7 Walking Strategies For Seniors


Part 8: Walking on Toes Prevent Senior Falls: Assessment & Balance Exercises

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Exercise Tips for Seniors

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Part 7: Heel Toe Walk Prevent Senior Falls: Assessment & Balance Exercises

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7 Walking Tips For Seniors. WARM UP AND COOL DOWN. Even though walking is a low-impact activity, to prevent muscle strains or other unnecessary injuries, you’ll need to TRACK THE WEATHER. USE THE PROPER GEAR. CHOOSE YOUR WALKING.

30 OCT 7 Walking Tips For Seniors For seniors, taking up a walking program can have numerous benefits for overall health and well-being. It can help you strengthen your bones and muscles, lose weight, improve balance and coordination and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 7 walking tips for seniors Walking is the most popular form of exercise. But seniors who walk for exercise need to take these precautions.

0. take a Flexibility test » Receive. 7 Safe Walking Tips for Seniors. Posted on August 21, 2014 by daviscommunityadmin. Walking is one of the most effective exercises for older adults because it has an excellent benefit-to-risk ratio.

Walking is ultra-low-impact on the joints, meaning that seniors won’t be sore after doing it. It’s also a very low-exertion exercise as it. And walking IS GREAT EXERCISE FOR SENIORS! Not doing exercise in some way is never the answer, even with arthritis.

There are ways to make walking comfortable and to decrease or prevent pain when doing it. At the end of this article, I will cover tips for walking for those who get knee pain. For seniors, it’s especially helpful to know walking will do your body a lot of good. Many seniors don’t have the flexibility, ability or inclination to begin a regular exercise routine; however, walking is something that can be done just about anywhere.

Walking distances can be varied by the individual’s ability and stamina. By exercising, you can improve your balance and your strength, so you can stand tall and feel more confident when walking. Read on to find 14 exercises seniors can do to improve their balance.

Exercise 1: Single Limb Stance. It’s best to start off with a simple balance exercise for seniors. Wear stable shoes made for running, try not to eat before jogging and bring a bottle of water.

Always perform light warm-up and cooldown exercises before jogging. Two to three minutes of easy. Six-Week Beginner Walking Plan This six-week program is for the beginner walker who wants to improve overall health and increase energy. Walks start at 10 minutes or less and gradually work up to 30-plus minutes. Health experts have found that about 30 minutes a day of regular moderate exercise is effective for improving health.

Encouraging use of technology like the senior-friendly GrandPad that offers a number of ways to keep seniors busy with games and interactions with family. Make mealtimes an activity. If seniors are still cooking for themselves, help them plan out their menus each week with their favorite healthy foods and make sure they have a way to get.

List of related literature:

Several short walks throughout the day can be enough to help seniors stay healthy and active.

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Dr. Ploughman: What research shows us is that the best way to improve walking is to walk.

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Encourage the older person to walk more slowly and to use a cane or walker if needed.

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If I don’t limit my enthusiasm for walking, I would say in walking we really have found the Fountain of Youth.

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Walking should be a lifelong program to promote wellness and joy in living.

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When students have identified their personal brisk walking pace, go to step 3.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
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Walking is slowed as people become older and in those with Parkinson’s.

“Tidy's Physiotherapy E-Book” by Stuart Porter
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To begin with, one might walk at a pace that is slower than usual, to give oneself a better chance to become fully aware of the sensations of walking.

“Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician's Guide” by Sarah Bowen, Neha Chawla, G. Alan Marlatt
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older people walk, the longer they can expect to live.5 The suggestion is that walking fast will help you live longer.

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It is therefore possible that once an older person has learnt to walk with a walking aid, it may be difficult for them to walk unaided.

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  • Excellent video! I’m a proponent of bodyweight exercises and walking. The more we move our bodies, the healthier we are. Average walking speed studies show that an older person’s pace, along with their age and gender, can predict their life expectancy just as well as the complex battery of other health indicators such as blood pressure, body mass index, chronic conditions, and smoking history.

  • Sir Meri height 5.3 inch h Mera weight 60 kg h to muze apna weight kitna loss krna chahiye… Please suggest me…
    Thanks in advance ����

  • I’ve been noticing that I loss my balance while walking more from walking normal gate to walking with a cane and in crowds I use a walker… Cerebral palsy from birth

  • It means, if our stomach is empty, and we do walk or exercise, we burn our fat
    My question is,,, if we r doing our house hold work with empty stomach, is it batter for us????
    Please reply sir,
    Thank you

  • I have pain in my left hip going up stairs, not so bad going down. I suspect arthritis as I have it in my toes. However, I persevere as much as possible.

