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6 Common Walking Myths, Busted. by Jodi Helmer. May 10, 2020. 59 Comments. Share it: Walking tops the list for the most popular physical activities with more than 145 million adults (and counting) lacing up their sneakers regularly; it’s also one of the easiest ways to get your heart rate up. Before buying into the idea walking isn’t a worthwhile workout, learn the truth behind these six common walking myths.

Watch our other videos: 1. 12 Tips To Help Your Lose Weight Fast 3 Common Walking Myths, Busted. by Toronto Health | Posted: October 7, 2019. When it comes to exercise, walking doesn’t always get the respect it deserves — and it’s time that changed.

Before buying into the idea that walking isn’t a worthwhile workout, learn the truth behind these three common walking myths. Myth 6: A 20-minute walk will change my body shape. BUSTED: Walking 20 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week to “be in shape” does work if you want to lead a longer, healthier life. Your heart, lungs, muscles and joints will be healthier. 6 common Instagram myths busted.

November 4, 2018 September 15, 2018 by Tamsin. In June 2018, Instagram staffers came forward at a press-release in San Francisco to reveal the ins and outs of their latest update. In doing so, they also put to bed many of the common myths surrounding our favourite marketing platform and its algorithm. 6 Common Breastfeeding Myths, Busted. Pregnancy and child birth is surrounded by old-wives’ tales and myths that are passed down from generation to generation. So it’s not surprising that many new moms are told myths about breastfeeding as well.

We’re here to bust some of the most common breastfeeding myths. 6 Common Walking Myths, Busted | Walking | MyFitnessPal Walking is a better workout than most people think. Here, we bus. 6 Common Fitness Myths Busted The most common misconceptions about fitness debunked; no more holding back from your goals! Myth 6: Stretching Before Exercising is Important. such as walking or biking.

It’s good to warm up the particular area that you’ll be training; if you’re hitting legs, try the bike or if you’re working shoulders. 6 Common Myths About Orthodontics Busted Orthodontic technology and treatments have come a long way over the last 10 years, making a straight, healthy smile much more accessible. Even still, there are myths or misconceptions that we often hear that sometimes make people hesitant about starting orthodontic treatment. 6 common workout myths busted along with wrong weight loss, exercises and diet beliefs while working out.

Find out the truth! Don’t start right ahead with aerobic, walking is as good as a sweaty workout session. Try to increase the number of steps gradually.

2. Sweating is a.

List of related literature:

Review the evidence: When researchers evaluated walking patterns and weight gain among 1155 young adults, a 5-year follow-up indicated that those taking more steps gained less weight.1 Although both the men and women gained on average 4.4 lb, those who took less than 10,000 steps per day gained 10.1 lb.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

The bottom line is that walkers are very dangerous and babies who use them do not walk any earlier than others.

“Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
from Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach
by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
SAGE Publications, 2014

This contradicts the findings of Rooney et al. (2003) that pedometer presence alone is enough to increase walking behaviour.

“Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions” by Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
from Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions
by Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
Taylor & Francis, 2007

These researchers revealed, however, that the young walkers exhibited significantly increased variability compared with infants who had been walking for 3 to 6 months.

“Functional Movement Development Across the Life Span E-Book” by Donna J. Cech, Suzanne Tink Martin
from Functional Movement Development Across the Life Span E-Book
by Donna J. Cech, Suzanne Tink Martin
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

In the real world a walker who was interested in their number of steps would most likely have a pedometer to count their steps.

“Assessing Mathematical Literacy: The PISA Experience” by Kaye Stacey, Ross Turner
from Assessing Mathematical Literacy: The PISA Experience
by Kaye Stacey, Ross Turner
Springer International Publishing, 2014

The Atkins “Debunking the Myths” webpage, though, calls such a charge just another “fallacy,” claiming that “While you’re doing Atkins you will get 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake of calcium….”

“Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America's Low-Carb Craze” by Michael Greger
from Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America’s Low-Carb Craze
by Michael Greger
Lantern Books, 2005

Use of walkers continues to raise safety issues from pediatricians.

“Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book” by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
from Neurologic Interventions for Physical TherapyE-Book
by Suzanne Tink Martin, Mary Kessler
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

Dr. Ploughman: What research shows us is that the best way to improve walking is to walk.

“Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery” by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
from Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery
by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
Hay House, 2017

On the other hand, researchers have associated some of these changes with differences in walking speed.

“Life Span Motor Development” by Kathleen Haywood, Kathleen M. Haywood, Nancy Getchell
from Life Span Motor Development
by Kathleen Haywood, Kathleen M. Haywood, Nancy Getchell
Human Kinetics, 2019

Given that most of these myths can be shattered by a quick visit to Kenneth French’s website (like the infomercial says, “don’t just take our word for it”), they should stop being repeated by those who want to be considered informed consumers of the research.

