5 Reasons Walking Is Underrated


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Walking is Underrated

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5 Reasons Walking Is Underrated. IT GETS YOU MOVING. In today’s “ sitting is the new smoking ” society, any movement is better than none. British researchers found sitting IT REDUCES MORTALITY RATE. IT’S LESS LIKELY TO CAUSE INJURY.

IT HAS SIMILAR BENEFITS TO RUNNING. IT CAN HELP YOU THINK. Why walking is the most underrated form of exercise Science shows that placing one foot in front of the other leads to some seriously impressive mental and physical benefits.

Studies show walking. 6 Reasons Walking Is the Most Underrated Exercise. Posture, VO2 max, muscle recruitment, parasympathetic activation, and a lot more.

Nick English ; 5. 5 reasons why walking is underrated exercise. Jade Jurewicz The West Australian. Tuesday, 17 September 2019 1:37PM. Jade Jurewicz.

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6 reasons why walking is underrated. By Liz Connor. It may be simple, but walking really is one of the best and cheapest ways to boost mental and physical health, says LIZ CONNOR. HIPPOCRATES once famously said that walking is “man’s best medicine” — and he had a. r/dietsadvise: Diet Nutritionist and Fitness coach. I provide an amazing health resource designed to help people lose weight, look great, and feel. Swimming might be a great form of cross-training, but it’s not exactly easy to keep up a conversation in the middle of laps. “Walking gives you more time to enjoy your surroundings — nature, interesting sights — and also can be a good social activity or a way to have a work meeting, which is hard to do with other forms of cross-training,” says Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, a. 5 Reasons Why Savannah Is Totally Underrated.

By Thrillist. Published on 12/7/2015 at 11:21 AM. Sponsored By. Visit Savannah. Ask anyone you meet here, and they’ll tell you: Savannah isn’t.

Why Walking is Underrated. I’m sad to admit, for the majority of my life, I didn’t consider walking to be a ‘good enough’ workout for me. Here are 5 simple reasons why walking is awesome: It’s Accessible. Walking is such an integral part of our daily lives.

1. Less likely to suffer a stroke and other cardiovascular problems. According to a study by the Harvard Medical School, walking for just 2.5 hours a week.

List of related literature:

The number-one reason why people stop walking—and stop benefiting from all the life-saving, weight-reducing, cardiovascular, stressreducing, and mind-clearing effects—is that they lack consistency in their walking program.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

3 I like walking because it is good exercise.

“Praxis Core For Dummies with Online Practice Tests” by Carla C. Kirkland, Chan Cleveland
from Praxis Core For Dummies with Online Practice Tests
by Carla C. Kirkland, Chan Cleveland
Wiley, 2018

Walking is often underrated.

“A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” by Marianne Williamson
from A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever
by Marianne Williamson
Hay House, 2012

One reason is that walking is a stress reliever.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

Walking’s benefits are impressive: reducing the risk of headaches, cancer, depression, heart disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

“The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness” by Kelli Harding
from The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness
by Kelli Harding
Atria Books, 2019

Walking is also great, because you get your circulation moving and get a chance to think at the same time.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
from The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy
by Vicki Iovine
Pocket Books, 2007

BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS: Walking is fundamental to the human experience: It is our primary way of moving about.

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
from 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief
by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
Pocket Books, 2005

Personal choice in walking is encouraged.

“Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Clare Kostelnick
from Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants E-Book
by Clare Kostelnick
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Walking is a lifestyle for me.

“Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity” by Charles L. Marohn, Jr.
from Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity
by Charles L. Marohn, Jr.
Wiley, 2019

Because it contrasts with the option of staying, the act of walking is significant in itself.

“Ways of Walking: Ethnography and Practice on Foot” by Tim Ingold, Jo Lee Vergunst
from Ways of Walking: Ethnography and Practice on Foot
by Tim Ingold, Jo Lee Vergunst
Ashgate, 2008

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Very important tip! Days you don’t feel like working out go for a walk! Keep the body moving do something! Helps a lot! Very underrated Brix good ass tip bro

  • The Jerry Cantrell wah from Dunlop is awesome and extra throaty, that’s my personal fav. Also, the strap on grandpa shoes all the way

  • Walking is a form of cardio and cardio cleanses the soul as an OG told me. And it’s true I walk an hour day and have dropped 60 lbs in a month 3 years in row when I’m in a good place. It also seems like my luck changes for the better when I’m on my regimen so I true believer that it cleanses your soul and helps the mind.

