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All movement — whether you’re walking, running, cycling or swimming — begins from a position of static or stationary posture, says Pete McCall, certified strength and conditioning specialist, an ACE-certified trainer and author of “Smarter Workouts.”It’s important to make sure your starting position is in good shape so your movement doesn’t suffer. Get more out of your walk by performing these simple checks. Oct 19, 2018 Get more out of your walk by performing these simple checks.

Oct 19, 2018 Get more out of your walk by performing these simple checks… Proper posture is an important lifestyle behavior for long-term longevity. Yearly Posture Evaluations: Everyone starting at the age of 6 years old should have a yearly posture evaluation performed by a Certified Posture Expert.

Posture evaluations should include Posture Imaging to detect for early onset postural degeneration and postural collapse. It is important to realize sooner, rather than later that good posture is a result of constant and consistent practice. Whether it is strolling through your parlour or a long walk to a meeting, keep good posture at all times.

Every walk counts! So, practice good walking posture on chance to walk. Although walking by itself helps to strength these muscles, you also want to think about your posture as you walk.

Avoid looking down at the ground or hunching over with your shoulders and back as you walk. Instead, keep your chin up and look in front of you instead of down. Keep your core tight and your shoulders down and back. When you walk, stand, sit or run, make sure you are practicing good posture. If you notice that you are slouching or returning to previous habits of bad posture, correct your alignment right away.

It does take work and dedication, but you will feel a huge difference inside and out as you work to make proper posture a natural state of being. The best walking posture is one in which the body is kept in a balanced, relatively straight position, where the spine is not curved too far forwards or backward. It is important to monitor the entire body while walking. Make sure that the chin is up, the shoulders are relaxed, the spine is straight.

Here are three things I know about posture: 1. Everyone notices beautiful posture and everyone ignores bad posture unless it’s really bad. 2. More people have bad posture than good posture. 3. Poor posture and their related health problems are largely preventable.

Check this out. These are before and after pictures and what we see every day. Walk away from the wall while holding a proper posture.

Then return to the wall to check whether you kept a correct posture. Unfortunately, ideal posture is often the exception rather than the rule. Poor posture can affect you head to toe, contributing to a number of problems. Headache.

When you walk with proper form, you’ll be able to breathe easier and avoid back pain. Use this top-to-toe guide on walking form to ensure you walk properly. Head.

The best way to instantly get better posture is to “walk tall”. This will immediately correct a miscellany of posture issues. Do not arch your back and lean neither forward or back.

List of related literature:

If you check out your posture even ten times a day and force yourself to hold a good position for a minute, your posture collapses again the moment you stop being mindful about it, and you still end up spending the overwhelming majority of your day with a rounded back, hunched shoulders, and forward-leaning neck.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
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The most important thing about the walking posture is that the walk should be as natural as possible.

“Taoism: An Essential Guide” by Eva Wong
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Maintaining your posture while you walk actually makes a big difference.

“Singing For Dummies” by Pamelia S. Phillips
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Return to this position over and over again—many times each day until you can Body Sense correct posture stance whenever you’re standing and especially when you’re over your weight-bearing leg while walking.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
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Posture walks begin with the feet together and arms at side.

“Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design” by Gayle Kassing, Danielle Mary Jay
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Walking for Six Steps Posture: Same as above.

“Daoist Internal Mastery” by Liping Wang, Mark Bartosh
from Daoist Internal Mastery
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They accentuate the turn at the waist, the bend of the knees, and by using more definite and strong positions of the arms, use the shoulder and back muscles, so that the holding of these positions induces, by building up the necessary muscles, an easy and balanced walk, and correct posture in standing.

“Gender in Modernism: New Geographies, Complex Intersections” by Bonnie Kime Scott
from Gender in Modernism: New Geographies, Complex Intersections
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Adjustments to the posture, such as bending the knees a lot if necessary, encourage movement of the spine.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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(1) Walk with head up, chin drawn slightly in, shoulders back, and with measured tread.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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Posture Four postures are used, walking, standing, sitting, and lying, with sitting being the most common.

“Chinese Medical Qigong” by Tianjuan Liu, Tianjun Liu, Kevin Chen
from Chinese Medical Qigong
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  • Please can you show where the feet are positioned during a walk. How far apart are they. Should they be in a straight line or hip width apart? I was told to walk in a straight line but now I’m much older I have pain in my knees.

  • Hi Dr Jo.
    I do have a upcoming appointment with a Physiotherapist, but I just wanted to ask your opinion also.

