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WAYS TO ADD DISTANCE. 1. GET THE RIGHT WALKING GEAR. Opt for socks, tops and bottoms made with moisture-wicking materials and well-fitted walking shoes with the 2. START ON LEVEL GROUND. Begin walking longer distances on flat, level surfaces like a track or sidewalk, suggests Misiura.

Making. 21 hours ago · ADD MILEAGE TO YOUR LONG WALK. Once you’ve developed a consistent routine, one great way to take your walking to the next level is with a weekly long walk. Begin with a distance you know you can complete.

Each week, increase the distance or time of this walk by either 1 mile or 5–10 minutes to prevent overuse injuries. To add heart-boosting and fat-burning intervals to your walking routine, walk slow for one minute, then follow up with three to four minutes of a brisk walking pace. You can create your own intervals with a slower walk/brisk pace interval, based on your fitness level.

Each week, add about two minutes to your walking time. In addition to walking, add strength training exercises — such as pushups, planks and squats — to your routine. For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guideline. Walking is already one of the best exercises for fitness and health, but adding jogging to your walking routine is a great way to get more steps and get more intense.Jogging is the natural next step for a walking routine because you still get to enjoy the outdoors and you can follow the same route that you usually walk.

You also don’t need a gym membership, a treadmill or fancy equipment. This can help prevent injuries, because your body will slowly adapt to your new exercise routine. Tip #2: Incorporate Intervals (Walk/Run) Interval training is a great way to gradually integrate jogging and running into your routine. Before you start out on your walk, make sure you have a watch or phone with a timer with you. Pick a workout.

14 ways to make walking a part of your daily routine Going for a walk is easy and amazingly good for you. Just take a friend and keep it interesting. some go out of their way to avoid it. After 12 weeks, assess your progress, and, if you feel ready for more running days, add one day of running. Adapt to 4 days a week over the next 4to 6-week period and then, if you feel ready.

First, add a body weight squat. After walking a certain distance, we will say 1/4 of a mile, add 20 squats, and do 20 more for each 1/4 mile. If you are walking 5 miles then squats every 1/4 mile might be a little much so vary it depending on the length of your walk. Another exercise will be a walking lunge.

6 – Stress relief. Walking can be a great way to have some quiet time, collect your thoughts, ponder your troubles (or escape them), or talk with your loved ones. Truth is, once you complete the walk, you usually feel better and life looks better because of it.

7 – It’s functional.

List of related literature:

A key to successful use is to focus on number of steps walked per 10 minutes, with the idea of moving toward the 150 minutes per week goal.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
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If your goal is to walk 30 minutes a day, you can take a 15-minute walk at lunch time, five-minute walk instead of a coffee break, and park your car far enough away to walk five minutes coming and leaving work.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
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With time, the client would increase the length of the walk intervals until he or she can walk half a mile before stopping to do half of the resistance exercises, and then complete the next half-mile before performing the last half of the resistance exercises.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Start with a distance of 400m which is made up of 30-m segments of easy walking followed by 20-m segments of high-tempo walking.

“Fundamentals of Track and Field” by Gerry Carr, Gerald A. Carr
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You can determine the distance you’ve walked by determining the length of your step (your stride length), then multiplying it by the number of steps you take.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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shoes, walking requires no special clothing or equipment, and with a little preplanning, can be worked into any busy schedule; you can break up the total walking time into several small parts and attain the same health benefits.

“Health & Wellness”
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For every three, or five, or ten miles you walk, move yourself the same number of miles closer to your goal.

“Don't Forget Your Umbrella: Forecast Sunshine, Prepare for Rain” by Carlene Ness
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Make your steps short, with footprints overlapping each other (no spaces between), and keep your legs close together as you walk, so right and left footprints are close to each other as well.

“K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement” by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak
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I’ll start with the most common type of walking: standing and moving forward on relatively flat surfaces.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
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If you want to change the speed of your walking, just change the number of steps per breath.

