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Video taken from the channel: Lucy Wyndham-Read

Here, Rutledge outlines a 4-week walking plan for beginners, that along with a healthy diet, helps jumpstart weight loss. “This plan is for someone who currently considers themselves sedentary and wants to get started,” says Rutledge. It incorporates three rest days each week to enable beginners to get comfortable with movement and the different walking paces (outlined below). 4-Week Walking Plan for Beginners. by Leslie Sansone. August 3, 2015. 36 Comments.

By following this plan, you will lose weight, get fit and feel your very best. There is nothing better than committing to your health. I know you can do it!

In one short month, you will be a better version of yourself. Keep in mind: Do not let one day make. 4 minutes: Walk at a steady, brisk pace (intensity: 5 out of 10 RPE); you should be able to talk, but your breathing will be quick). 4 minutes: Move at steady, brisk pace (intensity: 7 out of 10; you should be able to answer short, brief questions, not carry on a.

4-Week Power Walking Plan for Weight Loss. by Jessica Smith. December 12, 2018. 255 Comments. If you’re looking to boost your burn during your walks to lose weight faster, it might be time to amp up your walks with power intervals.

Whether you’re just starting out, returning from a long hiatus or are a regular walker, this four-week plan combines steady-state and powered-up pace interval walks. Day 1—10 minutes, easy pace. Day 2—12 minutes, easy pace.

Day 3—15 minutes, easy pace. Day 4—18 minutes, easy pace (This might be a good time to split this time into morning and evening walks if you’re finding it difficult to complete the full time in one session—9 minutes in the morning and 9 minutes in the evening.). Start walking at a slow pace, holding the weights, and progress in speed for 3 minutes.

Then find a safe place for a break and set your weights down. For. Here’s an introductory running plan for weight loss that can take you from walking to running in four weeks’ time: Week 1 Monday—start with an easy 20-minute walk Tuesday—rest or perform non-impact cardio (swimming, biking, etc.) for 20 minutes. I’m a Trainer, and This 4-Week Workout Plan Will Help You Lose Weight and Build Muscle. August 13, 2020 by Tamara Pridgett.

9.6K Shares With This 4-Week Beginner Workout Plan. 30-Day Walk Your Way to Weight Loss Challenge In the beginning of this challenge, you’ll only be required to walk a couple of miles a day so getting in your exercise will be fairly easy. As it progresses, however, you will be asked to complete up to 6 miles in a day. This beginner-friendly workout offers a challenge for each week.

In 21 days, you’ll lose weight, rev your energy, and build lean muscle.

List of related literature:

For a change of pace or to make your walking routine even more challenging, you may want to add a little hiking to your repertoire.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
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One option is to schedule walks during the day—a half-hour walk before breakfast, for example, or a 45-minute walk after dinner.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
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Week 6: Substitute one of the Moderate Walk workouts with an Interval Walk workout so you’re now doing two Interval Walks per week.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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Its helpful to start by walking 10 min 3 days a week, and can build to 30–45 min of more intense walking at least 5 days a week.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
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To transform comfortable walking into exercise, here’s what you can do: • Plan a weekly walking schedule

“Every Victory Counts (Fixed Layout)” by Monique Giroux, Sierra Farris
from Every Victory Counts (Fixed Layout)
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For those who are unaccustomed to fast and strenuous activities, walking may be the best beginning.

“Kabbalah, Magic, and the Great Work of Self-transformation: A Complete Course” by Lyam Thomas Christopher
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Walk fast for 5 minutes, then normally for 10 minutes, six days a week.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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To achieve that, I will start with 10 min of walking daily and add 5 min each week.

“Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults” by Danielle R. Bouchard
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So maybe in week 1 you say, ‘I’m going to drinkless soda,’ and then week 2 is eating more vegetables, and then, once you’re feeling better, the step for week 3 is walking a couple of times a week.

“Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything” by Alexandra Carter
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Make walking any distance a mindful, enjoyable experience,whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned walker.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
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  • Busy Mom of 7 here! Just did this work out. Baby was fussy and poped a tooth. Is napping now. Took some time for me! THANK YOU LUCY! If i can do it, you can do it girls! ��

  • I love this workout for beginners during these awful menopausal yrs. I used to work out pretty religiously from my early 30s 40 but I stopped when some very hard things in my life happened. Im 53, now feel just awful most mornings and my body lost its shape. This was wonderful to ease back into. Love the inspirational sayings and choice of exercises! Thank you!

  • Oh my God!!! I did finish it!!! It’s my Day 1 today and I have doubts if I could even make it halfway. Yey! Hoping that with this routine I’ll reach my goal by the end of this month.

    Current weight: 63 kgs
    Height: 153 cm
    Waist: 33
    Arms: 13

    Weight goal: 58 kgs
    And please my flabby arms to be toned.

    I finished Day 2 without pause!!!!

  • Truly Lucy is the best trainer. Her exercises work and are easy. The best thing is…once you start you never feel like skipping them. No gym, no equipments. WOW!!! ❤️�� Thank you Lucy

  • Lucy, thanks for this workout!! I’m going to be holed up in a cabin, and was looking for a way to work out with no equipment. I’m also very grateful that this workout made me sweat, but it wasn’t so difficult that I wouldn’t do it again. Cheers!

  • Watching this second video of yours and I love the first one it was for indoor walking with your walking outdoors I loved it! And I love it that it is not complicated and not very difficult and I love it because you’re doing it without music so I can really concentrate on the workout it seems more peaceful. I love it without music!!
    I subscribed!

  • I just found this page. This video is awesome. It is the first video that got me sweating. I am 64, I love this video, it is a perfect work out. I love the clock, how you show us while we are still walking, I love the constant coaching. Defintely 100 thumbs up!

  • These workouts are so doable. The talking is great as it keeps focus and encourages us. When home, I jump on my rebounder for the 30 seconds. Hope this helps me to tone and lose weight.

  • Loved your workout Lucy. Been working out with your video.feels so good.and I can feel my arms getting tight.thank you again for sharing your work out.appreciate it you.����❤️

  • Lucy im hooked on your videos. And my problem is that i dont know what diet to take since i have gasthritis and heart burn. Can you help me? Thaanks a lot!

  • Wow! An instructor who simplifies workouts AND made me sweat! I feel great and will definitely be using many more of your workouts! Thank you from #48menopausalfatmustgo🙂

  • Thank you Lucy. Exercising can be a challenge for me as I have some health challenges. But this workout is awesome. I’d be checking your other vids.

  • 47!????? You kidding right??? You look like a college student. I so wish and pray I can look as pretty as fit as you when I turn 47

  • Just did this workout for the first time today and I loved it, I have a lot of back problems and this didn’t kill my back. I can’t wait to do more of these.

  • Thank you so much for this workout, i feel like ive accomplushed alot when im finished. You are fabulous to listen to and easy to follow, after putting weight on again this is what im starting out with alongside a healthy eating plan to accomplish my goal, look forward to adding a few others as i go along! Thank you for making this accessible! ��❤

  • Well you be doing another weight loss challenge in the near future? I wasn’t able to participate because of an injury, but I’m ready to get my post baby body moving!

  • I just found this channel and I am so happy! I am 48 and have fibromyalgia, exercising has always been difficult for me but I have found I can easily manage these workouts. I like that you don’t count reps but instead do as many as you are able to in the allotted time, I find this doesn’t demotivate me.

    Do you have an approximate idea of how many calories this would burn?

  • This was great! Do you have any lower body workouts that don’t require getting on the floor? I have back issues and being on the floor to exercise is difficult for me right now. Thank you!

  • I luv ua excersise…I hav been trying ua 7days work out se u said 25yr experienced 100 times lol..it’s been 6 days..n I hav lose 2 inches alrdy thanku..can I do dat excersise 2 times a day??

