7 Marathon Walking Mistakes to prevent


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Learnings from these marathon mistakes. These four marathon mistakes were the major marathon mistakes for me in Berlin this year. Writing them down everything seems so obvious and easy to avoid. But once you’re in race mode, traveling and excited everything just happens so fast.

7 Walking Mistakes to Avoid. Sticky Post By mdchino On January 21, 2020. You’ve been walking for a few decades now, so you might feel amused at the idea that you’re doing it wrong.

But if you’ve chosen walking as the main exercise to support your weight loss plan, there are definitely a few mistakes to avoid if you want to achieve optimal. Watch this webinar hosted by Coach Jenny Hadfield and learn the seven most common long run mistakes and how to avoid them. Training for a half or full marathon?

Watch this webinar hosted by Coach Jenny Hadfield and learn the seven most common long run mistakes and how to avoid them. If youw want to boost something, you ne. For both beginner runners and veterans alike, the 26.2-mile race can be life-changing. But leading up to the big day, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration to run your best.

Steer clear of self-sabotage and avoid making these all-too-common marathoner mistake. Ah, the marathon. Twenty six point two miles of wonder, joy, and things waiting to go wrong.

It’s hard to have a perfect race, but there are some things (in addition to following your training plan) that you can do to make your experience as successful as possible. Start by avoiding these common marathon mistakes (that even the pros sometimes make). The Top 5 Marathon Mistakes. 13 Mistakes Half Marathoners Should Avoid. Article by Christine Luff.

Tips for Half Marathon Training and Racing. There’s a lot that could go wrong during half marathon training and racing. Here are some common mistakes that half marathoners make and tips on how to avoid them. 1. Don’t run a half marathon as your first race. All runners make mistakes at some point during their training, and most certainly at some point during racing too.

In some cases, we repeat the same mistakes. Read: 10 Worst Marathon Walking Mistakes to prevent The basis of this test is that the wet footstep you leave on the floor while walking is a good indicator on how your foot absorbs the shock of the impact with the floor.Contents. 1 What Is Overpronation?; 2 The Benefits of Using the Right Running Shoes.

Many marathons have been sabotaged by stubbornly hitting pace, regardless of the course topography. A runner I coach struggled up a half-mile-long hill at mile 7 of a marathon. Running or walking the same amount day in day out is a recipe for disaster.

Try challenging yourself by running a bit further or faster. Keep the changes to a minimum and you’ll soon become better at what you were doing before. That’s it, 7 beginners treadmill running mistakes to avoid.

List of related literature:

The most dangerous mistake one can make in preparing a marathon is to underestimate the complexity of the first problems on the list.

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I still believe in those guidelines—particularly the final comment, that the higher your fitness level at the start of marathon training, the easier it will be to continue and complete that training—but I have come to modify my opinion of who should and shouldn’t start training for a marathon.

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Sometimes those factors warrant even effort rather than even pace in the first two-thirds of a marathon.

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We often caution runners not to underestimate the amount of planning a marathon requires.

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After my fourth marathon, I started to find myself dealing with injuries between occasional bouts of successful running.

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2 Does making such a change present any risks to her marathon training goals?

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“I learned the hard way that when you try something new on race day, you often end up regretting it,” says Russ Pate, who has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and qualified for three U.S. Marathon Trials in ’72, ’76, and ’80.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
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My first marathon, Chicago 2005, was run after I made almost every training mistake I could make.

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Although statistics in this area are hard to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that many runners choose to circumvent the conventional wisdom—which is to do, at most, a spring and a fall marathon—and are running three, four, or more marathons a year.

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Secondly, I found it was wise to skip two-year-old races, as these also featured an unusually large percentage of runners who were unable to go the early pace.

“Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems” by Nick Mordin
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  • Don’t wear a charity t-shirt, when racing.
    Was behind a guy, towards the end of a marathon, so 4 and three quarters hours in to the ordeal. He looked terrible, a drunk supporter jumped out in front of him, read his childrens charity t-shirt and said ‘come on your doing it for the children’ with slurred enthusiasm.
    At the end of an event is when accidents like heart attacks happen.
    Just walk if you have to, listen to your body, not the supporters and try and enjoy the experience.

