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Add a few steps today and a few more tomorrow and you’re well on your way to boosting your health! Plus, getting active will get the blood flowing to all parts of your body and help you loosen up not just your physical muscles, but your creative ones, too. Set a goal to increase your step count by just 500 more steps each day for a week. Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Step Count.

July 01, 2018 Check out these tips from Fitbit® to up your step count: Just park further away from the entrance to your office. Or if you take public transportation, get off a stop earlier and walk the extra block. Get some fresh air.

If you are leaving work and you are 1500 steps below where you normally are at that time, it would help to know that you could make up the gap by taking a couple laps around your office, perhaps. Here is a handy Free Step Count Printable where you can record your step count for your. I tried several things to consistently get my step count up and now, 4 months later, my step count is averaging 12,000 steps a day.

13 thoughts on “ 10 Creative Ways to Increase Your Daily Step Count ” Vik. May 31, 2020 at 4:17 pm. Permalink I’m counting my steps now and I’m definitely low now. Thank you for motivating me! Repl.

On the train or plane, get up every once in awhile and walk the aisle. Also, it won’t count towards your pedometer count, but don’t forget to stretch! Helpful hints.

For all these workplace situations, try to get your co-workers involved. Sometimes, nothing motivates us as well as some friendly intra-office. Of course, if you aren’t doing it yet, start tracking your steps here on Walking 4 Fun and walk a virtual trail. These 10 steps are ways to increase your step count during the day, but this site will help motivate you want to do more steps in the first place! More than a few people have reported that their step counts magically seemed to.

The good news is it’s possible to break up all that sitting with small bouts of exercise even if you don’t have access to an office gym or your only option for exercise is at your desk.While. There are lots of reasons to up your step count and lots of easy ways to make it happen. Though 10,000 steps a day can be a good benchmark for most folks, you can still see benefits from less. Whatever your goal, remember: every step matters. Happy trails!

Put reminders in your calendar for short walking breaks to ramp up your energy throughout the day. Have a one-on-one meeting? Plan to walk and talk. Park farther away. Choose parking spots farther away from the entrance.

If you take the bus, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way. 7 – Buddy Up. And that brings us to the last tip for how to increase your step count! FRIENDS!

There is no greater way to get fit than if you are doing it with someone else. Whether it be your bestie, your neighbour or even your hubby, why not buddy up with someone and go for a regular walk together or a weekend hike.

List of related literature:

6 Consider keeping a runner’s log or journal.

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In my work with Jim, each of these steps was difficult.

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Step 6: Conduct Milestone Meetings “Milestone meetings” should be arranged periodically throughout the year to review the retail loss prevention employee’s progress at reaching goals and taking steps agreed upon to improve performance.

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For each step that you’ve listed, create a page entitled “Step to Tasks.”

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Optional steps: If a worksheet is prepared, Steps 4, 5, and 6 are incorporated in the worksheet.

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My office is exactly nine steps from my bedroom.

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Step 5 Always call guests after five minutes saying, “Mr/Ms….

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Step 6: Apply the activity to the workplace.

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The first one is to leave his desk and go into a conference room, away from phones and e-mail, whenever he has a task that requires concentration.

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So really Step 10 is a continuous practicing of Steps 4-9 on a daily basis.

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  • I started with 10000 steps and now I’m in 14000 its becoming way too easy so I’m probably going to make it 15000 i lose 2lbs per week doing this along with eating in a caloric deficit calculated by a calorie counting app and 20 mins body weight exercises.

  • The writing really dumb down in the last 2 seasons, including this scene, but the “‘You know i have to do this….I know” line saves it and is hilarious.

  • I have been walking 10,000-25,000 during the COVID-19 per day and lost only 9 lb and stop losing. I was trying everything and found out about jumping jacks and jumping rope that starts moving my weight loss forward. Very excited��! Thank you.

  • For someone who has reached the physique that he/she wants, would you still recommend walking. I ask because of the claims of cardio potentially aids in muscle loss.

  • I walk to and from work so I easy get my 10000 steps on week days.
    Did so little during lockdown though. Unless video game steps count? I did implement squats on load screens to get me doing something.