  • Really love your workouts Lucy, just clicks with me, never get bored and always feel energised afterwards. Great healthy eating tips too, sinks into to the old grey matter, helps me plan better meals.
    Can’t believe you’re 47 though, nearly fell over when you said that. I thought you were in your 20’s. You’re an inspiration, thanks ��

  • Glad I found your workouts! When I started I was at 220lbs niw after 7days I’m at 214lbs awsome results will keep watching your workouts… My goal 155lbs hope to reach it soon! Yes I Can!

  • So excited for this! I just subscribed to your channel over my winter break and am super excited for these workouts & this 4 week  plan! I need to lose a good 10 lbs and have already considered ordering one of your videos off amazon.

  • I have been doing this workout everyday, along with some of your other workouts and can see a difference, thank you Lucy love your workouts

  • I am probably closest to Mandy, as I am late 40s, approaching menopause, but I have never really been in shape and want to get that way. I live in a city and rely on public transit, so I get quite a bit of walking in, but I do need to tone my upper body. I also take regular fitness classes through Class Pass.

  • I was wondering is there a list of the 4 week challenge instead of an email a day? So that I may do this challenge. I have signed up.

  • I just started this exercise a few days ago and noticed I have a lot of pain/soreness behind my knees(tender to the touch, seems puffy too) when I walk or stretch my legs, thank you

  • Hi Lucy. Of all the Youtube trainers that I’ve been exposed to you are far the best!! Please don’t stop speaking because your words are motivating and stimulating to the brain and body. I love your workouts, short or long, please keep them coming. I’ve been working out since I was 30 years of age, with weights etc. It’s awesome do just do body weight workouts and still get the same results. Now I’m 60 years of age and still going strong, thank God!!!

  • So I joined, but not seeing here the videos posted specifically for this plan are. I was hoping to do my workout here in the next hour or so. Anyone know where we go to access them?

  • I just found you on Youtube a couple a days ago and love your workouts.  Ironically my birthday is 1/6, so I’m giving your challenge to myself as a gift.  

  • Do you have any tips on how to not burn out? I love you videos but have arthritic and always get tired. I really want to join this challenge. @jessicasmithtv

  • Really in for the challenge! Too many ‘mantecados’ and other treats during the holidays so I´m really in need of a weight loss plan. Thanks

  • Hi Jessica.
    I have two questions for you.

    1: my mom and I are trying to lose weight but my mom has back pains. They come every once in a while. She is 42. Can she do these workouts or will it hurt her back?

    2: do I have to workout in the morning or can I do it at night or when I come back from school?

    Thank you and btw, I love you and yoyr channel so much!

  • my aim… i am going to hang up a dress I could get into 3 years ago and look at it every day…. i will get it back on.. thankyou

  • I signed up yesterday and am looking forward to starting on monday! Life got hectic and I’ve been ill off and on the last few months. Finally able to get back to exercising and Jessica’s workouts are so do-able and enjoyable! This plan will get me back on track with regular exercise. Thanks Jessica for your great workouts!

  • Does this challenge start up immediately after the last ones? It’s almost May and seeing this now. Would like to sign up if you are still having the challenge.

  • Hi Lucy, I am so thankful for you and your videos. I have stopped following all other fitness video workouts, as it claims to be suitable to beginners, but isn’t at all. Since I’ve found your channel I’ve not skipped a day of working out at home, and I actually combine a few of your workouts with amazing results. Thank you so, so much

  • Do not stop talking Lucy! I love listening to your voice. You keep me motivated! It would be so boring otherwise. Keep doing what you are doing xxxx

  • This is awesome! It starts the day after my birthday so that is just so perfect for me. Thank you so much for all that you do, your channel is GREAT!!!

  • Thanks again Lucy for another great workout at home. You have a unique still that seems to work for me and I love it. This too has been added to my workout playlist.

