5 Reasons Walking Is the greatest Workout


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5 Reasons Walking Is the Best Workout. IT IS ONE OF THE MOST ACCESSIBLE FORMS OF EXERCISE. There is no exact date when a baby will take its first steps, though most are doing so by IT CAN BE JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS RUNNING.


1. Stronger bones. As we age, our bones become weaker, but walking regularly can strengthen them. As we walk, we increase stress on bones and 2. Increased muscle strength. 3. Less body fat. 4. Better heart health.

5. Better mood. Walking is physically easier on the body, but the body still requires to take in more oxygen than in sedentary mode, providing the same benefits as running. To help you get into the swing of walking, we’ve rounded up nine reasons today is a good day for a stroll: 1. Walking is linked to lower rates of obesity.

People who walk to work are less likely to be obese, according to a 2009 study. 5 Reasons Why Walking Is My Favorite Form of Exercise, and Should Be Yours, Too I’m so tired of y’all throwing shade at walking. So, so tired.

Every time someone asks me about exercise and the best place for a beginner or a couch potato (said lovingly, of course) to get started, I say “walking.” And there are tons of options for. Walking Is the Best Gentle Exercise #5: You Can Always Add Intensity Or Distance It is easier to increase the intensity of walking than almost any other exercise. All you have to do is walk further, uphill, hike or add ankle and wrist weights. Do some research about walking routines and the equipment you’ll need to increase the workout. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get yourself moving, and while the act is simple, the health benefits of walking are anything but.

Walking has been shown to improve everything from heart and lung health to brain power and memory. Maintain a healthy weight. Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Strengthen your bones and muscles. Improve your mood.

Improve your balance and coordination. The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. Why walking is the most underrated form of exercise Science shows that placing one foot in front of the other leads to some seriously impressive mental and physical benefits. Studies show walking.

Examples include running, walking or swimming. Even small amounts of physical activity are helpful, and accumulated activity throughout the day adds up to provide health benefits. Strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week.

List of related literature:

3 I like walking because it is good exercise.

“Praxis Core For Dummies, with Online Practice Tests” by Carla C. Kirkland, Chan Cleveland
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Ideas generated by both Alan and his coach included: scuba-diving, jazz dancing, entering for the London Marathon, walking to work every day, cycling, swimming, taking the stairs instead of the lift to his apartment, joining a gym, getting a personal trainer, learning Pilates, buying a home treadmill – and many more.

“Coaching Skills: A Handbook” by Jenny Rogers
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Walking improves cardiovascular capacity, bodily endurance, lower body muscular strength and flexibility, posture, enhances metabolism of lipoproteins and insulin/glucose dynamics, and may increase bone strength (Morris and Hardman 1997).

“The Urban Design Reader” by Michael Larice, Elizabeth Macdonald
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Walking four miles burns more fat than running the same distance in less time.28 One scientific journal points out that a brisk, twentyminute walk every other day produces substantial, recognizable benefits.29 It also has been shown that the positive effects of walking are cumulative.

“Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life” by Harvey Diamond
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Second, create a walking program that is reasonable and keeps your walking fun.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
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One reason is that walking is a stress reliever.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
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Walking is also great, because you get your circulation moving and get a chance to think at the same time.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
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These weren’t things I wanted to do, in fact I downright resented that simply walking could make my legs weak and on hot days a short stroll to the corner could make me sweat as if I’d gone for a long jog.

“Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive: 101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark
from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive: 101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude
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Walking is great but only if it provides a challenge to your body.

“Don'T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Rujuta Diwekar
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I don’t have access to jogging trails, swimming pools, bike paths, etc. 3 2 1

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
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  • I have been walking everyday now i started out every other i have loss alot of weight i noticed my breast are perkier my legs are firm butt is firm im making alot of improvement it also keep it at a steady level even when your diet is not right

  • I walked 1 mile for 45 days straight, even while taking adipex and did NOT lose any weight! My clothes are loser, but my scale is displaying the same amount as when I started. In the past I walked 30 days straight and lost over 25 pounds. Some people have told me the reason that I didn’t lose weight is because I am going through menopause. But I should have lost something. Right?!

  • I’ve been walking for 2.5 months.. Around 5000steps a day ( low intensity ). I’ve kept my diet same… I feel more energized after walking… However I’ve not lost any weight or inches!! ��

  • I’m a postman, I walk 3 to 4 hours a day with about 2000 stairs to climb, 5 days a week, as well as cycling to and from work, around 6 miles and yet i’m putting on weight and my waistline has gone from 35″ to 37″. I also eat a well balanced diet, what am I doing wrong?

  • Leslie, I started doing your videos back in 1980, you look exactly
    The same! You have not aged, you are a living proof that exercise
    Keeps young!!! Thanks for all your videos��

  • You guys make me laugh and always good advice,thanks from Tennessee and my personal hiking trail,,it’s 31 degrees and snowy rain,I’m going walking daily,thanks truly

  • I started walking 4 weeks ago for 30 minutes every day with a speed and incline increase each week. The first 2 weeks I lost 9lbs but after 4 weeks I had only lost about 15lbs. The results are there but diminishing. I have PLENTY of belly fat to get rid of so the decrease in weight loss over the second 2 week period was very frustrating. I’m not giving up though because I know it works because I have done it before!

  • Hi Leslie, can you also upload the 1 hour workout…5 miles.. Thankyou… Love your videos…. I’ve become so fit this lockdown thanks to you…

  • So sad that am gaining weight coz I can’t walk or do most activities without help. Its been 6 years now. My RA has robbed me a lot.

  • my father walked everyday of his life,and i mean he walked everywhere…but…he still had alzheimers… so i am baffled how they come to these results.

  • I started walking 3 times a week 5 miles a day. Now I walk 7 days a week for 1 1/2:hours a day. Love the benefits of walking calm mind energy and losing inches and less back pain. Totally addictive to a great easy exercise.

  • Wish with all my might I could walk as much as I want to, let alone run. I have awful plantar fasciitis and a horrible supinación (outward gait). I do work hard to help all of it but, well it is what it is & I’m stuck with this. Walkin let alone running like all my brothers n sisters do, isn’t in the future for me.
    I bike, exercise vids, and other methods to keep me movin. But I miss runnin. I’m sure my weight loss would be much more if I could run again.

  • Walking 10 hour /day
    36000meter. No any reasult with low carb low calories diet. I guess is ment to be a joke, after a point walks not have effect on your fat lose

  • Hi I am from India.
    Because of lockdown and working from home I started gaining weight.
    I just started following ur walk exercises. Feeling good.
    Just wanted to know how much hours gap needed between lunch to Evening walk exercise.

