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How to stay safe while walking alone at night

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Here are a few items that will help keep you safe and seen: Headlamp: While a flashlight will do, a good headlamp frees your hands during exercise and provides a steady beam of Reflective clothing: Hi-visibility jackets, pants and shoes with reflective material are must-haves if you walk at. 5 Safety Tips for Walking Alone at Night (Bruce Lee) 1 Keep to the outside of the path. Keep to the outside of the pavement when walking.

This prevents an assailant from 2 Keep to the middle of a lane. In dimly-lit areas without street lamps. 5 Safety Tips For Walking Alone At Night. 1. Let your roommate, friends or family know where you are.

If you are coming back from a party or from studying at the library, let your roommate 2. FaceTime somebody if you’re feeling unsafe. If you are on. 5 Essentials For Women Walking Alone at Night. 1. Don’t wear headphones: Your ears are an important piece of sensing danger. You may even consider heightening your hearing through listening 2. Carry a Whistle: While many women already do this, most do it incorrectly.

Don’t carry it on your keys. When people walk at night, there are different rules for nighttime walking they should follow to avoid injuries and accidents, as there are several additional risks to walking at night. If you or a loved one regularly walks in the evening hours, keep the following safety tips in mind.

Be car smart. Cars can’t see humans walking on the side of the road at night. Make sure you wear bright colored clothing and walk facing traffic so you can see them coming. If you see a car coming, move over as much as you can just in case they don’t see you. When walking at night, make sure you walk confidently and with a purpose.

Avoid being distracted by your cellphone, and avoid dark alleyways and parking lots where people can easily hide. Whenever it is possible, try to walk with a friend or a dog. If not, make sure someone is aware that you will be walking alone at night in case of an emergency. 5 Safety Tips for Women who walk alone at night It is essential for all women walking alone at night to be conscious of their surrounding and not be in their own world Carry a whistle in the shape of a personal alarm.

There are numerous whistle keychain alarms. It. Walk at a steady pace and walk facing traffic to keep yourself visible. If you get lost, don’t wander aimlessly.

Keep your pace steady and head for the nearest store or restaurant to ask for directions. 3. Trust your gut When out alone at night, your instincts are your best friend. If you are worried someone is following you, turn around. Strengthen your traffic safety knowledge: Teach and reinforce your children’s pedestrian safety habits.

A Kid’s Guide to Safe Walking (PDF, 3.04 MB) This colorful pamphlet will help you teach young children safety tips for crossing the street and things to remember when walking. Tips for Preteens & Teens: Prevent Pedestrian Crashes (PDF, 3.30 MB).

List of related literature:

The most common safety items were variations of the standard NCVS question which asked respondents how safe they felt walking alone at night.

“Handbook of Survey Methodology for the Social Sciences” by Lior Gideon
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1.Never move a victim unless you know where you are going.

“Medicine for the Outdoors E-Book: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid” by Paul S. Auerbach
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These questions are then followed by others which focus on how safe they feel walking alone at night in their area, how safe they feel when they are alone in their own home, and how much they worry about different kinds of crime happening to them.

“Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice” by Sandra Walklate
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■ Avoid walking alone or travelling to remote places after dark; avoid poorly lit streets and narrow alleys.

“Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction” by Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett
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Try not to be out alone at night, and never use shortcuts, like unlit alleyways or routes across vacant lots.

“Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test Book with CD-ROM” by Jolene Gear, Robert Gear
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Advise travelers to maintain awareness of their surroundings and recommend that they avoid nighttime travel, keep valuables well hidden (not left behind in parked vehicles), and lock closed all doors and windows.

“CDC Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel” by CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION. (CDC), Gary W. Brunette
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Make sure that the places where you walk are not isolated and are well lighted at night.

“Intervention Research: Designing, Conducting, Analyzing, and Funding” by Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN, Dianne Morrison-Beedy, PhD, RN, WHNP, FNAP, FAANP, FAAN
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For example, people from ethnic minorities (Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in particular) avoid going out at night through fear of crime, avoid walking near certain types of people, and are always accompanied when walking out after dark.