  • Thank you for the thorough and informative video on my favorite form of exercise walking. My next step is to purchase a pedometer so that I can use that to record daily goal.

  • Just started this one today. WOW, it was very challenging and I loved it!! It was a great feeling to have finished it. Great workout!!

  • Hey, I am amazed how you are burning so many calories per day. I walk 10k steps and only burn around 400 calories only. Are you working out along with walking?

  • Is it me or does this just make you wanna stay standing at all times and see how long it takes while in the end feel so much better after you sat back down?

  • Totally on point especially the part about the same diet and less steps which I guess we are all going through during this pandemic.

  • i did this workout yesterday and let me tell you right now as i sit here and drink my coffee i ache all over even my arms and biceps and all i did was swing my arms…its truely amazing what muscles are at work throgh just normal daily activities tysm for making these videos its really quite a blessing!!! ♥ tc and be safe!!!

  • It’s seriously not hard to get steps in. If you’re studying, on a call, watching a video, literally just walk around your house! It’s so easy

  • Im currently walking 20 miles a day as I’m recovering from neck surgery as this is all I can do along with minor band exercises. I’m on a calorie deficit but noticing my muscles getting much leaner and stronger but doesnt seem to burn any fat around my mid section like up hill wind sprints or running would do.

  • I know this video is a little over year old, but I have a question(s). At the 00:44 mark you begin to prepare 4 eggs in the colored “dishes/bowls”. 1st, what are they called and where do you get them? 2nd what is the “style” of egg you are doing? 3rd, how do you do it? Any of the food prep you do would be greatly appreciated as I am a CHF patient and since the onset I have gained apx. 80 lbs of blubber from inactivity. I am now, 4 1/2 years later, able to move around a bit more. Any and all insight would be great. Thanks, Paul.

  • This is why Japanese people are so fit and slim, and the best thing is that their lifestyle is all about walking, so they do not need to implement any tricks.
    Thanks for the video! Appreciate the tips and will try to do them everyday:)

  • Just did it for the first time! Burned 55 active calories, got in 1100 steps which came out to 0.41 mile on my Apple Watch. Pace was 17’39” which is wayyy better than my normal 22’ pace. Thx Holly!

  • I walk 3.5 miles every morning 7 days a week. I started watching what I eat on Jan 1st, 2020. So far thru walking and watching my calories in calories out and knowing my BMR I have been able to take my weight from 255 to 176 pounds. I’m only 5 feet 6 inches tall so 3.5 miles is approximately 8000 steps. From there it’s easy to get a couple thousand extra steps in. I have cervical stenosis so walking is low impact and is the best exercise for me. Good video!

  • oh wow the second round was unexpectedly difficult, i keep having to stop because i feel like my guts is just ready to fall out of my mouth

  • Why isnt going to work ever considered for excercise. My job is very physical. My steps are 7ooo-9000 a day just at work. That doesnt include all the lifting and fast pace. Yet drs dont seem to recognise it as excersise. Im exhausted at the end of the day. My clothes are loose but the scale isnt moving. Im assuming Im gaining muscle and losing fat. Im 220 I want to lose 50 lbs

  • Hey @joanna soh official….I’m 14 years old and I did this workout one morning and I skipped it the other morning so my back started aching too much and I’m still suffering wid pain…can u plz tell me what to do��

  • I’m assuming you do not work?!?! Might I add you consume some nasty foods. Clean up your foods act.
    You can only walk when you belong to the privileged group. All others are loitering or looking suspicious on leaving their house.

  • I walk while talking in phone. For any call received I get up and start walking while talking. For instance adding all call minutes official and personal, daily it is easily 2.5-3 hrs, and this is enough to get 8k-10k step range daily.:)

  • 9 out of 10 vascular surgeons recommend standing desks…

    … because they love that sweet, sweet money from varicose veins stripping surgery.