“CMT Level III 2020: The Integration of Technical Analysis” by Wiley
from CMT Level III 2020: The Integration of Technical Analysis
by Wiley
Wiley, 2020

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  • fun fact: I had a teacher once who had adermatoglyphia and she said that she was almost denied into the country (Qatar) b/c of it. Its actually kinda cool

  • Idk but I really feel different tastes on different parts of the tongue, I can barely feel salt at the back, but taste it very strongly on the tip and so on..

  • I cut my finger with a can when I was younger, it went really deep and it didn’t come back the same. It came back not appearing as if I had a scar, but as an arch on the right side. It is just two or three little lines, and it just looks like perpendicular lines, but they used to be totally parallel.

  • The ‘myth’ about the water is correct but not in the same way. I have an old house so it’s very dusty and I find that if I leave a glass of water at a certain place for too long a large collection of dust sits on the dust. I once drank this whilst not paying attention and as it went down my throat I nearly gagged.

  • The significance of the gut flora has been overhyped considerably in recent years but the research is actually still very inconclusive and there is no evidence that we really need them at all.

    For example the notion that it’s “bad” gut flora that makes people fat and people can lose weight with a transplant from someone with “good” gut flora I believe comes from one specific twin study. But besides that there are other far less conclusive studies, and in fact the people doing research on this field don’t even have the slightest clue what “good” and “bad” gut flora is because if you take a group of healthy fit people they can all have wildly different levels of different bacteria in their gut, and the same is true for any group of obese people which makes that theory very shaky as clearly it’s not any one specific species or any particular bacteria “recipe” that does it.

  • afaik, that 57% value of non-human cells in your body has been debunked. It was based on an estimation of microbe numbers, which was way of. The actual percentage is around 7-10% afaik.

  • I have a constant redness under my eyes, and have been told by a dentist (oddly enough) that I probably have sleep apnea. If I can resolve this, could my complexion return to normal, or is it too late?

  • Germs aren’t bad, germs are our friends, and the scientist who discovered that germs are harmful is an idiot, he’s the reason there are germophobes!

  • I lost almost all of my finger print of my ring finger due to eczema.
    The finger always feels different. its always dry and smooth, it feels like I got a very thin layer of super glue on it.

  • I feel like fingerprints have to be different because every little line would be different on everyone and would be impossible to be the same

  • number six sounds like: you think when you are mixing something in a bowl you are it using your arms, hands, bowl, and the mixer. No, you are only using your brain who uses these things as instruments

  • none of the christian holidays related the Jesus are correct, they are actually placed there to take over pegan holidays by the catholic church. Even valentines day is replaced in this way.

  • I’m with Blocko these myth bustings are making me question everything well I’ve always had a nack for questioning things mostly the reason I became athiest probably but hey believe what you want as long as you aren’t hurting others or yourself

  • it feels like most of these myths were at most only partially debunked, like the urine color one seemed to only say that hydration is not the only thing that influences urine color not that being dehydrated doesn’t change urine color.

  • I struggled with insomnia for years and years but I finally have it figured out for the most part. Just staying on a schedule really helps. I gave up my sleeping meds years ago, I think they almost make it worse.

  • The last myth is kinda stupid to measure by numbers of cells instead of volume because eukaryotic cells (human cells) are 1,000-10,000 larger by volume than prokaryotic cells (bacteria) with viruses being even smaller.

  • If you look close enough oxygen is red you can see. Also if the light reflected the blue Color back onto your eyes. Then wouldn’t it change color if you had moved the light direction? Also why is it also the exact same place where these vines appear red and blue? I believe if you actually thought about it and didn’t google it which is what I’m predicting your doing, then I would believe it more, but your making me take a leap of faith in which I have enough evidence to prove otherwise. Great work on animations, but please do a little more research next time.

  • Education system: If you manage time enough, you can get the healthy 7-8 hours of sleep.
    Education system: So here’s 6* hours’ worth of homework (*6 hours if you completely understand what you were taught), it shouldn’t be hard.
    Students stare back in 10-hour school-day, some in house chores, some in long travel hours. Meals and showers and exercise also need to be done…
    Education system: it’s the procrastination and laziness!

  • I sleep better from 4am to 12pm. I can’t sleep early and wake up early. I have tried it many times.
    Does anyone experience that too?

  • Colder room is no good for me, i woke up in early time because I’m freezing and shaking to cold. Meanwhile hot temperature gave’s me comfortable sleep and always had good dreams.

  • The date on milk is NOT an expiration date. It is, as was stated, a BEST BY date. The only food that requires an actual expiration date in the US is baby formula.
    It is perfectly fine to leave butter out. I have for the better part of 30 years and have NEVER had butter go rancid.

  • Common Myth:
    SpeedWagon is Best Girl

    it’s wrong because he’s the manliest and most gentle man alive!
    being a Waifu doesn’t make him female

  • You do point some neat ones and with measure, not being assertive. Nice work:) I would like to add an 8th one, that is stated at the begining of the video “humans are the most intelligent creature on earth”. They certainly are not. Simple example: the amount of food we produce is enough to feed 12billion people (FAO). Yet many humans are starving. You do not see that in any other social animals.