  • Walking is good for good health in general good circulation & feeling great clears the mind thoughts + eating as healthy as posible helps may god bless us & this pandemic be over so we can enjoy normal life may heal in a positive light ��������

  • I’m 24 years old. I have been walking on a regular basis for 45 minutes since last month. When I started, my waistline was 28 inches. Now my waistline is 26.7 inches. I eat everything but I eat less. I try to eat not more than 1500 calories each day. I also incorporate a 10 minutes ab workout. Walking every day really helps.

  • I am one of the rare one, I bike to the park/forest, and then I have a good peacefull walk. I’ve done this for a few years, so now I add some running too. I get annoyed when I see 54054350893248932492384023480 cars on the road, so I haven’t owned a car since 2012. Biking, running and walking ftw.

  • She’s right about the hormones balance thing. walking does lower androgens, but high intensity activities/running too much will cause hormone imbalance because the surrenal glands get overstimulated, and both adrenaline & androgens will get produced. bad thing if your a woman trying to loose weight, esp if you have pcos. thats why women can lose weight doing yoga regularly. women should do regular, long session (at least 1h ) of low impact/low intensity physical exercises.

  • Yes, I learned this a couple of months ago. Walking is aerobic as in, you are able to fully breath and fully circulate oxygen all round the body as your heart rate is up, this is very important for fat burning. Since you can’t do that while running, your body starts to burn glycogen or something else while running.

    Also, instead of thinking in terms of steps, for some, just work out some 20 minute routes to walk. Been 16/8 intermittent fasting for six weeks from Monday and I haven’t missed a day walking. If I’m not working that day, which incorporates walking, I’m going for a walk, like I will do in a few minutes of writing this.:-)

  • Awesome views,,,and a great message on the benefits of walking,,,,,I’d add and say walking as part of a weight loss plan should be daily,,,,, Scooby great vid,,,

  • I really wish I had find out this diet guide years ago. I dropped 12 lbs in three weeks up to now. There is certainly still need of work outs even only a couple of times a week and also the foods to nibble on should be right. The effect shown to me is wonderful. I absolutely recommend the item, wish it works as good for you mainly because it really does for me. Find a right weight is not easy, you can research on Google. Guide’s name is under.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • I also started walking from last 3 months.I walk 18900 steps today.������..I am happy because day by day I increased the steps…..��������������

  • Walking is a lot healthier than running. Less strain on the joints. I love walking. On my days off work I’d go out for an hour at the local park.

  • I daily walk (slow & fast combination) for 1 hour, 6 days a week, feels more energetic & lost 3 kg in a month without changing diet.

  • Biking is just more FUN! Running sucks, especially for women with larger breasts. Women, just ride a bike. Anyone could get injured or killed either running or biking.Also, not mentioned, if you are on a bike and you see a creepy person on foot, you can bike like hell away. lol

  • Me and my family very thankful to you Leslie during this pandemic time we do our daily exercise and it helps a lot for a very stressful quarantine days…thank you and more power and to your co.too!!

  • I believe walking & powerwalking is a excellent way to attract good overall health good circulation lowers high blood pressure & cholesterol levels may god bless us please send more positive feedback ��������

  • I enjoy walking outside during the summer to get some fresh air but I feel like using a machine such as an elliptical or stairmaster is more efficient for me personally as I can hold myself accoubtable. The main reason people overeat etc is because they will go on a hike at a low intensity pace for 1 or 2 hours and then think theyve burned 1,000 calories when in actuality it was barley 400. For a guy like scooby or anyone of us going on a hike would be good cardio as we already watch our diets and weight train but most average people use literally ANY excuse to keep eating trash. The old “well i worked out today so I can still eat that box of pizza”

  • If you ask me, it’s really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called NextLevelDiet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  • At the end you say walking won’t do anything for performance athletes. But are you really saying that let’s say running/biking intensely 30-60 min five times a week PLUS walking an hour three times a week gives you little to no better performance improvement than just the same running/biking and no walking?

  • This brought back fond memories of film school. A freshman student decided to create a film from the POV of a butterfly in flight. Up and down she moved the camera. Up and down and around, through the air.:-) In the screening auditorium, our heads nodded down, then up, then up some more, then down again. But seriously people, walking is good for you, great video thanks Scoob!

  • Get muscles like me, I got 7kg of lean muscle mass in two months only. I visited website called NextLevelDiet, they provided me with 30 days diet meal plan and training plan. Their tips helped me to gain muscles as well.

  • Start of quarantine I was 2, now I’m 4, progress(30-45 min run every day along my pier along with drinking 3 litres of water a day)

  • So true. I just started doing this. I also fast because my appetite isn’t the best anyways. Fasted cardio most of the day because I’m a security guard and walk all over. Then I eat later in my shift. Super hydrated throughout the day. Crazy. Idk how much I weigh because I haven’t kept track. However my booty looking better and my calves. Like damn!

  • bull crap i have spent 7 yrs walking a walmart at 10k steps/4-5 miles a night and 2 more yrs of walking in a hospital im 61 yrs old and 275 lbs still fat and ugly..

  • Thank you Leslie for leading me to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lost 20 plus pounds during this quarantine with these videos and I feel so much more happy and healthy. Walking is now apart of my life and I’m so thankful for that ♥️

  • Great vid, but for me, brain function and energy levels went up much more with jogging than walking. Walking is good for beginners, but you aren’t getting all of the health benefits that you could.

  • Hi im 15 and am doing a 12 hour ultra marathon in 2 more weeks and im going to try and get 60 miles how can i prevent muscle loss when running for 12 hours straight?

  • interestingly my neck pain comes out when I walk, however I walk every week 5-6km once or twice. Lately the pain comes out after around 1 hr walk. I saw elderly people put their arms behind teir back while walking, and that helps. I walk in running shoes. I love those booya sticks btw.

  • I’ve had back issues as a result of a car accident 27+ years ago. Walking has been a godsend to me regardless of what was going on in my life. Thanks for the reminder that it’s a good habit!

  • I am used to walking everywhere because I have not driven a car in almost 24 years due to a chronic medical condition. Sometimes I go out and walk just for the exercise, and because I can go anyplace I want to. One of the fascinating things about walking a lot and not relying on a car is that you get to go exploring and see a lot of things you otherwise wouldn’t notice out of a car window. It is wise to wear a watch or have some means of timing yourself so you know how long you have been outside, because if you decide to wander down a street that you’ve never investigated before it might take a while longer than you’d thought. It might not be a good plan for me to go outside this morning as it is raining right now I keep reminding myself that this will bring May flowers while my inner child pouts and hates being stuck inside.

  • Have a Fig or a Date instead of chocalate cookies again refined sugars, oils, process foods, and animal flesh increases your weight……

  • i only watched a few videos so far.. btw this channel seems to be amazing:D
    why does he say “auf Wiedersehen” instead of “see you next time” or sth. like that?
    a few things on his website are in german too

  • It was one of your arch support videos that got me walking every day, again. I needed arch supports and didn’t realize it, I walk at least a half hour a day, for the last year.