  • What’s your average step count and what have been some of your “hacks” to bump up your daily steps during this time? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Joanna, please help I am 13 and I am really having fat in all my parts more like in thighs,arms and tummy.please help guys like me whose stamina is very slow.i am doing yoga and also boxing training,so please help.we guys need u

  • If you liked this video, I one up’ed it to +30,000 Steps A Day / Over 100 Miles In 7 days. If you want to check it out, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjyDYG90JCM

  • I did 20k steps 3 days ago… wow, it kicked my ass lol. But feel good knowing i’m improving and going to aim for beating the record soon! Thanks for the video.

  • For those of us who don’t have a Fit Bit yet, which Fitness Tracker watch under $50 USD do you recommend? There are lots of choices on Amazon, hard to choose. Thanks.

  • Avoid fitbit, there is a SmartWatch called the Withings steel Series, which has an excellent App, (and ecosystem) as well as being 50% harder to get steps on than a Fitbit, of which I have owned 4. They bricked the last one a Charge 3. Seriously. Say NO to Fitbit.

  • Today I will be doing all of holly exercise 5 times each the end of the day I’ll update u guys
    Here’s a piece of advice:
    Never stop eating calories if u stop for a month it will be bad for ur health so only eat a little not so much….

    I did this workout 8 times it’s easy
    I lost half a kg maybe

  • Great video. Thank you. I walk at least 10k steps a day and if the weather is rainy, I use a mini stepper and get 1000’s of steps extra a day. I also do cardio workouts every day.

  • Iv lost 2 half stone in 6 months so far walking 10 to 12000 steps a day but some days I dont walk I got half a stone to go before I reach my target of 12 stone the plus side of walking and not running no injuries

  • The miles per hour and distance does not equal the amount of calories he has showing. A brisk walk will give you 360 calories per hour. For a 3 hour walk he’s showing 3941 calories. If he were burning that much per day he’d be a stick on the food he’s showing

  • Sounds simple, but look at the other numbers.. it means you were averaging a bit more than ten miles per day and taking over six and a half hours per day to do it. Most people have jobs that preclude them using another 6.5 hours every day just for walking. And to say you started from sedentary life to nearly a half marathon each day sounds fishy at best, and dangerous to your health just starting back.

  • Between 16K-20K. It works with a low calorie diet( just two meals in a day ). I lost 26 pounds in 4 months. Now I have 143 pounds. My daily calorie target is 1500 calories. It means that 900 calories missing everyday.

  • I walked 20,242 steps and only made 1,052.4 cals. how you calculated this. a person have to do 2000 steps to burn 100cals, please someone make de maths

  • Your videos are so creative! I’ve started following just dance videos on youtube when I can’t go outdoors, and it is surprising how many steps you can get out of those 4 min routines.:-)

  • I’m confused. I use a walking app(map my walk) and a step app (StepsApp) and I walk 5 miles a day. about 9500 steps. It takes me 90 minutes at an avg 3.4 mph both apps calculate calories burned at about 600 or so. Your numbers are quite…different

  • At first I wasn’t going outside and doing nothing. Then I downloaded noom (I got rid of it) it gave a daily walking goal. Started with 2000 then 2500 then 3000 then 3500. I was doing that indoors. Once I got rid of noom I got up to 5000 steps a day then moved to 10,000 all indoors. I’ve been going outside starting in May. I get between 10,000-14,000 a day give or take maybe every other day sometimes. Before quarantine I would get 10,000 easy between the trip to work and walking at work.

  • How fast did you walk, and was the ground always at or near level? You don’t appear to have been walking fast. And you do appear to have been walking on level ground. That’s why I ask. Your results are good. However, if you were walking slowly or only moderately fast on primarily level ground, someone else walking fast over mixed terrain would see even better results. So my aim is to be encouraging, not critical.

  • Love this! It’d ve great to have a level 3 �� am I the only one who finds the step run easier with the weights?�� Perhaps it’s due to my crappy crappy balance…

  • What a moron you are. You need a phone app to help you go out and walk?? Fool. Idiot. It doesn’t matter if you walk 19000 or 21000 steps. Just walk.