“Meditation For Dummies®” by Stephan Bodian, Dean Ornish
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  • Wow Gina B I can’t thank you enough for these workouts… 3 weeks ago I had a constant post-covid cough (had had since early March) and no amount of medication from the doctor was making any difference. I could rarely manage the stairs to my garden. The first week or so was really tough but 3 weeks of your workouts and I just managed 30 mins, and I’ve barely coughed today! It could be a coincidence but my doctor agrees it’s probably at least partly just using my lungs more normally again. Even my face is a different colour after being permanent gray for months! Thankyou xoxo

  • Really loved this! I’m definitely not a runner but love walking but can’t atm due to Corona and being immunosuppressive. I actually ran for two lots of 5 mins in this, looking forward to doing the 10K one!!

  • Just finished dis workout.. I’love u Pahla B.just bcz of u I build my stamina..5440 steps 3 mil..287 calories burn..I feel lighter..by gudn8

  • This was fantastic! I haven’t been running for years and I feel intimidated by it these days. This was so DOABLE! Loved it. Thank you Pahla!

  • Exciting workout.. I enjoyed the entire routine… I really felt the burn..
    Workout 1:��done
    Workout 2:��done
    Workout 3:��done
    Workout 4:��done
    Workout 5:��done
    Workout 6:��done

  • I have been struggling with my weight all my life, up and down constantly. I’m currently at my heaviest, and I’ve been trying hard to be healthier as I had a miscarriage earlier this year and I have been wanting a baby for nearly 3 years now. I usually do workout videos (Jillian Michaels) and I enjoy walking alot, I eat pretty healthily but it’s my lack of movement that stops me losing weight. I tell you I came across this video and I thought I’d give it a go. I finished it!!! I’m all hot and sticky and out of breath but I ENJOYED it! My husband always does 10k-Half marathon runs and I always sit at home wishing I could join in. Now I’m on the road to slimming down and getting fit and join in on his runs! THANK YOU! I cannot believe I finished this run without turning into dust honestly! How you run, and talk all the way through this video is beyond me. You’re an absolute star Pahla! Thank you! <3

  • A friend recommended you to me today so I wasted no time to check you out. Brilliant. So motivating and you make it seem so easy. Impressive how you keep talking all the way through. Thank you!

  • Can’t believe this is a 5k. I’ve run many, and I haven’t come close to a ten min. mile since I entered by 70s. This would be a mile in a little over 11 min/mile and we are walking part of it. What do you use to measure the distance?

  • Thank you for making these fantastic videos. I have been doing fast walking for a month and today I decided to give this a try and I did it! I think I will continue this for a while now and then will go to level 3.

  • Hi thank you for this workout. I thought I wouldn’t manage to do it, but I did! You had me when you mentioned ‘impatience’ lol. I’m impatient too. Especially when it comes to losing weight! So well done.����

  • Wow. You had a conversation with us the entire time. Fitbit 4,000 steps. I had to modify. I was feeling it in my ankles and right hip. Run= low high knee motion. Walk= side step.

  • This was a surprisingly good workout..I am sweating! One suggestion..for the running intervals…to help motivate would it be possible to play music in the background? I find it helps. I had to play radio st the same time as watching your video and i found that hard listening to the 2 sources. Thx

  • i enjoy this workout, but there’s no way we are doing an actual 5K in 35 minutes if we are walking 1/2 of it. i have done many 5Ks in my lifetimeusually a combo of run and walkand i usually come in between 42-45 mins. i believe that the people who had their devices register 22 1/2 miles below are probably accurate.

  • Back at it after gaining weight in a new job that requires sitting most of the day. This was one of many lovely workouts you offer, Paula B. Thank you! It’s been a little while since I’ve done some running. While not my primary sport, I love the cardio conditioning it provides. I’m a step girl, myself. But running allows for some HIIT training particularly in the interval fashion of this video. Muah to you! <3

  • I’m very happy that I was able to finish this! Your commentary kept me involved and motivated. Trying to work up to running again outside like years ago. Thanks!

  • Very first time i have ever came close to running and im over the moon that i completed this. Great workout and loved the chat ������

  • Another question: Do you plan on making more walking/workout DVDs, if so will you ask for suggestions? Thanks again! Your workouts make me feel like your my fitness instructor and I am in a fitness class. Such fun walks!

  • Ive always loved running but i dont enjoy doing it outside for various reasons. I also could never fogure out how to breathe until you modelled it for us in another running video. You have given life to what i thought was an impossible joy for me. Thank you!