  • I’ve been trying to up my steps to 10k a day and I have. I do >15 mins outside but a lot of my walking is indoors in place because of quarantine. Is walking in place as good?

  • Hello Autumn. Great Information. Have a question for you.At what heart rate to burn fat but keep a healthy heart with low cortisol.?I am 52 years old and have seen that I should be between 85–145 bpm. But at 145 bpm will that cause the same amount of cortisol as running. This the (50–85 percent of maximum) healthy heart ratio I saw on line.

  • Just started school yesterday, and i will be walking everyday toschool which is like 25 mins away, but its fine its not 30 min but yea, ill still do it, cuz i have been at home gakning weight in summer lol

  • My new year’s resolution this year is to go for a minimum 2K walk every day for a whole year. So far I haven’t missed a day yet. I’ve lost between 10-15 lbs and am sleeping really well. Walking is really good. I will say my left knee is a little tight sore sometimes but arthritis runs in my family.

    Finally, I have found that the walking helps me eat better too. The walking every day seems to keep me also eating right. Jogging tends to make me hungry while walking lowers stress which lowers stress eating.

  • I like your message…. but I’m telling you, don’t slow-roll it, distribute the knowledge right away, when you’re not quick enough, people will check out.

  • I have been making use of this weight loss program for a couple of weeks today and until now I really like them! I have the vitality I want without having curbing the appetite without having making me feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet regime and I still find a way to dropped my bodyweight to 7 pounds. Find a right guide is not easy, you can research by Google. Program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Autumn, does your cortisol spike if your doing lower impact cardio that you REALLY, REALLY L♥️VE, like dancing? I’m just curious because I am enjoying latin/ballroom inspired dance cardio and it just makes me so happy! I feel so ecstatic by the end of workout! My family has noticed a huge change in my moods which were not the greatest lately due to perimenopause. I am concerned with the hormone-belly connection now more than ever. What do you suggest?

  • My podiatrist has told me that I’m not allowed to walk for exercise, but with a good pair of shoes, I’m doing it anyway. Got a fitness watch, and started out with a goal of 5000 steps. I’m increasing my goals slowly, but always exceed them. Only problem is uneven sidewalks I’m now nursing a skinned knee! ��

  • You guys hit the nail on the head with this one. Over the past year I have lost 160 lbs and am nearing my goal weight, less than 10 pounds to go. I lost the first 100 pounds by changing my eating habits and walking, nothing more. Bob’s statement of weight loss is done at the table is absolutely correct. You will NEVER out walk a bad diet. Great advise as usual fellas.

  • Yes! So good. Great video. I studied exercise science and only now am clicking onto this. Women shouldn’t run so much especially if the have PMS, cortisol is preferenced over making other hormones.

  • In this world 30 min walk esp for women is 30 min of continuous watching over your shoulder
    Make outside the home safe for women so they can feely walk run or jog. We are afraid to let our daughter out to walk

  • The bigger stomach in some runners is most likely due to eating more calories than you are burning. Too bad your certifications and master degree aren’t based on sound logic. Watch this rebuttal by a non-certified person with better reasoning skills. “Obesetobeast” https://youtu.be/SrSXBDfx-Rg

  • i feel much better, first thing in the morning, I aim for a mile, maybe 1.25 miles, the rest is just bonus, i’m doing 2 miles a day or a hour a day, 12 miles walked so far in 5 days

  • Great video. I absolutely agree. I lost 60 pounds over two years by walking, practicing portion controls, and cutting out the sweets. I finally figured out why I prefer walking outside to on a treadmill. Besides the changing scenery, after 45 minutes on a treadmill, I’m liable to just say, “Screw this, I’m getting off this thing.” If I’m outside, after 45 minutes, I’ve still got to walk home!

  • I agree not to mention it doesn’t stress your heart in the same way running does. I see people in the gym all the time that run like maniacs and they can’t even do it for 10 minutes. I ran for years but realized that walking allows for me to be consistent like you said not to mention I really do not want to make my heart any bigger or stressing it out like running.

  • Most ppl use walking to lose weight i love to walk cause you feel healthier happier u attract overall good health & it lowers high blood pressure & cholesterol may god bless us please send more positive feedback ppl ������

  • During the current pandemic, I’ve taken up walking.

    It has simply saved my life. It is one of the reasons I’m still here x

    In the beginning, I was just laying in bed at times and pretty much without any motivation and just wanting to wither away.

    Now I’m feeling stronger, more confident and believing in myself ❤

  • I been walking for 2 months, and it added 2 extra inches, girth and length on my man part….here’s THE catch…it wasn’t even needed ������

  • Perfect timing, gentlemen! My first day at the gym is tomorrow morning and I decided earlier to focus on walking! I do need new shoes, thanks for all your funny guidance and helpful advice guys!✌

  • The opening statement about energy in energy out being debunked is 100% false. Hormone levels cannot violate the laws of thermal dynamics. if you are at a calorie deficit you will lose weight, if you eat at a calorie surplus you gain weight. Hormonal balances, afterburn effects all that can make a very small difference around the edges, but the main focus for weight loss is calories in vs calories out. For other health reasons that may have a psychological impact on your ability to eat less, you may want to eat a certain food or take some specific action, but in the end, it’s calories in calories out.

  • this video was 10 mins too long. moderate pace walking burns fat throughout the activity as a fuel source. high intensity exercise burns fat for about the first 15 mins of sustained activity. after which, continuously maintaining that pace taps into sugar store in the muscles for fuel.

  • I was working 6 and 7 days a week and in 2018 i had three heart attacks and a trip;e bypass after I got out of the hospital I started walking 2 mile 3 time a day and did until I started back to work thin my bypasses collapsed and i was back in the hospital and along came other problems as well I started back walking about 2 days a week for about 2 miles bad a few weeks ago I started back walking 3 miles a day every day at 6;00 am and it takes me 55 minuets to an hour and I’m not improving in my time so my question is it worth it anymore to keep walking.

  • Diet and Exercise can be thought of similarly to your spending and your income of you money budget. Diet is the expenditures in your “body budget” and exercise is your “body income”. The more you exercise, the more you calories you can spend without gaining weight. The more you diet, the less spending you are doing with your calories. By growing the gap between exercise and dieting, you you “save those calories” from being added to your body and turn into fat. Every diet and exercise regime that works has the same premise: caloric deficit. There is some complications due to metabolism which increases or decreases your ability to lose weight, but that just changes the threshold your body needs to hit caloric deficit. It takes discipline just like sticking to a money budget to save money and be debt free.