  • what a hell of a walking…thank you Lucy for your job and efort. I love your videos and I start to see the results. I’m feeling great. Kisses from Italy.

  • Can someone help? I have signed up, but where are each week’s videos located? The one on the home page does not seem like week 1. I am lost…can anyone help?

  • I Love doing your workout’s I do them morning and night twice a day and I got my weight down to 164 pounds From 176 pounds I lost a total of 12 pounds �������� and I also been doing intermittent fasting for 21 days and also in those 21 days I do eat small meals I have been junk food free for two months now and it’s so amazing I will treat myself once a day and that could be fast food or a bowl of chips but I don’t really like to treat myself anymore because it ruins my weight it goes back up I want stay in the 160s I don’t want to be in the 1 70’s or 80’s anymore. Keep making all these workout videos because I love doing them������������ I prefer to eat home cooked meals because they are the best ever to eat my moms Home cooked meals ������ because I love my mom ❤❤������������ I love your voice it help me do the workout right����������

  • I really like to hear what you say. Having not exercised on a consistent basis in years, your cues are really helpful. I also like when I have my choice between two different moves. Many times I do the harder one for as long as I can (20-30 seconds) then switch to the modified or easier one.

    I absolutely love the short videos 10min. 30min. max. Short workouts are doable and I can get them done. It feels amazing!

    YES I CAN!

    Thank you so much for standing in your truth, not listening to “them” and being a success. You are more inspiring than you realize.

  • I enjoy your videos been consistent for almost 3 months and I am energized,my body definitely changing and skin glows! Thank you for sharing your videos.

  • I’ve done the 7 minute work for two weeks just to get back into a rhythm. I started the “30 minutes walking at home” today and gratefully I was able to do all exercises, it was tough but I did it. I appreciate the routines Lucy puts together and will continue doing this one until I feel the need to do more. Thank you!

  • Found your information on Sparkpeople and just did the 30 minute routine with the ball.   Thanks!  I’ll be joining you in January.

  • I would like to say that I’m very pleased to have found you. I just retired in January and was looking for a good workout. Because I belong to a gym, my first choice was Silver Sneakers. I found out quickly that the class was too easy for my fitness level. However, the other classes were too advanced. And so I turned to YouTube. And found you. You are easy to follow, you explain what the moves are about, give us alternatives so that it feels customized. And I personally love hearing your voice….it’s soothing but encouraging. Thank you for all you’re doing to help us help ourselves.

  • Love this indoor walking and arm toning workout video. It’s perfect as the season is changing to colder weather. I normally go to the gym in the morning before work, but don’t like to get out there when it’s cold! So I searched for indoor exercise videos I would like to do on YouTube. Looks like Lucy’s videos are going to to do the trick for me. Espcecially the ones for losing belly fat.

  • I just tried it out at home,I never motivated myself to di it at home thinking im not gonna do this excersises right.i usually felt more confident in the gym with the machines,but by myself I never would,but i gave it a go,and oh boy they’ve been easy for me so far,im enjoying them and in such short time you do a lot and sweat a lot,i feel like someone is actually guiding me and just to have someone motivating you it’s extraordinaire,i think im doing them right the best that i can,and i will continue to do them:)

  • Thank you so much this is helping me alot during the quarantine. Just wish you had a short countdown before each start of exercise it would help with the timing ��

  • How can any1 say that u talk too much.. Ur voice is so encouraging and motivating.. I think I try to workout because of ur voice.. Which acts like a driving force.. Thanku

  • I am 68 kilo my goal is come to 55..today i start workout hope so i completel my goal within 30 days..100% helpful for me plz keep it up…thank you so much ❤

  • MY second workout with Lucy today! I did a 20 minute one this morning before eork snd now just did this one. I sit at a desk all day snd don’t move that much at work, which I know is bad but tonight I had some energy when I got home snd wanted to do snother one. It’s helping with my depression snd energy levels. Thank you Lucy, you are sn angel from above����

  • Just came across this workout and I love it. Working so many different muscles. Keep up these kinds of workouts and thanks, Lucy. You are a lifesaver.