  • Everytime I click on a video I go like why aren’t I subscribed to this channel yet. so I subscribe then I finish the video and immediately unsubscribe.��������

  • https://external-preview.redd.it/yXyw-8U1kXazL_MmDciZKFzjFwnl_P3Bb6KENenKTRk.png?auto=webp&s=f65404ae7bcebebfa4bc91caa06f31679d542ba0 12:29

  • You forgot, “Daddy long legs are the most venomous spiders in tue world, but their fangs aren’t long enough to bite humans.” That always annoys me

  • In india there is a viral myth that you can see sai baba’s (god) face on moon is these because i agrued with my mom on these topic that you cant?

  • Only a few of these “myths” were actually “debunked”, the rest were bullshit. “You don’t have unique fingerprints because when police scan your fingertips they don’t scan the whole thing only certain parts, but you actually have unique fingertips, so… yeah”. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • You’re appendix is useless. I think my mother who spent 23 years training in medicine would know. 8 years in college 8 years in medical school and 7 year residency. You’re Fingerprint is also unique. It can be very similar but not completely similar. Otherwise it wouldn’t be used as a high level of security bypass

  • No one has learned anything from this video. Really sad that Buzzfeed’s Youtube channels are going downhill. Their Youtube was the only good content from the company. This seems like a video made in highschool for a broadcast journalism class. Nothing wrong with it really…but nothing great about it either.

  • OK, so I just made a scientific (idea) K, so when we eat our stomach absorbs the food, and our muscles, bones, and skin are made of what we eat. so here is the weird part what if humans actually have stomachs all over them, I know I know it sounds crazy but just think of it our skin cells are made from the food we eat our stomach absorbs the food we eat so really we have stomachs all over our body. I can understand if you think I am crazy but if im right that will be awesome. thank you for reading and give me a thumbs up if you like it.
    sincerly Hayden Parsons (

  • I always felt better with 5 hours of sleep but forced myself to get 8 hours and always end up feeling fatigued. I’m just gonna do 5 hrs from now on. Screw u, mom dad friends for telling me that’s nonsense and that I need 8. fuck I’m mad

  • Did u know cows all have their own unique pattern. Even identical cow twins will have a little spot difference, technically not making them identical

  • Sometimes my brain works so hard when I’m sleeping that I’m tired. Lately I have a re-occurring nighttime that I cannot speak. I know it’s because of the virus. I’m in Florida at the worst place and time in my life, so obviously it’s connected. But, it still sucks.

  • The Jesus birthday I think is wrong. Mostly because you can look at star simulations and back track it to approximately Dec 25. And it coincides with the Bible.
    As a guy, the shaving thing does make hair grow back faster though nothing else. It only applies to facial hair though.

  • 4:01 when i heard this bit it made me think of that Eminem song where he says “…cut you so fast when your blood spilled it was still blue” damn i’m so old

  • In fact good vs. bad bacteria story is an oversimplification too. There are opportunistic bacteria that reside in the body, cause no harm or even some benefit, but can turn nasty in certain conditions.

  • Its all about good sleep. If you sleep only 2 hr it will be enough for your body to regenerate energy. But if you doesn’t have a good sleep you feel tired even after sleeping 8 hrs. So, try to have a good sleep.

  • Here’s an iconic one:
    Lions CAN’T be “King of the Jungle”…because they don’t LIVE in the jungles of Africa…they live in the savannahs.

  • Vaccines do cause autism. Billionaires have made it seem like its doesn’t by altering the tests that prove it does! Thousands of testimonies of parents taking kids to get the MMR and immediately regressing in a downward spiral from forgetting how to talk and forgetting how to walk. Lots of these patients experience this within minutes after the shots.

  • The losing heat through head being debunked is right, but also at the same time wrong. Because the test subjects were under water, the clothes they wore had little effect on them losing body heat.
    But generally people tend to wear clothes, especially in cold weather. Because of that, the amount of heat lost from the head compared to the total heat lost might really be 40-45% when you are clothed, which is the case when it is cold. and when it is warm, it doesn’t really matter. This is why the 40-45% figure is more relevant than the 7-10% and in fact correct and it should be the figure used when taking it into account.

  • Wanna know something funny? Of course you do. When I was little, one of my doctors beleived the gum myth… One day I was having some gum, the doctor needed to look for signs of strep because my little brother had it. She told me to spit out me gum and she gave me a tissue. I said “It’s ok! I’ll swallow it!”
    She responded with, ” No! If you swallow your gum, you’ll grow a gum tree going up your throat!” (Clearly a bit of an exageration to make sure I didn’t swallow) I liked gum, so I thought, hmmm a gum tree means infinite gum! And I swallowed the gum.

  • You are WRONG about vaccines! It is the OPPOSITE of what you said. It HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY proven that vaccines do cause autism and other harmful conditions. Big Pharma companies have manipulated and twisted everything to make the American people believe vaccines are critically important! WHY? Because vaccines and flu shots makes billions of dollars for the U.S. It’s all about the money! These people LOVE sick people! Its one of the reasons why Americans are so so sick! These companies are the fraudulent ones!!!

