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I’m going to walk for 30 minutes, 3 days per week and work up to 5 days. I’m going to total 4,400 steps per day and build up to 10,000 per day. I’m going to train for a 10K in six months and a half-marathon in a year. 7 Ways To Stay Motivated To Walk Every Day.

Set Up New Goals. If you will set big goals for starting a new walking routine, then it is always difficult for you to stick on that routine. So Join Any Event. Search For The Training Partner.

Start Counting Your Steps. Give Yourself Rewards For. But the good news is that there is a way you can stay on track and not have to start from scratch every single time.

In fact, I can give you 5 ways to keep yourself motivated about taking a walk every day. 50 Self-Affirmations to Help You Stay Motivated Every Day. Dean Bokhari. Author 3 10 Secrets to Living a Happy Life No Matter How Old You Are 4 3 Reminders to Help You Enjoy Life Even When Life Is Tough 5 7 Powerful Ways To Overcome Obstacles When I feel stuck on a task or way forward, I know what I must do.

A walk on the beach with my. 7 ways to stay physically active when you’re stuck at home. Go for a walk: Try taking a break in the day to go for a walk.

Experts at the Mayo Clinic note that walking everyday can help. But we need to stay motivated to produce our products, build our businesses and create amazing communities. And when you stay motivated, your attitude is just happier.

It has a positive effect on your confidence, relationships and business. So, there’s got to be a way to stay motivated every day despite the time of year. Onc e you turn your walking routine into a daily habit, you won’t have to worry about motivation – you’ll just get out and walk!You can start creating a daily habit today that will make hitting your step goals a breeze, but you do have to actively make it happen. The good news is that once you’ve built up your everyday walking habit, that 10,000 step goal will become a basic part of. The accountability that comes with joining a group will help to keep you motivated to go on the walk as you will not want to miss out on the fun or let the people organising the walk down.

It you are new to an area it can also be a great way to both meet new friends and get to know your area better. Motivation can be fickle—sometimes you wake up and feel on top of your game, ready to take on the day, and sometimes you just want to curl up under the sheets and stay there.. But don’t stay in bed!

There are ways to wake up motivated and ready to take on the world. Follow these tips and see if they perk you up when you get out of bed every day. 7 Ways to Stay Motivated Everyday.

May 9, 2017 May 8, 2017 by Brandon Gaille. The only way that you are going to meet your goals and make your dreams come true is if you stay motivated. Instead of spending your days binge watching your favorite Netflix TV series, you need to know how to stay focused and get things accomplished that will help.

List of related literature:

My favorite walk was when I would think of a focus to work on and then try to see how far I could walk before I lost the focus.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

“Walk 30 minutes every day” is more attainable, but what happens if you’re held up at work or there’s a thunderstorm?

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett, 2004

If you are a walking enthusiast, then walking is the meaningful goal even before you regained the ability to walk.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
by Peter G Levine
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

I do only two things: 1) I walk between three and eight miles each day, allowing me plenty of time to think, breathe, and de­stress as I meander the neighborhoods near my home; and 2) I work out for eighteen minutes (more on that in the following essay).

“Essential: Essays by The Minimalists” by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
from Essential: Essays by The Minimalists
by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
Asymmetrical Press, 2015

If your goal is to walk 30 minutes a day, you can take a 15-minute walk at lunch time, five-minute walk instead of a coffee break, and park your car far enough away to walk five minutes coming and leaving work.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
from The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

A key to successful use is to focus on number of steps walked per 10 minutes, with the idea of moving toward the 150 minutes per week goal.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
from Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention
by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

You can accumulate steps throughout the day simply by adjusting some of

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
by Travis Stork, M.D.
Bird Street Books, 2016

Although it may be difficult at first to remember to yield the right­of­way to distractions, once you see how many embarrassing meetings you prevent with this simple technique, you will become motivated to make adjustments to your walking routine.

by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell
Dogwise Publishing, 2015

An article about the benefits of walking as a form of exercise concludes with the question “Once we have learned this, why don’t we all take up the habit of walking every morning?”

“Invitations to Love: Literacy, Love Letters, and Social Change in Nepal” by Laura M. Ahearn
from Invitations to Love: Literacy, Love Letters, and Social Change in Nepal
by Laura M. Ahearn
University of Michigan Press, 2001

I will try to walk or do one of the following physical activities for 10 minutes, 7 days a week: • I will start walking for 10 minutes a day and increase my walking by two minutes every two weeks untilI reach my goal of 30 minutes a day.

“Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life” by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
from Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life
by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
Mayo Clinic Press, 2019

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  • There is a certain smell that one of my datasets has, and it always motivates me to draw animals. Idk why! ��

    Also, I always like to experiment with different facial expressions for motivation

  • Hello! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • An amazing trick to become motivated is, paradoxically, just to start doing what you want to feel motivated to do. In other words, don’t wait for motivated to come to you: go to motivation, by beginning to do the activity that you want to feel motivated to do in the first place. Motivation naturally follows. I explain how and why here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r42UTeahwxo

  • Hi even (: I like this video
    My paradox is about do what you love…
    I don’t get it cause there as lots of things that I live in my business,helping people, selling, meeting people hiring and more and more… doing what I really love I can’t figure it and I don’t believe I’ll ever will since in every every subject it’s going to be some things I don’t like.. So put more time in find what I love which means I need to change my business, or focus on what I do love in my field that I’m already experience on…

  • Its still amaze me just how some people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets even though lots of people using it. Thanks to my pal who told me about this. I’ve lost crazy amounts of fat.

  • Really good video, I do struggle with this issue a lot, my problem is that I get really passionate with various things, things that i find challenging, but when that learning curve plateaus within a month or so I end up doing something else, my question is, how do I get something to stick?

  • Avoid activities that are too stimulating, they will give you too much of dopamine hit so stuff like reading becomes boring. Human beings are way to stimulated (social media, TV, video games, drugs, junk food, porn, etc…) today hence why so many people don’t get anything done in life! It’s also the reason why so many people are becoming depressed! Try to live a natural life more like our ancestors and you will be a lot happier! A tough environment makes tough people!

  • Tired of hearing all these people saying you have to do what you love but that’s easy, hard work pays off do what you know you need to do, keep grinding through the pain through the bull shit. Its either live Easy now and live hard later or live hard now and have an easy life later.

  • Bruh I was just looking for quarantine motivation this long term goal stuff is so far out for me lmao I was just trying to figure out how to clean my room and put my plate in the dishwasher �� a great video though.

  • This video is my absolute “Go-to”
    when I need motivation to draw. It is by far my Favorite video you have ever posted and I thank you so very much!:) Keep on drawing! Keep on painting and Keep on creating new things!

  • My typical way to start a new drawing is to go to Pinterest and look for anything horror related. If I see anything that I like such as a certain type of mouth design or stance of the creatures body, I’ll save it and brainstorm what I can do to make it my own and see where it goes from there. After finding ideas from other artists and horror game designers, I set aside an entire page or two of my sketchbook to just brainstorm quick sketches of what I want on my creation. When I final decide on a idea, I’ll make a decent sketch of what the final product would look like before I make a polished version on a bigger piece of paper for my art portfolio. With that out the way, I have a hard time drawing with highschool and my personal life, but when I do get to draw, I get discouraged by looking at my personal favorite artists like Ben Wanat (lead artist for Dead Space), the Silent Hill concept artists, etc. But what I need to focus on is my work, this is what I am creating and I don’t have to compare myself to others when getting better. I need to compare my current skills to my past artistic skills. This is something that I am terrible about. This along with real life drawings. I just don’t find drawing real life interesting. I like experimenting and creating twisted creatures and environments, to bring back the survival horror era of gaming. I am slowly beginning to try new things and experiment with all forms of drawing. This comment is all over the place, but what I came to say is that this channel has helped me return to drawing and put down the PlayStation controller and work on my hobby, and hopefully soon to be job as a concept artist. Thank you.

  • I’m painting my bosses house and I need the money. he is out of town and I’m here thinking man I got to hurry up but I just want to watch YouTube lol. help!

  • Soo Im 2 minutes into the video and it is asking me, do you want to do it. Well no actually I don’t want to do my homework so to get motivation to do my homework I have to not do it. Isn’t that kinda procrastinating.

  • Hi Evan! So I take breaks when I get to a point in frustrated. I find that relieving my brain for a few moments help me get balanced again and go at it. The top 7 of today is awesome as always. -Nesha

  • I just saw this video again now, and actually, in hindsight, a lot of my improvements have come from watching this and realizing it is so totally right. I got hooked early on in life due to a bunch of unfortunate circumstances that built up over time. However I’ve made some changes that I’m proud of, still have lots of work to do, but overall in a better place. Thank you.

  • Fuck, now i‘m lying in my bed crying and laughing at the same time. Laughing because this describes my life so well and crying because I really am miserable and just haven’t got any energy left to change something about it.

  • New video woohoo!! I tend to get unmotivated a lot so this should be super helpful!! ❤��

    Two things that get me motivated are looking at other artists pieces makes me want to become as skilled as they are and practice more + I listen to music, it helps me focus ��

  • 0:41 the maze has no way outside on the 3rd way layer from the center hahahahaha so yeah where? why?
    anyway nice content and Thank you! <3

  • hy Evan I think no.2 will be mines fav….but some times people really don’t realize that what they are doing is not really they want to do they are just trying to follow others to get some quick money

  • So when I first watched this video when it came out I only did one of these things. Now I do all of these to a certain level. Man that’s depressing

  • Yes inspiration is a great thing, listen to music and draw something from it, get a new art supply and have fun with it, go somewhere new and have fun, meet people, I personally like these to get some motivation or ideas

  • To keep me motivated, I go onto my Pinterest and just kinda browse through, or I watch some cool speed paints on YouTube. Or sometimes I have done some doodles at school and I just try and expand on them a bit. Also, I just sometimes have things in my head that I want to try and put down on a page:) and sometimes I just look up some sort of fan art or art online ��

  • Am I the only one that never listens to music when they work out I just thing the silence and the feeling of sweat going down my face motivates me

  • Apparently my life is impressively sad. I do literally all of these, and i guess i hadnt realized it. I mean i am happy though, and i do have goals for the future. That are vague and amorphous and immpossibly high standard.

