6 Ways Walking Helps Everybody (From Beginner to Athlete)


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Beginner 1 Mile Walk | Walk at Home

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Because weight loss essentially comes down to burning more calories than you consume, walking pairs quite nicely with a nutritious, reduced-calorie diet to help you reach your weight-loss goal. Depending on your weight and speed, walking burns about 150 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. But the most important part of walking for weight loss is. If you’re looking to use walking to help you lose weight, you may need to engage in a stronger program than just walking from Point A to Point B. Adding interval walking, keeping a certain pace, and walking with exercise bands are all great ways to help promote weight loss as you walk.

3. Burns Fat. The athletic walking technique improves blood circulation. While walking, the calf muscles contract like a “second heart,” forcing blood to return to the heart. Finally, athletic walking has a calming effect on the mind. The ancient Greeks believed that walking made their minds more lucid, helping them crack problems of logic and philosophy.

Maintain a healthy weight. Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Strengthen your bones and muscles. Improve your mood.

Improve your balance and coordination. The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. You can compensate for this by walking with a 10-40 pound vest/backpack to increase the difficulty. Pick Your Level.

Beginner: Would have difficulty walking 3.5 mph at 5% incline for 45 minutes. Intermediate: Would have difficulty walking 4.0 mph at 5% incline for 45 minutes but could complete the beginner workout. Then spend 25 minutes alternating between 1 minute of walking almost as fast as you can go and 1 minute of brisk walking (aiming for a 6 on an intensity scale of 1 to 10). Cool down for 2 minutes.

3. Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal infection that arises when the tinea fungus grows on the feet.Athlete’s foot can be acquired through contact – either with an infected person, or somewhere else the fungus is present (e.g. a shower.). As with most infections, certain factors increase the risk of developing athlete’s foot, including: Not properly washing one’s feet.

Like walking, dancing, jumping rope, riding bikes, or team sports, running is an excellent way to help incorporate the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended for children by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Start Them Young? Research-based guidelines about kids and running are surprisingly lacking in the medical field. Walking is a great way to exercise.

It’s so good that Aaptiv has an entire category in the app dedicated to it.. It can help get your heart rate up, keep you energized, and even improve your mood. But to really make the most of your walking workouts, you’ll want to add a little more spice.. Additional movements can help make walking workouts more intense. Walking can help protect the joints, including your knees and hips.

That’s because it helps lubricate and strengthen the muscles that support the joints. Walking may also provide benefits for.

List of related literature:

Starting out it’s helpful to narrow the focus of the activity, by paying attention to only one aspect of walking: it could be on the physical pressure on the soles of the feet when one foot steps on the ground, for example, or any other aspect of stepping.

“The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate” by Susan Kaiser Greenland
from The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate
by Susan Kaiser Greenland
Atria Books, 2010

I’ll start with the most common type of walking: standing and moving forward on relatively flat surfaces.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Each of the three ways of walking has its own quality.

“The Ultimate Athlete” by George Leonard
from The Ultimate Athlete
by George Leonard
North Atlantic Books, 2000

shoes, walking requires no special clothing or equipment, and with a little preplanning, can be worked into any busy schedule; you can break up the total walking time into several small parts and attain the same health benefits.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
, 2008

To begin with, one might walk at a pace that is slower than usual, to give oneself a better chance to become fully aware of the sensations of walking.

“Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician's Guide” by Sarah Bowen, Neha Chawla, G. Alan Marlatt
from Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide
by Sarah Bowen, Neha Chawla, G. Alan Marlatt
Guilford Publications, 2011

Walking also improves overall conditioning; this usually takes the form of a 6or 12-min walk performed once a day, depending on the patient’s condition and tolerance.

“Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care E-Book” by Robert M. Kacmarek, James K. Stoller, Al Heuer
from Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care E-Book
by Robert M. Kacmarek, James K. Stoller, Al Heuer
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

The authors give the example of walking briskly for 30 min two times during the week (moderate intensity) and then jogging for 20 min (vigorous intensity) on two other days of the week as one way to meet the suggested guideline.

“A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response” by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
from A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response
by George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating
Springer New York, 2012

This contradicts the findings of Rooney et al. (2003) that pedometer presence alone is enough to increase walking behaviour.

“Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions” by Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
from Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions
by Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
Taylor & Francis, 2007

I will try to walk or do one of the following physical activities for 10 minutes, 7 days a week: • I will start walking for 10 minutes a day and increase my walking by two minutes every two weeks untilI reach my goal of 30 minutes a day.

“Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life” by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
from Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia: Strategies to Take Back Your Life
by Andy Abril, Barbara K. Bruce
Mayo Clinic Press, 2019

The simplest ones count steps only.

“Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher's Guide” by Physical Best (Program), Suzan F. Ayers, National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Mary Jo Sariscsany
from Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher’s Guide
by Physical Best (Program), Suzan F. Ayers, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2011

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  • I’m 74 and walk a lot (no car) but also ride a electric unicycle wheel. I feel great and don’t know if i want to change anything. Nope im not watching no change is great for me.