    I had Accessory Navicular and Tibialis Posterior Insertion surgery on my right foot 7 weeks ago. I was given the green light by my surgeon last week to begin walking (in a shoe) with the crutches for support. I can stand normally on my foot, and I’ve managed a few steps without the crutches (holding on to either a wall, resting my hands on a counter, or resting them on the back of a chair).

    Just wondering would a cane be easier/better than crutches? Because I’ve noticed that I seem to subconsciously “chicken out” of weight bearing when using the crutches, which that isn’t going to help me get back to walking again.

    And what kind of cane would be the better option, I do have a travel cane (it belonged to one of my grandparents) which is just a standard cane, basically like what Dr House uses ��. But it’s made of metal not wood.
    Or would a quad cane be the option (obviously if canes would be suited to me).

    As I said, I do have an appointment with a Physio, but I would like to be able to do some research on where to purchase the canes from and stuff just incase she confirms that I can use a cane.

  • https://youtu.be/2n0fF9bwaIw
    I also bought this for him to help with bike riding and weights for strengthening muscles in left arm. Just in case you are not aware of these aids.

  • Wow, thank U Dr. Jo. Nobody ever told me how to measure or walk with my cane. I’m close to being 48 yrs old and have been walking with a quad cane for 10 yrs. I suffer from grand mal seizures, fibromylgia, arthritis, all the non-peachy perks that come with my ailments. I’ve had seizures since I’ve been 3yrs old, fibromyalgia in my early 20’s, and arthritis about 3 or 4 yrs. God has blessed me I can’t complain. There are some things I can’t do? As drive anymore, work, but you know I’m still fighting the best I know how. Thank you and Goodnight.

  • I had a stroke (it will be 3 years in October 27) I was 27 years old. I am beyond grateful I have almost 100% recovery with my arm but I have drop foot. My ankle is weak and I find myself rolling my ankle quite frequently. I have a AFO but I dont like wearing it. I do not have health insurance so I am unable to do physical therapy. Your videos give me hope that I can make a full recovery. Thank you guys!

  • I am 46, and had a spinal fusion in my L5-S1 2 1/2 years ago, but never got my strength back in my back. It gets very fatigued and makes walking any distance hard. (Also maneuvering around the dog in the morning almost impossible without me feeling like I’m losing my balance, and I’m terrified of falling, w/my back. I wouldn’t be able to get up w/out assistance. Now for the last 3 months or so, I have had bouts of Vertigo with increasing frequency. I don’t want to stop my life, don’t need help with balance most of the time, but then when I do need help, I am not always where I can stop and sit down or lean up against something. Any suggestions? I am going for Vestibular testing in about a week

  • Thank you for your videos. I suffered a major stroke back in February of 2019 that left me paralyzed on the left side of my body. I was doing PT Twice a week and then my insurance expired and I was left without my therapy. Since then I have been trying to keep my exercises going on my own. It’s been difficult for me to get my mobilization back and motivation to do it myself. I walk with a cane and walk slowly but I want to make more progress and get semi normalcy back with my walking. Thank you again for your videos.

  • My wife had stroke.her left arm and leg are weak.she can move both legs now but can’t move her foot yet.her insurance ran out.what can we do? We need help and advice pleas!

  • My granny had a stroke February 29, 2020 and I found you guys looking for improvement in her recovery..Thanks for the information I love you guys intro song lol. Very catchy!

  • Having suffered a major stroke after a surgery to my carotid artery, I walked slowly on an indoor track for about three years 3 times a week clocking enough mileage to cover italy from north to south. I have recovered enough to walk without a cane. It’s still not perfect, but it’s getting close. You need millions of steps to make enough changes to your brain. But, it does work eventually, slow maybe, but there’s no need to get discouraged. Keep moving safely. No movement is bad. As long as it’s safe.

  • Hi Bob and Brad, would like to ask where do you buy your gait belts? My dad is unable to help himself out of the chair and needs assistance. Kind regards, Jason.

  • This only helps when one can already stand and walk. I had a stroke in 2018, been working everyday at home and twice a week with physical therapy, and I still cannot even stand up. My core is strong, my legs are strong, yet when I stand, I have extreme vertigo. I’m getting really frustrated because I can’t even play with my kids

  • Great….I will try to my dad….he was 69 years old and affected to stroke..it’s almost one and half year…he was affected to his left so right part is not in work……will it cure…

  • Im a young guy, i was diagnosed with GBS, my left leg is doing well, but my right leg is slacking. How do i isolate muscle building in one leg? My glute on that side is noticeably smaller and doesnt flex as well

  • I’ve had 3 strokes and have left sided weakness how canI break the tone in my foot and toes and fingers? Any tips to get movement from paralysed arm and fingers?

