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Walking Is Better Than RUNNING For Weight Loss.. (Response)

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Walking Is Better Than Running For Fat Loss

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The Case For Running. It’s undisputed that running burns more calories than a walk of the same duration. Dr.

Patrick Suarez, orthopedic and doctor of. It is easier to set a fat-burning pace and work out for the necessary amount of time to burn fat when you are walking as opposed to running. For instance, while many people can’t run for longer than 45 minutes, it is easier to walk for long periods. A fat-burning pace is one where you are breathing noticeably but able to carry on a conversation. Running is a great way to get in shape and lose weight.

But it’s a high-impact exercise. High-impact workouts can be harder on your body than. There is nothing better than starting the day with a nice long walk. Some prefer jogging over walking. These are the base of the world of fitness, and experts agree that they are the best aerobic exercises that stimulate healthy weight loss process, boost mood and energy, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and heart.

Walking VS. Running, Which Is Better? The REASONS NOT WORKING For You!

Here Are The Facts Before You Had Decided To Walk, Or Run For Losing Weight Effectivel. (Learn how to walk away from belly fat, heart disease, and diabetes in just minutes a day with Prevention’s new Walk Your Way To Better Health.) Running. Brisk walk healthier than running – scientists This article is more than 7 years old Both produce benefits but walking cuts risk of heart trouble by a greater amount when the same energy is expended. WHY WALKING IS BETTER THAN RUNNING Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel for latest Health videos..

Subscribe Now*-”^-*”-*.:: https://goo.gl/hMCJ02 Like an. While any exercise is definitely better than none, there are advantages to certain forms of physical activity. Research shows that there is a difference between walking vs. running. Running allows you to lose more weight, protects against mortality, and helps you to stay energy efficient as you age, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 – Under Armour Edition is more than a watch. It’s your run coach. Get better every run with real-time Form Coaching. Capture even more metrics when you connect it to your UA HOVR running shoes.

It’s time for a running experience like no other.

List of related literature:

*The walk-run program is started after a patient has demonstrated the ability to walk 30 minutes consecutively, without injury, 3 times per week on alternate days.

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But what I’ve discovered over the years is that inserting regular one-minute walk breaks from the beginning of a run enables even veteran runners to improve their times.

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But even at a more relaxed pace, walking has enormous benefits.

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I am a runner, and these short walks were not my major form of exercise.

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3 a rapid pace quicker than a walk • break into a run.

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The individual walks 2 to 3 miles, 5 nights a week, with his wife.

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This contradicts the findings of Rooney et al. (2003) that pedometer presence alone is enough to increase walking behaviour.

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With this second edition, the Hansons Marathon Method will continue to help more and more runners reach their goals.

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Walking four miles burns more fat than running the same distance in less time.28 One scientific journal points out that a brisk, twentyminute walk every other day produces substantial, recognizable benefits.29 It also has been shown that the positive effects of walking are cumulative.

“Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life” by Harvey Diamond
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  • Yes your body adapts to the running and you burn less calories as you are becoming more efficient. But its the same with walking, so whats the point? Walking is better than running for weight loss? Timewise, absolutely NOT, walking 1 hrs burns less energy than 1 hrs of running/jogging. Distance-wise its the same. For ppl not doing ANY sports walking is the best way to get into activities for sure. After a time it gets so boring that they will run anyways.

  • I always prefer walking to running. It’s simply less stressful for your body because you can simply observe and listen to your surroundings in peace, you breath more efficiently and you don’t tire so easily. Obviously running is better for building explosiveness, lung capacity, muscle endurance and metabolism.. but when you think about it, all that simple walk offers in quite generous amount if you would do it every day. Hardest thing? It’s finding time for it, especially if you’re devoted to your career and you have quite a rich social life. But I imagine best way to take advantage of your social life is to find people who don’t find walks challenging, and take walks with them while talking to them about things you find most interesting. Or else, just grab your earphones, connect them to your phone and go for music along the way. Do this every day while not binging on food, and your body will thank you for it. Also, walking on straight terrains is no fun for longer periods of time. Just go for uphill, change the scenery, breath in more clear air. See how things are changing for the better.

  • That is not accurate, yes you become more efficient at running but you burn the same amount of calories running the same distance, the difference is that you can do it faster, a get tired less, and this leads to being able to run more is less amount of time.

  • When I was at school many yrs ago it was all about track and field then I discovered horses and was lucky enough to begin wild swimming where I grew up. Bad knee injury ruled out running but I can.t imagine not getting out everyday with my dog or doing lengths in the pool as you said what you love to do is what you will stick with. I know strength training is really important I learned to row which is great for core muscles; I am in awe of people who can bench press a million lbs but this works for me I admire endurance athletes like Rich Roll and I get it when he says the practice puts him in a meditative state. I think especially women could be wrong sometimes focus on that image in the mirror instead of the great feeling when you feel literally good in your own skin. Excellent video!!!!!!!

  • If the duration is already a good distance you will lose fat. You don’t see fat marathon runner’s. You don’t see fat 100 meter sprinters. But this guy makes some good points. To lose fat think 3rd world country…..not as much food and a ton of cardio.

  • I had learned how carbohydrates were tied into weight gain and generally to keep clear of carbohydrates, on the contrary had actually never deemed using them to lose fat. The significant idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss strategy is to actively train your system to get rid of fat for energy in comparison to carbohydrate. It’s founded on the latest scientific principles into the very high carb diet habits of the Japanese as well as their remarkable long life expectancy. The research validate the fact that it’s their increased carb-cycling eating habits method that helps to remain healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lesser incidence of unhealthy weight).Read even more here https://goo.gl/tLjnbf

  • Your calorie burn is the same whether you wak, run, or crawl a given distance. You are just speading it out over a longer time period. Running is much more stressful on your body as you exert 3 times your body weight on your foot versus 1.5 when you walk. I prefer walking even though it takes longer because I don’t like running. I walk over 3 miles in an hour which is considered a brisk pace. A light weight training and ab exercise program in conjunction with a healthy diet and reduced intake will result in an average weight loss of 2 pounds a week.

  • My go-to fat burner! I bought a treadmill @ the outset of the pandemic and have been consistently doing 30 min. fast-walking sessions 2 to 3 times a day. Walking is all you need! I run once in a while for about a 2 to 3 min. sprint during the sessions to break up the monotony, but I find that walking alone is sufficient to always staying lean. It’s also a matter of mindset exercise should be programmed in your brain to be completed everyday, no matter what. Ain’t no thang like a chicken wang!

  • Also walking is good for lower back pain recovery. I had a hurniated disc, walking on a treadmill and using a inversion table really helps.

  • No matter how much I do Run/ Walk, I never manage to Run, without walking; I am out of breath after 1 min of Running, and therefore always have to do do Run/ Walk.. I can never just Run.. can you please explain why?