  • Hi have be walking Leslie sense 2013!!!After my workouts, I feel good and I feel ready for the day!!!
    Thank you gym At home! I can exercise Anytime of the day and any weather! I wish to be in your studio one day!!!����

  • I am pausing just to say WAY to go…i am doing this before I start my distance learning and I must say it is so good to see all sorts of people represented on this video. This shows the authentic display of all sorts of people getting their day started with some WALKING! We need this more than ever! Great job!

  • Have been looking for something like this since our local cardio rehab programme screeched to a halt with the lockdown. I can’t move as fast (yet), so don’t know if I made a mile, but I finished the 15 minutes, and even look forward to tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I’m 33 and a mother of two young children. In the past year I’ve noticed my back problems and my knees are getting bad.
    I have tried different diets and exercise things. NONE have stuck.

    This is the FIRST video I have ever done that I’m like “wow! That felt good! I can do this” and I have low self esteem so that really says a lot. I’m going to try to take a little time each day and do this video!
    This is what I needed! Thank you! My mother is going to join me next time! I need to lose weight as well so hopefully this is the start of my journey to leading a healthier life!!
    Thank you thank you thank you

  • my asian parents is very supportive but they do insist that i should be an architect than a neurosurgeon because i showed interest in architecture and creating plates when i was still 12.

  • hi Leslie, your video is very helpful to me at my age…keep walking and more video upload…stay safe always…Philippines here

  • madam i diagnosed with mystheniagravis,which is a serious muscle disorder from last 4 yrs and im in medication now. from last 3 months i just started walking in the morning daily and i am walkg better than before and even my muscle got strengthened but suddenly when im walkg my thigh muscle became stiff and after sometime i got relief and startd walkg slowly…and my question is can i try this exercise to strengthen mu knee muscle or should i keep away from this exercise.

  • Watching from Manila, Philippines. ��‍♀️���� Thank you for this walk home video! This is exactly what we all need. Some exercise videos are difficult to follow, but your videos are easy to follow. Pls make more 15mins videos like this with the same group of people in this video pls. Keep safe everyone! ��

  • Everything changes. We won’t know if we don’t try, what if we come to love the career after months, years, and hardships with relief in return, despite hating the career at first? Nothing is permanent because anyone can have a change of hearts, and think twice before quiting. Just saying.

  • Thanks for taking care of people with MS! That is such an important work to do!
    I am a yoga therapist, in Saint Louis, and I specialize in helping people with MS. I can see the improvements in my students after just a few months! It is amazing when students realize they can improve their health condition just by learning to focus on their body and recover balance, flexibility and strength (and confidence as a natural result!). Thanks again!

  • thank u so much this video helped me to walk.. as i didnt walk from last 5 years because i forgot how to walk god bless u thank u

  • Hi dr Jo
    After my normal delivery a year back my knees are not like earlier.
    I mean i feel weakness there after standing for long, i have to use stairs more often during the day, can sit on knee or crossed legs for long.
    Will these exercise be useful or any other if u can help plz.
    Thank you

  • Agree with other comments, this video may not be for everyone meaning not for beginners, but oh my heavens, I love it. Best 1 mile work out, ever, Leslie. Love the studio, the tempo and even Leslie’s new look. The best thing about Leslie’s workouts, she has a workout that fits every level and time frame need.

  • Oh my gosh!!! This is exactly what I needed! God bless you Leslie Sansone! You are fun an this workout was perfect!! I love how fun you are an that your workouts really work an perfect for beginners and everyone of all ages! Please keep the videos coming!! I pray you never stop making them and that God continues to bless you always and keep you!!❤️

  • I came to this because I was over thinking how to walk and now I don’t remember how to walk properly and this video made it worse even more because he was saying so much aahhhhhhh!!!!!

  • I got a brain injury and due to it…my left leg and hand suffers very much in all the physical activities and in walking also…Can you please make a video for it as it troubles me very much

  • Hi, I would like to ask if these exercises will help with severe balance problems…I have had this problem for months where when I stand or walk I feel unbalanced and unsteady and feel like I’m going to faint but I do not…do you have any advice for me because i have tried many medications and they have not worked and I have had an MRI scan and everything was clear…would appreciate some advice…thanks

  • Your exercise videos have helped me and kept me going without quitting. I’m usually a lazy person but the videos motivate me. I’m so grateful for your exercises for it has helped me stay fit during this home stay period. Thank you. Loves from Myanmar ����

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    Good afternoon I’m from Brazil I live in Unamar tamoios second district of cabo frio RJ in the forest neighborhood on Rua da Bença n01 I want to congratulate this excellent teacher and say that I am a fan of her classes and I have already lost a few pounds and reduced my abdomen from 118 to 110 in a week seeing and doing her classes, that is, the exercises kkkkk, tired a lot and a hug for everyone in your gym and buy you. My name is DEJAIR and I work at the Orla 500 condominium I’m a night watchman

  • LOVE THIS! Doing it every day now. Makes me feel good & feel good about myself. Helping my weight loss journey also. I would like to know how many steps it is. Does anyone know?

  • Purchase a printable worksheet with the Knee Strengthening Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-knee-strengthening-worksheet
    Purchase the knee sleeves featured in this video here: http://amzn.to/2pojTED (affiliate link)
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  • This was my first time. Haven’t exercised in a long long time. This was great as ND just enough. I’m excited to have found this channel.

  • How long after an injury like a stretched/partially torn MCL can you start doing exercises? Is it once your knee starts feeling normal and stable again?

