5 Walking Challenges to help keep it Exciting


5 Minute Fat Burner ‼️ Beginner, Joint-friendly HOME Walking Workout

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Home Walking Challenge to lose 10 kgs in 45 Days | Burn 650-700 Calories | Somya Luhadia

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How to Make Pokemon MORE Fun

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New Year’s Walk Challenge 2019 Week 5 | Walk at Home

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Workout #9 45 Minutes: 5 Minute to 50 Minute Beginner Walking Workout Series!

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If your walk becomes too easy, challenge yourself by adding additional time or mileage. “If you’ve been walking for a while and find, for example, 3 miles is pretty easy, a great place to start could be to challenge yourself to add half a mile or more,” says Sarah Grimaud, a certified personal trainer based in New York City.“In terms of increasing time, you could add on 10 or 15 more. 5 Walking Challenges to Keep it Exciting. By Joanne Kelly October 12, 2019 No Comments. If you’ve established a regular walking habit, you’re probably meeting your daily and weekly physical activity goals and feeling healthy and active.

Some people don’t mind following the same walking routine day in and day out, but others need to mix it. Treadmill walking is a great low-impact cardio workout that can help with weight loss and help improve your mood. However, it can be easy to get in a rut if you spend too much time on the machine without changing up your routine..

To keep things interesting and prevent your treadmill walking from becoming mundane, use these 5 tips to make the time fl. Honest Summary – Top 5. Walking challenges are not the only or best solution for getting your organization moving and healthy. At The Benefit Company we believe that every organization is different and requires an understanding of your organization’s goals.

Even within our own group we received a mix of feedback on our own walking challenge. 5. Take it Outside 15 minutes of natural sunlight daily is recommended for heart health. Coincidentally, that’s also the amount of time necessary to go for a brisk walk. Make walking meetings part of your culture and corporate walking challenge.

Give incentives to reach. One is just a walking challenge without a mileage goal and one is a walking challenge with a mileage goal. We know that sometimes walking just needs to be a mind-clearing activity without a number attached to it and we get that! You pick your challenge and start anytime, don’t wait for the first of the month, or a Monday, or a new year.

Take part in a challenging yet enjoyable walking virtual challenge from your own neighborhood! Sign up today by choosing the distance you’d like to register for below! The entry fee for the compression shirt and medal is $23, or $16 for medal only. 5 MILE CHALLENGE.


How to Make Walking a More Interesting Experience. Are you interested in becoming more active and would like to try walking? With the following steps, turn your walk from boring into a must-do! Think about the beauty around you.

Perhaps a. 1. Total Challenge, which requires you to meet a particular goal within a specific period of time. For example, walk 500k steps in 40 days.

2. Streak Challenge, which encourages you to keep meeting a specific goal each day for the duration of the challenge (7500 steps daily for 3 months). The following is a sample from my book Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine. Exercising isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity. Read on to learn what challenged some people face that prevent them from exercising and how to overcome them.

Steve recently polled his email list about their exercise habits.

List of related literature:

When possible, the walking should be fun and for some persons that could occur in a nearby park when the weather permits or in an enclosed mall during inclement weather.

“Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies” by Andrew Kuntzman, Gerard J. Tortora
from Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies
by Andrew Kuntzman, Gerard J. Tortora
Wiley, 2009

Additional challenges include walking in the community (e.g., variable open environments), stair climbing, up and down curbs and ramps, over obstacles, and while also carrying out another task (e.g., buttoning a coat/shirt, talking on the phone, getting coins from a purse or pocket).

“Physical Rehabilitation” by Susan B O'Sullivan, Thomas J Schmitz, George Fulk
from Physical Rehabilitation
by Susan B O’Sullivan, Thomas J Schmitz, George Fulk
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

Five self-guided walks, each with a different theme, extend out from the Visitors’ Centre.