  • thank you for providing first time I’ve done something like this.. I admit at about the 15 min mark I was starting to waver…but I finished it until the end….thanks again

  • I planned to do an easy indoor walk today when I saw this recommended video from the amazing Pahla B. I was in a not-so-good mood when I started and ended in a much improved mood. I am not trying to surpass each workout in performance. Some days I’m just trying to get movement in and this video was perfect for that PLUS I got more activity than I planned AND I was in a much better mood when I finished the workout. Thanks again Pahla!!

  • My baby is 6 months old. 182 days for exact. But he is not rolling on his own. And he is not sitting too yet. Rest of things are good.

  • Pahla! I did it! I had some uncharitable thoughts toward you at about the 17 minute mark, though… can’t lie 😉 This was my 100. And I didn’t do any walking in a row. The jogging was slow, but it was jogging. Wow. I did it. 100!!

  • I’m a guy from the UK, approaching 50(!),who hasn’t run since school, desk job, absolutely no exercise, etc. I’ve wanted to give running a try for some time, but was always too self-conscience to run outdoors (I’m 6’6″ and fortunate to be naturally very slim, but I have zero stamina, so don’t want to be seen puffing and panting through the town!). Anyway, I came across this video and I have to say I love it. I’ve done this “run” a few times now, and I find KBs chatty approach to be very motivational (this is from someone who usually hates motivational, self-help nonsense!). Fingers crossed I’ll be able to progress to a higher level video in the not too distant future, and eventually give me more stamina and self confidence to tackle a couch to 5k program outdoors… Keep up the good work KB x

  • I enjoyed the total body workout yesterday and decided to try your 5K run/walk today. Really good and sweaty. During the walking minutes I used 2 kilo hand weights to strengthen my arms and back. Pahla, you make it so much fun! Your stories and fitness information chats are very interesting too. Best, Catherine in Sweden

  • i CANT BELEIVE that i do this. i never run in my life. thanks i love your videos and your personality.big fan from saudi arabia

  • If I could humbly make a request. Could you do a 1 hour of this exact routine? Your hour ones are more running and then some aerobics, I would love a one hour or even 45 minute version of this run walk intervals routine. If not I will just loop this one:)

  • you.re so strong. i.ve trying so hard for years but i have no strength and whatever i do my muscles never work they.re so loose. i.m 47 yet
    i admire you
    thanks for the video

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  • that was fun!!! fitbit definitely doesnt say 3 miles but Im super proud of myself for crossing the finish line!!!! window/back door open on this rainy day in Ohio on quarantine! glad i got my sanity break out the way before i get my son up for his homeschooling session!

  • You are simply awesome! This is the first time I ran for 35mins. I’ve never ran for even 15mins in my entire life. Thank you for talking through and keeping me motivated. A huge thank you!

  • Thanks for your amazing program, i haven’t trained for 7years and now with your program i am doing 3sessions a day. Thanks again. I believe this saved my life

  • I am in the UK, have been trying to find a nice exercise i can do at home home. I too useto do fun runs of 6 and 10k. That was 25 years ago, i had to give of because of spinal problems and operations, bla bla. The other days i was cleaning out my shed and come across my my medals i did for charity, and that got me thinking. I do, do walks but……… i needed something else…ifound it. I did have 2 minute breaks, but carried on,more trotting than running. I feel relaxed, warmed up, and it was fun. I dont know what i will be like tonight ��.thank you, i have subscribed. Looking forward to more….i am actually smiling ����������

  • I am a beginner to running and experienced aches in one of my feet, the bottom of my feet. After a week of running 3 times a week, is this normal? Or does this have to do with my running shoes?

  • Wow! You really have the gift of the gab! Was this really 5K? Didn’t sweat that much. Enjoyed the run, but sorry, this didn’t feel like a workout for me.