  • My mom & dad both are neurosurgeons and they want me to become a perfect neurosurgeon like them… But here’s the problem,
    I have “HEMOPHOBIA” which means,whenever I see even a drop of blood, it scares the demon out of me, so how am I supposed to be a fucking neurosurgeon, I don’t like doctors…its just not my thing at all, but I’m afraid telling my parents that I have hemophobia and the fact that I don’t wanna be a doctor….they put a hell amount of pressure on me!!!!so I don’t want to make them disappointed but neither I a doctor….I’m already in high school and time is running out..I Have to choose something…I don’t know what.. I mean I like technology and all those stuff but I don’t know if I wanna be a engineer I have no idea what I want to be!! Im in so pressure right now…the only thing that I want to do right now is, say goodbye from this world and just suicide. I am soo depressed…I need help

  • I have hereditary spinocerebellar ataxia.. Iam just 34 and beginning to acquire symptoms
    Will ur exercises help
    And i suffer from head trembling also

  • Thank you for exercises that I can successfully do! Just the right amount of time and all helpful areas. It took me years to find this.

  • I’m rebuilding strength in my legs after a car accident last year that fractured my pelvis. I’m getting back into skateboarding and these videos are very helpful for regaining my balance and leg strength. Thank you!

  • my asian parents force me to medical school cuz they thought i would be very successful and have more money and have more gurls but not. My passion is filmmaking and i dreamt of becoming an award winning filmmaker. so yeah, i wont be a doctor just because my parents want me to be one. I would follow my dreams.

  • I have SPMS with drop foot. At first, it was sooo difficult because I had to adapt to some of the movements (drop foot). I also breathe with my belly instead of my lungs.Why? Because it’s the proper way to breathe and it also extends the lungs.
    This video was wonderful! Thank you.

  • For people sying this is stupid,I’m really insecure about myself and I’m really scared of being judged and it’s like I forgot how to walk bcz I’m scared people are looking at me so I’m watching it for this

  • Thank you so very much! This truly helped me today. I will be watching your videos daily!! It took so long for me to find exactly what I needed,and this is it!! I can’t thank you enough!

  • I walk the only way I can. Had part of my foot and later bones in toes removed. My feet one goes east and one goes West and I waddle on. Still.manage to get a few miles in at 70.

  • Hey there, I’m a member at msworkouts.com but was browsing the channel for more tips on core strength and balance. The exercises in this video are ideal but I suffer with terrible vertigo and cannot lie flat on my back, I need to support my head at almost a 45 degree angle or I get EXTREMELY nauseated and dizzy. Could you suggest some modifications to the crunch and hip bridge, because I’d really like to get my core toned as well as improve my balance. Great resource ����☺️


  • Im 15 and I played volleyball before so I’ve already experienced a lot of body workouts but recently I started working out at home because of the quarantine and while doing plank my right knee started to hurt (you know that feeling when u feel that your knee is gonna break anytime soon if kept on going) so I immediently stopped, I actually dont know what to do with this, I dont wanna get a knee injury lol> >>> help me>>>

  • It’s a mix of both. Don’t mislead people or give extremes. If it was all memorization I bet everyone could do it. There is a component of critical thinking. What would be the point of memorizing something,if you don’t even know the reason why in first place? Yeah, it would be rather pointless. It’s called being a doctor because you are replied upon to make “critical ” and life-or-death decisions.

  • I’m 14 and wanna be a doctor. I don’t know which book should I read.Is there have any doctor who can say me which book should I read first for understand the basic?��

  • When I was 4 I wanted to become a vet bc I loved anatomy and the body and animals. As I got older I realized I rlly couldn’t handle animals dying and it would get in the way of doing my job correctly when I was 9 I went to a scientific museum and they were putting on an expo where they had takin bodies that had been givin to science. Whta they did was present different parts of the body in an art form. It was amazing I saw lungs of a smoker who died from lung cancer. I saw mussels and the brain, a skeleton and the heart I saw everything u can imagine in the body. That day I came home and I said to my mom u know what nvm I am going to become a surgeon for humans. Then when I was 10 my family and I went to the hospital in cape town where the first heart transplant took place it was amazing they explained the whole story of how the transplant happened currently I am 13 and many of my friends have no clue what their future holds but when I say in my future I am going to be a surgeon and my mind will never change I rlly mean it I love the body so much and am currently reading a brilliant book abt the body (the book is called the body by Bill Bryson). I also have a very special connection with surgery bc my birthday is the 3 December 2006 and that makes me feel so connected to surgery bc I don’t know anyone who is born on my birthday or anything but I know that the first heart transplant was performed on my birthday which is amazing a surgery performed by a south african like me on my birthday that would play a huge role in history and save many lives it’s so amazing to think that my birthday is on that day omggg I love the thought of operating sooo muchhh. Ya so my mind is made and no matter how long it takes and if I have to do extra studying or not I am definitly going to become a cardio therasic and general surgeon��

  • ولمها وديوسها طاااااط ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه������”

  • I looked this up because I knew it there would be some video explaining something that this stupid. If you need to learn how to walk, then you’re a fucking moron.