  • Thank you for sharing these videos on fall prevention. I’ve been working with my mother-in-law using your techniques. She is prone to falls. Would you please recommend some techniques to assist getting up from the floor after a fall? Thanks so much!

  • In case a fall does happen, we recommend investing in technologies to enable access to caregivers. https://youtu.be/-JcIheB0Mow elder.us

  • I can do it all Mike except the step, even smallest step give me great pain in my right knee front and back, I do your other knee exercises as well. Can the step part be altered with out a step. If i even bend down into a cupboard i need help getting up or i pull myself up with counter. This is a great video and will do again. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

  • I think that you should delete the ad by Epoch Times, as it is a Trump far right newsletter filled with half truths and lies, as Trump expounds daily.

  • Sir, weight loose krne k Maine itne videos dekhe h, but aapke smjhane ka Jo tarika hota h, wo kahi Ni dekha..aur JB se aapki sari videos dekhi h Maine, tb se kisi aur channel ko dekha hi ni h..

    Thank you so much sir..
    Mera Jo v weight loose ho rha h wo sirf aapki guide lines k wjh se hi��

  • Sir meri height 5’6″he me femel hu muje 4 -5 sal se thyroid he mera vajan 70 he. Me ise kese kam kar sakti hu. Or kitana kam Karna chahiye. I’m a yoga teacher.

  • Really love your idea for the exercise with the non-slip circles! I work in geriatric rehab and will definitely make some to work with my patients. Keep up the good work Bob and Brad xx

  • I fall every time I close my eyes. (standing like you guys) Heel to toe falls to the left every time. My Dr doesn’t acknowledge the positive Rohmberg, when I mention it, they scuttle about it.

  • I’ve always loved walking since I was young my mother didn’t drive. I have fallen a lot lol I’m clumsy. I walk at the park for one hour daily enjoying nature and it’s peaceful never liked exercise machines boreing on something that ends no place lol. But do wish I had someone to walk with. I’m 64.

  • Sir mai walk krti hu morning me or evening me or yoga b krti hu kya plank or crunches or jumping jack skipping ye sab help krenge weight loss k liye? Please reply sir..

  • You helped my Stroke Husband to walk better. Today he was tested on the blood flow on his Stroke side. It was excelent. Thank you.

  • Just found, and just fell in love with these videos. But….the step stool shown is absolutely an accident waiting to happen. It’s too light, too slidey, too narrow, it’s a disaster—-and should be edited out of this video. “Stand on something a bit bigger than a shoebox”……
    Sure. Look at Little Giant three stair step stool. The ultimate in safety.
    It’s extremely well balanced and stable, could and should be used for exercises. For the reasonable price, you could own more than one, keeping each at the ready, not just for tasks, but for exercising. Placed “just right” by the bed, it would be a stabilizer everyone can benefit from. Buy one for your PT studio, you’ll use it with every patient. https://www.littlegiantladder.com/collections/ladders/
    We need to support well made items, and drive cheap, plastic, unsafe items out. Please educate others that older family members need help. Survey the home, take phone pictures, remove obstacles, replace flimsy furniture with proper height. Chairs with sturdy arms, test them all through the house, we not only need a little boost, we need to get oriented, having a chair back strategically placed, can help.What you show is excellent advice. Exercises like these should be called…good practice. Practice makes perfect.

  • I sure remember doing what you are doing now so many times with MS and I sure am glad you are showing them for balance I really need those for sure. I used my fireplace mantel. Thanks. My neck pain came back after doing some packing. Dummy me. I have to. Sure am glad you are still doing videos

  • When you stepped up on the little bench you did not say which leg you step up and down with such as do you step up with injured leg or good leg?

  • Hello sir..I m a.. mother of two kids..9 am time milta hai walk ka..7 pm.. dinner leke..8 am tak bhook lag Jaty hai..thoda 150 calories tak ka breakfast chalega kya..? Plz answer

  • This is great information. I hope you will consider re-doing this video without all the background noise, and making the dos and don’ts clearer for those who are elderly or hard of hearing. I love your channel.

