8 Great Walkable Courses within the U.S


Every Hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, CA

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Massive alligator casually walks across golf course

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Best Golf Courses In Florida (That You Can Play)

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BUCKETLIST GOLF COURSES: My Top Courses for 2019 What’s on your list??

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Top 10 Best Golf Courses in the US

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7 Biggest Etiquette Mistakes!! Golf Monthly

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Golf Course Walkability Ratings Welcome to The Walking Golfer.com Walkability Ratings and Course Listings for the USA & Canada. Courses across the USA and Canada have been rated based on the scale at the right. One of the top values in the U.S.A is also walker-friendly. May River Golf Club (South Carolina) Jack Nicklaus signature course accessible to guests of the Inn at Palmetto Bluff. Treetops Resort, Tradition Course (Michigan) Designed as a walking course.

Carts now allowed, but still no cart paths. Common Ground Golf Course (Colorado). What makes it great: Lexington Ice Center has the best miniature golf course in Kentucky. It’s a real-life Garden of Eden and it features three courses that are all biblically themed. Matt Ginella is out with a brand new Top 20 golf courses you can play in the U.S., including a new No.

1. See which courses made his list. The Waldorf Astoria Golf Course at Walt Disney World follows the contours of Bonnet Creek nature preserve, offering an 18-hole masterpiece that seems to fold into the natural terrain. With more than 150 golf courses, Orlando is probably the best golf vacation for year-round play, but there’s plenty more to enjoy in “The City Beautiful” too. GolfNationwide.com Golf Course Tickets, USA Golf Course Lists & Directory, Golf Tee Times, Golf Stay & Play.

U.S. Golf Course Directory Golf Pro Shop Golf Travel Stay And Play Golf News & Golf Resources GolfNationwide.com Contact Information. Browse U.S.

Golf Courses by State. [tile:top 100 courses]Our friends at Money recently published their annual list of the Best Places to Live in America.Their editors weighed all kinds of criteria, such as economic health, cost of. The good life is about more than spectacular courses. You also want luxury, amenities, natural beauty and your own private jeweler wouldn’t hurt. Living well starts with good choices.

Here are. Admiral Baker Golf Course -South: Military: San Diego: CA: Adobe Creek Golf Course: Public: Petaluma: CA: Ahwahnee Golf Course & Resort: Resort: Oakhurst: CA: Airways Golf Course: Public: Fresno: CA: Alhambra Municipal Golf Course: Public: Alhambra: CA: Aliso Viejo Golf Club: Private: Aliso Viejo: CA: Almaden Golf & Country Club: Private: San Jose: CA: Alondra Park Golf Course. You can’t mention “golf” in California – or anywhere in the country, for that matter – without Pebble Beach in mind.

One of the most highly regarded public golf courses on the planet, Pebble Beach has been the site of numerous U.S. Open Championships and home to the annual AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am since its inception in 1919.

List of related literature:

New golf courses tend to be located in areas of high population density, i.e., where other golf courses likely exist.

“Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology” by Mohammad Pessarakli
from Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology
by Mohammad Pessarakli
CRC Press, 2007

But half the courses on my list offer public access: Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 2, Harbour Town, the Straits course at Whistling Straits, and Bandon Dunes.

“Golf For Dummies” by Gary McCord
from Golf For Dummies
by Gary McCord
Wiley, 2011

Las Colinas also features three private country clubs and four championship golf courses surrounded by prestigious gated residential communities built along tree-lined fairways and large and undulating greens and around lakes, creeks, and ponds.

“Airport Engineering: Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports” by Norman J. Ashford, Saleh Mumayiz, Paul H. Wright
from Airport Engineering: Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports
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Municipal Golf Course in Griffith Park had the reputation of being one of the most challenging and scenic public golf courses in the state.

“Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance, 1950-1963” by Kevin Starr
from Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance, 1950-1963
by Kevin Starr
Oxford University Press, 2011

Golf Digest gave this course three and a half stars—the only rated course in the county.

“Insiders' Guide® to the Great Smoky Mountains” by Katy Koontz
from Insiders’ Guide® to the Great Smoky Mountains
by Katy Koontz
Insider’s Guide, 2009

Several Phoenix city courses charge less than $50 for 18 holes in winter.