  • I am absolutely thrilled to have found this channel! Your explanations are spot-on and the enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! Not only do I have MS, but I have severe hyper flexibility in my knees and I am fighting every day to still be able to walk. Thank you so much for all the information!

  • Thank you soooo much for this! That’s what I was looking for. It’s such a relief knowing that there is someone who knows our needs. Thanks again!

  • Hi, My father (53 years old ) have pain in left knee during walk and some swelling….but after doing these exercises my father is feeling some relief so I wanna ask that should he go along with the fast walk ( around 3 kms ). Is it good if he continues with fast walk??


  • When I walk near a bunch of thugs they’ll start laughing or they even say “gay walk gay walk”… and that has made me feel uncomfortable when I walk but I’ve seen some of those thugs walking they’re insecure about their walks too lol this video definitely put me in the right direction we also have to remember that we’ve been sitting most of the time and we as humans need to exercise some muscles and don’t forget to goto a chiropractor

    Always look for help theres people out there waiting for you to help you…make the world a better place we are waiting for each other to normalize dont go fast go slow at first then you go fast if you want to ♥

  • It said that a quarter of doctors work more than 60 houra a week ; is med school hours included? Please answer me it’s an emergency.

  • I noticed my glutes weren’t activating properly while walking, but wasn’t sure if it was abnormal.
    Thanks to this video, I now know. This is a YouTube godsend in the sea of bs search results.

  • I think I might have a problem with my hamstring lateral tendon. The tendon on the outer side of my knee. It clunks/catches (silently) when flexed. Will these exercises help?

  • Hey Dr. Jo!

    Last two exercices, the squats, can they be done if one has very flat feet? Let’s say I have concerns that very flat feet are causing knee pain?


  • I’ve been having knee pain for years, last year I went to a physical therapist and she said Its because I have weak hips, after being given a list of exercises I asked if there was anything I could do in my day to day life that’s more sustainable to help and if I was walking wrong in the first place because I had been told I walk funny in my life lol. She said no there’s nothing. Today I YouTubed “how to walk” because my knees started hurting again and I literally don’t use my hips to walk took me 1:20 to find an answer where a PT cost 1000$

  • Hey, I’m on the autism spectrum and I’m trying to become an mdphd. I don’t hate people but there will always be some type of communication deficit if it is not a technical conversation. I struggle to read faces, but I help this by explaining my good intentions/what I’m going to do, validating people, mirroring, and frequently checking in during an interaction. I may ask things like: “Am I making sense?” “How are you feeling right now?” “Is this okay?” I find that this helps people understand that I’m there to help. It’s my personal goal to have people walk away from an interaction with me feeling respected and with their dignity intact. I hope this information is helpful to someone.

    If you find yourself hating people, you might consider the reason may be that your communication skills are not as good as they could be. It may be very anxiety inducing to engage in something you aren’t good at and feel like others are judging you. Try therapy! If you can’t afford it, try online therapy like 7cups (this one is cheap at 150USD/month) or betterhelp (more expensive, but you can voice call and not just text chat). It’s a good tool for people that want to be social but have some deficit in social interaction.

  • I had a Appendix surgery which made my legs hurt so bad when I was walking so I was on a wheelchair for 2 months and I forgot how to walk properly because it hurt so bad to walk

  • Durante a Pandemia aprendi a fazer exercícios em casa.Adoro sua caminhada.Poderia ter uma tradução ou legenda do que você fala.Fica a dica!

  • Thank you so much for this video because not only does it show you why you shouldn’t be a doctor but it also gives a heads up for people who want to be a doctor……. Thanks for this….. I need all the advice I can get and you gave me most of it….. Thanks

  • I am so happy I’m discovered this channel. My balance is so messed up I couldn’t do any of these exercises but I will keep trying.

  • Holyyyyyyy-
    So what you’re telling me, is that the reason I’ve been walking funny my whole lifE is because I pull front front leg with each step instead of pushing with my back leg????

  • Thank you very much.. Really inspired by this video but need to ask that i am an ms female patient aged 26 yrs, I only have difficulties with balance which is being an obstacle to live an happy life can u suggest few tips as my ms was diagnosed 5 years back and i was injected as well but its been 5 to 6 yrs nw and m still hving problems in balance plz plz suggest something???

  • Hello sir,
    Iam 36 male and I started walking in a park since 18 months 4k to 5k steps daily,from last 6 months I have noticed some distrubance in my right hip joint simptoms like nummyness in the hip, some uncomfort in hip joint and also nummyness in my next little finger some times,can you please suggest me what to do, to get normal from the problem

  • Very helpful tips indeed. I felt a significant improvement in my knee pain after doing these exercises. Thank you, and like you said PROPER FORM is key!

  • I purchased Leslie’s VCR tapes many years ago and have walked with her ever since. Now that she is on Youtube I workout with her everyday in different ways-1 mile, 2 mile, Beginners lol If the beautiful 80 year old woman can work out for 20 minutes, then I have no excuse. I turned my girlfriend onto Leslie & she loves her! The workout ended and went on to another person walking and she said “NO” I love Leslie! Awesome!

  • This is what I found through experimentation
    On hard surfaces barefoot toe first is the most comfortable gait.
    On hard surfaces with footwear heel first accompanied with lifting you leg more than usual, just like cycling.
    Both toe first n heel first should be performed with a very small angle. So that the force gets uniformly distributed.