  • I also found Leslie Sansome Walking videos on uTube at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, I have been walking ever since, love the variety of walks. Thanks Leslie

  • Im already skinny but I walk to gain.. nothing. I can’t seem to see any physical growth of my leg muscles at all. But one thing that surely help and that is getting rid of boredom

  • Definitely a game changer, I walked 22k steps per day during 4 months and lost 10 kg as I also showed on my channel. Epic way to work out. If you wanna see Hong Kong check it out ✌️����

  • What is running often?! 2-3 times a week? I’m training for a 5 k. I was running 3 times a week but I’ve noticed increased anxiety (my doc recommended I stop running) and fat storage lower belly. I’m pretty lean and I do strength training and yoga. �� should I stop running?

  • I would argue that swimming is the ultimate form of walking. The added pressure of being in the water helps expand your lungs and heart. It’s small but adds up day by day. And less likelihood of being ran over by a car. I’ll take my chances with sharks.

    I live by the ocean.

  • January 1st, 2020 I started watching what I eat and started walking. It’s mid July 2020 and so far I’ve lost 81 pounds. I have cervical stenosis and need something that’s low impact. I walk a 5k every morning.

  • Just get to the point, it feels like all those sales pitch videos�� You could have said all thhis in 3 min with far less graphics.

  • I’ve lost over 80 pounds since January 1st, 2020. So far I have taken my BMI from 42.1 to 29.2. Walking is low impact and I have cervical stenosis so I need something that doesn’t kill my neck. It still hurts but it’s better than it was.

  • I have already started walking from yesterday in 4 am with 5000 steps target ; increasing it day by day following with some body exercise refreshing my mind. Love my training schedule.

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  • You guys are amazing and absolutely love your videos. Could you please make a rehabilitation video for overstretched inner ankles or sprains on the inner ankle. Thank you!!

  • I believe walking in good for overall good health good circulation & good heart health it lower cholesterol & high blood pressure may god bless us please send us more positive feedback ��������

  • Thanks for your wisdom. A few years ago my doctor said if I weigh over 200 pounds I could get diabetes since I am the only one in my family who never got it. Now at 197 pounds I find myself walking around the park for about an hour a day. Been doing it for about 2 weeks now and even though I haven’t lost much weight, 2 to 3 pounds, but my gut seems a bit more toned. Hoping to keep it up so I can get to my ideal weight of 175 to 180 pounds. When I was young I used to be a cross country runner and ran for at least 2 times every morning after I woke up. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do that again, but at least I know walking will help me get to my goal. Thanks again for reinforcing my thoughts that walking will help me lose weight.

    PS Oh as I walk I also do isometric exercises that I used to do when I was young taking martial arts. I think it helps tone me.

  • Have you used minimalist shoes for walking? Your thoughts? Could you address them in a video? I just bought the Merrell trail glove 4.

  • So happy to have found these videos. I was doing exercise in the basement, but my husband got sick and has been staying down there so we can stay isolated from each other. I take walks outside, but it isn’t quite enough. These videos are PERFECT. I can do them in my bedroom and I can choose the length of the walk depending on how much time I have. I am surprised how much fun it is. I will definitely keep doing these, even when I get my workout space back. I used to be a dancer and all the different steps feels a little bit like dance. ��

  • Years ago, I started walking to work 2.5 miles each way. From May thru November I went from 265 pounds down to 185 pounds. My blood pressure went from 170/100 down to 130/80 within the first 3 weeks of walking.

  • Jesus Christ is soon to come! We need repentance! Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! Acts 2:38

  • I listened to this video and implemented everything yo said and lost weight by walking. Thank you. Watch this: https://youtu.be/lnXBxHqWe_k

  • I disagree. High Intensity short distance running is better than walking. Long term running isn’t nearly as good as that. Facts bruh.

  • Love this video! Definitely going to subscribe! I wish more people understood how much HORMONES play into weight storage / weight loss! I think you are RIGHT ON with this autumn!!

  • I’m glad walking works for you:) Walking may be better for weight loss, but I’m just not sold on the stress-running link. As someone with diagnosed anxiety/panic disorder/ptsd, I know that for me, when I don’t run my symptoms get really bad. After a few weeks back to running my symptoms go away almost completely. I have many running friends who have the same relationship with running and stress where running helps them cope with stress and anxiety.
    Moral of the story, if walking works for you, walk. If running works for you, run.

  • Hey,
    I’m 18 years old my height is 5’5.5 and weight is 75. I daily walk at least 2 hours at night but I’m unable to lose my weight. Plz tell me what to do now?

  • Wow! I just found website Next Level Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can’t wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  • I am overweight by just a few pounds because of quarantine no doubt! I always injure myself running and when the sun is down its still super hot here so I’ve decided to walk 30 minutes a day plus do chloe ting workouts. Hope this works!

  • Love to walk but my problem is I have to go toilet �� all the time, that’s why I hardly go out for walk. Sorry it’s too personal but tell me if anyone has same problem and better if there’s any solution. I’m sick of it, not able to enjoy simplest things like walking.

  • I walk 8 hour’s a day for work and go to gym 4 to 5 Times a week weights just have to make sure I eat a lot of high protein healthy meals

  • Would love to hear your ideas and advice for peripheral neuropathy. I have some nerve damage from back problems and would love exercise ideas.

  • I walk every evening outside for 5 to 6 km and complete 10,000 which takes about 1 hour to complete… i absolutely enjoy it, and its made a big difference to my health


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  • so walking 10k steps a day is equal or greater than a full workout at a gym, plus you can do this everyday, you just sold me on walking DOC, thanks

  • I think that is a great coverage on cortisol, however, from what I learned, it’s is like this: There is absolute no necessity to maintain steady levels of cortisol in your body, quite the contrary. The ability to react on stressors with an increase followed by a decrease of certain hormones is a sign of a healthy, functioning hormone system.
    Only very high levels of stress (trauma) or chronic stress without the following decrease of stress hormones is what is harmful to your body and will on the long term result in inflammation, weight gain, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
    Running, however, can be seen as a training for your stress system, the sudden increase in cortisol will most certainly be counteracted and result in relaxation and actually LESS stress for your body (“runners high”). This can counteract chronic stress and balance out the stress system.
    So I have to disagree with your theory. (Not talking about excessive running here obviously, this can of course lead to burnout/adrenal fatigue).
    Also I’m sorry for the lack of subject specific terms, English is not my native language)

  • My mates at work have used also this kind of weight loss program and were able to cut more than 13lbs. They said to me to perform my investigation too and learn about it. When I really commenced pursuing it the bodyweight just dropped 15 lbs. Google can help you to discover it. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Love this! You guys are GREAT! Thank you for this. And for mentioning footwear. I’m wondering if you’d venture into the minimalist shoe “arena”? A few years ago (before I found you two) I had plantar fasciitis. Toe separators proved instrumental in getting through that. Since then I have paid greater attention and put more effort toward using my foot muscles and stretching my feet etc. Toed shoes and minimalist sandals and shoes have been nothing short of amazing regarding footwear and foot health. I’d love you guys to hit what seems to be a growing “thing” in this regard. Again, many thanks!