“Violent Crime: Assessing Race and Ethnic Differences” by Darnell F. Hawkins, Darrell Hawkins, Alfred Blumstein, David Farrington
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Here are 10 other safety tips:

“The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right in Cyberspace” by Ellen Fein, Sherrie Schneider
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Avoid walking alone, especially in isolated locations and at night.

“Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival” by Jonathan T. Gilliam, Sean Hannity
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  • Another thing that I just happened to do that helped me out, while I was in Rome I went walking alone at night (not smart) and two men started to follow me. I started to speed walk, and caught up with a group of adult tourists that were all walking together. Walking by this group ended up insuring that the two men that were following me left/stopped tailing me. I stuck with this group until they were going away from the direction of my hotel, and did like you said with the familiar place and ran to the gelato shop, bought something, and then rounded the corner to my hotel.

  • Just today I was playing basketball and a guy came to me and told me that there was a man in the bush that was watching me for 20 min I just ran home as fast as I could stay safe girls

  • After becoming Sonographer why you still giving test? Is it necessary or a causal thing to give test in this profession after becoming a tech?

  • This is a really good video, I lived in the city till I was in my mid teens. One thing I found I worked with me is I felt like a guy was creeping on me while I was heading to Starbucks. Cut across three blocks had 911 pre dialed. Keep my phone to my ear pretending I was on a call being very loud. Another thing is I had two routes to school that was supplemented by a friend of the family giving me rides. If you feel you are being followed and have no place to duck in. Make your route confusing, make it so cars can not follow you. When you get home lock the door and call some one immediately.

  • I really don’t even think about a lot of this stuff just because of where I live. I live in a pretty small town in Texas and me being such a nice person and really just wanting to help if someone stops to ask me for something I’m just like yes, let me help you not even thinking about how something terrible could happen. I would never make it In a big city.

  • I’m really annoyed because schools don’t teach kids about stuff like this. When in actuality kids are pretty big targets for things like this. Why can’t people make kids more aware instead of trying to “keep their innocence,” or “keep them safe from the darkness.” It’s bull crap.

  • One time, at a travel theme park, my grandparents and sister where at the ride next to the one I was going to ride,so I kept on going on it over over and over again. Then when I was about to get on, this strange looking guy asks if he should go on me. IN MY HEAD I WAS LIKE “Heck no no no” But luckily the guy who operated the ride said no she’s okay. Thank god.

  • I think someone has almost done that but I was with my mom at the time and we were checking if there was a bathroom around and so we decided to check a pizza restaurant and as soon as we looked through the window and turned away a guy came out in a green shirt and I looked at him and he looked at me then my gluteus maxamis and smiled it was horrifying and scary and I told my mother right away������

  • Can you make a video for safety tips when living alone? I’ll be going to college soon (albeit 2 years) and I would appreciate some safety tips!

  • I carry a whistle. I put martial art sticker on my car. I place men shoes outside the front door, you can get cheap from a thrift store and a pet bowl. Also a beware ost

  • My sister and I almost got kidnapped by a dude in a white van sitting in the parking lot of a Safeway when I was in high school. This area is super safe so this was extremely odd! Be alert no matter where you are! D:

  • I need to walk to my mosque in the morning i can’t drive and my mosque is a bad area in a small city so no safety in numbers. pray for me

  • I Run at night almost every day and i live in a pretty big city, so i take my older brother with me as like a Body guard. he’s like 6’ft tall and dressed in all black most of the time when he comes with me on runs so Ain’t nobody attacking me with him around.

  • well intentioned and most of it is good information. However don’t rely on a sound grenade only. It is absolutely not an adequate form of self defense. It may be a useful tool but to be an affective self defense weapon it must be completely incapacitating to the target. A loud noise is at best dissorientating but most likely just annoying.
    I recommend a marking pepper spray of a higher concentration as a primary and a good sharp assisted open knife as a backup.

  • I’m a teen mom and it’s really scary to run at night. Because I have 5 children, it’s risky, knowing that someone could hurt your child and being young enough to not be able to defend yourself.