“Walks, Tracks and Trails of Victoria” by Derrick Stone
from Walks, Tracks and Trails of Victoria
by Derrick Stone

The first challenge I’ve set myself is a simple one, although it seems like climbing Mount Everest right now…

“Sorry Not Sorry: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy” by Sophie Ranald
from Sorry Not Sorry: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy
by Sophie Ranald
Bookouture, 2019

Challenges are fantastic because they really motivate me to get out of bed and do my exercise.

“A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media” by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
from A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media
by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
Princeton University Press, 2016

Further challenges include walking around stationary and then moving

“Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention” by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
from Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention
by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

2 In Scotland a Scottish Walking Strategy Forum has been established to consider how walking could be made more popular.

“Town and Country Planning in the UK” by J. B. Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin
from Town and Country Planning in the UK
by J. B. Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin
Routledge, 2002

Walking matches took different forms, comprising either a preset distance with walkers making laps of a track to see who could complete the distance most quickly or a time-limited event in which whoever covered the most ground in the time allotted was the winner.

“Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports” by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
from Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports
by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
Oxford University Press, USA, 2008

Stairs Challenge: Whenever possible, take the stairs!

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

These obsessive walkers may occasionally use the gyms where they walk some more on the treadmill and instead of chatting with friends, change channels on the TV screen.

“Don'T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Rujuta Diwekar
from Don’T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight
by Rujuta Diwekar
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

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  • I just finished this workout the first part of it it was kind of boring but I kept going but when we got to the ending of it I really enjoyed that part

  • I must be the only person to do this, because I’ve never heard anyone talk about this… What I do is use a random number generator to choose my team. Say, for example, I play pokémon red. I hit the generator 6 times (for every pokémon), and the pokédex number that aligns with each number become my team (getting 1 from the generator on pokémon red would be Bulbasaur, etc.). Of course, you skip those you can’t actually obtain, and I also don’t allow legendaries. It’s based off of the local dex when I do it, just to make it much easier, since many of the games will add a couple of pokémon from a different generation. I have fun, forces you to play with pokémon you would’ve never given the time of day, forces more strategic play, since some pokémon can’t be used in certain ways, the list goes on for why it’s a good idea, and you should give it a try

  • Lemme put y’all into sum:I found this app that pays u to walk I literally just had my phone with me while going to school and made 15 dollars… in one day wtf!! Here is a link for everyone who wants to try: https://sweatco.in/i/zouzou806724

  • Can’t wait for week 5! Even though my back has started hurting this week I have still persevered with each walk, I have been doing the low impact options instead. I am down nearly 3 inches on my hips. ��

  • Who else is back at it again��‍♀️2020 I started the same time again 30lbs to go already drop10lbs��hope I am not alone on this lap��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♂️��‍♂️guys remember last year I wanted to lose 70lbs, but unfortunately I fell down after losing 21lbs and hurt my knee ��and end up got complacent,the good thing was I maintain my weight loss��so I am back on track using the six week challenge for last year to jump start,I pray I will lose this 30lbs and stay focus and do the work out daily….except on rest day lol but this program is the best decision I made for me….to start walking,when is the best time to walk?EVERY DAY!!THANKS AGAIN TO LESLIE SANSONE AND HER TEAM I AM TAKING CARE OF ME FIRST, SO I WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY ��

  • thanks for posting this. I am sharing these videos with my stepping/walking group, and have told them about the ap, and to go to web site to get the ap. Would love some, or challenges for each season of the year. Or maybe some challenges once we get to the six weeks, to up the game, and or maintain.

  • I love the whole crew awwww you guys you keep me walking Monday through Friday because i cannot go for a walk due to my job. I walk on the weekend.

  • Speedy bicep curls!! Weird! What does that do for anyone when they are done at that speed? She gives choices; but, that speed is useless.

  • Just want to say that I was so glad I stuck it out through all 5 miles yesterday. I thought I was going to be limping around afterward but actually it was so invigorating and I really felt so accomplished!!!! Thanks for pushing us on day 1!!:)

  • Saw on Instagram you are going to make some discussion videos. Could you make a what I eat in a day or what I eat in a week 80/20 video. I use to like watching those videos;however, it seems like everyone now is doing Keto and I do not think that is the right meal plan for me. Thanks!

