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4. Get those arms swinging. walking on grass or gravel burns more calories. Walking on soft sand, according to UCB, increases caloric expenditure by almost 50 percent. Hand weights can.

“Weight training is a much better option to walking with weights,” explains Burningham. “For example instead of walking with weights, you could start with some knee-down pushups, tricep dips, unweighted squats or a modified wall sit to begin to build strength.” READ MORE > HOW HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING CAN START WITH WALKING. While walking without weights is perfectly beneficial, the added weight elevates the exercise to a new level. A key change is in the upper body workout. Walking, like running and jogging, works primarily the lower body and a little bit of the core, leaving the. I have been walking 5 miles per day, 6 days a week for over a decade.

I walk at a 10 minute/mile pace. In order to get some weight-bearing exercise for my arms, I recently added 8 pound hand weights (4 pounds each hand) to my routine. Using these walking tools can increase the number of calories burned while not increasing your injury risk the way hand weights do. A weighted vest is another safe alternative to hand weights, says the American Council on Exercise Fitness. To gain calorie-burning benefits, it should weigh no more than 15 percent of your body weight.

Ankle weights have the same effect, increasing the workout on your leg muscles and therefore burning more calories. But walking with weights only equates to walking about five extra minutes, and the risk of injury may outweigh the minimal benefit. Walking with ankle weights can be hazardous to your knees. There are many ways to increase the number of calories you burn during an exercise. One way is the move more and move faster – this means to pick up the pace and swing your arms while you walk.

Another way is add some weight either carrying some hand weights or to wear a weighted vest. Best Buy. Walking With Ankle Weights. Trying to get more exercise by walking more often can help you burn more calories and reduce these risks. In fact, walking a mile (1.6 km) burns approximately 100 calories, depending on your sex. Get the maximum benefits of walking with these tips from the experts at Consumer Reports.

Lose weight, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress when you walk this way. Longer and more vigorous walking produced a greater risk reduction. Here’s how to get more out of your walking workouts and to vary your routine: Try to walk briskly for at least half an hour every day, or one hour four times a week.

If you weigh 150 pounds, walking at 3.5 miles an hour on flat terrain burns about 300 calories per hour.

List of related literature:

Another way to increase intensity is power walking, or power

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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Variation: Once you’ve mastered this, try adding weight such as wrist weights, or even carrying two bottles of water, to increase the amount of weight your body has to carry up the stairs.

“Implant Dentistry E-Book” by Arun K. Garg
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start with light weights (dumbbells, pulleys, elastic bands, weighted wands) and, again, advance first by increasing the number of repetitions.

“Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy E-Book” by Ellen Hillegass, H. Steven Sadowsky
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Then gradually increase the number of steps you take.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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To this end, each resistance station can be equipped with a rack of tubing or dumbbells that provide various degrees of resistance (e.g., tubing of light and moderate tension; small dumbbells of one, three, and five pounds, or one-half, one, and two kilograms).

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
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A variety of methods were used to increase the intensity and skill, such as walking with leg weights and a weighted vest, providing perturbations while walking, stepping over obstacles, and walking in different directions.

“Physical Rehabilitation” by Susan B O'Sullivan, Thomas J Schmitz, George Fulk
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I would really like to walk more but have heard that working out with weights would be really good, too.”

“Motivational Interviewing in Nursing Practice: Empowering the Patient” by Michelle Dart
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The second is easy enough to understand: Your body adapts to workout routines.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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The results showed an increase in the active range of motion of the ankle and foot, an increased muscle bulk of the thigh and calf, and an improvement in the number of steps per 6 m and the distance travelled in a 6-minute walk.

“Electrotherapy E-Book: evidence-based practice” by Tim Watson
from Electrotherapy E-Book: evidence-based practice
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Strengthening exercises can improve balance, muscle tone, bone health and increase the rate at which the body burns calories, and can be achieved by climbing stairs, carrying shopping or walking uphill.