  • How do I get into drawing realistic animal sketches like in this video!? I rlly want to learn but don’t know we’re or how to start!?

  • Me, watching this video at 6:50 AM after not sleeping all night and making a joke about how I already do all that to avoid actually having to deal with it

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people lost tons of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Great video! how did you get your training and qualifications? are you a life coach, motivational coach? how did you start on your journey? thank you

  • Amazing, totally loved it! I would definitely add one last 8th rule watch Evan’s videos, you give me the needed motivation to continue working hard! Thank you a lot!

  • This video helped me a lot. I’ve really been unmotivated about doing art for the past 2 months, i even thought about quiting art, but your video made me feel motivated and realize theres still so many ways to explore art. Thank you so much for posting this video. I love your channel keep up the great work.����

  • I came back to the beginning to rewatch them (btw I’ve been here since the beginning ��) and I love this! You’ve grown so much on YouTube ❤️ your the most motivating person I watch and follow! I love you so much!

  • sometimes, when i feel like i’m motivated enough, i tried to draw but then looking at my drawing… i got sad and unmotivated again sigh

  • Wth is this?! It’s ruining any motivation I’ve had left in me! The guy sounds like a hopeless person who is trying to tell u that doesn’t matter how motivated u r, it’s never helpful! I am definitely not watching this!

  • This video is like a year old and I know nobody cares but bridesmaids dresses don’t really come in plus or non plus sizes. They literally tailor it to your body no matter what size you are. So you would have been fine, Jordan���� but I guess health is a better motivator ���� your story is so awesome!! Xoxo

  • does anyone have any podcast recommendations? i find it hard to listen to things like taz bc i have to concentrate on one or the other lmao

  • The one going that makes me motivated is to find references to what u would like to draw. You can search for references or you can look at other artist’s art. Hopefully this is helpful.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your every day nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Jordan i love you so much every video i watch of yours is so raw and authentic. Thats rlly what people love about you. When you ramble its like we are having a real conversation so dont be afraid to just be you

  • Artivism maybe? Drawing for a certain cause motivates me so much! And after finishing a piece, I always feel very proud. Plus the movements I’m participating in are a constant source of inspiration for me.

  • Wish they made one for “how to stay motivated on the nicotine patch.” I could really use that right about now, day 9 and I’m really struggling. Sigh.

  • Me too! With the stomach ache from the binge lol I thought i almost went to the hospital and I said I’m never gonna binge again �� 3 days passed I binged

  • I try to inspire and motivate with my 70 pound weight loss. Still going strong. Growing up I was always the chubby kid and the one that was always picked on. Now I’m the one they ask for advice ��

  • 1. Make a list (why lose weight )
    2. Use reminders (6am to read list)
    3. Priorities health over looks
    4. Set small achievable goals
    5. Cut toxic people
    6. Tell someone you want to lose weight
    7. Do it for yourself

  • Stillness*, *Screw with your sleep and Maximize screen time are thing I have been doing for my whole life lol.
    Use your screen to stoke negative emotions came into the mix relatively recently. VAPID Goals used to have no goals which is worse? Or maybe not, as you can’t really get disappointed. Currently it’s more of a VMARPD. Pursue Hapiness directly not sure about that. Follow your instincts ehhh maybe kind of half way?

    Don’t know why I written this out.