  • What would have been helpful to see included in the calculation is your BMR (unless that’s factored into what Fitbit shows as your calories burned). Because without doing ANYTHING, your body is burning calories just going through your normal everyday routine. So in a way, you either have to ignore the calories in your BMR and just look at what you expend ABOVE that number OR you have to just look at what calories you are burning through the intentional activity. One hour of Zumba or Hot Yoga class will tell me how many calories I’ve burned through that activity. One hour of walking or jogging (at the usual pace) yields a certain number as well. So in terms of weight loss, I will only look at the calories burned through intentional activity.

    I may not be explaining myself clearly, but it is obvious from the directness of this video (thank you for that, btw) that you did create a calorie deficit. I know that 3,500 calories = 1 pound and that you exceeded that amount.

    It also looks like you did well with your sleeping (kudos) which is one factor that often gets ignored or forgotten about when people step on the scale. Stress is the other factor and it creates hormones and that can show up as a weight gain on the scale. People seem to forget that the “formula to lose weight” is not as simple as “eat less & move more” (it’s a great part of it, but not the entire equation).

    Great job, though! Now, I’m curious to see your 30,000 steps video.

  • You have inspired me to use my re yonder again. I don’t have a working Fitbit but just knowing you can get about a thousand stamps dancing on the rebounder I can do that a few times a day!

  • Thankyou so much for this workout and keeping in mind those of us who are just getting into a regular habit of exercising you made it fun and not discouraging for me!��

  • A 3 kilogram weight loss does make sense although it probably will be more accurate to measure “calories burned” by using Google maps to measure walking distance.

  • It’s 1:31 am here in NZ…and I was just watching lying in bed….but I’m gonna try this out…Gosh I reckon it’s a mental thingy too…This is awesome…choice

  • I did this and got my 1,000 steps! I loved it and plan to do it again here in a few! Haven’t worked out since this dang COVID started and somehow have only put on 4.9 pounds, so they’re coming off! Love this! Thanks so much! You have a new subscriber!

  • If you jog instead, you’re gonna save yourself a LOT of time. It might be slightly harder, but it’s worth it. You could even mix it up and do half jogging/half walking. It’s likely you’ll double your calorie burn by jogging (at a decent pace).

  • I love how Creed corrects Dwight after he mentions suicide cults. As we know from a previous episode, Creed is a leader or member of various cults.

  • The body fat loss through walking is amazing, if you walk for over 10.000 steps a day and watch your diet, way better than running and much more enjoyable. Most channels make the mistake of just talking about weight loss, but the important thing is not weight loss, but fat loss and muscle gain.

  • Total Gym has a little bouncy attachment….steps def could be tracked. What about Leslie Sansone where she does low-impact walking in place? Also…sitting on a physio ball & bouncing up/down gets the HR up….I did that when I was rehabbing my knee. And touching knee to hand would count as a step.

  • Wait, I’m confused. You had a deficit of 13k calories for the week and you lost 7lbs? I thought 1lb = 3,500 cals? Apologies if I misunderstood.

  • I wonder what he did to get that many steps other than just walk. I mean I try to walk more often for my errands and I walk my dog a lot and I get about 10k a day. I try to park as far away from the store as possible to add steps. I also walk stairs vs elevator. But it’s still difficult to get 10k some days, much less 25k.

  • Plzz giv me a weekly wrkout…which cn I follow properly everyday…which day which wrkout strength training or cardio or low impact wrkout…m follwng ur wrkout but I dnt get it a proper routine..plzz it’s a request from india

  • Excellent video! I am also a serious walker and walk at least 10 km a day. I have found walking to be the most effective way to lose weight and get back in shape. I tried HIIT cardio exercises but I was not having the same results, because I overdid it and my body was not responding. Walking is simple and effective.

  • now in the fitness community everyone thinks that they have to do high intensity interval training or some kind of hard intensity cardio to get shredded. But something as simple as eating in a caloric deficit and walking 5 plus miles a day can get you there as well. Personally I hate hard cardio of any kind, and just cannot stick with it it depresses me.