  • Long story short, diet is probably the #1 problem for people trying to lose fat because they overestimate their caloric expenditure and underestimate their caloric intake. For anyone serious about cutting down or who maybe has hit a plateau, diet would be the first thing I’d look at. As a point of metabolic potentiality, the most calories a human can burn in an hour with any workout is about 1,000 and that would probably be the hardest workout of your life. On the flip side, the most calories a human can consume in an hour is >20,000 for competitive eaters, but for most people might be closer to 3,000 to 5,000 (that’s only 3-5 tubs of 14-oz Ben & Jerry’s). These numbers are just estimates, but the main point is that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a normal human’s caloric expenditure potentiality to exceed caloric intake potentiality. That’s just how our bodies are built, which is very efficient for survival, but not for weight loss (because weight loss is, at a certain point, the very enemy of survival). Good luck to you all in maintaining your diet and exercise and reaching your goals!

  • I just dropped 40 lbs walking 5-10 miles per day 1.7 at a time. I was 227 and beefy but smooth. The walking was a test and injury recovery along with a new keto diet and binge days over the last three months. I used to run, swim, bike and workout hard sometimes all in the same day. I’m fascinated by my progress walking and I don’t starve. I had to seriously start eating more just to slow down the weight loss.

  • I agree about the wrist worn tracker. I love mine but its obvious that the calorie burn count is way off. It almost always says I burn 4k plus a day.. there’s now way.. I basically use it as an indicator of how active I was that day and use it to set goals..

  • Absolutely agree on walking and tracking calories. I never got ripped until I started counting calories. Is it a burden? No way! I feel liberated. I know how many calories I can eat for my goals, so I am free to eat what I want of clean food and even control the rate I lose body fat. And after a while, you don’t have to count so much as you know about how many calories are in a given quantity of food. I also never take track calories burned during cardio. Don’t want to play the “eat my calories back” game. If I’m getting too lean, I up the calories a bit. If my abs start disappearing, I cut some calories. It’s not rocket science and it’s not hard. Subbed.

  • As a obese person I tried running first. The first 3 runs were ok, but during the 4th one my shins started to hurt really bad, I couldnt run the next day so I rested for a week. After a week I tought to myself that my shins have to be completely rengenarated by now, so when I go for a run again they will be used to it and will no longer hurt, but I was wrong, I couldnt run a mile it was extremely painful and the pain just couldnt go away so I walked back home and that was my last run since. Next couple months I completely lost any motivation to exercise again not only because of my failed running experiment, but also because I was finising high school and I had stressful exams at the end (In czech republic we have maturity exams at the end of highschool which means If you fail you can’t go to university and you basically didnt finished the high school and you have to do it all the exams all over again.) Finally I passed the exams and all the stress and pressure to make them went away. So I started getting motivated again but this time instead I picked walking. Best decision ever I go for a 1 hour walks 3 or 2 times a day depends on the mood. I realize its important to do something that you enjoy and your not forcing yourself to do. That way you will stick to it and you will not easily quit.

  • If you got the time, walking 1 hour a day works well but make sure your diet is in check. Been walking for 3 weeks and I have lost some pounds already. Went from 255.6 to 248.4

  • How come walking is the best cardio? You barely get your heart rate up and how does that carry over to overall cardio exercises? I want to be good at sprinting.

  • But the video also indicated you need to balance your exercises because of different benefits

    She even mentioned that you need alternate exercise and her video was focusing on walking cause people were commenting about on her videos about walking as an exercises

    If you follow her channel she discusses everything from calories to exercise to hormone balance

    I appreciate your views but she explained she is focusing on the benefit of walking especially for people who want to lose weight

  • I’ve long assumed I’m perceptive enough to realize the absolute beating my joints take when I attempt to run. And I’m a tall, lean individual a hair over 6′ tall, and around 156 lbs., so it’s not like I’m carrying lots of excess baggage! This is what I’m totally in love with cycling, but am still more than happy to walk or hike on days where I can’t, or just don’t feel like riding.

  • You can only burn slightly over 300 kcals walking for an hour. It takes a lot of walking to burn any significant amount of calories.

    Running at a moderate pace burns over 800 kcals per hour.

    So, if the point is to burn more calories, it’s much quicker running than walking. If you use walking you’ll need to either spend a lot more time exercising or eat a lot less.

    The only way people gain weight running is if they eat a lot more calories. It’s common sense that if you eat back the calories, you are not going to lose weight, but that’s true for any activity.

    Look at anyone who runs long distance. They generally can’t eat enough to keep fat on. The only people gaining weight running are the ones who begin training and think because they ran half an hour they can eat two extra donuts. That thinking makes it impossible to lose weight under any circumstances.

  • Well it might not be for weight loss but it damn sure is for knee and joint health. I’m a massage therapist and I have seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight with running just to need a knee replacement in their 30’s.

  • Was a hard core runner for years. Yes I was smaller, but my knees can’t do it. Plus a knee injury too. I’ve recently started walking, less stress on my knees. Hopefully some extra lbs. will come off.

  • I have been trying to lose weight for a while now.. tried weight lifting, HIIT, everything I tried failed.. then I came across running and I have been going strong for 2 months.. I love it.. exercises prior were boring and excruciating to me..

  • How do I get passionate about exercise? I’m a real couch potato, I’ve never been keen on going to the gym or even go for a walk. This has led to an unhealthy diet and 20 kgs overweight… I’ve started a low carb diet but how do I become a lover of walking and exercise?

  • Last month i started walking on the trendmill for 1hr everyday except one day in the week, and my oh my! I lost 5kgs in a month and mind u i used to the HIT but all in vain…. But now i smile more so cause i lost vesceral fat.

  • I have been walking 3-4 miles a day for almost a month now and I changed my diet. I’m down 17 lbs! This video couldn’t be more right!!

  • Walking works for me! Running makes me gain weight,as it makes me starving hungry all day after..walking dosen’t do that! Even if i walk further!

  • Hi Paul, I have just started brisk walking to loss some weight around my belly. How far should I be walking? What speed should I be walking to get the best? The fastest I can walk is between 3 mph and 4 mph. I walk between 7 and 9 miles most days. Is this over doing it or is this just? Thanks

  • Hi Paul. My wife started her diet a month ago and her weight loss is very slow. She eats two meals a day (no snacking in between) and we feel strongly she is in a deficit. I have her doing a full body workout 4 days per week (she has never lifted weights before and slowly introducing training) and she also does a half hour of moderate spin biking each day. If you can offer your opinion, do you think if she swaps the spinning for walking a few miles per day this would helps speed up the process? I’m wondering if the spinning can do more harm than good? She is overweight and on birth control. I’m guessing hormones could be messing her plan up a bit because of the pills and the wrong cardio? What are your thoughts? Thanks

  • This is fricking amazing. I have tried this method twice in the last week on a few tracks I know well. I like trailrunning, and usually am running on a low average pace of about 8:00/km. First tried it on a run of 10km with 200m elevation. Was about five minutes faster than usual! A few days later tried again on a run of 20km with 600 elevation. Time on the low side of my usual range, and I was much less exhausted than usual! Can’t believe this is actually working.