  • RANDOM ADD ON TIP; if you’re screaming out, Scream FIRE! not Help, because people randomly scream help all the time, whereas people will hear Fire and instantly look to help:)

  • Safety in numbers, and even men can get harassed in this situation so if I see women running at NIGHT BY THEMSELVES, I literally fear for their lives

  • I’ve had various stalking experiences over the years and I’ve come out safe each time. By luck or strategy, who knows. I’ve hid in peoples gardens, taken winding routes and ran when out of sight. My main suggestion is to find a main road and stand on a corner. More chance of passer by and being in the open is less appealing for an attacker. I keep pepper spray in my hand and never play music. I will look into a sound grenade though, thanks!

  • If you’re getting into your car at night, turn on the light and check your back seat. Someone might have broken into your car and just been waiting there to attack.

  • “There could be someone standing right next to you who thought, ‘Hey, they were pretty cute when they walked in, and I would love to eat their organs’.”

  • It makes me so mad that awful men think they have the right to my body since I am alone. It makes me crazy. I’m not inviting anyone to anything.

  • i know that something really bad can happen, but i don’t wanna live my life like a victim, confined to my home on the chance that it WILL happen. Ladys, get your concealed hand-gun licenses and educated yourself on gun laws. Also, I’ve been looking everywhere for a women’s self-defense class that actually works or would have some practical application against a man. I hear there are some out there that can evenly match you against an untrained man, but not in my town.

  • I had the same thing happened to me and when I was home with my family, my dad was sleeping and my mom also, and some random guy knocked at our door, and nah I wasn’t going to answer it, and,they say to scream fire!

  • I only run at night, because there’s no rude annoying people around. I usually run at 1am. Just pick the right neighborhood. I do always have a tactical flashlight and legal sized folding knives that clip inside my cargo pants.

  • You know that women and men the same so do prove me wrong…this is so funny have a girl shiting her pants after arriving home and boy entering like nothing changed

  • “My husband thought that I was inviting bad things to happen, and unwanted attention”
    Sounds alot like victim blaming to me, reminds me of when people say “What you were wearing was an invitation to get harrassed”

  • being aware of your surroundings is the best advice. You can always cross the street if you see dodgy looking people /person up ahead or if you suspect that your being followed ( in your car) turn around and head back in the opposite direction. this may sund odd but if they turn around to then you know for sure and you can drive to a police station. if they dont turn around you just turn around again and continue on your way. Iv been stalked by my best friends x boyfriend and I can tell you that when you do a complete turn around and so does the car you think is following you…..you will be like “oh fuck!!!” its a realy bad feeling. Stay on busy roads. go to a police station.

  • hello, erica I am a mom of a six month old baby and a 9 year old, I have passed by spi exam in january before i had the baby haven’t worked for about 3 years in the field and know i am trying to study for my boards what should i take first OB/GYN or ABD and should i manage my study a day how did you study, How many hours a day and what course to do PLEASE PLEASE NEED HELP THANKS!!

  • I live in one of the safest countries, and I’m still cautious about being out at night. It only takes 1 crazy person to change your life.

  • I hate going out side by myself at all. I could never imagine going outside at night let alone going out to run. I don’t really know why I’m so scared, I’ve never really had a bad interaction with a stranger, but the fear is way to much for me.

  • Hey girl I recently got a job in a not so safe city. This video really makes me feel a lot better thank you so much for making this ❤️��

  • Shared this with my RA so that she can share this will all the kids in my dorm building! This is such an important video, I also shared this with all of my friends that are going away to college. Hope y’all stay safe!!!

  • This is why I go to my Selfdefense/Kickboxing class every week. I want to learn (And have partly learned) how to fight. I’m so sick and tired of walking around being scared of disgusting sickos that pray on young girls such as myself. Take some classes girls, it will pay off. That’s not being paranoid, it’s being smart. And in the end it is the smart one’s who survive. Keep that in mind

  • And my dads a police officer and wherever I go he goes with me and I got a German shepherd so you better back up because I m a fighter too

  • In addition to looking at the area around your car and under your car, always make sure to look in the backseat and the floor to make sure no one is hiding in your car.

