5 Creative Methods to Bring Your Walk Inside


30 Minute Indoor WALK + RUN | The Best Way to Get RESULTS in Your Walking + Running Workout Routine

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5 Tips for Tiring Out Your Dog Indoors

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20 Minute Indoor WALKING + RUNNING with 30-Second Intervals | Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life

Video taken from the channel: Pahla B Fitness

1. Treadmill This is one of the more obvious options. Treadmills are great because you can manually set your speed and 2. Indoor Track If you’re not fond of treadmills, many gyms and recreation centers have indoor walking tracks. Also 3. Mall Malls are another convenient option for indoor.

Indoor walking isn’t just for rainy days! When the temperature rises outside, getting your steps indoors can keep you active while staying out of the weather and staying and cool (or warm).Some people find in-home walking (like pacing their living room) boring, but indoor walking doesn’t have to be! We’ll cover how to get more steps in 4 indoor walking. While the suggested daily average for adults of approximately 10,000 steps a day can seem nearly impossible when you’re stuck indoors, there are some creative ways to get them in when your space. You can even do circuit training around your house if you want to take your workout up a notch.

Designate each room with one particular exercise and do each exercise as you walk from room to room. An example of an indoor circuit would be: Walk to kitchen and do 10 push ups against the counter. Walk to the living room and do 10 squats to couch.

When walking indoors, finding ways to mix up your workout can be a bit more challenging. For instance, varying the intensity of your workout indoors can be a little more difficult as opposed to outdoors, where the landscape can work in your favor, but it can be done. With a little creativity, your walking workout can be just as great as, if not.

Great Ways to Work Out Indoors. choose indoor activities that mimic your outdoor sports. For example, if you usually walk or ride your bike in a hilly neighborhood, choose the hill profile on. 12. Take your dog to a doggy meetup.

Lots of Queenslanders get their steps in walking the dog each day. If you’re a dog owner, spice up your routine by taking your dog along to a dog meetup, where you can meet other likeminded canine-lovers and go for a walk, run or hike together. 13.

Master a jump rope routine. Take your music with you. Grab the iPod, the MP3 Player, the old Walkman or just plain sing to yourself. Music and walking were born to go together and make the experience very uplifting. Choose music to match your mood.

If. Meetings can be boring and unproductive—sometimes. Instead of staring at a screen, reboot everyone’s energy. Take your ideas and your colleagues outside for a 30-minute walk.

Not only will this get your steps in, but you’ll get your creative juices flowing better than if you’d been sitting in a stale conference room. (Customize your own walking plan with Walk Your Way to Better Health and lose up to 5x more belly fat!) View Gallery 15 Photos ulrich mueller/shutterstock. 1.

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Five self-guided walks, each with a different theme, extend out from the Visitors’ Centre.

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Walk around house Up and down stairs Pick up slipper from floor Reach at eye level Reach up on tiptoes Stand on chair to reach Sweep floor Walk outside to nearby car 9.

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Walking while talking with friends can be fruitful too, whether with a buddy in person or on the phone, with a backward-facing child in a stroller, or as a stroll with a significant other that pays attention to the light, weather, and one’s shared ecosystem.

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Walk indoors, such as around your house?

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Walks should be designed to complement fences, gates, patios, and other yard features.

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Walk-straight-in ground floors are very practical when carrying or moving things.

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3 Improving quality: walking should be an enjoyable environmental experience, with a good sense of safety.

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Variations of independent walking include moving up and down various types of stairs and handicapped-accessible ramps, walking alone and in the midst of other walkers, walking around obstacles, and walking on various types of surfaces (e.g., carpet, vinyl, gravel, asphalt, hardwood, ceramic tile, brick, and stone).

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When possible, the walking should be fun and for some persons that could occur in a nearby park when the weather permits or in an enclosed mall during inclement weather.

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Dog walking shouldbe made as easyas possible for walkersby providing convenient leash cubbiesand “back door” accessto outdoor areas.Ifdog walking isnot a viable solution,single­room cleaningispossible.

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  • Hi pahla, thank you! There is finally a work out i dont dread doing! I have been following you for the last month and look forward to always doing another one��

  • I just found your videos earlier this week and they’ve been a wonderful addition to my weight loss journey. Your positive attitude is motivating and I enjoy your videos. Thank you!

  • Oh wow! I’m 52 years young and I just ran for 20 minutes, so happy, can’t believe it! I will do this again. thanks from Melbourne Australia:)

  • I have been doing this video at just a steady jogging pace quite a few times now and then I go do the 10 min. run/sprint video. What I love about this one is the talk you give. All so true! I have been running 9 years and one of the best things it has done is give me a sense of well being of the caliber I never had before even though I was slim in my youth, I did not always have that wel being feeling and confidence. I worked out but was only focused on cardiovascular back in the 80s and 90s. Now I run and do weight training and it is a daily goal. I never started out to be a runner. I began taking walks nightly and as I increased mileage, speed just crept in and one night I was running and I could not believe it! Then I wanted to run and improve. I ran 7 miles every single day for years. Now, I am more balanced and the standard is 5 miles 5-6 days. Your videos are so excellent and well thought out, inspiring, motivating and just heads and shoulders above most of what is out there on youtube. I appreciate your time and attention to fitness and producing such quality videos. A big Thumbs Up to you!

  • Pahla thank you for being postitive. I wish you could do a motivational video for tweens to talk about body image. Have a great thanksgiving

  • I know I did this one before! So unlike me not to leave a comment! ��. I worked out hard yesterday, so this workout with one of your longer stretching videos did the trick for me today! Thanks!