  • You don’t burn 4600 plus cals walking 16 miles, a 200 pound person burns around 110 per mile, so that’s less than 2000,your fit bit is way out

  • I started walking more at the end of May, my average daily step count was only 2-3k steps. I started walking around the house literally all day, I’ve went from 299 lbs to 244.8. My current average step count is at 31k per day. I’m averaging a 4-5lb weight loss ever 7 days. I eat sausage, eggs, and 1 pancake for breakfast, 1 cup of chicken breast and 1 cup of apples for lunch, and for dinner I usually stick with a large sweet potato.

  • Try Leslie Sansone Jenny Ford marching with moves and Lucy Wyndham workouts too Phala B fitness. May as well have fun while doing it

  • My mobile phone step program recommends 8200 steps/day or about 500 cal burn or 70 min walk!
    I all ready lost few ponds.
    But be care full with sweets, can cancel out any calorie burned easy.

  • Just dance is a great exercise if you don’t have equipment or a lot of space! It’s a good investment for the game and system because it’s a fun thing you can do with friends too, I mean how fun is a treadmill with friends?! Lol

  • wait i dont understand my bmr says with exercise blah blah blah i burn 3k calories a day does that include calories burned from exercise?

  • I went on my first date and what we did was walk around and talk about things we were interested in. Walked altogether over 30,000 steps and had an amazing date.:)

  • this is walking from my dorm to class in boarding school in a fixed location

    edit:still,I didn’t lose much weight.dont let this demotivate you though because I think it’s the snacks I’m eating to compensate for my daily energy intake

  • I do this 5 days a week with my sister. We keep weight off and always see so many people on our walk it’s great. Joggers follow walkers people on bikes its great

  • did this for 10 times!!

    11032 steps
    took 40 sec 1 min rest each round

    edit: make sure to stretch before and after! concentrate on the calf area! repeat stretch throughout the day if needed bcos you going to feel the sore the next day if you don’t properly stretching!!

  • for me (and for anyone similar to me)
    im a 21 yr old female under 100 pounds
    doing this once burned 46 cals & i reached 1,078 steps 😉 haha

  • I work from home and I do other exercises after work but this is one is perfect for me for small breaks during the day. Now instead of snacking during a break I just turn this on and do it and I feel so much better than if I would have just had a snack. Thank you!

  • Walking when brushing is not hygienic. Small water droplets will come when we brush our teeth. Please anyone give any other methods instead of this.

  • I have a neurological disease and suffer from chronic pain 24/7. I started walking 3 minutes per day today I walk 3 hours per day. I am homebound and do this Inside my bedroom because of my illness, I have lost 120 pounds.

  • çok güzel hareketler fakat çok hızlı yetişmek zor oluyor.. biraz ara vererek yapsan güzel kızım.. biraz dinlenerek yap.. biraz yaşı ilerlemişler de yapabilse.. kalbim duracak nerdeyse.. biraz yavaş lütfen

  • I was so surprised when I looked at the video but eventually it was amazing that I did 1000 steps in just 7 mins, thanks Holly you are such a motivation for these short workout sessions. I mean every word of it. I do these along with 7 min slim legs & 7 mins flat stomach workout ��Thank you so much for your efforts for being a motivation for people who haven’t ever worked out in their lifetime!!!

  • Great concise video, walking is such an underrated form of exercise. Worth pointing out though, that the kind of calorie deficit you were in for that week isn’t really sustainable or healthy for the long run. Too much of a deficit for too long can mess up your matabolism and for women mess up hormones etc.

  • Nothing against you but your dogs were my favorite part.�� Cracks me up when they’re on the trampoline or treadmill with you.������

  • Walking is Aerobic means ‘with air’ and refers to the body producing energy with the use of oxygen. This typically involves any exercise that lasts longer than two minutes in duration. Continuous ‘steady state’ exercise is performed aerobically. Running is Anaerobic means ‘without air’ and refers to the body producing energy without oxygen. Our body is required aerboic excerise…..

  • I walk 10,000 steps everyday and its great but when I come home I feel soo hungry and end up eating more than when I wasnt walking.: (

  • This is so wonderful, because (almost) anyone can walk. I have the opposite problem compared to most people: I lose weight when I hit 10,000 steps per day plus weight training. I have to add calories from fruit juices, etc. to maintain weight. So, yes, it (losing weight) works like a charm! And, I do love that you walk circles around your cat, lol. If I am at 9,970, I do the exact same thing! Great video, thanks!