“Lonely Planet Southwest USA” by Lonely Planet, Hugh McNaughtan, Carolyn McCarthy, Christopher Pitts, Benedict Walker
from Lonely Planet Southwest USA
by Lonely Planet, Hugh McNaughtan, et. al.
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Nearly a quarter million white golfers visited these courses a year.

“White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism” by Kevin Michael Kruse
from White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism
by Kevin Michael Kruse
Princeton University Press, 2005

“4 The Los Angeles Country Club, the Annandale, Midwick, Brentwood, Wilshire, Sunset Canyon, San Gabriel, Hollywood: Los Angeles abounded in country clubs whose rolling green golf courses offered eloquent testimony to the power of Owens River water.

“Material Dreams: Southern California Through the 1920s” by Kevin Starr
from Material Dreams: Southern California Through the 1920s
by Kevin Starr
Oxford University Press, 1991

New golf courses appear to spring up every week in our desert cities (Phoenix and Tucson alone had more than 200 public and private golf courses in 1998).

“A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert: Revised and Updated Edition” by Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Staff, Steven J. Phillips, Patricia Wentworth Comus, Arizona-Sonora Desert Mus
from A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert: Revised and Updated Edition
by Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Staff, Steven J. Phillips, et. al.
University of California Press, 2000

Harborside International, on Chicago’s South Side, is one of the largest (425 acres) and quite spectacular, comprising two eighteen-hole courses, a 45-acre practice facility, and a golf academy.

“Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide to Green Building Outdoors, Second Edition” by J. William Thompson, Kim Sorvig
from Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide to Green Building Outdoors, Second Edition
by J. William Thompson, Kim Sorvig
Island Press, 2007

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  • Best etiquette would be.. GOLF gentlemen only ladies forbidden.. I honestly believe women hate golf but do it simply for spite.. men were not alowed to have just one thing to them selves. I mean have you ever seen a women swing a club it’s the most awkward thing to behold..

  • I fine it estounding that people don’t know this and that you had to make this video. Its all common sense, I assumed we all knew these rules???

  • 2:34 have you all found the rakes missing on the courses during the lockdown? What the heck are you supposed to do? Pull your ball out or play it and leave it? I played it but didn’t dig in my feet.

  • I get so hyped when my girlfriend makes a good shot that I whoop �� it up and cheer for her. I need to get out of that habit, I always feel bad when I am too loud about it.

  • Fortunate enough to be at uni in St Andrews and I pay £220 a year to play on ANY of the courses (all 7 including the Old Course) as many times as I want, whenever I want! So if you’re ever in town let us know and I can provide a caddie for you, a seriously good night out and good advice as to which pubs to visit!

  • JC had an Eagle on #6. Possible the higher cup prevented the ball from falling in EAGLE! In awe of JC’s front 9. What’s his secret? He’s been on fire lately.

  • I used to think this was the best public course, but when the Golfholics guys played it. They said it was way overrated. Going by their video of the course conditions. I would have to agree.

  • Kiawah island ocean course is incredible but if you can try to play both harbour town and Haig point. Haig point has some of the best views I’ve seen on a golf course.

  • Missed probably the most important one. The one that makes sure we all go home in one piece. You shd shout “fore” ANYTIME you don’t know that you ball won’t hit anyone ie it’s the default when you hit an errant shot

  • It’s getting worse. We were on the first tee and the next group came up in their cars crowding us as we were about to hit. Then they started to jabber, talking loudly. I asked the lead driver, “”Are you going to stop, we are hitting?” He said, “I don’t care about the GD etiquette.” Things got heated up very fast, I can tell you that. No physical blows, but it was close. That is the state of mind these days. People only care about themselves. They have no respect for other people.

  • Beautiful course. Seems a tad surreal to watch the OG play a championship course. JC is crushing it. Love it. Thanks as always for a great entertaining vlog. Bring on part two.

  • Be careful in Hawaii if you play slow. Been griped at by more than one Marshall for letting groups play through. Got told to skip holes if I need to speed up.

  • Nice to see you all had a better time this go around. I remember watching the first time, seems like they had just plugged the greens, didn’t give a heads up, didn’t offer to reschedule or a reduction in fee’s. Anyway looks like great fun, glad to see B & JC playing well but being left handed I always root for the south paw. lolkeep up the great vids guys…

  • What I hate, is being a twosome, constantly pushing a 3 or 4′ some in front of you, and they almost run to the next tee, determined not to let you play through! This is when, the moment they hit their second shot, BOMBS AWAY!