  • Scooby you also forgot to include another huge benefit walking is the best way by far to really appreciate the outdoors. You will not notice badger footprints or a rare birdsong when flying along out of breath on a bike

  • Pros of cycling over running:
    Increased volume of training leads to bigger fitness gains
    Develops more strength and muscle
    It’s more fun
    Less likely to get injured
    More sociable
    Can travel further to see more
    More versatile due to carrying food/supplies

    Pros of running over cycling:
    Cycling is very expensive and running is very cheap
    Cycling is very dangerous and running is not
    Running is more likely to get you abs as your core is more active.
    Workouts can be much shorter.
    You can run anywhere even abroad without having to pay to travel your bike.

    All runners should cycle and all cyclists should run to maximise their fitness.

  • Normal walking is not very taxing. What do you make of studies that indicate that exercise that does not make the individual “break a sweat” are not nearly as beneficial as those that do?

  • Walking relieved my anxiety. Put those headphones in and hit the sidewalk or trail. Take some magnesium too and drink lots of water.

  • So I hope that you see this. You have changed me for the better. I use to run. But I always plateaued and quit. I would go through cycles for years running then quitting. Now I walk. And intermittent fast and I have lost 9 pounds of stubborn body fat. I can see that my muscle tone is still there. My waist is getting so small. Thank you. I’m about to make you coconut milk right now for my smoothie when I break my fast. Thank you soo much for all that you do. You are incredible.

  • So will walking for 30 minutes a day along with my very healthy diet(no processed foods, ex. Chips, soda, etc.) Help me get down to 10% 13% body fat? I’m currently 5’8.6 and 115 lbs.

  • Walking out in nature and sunshine (or clouds) is a powerful remedy for high stress technical work AND a remedy for computer stressed eyes. Especially with your dogs who desperately need and love those walks too. THANK YOU!

  • from a fat loss point of view i think brisk walking combined with some strength training is the best way to maximize body composition, strength training to build muscle mass and raise the metabolism then walking to burn fat because it doesn’t interfere with recovery from strength training and burns fat for fuel instead of mainly glycogen like hit training which is hard on the nervous system and can prevent you making progress with your strength/muscle building

  • Walking can indeed do wonders for your health. But unless you’re walking 20 km per day, it won’t to anything. I’m walking 7 to 8 km per day. Has it ever contributed to any fat loss? Nope. The human body is made for walking. So better go bicycling or running, break a sweat.

  • One look at the title and I need a bleach cleanser. It’s not rocket science. *Fat is fuel*. You require more energy to run than to walk. Straight and simple.

  • i just realized that i have been missing out on walking. I never knew walking helps with loosing wait. The exercising videos put me off because i knew i would never do the stuff they were doing. For me I would do it for 1 day, and would not look forward to the next day.

  • Hi Leslie i m ur big fan from Asia & i also exercise daily through ur videos at home but i wanna tell u that i have 94 kg weight & 5′.9″ height than what should it be after ur exercises & what kind of exercises & diet plan will help me out in this case.
    Plz comment me soon.
    Azam from pakistan

  • I am sorry, there’s no such thing as starvation mood. You don’t feed your body, your body fat gets burn for energy as a food replacement.

    Anyone who wants loose weight quicker, just do intermittent fast, while walking an hr when you fast.
    In simple, walk while your stomach is empty.

  • I like your videos.
    An old doctor once told me that the bare minimum we should do as humans is walking and swimming. Those are the two main forms of locomotion we have.

  • In Japan I lost like 9 pounds in 9 days just walking 15,000 to 20,000 step each of those 9 days and I was stuffing my face with food and desserts every meal drinking 2X+ water/tea every meal, about 2X+ 16 oz sports drink I was pooping and peeing constantly through out the day from eating so much and drinking so much fluids.. OH and I was wearing a maybe 20-30 pound backpack too

  • Totally nailed me. I have an imbalance somewhere. I workout like a madman..limited results so I cut down eating while increasing workout intensity.
    Now in the meantime I’m hungry all the time but afraid to eat. I also feel that if I do eat something, I’m gaining weight. It’s exhausting.

  • Just fuck off scammer youtuber
    I have running 4 km a day
    And cross-fit exercise4 times a week for over one yr * intermediate fasting 16-8
    For 1 week per month + eat healthy Not sweet at all but never got sex packs yet..
    Add more that once a minth walk 18 km for 3 hrs apx
    30 mins walk is just bull shit

  • No!! Running Burn more fat and calories even after you rest. The only logic thing why you gain weight after work out are your muscle got micro tearing also know Muscle sore. Your body responds on it and fluid stored in your muscle sore (Inflammation) this result of gain weight 10 ponds or above, Don’t worry it’s not permanent.

  • I’m confused. Never seen an fat “runner”. I get hormones and cortisol but isn’t exercise good for stress management not bad?
    I prefer walking over running for many other reasons but I think it depends on so many factors. Fitness level, age, weight, goals and pre existing medical conditions…
    Ultimately do what works for you but sometimes it takes years to find out what that is.

  • Hi Guys, thank you for this great video. Question….I have stenosis which makes fitness walking very painful after about 10-15 minutes. What is your advice to keep me motivated to keep going? I walk a 1/2 mile track at a pretty good pace but I have to sit and rest before I can do another 1/2 mile. Am I getting the same benefit as someone walking continuously for 30-45 minutes? It is very frustrating. I have the desire to fitness walk but the pain is so intense some days that I can’t continue. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.

  • Walking is preferred if you have years for weight loss. For most people who want to lose weight in a reasonable amount of time you have to run. There’s no easy way to do it, weight loss takes hard work and real commitment bottom line.

  • This is what I am doing now because when i lift heavy i don’t cut weight. So i am backing off the hard exercise to cut weight to make my next goal

  • Great video. I eat a ketogenic diet to help combat my epilepsy. I also do fasting and intermittent fasting and go hiking while in a fasted state. I feel so much better exercising on ketones than I do carbs.

  • Hello, why are you spreading your feet when you are walking, is it better form for walking?
    Also, how is the air in china, isn’t it really polluted, aren’t you afraid of all that dust getting into your lungs?

  • Tbf walking is better only because it’s easier to be consistent especially when starting out. However once you no longer have a ton of fat on you start jogging.

  • i walk around 7 hours a day for my work haha i am still chubby, but to be fair i do get maccies like nearly every morning and a monster before work

  • True but with cycling:
    a) one could get a flat or hit a pothole, nail, etc. going at a fast speed
    b) carbon parts can crack and/or overheat when braking
    c) have to at times share roads with vehicles thus increasing the risk of being run over or hitting a car door being opened
    d) wind and/or braking hard can cause lost of control
    e) a fall at significant speeds causes bruises at best, death at worst
    f) can be stranded with a flat tire or broken chain, wheel, etc.
    g) sitting on uncomfortable seats for long times can interfere with sex
    h) equipment costs are significantly more
    i) limited places to bike, harder to transport a bike to get to them
    j) can get stuck on mud and snow
    k) traction and braking are severely reduced when it is raining
    l) lack of protective suit materials…riders tend to only want thin breathable clothing thus skin and muscle mass experience road rash.
    m) have to carry tools, tire pumps, spare parts
    n) have to leave bike outside when going into restaurants, doing errands, etc. and either deal with locks or risk getting equipment stolen.
    o) more stuff to clean, maintain, align, replace, buy

  • Any form of exercise is great and will help you lose weight provided you are in a calorie deficit. Just keep moving and watch your eating and you will be golden it just takes time and consistency.

