6 Ideas to Make Walking With Kids Fun


Make Walk Fun

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СОБАКА БАСКЕРВИЛЕЙ. Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона (советский сериал HD)

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6 Tips to Make Walking With Kids Fun. HAVE A DESTINATION. Walking for the sake of walking might seem boring to some kids. Instead, try thinking of another fun activity he or she might USE REWARDS. BRING SNACKS.

PLAY GAMES. WALK AT THEIR PACE. Your children will be even more excited about walking if they are allowed to help you to make trail mix.

Give them a list of potential ingredients for a trail mix under specific columns, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and chocolate. Ask them to choose two ingredients from the first 3 columns and 1 ingredient from the chocolate column. The post 11 Easy Ways to Make Walking More Fun appeared first on Reader’s Digest. The key is to make walking a workout for the mind and soul as well as for the body.

Check out these tips. Here are 10 ways to have fun and learn while out on your walk. 1. Make a scavenger hunt.

Write a list of things to find or for non-readers you can make a picture list of objects for them to cross off as you walk. This list can be based on colors, or certain objects or a certain numbers of objects; it just depends on where you are walking. 2.

Play with a stick make a stickman, a walking stick or anything a child thinks of. Imagination give your child a theme such as trolls, giants, monsters, space, bug. Walking and exercising should be something fun kids look forward to and giving kids treats as a reward for doing well on a walk is a great way to positively reinforce healthy habits. This could be something as simple as extra reading time before bed, a new pair of workout clothes or a healthy treat.

3. SNACKS. How to Make Walking a More Interesting Experience. Are you interested in becoming more active and would like to try walking?

With the following steps, turn your walk from boring into a must-do! Think about the beauty around you. Perhaps a. Kids love feathers and you can always be guaranteed to find some when out walking, so turn it into a hunt! An old straw hat is perfect to wear on your adventure to poke your feathers into.

Take a look at OUR FEATHER HUNT and see how we made it extra special! Frog Hunt. Make any walk fun by turning it into a frog hunt!Walking is good for the mind and the soul—and not just for adults, but for kids, too! Motivating kids to get outside and go for a walk can be challenging.

So here are a few tips to get your kids moving. Tip 1: Make it about the journey, not the destination Kids love games, and the walk itself can be a game. For older kids, try geocaching—it’s like a treasure hunt that they can complete. Take the idea of the “car-pool” and apply it to walking.

If you live too far from the school, or don’t have the time to walk the kids, try making a walking pool. Arrange to drop the kids off at a friend’s home, who lives closer to the school the children can walk.

List of related literature:

• Teach preschoolers to stay away from street and to cross the street only when holding the hand of an adult to prevent pedestrian injury.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Be particularly cautious with toddlers in parking lots and insist that they hold your hand.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition
by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
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Not all of these tips are equally appropriate for every age group.

“Playing With Purpose” by Emily Cohen, MA, CCC-SLP
from Playing With Purpose
by Emily Cohen, MA, CCC-SLP
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In addition, caution children of all ages about using mobile devices while walking, biking, babysitting, or doing other things that require their full attention.20

“Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics E-Book” by Victor C. Strasburger
from Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics E-Book
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• Avoid use of baby walkers, which are responsible for many injuries in infants.

“All-In-One Care Planning Resource E-Book” by Pamela L. Swearingen
from All-In-One Care Planning Resource E-Book
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Tell children to refuse rides from strangers even if the stranger says that the parents know about the pickup.

“Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction” by Philip Purpura
from Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction
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Teach children to walk in the opposite direction of traffic when walking alone.

“Child Protection: The Essential Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals whose Work Involves Children” by Freda Briggs
from Child Protection: The Essential Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals whose Work Involves Children
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It’s a good idea to hold hands even on the quietest sidewalk, too, but many toddlers revel in the freedom of walking on their own.

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: The Second Year
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Here are the four most common kid safety issues and parent concerns, along with practical tips.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
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Allow for the normal wide-based gait of the toddler and the normal knock-kneed walk of the preschooler.

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis
from Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • I have been walking on my tippy toes for 12 years not a single problem plus I’m faster than most of the girls because I walk on my tippy toes checked with doctors totally fine

  • An equally important question: Why do I stop my child from tip-toeing?
    1:18 Is there anything wrong with the arch developing that way, other than a preference for high-heel shoes later in life?