  • Man this is so true i am busy with fasting day 8 now ive started walking 10000 to 15000 steps this last couple of days in 8 days i went from 119 kilous to 115.7 i use to run alot and nothing so yeah thanks for advise

  • No fat will leave your body if you frequently eat, triggering insulin.
    Insulin consistently at a high level tells your body to STORE fat which means you are burning sugar.
    You have to get people to low insulin so that your body switches over to burning stored fat for energy.

    It’s that simple…. and exercise enhances that once you get your body into fat burning.

    The solution is Fasting/Intermittent Fasting. You can still eat the SAME calories but you eat them within a tighter window (8 hrs, 4hrs, etc.) and you need to eliminate the processed sugar and processed carbs..

  • Cool I’m at just under 20 miles per week trying to run for a half marathon. Planning on scaling down afterwards but I just wanted to make cardio more interesting during the quarantine.

  • I was feeling so much pain in my legs when I started running. It was really holding me back. Then I found out about the Galloway method!! I’ve been able to up my mileage and my legs don’t feel trashed for days afterward.

  • We had a walking competition last year and those who were wearing fit bits had about 20% or more steps than those that used their phones to track steps for the same amount of time spent. Wearable don’t have a way to distinguish scratching your head vs walking

  • Someone with a Master’s degree is clearly way more qualified than a you, a kid who lost some weight. You sound uneducated and opinionated here. You lack the qualifications to back up those opinions, so you just sound foolish. And you lost weight as a twenty something guy, the EASIEST demographic for weight loss. I learned more from her video than yours. That’s a problem for you.

  • My doctor told me exactly this! She said walking is the best and she recommended (for me) that walking was all she wanted me to do while I was trying to lose weight….I’m not obese, just about 20 pounds to lose, but she said walking was all I needed. (And diet changes)

  • I tore my meniscus due to running everyday. So i completely stopped running in fear of making the tear even worse.
    Now i do 5kms speed walking every alternate day, and weight training the other alternate day(except leg day since my meniscus is torn already).
    Is my workout plan okay Sir???

  • If you dig, you will find data on the ‘walk-run’ benefits on conditioning back in, (the 1960’s), Dr. Cooper’s data for the USAF. Glad to hear of a resurgence of the idea.

  • Love this video!!! Ive always thought i was a bad runner because i am still run/walk/running… ive held the bar so high that to be a runner you have to be able to run the whole distance dispite of terrain and distance

  • I have an issue with my shins where I just can’t do anything anymore, and my lower legs feel sore and bruised and a bit swollen afterward. Then, I walk home trying not to limp. I do rwr cause I can’t fully run. I’m really pushing to lose weight I’ve gained during quarantine. If anyone can help or suggest anything lmk please

  • Just stared running doing 1-2 miles when can (due to soreness ect ) I been jogging about a quarter mile and walk about a quarter mile…and switch that up each quarter mile or so…I want to get up to 3 miles of run/ walk…run half mile walk quarter mile and back and forth

  • Just stared running doing 1-2 miles when can (due to soreness ect ) I been jogging about a quarter mile and walk about a quarter mile…and switch that up each quarter mile or so…I want to get up to 3 miles of run/ walk…run half mile walk quarter mile and back and forth

  • Hey Nate Thank you for this! I’m curious about how to COACH the RWR method. I have a lot of client runners who use this method, but when they start reaching past that beginner/intermediate level and start gaining experience, they ask “how do I get faster?” My traditional methods (especially at longer distances) would include tempo runs, mile repeats, intervals, etc. However, with the RWR method currently being taught as very short many runners doing 90″/30″ or shorter I can only guess. I’ve been having them increase the run interval, keeping the walk interval where it is, but I don’t know if this is the right approach. Thoughts? Thanks again!

  • I have condition called ehlers-danlos and shouldn’t really run anyway, but I’ve used run/walk/run to run 3 half marathons so far and I don’t suffer any of the injuries that my running friends do.

  • Their both better than doing nothing and you have to start somewhere walking can be the jumpstart to your fitness to build up muscles endurance and strength to start to do more like running. I’ve been putting in a lot of miles the past few days I’ve started walking and now doing both running and walking when I’m hurting I slow it down with a walk to prevent injuries but The thing is she said herself if you start to hit a plateau maybe put in more steps. You can get in steps faster with a run and have time for other things in your day than just getting in your steps. I do realize some people have jobs that keep them on their feet but not all of us. I’ve put in 27 miles yesterday and today and I want to keep this going after quarantine I think the only sustainable way is by running those miles

  • I’m doing a run, walk interval on the treadmill for about 10 rounds. As a beginner treadmill girl, I like it and I feel like I get a good workout.

  • I was going to say as a ultra runner and ironman athlete also have 50 marathons under my belt not counting my 12 full ironman and a few 100 milers and 50 milers my favorite distance is 50k and I’ve done 18 of them in 10 years. I really like the 5:1 effort sometime 8:1 or 10:1 or even 1 mile 1 min rest. It can be what I can a Brain reset during a long training run. My pace has gotten better the older I am currently 9 months post birth back down to 9:30 pace and even faster for shorter runs hoping to get back in the 8min range in next
    Year �� 6 marathons in the next 6 months, quarantine ruined my race schedule thru the summer but actually helped my running lots more time to devote to running mentally with the gym closed.

  • Using this methodology for training is very similar to Old School, reliable Fartlek training (yes that’s what it was called.) This was very effective for the distance runners I knew in high school,. (I was a sprinter, and we used intervals (with a pre-determined, full stop instead of a slow down, but never a stop) When I competed at the collegiate level, I rarely saw it used by the distance runners on our team, for some reason.

  • Tried this. It works. But, you need to practice, practice, practice!!!!!!!! Don’t think �� only one ☝️ run will make or break your race. It’s alot of training practice and preparation for what you’ll do in the race. Heard it was called “shuffle pace” running. You’re not running, but not walking, you’re turning off the main lift muscles in your legs and resting arms and breathing for a percentage of each mile. For a short period each mile you’re taking a break, which saves energy for later in the race.

  • I see other video that state that walking without huffing and puffing (<120bpm) which is aerobic exercises, you are primarily burning fat. After 120bpm, the fuel use are primarily glucose as we are entering survival state. Therefore runner would feel most likely need more sugar after running as they need to replenish the sugar that they burn... Worst is that the sugar capacity in the body are limited, so if the runner run longer, the sugar will run out and body will tear muscle to create emergency sugar that they feel needed. Before I watch that video, I always felt sad that when I exercise, the fat stay the same but instead I lost some muscle. After some adjustment(incorporated weight training + walking only), the data show increases muscle while my fat decrease. This never happen before as usually it will show muscle decrease, fat decrease after a long time...

  • my good frnd

    MY AGE IS 37

    WEIGHT 80












  • Walking helped me lose close to 40 pounds within the last year. I did almost no running or regular exercise. Just walking and controlling my excessive eating patterns and it helped a lot. Walking really is good for you. Not sure if its better than running but it’s good exercise and can really help with weight loss combined with good and healthy eating patterns

  • I did run/walk intervals when training for a 10k but my coach told me to stop and just run how i feel. I still do run/walk, but now I do it based on my body’s needs.