  • Hello, I had a quad tendon acl reconstruction with meniscus tear and it’s almost a year and I’m still in pain when I squat or lunges, Bulgarians and etc. it’s a sharp pain on the outside of the knee. I have full flex with hypertension as well. What should I do to strengthen the knee?

  • Very good video! Yes ago I had a Jane Fonda tape that I listened to as I walked and she said the same—to walk out of the hip area, let that large glute muscle propel you forward. It works!! And it firms up those muscles. Swinging the arms is so imp too, as the Doctor said.

  • Dr. Jo, I recently dislocated my patella in April and its still not 100% healed. Will these exercises help? Have you heard of any supplements that can strengthen or help speed up healing recovery process? TIA:)

  • I’m at med school first year … I’m thinking of taking a gap year to re-decide if this is what i really want not my parents want … anyone think what i am doing is right or wrong? Especially at this gap year I’m gonna look at different specialties with no bias only the one that i love will pick it up … anyone any idea?

  • Hi
    My name is alyia.plzz solve my issue actually i was fine after birth of my daughter sudden i suffered in knee stiffness my serum uric acid was 6.8 i took tab zyloric
    Stiffness nature is i can not stand properly after sitting long time.x ray knew is normal

  • Can’t do ab crunch. I feel it in my neck rather than abs, i.e. my neck gets tired much faster than ab. Do you have any tips? Thanks a lot in advance.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 10yrs & its gotten worse within the last 5 yrs and I have found these MS Workouts exercises THE BEST!
    Thank you.

  • I really have to laugh. It’s a myth that we are designed to push off. The glutes are designed pull the body through. The body pulls through the step so effortlessly it’s unnoticeable. When you push through you are over engaging muscles, that’s why you feel it. We are not designed to walk with heel strike. But that’s what the modern walk with shoes has become.

  • Learning to walk bc of my harden claves (bc of sports) which restricts my foot movements. Was going to get therapy but corona… so basically I’ve always walked weird and I’m tired of getting made fun of!

  • the only reason I want to go to med school is to not be like “the rest of people who also don’t know what to study” and have a “good title” plus bc of the salary but I really hate everything of it. (I also don’t like anything else except for one thing but studying so might end up in me not ever having an actual job so it’s a risk I’m not willing to take).

  • I have a love for travel and want to see the world but ALSO have a passion for medicine, I am halfway through my biology degree and I’m an EMT and feel like I could get into med school, but would I be able to travel?

  • I started working out with Leslie about ten years ago. I joined a gym and didn’t workout with her anymore. So when the gyms closed I started working out with Leslie again and OMG. I’m so happy. I’ve got more energy, I’m toned and have lost inches and pounds. With the high.s and low.s I am experiencing with this Covid the workouts helps so much. Even though my gym is charging me, I’m not ready to go back yet. And yes I tell a lot of my friends about her workout videos, all I hear is excuses. I thank God for Leslie and her beautiful team of walkers. Enough I’ve got to go do work.

  • I find that walking in a straight line and moving head up and down makes me a bit nauseus does this mean anything, and if I continue it, will I be better off!

  • hey doctor jo u r really cool �� my dad has sciatica and he has poor balance and difficulty in prolong standing, tell me some easy balancing exercises for him as these would be quite difficult for him.

  • This woman is changing my life one walk at a time!! I mean she’s done it for around 25 years! Look at her!! I workout before I go to work and I am charged and less irritable since I work at the airport and with covid-19, it’s not easy! Let’s go!!!

  • I recently remember that you have great exercises for hurting bodies and I definitely needed a reminder about the knees. Thank you ever so much

  • Hi I’ve had chronic knee pain from mis-aligned knee joint, it seemed to start after a fall I had scraping, not hard but I do remember it on the inner side of my knee joint. I’ve had it for two years, and it’s probably because I stop remembering to do the specific or even correct knee exercises regularly, once the pain goes. I exercise a lot, either running or doing HIIT sessions, 2 4 times a week. not necessarily massive ones, between 7 45 mins a time, but really regularly and as a Pilates Instructor doing that at least 4-6 times a week. I really want to get it right this time, so I’m wondering how long you’re meant to stay off the exercise while you rehabilitate. I usually go back to the running and HIIT sessions, the minute the pain goes, so I’d only rest for maybe a week. Thank you for the videos, they’re really great.

  • Thank u for this walk home exercise. I badly need this while we are lockdown at home. I started this since Monday Aug 10. I dont feel very obligated because its only 15mins of my time everyday and not to mention that the steps are not so difficult to follow while at home. I hope u can make more 15-minute walk exercise videos like this. Keep safe everyone!

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  • Bro my shoulder tilts sideways left right back and forth while walking without me realizing it(Knew after some people said me and people murmuring and smiling watching me).How to keep my shoulder stable while walking any advise?

  • While I don’t have MS, I have had three strokes resulting in foot drop, loss of balance, and cramping. Cramping is a constant problem especially at night when going to sleep. Any suggestions?

  • Dear Doctor Jo
    If i can do the long arc quad, should i bother with the short arc quad?
    Is there any added benefit to holding the leg up before bringing it down?