  • Thank you sir i follow your tip from today sir im watching your when you have 1k subscriber now you have 5.5k your channel is growing soon you get 1m

  • You guys are great and informative. But you should rename your video to “9 Balance Exercises……” instead of “7” because that is what I counted! Did you take math in college? (joking!)

  • Hello sir I am new subscriber
    Mujhe hypothyroid hai 12 sal se mera weight kam hi nahi hota walking aur exercise bhi karti hu par mera weight kam hi nahi hota mera weight 67kg hai plz reply me sir

  • Even loading the Dishwasher becomes opportunity for exercise— loading twelve dinner plates means I get to do 12 squats… reaching high to put them away means twelve overhead stretches! 😉

  • I was really enjoying this and finding it very useful until those numbskulls in the background started jabbering. Totally ruined it. Please film it again

  • Geeeez the number of whiners complaining about the office noise. SQUIRREL!!! If your attention and focus is that poor, get off YT and seek professional help.

  • I am 67 years old and a regular subscriber. I usually love your routines, but this one did not take into account that YOU ARE YOUNG. You went much, much too fast for an older person to keep up. I was 2-3 steps behind you every step of the way and eventually got left way behind. Please make another video and label it for slower senior citizens.

  • Beautiful exercises!!! Thank u soooo much for these. You guys give absolutely practical exercises for every topic! So proud to be subscribed with you! God bless!!

  • I really have learned a lot from the two of you. You explain things so that we can understand the exercise and why not to do it other ways that might seem easier. You always explain the whys and the what is best and why it is best to do it certain ways. Thank you both for these videos that have helped me more than I can say. Keep up the good work. You surely have helped a lot of people improve their health and lives.

  • This is great thank you for helping keep seniors safe from dangerous falls! More fall prevention tips, as well as suggestions on how to fall more safely, are outlined here: https://www.continuumcare.com/preparing-for-a-fall-could-be-your-best-fall-prevention-plan/

  • I am loving your videos! I do wish that there was a little more information with what body part each movement is working on and if there are any issues on doing these exercises if any of us have lower back, hip or knee problems. I am enjoying all of your videos but I just need to be careful. I’m so happy I came across your channel today! Thank you so much! ��

  • When should I start and what strengthening exercise 4 sprained ankle and foot. Its been 11 weeks since my fall and its still tender.

  • Older people falling is mostly caused by us walking too fast for our age and not being able to handle tripping over defects in the walk ways. Our reflexes are slower, and our musculature is weaker so recovering from the initial trip is harder to achieve than for a younger person. If we remember our age and slow down we get much safer
    Otherwise can I recommend cleaning out the ears with ear wax solution? Great help to balance, I promise you

  • Sir mai 10 baje gym jati hu to kya mai morning me walk se pehle strength training kar sakti hu plz sir reply me……aur mai intermittent fasting par bhi hu 12pm-8pm timing h

  • Today is my first day and I am feeling nausea after 13 hr fasting. I had dinner yesterday at 7 o clock now it is 8 o clock, I cant go for a walk, I have acidity problem too from childhood. Plz suggest me something
    Ab agar walk karne gayi to lag raha h ki gir jaungi

  • I absolutely love the encouraging vibes that this channel has. keep it up. This will be very helpful to my father who suffered a stroke.

  • This is just what I need! I have difficulty in stepping down with my right foot my brain seems to tell me that my foot will miss the step and I will tumble forward down the steps. I worked out that it was because I don’t bend my left knee… so it is good to see this video and confirm the problem. I’d like your advice on how often I should do this workout, perhaps 2x week (working on both sides of course)? Thanks!

  • Thank you for this very helpful video. Appreciate it. May I ask you a question? Are there exercises to do that will make it easier for senior citizens to bend over to tie their shoes? This seems more difficult as the years go by. If so, would you please let us know what they are. Thanks again.

  • Found the exercises excellent. They echo what I do with my physiotherapist and what we do in the physio-gym activities. Well done fellas good one.

  • I have never see or listen easiest way to understand wait loss ever before like your way of talking or discussion. Thank you so much sir.

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    All the best ��
    M Saleem
    Certified Diet Consultant & Fitness Trainer

  • Thanks for sharing this encouraging information about the benefits of walking for seniors. To learn more about the benefits of regular exercise for seniors, this article is helpful: https://stayhomecare.com/is-senior-exercise-dangerous/

  • Hello sir jo aap ne samjhaya wo thik tha lekin me to 2.30 baje jim jati hu aake lunch karti hu to kya ye thik hai breakfast ke bad 12 baje fruit leletihu to ye kya sahe hai

  • These guys aren’t experts. Did anyone out there notice that the only posted comments these guys kept were POSITIVE ones? Can’t take a little criticism there, Bob and Brad?????