  • As an artist, I love the explanation of motivation; here is the text version:
    Motivating yourself the right way
    Choosing meaningful goals to persevere through failure
    Own your goals
    Is it yours?
    Is it what you want?
    Did someone else choose it for you?
    Why did you want to get there?
    No one knows you [Better than YOU]
    Don’t spend your life trying to live up to their expectations or run from their criticisms
    Stem from interests, passions, talents 
    What makes you happy
    How to do it?
    Set aside a few minutes each day to own your goals
    Consider where they come from
    Remind yourself how and why you chose them
    Not only will you feel more pride in who you are, but you’ll also know you’re heading in the right direction
    Envision the Details
    not fancy house and lots of money
    They’re just things you think about for fun
    You can’t figure out a plan to get there (there doesn’t exist)
    Goal <> Dream
    Dreams are flexible and comfortable, capture imaginary feels and actions
    Flying and walking through walls
    Goals are concrete steps toward something you want
    Should exist in real life
    Visualize your goals to the smallest details
    Think about the feel of the pencil in your hand and the seat on your back
    Athletes use it before a major competition 
    They envision themselves winning and then do everything they can to bring that vision to life
    Asks questions (To give you direction and drive)
    What is your daily routine?
    Who do you spend most of your time within which you find yourself?
    What kind of furniture do you own?
    No need to answer or ask all the questions right away
    Turn vague ideas into real, achievable goals
    The power of Expectations
    Other peoples’ expectations could lead you down the wrong path
    Can make you feel lost and unfulfilled
    You can spend years not letting people down
    If you know you are in the wrong direction, then, don’t focus on “Other peoples” expectations
    After you know your goals explain it to somebody
    express your vision and the steps your taking
    Common mistakes
    All too often I hear about someone hiding their dreams
    Some stash away their goals on a secret to-do list
    Others say they won’t show anyone until it’s 100% perfect
    Explaining your goals turns them into physical deadlines
    If no one knows what you’re doing, you can get away with not doing it
    Create expectation
    Ideally, have somebody to check in and make sure you are on target (ownership)
    Make sure it is someone whose opinion matters to you
    That way, you won’t want them to see you give up
    No one likes to admit to a loved one that they’ve failed
    Instead, you want to show up with a finished product and make them proud!
    It only works if you open up to a few people! Don’t get carried away!!
    When you tell everyone that’ll listen, you sometimes assume an identity that isn’t yours
    Don’t let people consider that you an author 
    People on social media want to get attention and respect, then accomplishing their actual goals!
    Again, tell only one person you care about, that way it will fuel your success and not give you an excuse to be lazy
    Resurrecting Motivation
    “You’ll feel motivated all the time.”
    No matter how ambitious you are, there’s no avoiding these moments of weakness
    They expect things to be smooth and easy, but life doesn’t work that way
    Failure and frustration are everywhere
    You know these obstacles are coming
    Sure you don’t know What or When or Why
    Why not prepare yourself?
    Figure out how to resurrect your motivation
    Create a plan to navigate through your laziest moments
    find a way to accept your failures
    Whatever happened, happened, and you can’t change that
    Every second is a chance to wipe the slate clean
    learn from your mistakes

  • You motivate me s o much. I started my weightless journey (very seriously) in june of this year. I stayed under the myfitnesspal deficit they say to eat 1360 calories ill eat on average maybe 1000 or less everyday and i did lose weight (obviously) im down about 20lbs now a month later but 2nd month almost 2 weeks i havent lost a single pound. Im not working out i just stayed under the calories. So now, im actually gonna start going to the gym and actually eat (maybe even more) my calorie deficit while exercising im gonna start with just 2-3 days a week til i can get myself in a routine.

  • Hi Evan, I would like to see a 10 Rules by Brad Duncan with World Wide Dream Builders! Brad is at the Crown Ambassador with Worldwide! The Company is in Seattle Washington Area! Bob Sabo 719-423-9637

  • what’s the biggest problem/challenge you deal with when it comes to weight loss/fat loss? if you can describe it in one word? thank you.

  • 1. 3:39 Make a list of reasons..
    2. 6:52 Use reminders on your phone..
    3. 8:40 Prioritize thy health
    4. 9:50 small & achievable goals
    5. 11:43 cut toxic people
    6. 12:36 tell someone about it

    7. 15:19 DO it for yourself..

  • I’ve tried so many diffrent things to draw and I just can’t draw very well at all this is why I stick with abstract so when I need motivation I watch PeterDraws

  • Welp I got stuck in a dead end job of hard labor, why? Because I grew up rather poor, had a child young and so I had to put food on the table. No money to back me up and send me to college or start a business, so I had to go to work and 13 years later here I am still working the same type of job as I’ve always had making 5 more bucks per hour than when I started.

    Life is tough, if you’re just starting out make sure you wait to have kids, try to work a part time job while going to school so you can get the career you love, if you hate your job you cannot be happy because you will spend more time at work than your hours off not counting sleep time.

  • That feel when you easily check all seven boxes without even having known they exist and are not sure if you should fall deeper into despair or feel weirdly proud

  • The bridesmaid dress scenario is like sooooo trueee, just found your video and I’m trying to stay motivated!!!! I appreciate your tips soooo muchhhhh

  • I have lived through the “only fat bridesmaid” trauma. Everything you fear could happen, did happen to me.

    Only two bridesmaids were a healthy weight. Five bridesmaids were actual waifs. I had to buy a different dress.

  • Evan….you DO touch people’s lives.  I appreciate what you do, and you touch my life daily.   In addition, I share your stuff ALL THE TIME….trying to inspire others!

  • I’ve always being over-weight, since I was a kid and I always saw myself as the fattest girl at my class (now I’m not sure xD), I started working out a lot and eating healthy since 2 months ago, I lost 25 pounds and still going for more xD But, I wish I could convince a friend of me to also start working out, I’m worry, he’s obese since I met him at the age of 10, we’re about to enter to college and I doubt he’ll find time to work out or so because of class, I’m worry that when he actually WANT or NEED to do it, he wont be able. How could I help him? Convince him to focus more in his health?