  • I have swelling in my left knee and leg but I also have a fused left ankle. What kind of stretches and exercises would you recommend to help strengthen and reduce swelling in my left leg and knee?

  • Hi there. These exercises can apply to neuro myelitis optica spectrum disorder. It was known as Devics disease for decades and was always thought to be a rare but nasty form of MS. Now they know it is a separate condition. The exercises should help I assume with us.

  • I am 37 years old, here watching this interesting video. I have sustained different injuries over time and it has affected my walking. This video is helping me a lot.

  • Thank you for the video! Can the squats you are demonstrating at about 8:30 be performed if you are using a walker for balance after a broken leg and surgery? The walker is not being leaned on or bearing weight. The leg has healed, but still needs improved strength and movement nearly two years after surgery.

  • I still don’t know what job i will take in the future but my family always saying that I should be a nurse lol im not into science but here i am studying about things like this

  • Hi Dr Joe I’m super excited to see how this routine will strengthen my knees. I’m so happy I found your channel. Your content is exactly what I need so I quickly subscribed. Thanks for all you provide I truly appreciate you.

  • Miss could you������������������������ please help me out how to make my curves nee straight up if I have a straight nee I can join Dance competition ���������� It is my aiming to become a good Artise mean Singers and Dancers

  • My parents hate my love and they forced to become a doctor. And I daily forced me to watch the medical motivation and to study for doctor.

    And my love is Software Engineering

  • The video is not meant to extinguish anyone’s ambition, just to help people weigh the pros and cons. I love to look at both sides of a story and if you’re comfortable with doing that it will make it easier to do research on different matters.

  • Parental pressure ✅
    laziness ✅
    But I find the field of medecine intriguing..however I don’t think I will survive med school
    Also is anyone here like me, being told that they should become a doctor their whole life (by parents/family) and now don’t know what to do

  • I have got this knee injury while playing the day before. Should I start exercising now or wait for three four days. Swelling is gone already.

  • Hi, I’m going to be have patella realignment surgery this coming November, would you recommend I do this most days to get my knee ready for surgery?

    Many thanks

  • I am a med student and I agree with everything, except when you say that “medical school requires more memorization than critical thinking abilities”, I think it requires both in same portion. If you just using memorization you won’t do it.

  • thank you so much they really motivated me to start exercising again with my MS i would lobe to have someone else to work with me as personal trainer and my parents live in nolanville texas i will might stay over their house for one or two months i need to know some information and much More Btw i am deaf mother of three children and living in florida let me know thanks Nancy

  • I just found you and subscribed. I have what looks like Osgood-Schlatter that never went away to my left knee, can’t squat or kneel on the floor, slight discomfort when I got up several flights of stairs, would I benefit if I use a patella band while doing the knee exercises or just do them without?

  • Idk what i did today what have i done my parents just registered me in a medical school i wish i have a passion I wouldn’t have been confused but I’m gonna start this week hoping i would be able to like it

  • Im a mountain biker and there are some trails that i cycle to which takes about 1 hour 45 mins there, riding all day then the same back, sometimes the next day my right knee will be quite swolen and stiff and i have sores on the inside of my right leg. Do you or anyone know what i could do to stop this as i need to be able to access the location. Thankyou.

  • How low I have fallen… People used to say how cute I am and ever since I’ve grown tall, people says that I walk like a mafia and that my stare is very intimidating, fk I’m just awkward staring at people. F*ckkkkkk I want my cute and innocent image back. Now my face looks like a fking gigolo/fuck boy…I used to have a lot of people approaching me even though I’m an introvert but now huhuhu. I’m now fking just desperate to know how to walk normal

  • I actually enjoyed the first one!!!!! Thank you. It’s been hard to figure out what to do. If it is only one knee should I be doing both anyway or just the weak one?

  • Hi dr.
    Iam from india, my knee ligament is broken in a bus accident eleven years ago, but it’s hurting Still. And from last week I have very bad pain. Plz help me����

  • There has always been this inner voice telling me that i should be a doctor, I even lied to myself telling me that I don’t need to be a doctor but this voice keeps on coming back to me.

  • Hey Jo, great video!

    I tried all of them because I get slight knee pain whilst running/cycling, all exercises are fine except the one with the roller and the one sitting down on the chair, when I extend my right leg and contract the thigh, I feel slight pain in the lower front part of my knee (at the bottom of the kneecap). Would you know what may be going on?

  • Thank you for your videos. My daughters and I have just made a pact to start walking 1 mile every Thursday and then increase sessions over time. My oldest just had a baby and has been diagnosed as diabetic and we want to support her as much as we can. Also, my youngest daughter and I need to exercise regularly as well. Especially since they don’t want me going to the gym anymore, thanks to Covid. Thanks again.

  • can someone help me pls ahah. my parents won’t take me to a doctor so i was wondering if any of y’all have the same situation so i can know what to do. when i do the first exercise, my knee pops at the top. when i do squats, i get a sharp pain under my knee cap. and when i run i get a pain on the inner side where 2 bones connect.
    if you read that, thanks ahah. and if you know what’s wrong that would be amazing

  • Thanks for the video.
    One question: sometimes my knee make a noise like tuck while straighting with a sharp pain though the pain subsides in a few seconds. Is this serious?