  • hey brix, im new to the channel and going through the weight lose journey, i was wondering if when you walk is as important as how long you walk, because i walk but its not always at the same time, but i do manage to walk roughly 20min’s a day

  • I never hated James he is always my favourite character btw if anyone thinks James shouldn’t do anything in episode 4 do u pref AJ being a monster? over what he did? tell if u do

  • Whaddup.. Once again kicking facts. We need to hear that sometimes keeping it simple is just as effective for losing weight. Its heart healthy.. Go for a walk..we do it daily, its a blessing to use those legs.. So use them.. Especially for beginners.

  • So many of your videos endorse things that leave me thinking, “I really should do that,” so I’m glad for once to hear the science backing up something I already do such a huge amount of (but, as you say, we can always do more)!

  • Third eye blind is the first band that comes to mind when I think about using wah in cool ways. It’s weird to call such a popular band underrated, but their deep cuts are so underrated.

  • hi guys
    late comment, i didn’t really get the part of the TRS split cable…
    yo mean i can use my wah to control my unicorn? (who by the is an amazing pedal)
    if it’s possible it’s so cool

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-dqC1uhYuI
    On this song I used a Dunlop Classic Cry Baby Fasel Inductor. For me that´s just the best Wah.

  • 5:37 Thank domb about this guy. I totally forgot about Pete He was the first person who trust her at that group. I wish Pete could live more.

  • If your a diabetic is fasting ok and if you have one foot in the grave is just doing cardio ok meaning you need to get the weight off fast

  • I bought a used Version 1 Morley Bad Horsie wah because it was so different from the Vox that I already had. The Vox had a better sweep for Bulls on Parade and some other classic wah songs but I used the Morley more so, I sold the Vox to a coworker who I know is putting it to good use.

  • Is Christa seriously underrated? I thought people like her as well as chuck. Plus I actually did like Marlon despite him being a coward

  • Imo, Jesus is a really underrated character, it could be because A New Frontier was a colossal failure, but I think he was pretty cool

  • I also thought Marlon, James and Mitch were underrated, I really liked all those characters, especially Mitch and Marlon, I really wanna see more of them, even though they’re dead

  • Has anybody done the Leslie Sansone video walks and lost weight? You can do 5 miles in about an hour and you sweat. I need to start those back up b/c it’s too hot in Texas to do all that outside. I’ve got some work to do and pounds to lose!

  • HILARIOUS i remember some of the episodes where you and Hanna would be randomly walking & talking, i guess we now know Julianne told yall to go walk to China!!

  • Great info! The only caveat I’d put in is if you are super morbidly obese. Walking might actually be a detriment due to the extreme body weight.

    Charles Dickens liked to walk! It’s said that he routinely walked 20 miles a day…

    I used to tell my friends “..if I can see it, I can walk there. Just not over water, or to the moon” haha..

    Thank you.
    Be well, be strong.

  • I picked up a fit bit, it allows me to set my walking goals. It tracks my sleep as well, and it’s probably the most accurate pedometer I’ve ever had. It’s small so it doesn’t fall off my clothes, and I can actually wear it on my undies so I wont lose it! It syncs data with my BodyKey account as well. I love what it’s done for my daily work out. It just one more way my activity, or lack of activity looks me right in the face every day! YAY!

  • Just got my first pedal last week, a cry baby classic:) such fun and inspires my playing like none other, love your vids as always

  • Dom, will you do a video on Life Is Strange 2 Episode 4 and 5 achievements? One gives a hint that Sean very well have lost an eye. A NEW PERSPECTIVE.

  • I’m a big supporter of your channel brix you always giving out great tips that helped me lose 30 lbs..Much luv and success to you my dude������

  • When I started my weight loss journey on January 16, 2012 I weighed 380 pounds. I started out walking an hour a day. One year and four months walking is still part of my daily excersise routine along with running 5 miles a day. With diets changes and excersise I have lost a total of 145 pounds in a year and four months. I tell people if the only excersise you can do is walk, then by all means get to stepping!! My motto: “You gotta move to lose!”