  • Wow. What a potentially fantastic year ahead of you. What fantastic opportu ities you have… I’m surprised you didn’t mention the possibility of playing with me… Looking for some YouTube matches this year if u want someone to help you vlog a more local course ��

  • Not sure what the criteria is but if we’re looking at pure golf without factors like amenities & history Bay Hill is very average and Streamsong (all courses) is overrated.

    Black Diamond, Copperhead, & Pine Barrens are much better tracks.

    Also, is Black Diamond not private anymore?

  • Uk I’ve booked Walton Heath but really fancy the Berkshire red course (purely on watching your vid!) Europe have to agree with le golf national and worldwide has to be pebble beach (I’m going when I’m 50! So got a few years to save up) cheers Rory always good content in vids.

  • Played yesterday and I was in the sand, after my shot I realized there was no rake. My partner and I both looked but couldnt find one. I felt bad but i left. Is there something I could have done since there was no rake

  • During this COVID period, there are no rakes in the bunkers. Maybe a informal rule should be to take relief from a footprint if your ball lands in one.

  • Slow play, loud talkers, loud music, clanging clubs around, driving carts when people are swinging, never being ready for your turn, and walking around the golf course so slow it looks like you are nailed to a cross, are all problems that ruin golf for me. I constantly complained about slow play at one Club until the pro wrote an article in the Club newsletter that said, remember that your goal should be to keep up with the group in front of you, not to stay in front of the group behind you.

  • My friends and I play to music, I don’t understand those with such a weak ability to concentrate that they need total silence. It isn’t like they’re pros or anything. I’m a 10 handicap and noise doesn’t affect me when i’m playing…ridiculous.

  • I usually try to mark my scorecard at the teebox per hole at the next tee box. I’ll tally 9 hole scores usually at the clubhouse or at the tee box at hole 10

  • Every sport plays with crowds roaring….but dont make a sound while I swing my driver or I will have a meltdown….no club clanking or it will make me shank my shot….so stupid

  • I’ve never got a hole in one, but I did hit a guy. I should have yelled ‘Fore!’ but I was too busy saying ‘there’s no way that ball is going to hit him’

  • I understand this is elementary but what about not and I repeat NOT touching another person’s ball. If its not your ball and you can see other people around you, you don’t know don’t touch that ball.

  • If you have a hard time hitting a stationary ball because somebody is clanking their clubs together, then imagine if you played a real sport like baseball or basketball where people are screaming during each at bat or free throw lol

  • Bucket list would be Druids Glen which I’m doing this year with YGT. Theracion Cliffs in Bulgaria. And then Pebble Beach. Just wondering Rory do YGT cater for single golfers and possibly team them up with other golfers to make up a tee time?

  • Can’t stand when players are shot in left to right taking 12 strokes on a par 4 but refuse to let you play through. Drives me beyond mad

  • Marking the scorecard on the green is annoying but those who sit there in their carts and mark everybody’s score down before moving on is even more annoying while you’re waiting to make your approach shot.

  • We (my wife and I) just arrived to the Lodge and i have a tee time for 1:40 tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday). First time here. Bucket list item! Great way for us to relax before we have to start teaching in this crazy distance learning covid 19 era. Thanks guys for all you do in the golf community!

  • Etiquette should be first thing people learn when taking up golf. The rules are there to help not punish, so many don’t know half the rules. #1 rule is to leave the course in as good or better condition than you played.

  • Calling up the group behind you for the par 3 should be No1. The tee is still occupied on your next hole and your not going anywhere regardless

  • Simply love it, when Justin (once in a while) is playing to his full potential. Nice weather makes it easy to watch how the ball behaves. Haven’t been able to play for a month now (illness), so it’s good to watch some Sunshine Golf amongst friends. Keep it up. Looking forward to Part Two. Guess we’re all crossing fingers that Justin will keep his rythm on back 9. ��✌

  • I went golfing with my friend the other day and he went into the sand trap. But there was no rake so we asked the clubhouse where it was when we were done, they don’t have them out b/c of the virus but they go out and fix them periodically throughout the day.