  • I dont run at night i walk, mainly because its when the paranormal world comes into play i walk alone in the forest without a light

  • Greetings from California. Make a wind chime with antique looking silver spoons from various thrift shops with your collection of keys. Thanks for your tips.

  • The thing I think that’s interesting is that they were in the city. It’s a lot less safe when you’re in a more suburban area where people are t awake at all times

  • 14 year old girl here, I’d never go running at night. I’m scared to even walk to and from the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. I shouldn’t be afraid to simply catch the bus or tense up ans speed up whenever a car drives by me. I wish I lived in a female only country or something. I wouldn’t have to fear for my safety or be afraid of being followed as much.

  • Whenever I’m mad at my brother I would slap my butt in front of his face ( I know I’m weird ) and my brother made a joke so when me and my brother walk alone and see a pedophile I would look at them and slap my butt and run to my house..

  • 1. I don’t have friends
    2. I guess I could not use headphones
    3. I run in the dark before the sun comes up down a sketchy ass walkway through the woods
    4. I don’t normally get distracted by my phone
    5. Again, I run at 4:30 am, down a sketchy ass barely maintained “walkway” through the woods
    6. Again… I run in the woods at night
    7. Literally this morning I ran from my sketchy ass trail that leads to a park, only to find the sketchiest white van waiting for me at the fucking park. Hmmm….
    8. The only other way is the woods, without a trail.
    9. Again, I have been running at 4:30 am for about 2 years and have not ever seen one single person outside (not including people in cars) so that’s not really a problem for me
    10. I guess I can try.
    Overall I am uneasy every morning I get up and run, welp, i hope a don’t die tomorrow morning! Good luck to all you fellow runners/anything else you do, and STAY SAFE!

  • I remember today when me and my sis was going into party city and my brother sneaked up on us and I thought it was a stranger and if it was I would’ve kick them in the balls or anywhere because one time I got so annoying one time from my siblings I made them get scared.So ����

  • Why would they choose a straight female and a gay male to run for contrast? This guy was so much whimper than the avg straight man. Being nervous about wearing a pink tank? Dude just run and dare someone to come out of the trees. I wouldn’t be afraid at all. I’m 6’5” 250lbs so I’m usually the scariest dude on the street anyway.

  • Lol i was tracking a dunk couple walking on a highway with night vision while i was exercising on my bike…… made some gargling nozies while waiting for them to get hit by a car……like hide and seek SO MUCH FUN LOL

  • Also, a helpful tip is to run with a cellphone and if someone starts following you or just looks suspicious, talk on the phone (just to seem like someone knows where you are) and they will usually leave you alone. Also, you would have easy access to call 911.

  • This is really risky. I wouldnt do with even with a group (excluding my crazy and also reasonable friends)
    I wouldnt be scared if nobody is there or if I have some defence items pepper spray and also knife(for show that not worth to attack me. In case of liquid proof glasses)

  • Great video I just hope more women watch it. I see so many women that are oblivious of their surroundings. Oh yeah you forgot one thing carry a weapon. Carry a weapon ladies and learn how to use it effectively.

  • Kinda unrelated to running, but a way to stay safe on the subway that my dad taught me is to put one foot firmly placed in front of you, like your about to hit a baseball. It increases your surface area and makes it harder to push you. It may look a little silly but it really does work.
    Stay safe guys.

  • If I’m outside and I see someone running at night, I’m going to chase them. Idk why but that’s just something I can’t help. I wouldn’t be right behind them id be in their blind spot so they don’t know.

    Oh and don’t let them have earphones on… Yeah it’s over for them.

  • Those percentages are inacurate i checked the websites and they were out of 50 people and only out of pos angeles and newyork some of the most liberal states which I’m not trying to offend people but liberals are more emotional and afraid

  • Another video featuring a bunch of city privileged feminists who have been brain washed and think that everything is some how sexists

  • I remember this too about safety tips about kidnappers while that girl is distracted by the phone or anything else will be interested by the thing it was to kidnapped girls instead. But they know what to do to be having a right thing to be aware of something. So I missed it!