    How do you heal diseases and illness? Not with vaccines nor drugs. But, with anything that comes from plants! Healthy organic fruits and veggies, herbs, spices, organic essential oils…etc. I have first hand experience with what I am saying, besides studying health and nutrition for the past 10 yrs. And yes, I have 4 children. I KNOW!

  • I get about 4 hrs a night. Then I take a 45 min lunchtime nap. Then when I get home from work, I take another 1-2 nap. Get up work on the computer for a few hrs, then back to bed for another 4 hrs. I have more energy than anyone in my office, even my younger coworkers who are 10 yrs younger than me.

  • As long as milk has been given Louis Pasteur’s seal of approval (which almost all store bought cows milk in the world is), it’s fine! & To father that statement, most veggies like lettuce & spinach have been washed

  • I never hear sleep experts address intermittent awakening…the focus always seems to be on falling asleep, or awakening too early and unable to go back to sleep. But what about waking and falling back to sleep multiple times during the night? So if you get 7-8 hours totally, but the sleep has not been continuous — what health effects might that cause? And how to remedy it?

  • i know something. it was surprising that lightning can hit you! i know it’s fast and all but… it’s that i think it usually hit random stuff

  • 8, hell why not go beyond, there is no proof Jesus even existed. Also Christmas was Winter Solstice, Thules day & copy many from the European & Middle Eastern pagan customs.

  • For the water pee thing if you did biology then you would know that minerals and vitamins whatever can change color of urine eg more iron equally darker urine but what you based the point on was people being a little to extra, panicky and over the top and drinking more than the recommended amount of water. With doesn’t mean the theory of water and pee is wrong

  • Lacking proof… you’re saying your debunking myths but not actually proving anything…. which is the same way the myths probably began… so i have just debunked your whole video with this simple comment? this is just your opinion, nothing more.

  • Also, “going outside in the cold without a coat will give you a cold”. People catch colds more often in the winter because they’re inside in confined spaces with other (sick) people more often.

  • I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m not from the USA but I had never heard of any of these “myths”…. this was a very obvious video to me. From Portugal.

  • The day I will be able to sleep more than 3 hours, is the day will feel like an achievement….whose gene pattern did I unherit? ��

  • Glad you mention the study on heat from the head. I brought it up on a outdoor survival channel and got the village idiot treatment �� (much like whenever I skewer the 8 glasses of water a day medical advice)

  • Did he just say that when the top of the earth is closer to the sun it turns winter? I guess I can go jump in a fire then to cool off. -_-

  • About Eve’s “Apple”, and Jesus’ birthday, for millions of true Christians (born again!) this is sooo obvious that it’s even stupid to think about it, or even mention this! What an ungodly, stupid world without God.

  • Incorrect. Fortune cookies were invented by a Japanese man in SAN FRANCISCO. They were not brought here by the Japanese, they were invented FOR AMERICANS in the us.

  • thought memory consolidation was because of increased synapses due to long term potentiation, not because we produce new neurons (we can’t shortly after birth).

  • You might want to correct that salt water one. Adding a FEW tablespoons of salt does nothing. It takes a lot of salt however to decrease the boiling point of water.

  • Propagandic myths:
    That the citizens of the US are “free”, that we have more freedom than all other countries, that Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery (he legalized it, actually), and that the US is somehow the best country in the world (then how could there still be a need to make it great again?).

  • I dont think the human colon has the power to inflate a baloon, guess he meant your daily farts would be equal to the volume of air in a certain size of fully inflated balloon, whatever size that is? Not that the force and volume of your fart could inflate a balloon, its hard enough using your lungs.

  • So I have been sleeping 5 hours a night for the last 2 months and never felt better. I don’t understand it because when I sleep 8 I always feel tired.

  • Ignore the last in the dirty dozen list. Chillis/Hot peppers contain naturally occuring chemicals in their skin, flesh and seeds which kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria. This is why it is safer to eat spicier dishes than to eat milder ones, especially in countries where food sanitation standards are lower.

  • Frankenstein’s monster says his name in a monologue in the book. he names himself after his creator.. Fact. i thought better of you InfographicShow.

  • 27. But what if the sugar free diets in studies contained sugar replacements like aspertame having the same effect as sugar on children in hyperactivity sense.

  • MSG (In larger quantities) is one of my migraine triggers, if I eat it I usually but not always get one within 10-60 minutes of consuming the food. Sad to discover but brands hide MSG in an insane amount of ways resulting in “Ghost migraines” seemingly caused by nothing till I found out what stuff was hidden MSG as well. I gone from 5-10 migraines a month, to 5-15 a year since.