  • Thanks Lucy.. This was a great workout. I love it, and your other workouts, and the talking keeps me going, so keep at it. See you again tomorrow for another one

  • Lucy: i just have to clarify you truly were not trying to kill me, right? Ohhhhhh I feel it! It is literally 30 C here in my Arizona apt. I am wet with lots of perspiration. BUT I am now going for a hike in the desert til dusk. Yay me! Right?

  • I just watched this video outside, and LOVED it. I’m super out so it as pretty hard for me though. I’ll do it tomorrow, and the next day! Thank you for motivating me, and i one the timer and how I can walk around a bit!

  • First workout just completed. Left me slightly out of breath, which is more do to with my own lack of fitness, I suspect, than the level of the workout. I found it very easy to follow, and I like that it is only about 12 minutes long, so doesn’t require a lot of time planning to fit it in. I will be returning often. Thank you Lucy

  • I’m so excited and happy!  Thank you so much, Jessica.  You are the one who got me exercising and I do and will always love you for it!!! 

  • lulu I have been exercising but still not loosing that fat in my tummy n arms. what is the problem. dear please help me out I have just a month to loose weight. I want to like slim on my wedding day pls

  • Hi Lucy ❤️ I’m going to do this exercise shortly before I’ll going for my holiday tonight flight ✈️ Milan, Florence and Venice, hopefully I’ll try my best to do exercise inside the hotel room when I have time shortly ��������‍♂️��‍♀️�� thank you so much my dear ��‍♀️Lucy for a good trainer for me.. ❤️����

  • Love it that you talk through out the video great motivation! Keep on talking your voice is faboulous!☺thank u…u are the best trainer!

  • This really does work the whole body. I substituted the walking with light jogging star jumps and half burpees and i burnt nearly 300cals

  • I confess when I first heard you, I thought you talked too much. But I stuck with you because I loved the workouts. Now I love hearing you talk because I know how much your heart is in this. You are so generous with information because you want everyone to be healthy. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement!

  • I just finished this video I’ve done this workout before and boy am I hot and sweating. And I don’t remember it being this intense the first time I did it.

    Have a great night I love your workouts and your channel.

    Oh one more thing I’m going to sleep good tonight.

  • I hope you continues made videos like that I star this week I can’t do high impact cardio I have problem in mine knees and your videos are perfect for me thanks

  • Hi Lucy ❤️ I just finished my walking exercise with you this one love it.. ������ Actually I like to do 3 video from your workout per day, 1st arm exercise, 2nd 7min 7days challenge, plus walking exercise the last one.. ��‍♀️���������������� You are always my ��‍♀️Lucy without failed you always keep me moving my steps every single days the workout routine with you.. Thank you my dear Lucy. Big hug from me to you my Angel ❤️����

  • Loved this workout! Love your motivational talk during the workout, it makes the time pass quickly and I learn some things. For people who don’t care for the talking, there is a volume control you can use.

  • I appreciate the talking, it gives me a focus. To many videos just say “do this” and you’re kind of, and I know it sounds silly, left feeling a bit alone doing it �� the talking, makes me feel like I’m doing a workout with someone else in the room ��

  • I have lost 2 inches in one week and my fat friend has lost 3 inches we are so happy THANK’S again we will keep doing it as long as I can ��‍♀️

  • We love your sight. You show some good stuff. You inspired us to create our own YouTube channel. Amanda and Ricks weight loss. It would mean a lot to us if you could check us out and comment. God bless and peace out

  • O.M.G.! This was really challenging and fun at the same time! I am so glad that I found your channel! I really like your down to earth approach! Thanks for loading up your workouts for free. Greetings from a german girl living in Sweden