  • Lots of runners are upset..lol
    I will say this though. Running helped me to drop my pounds quicker but walking sustained my weight loss…
    There you have it.��

  • Going to have to disagree with you here on walking for fat loss. I believe getting in some moderately intense cardio and having -200 calories below maintenance with a balanced macro nutrient diet is how to achieve fat loss. Walking around suburbia or the foothills rubs my thighs together too much, gives my feet blisters, hurts may lower back, and is much more dangerous because it’s outdoors as opposed to getting on an elliptical at the gym. People who have been above 28% body fat can relate to my point much more than those who haven’t. Anyone who is moving on a stationary machine can slow down and be down with exercise at anytime whereas a walk takes time to travel back from the starting point. Walking is much more therapeutic and for mental health than it is for fat loss in my opinion. I’ve worked at a grocery store as a utility clerk and produce clerk and didn’t lose weight until I started incorporating some HIIT cardio after work at 24 hour fitness. I’ve also worked in a wear house for blue diamond almonds constantly breaking down pallets of goods, worked in clean room production where I’m also on my feet for 12 hour shifts, security guard for loss prevention for Cal Force security, and now in construction and THE ONLY TIME I LOSE FAT is when I put hand in hand a balanced diet and some form of elevated heart rate for cardio.

  • Nah man at it keeps me on the limit of lard and regulart guy, I work in a hotel hsk supervisor i practically walk all day around 7 hours, maybe i need running

  • I disagree, you’d have to do a ton of walking to even compare to a quick jog, and its so boring that I doubt most people would do it consistently for a long period of time.
    A better title would be “the minimum amount of exercise you should do for health and fat loss”

  • I go for a 12,8km walk on most Saturdays, sort of like meditation for me. I would like to start running but I’m recovering from a knee injury, and I’m only 20:(

  • I did running and Pilates for 2 years, then swapped the running for walking 10-13k steps a day. I still do Pilates. My overall body fat decreased and I gained muscle tone. Literally still baffled by this. I’m an endomorph, so maybe that’s why. ����‍♀️

  • pretty sure the editing took longer than the walking……. horrible. But yes if you are overweight or zero condition, walking is better than running for weight los. Running is better for condition building if your body can take it.

  • I want to lose weight and I don’t like work out at all so iam just walking I don’t it will help me or not but I really need to lose weight because of my wieght iam going into a very sad life iam always crying

  • I also wouldnt say that walking wont do anything for experienced endurance athletes etc. Every bit of activity benefits the body. Be it for overweight beginners or top notch champions.

  • This was great. Thanks for making the information available! I started walking a few months ago, 4.7k per walk, 3x/wk, 9.3-10.3 km/h, 45 mins. It makes a massive difference in weight loss and mental health.

  • I’m not sure how long I walk every day suits me, because sometimes I go too far and wake up the next day with a sore calf. I think it’s going to take a little bit of practice to figure out the best kilometre to walk, just like smaconsum’s underwear suits me most

  • I’m new to you today was my first day at trying this w0alk I didnt get a0ll the way but I went half of it from 30 to 15 minutes I’m very obese but I’m still proud of what I did from no type of excercises to going to half of this work out. Thank you am going to do this everyday with you. God has lead me to you for a better life I know this.

  • Heard the opening minute, saw the number of ‘likes’ and had to read the comments to check I wasn’t going mad… OK, phew. I thought it was just me! Energy in vs energy out has been debunked??? W T actual F. ��‍♂️ I went to check her credentials…. She titles herself a ‘clinical nutritionist’ lol. ANYONE can go around calling themselves a ‘nutritionist’ it means absolutely fuck all. If you want nutritional advice, form someone with actual qualifications, go to a dietitiion! WTF is wrong with people buying this shit? The internet is full of “experts” like this, spreading absolute bona fide BS. The sad part is there are people out there who are slowly killing themselves with their diet, who need sound advice who are coming to channels like this.

  • So your logic is “eating alone isn’t better than exercise alone….if you eat a good diet”. LMFAO. So that’s not exercise alone. Exercise alone means you eat 5000 calories of junk food every day, but you run 10 miles and lift weights. Of course eating well and exercise are best. But if you have to choose, choose diet changes over exercise. Just look at how few calories you burn doing most exercises. Just to burn off a quarter pounder, you have to run or walk for HOURS. So if your choice was eating a spinach salad instead of a quarter pounder, or eating a quarter pounder and walking 200 miles, I’m thinking most people would rather eat better.

    Exercise is necessary for health. It’s great for circulation and heart health. It’s great for muscle maintenance. And you make a great point…that you don’t actually make. WALKING IS LIKELY BETTER THAN RUNNING. Yeah, I said it. Walking is easier on the joints and less stressful on your heart. There’s a reason people die running marathons.

    The exercise industry has convinced us that running and lifting heavy weights is key to our healthy. When most of that crap is excessive. People can ride a bike or walk and be healthy. That can get them to an old age. And they enjoy it. Being active like mowing the lawn or walking up stairs, or fixing up your house is good enough. You don’t need to bench press or do squats (while pulling back muscles).

    So you make a good point that you didn’t make. Don’t listen to the exercise industry. You don’t need to run or jog or lift weights to be healthy. Do the exercise that you find the most enjoyable.

  • I walk about two hours every night. On New Years day I was really overweight, 480lbs to be exact. It is now the middle of July and I am 323lbs. I have also made some major changes to my diet but as far as exercise, I am only walking so far. Walking works. Im losing about twenty five lbs a month.

  • Are you fucking stupid? Calories in calories out has been debunked? You spit so much bullshit it’s not even funny where the fuck did you get your degree
    The less intensive exercise burns more calories than the more intensive one? You’re kidding

  • I started dieting 2 weeks ago eating twice a day only consuming 700calories a day, with simple exercises 15mins in morning and before bed. Completely dropped soda, candy, energy drinks. I started out at 181.2lbs now I am at 175.8lbs. Goal 150lbs by November

  • I only advice after trying this is to start doing it and dont lool for crazy results in 2 or 3 months, make it your life style and forget about the scale, you will lose weight eventually but give it time.