  • I started doing my Leslie Sansone’s walk at home workouts when I was 12 and now I’m 27. My mom is a walk leader and we both love Leslie and the walk at home team. The workouts have been a huge blessing in our life.

  • Thank you so much for your contagious enthusiasm, encouragement and joy! I love these shorter ones, combined with your fabulous warm up and cool down that’s almost 20 minutes of moving without even realising. I always end up doing more than intended as i’m enjoying it so much and always end up smiling too �� which I can’t say about other exercise!

  • thats actually funny cuz since I first started pokemon (with pokemon blue edition) I NEVER grinded in a single game I always thought thats normal that you will fall bellow the enemies level lmao

  • randomize the game. collect all TMs. get lots of clothing (x and y and gen 7 only). complete the national pokedex (prior to gen 7). complete the alola pokedex (gen 7 only)

  • Thanks for this fun, motivating walking challenge Leslie and crew. Walking makes me feel good. I love walk challenges, you could have more walk challenges throughout the year! However, YouTubers Deelovelylife and Myeverydaywifelife host a Spring Walk 100 miles challenge and I use outdoor walks, your lovely walks and other YouTube walking workouts for this challenge.

  • Ohh my god I am impressed. What happened to your arm. Take care.
    Your workout not only easy but motivating too. Who would not do. No excuses of small spaces,of rain,traffic etcetc. Lazy people pls get going…and get rid of all life style diseases.

  • Hii somya your all workout challanges are amazing but now I want to go slowly that way I’m doing this 50 minutes 45 days walking challange today i complete 3 day but my legs are paining but it’s okk thank you for motivation you so amazing keep going �� love you ��

  • Ohhh wow!!! This is week 5 and I already loss 11lbs ��thanks to leslie and her team after this challenge I will still be walking I have to lose 70 lbs 59 more pounds to go��

  • These are great. I did this with some of my children who are learning at home. A great break and recharge for us all. Where can I find more of the 5 minutes every 60 minute, workouts? Please.

  • Hey iam going to start it today now…I ll update u guys….jus remain me with a like…. I’m currently 75.85kgs nd I’ll update u aftr every week…. If interested jus tell me…we ll create a telegram group… The numbers can’t be seen thr so it’s safe thr….jus let me know!!

  • Hi! Well I’m thinking it’s about 3 a.m. there, so thinking you may see this later. I love your workouts and I save all of them here in YouTube and try hard to work out 5 out of 7 days. I like the 5 minute workouts and I put 5 or 6 of them together to do at one time. This gives me a break in between and I still get my 30 minutes a day. I do the fat burning ones and also work in one for mid section, upper body, and legs. They all make me feel great. I have both knee’s replaced so sometimes have to take it a bit easy as the knee’s no longer move like they used to. But I still feel like I get a great work out.

  • I personally really enjoy nuzlockes.
    I did a Wonderlocke for my very first run through of Y and am in the midst of a nuzlocke for Ultra Moon.
    If anyone cares, I kept my Y starter (I received as a level two Flabebe), Florges alive through the elite four and beat the game with it. A really emotional experience all in all, with some really heart stopping moments. 10/10 would recommend nuzlocking/wonderlocking to those who want challenge without upping the tediousness too much.
    (Edited a grammar mistake)

  • Good morning. I am saving this one on my phone and my laptop playlist! It’s great to have fun 5 minute Boosts when you need it! Thanks so much!