  • Damn, I always felt ashamed to slow down to a walk, even tho I just started running a few weeks ago. After one week my calves didn’t kill me anymore, after four weeks I’m comfortable with running 2 3km. The 5km still kicks really hard (definitely need to improve breathing technique there…). I guess I’ll swallow my pride and give it a try again! Can’t wait to find out how it will impact my time ^^

  • I agree about the mechanic reset from walking or the freshen up at aid stations. When I’m running, i want to keep my heart rate high so i think that minute of walking (or whatever) is a bad idea. I can keep my bp at 180 and above for several miles. I slow my pace and adjust my gait to use different muscles to carry my momentum when i start feeling fatigued and my posture starts to be affected. I’ve only done 5 and 10k runs but I’ve been an avid runner my entire life. I’m almost 40 and this is my 2 cents. All things considered, you do you.

  • Actually, this method is older than you think: My Dad was in the US Army during the Second World War, and he told me that they used something VERY similar to this in basic training for forced marches: they’d run for 15 minutes and rest (often a walk) for 5 minutes. On the other hand they were doing this with a 30-40 pound field pack, too…….

  • I do HIIT on Monday, Wednesday, Friday! That includes 20 minutes of up and down stairs! Man, it’s a serious workout! Then, i power walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!

  • I have very successfully run marathons and ultra marathons using the walk/run method. I either run for 9 mins and walk for 1 min or I choose the hills and walk for 100 counts and run for 100 counts, which helps me get up the hill! The times I don’t use the run/walk method have resulted in slower runs!

  • She has a master’s degree in bloviating too and shouldn’t pedal ideas like the laws of thermodynamics are out the window. If walking is more consistent for you and you can stick to it good for you. But no, in no universe do you burn more calories walking than running.

  • I learned distance running in my mid 40s using the Galloway run walk method. I went on to run 7 half’s and one full mthon. I think you are right about the reset of my form but never thought of it that way until now. Excellent observation. I am watching your videos because I wanna try running again. I’m 55 now and overweight but will do it again thanks in part to the run walk method. In my training last time I would run a mile walk a minute to get my heart rate down below 129 BPM. In my full mthon training I would run 2 walk 1. It was a good plan so I’ll give it another try. All these videos were not available 20 years ago so thank you.

  • seriously you were wondering why they were not as sore even though they did the same distance?! what a no brainer. I thought this was about to be informative

  • Been using this method for years at the marathon distance. I use a longer run interval than most, hitting aid stations (about 2 miles) and walking 45 seconds… At age 50, I ran my 100th marathon in 2:55… Finished last three miles at 6:30 pace… Couldn’t have done it without run/walk. It works great!

  • i trained using the RWR technique and when race day came i jogged the whole thing and PR’d by 10 mins, i wasnt buring up the road but went from 2:10 to 1:59:30 in a half

  • I will try this on my next 1 hour 30 minute slow run. I will walk each time I need to take a drink of water. They say long slow runs of 2 hours at a conversational pace helps develop not only aerobic endurance but enhances fat burning.

  • with walking, you can contract your muscles as you walk while keeping your core tight and walking targets fat more than running. running is mostly water weight you lose. that’s why bodybuilders walk on the treadmill or be on the stairmaster as oppose to running.

  • Ive been doing it on tbe treadmill for my cardio twice a week, ive lost weight and gain muscle, 1 min run 30 sec walk for 30 mins.
    Works for me.

  • I’ve been plagued by stress fractures for a year and a half (even with physical therapy)…the run-walk method is how I do ALL of my long runs. I try to make my 2-3 weekday runs strictly running…but my endurance is so much better with run/walk. I recently did the Baltimore running festival relay. Others who were running with me were amazed because they’d be running ahead of me one minute, then I’d be caught up with or passing them. A few people agreed it seemed like a good way to do it and were going to try themselves

  • Im the 73 year old USATF age group winner at this years Adirondack 5k in Lake George NY and I used the strategic walk method. However, I recommend it for racing only if its planned ahead based on practice runs of the course. In my case,I decided in advance to walk the top half of the only hill in the race at around 1 mile, a 30 degree + incline for about 500 feet. I also planned in an optional 30 second strategic walk around mile 2. In both cases the goal was to lower my heart rate. Great methood for older runners.

  • i thought most runners use this technique on ultra marathons, the difference is to have a decent plan regarding the split X mins run/y mins walk rather than just doing it randomly when you get tired (too late then!). I use the alert function on my Garmin, there’s a run/walk option so it tells you when it’s time to run or walk, stops me getting lazy and dragging the walk part on for too long

  • Been running long distance for a very long time. Ran every distance from a mile to 35 miles. Never done it. I would consider it a failure.

  • Funnything is it is the same with walking lomg distances. If u run even just a little in intervals long walks become much easier.

  • I’m just getting back into running after gaining 30 unwanted lbs. I run,walk,run. I figure it’s better than just walking because I’m pushing my body harder.

  • My doctor told me that walking is better. I go to a doctor of physical therapy at Mayo Clinic and I think he’s pretty trustworthy, he explained to me that when you are already physically fit running in moderation is fine but when you are trying to get healthy, lose weight or simply just want to maintain a good physique walking is all you need to do and really all you should be doing on a regular basis. Of course people can do whatever they want…but he recommended walking only because it saves the joints and works the body gently but effectively.

  • Hey mate your channel is awesome I’m way down in Australia and your topics are all easy to understand and relevant keep up the awesome content!

  • This system is great for your longer runs while training. In a double digit run, i use it for the first 5-7 miles. Hey, if you gonna walk in a run, better run at the beginning. I love those negative splits!!! Thanks for this info!

  • So would programs like the whole, ‘couch to 5k’ thing be a good way for someone to start running, and build up to running a full 5k or 10k

  • i absolutely do this in the Texas heat or on my 100 miles events. Only when i get super tired i have to run or i keep falling asleep if i walk. The main reason i did a 100 mile run was to experience feelings that make an ironman event seem easy. i had thought i was weak by having such a bad run for me on my first ironman but it turned out i had fractured my pelvis in 3 places a month earlier.

    5k-100k: For competition NO
    100k+: There are benefits to walking between pitstops to get fuel into your body.

    Trail/ Ultra running:
    5-50k: For competition: On very steep hill sections, yes. Otherwise NO.
    50k+: On steep hills, yes,
    100k+: On steep hills and water stops, yes.

  • Thanks for this. I’m training for my first half marathon at the moment. Ran 2 x 10 miles recently and felt so slow and sore by the end of it. I’m sure this method will work for me. Will try it this week.

  • I need to walk for my cortisol issues. Running puts my body i fight or flight mode and I will hold on to/ gain weight. Running could be the best for some people, but for others it may not work.