  • If y’all want to earn MONEY while walking i have something for u:I found this app that pays u to walk I literally just had my phone with me while going to school and made 15 dollars… in one day wtf!! Here is a link for everyone who wants to try: https://sweatco.in/i/zouzou806724 And it’s free

  • I’ll admit it. I’m kind of like Jim. I play practical jokes on the people around me. Everybody laughed apart from the person who suffered the joke. Little by little, I ended up without friends because of my jokes. Some people can’t take a snowboll in the face or a shove.

  • I really enjoying doing the 7 min 1000 steps! I am 60 years old and your workout helps me during this quarantine period. From Paris, Thank you!!!

  • I walk between 20 and 30,000 steps per day but my fitness app says that’s only 1,400 calories. I need to get what you got so I can get more accurate.

  • I love this low impact workout especially the second round!! I used to follow your HIIT workouts but then my knees have gone bad. I kind of fell into a depression. However, this low impact workout has given me hope that I can still enjoy. ���� I would love to see more 30-45 minutes of low impact videos. Thank you Joanna! ��

  • I downloaded the Step Pedometer on Google play store and my average is 7,000 when I don’t try but I can get it over 10,000 no problem so let’s get it. Im on one now.

  • It’s great fun and those 7 minutes were gone by so fast. Im sweating but it wasn’t that hard. I’ll keep on walking because it feels as if it’s effective even if it’s not as hard as other workouts. I really like that video and I think I’ll do it again the next weeks����

  • @hollydolke
    I love this video and use it as a cardio intro to your other exercises that I do daily. Would loooove a longer length version 20 or 30 min. Prefer it without HIT exercises because it breaks the flow. All I need is your awesome soundtrack and motivational words to keep me going.

    I’ve looked online for other longer length walk / runs and there just aren’t any that are a vibe.

    Thanks for helping me stay fit indoors!!

  • Thank-you this made me laugh, I do the exact same thing and act like a ding dong. Glad to know I’m not the only one. P.S. Loved the dance moves:)

  • That was really informative thank you I never thought of doing steps those ways so great for the winter or when it’s too hot outdoors!

  • I just realized tonight that my pedometer only registers every other step. I’ve probably had this thing for 25 years… and never realized it. It’s hooked to my waist band on one hip…. Now what?!!? Do I get them back, or… OMG.

  • I really like this one, it’s nice and short, perfect to add to other routines if you like, or just do it twice or more for extra walking. I hope you’ll do more like this.

  • Use the Wii fit!! Awesome!! There is a running in place game so fun!! It keeps track of your miles and time!! And the characters wave at you when you run by them!! Oh ya you follow a dog.!! By the way I’m 60!!

  • just with u work out i have lost 4 pounds i will keep work out and diet thanks u very much ���� i love u work out and congratulations for ur pregnancy!! ������ thanks u for being my inspiration and motivation

  • That’s a great idea, I have to do a video of getting my 10K steps in the house because some days you just don’t want to go out ( Rain & Cold). It is easy to get out and walk and get you steps in 1hr and 30min and I’m done. Peace & Love

  • I’ve been walking an hour per day, most days, for years in my home. Before that, I would walk back and forth in the driveway, which probably made my neighbors think I had an OCD diagnosis. I put music on while I’m walking, or talk to a friend on the phone while walking or just walk in the quiet. So, I really enjoyed your video. I got such kick out of your dog following you, especially up and down the stairs. I imagined him asking, “Where are we going?” “Are we going ANYWHERE?”

    We had a bull mastiff, Sadie, who insisted on doing yoga with me (she was particularly good at up and down dog) and when I would sit to meditate in lotus she would deposit herself on my lap.

    Thank you for your video!

  • I find that I get a ton of steps in just walking in place while watching tv. As long as you move your arms, they’ll register. And you can walk faster than you do around the house with all the obstacles. Also, if you put in some music, you’ll rack them up. I can get about 2,000 in 15 minutes!