  • I ran once outside my neighborhood in the daylight and was harassed. You couldn’t pay me to go at night. I’ll stick to the treadmill. It may not be fair but as a woman it’s not safe. I put my safety first instead of trying to prove a point.

  • Stranger: Can you help me find my dog?
    Me: Before I answer you I have one question, if you’re a grown adult why can’t you find your own dog, I’m a kid you want a kid to help you!

  • with the phone thing. do you think it would be okay if you called whomever this person is looking for and putting the person on speaker?

  • I would like to argue that both men and women should run at night with precaution. I am male myself, although I haven’t run at night there are men experiencing homosexuality. I too was a close victim of being one, but I gotten away with it because of my stamina I was able to out run this guy. Then I used to do bare knuckle karate so my reactions were fast. But it was a red light and he got bumped by car. At least I would say this “thank god I knew how to sprint.”

  • I almost got killed because my aunt left the door open to the car and me and my cousin who is a baby were in the car and this guy looked threw the window from kinda far and then my aunt came so thank freaking god

  • At the time I used to live in China I run at night along every time cause there are cameras everywhere,after I moved to canada,when I run,almost every males look at me,that’s why I moved back to China lol

  • What I do is if I am ever grabbed on the street, like someone obviously trying to hurt me or take me somewhere, I scream. I know that I’m 5’3″ and 110 lbs, I can’t fight back or bring a grown man down. A scream has a similar effect to the sound grenades you described, if you’re on the street and you scream as loud as you can, it will be heard and noticed by someone (even if there isn’t a lot of people around, if it’s quiet the sound will carry), and it will throw the attacker off

  • Thank you for putting together those tips!
    If anyone is still around on this comment thread, does anyone have any advice for safety on public transportation, especially at night? Riding the bus or waiting at bus stops alone in the dark is something that gives me a lot of anxiety, but as a person who relies solely on public transportation and commutes via bus to work, it’s hard to avoid those situations.

  • Great video! Also, a creep does not always look really shady or creepy. When I was about 15 or 16, I was visiting Portland and my older sister and I were on a crowded bus and this dudein a nice suitasked my sister and I if we wanted to get off the bus with him. He asked about three times and every time he got more aggressive. That situation has always stuck with me. So, even if they look normal, you never know, they too might want to eat your organs.

  • like 1 hour ago i was walking back home from work and some guy harassed me and i got really scared…… luckily he probably was drunk and walked away. But it made me think of this video and I remember the lil robocopp thing. I’m buying one tonight ��

  • 2 years late but dude the decoy wallet tip is genius, I never thought of that! Probably because I’ve thankfully never been in that situation but I’m totally gonna do that now. This made me realise that I disregarded a ton of basic security rules, it’s easy to feel safe where I live but assholes are everywhere

  • The fact that women think that all men they see at night are sex predators and cat callers is offensive to males, imagine the genders were switched and everyone thought you were going to hurt them, wouldn’t make you feel that good, right?

  • Wearing bright colours and reflective clothing and running in well lit areas is much safer than wearing dark clothing to avoid capturing unwanted attention.

    If a predator is trying to choose between the runner wearing dark clothes who blends in, and a runner that is wearing bright and reflective clothing, they’re going to go for the runner in dark clothing because she’s easier to hide once they get you in to the shadows. They’re opportunistic, they go for what they think is easier and they don’t want witnesses.

    If you’re both trying to blend in, it makes it harder for witnesses to see both of you. If you stand out, it may be just enough to deter a predator because it heightens their risk of being seen.

    Witnesses/police can also identify you by your clothing. If you go missing, then your clothing could be something that can help track your movements and stick in people’s memories to help in an investigation. If someone runs past you at night wearing a neon green and pink reflective running shirt and light up shoes, you’re going to notice them and remember that description.

  • Tip for running or walking alone at night: Take a weapon, like a fork or knife, just in case. Also, make a video before on a phone or another device letting someone know where you’re gonna be. And if you get back safely, delete it. Also, be aware of your surrounding and try to run near your house or estate.