  • I can’t subscribe because I don’t have any money just because my mom doesn’t have any money and I’m a kid I’m watching my mom’s tablet

  • When I was at the giant bubbles part I cometely forgot about the bubbles and thought the wooden dowels and string were nunchucks ��

  • Thank you so much for these. Shared with my Preschool Group too! My kids are going to give lots of these a try too!
    Love from Canada ��

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  • I’m 12 and I still do it a bit. like if my shoes are off I cant stand flat but I can kinda walk without shoes but its easier with shoes

  • My kid is 5 years old..he started tiptoeing after age 3.5years..doenst have any neuro prob..have started with physio therapy and nite splints too…hope it works ��

  • WE all need to do what we can to help our kids cope and not be bored take time to show them simple pleasures Listen to what Mr Monkey has to say


  • I love these. We just made a similar video but with a lot of different ideas. Isn’t it amazing how many fun activities there are out there!:)
    We all need the inspiration right now!
    I especially like your thumb war explanation! Haha

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  • (Kid needs spray paint for important project)
    Kid: Hey mum can you get me some spray paint
    Mum: Sure honey no problem.
    (A few moments later)
    Mum: Here you go
    Kid: oh thanks… Wait what the hell is this? I asked for spray paint not whatever the hell this is

  • Good Video about Fun Activities for Kids at home help in Improving Early Childhood Education which I liked hope you will like it https://goo.gl/oyjySZ

  • Some of these I’ve never heard of, like Sardines + ABC scavenger hunt. GOLF is another easy, fun card game! Thanks for sharing!! ��

  • Me: Hmmmmmm, I’m hungry, better go take a bite of play dough!
    Someone else: I’m sorry, did I walk in on something?
    (Like or reply if you agree)

  • Love it! I did a similar ice activity with the kids I nanny. I died it blue and added sea creatures. No hammers but I had them melt it using squeeze water bottles that they could keep refilling. I’ll definitely try out your other activities too! Thank you!

  • Mr chicken videos are now live! a great balance between fun and effort videos designed to keep both parents and kids entertained the whole day:) thank you

  • I’ve done the frozen ice thing with both of my boys for their quarantine birthdays and it was definitely a HUGE hit! For my youngest, I used balloons and small plastic dinosaurs. Filled them up with water and we had “Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!” For my oldest, I used a plastic container like you did, threw in a bunch of 1 dollar bills and he got to crack open his “Cold Hard Cash!” They had a blast!!! ����

  • Over the past couple of days I have tried some of these activities with my 1 year old and she absolutely loved them. She loved the puff paint and especially the giant bubbles! Will be trying the water activities.

  • I just started a new job as a nanny and we’re going to create a boredom buster jar with these ideas! We’ll paint some popsicle sticks and each color is a theme, I.e green= outdoor games and then write activities on the popsicle sticks. When they’re bored they just grab a popsicle stick and let the fun begin.

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  • Definitely trying some of these for self entertainment lmao. I like the puffy chalk paint thingamajig. Also trying the hoola hoop bubble in the kiddy pool. ��

  • My nieces and nephews soo need to be trying these, I know they probably have cabin fever in the house and Ziyas such a cutie having soo much fun with these activities, you’re a great mom Raven, Ziyas a Blessed little dollbaby!☀️☀️☀️

  • From Chinese Medicine prospective, tip toe walking is a sign of “kidney” system problem. Cast or surgery would not help to solve the problem

  • Thank you for the great tips. My son, who is now 11, has been doing this for some years. And although we are proactive in getting him to walk “flat foot” he still struggles with this *habit. But yeah, will definitely give this a try. Thank you.

  • Thankyou so much for these wonderful indoor fun activities, I’ve looked at other videos but just couldn’t really try those since I rent a room I only have my room to explore with my my 5 year old, thank you:)

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  • what is autism? my baby girl was premature 7th month and she is now 2 and half years old still walking on tip toes can any one help me please??

  • Never heard of sardines… it sounds super fun.
    We held a dance contest and built forts today. I’m saving this video for other ideas! I’m sure I’ll need it.
    Great lists.. I think a photoshoot is definitely in order tomorrow, we can mix that up with face painting for silly photoshoots.

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  • Wow she’s sooo good perfect timing for this wid me in quarantine like it’s kinda fun though but my room is a big massive mess like I cleaned it soo good I actually have moved houses like a few months before quarantine! But I don’t have. A bed I mean who else thinks that three no point of cleaning ur room if u don’t have any furniture! but anyway I can’t believe she has like 100 wow I’m going to have to keep watching this! very good now I don’t think I will be bored!,……❤️��❤️��������������������������������������������������!

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  • I just adore your channel and you & Ziya! I’m learning a ton from watching your videos and you’re impacting my life in ways I can’t explain. Keep up the great work!