  • I love the intervals! Regarding changing your negative thoughts by interrupting them to do something else; I try to do that when I’m planning on eating something that isn’t good for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It just depends on how determined I am to be bad! ��

  • This workout is great for a fast upbeat morning workout. Great for a busy Sunday when you have to get kids ready, or for people who work late and need to get it in early in the day!

  • We play “hide the treatsies” and they sit in the kitchen while I hide broken up milk bones around the place, then I clap 5 times and they run to find the hidden treats! For the stairs, I use a laser but it has the same result of tiring her out after a couple of runs all the way up and then down again. I write “her” because “he” runs like crazy from window to window in the yard fence and thus gets TONS of running. We live right on the park and there are paths all around us so they get a lot of stimulation in the yard, especially with the windows (with screening) we put in the fence. I swear, the exercise they get in the yard outweighs the walks. But they LOVE the walks.

  • I did this workout this evening, and this morning I did th 1 minute intervals walk/run 5k. I am soo thankful I found your channel. Thank you so much.

  • This makes legs and thighs bulky bigger or leaner? I have tried walking with leslie but it made them bulky even though i streched a lot:(

  • Good walk/jog workout. I agree with Liz that this would be a good motivational video. Not just for tweens but for teenagers too boys & girls. Actually for anybody. Thank you Pahla!

  • wow that was super insightful! i know about the thinking part but the comparison part by imagining the future you is something i never heard quite put before! thank you!

  • I signed up for a 5k on April 21, 2018. Oh my..I am nervous..my plan is to slow jog for it but will take a few walking breaks if I need to. Thanks so much for your motivation and all your videos..which I do..as a change.

  • You are becoming so wise. Thankyou for helping us too. And seriously after listening to your wisdom that’s coming out of your mouth I believe it’s from God. I am definitely going to save this video and listen to it at least once a week, until it comes natural. All the tips that you mentioned here in this video. You wonderful person Pahla..

  • Dear Dr. Roark, I heard your comment that ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ was the funniest film, I had never heard of it so I found it on Youtube and watched it.:-)

  • I just discovered your channel and I love the fact that I can run indoors at my home when I can’t go to the gym. I tried 2 of your videos and they got me sweating! Can’t wait to do the others! New fan!

  • Hello! I have been working out for a little over a month now. I have been working out in that 70% type of way for about a month. I go to the gym, work kind of hard everyday 6 days a week, with little rest and not reaching my full potential. This video was a real eye opener. I love to workout, so when people tell me to rest more and work harder, I neglect it. I don’t want to stop, it’s very hard and honestly scary to think about because I might lose motivation. But, watching this gave me a new perspective. I can’t go to the gym today so I was looking on youtube for run with me videos, I clicked on yours looking for my usual hard but fast and short term routine workout, run for 10 minutes at 6 miles an hour, do whatever muscle group I’m doing that day, then repeat. As fun as it is and as much as I enjoy working out, watching this video really opened my eyes as to how unsustainable that is for my flow. This is my first video of yours I’ve watched, and I almost clicked off when I heard it was a slower workout, but I stayed, and I’m so glad I did because I feel like my whole perspective on working out has changed for the better. I’m still in high school and my first day of school is tomorrow, and I really need a break to get back into my school schedule and flow. I probably wouldn’t have taken one if it weren’t for this video. Thank you for this new perspective I hope to take with me my whole life! Can’t wait to follow along with other videos and posts!

  • Pahla, I am so blessed to have come across your videos back in July of 2017. Since then I am 42 pounds lighter and in the best shape I have been in a long, long time. I connected very well with the 30 day workout then quit cycle you spoke of in the video. But not now!! I have been actively engaged with “running/jogging/wogging” for over 18 months. God bless you and your business. Heading over to Patreon to thank you! Grateful for YOUR decision to become a personal trainer! Best, Ken

  • New to exercise? �� Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It’s fast, fun + effective: http://pahlabfitness.com/get-started/

  • Great makes information fun and humorous.    Your cute with a lot of information.   If  I let my dogs out together for exercise, the older dog, Daisy,  who was abused and tortured, will not come in and the boxer, Max, follows her lead.  The boxer will come in, but Daisy will stay out for up to 3 days sleeping under the porch. Daisy has come along way.  suggestions

  • I’m holding off on the serious sweat guide for a while, have to get my elbows and wrists better, I really think it’s the cold more than anything. Love this today. I ran more than walked. Lower half of me is feeling great. LOL. Still forever grateful

  • I gotta tell you, I have never been much of a jogger (I was always the first or second student out during those beep tests), but these walk/jog interval workouts are amazing! I can see my progress each week. Thank you so much! ��

  • Thanks Pahla! This was great for me to hear while I’m determining my goal for this coming summer. My goal this past year was to learn to run! I learned how in about 8mos. My maximum run time has been 30mins. I can’t seem to get past that amount of time because of mental block. All I can think about is how much time I have left in the workout which makes time literally stop. I’d love to hear any tips you have on that topic!

  • hi Pahla, SORRY SORRRRRY………its my small brother who wrote that…….he was watching me exercising…..then texted you…..sorrry dont be offended…..your voice is soft and not loud……sorry….he is just nine……love you dear YOUR AWESOME.LOVE YOUR WORKOUT.

  • hi paula i have been running 11years now but i heard that if your body gets used to something like that that you stop seeing results i go for about 6 mile i used to go 3 maybe 4 times a week but then i cut it back to just once a week and i noticed that my body changed it seemed to get better at burning fat so is it true sorry for long message