  • Need this, I’m on week 5 of my training plan. Starting to feel my right ankle a little. Gonna search for your video to help out with that. I have incorporated strength and mobility.

  • in the uk the nhs has a great app for runners starting out called couch to 5k. It is a great way to start and check your progress.

  • I am 48. Started serious running this year. Never bothered about low heart rate training and did a half marathon on December-1 this year at 2:34:40 @ 7’17″/km.
    After doing half, started low heart rate runs with max heart set at 137. Struggling with run walk and now it’s about 9’45″/km and still I have to walk significant distances. This started just three weeks ago. It’s real struggle to keep heart rate down.

  • Join my free live Zoom training on June 20th 2020 at 11am PDT. I’m super excited to talk for an hour in detail about 3 proven ways to become a better runner. Reserve your spot here, seats are limited: https://5ktohalfmarathon.com

  • Meadowlark dairy! I knew it as soon as I saw. That place is seriously the best. It’s super cool to see a YouTuber that lives in the same area!

  • Ok this is crazy, every time I have an issue with something Bob and Brad upload a video on this topic. I wanted to start jogging today for the first time in years and guess what? Bob and Brad upload this video making sure I don’t hurt myself, thank you guys!!

  • Assuming one does similar workouts day to day, is the MAF test necessary as it seems redundant? Suppose I run 10k 5 days a week @ a HR of 140bpm could I not just compare my run times month to month and get the same feedback on improvement?

  • At the risk of sounding like an amateur can I apply these to a shorter distance? I only ask, as I’ve noticed similarities with my half-marathon training too particularly the warm-up/cool-down and ‘right milage for you’ aspects… Struggling a bit with ‘what I should be doing’… Thanks guys.

  • Funny this was posted today. I just ran for the first time in over 3 years after frozen shoulder. I did the walk run thing on treadmill. Testing the waters and see how I feel tomorrow.thanks for sharing the tips.

  • I just checked out the other channel and am glad to see Liz and the baby are well and Liz is working her way back! Fantastic news! And Alex is back!! ��

  • Seven tips
    Set goals start slow
    Stretching calves, hamstrings, warm up
    Shoes good pair of shoes (fit)
    Support group positive people, running clubs
    Learn to run relaxed
    Do not compare to other people (runners)
    Do not increase speed to fast

    I started running at age 17, loved loved loved! I was hooked. I always had a great sense of humor, I ate anything I wanted….heaven! At age 31 I had accident and herniated 2 disk in low back. Haven’t ran over 3 miles since. Now I’m 55, I picked up cycling past few years and I’m back in heaven! I love exercise. Like you guys said, it is a great way to reduce stress, fat reducer and I love myself a lot more. Im a lot more positive! Thank you! Great tips! ❤️

  • I completely don’t have the tear drop muscle in my left leg I have to start working out because my legs are so weak. I was thinking about jogging. Wish me luck. Tomorrow is the first day.

  • No pain, just gain, I would say. Nice episode. Long term thinking is really important because everything starts with the mental things. You have to make up your mind what is your goal. You may run a couple of times a week, easy and relaxing without high expectations. You can also have “more serious” goals like running a certain distance within X amount of time. You need to see realistically what is necessary to achieve your goal and not what you can commit with your best effort. I think if you have the dedication and commitment, you only have to go along your way and put in the work needed.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amelia and thanks Floris to organize this interview!

  • Been using Apple Watch and Runkeeper app to monitor heart rate as well. Try to keep easy runs between 140 and 150 beats per minute. Seems to correlate to conversation pace and also being able to breathe through my nose. So far I’ve been fairly injury free.

  • I made the mistake of ignoring the pain. Major shin splint 5 weeks in. Having to take 2 weeks off so I’ve been biking and using elliptical. Here is my training video for my first 1/2 marathon..
    It’s all a learning experience

  • Runners world had an article that talked about personal mileage limits, with examples of how it can range from 100 miles a week, or 11. That really put it into perspective how individual running is. I swapped out some miles for strength sessions. Finally getting stronger and finishing distances faster.