  • LOVE IT! LOL! Secretly, my favorite indoor “get your steps in” activity is doing one of Jane Fonda’s walking video’s on YouTube!!! haha! Great for low impact exercise and allows for a lot of steps in a short amount of time! #lovejanefonda #noapologies

  • You’re A blessing and a hoot. I don’t need to do all those every day but you got me thinking of ways to get creative. Where is your rebounder from? I had to leave mine when we moved.

  • I am now doing this workout 3-4 times daily. It’s really great for me as I have three kids and currently working from home & under lockdown.

  • we bringing a billion-dollar business to the table. My business partner and I have created an all-natural sports beverage that’s diabetic, keto-friendly, rapid hydration & reduces cramping. We recently added a CBD infused version of our high-end sports beverage. We’d love to build our company as vitamin water did, if interested in helping us grow, let’s talk… Thank you for your time & reading..

  • I’ve done this work out many many times and I love it only thing is the most steps I e gotten is 852 is it because I’m not walking fast enough? Cause at some points I’m jogging

  • I walked 26,000 steps today and MyFitnessPal says I only burned 1143 calories. Are you speed walking or slow jogging at some point?

  • Sometimes I do a youtube of walk away the pounds during a tv show (yes the laptop is next to the tv LOL) and that gets a few thousand steps in and makes me out of breath.

  • Oh my gosh you look so thin! Are you going to do a weigh in sometimes? Do you still eat the potato diet or potato-ish? Well done for your footsteps, it’s so easy to stay motivated with these cold temperatures but we will win this! 😉

  • I do 10,000 and eat reg my weight is dripping. If I don’t get to walk thunder storm………….I use my home lift app and do 1 meal a day.

  • I average around 11k per day. If I haven’t hit 10k close to midnight I’ll walk in circles around my basement until I hit it! My kids think I’m nuts! ��

  • Workouts I do, and really gave me a fantastic result:
    1) 10,000 steps workout
    2) Cardio kickboxing
    3) 10,000 steps abs workout

    Thank you Joanna! Actually, we have the same name… however, spelt differently.

  • Great workout Joanna. I have been doing ur workout since last year.I just love the way u teach n istruct while doing the workout. I learn more through this way. Thank u so much n God bless u.

  • Genuinely didn’t think this would give me 1000 steps, but I’ll eat my words. According to my apple watch I went from 7515 to 8612 in literally 7 minutes. I also burnt 49 active calories and 68 total calories, which isn’t too shabby at all.

  • Interstellar version
    Dwight:Why do you have to do this? It’s impossible
    Jim:No, it’s necessary.

    I didn’t mean to ruin it guys, just a joke

  • Absolutely love this so quick and easy I can fit it in while waiting for dinner to cook. I tend to do it as a jog rather than walking and find your encouragement really motivating. Thanks Holly x

  • Thank you Joanna I did the 10000 step for a month and have seen great results now I have stared this one and hopefully will see results as well. Thank you once again for your amazing workout videos.

  • July 15 day 1
    July 16 day 2
    July 17 rest painful calves
    July 18 rest painful calves
    July 19 day 3
    July 20 day 4
    July 21 rest
    July 22 day 5
    July 23 day 6
    July 24 rest
    July 25 rest
    July 26 day 7
    Aug 2 l

  • The last line always get me..” i know”.. hahaha. I dont think the show would have lasted if not for both actors having chemistry on screen.

  • I no longer do once a week grocery buys. I walk to my nearest grocery store with my reusable bag. I buy what I need to that day and walk back home. It feels like I’m going hunting for my food. My grocery store takes around 20 mins to walk to. sometimes i just go to just get one thing I need like milk. Not everyone lives close to the grocery store but the point is to incorporate walking into something you do everyday. If I didn’t live in such a big city I’d probably ditch my car

  • This is a great video. Even though it’s low-impact, it was certainly a good workout and got me sweating! I only got through it because you are so encouraging!!!