  • I dont know adout any of the myths even though I watched the video all the way to the end i would rather watch TheOdd1sOut rather than your channel Life Noggin

  • She is too aware of her own body language because if her phsychology knowledge so none if it is natural as she is trying to show the perfect attentiveness when he talks and smiling when she feels its suitable not because it made her smile you see creases in the eyes when you genuinely smile, she is sat facing him tilting her head she is using all the techniques she knows to come across likeable and agreeable, hard not to be like that when you have their knowledge your constantly aware of what your saying through body language, it’s also a curse, sometimes it’s better not knowing someone is pretending to like you some things are better not knowing!

  • I have $3.96 in on pocket and $5.92 in the other. I live in a two story house with my wife and pet snake. I lost a quarter in the sink and I regret it, what am I?

    25 cents poorer

  • Substances like pesticides should not be dangerous (for humans to consume). At least in Europe, this is not allowed (anymore). However, I’m not sure about America…

  • I believe I am one of those “short sleepers ” many times I have woken up after only 4 hours and I feel great!!! More awake & energetic than prolonged sleep perhaps ��

  • Please note that the egg one isn’t necessarily true depending on where you live. In the UK most eggs are stamped with a ‘lion mark’ a red lion. This indicates that the eggs are British and the chickens that laid them were vaccinated against salmonella. Due to increased awareness of salmonella everyone knows about it but it’s not that common compared to other food pathogens. Roughly 1 in every 20,000 eggs contain Salmonella. Generally, it is a lot safer than believed to eat raw eggs. Also eggs can also be pasteurised. Similar may be true for other countries but I only know about the UK in depth.

  • Your microbiome won’t make you fat, consuming more calories than you’re burning will. It may affect how much energy your body extracts from food but it just means you’d need to adjust how much you eat. It’s still calories in calories out. Some doctors smh.

  • I have problems sleeping, I go to bed around 1:00 am to 4:00 am wake up around 6 to 9 in the morning, I have been doing this since I was 9, and I doesn’t affect me cognitively now cause I am used to it.

  • wow this guy loves the sound of his voice… at 04:55 he literally interrupted her, they didn’t cut that out of the frame. Why does he have to add to her answer every time?

  • I never cook eggs until they’re firm. I often eat it over hot steaming rice, so any bacteria in the eggs are cooking as I mix it along with seasoned bonito flakes. I kinda wish eggs were just pasteurized though, so I don’t have to worry.

  • Best way is to wake-up and go for a walk in the park for about 40 mins. Next day you will want to get up because you have something positive to do.

  • Thats really interesting bcs i remember 2 days ago sleeping at like 4 am because i couldn’t help myself to finish a movie, and i usually wake up at 8:09-8:30 am, and i had no trouble at all that morning, i was feeling reinfreshed actually, and i remember once sleeping more than 9 hours or about bcs it was an important day, and i was feeling rly sick and lifeless

  • I think it’s wild how Americans have such high levels of egg contamination that they’re supposed to cook the yolk all the way through too. You can eat eggs raw in the UK and Japan.

  • If you are really exhausted that you can no longer care 10 hrs
    If you work out and go to work…8hrs
    If you are in quarantine/ holiday + workout…6.45 hours
    If you do absolutely nothing I mean couch potato 4.5-6 hrs…that would help

  • So what he’s saying with the fingerprint one is that there are people with the Sam fingerprint but there is no proof saying two people have the same fingerprint which is just stupid because he repeatedly contradicts himself.

  • When I was in school these “popular kids” had some good chocolate and it had the white thing on top and they threw it all over the floor and said “GROSSSS” I was so mad I wanted that chocolate and it was hard to get…

  • I dont understand what these comments are talking about. I have a couple of honors and ap classes and I have never been up past 12 for academic reasons. 8 hours every day. Yall are doing something wrong

  • Expiration dates on the vast majority of products are just there to get you to throw something away, so you’ll have to go buy more. Canned good unopened dry, boxed products, etc. The waste in this country is disgusting.

  • I used to fall asleep right away then sleep hard and staring a few years ago I still fall asleep easy but I wake up then go back to sleep all night long

  • This is bogus. I drink about a gallon of tap water a day in my Poland spring jug. I replace it typically every few weeks and never wash in between. Despite this I’m not constantly sick

  • Firstly the ‘islam tells us to sleep at least 8 hours a day and the prophet mohammed told us that.. so would they tell us to do the wrong thing in our life to be tired at our life?

  • 6:42 they say one judge in California and then simultaneously shows the state capitol of Florida, this is what happens when Australians are allowed on the internet… ��‍♂️

  • I have questions on how these scientists know these things. Like how do we know that black holes even exist if you can’t see one in space

  • She keeps looking at him probably because it was supposed to be both of them talking and taking turns answering the questions. He kept dominating the discussion and even interrupted her. In short, he talked too much and pretty much made her the pretty voice asking the questions. Definitely, not the expert that she equally is.