  • I’m a beginner ma’am i always full sick when ever i your 5k running but i have been fine this running + walking 1mins interva. My question now is if i can actually loss weight with it

  • This was perfect for me. I gained an extra 40lbs so it’s hard working at out this weight. I got to 12 minutes and took a few extra walks. I will do this again tomorrow and push to the finish line. Thank you��

  • Im here because my baby is 6 months, Crawls and trying to get up!!!!!! He literally moves so much go fucking everywhere and he’s 6 months. I don’t remember my first son being like that

  • I enjoyed this running. Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Hong Kong, I cannot go running outdoor as we are lacking face masks… Anyway, thank you so much for this video so I can do some exercise at home now.

  • This was my first time trying your video, and I kept up with every interval. I can’t believe I just did 3 miles in 33 minutes. I usually can’t pull off that kind of time, and I’m barely sore or worn out! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • This baby is huge compared to todlers his age. Plus he can sit on his own. Good on u son. World is a dangerous place have to grow up quickly. Evolution of the next generation

  • This was such a fun workout. Walking & running ����‍♀️ it used up lots of steps. Thank you so much & God bless everyone that reads this ��������

  • OK, full disclosure here, I am just ending a long and wonderful holiday season in which I didn’t exercise or work out from Thanksgiving until now January 6. I also ate lots of holiday foods that I shouldn’t have. Don’t do this, it’s not good and I don’t recommend it for anyone! I worked out REGULARLY with Pahla before I got into my holiday slump. I restarted TODAY with 6200 steps/3.1 miles and I was amazed at how little fitness I had lost, it was easy. I guess Pahla really had gotten me into shape more than I knew!!!! Don’t beat yourself up if you stop for a while, just restart again and regroup. Training now for my 2nd 1/2 Marathon. Pahla trained me completely online for my first!!!

  • Pahla, heeelp! LOL I have been slowly building up my walk-jog-run abilities over the last few weeks, and wore decent running shoes during the exercises, but I gave myself plantar fasciitis in one of my heels! I know I’m supposed to stay off that foot, but I just wanted your expertise on whether or not I should be wearing shoes while I’m doing these exercises at home (once it heals). I notice that you go barefoot, but that seemed to be too hard on my ankles. I’m a tall woman, normal weight for my height, but my calves are large/muscular.

    Thanks! ��

  • I got teary-eyed at the end there! I have a 5k on Thanksgiving day. Been a few years since I’ve done one. I’ll definitely be listening to you while on the course. Thanks for being so helpful!

  • Very happy was unsure how I’d handle it but just ran the whole thing with no intervals, listening to all the speech is so motivational, keeps me going ��

  • Thank you big time for this workout! it saved my day! The weather here is so nasty that I didn’t want to go running outside. I burned as many calories with your workout as by running outside and I also enjoyed myself as much! Thank you!!!!

  • At age 60, and never been a jogger/runner, I love this vid. I have worked up to this and feel very glad that I can finally accomplish it. But makes a world of difference with your verbal motivation! Thanks.

  • Just about 6 months out of chemo and I wanted to find something a little more challenging than walking and this was PERFECT. I am not a runner by nature but find myself liking the idea of gentle running to help with the chub haha xx Thank you for such a great workout that I could actually finish x

  • Is this normal?my baby’s 1st lower tooth appeared at four months exactly and the second lower tooth appeared at four months 1week

  • I’ve been running with your videos full of wisdom and motivation for 4 weeks. I am so glad I found this channel. I start my day with your workouts and end my day with your workouts. I feel so much better about life, my goals and more organized in my thoughts about my future! Thank you so much for giving us so much!! ����

  • Started your workout this pass monday growing up I use to workout alot but some where a long the was I fall off now mu body is telling me you need to do something, am so glad I found your channel at my edge I really need something I can work with that won’t put too much strain on my body.Thank you so much for the classes.

  • Hi Gina Pat here in the UK really enjoying spending time with you thanks for helping to keep me fit and energised and smiling during lockdown! I’m loving the gradual progression with this series and am pleased to have made it to session 6. Look forward to finding out tomorrow what the add on for workout 7 is. Take care and stay safe all.

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  • You know what you really talk too much and it is so distracting. I did the whole run but please try reduce talking or play music or something

  • Thank you for creating this wonderful community! Do you plan your toning, walking, and other workouts in planner or calendar, if so could you do a video talking about it? Also do you have self care days which could include gardening, no tech, reading, spending time in nature, music, painting, Bible reading for overall well-being. Thanks!