  • I love this video I just try to do the opposite of this video and that helps avoid myself from being sad. I watch this video every time I get sad and try the opposite.

  • Amazing u look great I was 199 late 2018 then staring January to now I lost about 20 21 pounds just from eating a few less things due to my bf with type 2 and taking silver lining pre probiotic twice a day cause I have tummy issues and digesting issues getting more wed and we need to start eating better again for fruits he can have veggies lean meats stay away from bread pasta find healthy was for us to have are favorite foods but healthy style we have to watch carbs sugar and cholesterol for him and I need to boost energy big time I have none at all I went from 118 125 on the go all the energy in the world to slowly lossing it all gaining weight highest was 135 back at 22 23 and kept going and going up highest was last year December 199 200 now 175 or 176 all check in the am lol where I’m at lol as soon as I got the 169 I’m in the overweight bmi and hope to get to be between 130 to 140 I’m fine if I’m never supper skinny again with no women cuvys to me lol 129 even i want women to me lol

  • Awesome video again Evan! I really have to start putting up vision board in my office and more motivating content, that’s a great tip! I think that being grateful for what I’ve done so far is a great way to stay motivated too:)

  • I can’t believe I found this website. Next Level Diet completely changed the way I look at diets. When I started following their diet plan, I realised that diet isn’t something you should be scared of and it can easily fit in your daily routine.

  • The most time I get inspiration is when I’m watching those cartoons. Like I was just watching and I feel my body just reach for my sketchbook.

  • so question, it’s okay if you don’t want to answer this. Do you have loose skin? That’s my biggest fear of having my dream body but loose skin I’m only 14 but I weigh 200 pounds now I’m 5’1 I look as if I’m like 160 (my parents got divorced this summer and I gained like 40 pounds ��)

  • Stillness: ❌
    Screw with your sleep: ❌

    Maximize screen time: ✅

    Use your screen to stoke negative emotions: ❌

    VAPID Goals: ❌

    Pursue Hapiness directly: ❌

    Follow your insticts: ✅

    Am i happy yet?

    Credit to aaronl19 for the format

  • 5 Tactics for those backwords people here to MAXIMISE HAPPINESS

    1. Go outside when possible for regular exercise and mental stress reduction
    2.Sleep at consistent times (bonus points for not setting 5000 alarms and annoying others)
    3. Don’t let screens control your life do it only for contact and news (I know ironic)
    4. Focus on the best when you have a campfire don’t focus on the smog or the blinding light. Focus on the warmth, the sense of happiness it brings and the memories it reminds you of:)
    5. Set reachable tasks and don’t aim for the impossible

  • Legit I’m a bridesmaid this Saturday and I BARELY fit in my dress. Like it takes 2 people to make it fit but it fits. I want to cry lol

  • Normally, my sketch book is nothing but people and perspective studies. However, your channel has made me notice that I rarely draw animals! I’ve been enjoying your sketching process for birds and other animals and I just want to say thank you for motivating me to experiment with animals. Your interest in drawing animals has rubbed off and me and I’ve become more mindful to practice them so thanks. c:

  • The most concerned to me was number 7. I really want to do this but not to getting start it even. Anyway thanks Evan! It was motivational tips. Help me more if you can…

  • I nearly cried with the story at the end of number 7. I am so down and unmotivated for the past few weeks, and I’ve stumbled upon your video. #startuplife Thanks Evan, this is so helpful.

  • the problem is i can’t draw that good, i know practise is key but when you get inspired by something beautiful, try it out and it just turns out bad it’s a bummer and i give up eventually, it’s more like my motivation is just so low with anything that i just can’t bring myself to try harder to practise

  • I love # 1 and # 4. If we spend more time doing what we love to do and help our clients that would bring us more lasting satisfaction. The money will come add value and watch the dollars roll in…..

  • Whenever I’m demotivated, I tend to listen to alot of music associated to animation, like Disney soundtracks, anime ost’s or cartoons songs. I tend to picture the animation in my head while listening to the songs. Really helps for me.

  • Hey! I’ve added a new sticker pack to my shop: http://jelarts.tictail.com/
    I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for the suggestions.

  • How I get inspired is I will listen to a feel good song that a really like. It helps me alot. I also do some warm up sketches at that time just to get juices flowing. Next, ONWARDS TO PINTEREST!!!!

  • For me, there are two things that keep me motivated. One, taking a break and going to the local diner and drawing/painting random people around me usually helps me both recharge my self care battery and my inspiration battery. I also do the #doodlefinderchallenge a lot to get me to randomly doodle things that often excite me about trying something new inspired by it!

    Oh yeah….I do ALSO switch hobbies a lot to sort of cleanse the palette and that also works super well!