  • I’m not a runner but I had to leave a comment on a video I watched last night about stretches before going to bed, not one of yours. No wonder you guys tell people not to do forward bends! I was cringing as the person kept saying to round the spine while bending forward, all I could think was “no you keep your back straight, knees bent and hinge from the hips!” for sure you’d pull a muscle at least doing it their way. If that’s the advice out there then no wonder people hurt themselves doing this. It’s the first time I’ve come across anyone instructing someone to do a forward bend with a rounded spine, ��‍♀️��‍♀️. Thanks guys for giving people the advice to avoid doing them because if that’s how they teach it in gyms etc, no wonder people are hurting their backs and it’s best avoided. Go to a qualified pilates or yoga instructor xx

  • Running a marathon in 12 weeks and my goal is to get close to 4 hours. That’s a 9min/mile pace. My 5-6 mile long runs now are around 11min/mile. Should I continue to increase a mile or so per week on long runs and spend my 3 mile week day runs recovering and working down to a 8min/mile(ish) 5k pace? Or should I not aim for a 4 hour marathon? Thanks for all of your videos!

  • i love meadowlark dairy! one of the best ice cream shops! also will you be making a video about your college stats/what schools you applied to??

  • And don’t forget about quadriceps…need to stretch those too…also…riding a bicycle is a VERY good way to get more conditioned and what not for running…maybe alternate both

  • Do you happen to have an episode where you talk about shoes for people with severe overpronation. I’ve been buying New Balance for years as they have a very small line of walking shoes for people who roll inward on every step. It has “roll bar” technology. I was wondering if there are any more geared towards running..that might also be even a little bit more fashionable. That’s the only negative i have for these new balance…I’m young and my shoes look like those old school hospital shoes.

  • Yep, great advice here! I wish I had followed this a couple of months ago, that would have meant I didn’t get all the Achilles issues I have been facing recently… I’m still on track to do my Guinness World Record marathon next month though!!

  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you two for all the free content you post that has helped me and I’m sure thousands of other people. No pseudoscience bs only medically accurate facts and a genuine love of what you do. Thank you Bob and Brad.

  • Raced my first ever half this weekend as a prep run 4 weeks out from my first marathon. Ran 1:42 at about 80% effort. (it was 83 degrees by end of race down here in So GA) What do you think of my goal of sub 4 hours for my first effort in November?

  • I am not convinced by this way of running…. Amelia’s running stats are average for a female, why would anyone take her advice???

  • I’m 49 and started running regularly a year ago (I’ve been a low-level competitive cyclist and mtb racer for years so fitness base was good I thought). I ran my first half-marathon after less than three months running in 2’07” 9m42s/mile average. I’ve started trying MAF and can barely make 12m30s/mile pace without my heartrate going above 131 and find I am mostly walking. I’m going to run my first full-marathon in 2 1/2 months. Will MAF help me this close to race day? Or should I stick with my current training plan?

  • I’ve learned to cut back on long runs when things don’t go to plan. I do try to stick to the training plan as best I can however. I’d rather make it to the start line than be injured

  • Great interview! I just want to suggest a minor yet possibly crucial caveat: those 13-minute miles are at 7000′ with lots of hills! I can attest that on the flat at sea level you would be many minutes faster (as you are in races) From another mountain runner…..Cheers!

  • What a great episode! Like Amelia I also live in a mountainous area of Colorado except I am at 7,500 feet. So, it was great to hear of someone else running at 14 minute pace. Thanks for your work Floris and Amelia’s willingness to make herself available. I find your podcasts to be both educational and motivational. Keep up the great work.

  • This channel has gotten so much better since I first stumbled upon it about a year ago. The video editing is more professional without seeming overly produced; very authentic. And the advice has been solid, for me. In particular dealing with achilles tendinitis. You all saved me a world of hurt and setbacks. Now I am much more consistent dealing with this trouble area. Thanks for all the great information and tips. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Great video and yes I follow Amelia on strava. She is very inspiring and this video helps you understand why “no pain, no gain” does not work.

  • I have 1 quick favor to ask. If you have ever gotten any value out of the Extramilest Show, please take 10 seconds to rate the show on Apple Podcasts here https://apple.co/2IJ8nht Currently there are about 40 ratings for the show and it’s my goal to get this to 100+ to help legitimize this show.

  • Great episode!!! I’ve been doing this maffetone method couple of months and I can see some improvement! From 11 or 11:30 pace drop to 10:00 to 10:30 pace. And lost 27lbs and feeling really great! I’m very excited on my very first half marathon on January
    2020! Thank you floris your videos are very inspiring and informative!