  • Big thumbs up for this workout! I did it yesterday and again today, and I love, love, love the new section! It is indeed interesting and challenging and that’s what I love about it, plus the music! I am so happy that I found your channel and that I have been able to stick with this program. The dance moves make your workouts so much fun and better than a traditional walking workout, in my opinion. Thank you so much for your workouts, Gina! I can’t believe I’m actually doing a 30-min walk!

  • Hey there!
    Even after 1 year of my dynamic hip screw surgery I am not able to move my leg at normal range, like I am not able to tie my shoe laces, not able to bring my leg closer to my chest. I was doing exercises which u mentioned in video.
    What is the possible reason for this. I have recently started taking physiotherapy though

  • Hi Pahla. I really LOVE your workouts! I’m 67 and pretty fit so really enjoying them. A couple of weeks ago, I decided I’d like to start running, but I don’t have the shoes yet and as it’s lockdown, haven’t been able to get out to buy some. I notice you don’t wear any. Is that ok for anyone? Thanks Pahla X

  • I LOVE YOU!������ Just finished. I am a DIFFERENT person! I cannot tell you how much it means to have you in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Pahla!������������

  • This has me worried my baby turned 6 months the 7th of may and can’t roll over, can’t sit unsupportive, she babbles but doesn’t make any of those sounds, she does smile at you if you get her attention I feel like I’m failing as a mom cause she’s not doing some things.

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  • I started this beginner series just over a month ago and I can’t believe I’ve made it to 30 minutes �� Thanks Gina for creating this series and helping me build my endurance ����

  • My baby is standing like that at 2 months I play with her a lot. My first baby I played with her a lot too she crawled at 5 months and walked at the beginning of 7 months.

  • Thank you for your fun and encouraging workout! i really loved it. i am recovering from foot injuries, and working on recovering from an eating disorder with the exercise as an encouragement to get me there. i thank you so much!

  • Paula I know this vid is old and you may never see this comment, however I’ve been a subbie probably for a couple of years now and I’m not much of a commenter. With that being said you have touched my life and helped me in so many ways. This is not just a fitness channel, this is also a channel for healing, self forgiveness and self mastery. For me probably in that order�� You have another vid that is a 45 min walk run and that one changed my life!!! I learned to forgive myself and raise my standards. I was in my bedroom running and looking in the mirror and crying as I told myself out loud all of the things I forgave myself for. And it felt so amazing!!!! I am 51 years old I’m divorced I have 2 grown sons and three beautiful grandbabies and I am now feeling like this new journey will attract everything, I want need and deserve into my life because I am ready and I am worthy and I decided who or what i let in!!! Thank you Paul so much!!! I’m a private person and i contomplated whether or not I wanted to share but I decided that you should know how much your videos help me and I’m sure many others. Thanks again for all you do!!!��❤❤

  • That was quite different than running outside. Different muscles..felt more in my ankles and lower back. Less in my knees. My step counter that I usually use only gave me about 3200 steps:(. I usually get over 6000 around my neighborhood. Will try a few more times to see if my ankles get better about running in place.

  • That baby is not 6 months old. You can compare it to a advanced 6 month old and this baby is still a little bit ahead of the milestones.

  • My baby started to stand at 3m and started to show interest eating solids not to be boasting Alhamdurillah n at 4m he had solids, and started to crawl. His started blabbering at 1m. He started to smile the night he was born n smiles throughout the day such a happy child MashAllah. His 5m 2wks n I make my own food pouches for him. He feels emotions n expression n he would cry, smile, kiss n hug. The trick is to eat clean before conceiving n exercise, invest in supplements, listen to music whilst pregnant, sleep, reduce stress, eat nutritional meals with 2-3 snacks. This is a human ur growing and he/she will live till 80+ so give them a good start in life n don’t be selfish. It’s an investment. Omg I can tell you the dietary things I had daily, n supplements was expensive but well worth it and the result are amazing Alhamdurillah. Don’t forget my boy was 3 weeks premature and he excelled. Thank god for gods blessing������

  • My baby girl just turned 6 months and she crawls like a professional all over and sits up. It’s amazing what babies are capable of now a days.