  • I SRABANTI just subscribed today your channel and started your workout today but for last 10 DAYS I JUST WALK 10500 TO 11000 STEPS AT HOME…. IS THIS FRUITFUL TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND BELLY FAT WITH 30 MINUTES OF WORKOUT

  • @joanna soh, am new and love this a lot. Am from Nairobi, Kenya… Approximately how many calories does one lose witb this? Thnx for the good job

  • and yes i can say that… you are quit motivating person…. i was just finding something in which i use less jumping pattrens….so helpfull

  • I have always had a standing desk, it is only tiring if you have bad foot wear. But it is alot easier to type and get things down. Because sitting does make you drowsy

  • Low HIIT workouts are all i need and standing abs exercises are far more better than sitting on a mat sweating like crazy and doin crunches ugh. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOANNA❤️

  • Wow, I walked 19,000 steps just the other day but Google fit is telling me I only burned 1,400 cals approx. I’m 5’7″ and currently 225 lbs. I need to get one of these watches ASAP!!!

    * all while pushing a buggy with a two year old.

  • Please more like this!! I can’t always do the higher impact workouts as I have rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks so much for this workout!! ����

  • Thanks for ur ever going energy and enthusiasm….I tried 10000 steps along with 10000 steps + abs workout together…I couldn’t believe that u made me do that great workout…totally 6500 steps in 52 min…maximum heart rate 142 BPM..feels simple to look..but it’s actually legs and arms on fire….coninue to spread ur energy

  • I’ve gone from averaging 7,000 steps to just above 13,000 steps and in just a couple of weeks I can notice change. Walking = Better Butter Burner.

  • I’ve been doing the 10000 step workout for a week now. Will start doing this tomorrow in addition with the step workout. Thanks, Joanna!!! ☺️

  • I love all your workouts just wish you’d add an estimate on about how many calories you burn on each! I’m just starting my fitness journey so don’t know much about workouts and calories you burn…

  • Hey Joanna. I wanted to say that I’ve a V shape body. So can you plz make some videos on how to reduce breast size? Plzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Started watching your videos for motivation. Counting calories now. Didn’t realize there are 120 cals in 1 TBSP of cooking oil. Your notification bell doesn’t work because it is content made for kids.

  • I’m in my 5th week of walking over 12000 steps 6 days per week. Eat low carb and high protein diet and have seen remarkable progress in losing weight.

  • Hello ma’am. I have a question,, I have bloated abs and also have bloating problem.. i do workout for 6 days a week still having these problems, I don’t know what is going wrong. what can I do about it?

  • I must have done something wrong cuz i did it 5 times in a row and the next 3 days my calves were so sore that i couldn’t walk lmao

  • 1:00 I call it bullshit. 10.57 miles in 2 hours would be 5 miles per hour. that’s not walking, thats jogging speed. Your fitbit is probably broken. I do very fast walking every day for two hours (like 3,5 mph) and at best i’m barely reaching 15k steps

  • Maybe I’m overthinking this, but couldn’t Dwight have just put his feet on the ground until Jim walked away? Even if he got pushed, he should be able to balance himself.

  • Excellent video! I bought, at the Goodwill Thrift Store, an indoor bicycle for $12. I use it every day—like when I watch you and the Bostons!

  • This is true. I could tell you with my experience..I think sometime low intensity workout is more effective then height intensity.. I used to go gym but due to COVID I have been going for race walking. It’s been a month and I can see changes. My fat percentage came down from 35 to 30 and weight is reducing gradually..

  • Joanna v hv finished doin all your workouts, please post more workout to keep us active during this pandemic time lot of workout for upper body cardio too

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  • Only bcoz of u i started working out otherwise everyone on yt is jumping nd hoping nd by following them i injured myself several times. But now i can also jump �� nd i feel little stronger nd lost few kgs..thank you so much jonnah..❤️

  • Thanks. Worked for me.
    To anyone who is still confused because their iPhones isn’t counting their steps: you need to wait for about 5 minutes and take your phone for a short walk. If it still doesn’t show your steps, turn your phone off and back on again. And now, if your phone still doesn’t show your steps, you can repeat the first two steps, but then if there is still no change, maybe the motion detector inside your phone is broken or doesn’t work… I suggest showing it to a professional. Hope this is useful!