  • Lived in Fort Myers for 6 years and moving in October. So I’m going to list my top 5 with my own Perspective and these are resorts as well so it could be multiple courses. 5. World Woods. 4.Bay Hill 3. Tiburon 2. Verandah (old orange more specifically) 1. Old Corkscrew. My personal favorite that plays to my strengths, is in very good condition, and you can catch for $25 in the summer is a Davis Love design called “River Hall.” I just love it for the shape and design. Doesn’t compete with the 5 above but I would pick it to play over all of them on a budget.

  • 500 per round? Nah it’s not a public golf course for regular people sorry but that title belongs to Bethpage black a true public golf course

  • JC hope you keep it going. Its tough to stay calm when your excited and know your playing great. Its a great feeling and as a viewer I am excited for you and can tell the guys on the course are pulling for you too. Golfholics true Gentlemen one and all.

  • I agree with all of what you said, however any new golfer who steps out on the golf course should know or have taken the time to learn all the etiquttes before they go and play a game, it’s just Respect to golf and other players instead of beign an asshole. It happens too often that when players take too long and slow everyone down, just because theyve paid a green fee doesn’t mean they own the golf course and ruin everything for everyone else, take 2 mines to look for your ball, if it’s lost drop another take a penalty shot and move along.

  • If you think about it distance wise the course is not that bad. The key is keeping it in the fairway. There is not need to hit more than an iron on the par 4’s in the U.S. Open next week.

  • Unfortunately can’t see myself getting north of the equator in 2019 Rory so I’ll have to give you my Down Under list. Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes on King Island (between mainland Aust and Tassie). While down there will have to play Barnbougle again. The other one will be difficult to get on but that’s why it’s called a bucket list and that’s. Ellerston in the Hunter Valley NSW.

  • JC’s game has so improved! I remember the last time you guys played PB and you did not have a good time. Seems different this time around. Great golf. I played there once and hit the pin with my second shot on the 1st hole. Birdied the last. Good memories.

  • Great video Rory…..will be onto you shortly about another trip with YGT since last trip ye organised for our group was a huge success ��������

  • I have another for you: on the green after putting don’t put your putter head into the hole to rip the ball out of the hole, it damages the edge of the hole for the following players.

    One comment on mobile phones: many of us use golfing apps on our smartphones whilst out on the course. Electronic scorecards and GPS ranges etc. I use SwingU (no I’m not on commission).

  • Top of my bucket list is the Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, the Pete & Alice Dye Masterpiece. Not sure that I will ever make it, but so impressed that you are planning to play it with your Par. Respect!

  • Golfholics

    Love all your videos, look at vest vest majority of them, love them all, Paris and you, best, best 2, favourite 2, Paris and you, cas your both so cooooool,

  • The main thing not talked about here is the group that wants to play a good game of golf and they bring thier friend, child, or significant other with them on a challenging course and that person plays 10 yards at a time. There are easy courses that you should should take your beginner’s to until they are ready. I know this sucks for you the good players, but true etiquette.

  • I recall saying to a couple of young teenager golf beginners, “Do you know what etiquette is?” To which one replied: “Is that some kind of cheese?” At Balnagask Golf Course in Aberdeen many years ago.

  • I always enjoy playing Grand Cypress when I’m in Orlando. Heading back in 3 weeks and playing Bay Hill, Streamsong Red, and possibly PGA National.

  • This list is so bad it should get taken down. Pac Dunes is top 50 at best, ANGC is overrated, that picture was not even Seminole, Pine Valley is a consensus #1 in the WORLD. I could go on for days.

  • I’m so glad you guys are having a better time out there this go around! It’s been a while since I played Pebble, but I just booked my trip to play ALL of the Bandon courses in October!

  • Respect juniors. Lots of older players seem to hate on a group of 12 year olds. I’m old but was young and learning once (still learning)

  • at St. Andrews, be sure to include Castle along with Old Course and Jubilee. And save time to visit cathedral with your dad. Nothing more than emotional than standing at Young Tom Morris and Old Tom’s monuments

  • Playing there in 2 weeks. I’ll let you guys know how it goes (6hcp). Hopefully they don’t completely gut the course after the open is done

  • I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone could gives those tips a thumbs down?
    Nice simple easy tips that we should all follow. Common sense really isn’t it.

  • Now when I play for practice I always mark my cards off the green, but when I used to play in a match in HS we had to mark our scorecards on that green in case there were any disagreements about score.

  • How good were Bski and JC playing on this front 9, JC looking good at 50-1 LOL. Some great views and camera work in this one guys.