  • I am a Galloway success….older runner, bad knees….had never done any speed work until 3 years ago. I have finished 12 full marathons since 2010 but when I switched to the Galloway method I cut 50 minutes off my marathon PR within 3 years. I run some 5ks for training now, and have placed first in my AG in the past 4 I have run. I could not be more happy with my results. I run long runs at 30/30 and race at 90/30 (seconds). It is so fun to pass people in the last miles of a race doing the run/walk/run thing. It is even more satisfying to put in the work and see the results at the tender age of 58! I use an app called “IntervalTimer” to program the intervals it works seamlessly. Most of you would probably still consider me slow; but I feel like a total bad-ass on the track. It is so much fun!!! Good luck to my fellow runners; we are so lucky to have resources like this YouTube channel!

  • I love the perspective that fitness and nutrition are separate and that fitness really shouldn’t be about weight loss but about improving quality of life (i.e. bone mass, strength, range of motion, etc.). This has been my fitness motivation for years.

  • Don’t feel saw, it means you can run faster. If you feel pain during training, walk, stop. If you can’t see the top of the slop with one glance, walk. Otherwise, walking ruin running.

  • Running is intense and somewhat anaerobic, therefore more sugar burn. this leads to more huger, lower blood sugar. Moderate walking is primarily fat burning, therefore less impact on blood sugar and hunger. Its simple.

  • Amazing video!!! One suggestion. Would have been helpful to see other side perspective with where he was placing his crosshair. I know it’s different for everyone, but I think it would have added to it. Great stuff bro!!

  • Your teamate can run in and try to distract to enemy and you can walk and camp back then after your teamate dies, if he dies then they might not expect you and you can either stay back or walk in

  • I dont normally subscribe to people with low subs ik im a scum but you are very good at explaining and helping people so im subbing

  • yo love the vids bro you deserve so many more subs than this keep the good work up and im sure you will get somewhere in life
    love the vids too

  • So this entire video is your opinion on what again? Make your own content and don’t attack other creators videos. The internet is full of untalented bro science you tubers I’m sure you can create you own lane somewhere along those lines.If you don’t agree make a video promoting running. It’s that simple

  • look at the circle arround your player icon on your minimap, that shows the range at which enemies can hear you, if you think enemies are inside that circle, walk, if not, you can run, but also follow all of the tips mentioned in this video

  • Understand that from 0 acceleration you can take 3 steps left/right without making any noise. This let’s you shift to a corner and strafe check it fast without making noise. You can also jiggle left/right when holding an angle because of this and you will make no sound.

  • Another point you forgot to mention: sometimes running can be used to make the opponent aim towards you so an ally can pick them from another corner.
    Maybe you didn’t forget to mention, but it is something I find myself using more and more.
    Great Vid!

  • Wouldn’t hurt to mention there’s not much of a disadvantage to run peek. So when you run if you stop within say “the first step” your run is not audible. This is another reason to avoid walk peeking because there’s basically no advantage to it unless you are peeking with an op and need to peek only a very specific angle (see Clickheads op Wardell video). Run peeking is slightly less precise and may open you to a few more angles even if you do it very well and want to stop running as you peek 1 specific angle it’s still difficult. Run peeking Could be practiced into muscle memory/timing and understanding spacing from corner for different corner peeks to avoid that downside as well for those diligent enough. Besides that small point, great video!

  • 1st use a stereo headphone
    2 nd used every single noise around you as advantage and run or use your abilities which makes noise
    3rd if you wanna master about this try omen because his abilities makes noise or reveal where you are mostly when you become master it you master this
    4th last one if you are good at bunny hop learn the silent one which i can’t do it:D

  • I am a Time Traveler from the year 3,986 and this song is way cool two thousand years later. We can listen this song telepathically.

  • Progressives should really learn from this video, we never cared about color, in the 1980s, not in the 90s, not in the 20s, not in the 2010s, and not in 2020s. We don’t give af, we care about quality work, I doesn’t matter who makes it or the color of the people making it!

  • #ugottalisten2b4udie Two longtime suspects in the murder of Jam Master Jay, one of hip hop’s greatest mysteries, have been indicted for murder, federal prosecutors and the NYPD plan to announce Monday:@AshleyAtTimes

  • To think that I first time I listened to this was when I was playing guitar hero on the Wii-

    -How did this even get accepted by Nintendo though is the real question

  • Some MCs be TALKIN AND TALKIN. And try to show how black people are walkin. But I don’t walk this way to portray, or reinforce stereotypes of the day. Like all my brothers eat chicken and watermelon. Talk broken english and drug sellin. Cause we are tellin and teach you real fast. The way some act in rap is kind of wack. And it lacks to the T, intelligence. But they don’t care because their company is sellin it. It’s my philosophy, OR just the industry.

  • I remember in 86 last year of th 80’s that was awesome any way I seen this on mtv in the summer of 86 I was 11 anyway I thought it was awesome and being a broke 11 yo kept looking for this song when my parents went to the swap meet and at last I found it so I bought it for 1$ with out opening it to see what I was getting and yeah I was so disappointed cause when I opened it I’m like wth is this? A recorded tape with the gayest songs ever heard on it. Yea I was pissed and tossed the recorded tape off a bridge in the river. Lol memories yea

  • Run DMC must’ve had some seriously big school lockers,if you could fit 3 ladies in em. The ones I’ve had, you could barley fit you books into.Let alone 3 young ladies.

  • when i joined youtube i was completely unaware i was going to the streets of harlem so i had my chill at home face on not my survival instinct for Smashing peoples faces in at 100mph

  • This is absolutely true for me. I use to jog regularly at least 3.5 miles 4days per week in between weight lifting. My weight loss and blood pressure results were not what I expected. I continued to have high BP and weight went up, or didn’t change at all. I started having problems with my knees, so was forced to walk instead. Thats when I realized that I started to have faster and better results. My theory for this in my case is that running somewhat put or shocked my body into a preservation stage, holding onto fat, whereas walking tricks my body into burning fat easily. Now I have to say that I did walk much further/longer than I jogged, 68 miles.in 1 hr 45mins to 2 hours but it was so much easier. Also those 2 hours were 2 hours taken away from time that I would have otherwise been eating some type of BS junk food, or eating period. I’m sold on walking now.. one of the hardest things for me to do now is to resist the urge to start running again.. I could, but won’t because it’s walking is really working. Started walking when I was 6’0” 317 lbs. Now 260 in about 6 months. BP is almost back within normal limits now. Its much easier to build up to going longer distance walking. I started doing about 2-3 only for the first month. Sounds unconventional, but It also seemed like weight lifting was slowing down my fat loss. I will start back lifting when I reach 220 or so

  • I have been running 10 miles per week since 2008, after experiencing knee pain on and off, now achilles tendon pain, I think I have no choice but to hang up my running shoes. But on the plus side after 2 weeks of not being able to do any exercise this week I have been able to start brisk waling for 90 mins @3.5 mph, and I am actually enjoying it more than the running, I’m still in my target heart rate zone so still getting a really good workout, plus I will avoid any further injuries, that coupled with my 3x a week weight training will be more than enough for me!