  • When i was in elementary some of my friends would say I walk like I’m trying to push out my ass idk if that makes sense, and I really don’t try to, since then I don’t even like going out, taking the bus and when I have to I try to hide my butt with a purse of big sweaters even in summer

  • I’d had ligament injury 4 and half years ago and still my knee is making creaking sound and have pain. So will it be good to follow all your exercises

  • My knee hurts when I put pressure on it especially when I try to run or jog on the spot. I don’t know what happened it just started hurting. Will this help? I tried doing stretching and that helped but as soon as I moved onto the strengthening bit of the exercise, it put too much pressure on it and it hurt afterwards.. help!

  • I just love her walks. This probably isn’t for everyone but when your older and have some knee issues this is for me, in my opinion. My honey he does these with me. Nice to see males in your videos.

  • What others learn in 24 hours, i learn only in 2 hours…how high iq doesnt make a difference? Be reasonable, someone with iq of low than 120, actually needs to die to learn all the stuff in medicine…so what does life mean to him? If he couldnt do anything beside studing, caz he has low iq.

  • Both knees hurt when I squat, or walk up the stairs. When I run, it feels like their giving up on me. The knee sleeves help but they irritate my skin when I have them on for too long

  • Whenever I walk one side of my body gets more tired and in pain than the other and I have a bit of a limp even though I’m healthy.
    So thankyou for this video����

  • Ill appreciate if you help me.I had an injury 3-4 months ago during football which made my knee swell for 1-2 months. I was told my knee had calcium burst or something which made my knee swell. And now it has been quite some time my knee looks alright but doesn’t feel the same. Please respond.

  • I need to do these more often. Thank you!
    When I first started working out I used to go crazy on the Stairmaster and on the squats, no foam rolling or stretching and now it hurts to even bike.

  • This is the best channel ever for working out at home! This is easy everyone can do it. I love this I’ve been looking for it thanks for sharing good job and keep it up. I’m very happy I found this channel and I’m walking at home this brings back my energy…..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I am in my 5th week of PT, and we are doing exercises, a little longer. I absolutely love it and it is working. I have a question though, the burning and stabbing pains afterwards, is horrible, any advice? I may have another 4 weeks, or not, due to insurance. I will be doing these exercises at home, after PT is over.This pandemic has closed gyms in Michigan.

  • I have issues with my ankles because I don’t walk properly, my knees face inwards when I walk but I’m only 14 so I can’t get proper help because I’m not old enough:/
    Sometimes it stops me from exercising

  • I’m in high school and I live medicine especially after competing in medical competition. However I’m not sure if I can sacrifice my 20s and commit to 10 years of my life just to study.

  • These all points lead to not becoming a doctor for me and myself I don’t want to and ik it BUT when you have Asian parents they’ll tell you to do what they want coz it was THEIR wish. I have left all on God. I hope he guides me ����

  • It would’ve been so beneficial to show the proper walk in slo-mo for a minute or two. Then, the brain could lock in to the rhythm, and remember it.

  • Hello Dr.

    This is daxesh patel from surat gujrat. I have foot drop and i am not able to stand without support so can you helps me how to improve my standing balance???

    I am also a GBS Survivor two times.

    So what should i do??

  • A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has led Jennifer to require vehicle modifications. The process is very expensive.
    Your contribution of even $5 is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi dear sister, Before 6 month i have played foot ball match,while i kick the ball i got sound in my knee joint i thought like ligament tear still now I Have been suffering knee join medial pain,and discomfort to walk,some days good,if i do any cardio excersie that time again feeling same pain please give me solution sis…

  • Hola Leslie! Estoy feliz este es el tercer día que hago la Milla. Espero ser constante. Ver resultados en 3 meses. Ya de hecho me siento muy bien y ágil a pesar de cierta condición física. Se hacen ajustes y se disfruta la sesión!

    Gracias por compartir su conocimiento!

  • i’m a young athlete that’s rather tall for my age, my knees get really sore within a couple minutes of my practices would this help with that

  • Dr. Jo, for the two exercise performed with and without the tension bands, if I don’t have knee pain (just want to strengthen my knees post-op from a knee scope three months ago) and can perform the exercise with the band does the exercise without the band provide additional benefit?

  • I want to help people get the help I never got going through hard times in my life. That’s why I consider it. There might be other ways for me to help people. Maybe I was just interested in medicine because I had to research my own body and look at lectures online.

    I agree if you don’t have a passion for helping people, you should not be working with something that requires your love and energy that tops off with a lot of information to learn.

    I met those people/doctors and they ruined my life. And it was a traumatic experience feeling like a gamble/bet between colleges and not being taken seriously.

    Not only that, going to doctors and I HAVE TO INFORM them about dangerous things they are doing. It’s like I go there and I am the doctor, and they are the ones just agreeing or denying the care I need.

    It just made me realize how little people remember after med school and how much better I could’ve been.

    If I know more than my doctor, then it’s a sign the world needs more good doctors, and I could be the one.

    I hear so many complain about bad doctors and how they treat their patients.

    If you enter med school, I hope your intention is to save people’s lives, to be a hero, because that is what you kinda are.

  • I have a great physio guy; 6 months ago I needed a walker; now despite Covid 19 I have a dog again and defintely get 10,000 steps in. One bad habit I developed was using my laptop in bed all you guys out there BAD IDEA!