  • The natural beauty is so intense on some of those holes that it makes watching something approaching a religious experience. I think JC was feeling “it” and “it” took him along and allowed him to play up to his potential. You find a place that affects you like that, you should find a way to experience it more often. I think some people call it Zen.

  • I took a sabbatical for three months in 2004 and spent it in South Africa with my wife. I brought along my golf clubs and thought I’ll get a couple of games in as it was a holiday with the wife and she doesn’t play golf. I have to say that the very high standard of the courses i played were just amazing, If anyone gets the chance to visit South Africa and you’re a golfer take the clubs with you. I was only supposed to play a couple of games but played 14 different courses and enjoyed them all.

  • I totally agree with you that it’s busy on the coure they have nowhere to go, however golf clubs squash as many people as they can get onto the course and all it take is a slow group to stuff everything up, it’s very annoying and frustrting when people take more than 1 practice swing and some are retrieving balls out of the water which isnt theirs. Just because they paid a green fee deoesnt mean they own the course for 6hrs.
    Slow play ruins everyones game and momentum, the marshalls sjould be tougher on slow players and get them to pick up the ball and move on, only 3 putts maximum allowed, pick up after 3rd putt, if you miss the 3rd go and get some lessons and come back. In letting golfers through, some people and members are just assholes and get offended if they let players through, hence hitting the missile towards them is not a bad idea at times.

  • OMG, I hate the people at my club for not raking. Some seem to think “last tee off time is in 3 hours, so I don’t need to do it, since the greenkeepers will rake them tomorrow morning”. Our bunkers look more like a beach where thousands visit every day.
    And I love groups that want to play through and then play so fucking slow in front of my flight.

  • those that are aware… please repair as many pitch marks as you possibly can. I dont care if you hold up play. We are the guardians and we will be favored in valhalla!

  • Already booked our next YGT golf holiday to Amendoeira in September. Best courses played last year. Torrequebrada and La Cala. Happy New Year to you, the muppets and everyonevat YGT.

  • Midwest U.S. Erin Hills, Greater U.S.TPC Scottsdale, Europe St. Andrews Old Course. Hopefully I can get to Erin Hills since its close the others are probably going to have to wait a while.

  • The 3 best & most iconic golf courses in the world are in my opinion #1 St. Andrews Golf Course #2 Augusta National Golf Course ( The Masters ) #3 Pebble Beach Golf Course

  • Agree with looking after course, the rest is just zzzzzzzzzz, it’s the boring sort of shit that puts people of trying the game, no club clanking ffs

  • I’ve played Pacific Dunes and it’s actually my least favorite of the 3 I played at Bandon. My favorite was Bandon Trails and a close 2nd was Bandon Dunes original course. Pacific has some really treacherous slopes and cliffs, a major challenge but beautiful and deserving of a top 10 for sure. All of Bandon could count as the 2nd or 3rd best collection of courses in the country and definitely first for the price and experience. No shorts or short sleeves out there ����

  • I play mostly at cheaper, more casual courses due to being a beginner, but my phone helps me out a lot. I use a gps that tracks ranges to the center of the green and shows me where potential hazards are, which saves time of using a range finder, looking for looking for lost balls, etc.. Lastly, since the app is already open, might as well keep score since it calculates handicap and shows useful info about the number of putts, green in reg, and all the other stats that will help improve my game. Just my opinion, I understand why it might be seen as disrespectful tho.

  • 1) Any of those course you played in Ireland with the Muppets last year.
    2) La Golf Nacional Ryder cup course.
    3) August…..fat chance lol

  • Talking while people are preparing to hit or hitting. You have a four and a half hour round you have to be quiet for say 10 minutes DO IT.

  • Won’t be playing in Europe this year. Will be heading to Myrtle Beach in September to play. Will just play some local courses here in New Hampshire. Planning a trip to Scotland in 2020. My wife’s youtube friends have a house in St. Andrews so we will be heading there with hopes to get on the Old Course. Kiawah Island is a great choice.

  • Rules
    1. Don’t make noise with the clubs on bag while other players are hitting
    2. Silent your mobile phone
    3. Take care of the course, repair greens, fairways
    4. Clean up your bunkers
    5. Don’t mark your scorecards in the green
    6. Be patient with the group in front of you, respect other player
    7. If you think you are going to spend a lot of time looking for the ball, let the group behind you go past.