  • Mixing both running and walking is the best.I used to walk 10km then I started replacing some of the km of walking to running and I started losing weight faster

  • Running will create cortisol when your body is stressed so if you are a new runner or you aren’t in shape enough it will stress the body. If you gradually work up to running then can run without your body being stressed you’ll be fine. Hiit and strength training actually increase you growth hormone not cortisol levels

  • lol “energy in vs energy out is a hoax” yea right that’s why i’m living my best life by being able to eat nutritious food until I feel comfortably full and still lose weight.

    I remember watching that video probably a year ago and felt happy since i grew up really haaaaating running/jogging, but during the last year I’ve actually managed to find myself to enjoy it. So me from five years ago would’ve cheered at that video how i could just walk to lose weight instead, while my more current self felt a bit disappointed since she pretty much said that me putting down the effort to go out on jogs were no different from walking when jogging takes a lot more energy to go through.

    Anyway, I know better now and whatever she says won’t affect me today either way, but I know for a fact that a younger me would’ve taken her words to heart. Running/jogging is good guys, it uses more than just your leg muscles and raises your pulse which is great for the brain and the entire body.

  • Diet, moderate exercise, and consistency. Calories in vs. calories out is key, to loose weight it is proven you need to create a caloric deficit. If you exercise, whether it is running, walking, etc. you can still gain weight if your diet is bad. It’s not a good idea to try to out work a bad diet.

  • Yes!! Fight the industry and misinformation!! As a dietitian, it is my responsibility to provide my community with evidence-based nutrition/health information to the best of my ability. It’s not right to use your credentials to manipulate or mislead people. I do think that both exercise and diet play a role in allowing your body to achieve an energy deficit state which will lead to weight loss.

  • She is actually is correct though, if you don’t change WHAT you are eating and simply decrease the amount, there are a plethora of longterm credible studies showing that your body eventually decreases its BMR low enough that the weight comes back on. However if you change WHAT and WHEN you eat (natural foods and intermittent fasting) then your body matches your intake by raising and lowering its BMR and you can have life-long healthy weight that your body will regulate at a healthy level. This is controlled by hormones that become quickly out of balance by eating a processed diet. Decreasing your caloric intake is not a permanent solution. I highly recommend reading The Obesity Code, it is eye opening and explains this so well. ��

  • Who else thinks the games broken and semi unplayable at times due to server desynchronisation issues hitboxes and hit reg?

    My setup whilst playing
    17 20 ms ping
    300 fps
    240 hz
    No loss

    Feels really unplayable

  • Why would you make an entire video on something you don’t actually understand?? “What she believes”…no…. That’s science and chemistry ��

    Your ‘i think… I think…’ just because you don’t LIKE it… Is rather unreasonable. You are adding more confusion for people who simply want to lose weight. Many years of this…. People don’t have good information! Keep your bro-science to yourself

  • Whatever you’re more likely to do is what’s better. People are more likely to walk so that’s a great option, but running definitely makes weight loss happen faster. That’s what I’ve always told people, is to do something you’ll always want to do. I’m walking now because I love to run and want to get back in marathon shape.

  • I used to do brutal workouts that I dreaded and forced myself to do with sheer will power because I thought that would get me results. It did get me results relatively quickly but it was not sustainable and put me in a dysfunctional mental space about what exercise and being active really was.

    I then started walking 10,000 or more steps a day and loved it, remained consistent and felt great. I also didn’t eat as much as I did when I would really push myself hard in the gym. A walk didnt feel as exerting or draining so I didn’t mentally feel like I “earned” food…(another disfunctional thought process).

    Walking helped me break free of disordering thinking of what activity and movement is for the body and how to eat in balance and proper portions without starving or rewarding (bingeing) yourself.

  • Autumn’s profesional opinion about “walking being better than running for fat/weight loss” is scientifically sound. She is also right about “the calories in, calories out” paradigm; it is debunked. See Dr. Jason Fung’s videos on YouTube. Example, if you eat 200 calories of cookies or junk versus avocado, the former will trigger insulin, the fat storage hormone, and hunger hormone, Ghrelin. Avocados, in contrast, will not. The upshot is that the key to weight loss is hormones which is impacted by dieting and fasting, more so than exercise.

    Second, excessive running triggers cortisol which raises insulin, the fat storage hormone. Walking has the opposite effect; it lowers cortisol. Hence, why walking is better. Case closed.

  • The thing about walking is it’s so easy. I walk 10k steps a day and do 30-45 minutes workout a day. The walking is just nice. It’s not working out but also it gives you more calories to eat if you want that. If everyone walked 5 miles a day I think a lot of people will be less big

  • I lost more weight walking then running because walking I can do for hours but running I do for half hour and then eat a huge meal.

  • The simple premise of “calories in, calories out” has been debunked because your hormones also have a lot to do with whether or not we gain or lose weight, particularly insulin, which spikes according to WHAT you eat and HOW OFTEN you eat, not necessarily how much of it. This is true for everyone, not just those with hormonal issues. Not saying amount of food doesn’t influence your weight, it does, but it’s not that simple. There are so many other factors that influence whether or not you’ll pack on the pounds.

  • The points she made were completely valid. While losing weight walking may require more time, effort and dedication, it’s clearly more effective.

  • You may have some valid arguments here, but, putting her clip with that high pitched voice? Why? She has good points too backed by research and experiences from her and others. You can be entertaining without being disrespectful. I stopped watching as soon as you put the video of her with the high pitch voice. Not only was it disrespectful, it was lame. I do not understand why people find that voice funny. Is this video directed to little kids or adults? Maybe if you were more honest from the beginning, instead of saying that youre not trying to hate on anyone, I wouldve kept watching just out of curiosity, but the fakeness and hypocrisy made it even more annoying to watch. You were obviously trying to ridicule her and saying that you weren’t. Choose one or the other, even if you choose to ridicule her, you will be more successful if youre just honest and upfront about it instead of doing that shit youre trying to do right now.

  • To me, any health snacks that needs to be unwrapped in a cool looking package is just candy. Far as running is concerned, due to previous injuries from the military I don’t running very often. I do lots of walking and low impact cardio. I get 15k to 20k steps a day without running.

  • She talks a lot about food and diet on her channel where you talk a lot about calories in calories out the problem with this is that it is not helpful to people who have any type of food issues or bingeing or anorexia. Also you have no scientific background in this only your personal experience. I’m commenting this because your videos have become harmful to me. So I suggest you look at a creators full content or at least more then one video before making a judgement call about it.

  • Surely she is right in that not all calories are equal. 50 calories of something fatty/sugary isn’t going to be the same as 50 calories of broccoli. That’s how I took it she meant. Walking is what we’ve been doing throughout our time on earth, the more the better I say. Enjoy your running too. Do what feels good and sustainable for you.

  • I think you should document yourself more. And she is not demonizing running, she is just explaining the difference. Calories in-out are an aspect of a whole journey, and that is what she talks about on her channel.