  • The losing heat part is true. You just think about it wrong. It’s during winter, when you are dressed up in coat, leg warmers, gloves, even hat, which part of your body is still exposed to cold? Face. So when your whole body is secured as much as possible, most of your heat loss will be through head as you simple can’t wrap your whole face, ears and so on in Scarfs and what not. Many people don’t even wear hats or scarfs during winter. This is where this number is coming from and stands to logic. When you are in your winter gear, 40-45% of your heat loss will be through head.

  • The whole salt in water thing isn’t to make it boil faster, it’s to decrease the recovery time necessary for water to resume boiling after something is put in it

  • This channel is like your dumb friend that wants to have a conversation with you while at a concert when you’re standing next to the speakers. It would be nice to hear your dumb ramblings, but the music is too loud. And what idiot thinks any of these “myths” were true?

  • Another one: Rice makes birds explode, so we switched to throwing birdseed at weddings! What science-impaired idiot came up with that lie? I grew up around rice fields, and birds ate rice all the time. Not one exploded. Not one. People who know nothing make up the stupidest nonsense.

  • Possible Question: Why is the human smile a universal gesture of good will? When all other mammalian species bare their teeth, it is universally interpreted as hostile intent.

  • There is no evidence that Jesus was born at all, there is no evidence that Eve ate a magical apple either. (and no, the bible doesn’t count as evidence).

  • Well, lots of people say that milk is bad for you when you have a cold, even though it’s not. It actually helps! While it FEELS like the milk makes more mucus in your throat, it’s actually just milk coating your throat, which helps you get over the cold faster, or something like that. I’m not sure of ALL the details, because a doctor said this to me about a year ago, but one thing I’m sure of is that she said that milk is good for a cold, not bad.

  • That im mean…. Im only PARTLY mean…. Only when i HAVE TO be…. Or when someone is really pushing it with me and i just CANT COPE anymore…

  • I’m so tired and i was looking at ur buzz Aldrin ( sorry if wrong it late) and so I saw 2 astronauts and one was flying away

    I thought that was cool ��

  • Everything in this video was so obvious…

    If you want to watch something better, I just put my first vlog out! It’s the behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot! Any views, likes, and comments are appreciated!

  • cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis because you are not damaging your bones the sound you hear is bubbles popping in the fluids between your joints

  • The judgmental way he talks about night shifters and “paying a price” is unneeded. Everyone would be dead if he nigh shift nurses refused to work nights. Just saying.

  • I’ve been through the education system a few times (and there were some sleepless nights, no doubt), but the worst is being in the military. They literally coach you on how to survive on 5 hours or less of sleep, which is just NOT effective!

    They loaded me up on Ambien, after I had a breakdown because I couldn’t sleep (which worked miraculously) but, now that I’m out, I can’t get a prescription because it’s “addictive, and you won’t be able to sleep without it…”

    Okay, MF’s.. that makes sense.. put me on medicine that helps me sleep because I just CAN’T fall asleep (while I’m enlisted) then tell me you can’t put me on Ambien because it causes addiction and I won’t be able to fall asleep without it, after I get out..
    I wasn’t able to sleep BEFORE they put me on it! This drives me NUTS! ��

  • The internet has ruined so much for us
    Now ppl can’t even pay attention and be interested in another person’s talking
    Without 20 somethings that got raised by fandom culture trying to make it about s h i p p i n g uwu

  • Being a barista and using milk 1 or 2 days after the expiration date is not a good idea. The milk curds when you heat it past 50C. But should be fine for cereal, just a little sour.

  • Excuse me life noggin for Being a nerd but the cook of the RMS Titanic drank so much ALCOHOL that he survived the freezing water.:/


  • If sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive, then why did I need to run up and down the stairs a few times after I ate a whole packet of sweets?

  • About nightmares I think it’s weird cause I’ve always had nightmares as a child don’t know why and now on quarantine I’ve been having nightmares more often so I have this feeling of danger even before sleeping cause I think I’m not going to sleep really well:/

  • 1:29 I cant believe that i believed that such lie in my life, and also lost 2 points in my test because of misplacing where the specific taste located

  • Ok one sec lemme get this straight…

    1. On one video by buzzfeed it says double dipping doesn’t actually spread germs

    2. Here it says double dipping spreads germs

    3. Make up ur mind

  • If you’re an adult, and didn’t know that bacteria gets on your food in 1 sec( if you drop it on the floor ). Then you’re apparently classified as an idiot.

  • I will say, as someone with ADHD and anxiety, sometimes watching stuff is the only way to shut your thoughts off, so if you feel you have to watch something to sleep, just do it. Whatever gets the job done.

  • I had to do the math in front of my mother to prove to her that water does not boil more quickly after adding salt. She refused to believe I was right until I sat her down and made her watch me calculate the boiling point of pure DI water and salt water. In fact the boiling point actually increases by a fraction of a degree Celsius. I still don’t think she believes it but oh well ����‍♀️

  • i must be a short sleeper naturally because i eat healthy foods and don’t do anything to mess with my sleep but i wake up after 4-5 hours feeling refreshed and wide awake and happy

  • 6:00 idk personally i stayed awake all night then went downstairs at around 9am and i was so tired i tried to stay awake with all my might but nope i just fell asleep and slept throughout the day

  • wow Rebecca is really checking you out. She can’t take her eyes off from you. Nevermind about sleep… Can you teach me your way?