  • That’s how my weight loss journey started off, walking is the shit, I walk 2 miles on my days I dont go to the gym, you inspired me brixx, facts, I’m at 266.0 lbs now

  • You make some solid points. When you were at your heaviest did you get this thing where you have to sit down so your lower back could regenerate? Sit for like 30 seconds then you can stand/walk for like 3 or 4 minutes? I call it “fatguyback” because the level of pain is directly correlated to my level of heavy. Makes it hard af to go for walks. Especially with hills.

  • my favorite is the tycobrahe parachute/parapedal. I want to own alot of Joe Gagan’s wahs though. I may start with his Cadillac Wah.

  • I’m a big supporter of your channel brix you always giving out great tips that helped me lose 30 lbs..Much luv and success to you my dude������

  • It’s funny you say this i just joins a gym yesterday and I told myself if I don’t feel like do anything els I’m at least going to walk on the treadmill 30 min a day then go home

  • people underestimate walking, not everything is about HIIT. Sometimes I like to walk at night or early in the morning just to keep it going and lift in between.

    and you killed the editing and I like the music and the angles are great!

  • Its not easy to lose weight whoever is reading this im proud of you keep going.i lost so much weight but i havent reach my goal so im not stopping my results are amazing you can check on my channel

  • Gabe is super underrated. Most people had a bad experience with him because of them being short or rude with him just because they didn’t like him. He’s not nearly as bratty if you’re nice.

  • When i started losing weightJan 2012, I could only walk due to my ACL tear. I would walk 15mins a day on treadmill and just keep upping the time and incline as weeks went on. I used to love the walk, may have to do what you said about before breakfast!

  • Loved hearing this! B4 I had my baby I worked out like crazy went to the gym 6 times a week and now with a baby it’s a lil hard to get in the 6 days a week so I try to walk alot with my baby especially I live in a area with lots of hills so it ups the intensity a bit and I absolutely love it!!! Thanks again for everything!! Xoxo Liba

  • I would’ve put Doug at number 1 because most people let him die ��

    Also, I think that Brody, David Garcia, the father of the Garcias and the 400 Days characters are really underrated as well.

  • i feel like not many people liked Brody, but i loved having a character like her in the game, even though it didn’t last long. people don’t like her because she’s “paranoid”, but they seem to forget that she had severe anxiety, and even had a panic attack or two in episode 1. i think it was interesting to see someone with a severe mental illness and how they would handle the whole situation. i wish we could’ve seen more of her

  • I agree with this a 1000% I use to just work out every day and have no cardio then I got a job where I’m walking 80% of the time and I had a HUGE change on my performance in the gym and in life.

  • I love Christa honestly. I find it somewhat sad that Omid (who is equally amazing) is talked about less than her, as her personality is really great and makes an amazing contrast to her partner’s, y’know?

  • Every time you crack a joke, i say ‘I LOVE THIS GUY, what a chap’, so might as well put it down. Thanks for the incredible labour of love you are adding to the fuzzy world of guitars, mate! Your pedals must be dogs bollocks

  • What there’s no way u think Molly’s underrated she was a pure character who wasn’t underrated by us but telltale since she was in 1 episode

  • I underestimated walking my entire life and have been always into HIIT. Until recently I started walking 10k steps daily, that is 300 cal burn for me and have last 5 lbs effortlessly. I m going to continue walking regardless of my weight loss goal.