  • I got my left knee replacement surgery done about four months ago.Now my physio says that my pain and discomfort are because of slight tilt on left side causing extra pressure on left knee.
    What do you suggest me to correct my posture while walking.

  • Hi I m ur new subscriber. Can u pls share some tips on walking during evening time( do’s and don’ts) it’s difficult for women like us who have kids and cannot do walking in the morning due to busy schedule…

  • I am 65. live in a very old building. There are a lot of stairs I count from outside. Thee into building then once inside there are two up to landing then about 13 more and they are not small they are steep and about 7 to 8 inches each riser. I have t much pain trying to do these exercises and I can’t even handle standing more them 5 min without back pain. Physical therapy would probably help I have gym membership through my insurance but not using this as I can only do about 5 to 10 min before I’m exhausted and have to rest a while before I can do more and again it takes hours if I’m going to do these. I don’t heave enough energy to do all this.

  • Sir jab Mor walk par jati hu to 1-1.5kg walk krne k baad Bhukh lgne lgti hai ye shi hai ya glt??? Walk par Jane se Phle 1glass Luke worm water leti hu?

  • Thank you for the great video, Mike. I really need this one especially going down the stairs. My right leg needs to get more flexible than my left. I feel great after doing it, but it was challenging..which is good. I decided I will do 3 videos..this one, the single leg strength exercise, and the leg strengthing exercise which includes sit to stand. I will do one daily for 6 days and rest on 1 day. I don’t think I will overdue it. Now I understand why I have a problem stepping down on a curb. I feel unstable. Now that I think about it, on the 7th day I can do the balance exercise which isn’t very strenuous. Jan

  • सर क्या हम टहलने से पहले ग्रीन टी पी सकते हैं या टहलने के बाद पीना है? वैसे हम टहल के आने के 30 मिनट बाद ग्रीन टी पीते हैं और हम 1घंटे में 6 की०मि० फ़ास्ट स्पीड से टहलते हैं और बीच बीच मे थोड़ा थोड़ा दौड़ भी लेते हैं कृपया सही मार्ग दर्शन करें।

  • This is a great and very helpful video. I would suggest, though, that you mention that it might be useful to have a chair on each side of the step, so that someone can hold onto whichever side is more helpful in maintaining balance.


  • First I’m 79. I was having problems with my feet and my balance, where I live in the UK we have streets that are cobbled and I felt very unsteady walking on them so avoided them, about three months ago I decided I must go to the doctor, I decided to look on line and came across a web site that recommended heel and toe walking, I tried it right away, my feet don’t bother me at all now and I make a point of walking down the cobbled streets on purpose now because I feel so confident.

  • Sir sabse pahle shukriya.Is liye ki aap un logo ki curries ka answers de rhe jo jiyada padhe huye nhi he aapki yahi aadat sabase achhi ki aap sab ke liye hindi me video’s banarhe hai…..
    Jo bahot helpful he…….

  • Great going Saleem ji,
    Where have u been hiding all this time?
    O God! How come exceptional people like yourself are away from name & fame.
    I bet! In coming years millions of people will follow you.
    Keep it up brother.

  • If these two guys would just STOP talking to each other, this video would only be 8 minutes long. Also, we don’t need to watch one guy doing the exercises while the other one stands around making comments. Get over your ego’s and make a decent video!

  • sir mera knee operations hua hai ligament kaa aur abi operation ko 3 months hua hai to kya may leg ki koi bhi exercise kar sakta hoo

  • I fall because my right ankle gives way….either from stepping on a pebble on the sidewalk or stepping into a small hole in my yard and boom! Down I go….all my life this has happened and I have never been injured…I go down like a sack of potatoes

  • I appreciate all of your videos. Thank you. I’ve fallen and thank goodness I am able to get up. I have MS with weakness and I’m always looking for activities to improve my balance.

  • Mujhe 10 kg. Wait loss karna h main daily morning mein 2-3 glass pani leti hu…uske baad 4 km. Walk karti hu…walk per jane se pehle main soaked 5 almonds leti hu…kya walk per jane se pehle soaked almonds lena theek h?