  • Everything is good but there is a suggestion that u should use real pictures and photos instead of animated. That will make the video more interesting and bright.

  • I always fought with one of my roommates in college. I could only sleep if it was cold, and she would in the middle of the night ALWAYS bump up the heat while I was asleep. Everytime without fail I would wake up in a ball of sweat from a nightmare, I told her it was seriously effecting me…….now I know science tells me its right that the heat was causing my nightmares but she would just do it anyways. I resorted to putting tap over the thermostat.

  • I bet you whatever you want that sugar increases kids activities to 100% and after 2/4 hours of volcanos �� and comets ☄️ the sugar wear off and they just collapse. They don’t exhibit this behavior without the sugar.

  • the other day i helped four baby peacocks get back to their mother and she did NOT reject them. She took them with her and walked away. They could not get through the stuff on our fence (we have it on our fence so our tiny dogs don’t run off) so i put the peachicks over it.

  • number 4: i have never had a sugar rush in my life and i am 9. This explains why eating 1/4 of my halloween candy gives me no sugar rush

  • The “5 senses” one is actually true, as all the examples you gave are examples of touch. Not sure of the other ones you did not list, but I assume they would be subsections of the 5 senses.

  • sooo my science teacher said that metals are just positively charged atoms so if we remove electrons from a random atom will it become a metal

  • Y’all should have gone into why, if there is indeed gravity up there, astronauts are nevertheless able to float free. Being in orbit means that the astronauts are actually falling to the earth, which is why they seem to float inside the shuttle. However, because the shuttle (and our astronauts, inside of it) is ALSO moving forward at a terrific rate (about 17,500 miles an hour), the earth curves away from it at the same rate as it is travelling forward resulting in a perpetual balance between gravity pulling the vessel towards the earth and the earth curving away from the vessel. That is being ‘in orbit’.

  • Evolution became a laughable myth in the 20th century, during which it was disproved by millions of discoveries. One such discovery is that polymerase is a product of it’s own translation, which proves Special Creation. Another is the discovery that the cell’s structural design is not generated by genetic information, but is instead passed on by reproduction form the reproductive cells of the parents (Cortical Inheritance) which traces back to the original created organism. Evolutionism is a philosophy which is contradicted by science. Over 100 yrs ago, Evolution Theory was plausible for naturalists because of their rejection of God. Biological science was rudimentary and archaic, and provided no information about the operations of the cell. Modern biology has very greatly changed what is known of genetics and biology. It has been discovered that life is based upon information which is digitally encoded and stored in a more compressed form than man’s best computer compression schemes.

    Evolutionism arose from a rejection of Christian values in the 18th century, leading to a rise in secular humanism which required a materialistic explanation for man’s existance free of God. This rise in humanism was fueled by a lack of adequate effort of Christians to defend the truth against new false ideas that were nothing more than replacements for one truth or another, as well as the outsourcing academic and scientific control to those who are non-believers. Rejection of truths for imaginary ideas has caused many to fall into believing that philosophical ideas from the secular world are scientific because secular men of science said it was so. Today the tables are turning, and there is increasing support in both the scientific community and the general public for Special Creation and Intelligent Design among scientists of all fields. The threat is so great to secular control over academia that secular scientists are resorting more than ever to harsh treatment of evolution doubters or disbelievers of evolutionism. The priests of evolutionism are now typically afraid to debate the subject of evolution and creation on college campuses because of the history of them being so clearly refuted in such debates, and so now they severely fear being refuted in front of their own students and the media.

    DNA is a material medium encoded with information which is organized to conform to linguistics, possesses algorithmic information processing operations, and the human language properties of phonetics, semantics, punctuation, syntax, grammar, and aprobatics. The information input and output processing of DNA includes the analytical operations of proofreading, information comparison, cut, insert, copy-and-past, backup, and restore, all of which operate by algorithmic operations. There is no potential for the material actions of chemistry to produce information, algorithms, and linguistics. They are non-physical fundamental entities that can only be produced by intelligence. This fact is proof that all life was designed by a mind of supreme intelligence. Because of this and many other biological discoveries, it has been overwhelmingly demonstrated that evolution is impossible and creation is a scientific fact.

    DNA is a 4-dimentional (3 dimentions + time) operating system which is far more complex than man’s computer software technology, posessing many thousands of information hierarchies and pathways in the cell. When the DNA molecule is supercoiled as chromatin, some of it’s information is available to the cell which is not available when the molecule is uncoiled, and when it is not supercoiled, some of it’s information is available to the cell which is not available when it is supercoiled. DNA is a dual-directional information package, providing different information depending upon which strand and direction the transcription machinery of the cell is traveling. Man does not know how to to write computer software that can be read both forward and backwards to provide separate information processes and functionality. It is beyond our ability. DNA’s individual information sequences are overlapping and nested sharing nucleotides between sequences, and information in different locations of the molecule are interdependent with each other, even when separated by hundreds or thousands of base pairs in distance from each other a feature which exemplifies why chemical processes cannot design DNA.