  • Me and my fiance both have FitBit Versas and Walking Apps to help us maintain our journey on the path of wellness. Walking is an IMPORTANT TOOL in the arsenal 😉

  • Alright for me:

    Season 1:
    Doug (most peapole saved Carley and even tough i pick her everytime saving Doug is still a good choice. When you do save him we can see his brain is huge. I mean….alarm system! And if motel was safer he could probably build electric fence around it like at the dairy!)
    Katjaa (she wasn’t that big of a character. I agree. But she was the only doctor until we met Vernon and was the nicest person in the group and one of the nicest in the entire series. )
    Chuck (let’s be honest. If Lee didn’t listen to him Clem wouldn’t know how to shoot. And would probably die alongside Lee. This dude is the reason Clementine survived.)
    Ben(he was the most realistic character out of all of them. If i would live in a zombie apocalypse i would probably be Ben/Gabe. I mean….it’s not easy to make a right call! He tought giving bandits supplies was a right call. That he saved everyone. But every choice has it’s bad and good outcomes. The bad outcome was death of Katjaa and Duck and Doug (not Carley. If Carley wouldn’t piss Lilly off she and lee would probably make her let Ben stay and not kill him or at least let him go but….she went out of line there and that got her killed. And the good outcome? He bought Kenny time to repair the RV. If bandits were constantly attacking there wouldn’t be time to repair it and most characters would die or get bit at one of the attacks)
    Honorable mentions:
    St. John Brothers
    Larry (yes Larry. He was an asshole but he was just like Kenny. Even tough Kenny is my fav if you don’t side with him he becomes Larry v2. And you can’t deny it.)

    Season 2:
    Pete (he was just a good guy and i think if he survived longer and died in episode 2 and not 1/start of 2 he wouldn’t be on this list.)
    Nick (unused potential. There were so many things they could have done with him. Redemption arc etc. But they just killed him off.)
    Walter (We all know why)
    Mike (cut content. his character would be so much better if he was one of the bandits in the woods.)
    Arvo (yes Arvo. i hate him but making character who gets so much hate for the things he’s done and not being a cardboard cutout is hard and tells you a lot about a good writeing)
    Honorable mentions:
    Sarah (my least fav character but still. there was a potential for it being good)

    Season 3:
    Tripp (i agree)
    Conrad (most peapole killed him in episode 2 but his redemption arc is just soo good. i’m glad he survived to the end in my first playthrough.)
    Max (here we see one of the best kind of characters for me. Bad guys that aren’t exactly bad. He was just doing what he was told to do even tough he didn’t really want to. I think his redemption by exposing Joan was good)
    Clint (he was the only reasonable guy in richmond leadership bracket. Lingard is almost always high. David is too reckless and Joan is a bitch. I liked him and i’m sad he didn’t come back ever)
    Lonnie (out of Badger Max Lonnie trio he had the least screen time. he deserved more.)
    Gabe (just like Ben. realistic.)
    Mariana (we all know why)
    David ( the whole brothers plot was cool. I liked it.)

    Season 4:
    Marlon (i agree. he wasn’t bad. he gave up 2 to save the rest)
    Aasim (he deserved mkre screen time)
    Chef God Omar ( his Omar!!!!!!!!)
    Mitch (he died too quickly (yeah Mitch. You sure as hell know how to fight))

    400 days:
    Vince (i’d like a normal season about him but ya know. Without Carver plot. Like it didn’t exist)
    Clive (I just like him lol)


  • I was majorly disappointed that they never brought Christa back. You can tell that it still hurts Clementine all those years later not knowing whether her friend and mother figure is actually dead or not. They really missed an opportunity by not bringing her back as the Delta’s enemy in the Final Season.

  • Oh Dom, you forgot someone. I think that the Police Officer from S1 E1 should be at least an honorable mention. Really fun guy to talk to

  • Way to simplify things for people, I really like it when you can get an important point across without having to overly explain. Thanks for the video we appreciate it.

  • The Marlon dlc is a really good idea… he was a great character, the voice actor was great too. It’d be so interesting to see more of the school before Clem arrived as well

  • When he got to James and started talking about how a lot of people overlooked his character…


    James was one of my top 10 favorite characters in the entire series. Hands down.

    I really wish he had gotten a bigger part in episode 4.

  • Marlon was probably 1 of the best characters in the whole series and if he lived longer he could’ve easily been in a lot of peoples top 3 or 5 favorites. The voice acting was some of the best I’ve ever seen in all 4 games and the character was already complex from the start. I genuinely felt bad seeing him go, he was just a kid in the most impossible situation ever the stress and guilt he was under must of been killing him inside. He was truly 1 of the most tragic characters in the series.