  • M new to your channel… I did your 50 mins walking challenge… It was an amazing experience doing with you… Now m feeling much better…and m sweating like hell…Thank u so much dear… I’ll keep following you❤

  • I am going to start this challange….hope will get result
    Day 1=✔
    Day 2=✔
    Day 3=✔
    Day 4=✔
    Day 5=✔
    Day 6=✔
    Day 7=✔
    1 week completed✌
    Day 8=
    Day 9=
    Day 10=
    Day 11=
    Day 12=
    Day 13=
    Day 14 =
    Day 15=
    Day 16=
    Day 17=
    Day 18=
    Day 19=
    Day 20=
    Day 21=
    Day 22=
    Day 23=
    Day 24=
    Day 25=
    Day 26=
    Day 27=
    Day 28=
    Day 29=
    Day 30=
    Day 31=
    Day 32=
    Day 33=
    Day 34=
    Day 35=
    Day 36=
    Day 38=
    Day 39=
    Day 40=
    Day 41=
    Day 42=
    Day 43=
    Day 44=
    Day 45=

  • Hello beautiful! First of you look exceptional gorgeous! Your moves are so graceful with this song too! Your workout outfit is really nice and those colors go well with your skin color. Are we to repeat this workout or just do it the one time? Have a great day Gina! Hugs from Texas!:)

  • My brother and I bred an entire team of level 1 pokemon for eachother from scratch, consisting of pokemon we know we had never used before. Also used the dead when fainted clause.

  • i wish pokemon was like pokemon reloaded,like if you don’t know what i’m talking about pokemon reloaded is like a pokemon fanmade game and its pretty good the thing is here the battle system is really really good like you can actually move around without turns and its a big block as the fighting ring and all the rules are the same but u can move everywhere u want to without taking turns and everything plus there is more content than in a normal pokemon game so yeah if that’d happen i would love it you should probably check the game out or watch a video about it it would clear up your mind if you don’t get what i’m saying.

  • Week 5 is a beast. The 5 miles almost took me out but I stayed with it. I was so happy Tuesday was 1 mile. Let’s go! We got this.

  • You can download a randomizer for the game too and you can customize it any way you want. Which Pokémon you find in each area, starter Pokémon, items, move sets, and so on

  • a rule i alwese uhe is that i never uhe a pokemon i uhe before and all 6 at least a difriend type (like its oke to have one grass and one grass/bug but not two grass/bug

  • Me and my brother would get the opposite games( eg I got black he got white) and would battle and I have grown closer to pokemon as it has been a big part of my life

  • I usually throw out my starter, and restrict my Pokémon to not pass the UU tier, unless evolution. I got the idea from thinking “Everyone is the same now. How about I show people that pokemon don’t need tiers to show how strong they are?” And that’s why my favorite character is colress now.

  • Hey truegreen7 me and my friend youse real world animals si if we find one we pretend like its a pokemon and pretend that we are batteling so if i find a snail and my friend finds an ant we pretend that its an gorant and omanyte battiling

  • This is kinda off topic, but one time, I was obsessed with Pokémon so damn much (and I still am) that I asked my 4th grade class if they wanted to have a Pokémon counterpart. So, most people wanted one. I spent a week straight writing a storyline, designing characters and characteristics for each clique (bullies, evil team admins; me and my friends Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Champion etc.). It was so fun and I now am cringing at myself.

    BTW: I made another copy and threw it in the bin cos I didn’t want my friends to think I’m a nerd. Lol I’m a basket case.

  • Why Wooper Can Use Ice Punch:
    It is based on an axolotl,a master of regeneration.How Wooper May Punch Other Pokemon,It may regenerate its arm and punch,then getting its arm cut off again!

  • Haha I watched this vid a while ago and saw the little clip/pic of Vah Rudania and thought it was really cool and now I know what it issss yaya

  • Ah, shiny hunting! The wonderful world of colours and creativity! two days later STILL HAVEN’T FOUND THAT SHINY DEWOTT =D. It’s not fun, it’s painful

  • I made a shiny team for ultra sun it was and I only used those shiny through out the whole game its was fun to use the shinys Bred, through a whole game

  • Sun and moon were going to be Diamond and pearl remakes because they had all key items for diamond and pearl but there was no way to get them

  • I made a ruby playthrought using only Zigzagoon without evolving them and I named it Zigy army because I name every Zigzagoon Zigy (number)

  • Mam can i do this workout in evening bcz in morning i do many workout about 1.30 hr plz tell me mam i will get my result doing this in evening. Plz plz plz����

  • I play on emulators mostly, so that gives me a much larger choice in switching up the gameplay. The Pokemon randomizer is always good fun, no two plays are the same. Shiny Hunting is pretty grindy, but it’s not too bad if you only play in the first few generations. I’m currently replaying the original Red Version, but it’s a ROM I edited to allow me to capture literally every Pokemon legitimately without needing cheat codes or glitches. It’s pretty nice, though I had forgotten how messed up the sprites for Gen 1 are.