    DNA possesses codes built upon codes which regulate the use of each other, even when they are distant from each other in the molecule. Genetic algorithms and information possess forward-thinking properties, which nature is incapable of producing because molecules are not sentient. During an organism’s development, the genetic information instructs the cell on how to turn on and off, like chemical switches, many sequences of information of the DNA in a supremely complex and yet to be understood orchestral arrangement of various groupings and orders so as to build the structures of the organism over time. These patterns of genes being switched on and off is so complex that man will likely never be able to decipher it.

    If you want to believe in evolution because you refuse to acknowledge the existence of our creator, nobody can stop you. But doing so is to be a denialists of the discoveries of modern science because the truth is uncomfortable, and to continue to believe things which the outdated concept of Charles Darwin over 150 yrs ago could not have predicted. Believing in evolution today is as antiquated as it was to believe that flies arose from meat, or that frogs arose from mud a century prior to Darwin.

    Eugenie Scott, the popular militant defender of evolutionism has stated, “If your local campus Christian fellowship asks you to “defend evolution,” please decline. Public debates rarely change many minds; creationists stage them mainly in the hope of drawing large sympathetic audiences. Have you ever watched the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Federals? The Federals get off some good shots, but who remembers them? The purpose of the game is to see the Globetrotters beat the other team. And you probably will get beaten.”

    Atheists in fact hate the Scientific Method and refuse to employ it. Example: 100 years of random genetic mutation experimentation, over one million studies, has provided consistent results demonstrating that random mutations are destructive and negative to organisms, both biochemically and anatomically, and do not add anything useful to the physiology of any organism, not even incrementally. Conclusion? Mutation cannot be a mechanism for accruing change that results in macroevolution. But what does the atheist conclude despite such a massive body of evidence? They continue believing that random mutation IS a mechanism for accruing change that results in mind-bending complexity, microscopic interdependent machinery, and macroevolution, not because of science, but because their worldview requires it to be, since if evolution were true, random mutation would have to be the base mechanism for evolution because genetic information defines organisms. In this way, they refuse to come to the correct conclusion because of their paradigm, tossing out the Scientific Method and the conclusion it would require them to accept.

    Examples of how atheists refuse to comply with the Scientific Method are nearly countless, and found in all fields of science. I would say that based upon this fact, atheists are incapable of being objective, responsible scientists in any field which relates to the universe, organic life, or history. Atheists should be kept away from academia of any field like small children should be kept away from matches.

    Anthony Flew, once the word’s foremost atheist academic who’s former arguments are some of the posters upheld by atheists to this day, converted to a theist and creationist because of the biological evidence. See him discuss his conversion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNkxpTIbCIw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbKsIAib5YM

  • Now I learned why I feel a little weak when I drink milk. It’s the milk that caused the problems, can’t be the fact that I drink a freakin’ carton everyday, no, can’t possibly be that.

  • 3:23 You can eat a raw egg, in Japan you can make Tamago gake gohan. Which is a raw egg cracked upon rice that is hot. People don’t get sick and its a popular dish. Japan egg yolks are more fresh in term of color.

  • Don,t you know that when you don,t crack your knucles its a little part that you can,t move its a little dosen,t go down little so crack your knucles

  • No two people have been found to have the same fingerprints they are totally unique. There’s a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint will match up exactly with someone else’s. Fingerprints are even more unique than DNA, the genetic material in each of our cells.

  • I don’t have a disorder and my finger tips aren’t perfectly smooth, but I still have trouble getting them read on modern digital fingerprinting pads. I work in education and have to get fingerprinted somewhat regularly. When I started after graduating college in 2005 my school district only used the old school ink that you had to scrub off with that industrial soap that had huge bits of pumice in it. But now, whenever I have to register them on the digital pad, sometimes it takes several attempts, a system reboot, etc. and sometimes after trying for like 20 minutes or so, they just make a note and send me on my way. I’m told it’s because I have “thin skin,” but who knows?

  • I only slept for 2 hrs for 2 days and still i was able to get 71/80 in my science exam…..and i was feeling energetic while writing my paper ��

  • First of all, frick the studies of the pee. Of course it wont be 100 percent accurate and you shouldn’t use pee color to medically treat people, but for me its reliable. Whenever i dont drink alot of water my pee is always super dark and after drinking a bottle of water or gatorade, my pee always gets much lighter. And the human body one doesnt make much sense. Last time i checked the definiton for a human body is not just human cells. I, and im sure many others, already new that a huge part of the human body is composed of bacteria that keep us alive. But i get the point they’re trying to make.

  • I have a question. If I’m in a big field, lighting strikes the tallest object, and I’m the next tallest object, would it strike me? Would it be safe to get to the ground since you are no longer tall?