  • Thank you. I finally decide prioritise my health and thanks for tips, I will do the list as you said, and wrotte down on the paper. Its better to read and remind myself.

  • Could you do a top ten rules for j. cole. Please and also give me advice for how to try progress everyday towards an ultimate goal as a songwriter and producer thanks evan

  • YES! A vlog i can get to, anytime and to remind myself. the thing i love to do has have more than just motivation and money behind it. It take work to focus on the goals and a successful business. Thank you!

  • waaaaait a minute! are you trying to do the opposite? like every video i see about how 2 hapy is kinda unreachable and you tryna do it so i can be happy? you smartass

  • Big fav: The best basketball player maybe is not Michael Jorndan” He is another person living a life under his own potencial…” Wow, very strong!

  • I was gonna type in “think of money”, but money isn’t really a motivator for working out… XD

    You don’t need to get hyped for a workout. You just do it! Get up, do pushups. Make it a habit. Do your excercise at home to avoid paying for gym memberships. Unless you have a friend who opened a gym. Then you can workout for free, get buffed and brag about how much you lift bro!

  • I have this same shirt. And it’s so fitting for me cause I’m in mortuary school currently ��⚰
    What’s your advice for someone that cannot tolerate vegetables?

  • Honestly, it’s difficult for me to find motivation because I’m so lazy. I know, it sounds stupid, because I have no physical setbacks, but it’s like a disease. And then there’s just plain disinterest which is a bother. I don’t really have a real means for motivation, since I just do when I feel like it( bad idea, I’m well aware of that), but I’m working on it. Thanks for the vid.

  • Losing weight is a great benefit of exercise, but some other really great benefits I’ve discovered is it is the BEST antidepressant. At first you might feel discouraged or crabby, but after a month of working out, it changes you brain chemistry. It will put you in a really good mood and it helps a lot with brain fog. You also have a lot more energy and you feel more motivated and productive in other areas of your life. Also, cut out wheat, sugar and artificial sweeteners. They DESTROY your metabolism and make you feel hungry all the time. I was getting so frustrated from working out and not losing. I cut those things out and the weight started coming off.

  • Does anyone else draw while: eating, while also periodically glancing at a book to read it, and watch videos in youtube at the same time? Not the best way to spend summer.. Isn’t?

  • THANK YOU for making these videos. I know this is an older one. I’ve really only told my mom about my weight loss, but I started at 240 and now I’m at 195. Videos like yours have made me even more excited to keep with it, so thank you a lot.

  • I feel bad because I don’t really have reasoons to loose weight? I’m not actually overweight (I’m just thiiiiiis close like I’m 60kg rn and according to my height I’d be overheight at 63kg)
    Like my weight is fine. The only reason I want to loose weight is to have better nutrition (I have a picky eating disorder. Yes that’s a thing. No I’m not a 4 years old). Someone give me valid reasons idk. I feel lost.

  • Nothin new here. I must have already mastered the art or misery.
    I’m giving lessons! Just 22 Shmeckles per day!

    Minimum of 10 years + any and all other costs, ie. Import, customs, S/H, ect. –

  • I listen to soundtrack of my favorite series (mostly Animes) like Haikyuu, Made in Abyss, MY Hero Academia, Your Name, any Animes with great soundtracks imo
    I also try other mediums, recently I’ve been doing a lot of ink drawings with watercolors (with dip pens and brush pens)
    I also like seeing other artist draw, mostly them drawings lineart
    As well as listening to other genres of music (I’ve been listening to some rap, Lo-Fi, hip hop) and try to somehow make one song into an image (and take some inspiration from a music video if it’s available)
    ALSO! Make a pinterest account! It personally makes me inspired to draw when I look through other ppls boards.
    I hope this somehow helps someone!!!

  • awesome videos Evan! finally got my LLC going also I’m getting rid of my smartphone and getting a flip phone to help use my time better as well to make connections face to face instead of using Facebook and what not. Keep up the Videos Evan I love watching them.

  • What keeps me motivated? The belief I have that I will impact people and show children how to live their legacy alongside their business.

  • I’m so happy I subscribed to your channel! and I do agree that helping at least one person or costumer feel better or do better in life.. Having an impact on people’s lives thats something.

  • Guys, burn fat does not have to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan known as Custokebon Secrets. Seriously, that course has changed my entire life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it cause I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a great mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • Yeah but I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough so what’s the point. I know that’s stupid and I’ll never get anywhere with that mentality but I can’t help a feeling.