  • Hey Dom what do you think about that what if Skybound would make a DLC for TFS like 400 days in it would be explayned what happend to all the characters we dont know of where they are or if they are alive like Christa,
    Javi or even Kenny
    So it still would be the Final season and we would be happy

  • Every time I go for a walk, I feel as if all of the issues that have surrounded me magically disappear. I feel calm, relaxed and have no time limit as gym equipment usually does. Walking has been great for me in my beginning stages as I can’t run for long periods of time yet. Most people say they don’t have time to exercise, but everyone walks! People can take time during a lunch break a work, or park further away (or get off the bus earlier). What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  • I disagree Marlon is not an interesting character he’s a coward and a traitor.
    AJ killing Marlon was the only option he couldn’t survive out there alone and he’s a waste of time watching 24\7.

    I’ve played many games that have a character like Marlon’s personality and all I think about is when do I get to kill that son of a bitch.
    I’m very proud of AJ.

  • All this talk about new graphics and bringing new graphics to the old game, does anyone else PREFER Season 1 and 2 graphics and gameplay? Idk why, but I like it better. Season 3 and 4 were shakier when it came to loading and framerate and Michonne was glitchy and skippy as all hell. I prefer the artwork in Season 1 and 2. Even seeing Pete in here at No. 7 made me miss that season so much compared to Season 3’s artwork.

  • 2:23 when I saw lily on screen I thought she was gonna be number 9 and I’m like ‘bruh u trippin?’
    Also Pete should be number 1, a flawless character who deserved to stick around till at least episode 3

  • I never liked marlon to begin with and you ask why is it because he traded two of his people for protection no it’s becuase of his hair

  • I think that if there was to be DLC for Marlon, it should be him giving away the twins, and then us seeing what happened to sophie, it would be really interesting in my opinion.

  • Chuck really was the man, such a likeable and human character, and if it weren’t for him giving Lee that advice, then Clem would definitely be dead, deserves more credit

  • I find that walking during times of high stress and not getting enough sleep (like during a hectic semester), keeps me active without adding more stress (like if I were to go hard at the gym).

    I go for 5 mile walks in the woods a few times a week, and it’s meditative for sure. I love it.

    FYI: I’m digging the editing of these videos ��

  • Marlon is very cool and interesting character. Look he had it pretty tough. He has his own issues (otherwise he would not end up in the school) Can you imagine a 11 yo boy with his own issues leading 30 more kids with their own issues during zombie apocalypse? Clem is good but she had Lee, Kenny, Javier etc to teach her. Marlon was all alone, nobody to teach him lead, and yet he was able to protect the kids for 7 years. He also saved Clem and AJ. God. I miss Marlon so much. Every day i beg god for Marlon DLC!

  • I lost 4kgs in a month thanks to Brix (and gym). I go to the gym 4 days a week and my routine is a 30 mins threadmill jog workout (+ 250 calories) as a starter and a different body part workout in these 4 days. Do you think it is a good idea or should i step it up?

  • Years ago, I ran into a guy named Charlie Stringer. He started snarling dogs. I suggested, from experience that a wah pedal with a ring modulator built in, is super interesting sounding. I sent him a tape of this and he loved it! Unfortunately, the result was the psyco scumatic wah. The wha sweep was on 3 different presets and sounded great but he used a amplitude modulator instead which messed up the ability to sound like a human vocalization. Oh well..I sold it. Great channel..I used to have a huge collection of pedals but not anymore. I don’t look at your backdrop……too painful.

  • You make a Marlon dlc and you’re bound to find out a lot more about everyone in the school. It would be interesting. Also, I have been kept in suspense wondering how he got into the school.

    Also, I am with you on Mitch and Alvin. Mitch has some wicked survival skills and I can totally see Alvin’s protective spirit in AJ.

  • Thanks for all the great content love your passion. Love power walking, plug in your fav music and just move. Btw. Not everyone is on twitter, I do not tweet.