    Tx for really helpful video. So glad I came upon it.

  • Hi, I have starting for myopathy. I have balance issues and not able to lift my leg while climbing steps. Will it good for those things

  • Thank you for these exercises! My doctor recommended strengthening my quads for my knee pain, so I tried them yesterday. I know they’re working because I can feel every little muscle in my legs today. Looking forward to getting stronger!

  • Medicine is something anyone with grit can do, but there are a vast number of things you can do to make a greater lasting impact on humanity.

    Public Policy

    If you have the work ethic and the mind that would thrive in the medical field, I’d argue you can positively effect the world better in these instead.

    Just imagine if Elon Musk, Einstein, or Alan Turing became a medical doctor instead of doing business. It would have been a tragedy.

    More people need to use their creativity and work ethic to build and discover things instead of just caring for the sick and old. Innovation drives progress.

  • I cannot do any of these exercises properly. Or maybe my body is so weak it takes more for me to get to the point of being able to do them. My body is very weak

  • I would say, Join EMS. Or do some sort of medical practice prior to considering joining. There’s a lot that you can see and do and if the pressure and stress of patient care or that tedium of dealing with “certain kinds of people” isn’t for you, than I would seriously advise against going deeper into medicine.

  • I’m very confused. IDK what I’m interested in, Idk what subjects I like or what field of education I’ll prosper in…honestly I have no Idea what to do in life. I just wanted to become a doctor bc i thought thats what success is and if i have success, theres nothing more to be confused about… I hate studying and I get addicted to random things easily for example: I’m a BTS fan but i wanna get out of this fandom and focus on myself more (well what can I say, their music and faces are very attractive), but I really wanna do well and not fail. I need help.

  • Man I got rejected twice to get into medical school back in my country.Now I am about to give entry exams to attend medical school in an other country

  • It is very hard to balance all your “hobbies” and at the same time “studying in medicine”…

    I put a lot more energy on balancing with these two and exerting more effort to the point i crossed the line and my mental health deteriorates. But I still manage to passed all the subjects in second year..

    So, to all who suffer anxiety and depression while studying in medicine…

    Just remember.. Know your limits, be true to yourself for what is you really want, and take more time to re-evaluate… Maybe all you need is a break from academe and when you are ready, you can go back to med school.

    btw, i didnt have time to think and to relax my mind before entering medschool.

    After medtech and passed the board exam, i decided without even thinking enrolling to medical school not even prepared because i was carried away by the joy after passing the medtech licensure exam..

    So dont be like me… �� Be prepared and you must think carefully before entering medschool.

  • Thank you for the chair exercise… I can’t get up off the floor so the other two are not doable right now, but will keep trying… xo

  • My back is so weak that I can’t walk with a straight back. I have to use a walking aid, like old people use. Could I regain the use of my back by making it stronger through exercise and what exercise do you recommend? Thanks so much xxx

  • I want to study medicine literally for curiosity, I want to know how the human body works and understand every molecule of it. And since I do hate people, my plan is to get into the investigation field lol

  • I finished high school a month ago and I will enter med school, although I’m scared and nervous, but no matter what, I will become a doctor because It has been the only and one goal for me and I can’t imagine myself working in another job, I can only imagine myself being a doctor that helps people and treat them with her knowledge..

  • I love how fun she makes this. It didn’t feel like 15 minutes at all! I’m going to start doing this everyday! This exercise made me feel really good, unlike other exercises that leave me super tired and sore. Absolutely perfect!

  • I am still in highschool but Here Am I Studying some heart parts,And some other thing doctors know Like Downloading apps to study and Every night Dreaming about me standing with a stethoscope and my complete uniform! How I love to be a doctor and help people. Since I was 8 that is my only dream I hope will come true.

  • I wanted to go into medicine. Or Psychology. But I’m thinking about my future family and the fact that I’ll have very long hours to be working. I don’t want to abandon them so easily. But med school and becoming a surgeon means a lot to me. What should I do? Psych?

  • When I walk my back is curved and my head is a bit to on front..I am always uncomfortable walking in public..I am working on it and I hope it gets better as I am still 13 lol

  • I have always said it. Sure the medical field pays well. But it takes a special person to do this day in and day out.
    Also not doing for the wrong reasons. Thank you all for your hard work

  • I really want to be a brain surgeon. Everyone in my life has said that I’m not good enough or smart enough even my parents.what is your guys advice

  • I want to become a doctor but I have a lot of self doubt. Mainly because I’m in high school and I take my math and science classes and other people get the material instantly but I have to go home and study to be able to digest it all. I mean I still get great scores on my assignments but then there’s the feeling that I didn’t earn my grade because I wasn’t taking the class at an honors level.

  • Well, my parents discourage me in the name of reality, that’s it’s not a job A ( women ) should do it. Or a women could handle being one, tried motivating myself for a sec badly and sadly at the end of the day. I’ll be proving my parents wrong the ones who should be the one who ‘must inCourage me.so please who’s out there having a supportive family and this is the thing you desire to do. Do it.

  • What if u don’t have anything in mind or u don’t know what course to get but ur parent is a nurse/optometrist? Like u don’t have any other passion or interest? Is it ok to follow their paths?