  • Changed my environment by breaking away from friends who where always complaining and started meeting new like-minded people who support and motivate me at what I do. I feel more happy which leads to me being more productive at work. Also take a break and travel more. Take time for self-reflection and see things more clearly. #BTA4

  • Sometimes its not that im not motivated i just forget about my goals for a long time lol, like i forgot to work out this holiday before i go back to school

  • Good start, but you left out a lot of important steps for true misery:
    Your body is a temple…to Satan! Only eat the cheapest processed foods, full of sugar, lard and HFCS! Never touch fresh produce or anything natural! Only junk food, sodas and garbage with 0 nutritional value. Eat as irregularly as possible! Eat too much then forget to eat for a day, then binge again.
    Do not hydrate! Forget water, drink dangerous amounts of energy drinks, coffee and sugary sodas! (This will help screw up your sleep schedule as well!)
    Isolate yourself completely. Alienate everyone around you, your friends, family, etc. The only social interaction you can do is arguing with strangers on the internet about inane bullshit you don’t know and/or can’t do anything about. Lose each and every argument. Then shut yourself into your own personal echo chamber. Only believe made up stuff that supports your views and ignore all scientific proof as conspiracy theories.
    For godlike misery: Get addicted! Video games, gambling, entertainment, pr0n, painkillers, smoking, drinking, etc. Stay up for days binging on movies, series, games until you crash into an exhausted drunken stupor, then load up on caffeine and do it all over again!

  • Wonderful message! I got it. I want to thank you Evan, especially for the one with take a break. I know that I have to take a break from time to time to work consistently on my working level, but I didn’t really commit to take a break during my days. I tried to just do it for one week now (my newest experiment, I’ll make it stay), and I am feeling like every time I take a step back, recollect and recharge I get pumped up and motivated for the rest of my day.
    I kinda like the fact that the “the things I made (last) day” is not enough for me for the following days. Like another day, another things to do, to make me feel alive and pumped up.:) I’m thirsty of doing more and evolve more. Yesterday is gone, I live in the present.

    The only thing didn’t like about this video is the music from 1-3… Was making me a like little sad.. Music influences me greatly. (I hope that makes sense)
    lots of ♡,Anna

  • He’s not kidding about the 3-day sleep cycle. Some of us have it even worse. If I just sleep in a place other than my bedroom say I’m on vacation I often need to reset the cycle entirely.

  • I exercised for 3 months and thought the habit was set in place but no I totally quit. Now I’m back but I wish it were always the case that after a month the habit is ingrained and hard to break.

  • I normally use nr.3 a lot, and It help me to stay focus when i first started to change my pattern.

    I listen to motivation speaker on 8traks.com, since it was free then, and stil is, and then i would listen to it on the way to work or just in the morning.
    Just 30 minut and the impact it had on my life, its huge.

    But I would totally recommend nr.3, if you have a long way to you goal, and you havent started getting klient or have any work that you are proud of. I am still a student, so i still have a long way before i reach my goal, but so far, so good. thank you bye the way for amazing video.:)

  • So I….I’m going to tell my mom that I want to lose weight tonight. I’m 13, and want to be more confident in myself. I’m going to ask her to get rid of the unhealthy foods, and get salads. I’m going to pack my lunches. And walk in the morning.

  • It just makes it harder because my mom likes to unmotivate me by telling how useless i am and i will never reach my goals and that’s literally stuff she have said sometimes even worse. And my grade aren’t even that bad my avarage grade is 8.5 which is like B in american grading.

  • But what if your so unmotivated to even do the basic tasks in life? Like taking out the trash, brushing my hair, and getting dressed out of my pajamas? At least I’m motivated to take a shower everyday still

  • Something that helps me draw is thinking like a filmmaker (I do actually want to study filmmaking) So, for example, each time you see something slightly interesting, think of how could you record that to make it even more interesting; What angles would you use, the colour palette, the background music, etc. And normally after I have in mind those things my mind naturally creates a little story. This not only helps me find inspiration to draw but also helps me with creative writing.
    Also! Watching a lot of movies that are considered classics/masterpieces (not Hollywood blockbusters) inspires me very much:) Hope this helps!

  • I really like this video not necessarily for the tips but because how relatable it is! When you mention the difficulties and whatnots it’s really what I (and people I guess haha) feel too and you put those feelings into words so nicely. A quote I keep reminding myself to draw goes something like get all of the bad drawings out of your system to start drawing good again! It helps lessen the pressure & just draw whatever.

  • How do you stay motivated to FINISH a drawing? I feel like one of my sketchbook fears is that I can’t ever finish a piece. I know a sketchbook is for practicing and sketching etc but I’ll always start something and get lazy/bored and stop halfway through. Like even if its just a sketch or just practice there’s probably something to be learned from finishing a drawing =/ and I’m missing it because I loose motivation half way through.

  • I like to swatch… as weird as that may seem

    They don’t have to be new art supplies, they can be anything

    You can swatch a bunch of colours, pick some that you think go nice together, make some colour pallets.

    It could inspire you to create something using those colours


  • “Help a customer ” and “check off something that was on your personal to do list ” resonate with my current situation. Thanks for putting this video together and continue to “do what makes you happy!”