  • I thought the screw eyes are suppose to be where the bubbles come from. I was like ahh…genius. No need to create hole from wire. Well…this is what a tutorial meant for.

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  • I don’t have autism but, god I get bullied for walking on my toes. I’m sure everyone here can relate, I get questions every damn day about “why are you walking like that?”

  • My 2 year old toddler walks on her tiptoes her pediatrician says it’s normal even when she had started walking they told me she will grow out of it.

  • Ziya’s “Pirate Mommy, Let’s go explore the �� for treasure chest-es” reminds me of Saturday morning History kiddie tv shows! God Bless Raven and all the Mommies out there with young children❤️ ����

  • Perfect, that was enough thing to do for about 40 minutes with my kids….LOL just kidding! But I’m definitely gonna refer to this list tomorrow. I swear we painted about 4 separate times today �� lol thanks for the list!

  • 1. Hide N Seek
    2. Sardines
    3. Charades
    4. Pictionary
    5. Simon Says
    6. Staring Contest
    7. Movie Time
    8. Board Game
    9. Jigsaw Puzzle
    10. Read A Book
    11. Rock, Paper, Scissors
    12. Thumb War
    13. Card Games
    14. Build a Card Tower
    15. Telephone Game
    16. Pick Up Sticks
    17. Blind Man’s Buff
    18. Blind Man’s Swag
    19. What Time is It Mr Wolf?
    20. Hot Potato
    21. I Spy
    22. Dance Party
    23. Musical Statues
    24. Musical Chairs
    25. Limbo
    26. Scavenger Hunt
    27. ABC Hunt
    28. Hot & Cold
    29. The Floor Is Lava
    30. Balloon Keep-Up
    31. Relay Races
    32. Indoor Obstacle Race

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  • When I was younger my mom got me and my older sister a toy kitchen set, and t was outside. Me and my older sister would just make “mud pies” aaaaallllll day in that kitchen set. It’s a great activity for kids!!!!!

  • Thanks for the video! Here trying to figure out what to do with my little brother when he asks me “what are we playing?” every half an hour every day:)

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  • Tip toe walking isn’t always associated with autism
    There are many different reasons… one of which is sometimes born out of habit

    I know a tip toe’er and she’s not autistic in anyway shape or form!!!

  • I am glad you guys aren’t one of those youtubers who keep repeating their content( mostly hacks and stuff like that) in their videos! You guys always come up with new ideas! Stay that way forever!

  • Шедевр, отличная игра, только в Советском Союзе снимали такие фильмы. Можно смотреть и смотреть и только получаешь огромное удовольствие.

  • Tons of great animal and other educational videos on The Smithsonian Channel. A 30 day free trial period. And the monthly fee is merely $5.99 a month. Kids and animal lovers will have hours and hours of screen riveting enjoyment.

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    ..Не кончится! ))

  • I only toe walk when am barefoot.
    And am 32 and yes I do have Asperger’s
    It’s given me tight legs, like the same concept with woman in high heels. I never wore any before.

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  • Thank you for making this list since the coronavirus has reached my country I couldn’t do what a normal kid could do so I have been really bored recently so thank u for this list

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  • Raven I dont even think you know how good of a mom you are you have the luckiest child and she has the luckiest mom also I love you raven

  • I’ve been walking on my toes since the first time I started walking and didn’t stop until I was 11, I had to go into surgery to fix it. It’s not an autism trait, my Achilles’ tendon was just way to short…the surgery was helpful and now I walk perfectly fine.

  • Just subscribed! This is such a great channel! I just started something similar last month! Hoping I can get you to check it out and support another mom!

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  • I babysit 4 of my nieces and nephews for three days in a row every month during the summer. They are very hard to care for and we always run out of things to do. This really helps!

  • For all the people saying this is copying What’s Up Mom’s, don’t you have something better to do, than blame somebody for a freaking DIY

  • Лучшие Холмс с Ватсоном советские актёры Ливанов и Соломин!!!! Так сыграть и так перенести викторианский колорит никому никогда не удастся!

  • The Play Doh one is edible but I personnaly wouldn’t reccomend eationg in because the germs on your hands and the surface will get on the Doh then it’s basically like eating something thats been on the floor for ten minutes.(Don’t eat anything on the floor because no matter how long its been on the floor there will still be germs)

  • These are great. I’ve been looking for some fun activities do with my kids, and also share with my students and their families. Thank you!


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  • Very useful podcast, Linda! Of course, it is hard for all of us not to be social when we see others-you forgot to say chat with those passing you by! Hard not to! Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Stephanie