  • Who’s your least favorite walking dead character and your favorite character favorite: Lee least favorite/I’m happy he died: david

  • I agree with you man, walking is always my snacks for the day, no matter how tired I am, I always try to force myself to walk even if I don’t need it. I try to park as far as I can and take the longest ways to get there. I try to always park my car in the 3rd basement of my building and walk thru the ramps to my office in the 5th floor, that gives me at least a 2 mile walk a day, but sometimes I have to get back to my car multiple times, So, sometimes I end up walking up to 8 o 9 miles just going to my car, and it is definitely worthy if you are trying to loose weight

  • I love walking and thank you for posting your BL secret. I often wonder what you guys do when your not working out with your trainers. Now I know that you were walking. LOL Love you guys!! So inspiring. Olivia, Once I hit Onederland I am coming to soulcycle!!!!

  • Had a cover band in the ’90s, learned all the fancy solos, rack mounted effects, no one cared, only 2 things got their attention…feedback and wah.

  • Congratulations for your videos ( really good ) and your knowledge about pedals and guitar sound. Awesome!! I’d like to know your opinion about The Cry Baby Mini…is it a good wha? Thanks a lot***

  • my mom and I been walking goal is 2 miles a day. Using striiv on the iphone has helped tons. have lost weight and kept it off. Continuing it, it is so relaxing and wonderful. Even though I have my cell I have no want to even look at it when walking. Hoping to get a FitBit soon.

  • I am so happy to see you talking about walking. I used to walk all the time. I have been biking outside sense last Aug. Now I am going to add walking to my fitness routine again.

  • It’s a mystery!!! 😉 Great job getting most of it gone…holiday is hard, but the important part is getting back on track. Nice work!

  • Poor Marlon. He is such an interesting character, and he is a good person too.Yes, he made mistakes and bad ones. But he tried his best to protect the group. Not to mention Clem and Aj would be dead without him. He didnt deserved such an end. I miss him so much.

  • Like the socks! I know Vox is mostly know for amps, but they also have pedals, But I never see them on your show. Curious your thoughts on these rarely mentioned products. To me they such a classy company, and even seem to have embraced joining the Korg family who have also made random guitar products…

  • Here’s my Top 10 Underrated Characters:

    1 Edith
    2 Sarita
    3 Christa
    4 Aasim
    5 Chuck
    6 Mariana
    7 Paige
    8 Shawn
    9 Russell
    10 Shel

    Edith is at the top by a long shot because I barely see anyone mention her at all, let alone recognise what she’s done, whereas least characters like Chuck get some recognition for doing good things. If Clementine goes into Wellington she looks after her for 2 years and even gives her life up to help her and AJ escape. Even if you don’t go into Wellington and leave with Kenny, she’ll go against protocol and risk getting into trouble by giving them an extra bag of supplies.

    Sarita is in 2nd because most just see her as Kenny’s new girlfriend, but she took a broken man like Kenny and made his mental health so much better again. She’ll also offer Clementine and the group a place to stay at the lodge, but unlike Walter, realises that it can be dangerous to be too kind in the apocalypse. Later, she’ll try to take hits for Kenny when Carver starts beating him (she’ll actually be hit if you do nothing), and also blows her cover as a walker in order to protect Clem and Sarah after Carlos died. If you don’t cut off her arm, you can see she’s visibly distressed when Kenny blames Clementine for what happened to her.

  • I have also found it helpful to just download some random home workout app for the days where you just don’t have enough time to hit the gym kr whatever. Today I did a workout that burned 250 calories in 15 mins. It just helps you get in some more calories on your metabolism. I find it hard to hold a deficit on days where I’m not active so I guess this can also substitute it a little bit along with walking.

  • my 10

    10 Ava Helps out clementine, aligns herself with Javier and his group, a bad bitch.
    9 Brody Friendly, tries to make the best out of awkward situations, aligns herself with AJ and Clem on their first encounter.
    8 Pete Friendly, aligns himself with Clementine, funny, tries to keep the group together.
    7 Mariana A breath of fresh air, a good listener, iconic.
    6 Francine Friendly, doesn’t judge Javier or Clementine, jokey personality.
    5 Ruby Iconic, essential member of the school, breath of fresh air, great personality.
    4 Christa Strong, aligns herself with Lee, friendly, taught Clementine how to survive, good personality.
    3 Sarah Little-sister figure, friendly with Clementine, aligns herself with Clementine, doesn’t really judge anyone.
    2 Sarita Eases Kenny’s mental state, friendly with Clementine, allows her to stay if she wishes, entertaining personality.
    1 Edith Gives Clementine and AJ a safe place to live, leaves with Clementine and AJ when Wellington is run down to protect them, friendly with Clementine and Kenny, gives Kenny (and determinately Clementine) an extra bag of supplies to ensure safety and well-being.