  • Hi there. This will be really helpful for my husband who had cva and suffered a stroke. I would definitley try this contraption and exercises. As he is really dragging his right feet and could not yet walk properly without any assistance. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks much for the vid.��

  • I’m younger and my flat feet and i turned hips came from me lying around for 2 years when I had cancer. I’m not sure if that was the reason I found it so easy for me to undo my flat feet or not. For me I just kept reminding myself to walk on the outside of my feet and to keep the inside from touching the ground and after a while it just came naturally. Maybe this could work for some people as well.

  • I’m recovering from strokrbmay 2018. Left side paralysis. How much would it cost for you guys to give me a consult? I’m in Jacksonville Florida

  • Pls can u guide how to help my sister in law who had a sucessful brain surgery n now clear of tumor and no paralysis but she really is very very dizzy from all the medication and finding standing and walking very hard

  • Hi, I a stroke last year in October, while I was sleeping. Woke up, had a mini stroke I’ll be 18 years old. Watch your show help me a lot Thank Your. By the way, I have arthritis too. My right hip hurts when I walk, is there anything I can do.

  • Good Job y’all. I love ur videos. My mom suffered stroke 19years ago and had a relapse 7months ago so she can’t stand to her feet nor walk. Can u recommend any therapy to help her back on her feet??? Will very much appreciate it.

  • Hello everyone
    I want to use this medium to share  of the Goodness of God in helping me recover of Stroke. In 2002 November 8 I had my first Stroke,  After returning from my friends house, immediately I was rushed to the Community health Care. The neurologist said that I had been having “mini-strokes” or “Trans Ischemic Attacks (TIA’s)” for years. All the physicians agreed that a congenital heart problem called Atrial Septal Defect was causing the strokes. After the first major stroke, however, I was not well enough to undergo the corrective heart surgery. First, I would have to build strength and endurance through physical therapy, The right-sided strokes had rendered the left side of my body numb to the touch, heavy, and extremely uncoordinated. Peripheral vision was permanently damaged. It was difficult to stay awake, least of all alert. The brain stem swelling caused imbalance, dizziness, and at times a slowing of respiration. Stroke affected vital pathways in my brain, causing constant electric-like pain on the left side of my body.
    After the second stroke,I was placed on machines aided life support and the doctors tried all they could but I wasn’t recovering they decided i give a traditional herbal doctor a try, since all they have done to revive me was to no avail. My Children took me back home and reach out to my friends and family for help. luckily for them A college friend of mine had a uncle who was a traditional herbal doctor; “Dr kpomosa” he base in Indianapolis IN and has helped so many people all over the world with his herbal formula ; so they said. My Children were reluctant to give his herbal fomular for stroke a try, they needed me to get well by any means necessary because there mum died of Cancer years Ago. 
    They were willing to go any Length for a cure. Well to God be the Glory Dr kpomosa was a God sent, he placed me on his  medication, although he wasn’t present, but with his instructions my children where able to administer his medication that was sent via Transworld express delivery. His medication was a huge miracle, it was like he had my brain refreshed, my brain began to have control over my body system,3 months after completing dr kpomosa herbal fomular, I regained the ability to walk, speak clearly and drive very well. To God alone I give all the glory and am for ever greatful to Dr kpomosa for being a hand of God in my Life.

     I want people to think back to Natural herbs, that’s why am sharing this.i believe God has hidden the solutions to all sickness and diseases in Natural herbs and root that we don’t pay much attention to. Am a living testimony of Natural herbs and root. If you or a loved one is going through a deadly diseases that seems impossible to cure totally, believe me root and herbs is the Solution. You can reach Dr kpomosa on his Facebook page “Dr kpomosa home of relief” for all in need of a permanent cure to stroke or any other Chronic disease like Cancer that took my beloved wife. Dr kpomosa is hope for all.  Like Dr Kpomosa would say ‘to every problem there is a solution”.

  • Hi, Ive had a stoke and have left side weakness, I also fall occasionally. When I use my cane it’s on the left side because I always seem to fall to my left. Does the general rule apply.. cane opposite to “injury”? The cane left side gives me confidence…

  • Guys, please. Join Noraneuro optometric rehabilitation association. Make sure you’re aware of post trauma vision syndrome and visual midline shift syndrome. If you have a NORA fellow in the areawork with thenyou’ll get insane improvements and avoid the plateaus. Look into Dr william padula’s work. Love you guys. Thank you for everything that you do. These patients are best helped through interdisciplinary help.