  • I’m going to slaley hall in February and then we are having a lads trip to Llandudno and playing maesdu, north Wales and then all 27 holes at nefyn golf course! All hopefully filmed and vlogged!

  • I grew up in Manhattan (NYC) and learned to play by taking lessons into a net. Before my Dad would let me play, he took me out with his friends and taught me the etiquette of the game. I was champing at the bit to play my first round, but not until he was satisfied that I got both the courtesy towards others and respect for the course, would he allow me to go on the course to play. Such lessons, well learned, remain with me more than sixty years later.

  • Thanks so much for doing these videos! A buddy and I got to play Spanish Bay, Spyglass and Pebble Beach on June 28, 29th and 30th. I’ve sat and watched all the videos and reminiscing on the greatest three golf days of my life. By the way there is a public course there, Pacific Grove Golf Links that you really need to play next time. They call it the “poor man’s Pebble” and it does have some spectacular views of the ocean and was a 10th the cost of Pebble.

  • Wow! What a golf vacation! All these courses looking amazing!
    I think my favorite on this vid is Hammock beach for its amazing ocean view.

  • Hi Rory, personally I want to get to Ireland as I used to live there but wasn’t playing golf at the time. Another thing on my Bucket List is to play you… (unless you are contractually obliged to Mister Crossfield) 😉

  • Pebble is amazing. Exhilarating views that can’t be touched on the ocean holes, but so boring inside that. Oakmont will always be king, but it sure is fun having an open at pebble. Enjoy the tournament world!

  • Great video Gabe! Love the drone shots. Being a golf newbie, it gives me inspiration for what I can look forward to. Great seeing you at Sawgrass. Not surprised it came in #1 for you. It’s stunning!

  • My top 5 that I have played in Florida: #5 is Champions Gate International Course, #4 TPC Tampa Bay, #3 Streamsong Blue, #2 Innisbrook Copper Head, #1 Bay Hill.

  • A great top 5, but so, so many great courses to choose from. Pat and I share great memories playing at Champions Gate in Davenport. Hard to believe that place is only about 15 years old.

  • 595 a round is considered “public”…thats 3 months family membership at my country club…apparently this is public for all the Joe Blows who like $700 rounds of cow pasture pool…beautiful course though but public I mean c’mon…the public bullshit stops around a 100 a round beyond that you’re as elite as any country club…much moreso than most

  • The problem with letting the group behind you play through…is that there’s another group directly behind them, and another one directly behind them.
    So where do you stop?����

  • Imagine Brian’s long game fused with Mike’s short game, wow what a golfer he’d be. He’d be called Brike. Has a ring to it. Logged into Pebble Beach golf course, about $750 plus, to play 18. Where do i sign in?…and that’s if you’re a guest of the resort. Great shooting and putting today JC

  • Rory a week tomorrow i am off to play TPC Scottsdale wheat of the waste management later in the month, super excited. I have booked PGA Catalunya with you guys and will look at other trips later in the year as Ireland is a destination i really want to play. laters

  • Gentlemen, if you must piss while on the course, please go out of bounds or behind a teeing area and not in area where another person might get piss on their ball. Also, for cleanliness, please carry hand sanitizer. No one wants to shake your hand after the round after you’ve been shaking your willie.

  • Nothing worse then getting golf balls hit at ya when u have no where to go and you’re waiting for the group in front to be clear of your shot.

  • Guys this was special! What a great start by Brian and Justin on a fabulous day of golf. JC don’t talk yourself out of your magic man! Great camera work as well guys. The part at 27:20 of Brian’s approach on to the 9th green from the cart was amazing.

  • Hi Rory, not likely to get a holiday purely for golf as I’m the only golfer in family ���� but would like to visit Belek (Turkey), La Manga, St, Andrews,…. cannot believe I’ve been to Vegas and didn’t get to play, so Vegas again and the Muppet Tour of Northern France looked great…. that’s part of my bucket list..

  • Try playing in Thailand… Thai and many Asian players stand around chatting loud enough to be heard on the tee…..AND they play with up to 6 players!!!! its like a bloody procession at my local course sometimes!

  • Bucket list for 2019 is as follows, UK, Ireland would of course be St.Andrews (Old Course) but most likely my golf group is going to push for 2020 on that one, then I would say Druids Glen in its place. Mainland Europe, in the process of booking Le Golf National as we speak for May. Then long haul (everything is long haul for me since I live in Saudi Arabia) would be to go back home to the states and play Kapalua Plantation Course.