“The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing: Principles and Practice” by Ian Norman
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  • I walk 35-40 minutes in the morning and 2 hours in the early evening. I noticed that my legs are getting muscles and I am losing weight. For me it’s like a time of de-stress. My activity progress report from my FitBit shows that I walk 49.90 miles and total 121,740k steps last week. I don’t run or power walk. I enjoy this as a ‘Me time.’

  • I only walk two days a week during weekend and while in college, my room is at 4th floor so i just count it as exercise everyday. And i always eat rice once a day. Do u think with this habit, i can lose weight?

  • I have always had problems with belly fat. After just one month of following diet plan from *Next Level Diet*, I can almost see my six pack. Don’t wait, take your plan now!

  • I low key losing inches by me walking 50 minutes everyday 25 in the morning and 25 at night or if its cold I use my at home bike. think about teenagers that gotta walk to school, they be lean as ever. like they walk a lot so. technically we gotta walk out here like crack heads everyday lol

  • I have been walking 20-30,000 steps a day for 5 days now and I can see a big difference already. I feel so much fitter and my mental health is so much better. Great video

  • Great video Von! This was really useful, I think people really do underestimate how vital walking is to our health. It’s almost kind of like an unconscious process. Like looking back at my high school days and constantly walking to class must’ve been at least 30 minutes a day for me. Nowadays it’s not the same lol

  • I’ve gone to my physical therapist 5 times got these exercises with a fraction of this detail and explanation and was sent away with a 9 minute video (including all exercises) which expired. This is much much better!!!!Thank you!!!!

  • Hey! If you guys have any questions (whether it be on walking or anything fitness related) type in whatever you like down below. I’m here to help!

  • Nice Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Riddleagan Surviving Death Remedy (just google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for reducing your cholesterol level without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got great success with it.

  • I am 82 going on 52 love this I always worked out six weeks after my first baby in six weeks after my fifth baby who are all 50 and up now. It is important to stay fit. Thank you so much I love this video try to do it every day.

  • I’m old and slow, and tried playing it at 50%; chuckling a lot…looks like a mass sobriety test, she sounds drunk, and the music slaps!

  • I just started to incorporate these 5-15 min walks in throughout my day and I am already feeling the result…my mom has even started walking with me to get fit in quarantine ��

  • I have bilateral club foot and I have almost no mobility in both ankles. X-Rays are “normal” and I’ve been working with a resistance band like in the video but nothing seems to help. I’m at a total loss here.. any suggestions?:)

  • Lucy, I want to get fit and not that easily out of breath anymore. But I don’t want to lose more than 4/5 kg. How can I do this? Often people work out because they want to lose weight but for me it is to get fit and especially for my mental health (get easily stressed out so it helps me relax and feel good)

  • I have oschoporosis.When I get up after sitting for few minutes my leg get heavy ang knee does not bend properly,I can not walk /sit properly. Can you sugget exercise for improvement? Thanks

  • Arkadaşlar ben öğlen ve akşam günde 2 kere 45 dakikalık 3 mile yapıyordum fakat çok yorulduğum için akşam bunu yapmaya karar verdim güzel sonuç alabilir miyim?����

  • First day and I learned just how out of shape I am. I’m 57 with 2 kids. I’ve had a heart attack and stroke. I really need this to help get some of this weight off. Thanks for showing this video. I look forward to getting my health back.

  • Thanks guys, another great video.
    I plan to do this once I return to walking (use the 5 min. reg. walk, 5 min. fast walk).
    I am now recovering from Haglunds deformity surgery, and won’t return to regular morning walks until sometime in August.

  • Thanks a lot!!!
    Irrespective of workload, I can now decide how much I want to dedicate to walk and no gaps so far. Bcz of you folks, I am feeling quite fit ��

  • Ya şu kalçalara bi çözüm yok mu yaaaa özellikle spor hocasında olduğu gibi olanı var ya����‍♀️ tam bi baş belası… önerisi olan varsa bi aydınlatsın:))

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    3.gün ❌ leslie yapmak yerine yarım saat yürüyüşe çıktım güncel kilom 65.6

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  • This video is definitely amazing! It helps me recall of the time when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to get rid of 15 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most people want to lose fat, but we also require to stay healthy and balanced, which is exactly what Custokebon Secrets given.