  • Great video says this forensic psychologist who interviews a lot of criminal defendants and mom of 4 who wants her kids to be safe! Thanks.

  • May i ask, why do the states seems so dangerous �� i always run at night here, but it feels really safe, maybe it’s just in Europe��‍♂️

  • I’ve always grown up thinking about safety. When me and my friends were at the mall I would notice creepy old men in the junior isle and bring it up to my friends attention. I’m always first to be aware of my surroundings.

  • I actually got so freaking scared. But this video reminded me of how I used to be so protective of my brothers and myself, and now I think I need to be more aware of our safety

  • YELL from your stomach, don’t scream. It’s much louder and more powerful sounding (if that makes sense) My aunt teaches self defense and she taught us to take a step back from the person advancing and put your hand out and yell something like “stop!” or “Halt!” and this indicates that you are ready to defend yourself and a make a fuss if needed but would rather not fight.

  • It’s so sad that you have to think about so many things everyday. We thought about moving to the US but things like that were the reason we gave up on the idea…

  • I just tell my parents what I’m doing and cruise in my neighborhood with my bike,I see someone following me,I have multiple ways of getting home secretly.

  • I ALWAYS take my German shepherd with me whenever I go out for a walk. And one time I went to my moms friends house which is just 3 houses away without my dog and I kept looking behind me cuz I felt so nervous.
    (I’m 14)

  • I ran at night and I was less catcalled than when I run during the day. In the day light they can see me and during warmer seasons car honk at me or people in the car catcall, only if they are in the car, but at night everything was quite quiet (small town) none ever followed me (I’m pretty fast since I do track and field)

  • If someone starts talking to you and you feel uncomfortable, leave. You don’t owe a conversation to someone who makes you uncomfortable. Don’t worry about seeming rude, just politely say goodbye and go. If they have good intentions they won’t mind, but if they are dodgy, you are better to get away ASAP.

  • One thing you could do, whether you’re walking, riding a bike, or driving, but I feel like it would be easier to do if you’re driving. If you have a feeling someone is following you, make 4 right or left turns, go in a circle. If they are still behind you, they are most likely following you. drive/ride to the nearest police station and wait there. If you’re close enough to one, I would walk there, but if you arent, walk into a safe zone like a coffee shop or a store.

  • I’m 17 and the amount of times I have had guys follow me in a car while i’m running at night and during the day is creepy, literally the other day around lunch I was running and a guy followed me for 15 minutes in his car so I started running as fast as I could and then a cop turned the corner spotted the guy and I have never felt more thankful for cops in my life! The cop then turned on their sirens and arrest the person and I just wish that there had been cops around the first 5 time I have been followed.

  • People are less likely to harass you if you run with your dog regardless of their size. I was harassed when walking my dog in my apartment complex, but i know for a fact he would have been more persistent if i was alone.

  • I’m edgy during the day in packed places.
    I lock my doors when I’m driving and I’m always security conscious. I don’t think there’s another way to be these days.

  • If you run at night and when something eventually happens to you, man or woman, you got what was comin to ya. There’s a reason why humans have an instinctal fear of the dark.

  • Do you ever take naps when you don’t have a patient for hours? Lord knows between midnight and 5a.m Is a longtime. Locking door and snoozing for an hour would be fantastic lol.

  • Tip for running at night. If you are ever put in a situation where you need help. Shout “Fire/Theres a fire” or something along those lines. Shouting r*pe or help may deter people as they are scared or ignore it thinking you’re the boy who cried wolf. People are interested in fires and will naturally come check it out. Even if no one comes it might be enough to make your aggressor flee.

    If you are feeling braver or worried you are about to have to use violence and a last resort you might want to put your phone to your ear and say (or just shout to the nothingness of the night) a description of your aggressor. This will likely make them panic and flee. Only do this if you feel physical harm is imminent as this could provoke an attack as opposed to deter one.