    You already spent years eating wrong and add weight so it is fair to have a year or 2 to lose all of this, at the end the main benefit is that you will not get this weight back and you will enjoy eating everything in moderation with no guilt.
    I also advice to follow IF, it is a life saving for your health

  • Hey Leslie. I am thankful to you. In the current situation and lockdown I happened to get through your videos and it has helped bring such an immense and noticeable change in me.
    Thanks alot

  • Why do they want you to wear helmet while cycling? not running? walking? Because it is more physically dangerous. I ride a bike but how is something healthier if they advise you to protect yourself from injury from the basic movement. Also how does a helmet protect you from accident. From Injury after the accident I see but it does not stop you from hitting your head in the first place.

  • wow, this is pretty sad if truly a nutritionist. weight loss/gain is directly related to energy in/out, there is a drop in caloric needs as you drop weight that tends to be little more than would be expected and overall scientists haven’t nailed it down yet. Hormones are limiting weight loss for a small % of people and most likely you are not that special. Science/research points to you overestimating how many calories you need and underestimating how many calories you are eating by a wide margin.
    This stuff about cortisol is ridiculous, go look at some legit marathon runners and show me how many are muffin tops? wow so much bad information on a page by someone supposedly educated.

  • I’m 30 and I’ve been walking for 1hr from work to home because of quarantine it was very tiring and my legs are soaring too much I can’t take any more steps but those are just the first 3 days. It went better and better everyday. Been doing it for a month now 5 days a week and I feel better, happier, healthier and slimmer. Happy walking everyone

  • Excellent video! I’m a proponent of bodyweight exercises and walking. The more we move our bodies, the healthier we are. Average walking speed studies show that an older person’s pace, along with their age and gender, can predict their life expectancy just as well as the complex battery of other health indicators such as blood pressure, body mass index, chronic conditions, and smoking history. Walk on, Frank

  • Lucky me then Walking is one of my favorits, especially next to beach or in nauture, it is healthier than gym because you have to be able to have your own gym in your house to do gym body exercises/gurantee germs free and we are not the RuthChilds.����
    Puplic gyms are germs houses most of people dont know that.

  • I am not a performance athlete, just someone that got 20 kg down in about 2 3 years and hold on less than 15% bodyfat for the last year in which i have also been running consistently 20 km per week. I still consider walking part of my cardio. I run or walk commute from home to work, and that decision has been a game changer for me. one more advantage: when you walk part of the way to work, you can choose streets with lower transit and more trees, so you get more green on your sight which is also beneficial. you got me on this way of life scooby: make movement part of your life, start with small healthy replacements on your diet. I will allways be thankfull to you for that.

  • This is great advice, I can attest to the magic powers of walking. I used to be a weight training guy only, hated walking or any sort of cardio, except for warmup. I was in great shape through my 30’s, always had great blood work and physicals. But when I hit my later 40’s my A1C’s started to get high despite keeping pretty much the same routine and a good physique. My doctor at the time was on the verge of putting me on drugs. When I mentioned that I weight train regularly and don’t understand why the blood sugar issue she asked “yeah, but do you walk”? With that I started walking on my non-gym days. For my next physical a year later my A1C’s were well within the average range and my doctor said that all of my numbers were “stellar”, exact word used. Not only that but my knees felt better and I’ve been sleeping better too. To me walking is a wonder drug that everyone that can needs to take.

  • You don’t have to go anywhere to walk. Walk at home, in place or walk around the house. I lost 15 lbs doing that within 2 months and by eating within a caloric deficit. No gym, no membership, just consistency.

  • I have been walking average 7 k.m at pace 5.5 km/hr from 21 march and skip my lunch. I lost 13 k.g. If i can than anybody can. So start from today, after 15 days u will be addicted.

  • Definitely, I walked 22k steps per day during 4 months and lost 10 kg as I also showed on my channel. Epic way to work out. If you wanna see Hong Kong check it out ✌️����

  • Running is good, BUT it has too many prerequisites to fulfill before you can enjoy the benefits e.g. proper running form, soft surface to run on instead of concrete sidewalks, nice pair of running shoes and a physically fit body to begin with.
    Most people who “want” to run are either too sedentary in their life for a long time or overweight. Add in the facts that a decent pair of running shoes does not come cheap and proper running form is not something most people can grasp in a short amount of time, you can see why walking is not a bad alternative.
    Of course, you can always bike or swim and still get the same benefits as running but your knees will love you.

  • Watching this video raised my cortisol levels.
    If you’re going to do a video about walking while walking, at least use a steady cam…

  • Hello Bob & Brad. I really love your videos! I just have a question to ask, is walking ok to do when you have herniated disk ( & sciatica)? Thanks alot & please continue making helpful videos:)

  • I know that anecdotal evidence isn’t always the most representative data but, personally, my health has improved dramatically ever since I moved to New York City. To live in this city, you have to walk— a lot! It would seem like you are right!

  • Bro I wish people would quit hating on Scooby so much, all he does is share all the information he’s learned, and be positive and help people. He’s gay so what? He’s almost 60 and he has one of the best body’s I’ve ever seen. He does nothing but spread positivity and people still hate, smh.

  • Hey guys it’s shaggy here. I wanna tell you guys why eating scooby snacks is a great source of protein. You can find them if you solve mysteries or something lol

  • Hey Scooby I have an irrelevant question:Have you ever checked your testosterone levels?What are your numbers like?I know it’s a personal question but I was just wondering.

  • Leslie thank you for your charisma. I have been working out with you on and off for years. Even my twin boys know you, Nick, And Kamilah.

  • I use pole walking sticks by Keenfit. You can adjust them to the proper height and also adjust the base of the pole to rubber tips or spikes depending on where you’re walking. You automatically improve your posture as you walk and use your arm muscles and back muscles. My Fitbit will oftentimes recognize it as jogging. They are great if you’ve had hip replacement or knee replacements. I took them to London on vacation and was thankful I did as the cobblestone streets we’re quite a challenge.

  • This video is bullshit it’s not the best form of cardio for a morbidly obese person to walk thats just asking to destroy something swimming is the best form of cardio scooby

  • What if you walk for 10-20 hours straight without breaks. Will that drop blood glucose and increase cortisol? Not doing power walking as talked in the video, just normal walk for that amount of time.

  • I’m a big fan scoob. Got to call you out though. I remember a vid you made about a year ago you said if you’re not sweating buckets then it’s not cardio. I understand what you’re saying though but you’re not always consistent.

  • I found my first Leslie Sansone Walking videos at BJ’s Warehouse when DVDS were widely available in clubs several years ago. I got lazy and stopped using them for a couple of years. When the pandemic and lockdown began in NYC back in March 2020, I decided that now was an ideal time to use Leslie’s videos once again. I haven’t stopped since and am feeling/looking better than I have in quite some time. Was equally blown away to discover her Walks on YouTube. Now I can even do my workouts when traveling via iPhone; no more plausible excuses to miss any workouts. Leslie, you look FABULOUS for 59! ��������������‍♀️ Thank you!