  • Thanks Dr. Jo. In your expertise, do you believe that having weak ankles and poor mobility in your ankles can cause a myriad of problems for the entire body, almost having like a systemic effect like the weak ankles are a root cause to more problems all around your body? I ask this because I was reading Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality and he states,…”It’s important to treat the root cause and not the effect. I always made sure my ankles were activated and moving. If your ankles are stiff, that can create problems in the knees, hips, back, and all the way up. So I’d spend a lot of time before games working on my ankles-the core of the problem-so that I wouldn’t exacerbate the symptoms” (page 46) I just wanted to ask you because I know he always had a team of doctors and physical therapists around him so this is likely correct but wanted more details. Thanks for your time, I know you are very busy!

  • June medley joined on 11th July 2020, I have some lower back problem and losing in my left knee, but I’m wearing a belt and have started the 1mile. I have found the difference already. I find it very comfortable. I have hypo thyroid and my weight was 99.9 kg. From the 11th July to now I have become 98.7 kilogram kg. I feel happy. I had missed two or three days in between too. I just want to ask you is it safe for me to do this exercise. Thank you

  • It’s still shock me just how a number of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) even though many people lost lots of weight using it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

  • In summary,
    1. Walk for 4 minutes.
    2. Exercise for 30 seconds. (Squats, push ups,
    3. Repeat 1 and 2 for five times.
    4. Finish off with high speed walking and then walk slow.

  • My I ask? I broke my leg ( my foot, tibia, and ankle ) about 8 mos. ago. It is coming off soon but I wanted to know if you know any ankle exercises I could do to strengthen it?


    PS. I had a in home physical therapist but he has had to sequester/Quarantine himself. {As have we}. He doesn’t have it but he is in the age group that can, so that’s why.

  • Love power walking. Walk as fast as i can every other day for 1hr (days in between i do body weight exercises) Usually drenched in sweat after first 20mins of fast walking. Walk so fast i mostly have to concentrate on my form and ground ahead so as not to trip/ bump into people. Clears the head. Burns fat. Best of all i get a natural “high” from it, usually around 5-10 mins after finishing. High can last for hours. Everyone who has functioning legs should do this according to their ability. You’ll improve quickly. So natural. Throughout most of our history humans have had to walk long distances regularly. Its only in the modern era that we’ve been able to be sedentary for prolonged periods. Which is very detrimental to health. The benefits of walking and especially fast walking are astonishing both physically and mentally. As opposed to running there’s way less risk of acute/chronic injury and if you walk long enough its as beneficial possibly even more so than running. Not anti running at all, but i suffered knee injuries from it and turned to walking. Never looked back.

  • Honestly, I never had problems with my weight. I could eat whatever I wanted and still maintain normal weight, but a lot of junk food really affected my health. Diet plan from NextLevelDiet contains delicious and nutritionally rich foods your body, brain and heart will love. It’s definitely worth trying.

  • First! =)

    I’ve been walking an hour a day (for adrenal fatigue) it’s awesome:) at first I only went 1.5 miles. Today I did 3. I’m starting to trot at intervals now and I got ankle weights.

  • I have a problem with my ankle. I fell from my skateboard and i twisted my ankle years ago and i didnt properly rehab it. Now years after it has laxity. I just dont know what to do. Is it evwn possible to get it back to normal?

  • Hi Lucy. I’ve recently taken up walking 6 days a week and I’m loving it. Most days I do 8k and I’m loving how toned and fit I’m feeling. I even done 16k one day! Been going strong for over 3 weeks and lost 6lbs. And the best thing is my arthritis hasn’t flared up like it does with other exercises!

  • Thank you so much mam… Ur videos is so important to me.. Also and u gave a correct explanation.. And then i don’t need to open a book��������

  • Hello Doctor Jo. It’s been 2 months since my ankle injury. The pain is totally gone but still I can’t run so should I start with these???