  • Weirdly, one thing sometimes motivates me to draw and sometimes doesn’t. It’s the line from Doki Doki Literature Club, where Monika says “Sometimes, when you’re writing a poem or a story your brain gets fixated on a specific point. If you try so hard to make it perfect, then you’ll never make any progress. Just force yourself to get something down on the paper, and tidy it up later! Another way to think about it is this: if you keep your pen in the same spot for too long, you’ll just get a big dark puddle of ink. So just move your hand, and go with the flow!”
    I apply that to drawing and sometimes it actually kick starts me to just draw something, so thanks Monika of all people?

  • why am I watching a video about a story of a made up person? Use appropriate amount of example instead of ONLY using examples, TopThink.

  • This still surprise me, how lot of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets, although lots of people get great results because of it. Thanks to my friend who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost a ton of weight by using it without starving myself.

  • Setting yourself a repetitive deadline (like the 2 drawings a week thing) is a good motivation. It’s fun to look at in a few weeks to see how much you’ve created.

  • Hi Evan, thanks for the video.
    I’ve been going through a rough patch, if you or anyone else could give me some advice.
    I’m 21, I have just deferred my uni course. I felt like I was doing a Uni course because that’s what people do, what people expect and what parents want. Of course, the motivation wasn’t there and I guess I felt that I was wasting my life. People always say, do what you love, follow your passions but what if you don’t know what it is?
    Right now, I’m just sitting in my room. I wake up, eat breakfast, watch and wonder around, lunch, wonder, dinner, watch, sleep. This has been going on for the whole of 2016. I told myself that I will find something to do, maybe hoping something would hit me, but I can’t believe it’s already half way through the year.
    What do I do? I feel so lost.

  • Honestly this video was really helpful, I was in a really bad spot when this popped up in my recommended, and I realised all these negative things I was consistently doing, and I started doing the opposite of everything on this list and it really helped my mental state out

  • My computer research has shown that nothing beats this diet program. Google 2WeightLossFast. Com! You could drop weight like I did that has been 15 lbs already.?

  • I get motivation from cleaning my artroom, then I see what medium I have and want to use. Watching youtube videos about drawing, drawingbooks and the film Miss Potter (about the life of Beatrix Potter).

  • Whenever I finish a task I’ve been putting off, it doesn’t motivate me to do more-it makes me feel obligated to do more. This, I realize, is why I put things off. The better I become, the more people are going to expect, the more I’ll have offers fall in my lap, and the more overwhelmed I’ll become. Even outside of work life, when I finish a chore, it tends to mean going to the next chore on the list and that the first chore will need to be done again soon, so it’s a depressing cycle. When I try to set a daily to-do list, I realize there are no hours in the day for actual play or relaxation, so I rebel against doing any of it. I pushed myself really hard to get multiple degrees, to the point of no sleep and forgetting to eat and really pushing myself to the past breaking, and now I seem to rebel against anything that will lead me down that path again. Any suggestions?

  • Evan, this is another fantastic episode. My favorite part is about your advice to change one’s environment. 4:10 These days, I watch your work every day. I wish I discovered you when you first started the Top Ten Rules series. (Would you please do a Top Ten Rules of Success of Calvin Harris? He is a truly inspiring, self-made icon.)

  • Thank You Jordan for being real, I am 66 and just started to loose weight again. Goal is 70 lbs. Your tips were great keep the videos coming. You are a beautiful and inspiring woman. Stick with it!

  • Seriously. The thing which motivates me the most is watching you sketching in your sketchbook. To see how you “just do it” is so inspiring that I want to sketch around too. So thank you!:D

  • If I know I need to draw but I don’t really want to, sometimes I’ll just practice drawing circles or straight lines in one smooth stroke. Usually I’ll think of something else I really, really want to draw before I finish a page of circles and lines. If for any reason that doesn’t work, I’ll take a break and either watch someone else doing art on YouTube or Twitch, or draw a random object in my room, or watch an animated movie (usually Disney). Failing that, I’ll dink around in the Magic Poser app and see if I can come up with any cool poses that inspire me. And if I’m still not motivated, then I move on to something else creative, like writing or making houses in the Sims.

  • I love the 5th one…

    checking off the thing off the list builds so much if momentum…

    My hobbies has always been more lovable to me than my work:(..

    so I need a way to make a career out of my hobbies

  • When I know I have to draw, I like setting a reward system for myself. Like “okay, I’ll do this part of my drawing, and then I’ll go get a snack/check my phone/get up and do something” and that helps me keep focused and keep me energized too.

  • Thanks for yet another recommendation, I need to do some evaluating and figure out what to do, I love what I do because I help people, but I’m trying to figure out why I’m not putting forth more effort when i know that I’m capable. Again thanks for the video and all that you do.

  • My favorite motivation is definitely getting new workout clothes/gear… It really helps me want to go to the gym or run etc. and also i get to go shopping!

  • The whole wedding fearthat’s my main motivation. My best friend asked me to be her bridesmate so I feel like I need to get top surgery and reach size 16 by January 2021 so I look okay for her wedding photos. I don’t want to let her down. ��