  • I knew what the topic was before listening to the video because I don’t do it.
    I have experienced and continue to experience extreme pain in my lower back and legs that I cant even do 5 minutes on a treadmill without almost losing my balance.
    Very discouraging to say the least!

  • i’ve been rocking a bog standard GCB-95 crybaby for nearly a decade, i bought it for £31 secondhand when i was 15 and it has never ever let me down. while during leads breaks i may use it for emphasizing notes and bends i’ve quite often used it to create a phaser sound by slowly sweeping, i’ve even been known to use it backwards like that!

  • You never cease to amaze me by the beauty that radiates from within.
    ” walking, walking my blues away…….” Leave your music behind as it’s a great time to pray, think and simply observe the beauty of creation.

  • If all I can do is walk is that ok if I’m trying to loss 150 lbs when I lift weight my back go out are I pull something in the lower part of the back

  • Im always Walking (gym) helps me to Loose 80 Pounds in 13 months.food and taking Care what you eat is also very important.thank you for the video����

  • 15:05 out of all main Season 1 characters aside from Clem, who would have thought that Christa would basically be the only one who we never saw die in all four seasons.

  • Hi!! (Is this O,B, or H?) Hope you are all well? Put on a bit of weight on holiday but have nearly lost it already! Think DietBet was a bit to ambitious with a holiday for 2/3rds of it. Will continue to do my best to do it though

  • Hi Liv and Hannah!!!!! I have struggle so long with my weight since I had my son 7 years ago. watching you both on BL was such a eye opening experience. I have encorprated walking everyday and I am now within 8 pounds of wonderland thanks for all you do!!!!! I would die for a reply back and any extra tips you might have. o I missed you olivia at the Roseville Gallaria:((((((

  • I use the BBE Ben Wah… simple & solid but also adjustable in a very musical way. I have always had trouble keeping a way on my board, I usually put on the floor in front of it when I its needed. Loved your examples of unconventional ways to WAH! Very cool. Cheers!!✌��

  • Walking was my jumpstart to exercising. I would walk during my lunch break, almost every Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon. Walking is my number one go-to cardio exercise. #brixsquad

  • I’ve used the Jerry Cantrell wah for a while now. I don’t like wahs that have that ice pick feel in the toe down position. It’s a very dark sounding pedal to begin with, but it has a knob that allows you to control the high end of the toe down position. Something that is normally only achieved by moving the rack and pinion inside the pedal. Also has a bit of a boost when engaged.

  • My favourite wah has got to be the Vox Wow Fuzz from 1970. It’s the same as the SolaSound and Colorsound, they all share the same electronics. The Colorsound is still available from Macaris and Castledine Electronics here in the UK, but I have a Vox which I paid £20 for in 1988. Sounds similar to Josh’s first example (distortion before wah) but more extreme. Love it, my Jen Crybady and Weeping Demon can’t get anywhere near to how good this pedal is.

  • If you have like a ehx freeze pedal or somekind of synth or reverb that has an “hold” function, like the boss sy1, its pretty cool to strike a chords an just filter trough the frequencies

  • These pedal dudes need to do a bass players series. I know they have tons of knowledge for bass gear and have more info than “it’s the same thing but for lower frequencies”.

  • Thanks for this info!!!! I have incorporated walking into my everyday scheduling and I’m now within 8 pounds of wonderland….. Seems to b so hard to get there. Any advise id be grateful for:) Olivia I missed you at the galleria @ Roseville maybe next time
    Id love a response back:)

  • Used to use a Standard CryBaby, until I stomped it one too many times and it finally disintegrated. That took 15 years or so. Now, with your help, I’ve finally started building out my first pedal board. I’m so lost. To save space, I added the newer CryBaby mini. I am disappointed in what seems to be a smaller more focused sweep, that doesn’t make me happy. At all. Please help, as you are my favorite pedal tutorial/enthusiast currently. Also, I liked the argyle socks the best.