  • (2) I mean you can were Apple earphones but only put one in you’re ear (do not put two of the ear phones in you’re ear just you could put two in you’re ear

  • Women have great tools, you think your being followed pullout your mirror like your doing your makeup. feel unsafe file your nails as that can be used to defend yourself and is also completely normal so people wont notice.

    For dudes just turn round or take a left see if anything happens. also notice shadows on the floor of other people that helps a lot if you get nervous.

  • I’m a very easily influenced individual, don’t ask me why, but I am. I’m now going to be paranoid as all hell. My car is old and has minor issues, one of which being that my central locking doesn’t work. But I’m very grateful of that; if i pull up at a red light and someone tries to hop in the passenger side then they will be foiled by my non working central locking. It also means that if I’m filling up my tank (flap is on same side as the driver) i can be sure that nobody is jumping in the other side without me seeing. I keep my phone in my hand when I’m walking, if there is someone giving me a creep vibe I unlock my phone so first of all it kind of looks like I’m in communication with someone and second shows that i have means of contacting police in an emergency situation. The has even been a time when i pretended to be on the phone, back in the day of slide phones, so that Mr creepo would see that if he tries to fuck me up turn someone is going to know instantly.

  • My friends and i made that mistake runing at night we were chased for 2 miles by a person who had a gun and we never went on a run with out our dog german shepherd

  • My friend, 23 male, was drugged at a bar, someone slipped something in his drink while his back was turned just watching a football game (maybe when he used the restroom), and blacked out, and woke up hours later in the middle of the night covered in grass and leaves in the middle of a park a couple blocks from the bar, and his wallet had been stolen along with his phone and any other valuables on him. He went to the hospital and had a drug test done, and I can’t remember what he said they found in his system, but he definitely was drugged, and it was extremely scary. Thankfully he had some other friends with him who he could call from the bar to pick him up and take to the hospital. I’m a recovering addict so I do abstain from everything now, but it chilled me to the bone, and I tell everyone this story now. It doesn’t matter who you are, it is possible:( be very safe people.

  • I am taking the boys with me for a late night jog or brisk walk tonight. I am going to be a sport and just go as far as Bellvue Baptist Church. Doing Appling Road route or just jog down to the cooking school and back.

  • My dad never let me walk alone. He had a lot of bad expiriences so I had a lot of this stuff drilled into me. He taught me to aim for the bridge of the nose w/ the heel of my hand and how to get loose if someone has grabbed both of your wrists. Pull your arms toward the break in the hands. If they come up behind you, try to hit their face w/ your head. Anyone who has had a baby do this knows it hurts and stuns you.

  • Hey I am 17 Male and i am planning on running at 5 am. The problem is that were I live its really dark and theres barely any light in my neighborhood. Also there is a lot of gangs. Can you give me advice on what should I do. Thx

  • Tip #11 if they have their hand on your mouth lick the hand they will get disgusted and take their hand off and the fight them then run away

  • I’m actually scared of walking alone in daylight. I live in a fairly residential area and have been catcalled/ followed in daylight

  • I remember when I was 7(fyi I’m 11 now) I was riding my bike and as I was riding it I saw a group of guys hanging around drinking beer and next to a van so when I saw them they noticed me and started eying my suspiciously so as I was riding one of them came up behind me and wrapped an arm around my neck and I screamed so loud China could hear me so i kicked and screamed so loud until he gave up and I rode my bike home so fast is beat sonic in a race then when I got home I immediately tan to my room and called the police and they found the guys and arrested them……the scariest day of my life in still traumatized…..so now I take self defense classes and I could really beat someone up now.

  • This video has really opened my eyes thank you so much for making this! a lot of the ‘mistakes’ you mentioned I do without thinking about but i will really start looking after myself now! thank you again, youre awesome! xx

  • Never run with music first off you cant hear yourself breath and cant hear if you’re slowing down or if you’re on pace. Plus it makes you not pay attention to your surroundings

  • Amanda, what I do as a safety precaution is where ever I go I keep my pocket knife within reach and even when I sleep. I know it seems a little weird but I do it at night so in the case of a fire I can cut open the screen of my apartment window. I know, I’m so paranoid.