  • Thank god! My knees cant handle it neither can my back. Im 198 pounds at 5″10 age 35. I used to be 165 pounds. Age beer smoking a cheating whore wife stressful job going broke all that shit has crippled my health. However i started working out a month ago and i havent lost any weight but my arms chest and shoulders have been getting noticeably toned. Others have noticed too. So i need to eat better, less and walk my ass off i guess

  • As someone who has tried a running regimen a million times, I can tell you, that for ME, walking solves a lot of problems. Consistency increases when the activity is doable. I can walk 5 miles each day which takes me an hour and a half. But for me to run 2 miles each day seems so daunting.

  • Cortisol is a fat transportation hormone. It carries lipids to the fat cells to store it, but also carries them to the liver to be broken down. When stress elevates cortisol levels, appetite is increased and more fat is stored. When HIGH INTENSITY exercise elevates cortisol, more fat is carried to the liver to be broken down. It is proven clinically that high intensity workouts are the best way to target belly fat. (Normally you can’t spot reduce fat but high intensity workouts prefer belly fat for energy.) If you have adrenal fatigue, high intensity exercise can cause a problem because of the cortisol demands, but if you are healthy enough, Higher intensity workouts are great fat burners. (I’m also a personal trainer and was previously bed bound for 3 years from the most severe form of adrenal fatigue.)

  • The thing is.. I find walking so painfully boring and not challenging enough. If I walk briskly for an hour, at my weight, I burn about 250 calories which is so measly. That’s pretty long and boring to only burn 250 cals. Doesn’t exactly feel like a great hour workout. Whereas when I go running, I put my headphones in and feel like I’m in another world. First of all, it’s so much more challenging and fun. I check my watch and compete with myself for PR’s and I always feel so badass doing it ��. I run between 3-6 miles which takes 25 minutes to 1 hour and I burn 330-660 calories doing it. Way better calorie burn and so much more fun. I get that walking is a good start for beginners, elderly and overweight individuals, but if you can do more, why not?

  • Having pronation in my right foot I have to say running for long periods of time especially with the wrong shoes can start hurting your foot, knees etc if you have a discorder. And no, you don’t have to be obese for that.

  • What I never got was even if you have hormonal problems or something in that way, shouldn’t calories in and calories out still matter?
    I mean just because my hormones are lets say out of balance I (like coach greg would say) don’t change the law of thermodynamics right?
    My body can’t just make fat out of air as far as I understand it ��

    But I dicovered walking for me, I mean I hate running, but its just so nice to listen to an audiobook and just walk through the local vineyards or up the hills and mountains

  • Walking is better that running, just because almost everyone could walk (at least 15-30 minutes), but I can’t imagine morbidly obese person running for more that 1 minute. But the best activity for weight loss is resistance workout, because it preserves (or even increase) fat free mass and preserves resting metabolic rate on caloric deficit.

  • I walk dogs part time as a side gig and average 50 miles per week. It makes staying lean even easier burning 100+ cals per mile. It is also a great addition to the actual strength/cardio workouts that I do because it is restorative and elevates mood/relieves stress.
    But if I suddenly started running 50 miles every week, my body would slowly break down on me overtime and I’d wind up with a variety of joint issues.

  • The science of walking is a video about the hidden science of walking. It deals with the impact of walking and lack of walking on the mind and the body through the citation of a scientific and philosophical literature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVcD_0okJ6k

  • I know that walking is definitely easier on the knees. I was in the Army and running, among other things destroyed my knees so now I only run if my life depends on it. Lol. But I think if you enjoy running, do it but just be careful and aware of your knees. Any exercise is better than no exercise, so do what you enjoy and do it safely!

  • A few people will have hormonal issues? 99% of overweight people are because of hormonal issues. Primarily insulin. Calories in vs calories out is complete shit. Calories in vs calories burned is mostly accurate. The body is not a closed Sysyem nor is it a bomb calorimeter. The body has the ability to store energy. Due to the hormone insulin. The more insulin resistant you are the more energy is stored before you have a chance to burn it. Can you overcome it with energy expenditure? Yes. But not on a 1 to 1 basis. This has been demonstrated repeatedly.

  • Just saw this video and have to say I’m disappointed. Credentials that someone has earned shouldn’t be easily dismissed would you dismiss what your dental hygienist has to say about your dental care because she used her degrees to back up her claims and show that she probably knows what she’s talking about… no because that wouldn’t make sense. This whole fascination with dismissing people that are knowledgeable and educated in their field in favor of people that are not needs to stop. We have too many problems right now thanks to this exact mentality.

  • I think ObesetoBeast is looking at this video from his own point of view and thus kind of missing the point. The point of the video was to introduce the effect of cortisol on weight loss, and why that may mean you should switch some (not all) of your running to walking *if you are running a lot and not losing fat*. Also, she is literally referencing studies that support her argument, this is in no way made up by her. The video is offering advice for a specific group of people, eg regular runners, with a specific issue. Judging it based on it not addressing other groups and other issues (eg diet) misses the point. I’m sure she has made videos about diet too, but this one was literally just advice about running…

  • Calories in vs Calories out isn’t debunked, but more an oversimplification of thermodynamics. Cortisol affects your insulin and you can not loose weight and will only gain weight if you have high insulin. IF you have high insulin, like in type 2 diabetes, then your body will turn energy in into fat and forget about growing hair, nails, healing that cut on your hand you have had the last 4 months if you don’t take in enough calories to fulfill your weight gain desires of insulin and your body’s desire to function normally otherwise. Intermittent fasting and Keto diets help lower insulin so your body can use calories for your natural body functions again instead of desperately trying to cram it all into fat and neglecting other body functions. My explanation is still oversimplification but hopefully explains enough with out writing an essay.

  • Walking definitely works better for me, finally getting results. Running just makes me overly tired and hungry and works against hormonal balance for me

  • Legit speed walking is actually harder and painful lol I was far more sore doing speed walking than running, so walking can definitely be as effective as running, but doing something you love is definitely the key!

  • Most people with high amounts of fat around their midsection can’t even do long runs.. Shes right in the respect it is better in ways as its low bearing and can be done by anyone but calories in vs out are what matter, this is just a fact.

  • You can walk for a longer time than you can run sure you may burn more calories If you walk the same distance that you run but if you’re doing that then you are not motivated you should walk till your feet hurt if you are going to.

  • I got hurt back in October last year and it took me eight months to almost heal completely. I will definitely use this method since I’m ready to go out there and start my training again! Thank you so much for making this video, I’m pretty sure a lot of people will hit the pavement thanks to you guys. ��

  • I used this method for both my Ironman races and both 70.3 races. I run 4:30 and walk:30. I set my garmin to beep on those intervals and its easy to track because everything starts on a 5 or 0 on the garmin because my interval is 5 mins. I always beat the cut off times and I am large Ironman athlete and 48 Y/O

  • Autumn actually talks about nutrition in 90% of her videos. It’s clear that she means walking to manage cortisol levels in conjunction with nutrition (intermittent fasting done the right way, high fat, high protein, low sugar). This is a mischaracterization of her work as a whole:)

  • Some people have a metabolism of a Ferrari some have a metabolism of a Honda. I’ve done lots of walking and lost weight. Figure Skating intensely when I was young with my PCOS condition messed up my knees. Probably my eating habits didn’t help either. But I use to walk hours and lost tons of weight.