  • how do i stop my vox or crybaby from dropping to treble position after a week of use? I have tried to tighten two different parts of the wah and nothing works

  • Walking is the truth that’s how I started. I started at 180 lbs Jan 1st and I’m 174 lbs as May 1st. Now that dropped some weight I can now run without my knees hurting. Time to step it up and get more consistent. Being active I got that. My biggest problem now eating habits.

  • What about the beginner.. the mind trick of, I exercise so I need to eat.. yet I have all these reserves… 27% body fat.. been doing good at knocking myself out of that mind trick eating pure foods sup beer.. not a lot however compared to the full-time alcoholics

  • My favorite wah in 40+ years of guitar playing is the Musonic. Very large pedal, has that classic Crybaby vocal sound. Made in the 70’s up in the Midwest. I have 2, the only ones I’ve seen, bought 20 years apart, both sound great. Dunno how they ended up in Austin.

  • The only footwear I really remembered taking note of during the video was the brown argyles… they must be my favorite since the image is seared into.my gray matter!

  • The use of the wah (or volume pedal) as an expression pedal using the trs splitter cable is pretty cool. The traditional wah has a different curve/slope than a normal volume or expression pedal I believe.

  • I just bought a FitBit One pedometer and it’s really motivational to walk more! I’ve started jumping on my treadmill everynight this week, just to up my steps. I also had a friend buy one too several states away and I was able to add her as a friend on the Fitbit website and being able to kind of compete is really cool. The first day she had it, I didn’t want her to get more steps than me, so I jumped on the treadmill for an hours and surpassed the 10,000 goal!

  • i use a cry baby mini but im looking to change it out with the jimi hendrix mini cry baby because A:my current wah doesn’t hold positions (probably from being brought gig to gig on a pedalboard without a case) and B: its got the chrome look of the vox wah but at a size that will fit my sized down board.

  • You don’t [Wah] your wah? When you say it, annoys the shit outta but it’s funny, like Jim Root really Wahhhs his way, some people can’t help it

  • I always put my filters after my fuzz and distortion… it is a really cool sound. I like The Original Crybaby wah (this is the silver logo that says THE ORIGINAL Crybaby) Its def different from GCB 95. I remember arguing with my friend when he got his that they sounded different, his was new and I got mine used. But Live I really haven’t been carrying a wah pedal on my board for years because they are heavy and u have to stomp on them and stand there to use it, so I switched to an envelope filter, but those are hard to use LIVE, and so I didnt want to upgrade to a Jerry style preamp… then the Blurst by EHX was born, super sick with the tap tempo. I use it for all my Wah sounds now.

  • Going for a walk switches your thinking brain off, but at the same time the monotonous effect of walking helps your brain sort any issues out that you may have, I often walk for 15-20 mins and think “how did I get here?”.

  • Walter… The man was the kindest soul ever… The man the twd universe doesn’t deserve. The way he welcomed total strangers into his home, gave bonnie several days worth of food supplies, and forgave nick even after killing his best friend. Walter was truly a character OUT OF THIS WORLD and deserved soo much better.

  • The Wah pedal will teach you things. Like in the mid-80, I tried out my new shiny Rudy wah on a clean Jazz Chorus and my thirteen year old daughter, who instead screaming “Daddy, turn it down!” said, “Daddy, are you making freaking prono music?” OMG! Daddy’s BabyGirl knows what “Boom Chicka wah wah” means! I consulted Mother and engaged me and her into a full investigation.

  • I always put wah after fuzz,od,etc…. cuts through like hot chainsaw on steroids through dry pine…or butter….eitherway….it’s sick…using a handwired Vox,pretty neat. Plus guaranteed “Echoes Seagull”-not essential,but it’s certainly interesting. (-reversing in-out-) I’m guessing that this might be the original 60’s circuit,not sure,cause this is a replica. Hope the bakelite board and the ceramic capacitors/resistors are not the only thing that supposed to make this legit. (-it only uses battery only,and I even got a circuit schematic drawing,glued to the back of the wah’s coverplate-I guess that these types of things are not common these days,or at least I do not see them on the products of today’s market very often.)