear! Again, thank you for the beauty you are offering!

  • How well-said… “The country is the world of the soul, the city is the world of bodies.” Baha’u’llah, Bahá’u’lláh and the New Era, Baha’i Faith


    A GIÀ…..!!! Oltre a tutto ciò onde ottenere il massimo dovreste smettere di assumere sostanze malefiche e nefaste tipo bacco, tabacco, affini e similari!!

    P.s. Avete ben compreso? Ciao e buonanotte a tutti!!

  • This is almost hypnotic. The way the camera moves but keeps perfectly centered. It’s like the effect from watching the divider lines on the road when you drive.

  • What a wonderful video! ��
    The visit of London is in our plans ��
    I see there are many cycle roads and beautiful street art ��
    And I’ve noticed, that bus stop turned to other side. If we have seets on the bus stops which is turned toward the road I see that in London it is turned toward the building. This is very interesting idea ��
    There are a lot of beautiful architecture! I liked a cathedral at 32:13. It’s really amazing ��

  • Truly grateful for this nature walk, almost feeling like I am there myself. If it additionally were possible to smell the forest (and touch the trees). How are such videos made? Is this filmed with a drone or are you walking (if so how come that it is the camera view is so steady)? THANKS! Your video is such comfort to me, calms the mind. Wood Bathing and even virtual is so healthy for the mind!

  • Where is this place??
    With natural sounds of nature it would be much better video than artifical music!!
    And why didn’t you rotated camera on left or right side, up or down side, back and sideway side??? It would be much better experience for viewers in this way.
    Have you noticed how many colors of wildflowers were there??
    Six colored flowers: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple..
    Comment at 30 min view of video

  • प्लीज 1मिनट के लिए बस मेरे लिए भी आप लोग टाईम निकाल लिजिए
    आप लोग भाई और मेरी बहन लोग आप लोग मेरी मदत कर दो बस मेरे मम्मी पापा जो है मुझे नही मानते है और मै घर से बाहर निकलकर काम भी करना चाह रही हू लेकीन नही निकलने देते है लोग इस लिए मै एक अपना चैनल बनाई हू और गाना लिखती हू लिखकर सिंगर लोग को देती है मोबाईल द्बारा और अपने चैनल पर डालती हू ताकी इस से मे कूछ कर सकूँ
    आप लोग के बस एक सब्सक्राईब से मेरी जिन्दगी आप लोग संभाल सकते है कूछ नही जाएगा बस सब्सक्राईब करने से प्लीज मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राईब आप लोग कर लिजिए । ������ दिल से आप लोग का धन्वाद करती हूँ ��

  • Wow, I get so wound up with the all the situations in the world right now, this is so welcome for the anxiety relief. Thank you so much!

  • So beautiful. Imaging walking in the forest listening to the bird singing, the sound of my own footsteps, watching the endless greeness, feeling so relaxing. Love your channel 4K Relaxation Channel. Thank so much.

  • It’s amazing to think 157k people have joined you on your walk! Thank you. I’ve used this to lift my spirits during our town’s quarantine.