  • Hello, my son is almost 12 years old. I spent a lot of money with doctors that sent me to buy orthotics and insoles for his shoes but nothing improved. Now he has knock knees plus pronated feet. What I can do? He complains of pain in his knees.

  • My wife had a stroke 8 months ago, she was paralized on right side and still is unable to speak. Glad I found your videos hopefully they will help.

  • My dad got a stroke last Thursday and he cant move his left arm and the left leg is weak what are the best exercise to gain back his strength.

  • Hi guys. I just subscribed. I am a PTA in PA. I am presently doing homecare but spent the last decade of my career in SNF’s.Your videos gave me some new ideas for stroke rehab. Also, the theraband wrapping is quite similar to using TheraTogs in pediatrics. Thanks for the videos!

  • MY stroke affected my Right Arm and Leg. My right knee hyper-extend. How do I correct the knee from flapping back as you show in time frame 2:44 of this video.When the knee hyper-extend it hurts after a few steps and if I walk for a short distance, at night its swollen. How can I correct this problem?

  • I have ehler’s danios syndrome and don’t typically have much problem with balance, but have considered a mobility aid to take some weight off my legs to prevent joint pain in my hips, knees, and ankles, especially when I’m standing or walking for longer periods of time. Would a cane suffice for this? Or would something that can hold a bit more weight like crutches be a better fit?

  • You two are great! I’m going to try the bands on my leg. I am mobile, but I need to strengthen my leg and foot. These are great tips and I am very thankful for your videos. ��

  • hello sir can you pls help me in telling excercise for my left hand fingers where i cant strecth my fingers outward please help me sir

  • Yes I’m still going on keeping my hip ankle from going back into the bad position and I’m very happy and grateful for your service! I found myself and I can’t believe some therapists don’t know anything about this stuff I thought it was a green color not orange,I have not noticed that color!

  • Great advice, I will try all these. I had a stroke the end of this May 2017. Done in my right side. Speech came back fairly soon, 1-2 months. I pray I walk again and soon. I will be 70 this October.  I may be an older gal but I am not ready to give up on life…LOLThanks, Darlene

  • i didnt have a stroke, but i did have severe west nile that left me without balance and bedridden for months 2 years ago.. im still recovering,, went from deathbed to wheelchair to walker, cane and now i walk in circles ahahaha.. that,,with all my sports and plane crash injuries,, any help is appreciated… thannks yall.. you are miracles of the LORD…
    doc johnny
    sicily and congo

  • hello sir good afternoon.
    I have done my knee manipulation 2 days before now I’m able to bend my leg 90 /92% but its still lots of pain while bending and opening. what exercise I have to do after manipulation If u have any video give me a link plz. can I apply any oil massage on it or no. plz reply

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Cane Walking Technique in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-cane-walking-worksheet
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  • I have one knee more knocked knee than the other (but that’s because that side foot is more flat footed than the other). It’s been bothering me for so long, was just wondering if having an irregular like this is normal or gonna cause problems in the long run?

  • Also you should be going to chiropractors and/or physical therapists not doctors at the hospital. They will be able to fix with surgery if absolutely needed otherwise they’ll likely give you physical therapy or advise you go to a chiropractor anyway.

  • Bob & Brad!! Help! My left leg’s hip/femur/tibia is actually stuck in external rotation, knee caves inward, and knee cap is facing outward. It has very little to no internal rotation. Will these exercises help? I can’t seem to find anything about this type of knock knee anywhere on the internet. Please help!!

  • I have a question. I have weakness in my legs due to nerve damage. I don’t usually use a cane, but I’m about to have back surgery and feel that a cane will improve my safety and help prevent falls. Is there a different way to apply these principles?

  • I’m born with knock knees and I’m sad about that cuz it’s kinda weird they kept laughing at me so i just wanna get rid of it so I won’t be bullied at school anymore��

  • I think it’s at my ankles/feet but I don’t have flat feet so I don’t know what’s going on and I can afford to go to a doctor any ideas?