  • I played Omega Ruby with a water-type choice-item only.
    I had 2 choice scarfs, 2 choice specs and 2 choice bands (traded from x/y)
    This was pretty fun tbh!

  • Day 5#

    6-7 AM… 281 calories…

    Conistency matters guyZzz… For me already improvement is there… Pls stick onto it…. And try to finish 21 days..

  • Hey Gina! I’m glad you have some works out for us baby boomers we don’t have those fast fancy steps any longer.Give us more thank you and blessings.❤️

  • 1:26 I dont grind, I allways defeat only the Trainers and its most in the Time enough. Also, I allways use the same Number of Pokemon and dont use Potions.

  • Hey i joined today itself and walked straight to present day… enjoyed and felt the burn.. will do it tomorrow as well..keep well. God bless you

  • how about u play the game once then put your pokemon into the pokebank or give them key items like a bike and trade to a friend. then reset your game get your old team and replay the game

  • What if the Pokémon interface was made so that you perform moves by actually shouting the moves? The buttons and the touchscreen or whatever would only be used for changing pokémons and using items and stuff. I’d never want this in an official game but it would certainly be a nice fan middleware for self-imposed challenges.

  • I made an Overwatch team for my sun and I can confirm it was very entertaining!!
    Politoad Lucio
    Lycanroc Mccree
    Bewear Zarya
    Talonflame Pharah
    Salamance Hanzo
    (and I really dont renenver the last one but it was very entertaining)

  • I ONLY ever play with fire types and I made my own region named the Pantim Region (I don’t know how I got the name XD) where I’m the fire type gym leader I LOvE FIRE TYPES ��

  • I’m thinking of doing a Badge Challenge for Pokemon Platinum. For those of you who don’t know, The Badge Challenge is catching a shiny Pokémon before every badge.

  • LOL I almost choked when I saw that Monday was 5 miles… then laughed… ok…. we can do this….sure we can. 5 Miles…yeah…sure…:P

  • Day 1
    Starting date: 8 August 2020
    I weigh 65 kgs. Height is 157 cm.
    Ideal weight: 48 kg.
    Will update everyday.
    Day 2
    Will weigh myself again on day 7.
    Tired but I need to study too.
    Day 3
    Sorry couldn’t do it today.
    Maths test tmrw ��
    Oh God plz I hope I don’t gain weight
    Was doing Intermittent fasting along, today ate all high calorie foods and no IF and no exercise too.
    Feels so bad.
    I’m so sorry.

  • Thankyou so much somya sis ❤i completed this 45 days challenge today.i was 62 kgs before starting this &now i am 57 i lost 5 kg now i am so happy. my target is to reach 53 kg i hope that i would reach it soon.

  • I recently had a shoulder and neck injury… was literally waiting for some workouts and suddenly came across this… thank you so much ��

  • Oh i love walking since i had my weak breathing.. I reall develop a lot when i followed @ youtube home walk.. Whoo.. Almost 3 years now

  • Thanks for this. I have done a few of Leslie Sansone’s 5 minute workout videos to get moving over the last few years so this just made my day for your October Challenge add on.

  • Successfully completed the 2nd day ❤️ I’m sweating like a hell �� much love from Nepal ����
    Day: 3 ✔️
    Day: 4 ✔️ with 5 minute low intensity workouts

  • Hello..dii…I was continue this exercise for last 10 days…and I feel difference in my body…I feel confident…thanks a lot for this video….thanks…thanks…thanks…diii….