  • small firm greens beat these bombers up every time still need some length off the tee but precision irons and putting will win it this week i like tiger to give it a go not saying he’ll win but it’s a great course for his current state of game just has to make putts and he’ll be right there come sunday

  • Wow course looks a lot better than the last time you guys were there. That is my dream course. Have always wanted to play it. JC tearing it up!!

  • You guys were only 2 hours from Morro Bay. Its got an incredible public golf course with awesome country clubs in the surrounding cities. Its like a slice of pebble on a moutainside and thankfully half the price and my home course.

  • I’m with you for Le Golf National Ams going there in April. I’m also looking to go to East Lothian (North Berwick, Gullane) and then off to Trump Turnberry in June via YGT. Keep up the good work Rory ����

  • Man, what have they done to the 17th green? It was beautiful as it was, and a real challenge to hit. And that is the point of championship golf. These pros don’t need more help, they have superior technology than decades ago, why would you you give them bigger putting surfaces? It’s a shame.

  • Might have to post a link to this video on my club notice board. I swear more than half the so called members are guilty of all of the above.

  • No buckets this year but always fancied St Andrews, & Harbor Town, for mainland Europe I wouldn’t have had a choice until the Ryder Cup, what a great looking course that is, it may just have to go on the shopping list.

  • Gotta love those very rare days when everything just seems to click. Great drives, close approach shots, and putts that are “impossible” just seem to find the hole! Pure magic, boys. Just pure magic.

  • this is one of the best videos I have seem pertaining to golf. There are all kinds of videos and tips from other players regarding how to lower your score but very little teaching on how to have proper etiquette. I have struggled with this for years and have been embarrassed more than once when someone is rude believing that because you are older you should know everything. What a perfect way to ruin ones day by being too harsh with them and not taking the extra minute to explain where they made the mistake.

  • when you have a slow group in front of you, don’t get mad..stop, look around, take in the beauty, breathe the air. You’re out there to have fun, relax and enjoy being outside. The knobs are the ones who just want to get drunk and act like idiots.

  • What gets on my tits is when people reach the green they drop their bag at the front of the green, I seem to be the only 1 who puts my bag down at the exit of the green in the direction of the next tee. Nothing worse than waiting for a group to finish the hole then they start walking towards you to get their bags then walk off through the green to the next tee.

  • Great video. And some great bucket list courses. St. Andrews and Pinehurst would be on mine. Looking forward to my trip to France with ygt. Shame I was too organised and booked it early therefore missing out on any goodies ��

  • My bucket list entry. My plan is to play Pebble, and the Olde Course within the next 5 years.
    This video should raise the pulse of anyone who ever picked up a golf club.

  • Not a rules type person myself, but in golf good etiquette makes everyone play better and makes the day much more relaxed and enjoyable. Firm believer in following the rules on the course.

  • Love golf but a ton of people at my local course are rich snobs who think their shit don’t stink. It’s terrible having any type of human interaction there in the clubhouse, range, etc. It really has dissuaded a couple freinds I’ve brought to the course from golfing again. Just saying

  • Looks like one long ad for resort courses…if that’s the case Doral is far better than Tiburon. World Woods and Crandon probably best value in state.

  • All I ever think about on #6 is that Tiger 7 iron at the 2000 US Open. Still one of the greatest shots he ever hit. No one else on the planet hits that shot… Not then. Not now. Not ever.

  • WOW!!!! I’ve never really took a good look at Pebble. it is the most picturesque course I’ve ever seen.I’ll have to play it one day.

  • Really great vid guys
    I played there 2016 on a very similar day you had
    Fantastic course and I played to my handicap
    The rough is deceptively thicker than you think
    Ah… memories
    Cheers from Australia

  • Don’t pick up balls, especially if they are in the rough or on the fairway, that aren’t yours. If they are in the woods and you stumble across them, fair game. But if they’re just sitting in the rough between two holes, leave them alone! You don’t know if it’s a ball in play for someone else, especially if it’s a busy day. Now, if you circle around and the ball is still there, fair game. Otherwise, leave it alone!

  • Super distracting your drone operator or video editor couldn’t figure out frame rates… So disappointed when I was hoping for a great play by play of the course and I got this choppy video. Loved the commentary though… Come on Golf Digest!