  • To wrap this up, go for a brisk walk enjoy it, if you like running go for it, as long as your getting some form of exercise everyday your heart will thank you and remember for weight loss it begins in the kitchen, beware of what your eating hand to mouth think smart make the right choices. Enjoy your walk thanks

  • Probably not going to work for me. Sometimes during the event when I slow down for aid station and start walking, I feel like walking is harder or even painful. I also don’t like breaking the rhythm and posture.

  • So I’m not trying to be negative on you but I think you should watch more of her videos and I disagree that the reason we gain when we run a lot is because we pig out after a run.. I walked a few miles and I saw the calories burned and I didn’t get all excited and eat ice cream. I had some fruit and rehydrate myself. Plus if you are active you need to eat more anyhow. And to that it isnt really how many calories you’re eating
    It’s what youre eating
    I was omnivore went vegan, no change in food quantity. Maybe had less calories by the nature of the lifestyle but I certainly wasn’t starving and the pounds fell off like magic.
    Just sharing experience. I have no idea what you did to lose weight. I just saw this because I had originally watched autumns video

  • Hey there! I was a big “Calories in Calories out” advocate myselfe till a week ago… I found Dr. Jason Fung on Youtube, who explains very nicely the effect Insuline has on the body (which I hardly knew anything about)

    I still belive that you need to reduce Calories in order to lose weight, but I now think, having longer breaks between meals is more important than I thought it is!

    I highly recommend Dr. Fungs Videos, they helped me a lot!

  • If you walk 10 miles per day, thats 1,100 calories a day you’re burning. That would play a massive part in weight loss.
    You can walk 10 miles a day if you can spare 3 hours a day.
    And you don’t need to rest up as much as you do when you run.
    Also, to burn fat, your heart rate needs to stay in the aerobic zone. Most running isnt done in the aerobic zone. The heart rate is generally too high, so you’re using sugar as fuel and not body fat.

  • Scientifically calories in/calories out isn’t the truth. The amount of exercise you’d need to do is insane just to burn the amount of calories we eat. You go to the gym for an hour and burn 200 calories yet you’ve eaten 2000 calories. Instead, thinking of what you eat and portion control can set weight loss into motion.

  • Running or something similar is important for your heart and is alot quicker. I do intense cardio 2 or 3 times a week but I walk alot more took me a while to believe it but it’s really effective doesn’t make you hungry doesn’t exhaust your body and doesn’t kill muscle. You can walk alot more without the negative effects

  • I prefer walking. I was a track and field runner for years. As soon as I stopped (in college), it was difficult. I was gaining weight if I did not do the same level of intensity. I ate healthy, tracked calories, did keto and all… unless I ran I did not lose weight:/. I took a break from exercise for 6+ months and now Im walking. They’re both good with the same level of consistency.

  • During the Clovid lock down I am walking about 2 miles+ per day (5/6 days a week) @ 17min per mile. I am much happier walking than running. Way less impact on my knees and lower back. As you get to 30 y/o Plus walking is KEY

  • I have an injury so I guess I’ll try the walking I’m shooting for 10k steps every day hope that’s enough to get this stubborn fat off ��

  • She said for lower abdomen fat. Walking helps get that excess love handle fat off. Higher level of cortisol gives u love handles and belly fat

  • I would argue that her having a MSc in nutrition is very much worth mentioning. It gives some indication that she has done extensive research on nutrition and is somewhat qualified to make certain statements.

    Do people still have to be critical? Sure, always. But it tells me she hadn’t just read a facebook post last week and that’s what she’s basing all her claims on.

  • Any physical activity is better than sitting on your ass. Walking maybe a good for people starting exercise regime, overweight or obese, or people with disabilities.

  • There are a lot of opinions about the Galloway Run/Walk/Run method. Most are compilations of different opinions given by different people and most do not have an understanding of the entire method. I would invite anyone to reach out to Jeff Galloway himself. Visit and or join an existing group. Get the facts to answer all the questions. My wife and I run an official Galloway group and not very often do we hear someone discuss the method that actually knows or experiences the whole program.
    The Galloway method is for any level of runner and can be used for any run from 5ks to ultras.
    The method is scientifically based and the how and why is extensive. It can actually help you to be fit as well as faster and reduce running injuries at the same time.
    Look us up at
    [email protected] gmail.com

    We would love to help with the facts
    Thanks for your video, not bad just incompleteness.
    Best regards
    The AAs
    Sonoma County Galloway

  • Okay, so I went and I watched her video, and honestly, everything she said made sense outside of that sentence. Also, if you listen to her closely, she talks about the mathematics of weight loss and why “if this isn’t adding up…” and she goes on to give some very solid advice, which is basically only running the way that people who run more than an hour a day do, and I have met freaks like that. I don’t get how they do it.

    So I don’t think she doesn’t believe in “calories in, calories out” I think she just said that really poorly with “is debunked.” She could have said what she really went on to talk about, which is how other things also have an impact on our metabolism and where we store fat. It’s solid all advice, that sentence is just so very wrong and strong, it makes one stop giving her any room. And I don’t even think she’s saying what she means, because again, she goes on to talk about “the math” later. And it’s basically like, “it’s imperfect. It doesn’t always add up, and some things happen that seem impossible because of X,Y,Z.”

    Turned people off of a very good video with one sentence.

  • If you watch more of her videos she does talk about nutrition as well in ways that hormones/ insulin affect weight gain. I think walking is better than running because cortisol is a hormone that affect weight gain the abdominal area

  • Exactly hate running, like short sprints better even not suitable anymore for my knees being 40 yrs, started recently to track walking steps so now going for 10k steps daily as i always like to walk daily at least an hour a day. Thank you for your info.

  • I use this method all the time to increase my pace on a specific distance. I’ll go the whole length of the distance running at my target pace and then walking when I need to for recovery. Over time I run longer and longer at my target pace and decrease my walk time until I can string together the whole distance while running the new pace. It’s pretty simple and I’ve found it to be very effective.

  • I guess what you do consistently and enjoy is better than just sitting around. But personally for me I prefer walking because running stops my breathing lol. ��

  • She’s constantly talking about nutrition in her channel. Your whole argument is based on an assumption that she’s discounting nutrition.

  • At my highest weight ever, RWR was the only way I was able to run. Over the last two months, it’s helped me truly build up endurance and even as I lose weight, it is still the way I prefer to run ����

  • LOL. She claims at 3:30 that basically the laws of thermodynamics have been debunked.

    And a “nutritionist” isn’t a job and anyone can call themselves that. The actual job with a professional license is a dietician.