  • Got stopped for few days due to periods… Continued again…

    Day 10# 6-7 AM
    305 calories
    Day 11# 6-7 AM
    320 calories
    Day 12# 6-7 AM
    322 calories
    Day 13# 6-7 AM (today)
    327 calories

    More way to go hurraaaaayyyyy… I will complete 45 days…. Already lost 2.5 kilos in 13 days of walking workout along with Soumya’s diet tips… Though these days were not continous bcoz of night shifts, periods etc….

  • Hi tomorrow I have 5 miles do…is it a good idea to break them down into two segments..3 miles in the morning and 2 in the afternoon’ or should i do them all together? I appreciate any advice thanks for the wonderful videos!!

  • Please koi answer karo my diet is 5 shocked almond and and 20 kismis in morning and 10 clock lunch 2 roti and alo form sabji 1 alo and then in 1 to 2 apple in whole day and in dinner 2 roti aur chaval and daal mong aur tuver other wise 1 small bowl of kheer with 10gram ko sabudana please reply karna q ki ise bhi weight losse nhi ho rha h

  • Loved the video. Thank you! After a long while being sedentary (not by choice), I’m ready to be more active, and this is a great way to get started!

  • Wow excellent I can feel the burn,I have completed my three weeks of weeks and I feel soooooo different more active and I enjoy it soooooo much this is the one of the best thing happened to me love it thanks leslie and the team ����������

  • No offense, but I am also trying to loose weight and have lost it as required. Loosing 10kgs in 45 days is not at all healthy. https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/losing_weight/index.html Also, the diet you recommend is not all useful in loosing weight. You should count your calories and limit it to the required amount. And just not eat anything you want. And green tea definitely does not work.

  • Was in night shift for few days…
    Continued again..

    Day 7# 6-7 AM
    281 calories…

    Day 8# 6-7 AM
    346 calories

    Day 9# 6-7 AM ( today)
    305 calories

  • Day 1 ��
    Day 2 ��
    Day 3 ��
    Day 4 ��
    Day 5 ��
    Day 6 ��
    Day 7 I took leave
    I will upload my weight after each week
    Upto now I lost 2 kgs
    Day 8 ��
    Day 9 ��
    Day 10 ��
    Day 11 ��
    Day 12 ��
    Day 13 ��
    Day 14 I took leave I now i lost kgs
    Day 15 ��

  • Great 5 minute workoit! I like combining several of your shorter videos so I get a longer workout. I like to warm up and cool down and do at least 4,000 steps minimum. Thanks so much��!

  • Day 6#
    6-7 AM… 310 calories…

    It’s awesome guyZzz…. Pls give full pace while marching and running… Swing ur hands fully and long while marching..

  • Love these 2 sessions each week! Have you thought about creating a DVD sort of like this? For example, 7 sessions for 7 days. This could include a Lively dance walk session: Samba, Carnival, Disco and Easy dance walk session: Beginner walk and stretching. You could ask other fans for ideas if you created a DVD like this. You are a great help. Walking is fun!

  • I enjoy your workouts! Your spirit is so bright and bubbly, and your routines are fun. Working out with you is energizing, esp in the morning! THANKS

  • Anyone whose opinion matters knows Litten is the best starter, so why limit yourself to just one? I beat Ultra Moon with 6 Littens.

  • Pls reply guys
    This walking workout burn 600 to 700 calories???????pls rply guys it’s my request pls guys…… it’s my confusion soooo pls rply

  • I am VERY sedentary have not worked out in over a year, I finished this work out and cried like a baby because I felt SO amazing and accomplished. Thank you for this. I will continue to do every day.

  • i remember playing alpha sapphire i had a level 65 gengar and i was doing the elite 4 and gengar was my BOY he held the team and so did my steelix, i remember having like only 2 revives and 5 hyper potions and telling them good job and to keep going we almost got this

  • Loved this 5 mintue walking workout! It was fun and the 5 minutes went quick! A great way to get extra steps. Would love more of these 5 minute beginner walks. Thanks for providing these walking workouts for us!

  • Hi.beautiful.sister⚘
    ��..video.❗❗.. move.it