  • Yeah but if you ONLY walk for 30 mins a day even if you eat right you’ll lose like maybe half a pound a week at best? So sure if you want your weight loss to be really, really, really, really, really, really, really slow sure just walk for 30 mins a day and burn that extra 100 calories that are in one single banana.

  • Walking is definitely better than running. It doesn’t jar your joints like running does. Next to crawling, it is the first thing you ever learn to do for moving from point A to point B. It is a lifetime habit and is proven to reduce stress especially when walking in nature. You do not have to stress your body out in order to get good results and the effects tend to last longer. You can do it anywhere, at any time and added bonus you don’t get self conscious walking like you do running especially if you are not used to it.

  • I walk at a speed that makes me just a little breathy, and slightly perspiring. Using arms makes a big difference.Sometimrs my butt gets sore post walk though. Thanks for walking shoes post too. Love your work. ������⭐��

  • There are many variables not mentioned. If you have a lot of fat to lose you can do it from walking. You can also do it from running. I’m an endomorph so I need steady state cardio (long walks) as well as cardio hiit and weight training. You have to operate based on your nody type and goals. My weight dropped from starting a walk plan and then I amped it to jog intervals…weight continued to drop even faster. Started fulling jogging and weight was continually dropping. I started added weight training and balanced the walk versus run and now I have definition. 130 lbs of weight loss over 2.5 years (plus IF). So what works for one person at not work for others. Both waking and running worked for me. Walkers shouldn’t be shaming runners and runners shouldn’t be shaming walkers…
    Both will work..

  • Hi Leslie, thank you so much for the videos, excellent work and love doing your booster work outs… will you make a 5 miles booster workout video please? Thank you so much ����❤️

  • I love walking. For me it’s not just exercise, it is also therapy. I do run and bike quite a bit, too, but when I’m walking I can really concentrate on my thoughts and empty my head after a hard day of work.

  • Just wanted yo clarify that one hour of walking makes you lose 70 calories, so if you walk 30 mins thats like 35 mins, believe that is shit and if you want to get thin then dont walk, make that a side thing, and it wont even help you get abs like the scammy thumbnail says, try going to a gym and do more exercises, it helps alot believe me, and you can walk while going to the gym and going back home which is a bonus

  • I chose walking as my sport when I was a teenager. Easy, fun and invigorating. Later, I added dogs to my life. They’re thé best walking companions. We walk usually 4 hours a day: One hour, morning, then 1/2 hour before lunch, then 2 hours afternoon, then 1/2 hour before bed. That Works for us! But it’s Never helped me lose weight.

  • I have increased my walking from four miles per day to five. I’ve also eliminated sugar and creamer in my coffee as well as a cutback on evening desert. I want to reduce from 205 pounds to 195.

  • can i get some constructive criticism please..I walk everyday for about 10 miles (rain or shine)…

    to the liquor shop then KFC and I STILL cant lose weight…where might I be going wrong?

  • I cycle to work, as it saves me money and I get a nice workout to. I also enjoy walking and will sometimes just go out for a long walk. I refuse to pay a membership fee for exercising. You get these types who use the treadmill once a week, but drive to the gym and also use their cars for everything else.

  • I get fat when I don’t run. Yes, I was walking 4 miles a day and still gained 20 lbs. I guess it is hormones.

    Hormones = chocolate coating with a creamy filling.

  • Sorry, but that’s a big bakwaas
    Am of 33 years old..
    I use to walk a hour per day from past 2 months but no reduction found on my body weight…. I was of 95-96 kg then and now I am of 95.5 kg…

    The main thing is your diet… I can’t control my diet but still trying a lot reduce my fat..

    50 push ups / day on 5 sets
    7-8 hours sleep / day
    3 times meal / day
    5-6 mins run / day not able run half meters in single attempt
    60+ mins walk per day..

    Tell me something else to overcame

  • I walk an hour a day in total just getting to and from work. I watch my diet too and I was losing loads of weight but i let myself down recently by stuffing my face with Vodka and Easter Eggs. Why is chocolate so much more appealing when it is in egg form?

  • Started a 30 day challenge for myself. Walking 4.5 miles daily. Takes me about 1 hour and 40 minutes. 5 days down! I have started drinking low calorie smoothies and cut out ��. I only eat �� this once a week and only 3 instead of 4 almost daily. I eat a ton of �� and yogurt and mainly �� and ��. I still eat��. Rome wasn’t built in a day

  • Do you have to be fasted or glycogen depleted in order to burn calories while doing cardio. Cause I usually take a stroll in the neighbor at night after having dinner but never count that into my calorie deficit in the day.

  • I know its the inevitable but i don’t know why anyone would dislike the video..EVERYTHING they said is actually true and definitely realistic to anyone

  • Today my Pedometer says 15447 steps, 11.5 km and 417 kcal burned.
    20,000 steps is my daily target.
    I suffered minor Ischemic stroke last year, just walking (sometime fast walking) is a great exercise. I also follow 16 8 intermittent fasting. In last 4 months i have lost 13 kg. Now my vitals; cholesterol, hdl, ldl, triglycerides, BP and sugar are under control.

  • You guys are great together. You really helped me stay positive when I was having knee pain. Its feeling much better for now but my doctor told me losing weight would help keep the pain from returning. All the experts agree you lose weight at the intake side. I also always just eat more to make up for calories lost via exercise. Thanks for publishing such positive videos for when people are down from pain.

  • I Always enjoy your show��
    Of all this time.. I just realized how strong that table is!!
    I was always sceptical about how much weight my massage table could handle.

  • Great video…

    excuse me @The Listerati, I’m cyclist from Indonesia.
    Iis it allowed if I download your video and adapt it to Indonesian language by subtitle?

    I plan to share it through WAG to encourage people here do more cycling… thank you!

  • I just learnt this and I have been jogging for 2 weeks with my bpm around 160 which i found out was raising my cortisol levels so now i just walk my route and keep heart rate around 130 mark

  • Running burns more calories than cycling.If your obese bicycle first to avoid knee problems.When you lose enough weight from cycling try running to lose even more weight

  • I agree powerwalking is better than running I need to walk more & i pray to God this pandemic heals in a positive light so i can walk more naturally healthy happy may God bless us please someone send more positive feedback ����

  • I have eliminated around 17 pounds of my very own fat just after I applied this particular diet routine. It can nothing short of a miracle. I loved just how quick this diet program worked well! There’s a huge difference in how that my clothes fit and also a perfect side by side photos of a Six day change! Find a right guide is not easy, you can discover on Google. Program’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Cycling vs jogging jogging is better than cycling because jogging more safe and saver.if cycling need to buy bicycle some problem in your bicycle you need to repair with money cycling need to buy tight clothes and bicycle shoes.jogging no need to buy tight clothes and no need to buy bicycles shoe and bicycle.WHICH Is MORE SAVER