  • No one’s born fit, healthy, or a genius it takes a lifetime to learn and become the person you want to see in this world (That last part was from the new Kim possible movie).

  • Another great interview! I appreciate all of the golden nuggets throughout. I ran a half marathon tuneup race a couple weeks ago and realize I’ve had a hard time coming back to true MAF. Time to slow the roll so I’m healthy and ready for my first marathon in Houston just 4 weeks from now.

  • omg how did u know i was searching for marathon videos on ur channel ����. Its on nov 18 i m training hard. Please make short videos. Make video on increase stamina and tips before marathon

  • My right foot akilles tendon is really bad.
    Some 9 years ago I had to completely stop running and could only walk with intense pain.
    The doctors I talked to said I had to stop running, and most likely woild never run again. One even wanted to do surgery wit only a 50% chanse of improvement.
    I was a soldier since age 20 and SF since age 25, so a life without physical activity was not fun.
    So I started biking.
    And it quickly made miracles to my achilles.
    After 6 month I could actually run at a steady state pace for short distances.
    Keeping up with the biking, I can keep my achilles happy, but without biking it comes back.
    Also when I move up a plateau, I have to take extra time to bike more for a periode.
    But it works!!!

  • this is dope!!! I love your channel so much. You and Mia both seem so sweet and kindhearted and it’s always a joy to watch your videos

  • I did this last year with my dad and it was bruuuutal. I couldn’t walk for days afterwards but it was so worth it. The last six miles were definitely the hardest for me. I vlogged the whole day for my channel as well:)

  • Hi Bob and Brad, any recommendations for runners recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery? I’m currently 9 months post op and slowly running again. The problem is, I tend to develop pain in my good knee due to over compensation. Is there something I can focus on?

  • Maybe you can also give some more advice to folks like me who are bit on the heavier side. Last time I took up running, I ended up with really bad knees by the 4th=5th week (ran daily) but I still ran through the pain and swell. The knees were swollen for days that wouldn’t go down. When it got really bad, I stopped for a few days to let my knees heal. But when I ran again, the swell would come back, and and from then on, I developed resistance to running. Really sad.

    Also, strangely, I hardly lost any weight. I even added swimming to my daily routine but to no avail, even though I wasn’t eating more and was pretty careful with what I ate as well. hmmm…..

  • Thank you for always putting together informative videos. This one in particular helps remind me to listen to my body and tune in to when recovery is needed.

  • I have a pretty average diet, not focused strictly on high protein or high carbs or anything.
    But I’ve noticed on weeks I cut out dairy(mostly glasses of milk) I feel better.
    Has anyone else noticed dairy having adverse effects?

  • Great advice �� Did park Run at the weekend and rolled my ankle knew straight off to ✋ Will try some of Nate’s ankle strengthening when it’s better

  • Just finished my first half marathon. Training for full marathon, you guys think it’s possible to get a under 3 hour finish for first time? check out my page as I will be posting training videos. Would appreciate a sub!

  • I like how you bring on non-elite athletes who offer significantly more value because they are interesting and share their real world experiences. Amelia’s stories about running in cold weather are fabulous. Great interview. Thanks Amelia!

  • Hey, Audrey, my friend and I are planning to do this. We’re having a tough time planning a route, any tips or tricks for how you and Mia planned yours?

  • I have been doing walking on the spot exercises at home and sure… it is a stress relieve and has improved my endurance in many tasks. It has been almost two months now.

  • Such a great episode. Has helped me because I’m just getting over sciatica and I’ve been stressing about getting the necessary training in before my first marathon at the end of May. Well, I’m not gonna stress no more and just take it easy now, whether I’m able to walk or run to get the miles in before then. Thanks to both of you.

  • I just started trying to run, yet again, yesterday. Started slow. Jog a minute, walk a minute. And my hips and lower back are killing me this morning. What gives?

  • Guilty of not paying attention to strength training and ending with a calf tear 3 weeks before my marathon ���� Lesson definitely learned for next time!

  • having my Garmin Forerunner 35 has made running enjoyable because I pay attention to my HR during runs and if I get over a certain BPM, I back off. Allows me to pace myself better -using this vid info for half marathon training as well.