  • First comment!! �� �� I’m such a sado �� �� I got the results of my shoulder x-ray and there’s calcification of the muscle. I asked what happens now and the receptionist said the doctor didn’t leave any notes on my file!! So I’m thinking, “this is my back problems all over again” put an appointment on to see my regular doctor on the 25th of July. I know we’re lucky to have the NHS in the UK but you don’t get very good care from everyone you see. So any tips or videos you can suggest is much appreciated thank you Bob and Brad the 2 most famous physical therapists on the Internet!! �� �� �� ��

  • You are great sir,but how can I help my patient if his lower limb is strong enough to stand but upper limb is still weak to hold the walker.

  • I have flat feet and knock knees! The strange thing is I think I overcompensated somehow because I always wear out the out side edges of my shoes. Any ideas why that is?

  • What’s helped my condition the most is finding a good chiropractor. I wasn’t able to bike for three years because of the pain. Now I am back, slower than I was, but in time I know that will improve. And this is after seeing several PT’s. No one solved the problem. I always woke up in pain, and walked in pain (even though I wore motion controlled shoes). The chiro doc is the number one thing that’s helped. Also adding pedal extenders on my bike. Hope this helps someone out there like me who’s been plagued with this all his life.

  • Is it important to stretch before your walk, or is stretching after your walk the most important? I actually do both. I start out with 1 set of full-body stretches before my 45 minute walk, and then 1 set after.

  • My Mom bought me a cane and I did not know how to use it or which hand to hold the cane in. Your videos have been really helpful to me! ��

  • IDK. I have knocked knees, and your meme looks like a a person trying to look knocked kneed….for advertising sake. I would like to believe you are for real. But…really? Can I be fixed?

  • One of my legs broke from a metal shopping cart collapsing bc it hit a rain mat when I was 4. I was in the children’s seat. I workout daily but I dislocated both my knees multiple times and have knock knees. One of my legs are longer than the other and one hip is higher and I don’t know what to do about it, people made fun of it my whole life… ☹️

  • Thank you so much for this vifeo! I have knock knees, and I will try to fix it with these methods.�� I had a hip fracture one and a half years ago,and I think it made my knock knees worse, Could it make my knock knees worse?

  • Great! Now I can walk around with my sprained ankle. I was using the cane incorrectly and it was not helping at all. Now after applying the way you have given here I can now walk around safely, and really supporting my sprained ankle.

  • Is this why me knees easily get slightly dislocated everytime I sit? Whenever I get up I have to krack both my knees or they just krack with every step

  • I am walking from the time COVID started but today I was thinking of looking into some stretching exercises luckily I came across your Video, this is easy and helped me a lot thank you ��

  • Thanks for the video! I’m finally getting to address my hip dysplasia, and just finished some PT. I’m waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon and get imaging of the hip joints, as I still have pain especially with extended periods of walking and standing. I’m thinking of getting a cane for times I go out and know I’ll be walking a lot, for the extra support when I start to hurt. I’m going to talk to the orthopedic surgeon about it, but do you think using a cane before I get sore would help me keep going longer? And with bilateral hip dysplasia, which side would I keep the cane on? I assume opposite of the worse hip/leg.

  • This was very helpful. I just started doing daily walks to start getting a exercise routine started and i notice lots of stiffness after walking. These stretches helped a bunch. Thank you.

  • My right elbow is painful because I keep my right hand under my head whole night. So whenever i go for walking i am unable to move my hand properly. Please suggest how to cure this injury

  • I didn’t know the name of this condition…I have it on my right leg only and often get made fun of on the way I walk….and I wanna fix it coz I hate having it like that…. anyone has success???? reach out to my Instagram Slickjavy

  • I got my left knee replaced about four months ago। Inspite of regular physiotherapy i am still not able to walk comfortably।
    Now my physiotherapiest says i walk with slight tilt towards the operated side।
    Please suggest me some therapy।

  • This was very informative. I’ve been living with fibromyalgia for over 4 yrs and I get a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and feet (especially on my bunions which are already painful). And the pain is worse on my left side. On bad days I walk with a slight limp especially when my bunion hurts and on ok days I walk normally. I have issues with balance but not bad enough to make me fall Do I need a cane?

  • MS here and my neighbor is gonna help me tomorrow with my right/leg foot drop issue.. That orange band looks complicated, but I’m hoping it works, at least helps! I haven’t been able to explain that knee cap locking to the back thing, but you demonstrated it perfectly! Thank you

  • great video,but what side should i use a stick on for just bad balance.i have very bad balance from vertigo and have been using one while outside,but not sure i’m doing it right.

  • It’s one of my pet peeves when that show wrongly using the cane.
    Just today I assisted a gentleman. He had the correct side but was 2 inches to high. I had explained that there should be a slight bend at the elbow.