  • I really wish I found her sooner. She makes me enjoy doing what I use to think was a chore! I’ve lost 36lbs since February with doing her workouts and eating healthier!!! Walk from Home will forever stay in my life ❤

  • Thank you. I’m 59 and out of shape but I have a goal of returning to Europe in a yr. Can’t backpack when your out of shape. I will make it and this will help me reach my goal.

  • Went for a hike with my boyfriend and we added a HIIT power walk / jog / recovery element. Those four minutes were so tough but soooo rewarding. Will add different elements every time now. ������

  • I have already made use of this unique guide for a number of weeks already as well as the effects are amazing. They give me a lot of strength as well as curb my appetite, but I do NOT quit when they wear off which I enjoy, and so they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I have not changed everything else I am doing and also have dropped 7 lbs. Google should help you to research it. Weight program’s name is Bella Kaγozko
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  • Great video guys. If you all liked this check out Lucy Wyndham-Reads channel. This is the basis of all her workouts and they’re suitable for everyone. She does advanced and modified versions side by side, she’s excellent xx

  • For me walking is a great way to have a peaceful mind, think about things, and worries, and to feel balanced and happy! Everything else comes along naturally.:)

  • These tips are very useful..I was an avid speed walker..I speed walked for minimum 4 hours daily some days were 6plus hours…I hope everyone watching this video will apply these tips..I know first hand they are effective and work!!.I love that @ Lucywyndhamread explains every move and why it’s so important to achieve maximum results..our bodies are machines…keep them moving..��������❤️

  • Good Morning Walkers, despite the heat in the London, I manage to do my 15 minute walk and other exercises. I wonder where the strength is coming from. I am in my mid 50s. Thanks Leslie. I am enjoying my walks with you. Thank you.

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    ayın 21 ine randevum var bakalım kaç kilo gidecek umarım yine 3 gider ortalama hedefim ilk olark 50 kilo olmak ��

  • I workout on a Precore! In 65 minutes I burn 900 calories, (why) my resting heart rate is 54 and when I get my heart rate up, it’s 170. This is where I feel like I’m out of breath and I’m definitely breathing. I rest then back at it again. Doing that, I lost 30 pounds

  • Great video! I’ve been struggling to lose weight, so I’m open to suggestions. I’ll definitely do this on my walks from now on. I just subscribed & I’ll spread the word. �� Thanks Bob & Brad!��������‍♀️

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    I lose weight following this diet: => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it) ❤����❤

  • I had a ankle surgery for trimaleola fracture 2 wks ago. My Dr. told me to do ankle joint exercise at today’s visit. And he bent my ankle up hard, hurted me tremendously. He did 3 times. Now I lost confidence in him.
    So I want your advice.
    Is it right to do joint exercise only after 2wks post surgery?

  • My thrills to use weight loss weight is at all time high. I did not alter my very own eating style and also didn`t increase my workout level. Over a period of a month, I lost around 6 lbs. While using this process, I did observe that I ate less and filled up faster. Google can help you to discover it. weight’s name is under.
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  • Could you maybe ditch the weight loss talk and stick to health? Intentional weight loss only works 2-5% of the time. People often/usually gain back more than they lose, which sets them up for weight cycling and increased poor health outcomes. If you encourage people to eat well and get some exercise, that would be great for everyone.

  • Who here is in quarantine? ÙwÚ ⓟⓛⓢ ⓛⓘⓚⓔ �������� ������ ���������� ������ ���������� a༶n༶d༶ t༶h༶i༶s༶ a⃣n⃣d⃣ t⃣h⃣s⃣ a̶n̶d̶ t̶h̶i̶s̶ ������ �������� ������ �������� ������ ����������������

  • I walk on a treadmill at the gym. It looks like the high speed for 30 seconds then my regular speed for four minutes might be a good idea. Do you recommended that on a treadmill?

  • I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from *Next Level Diet*. It’s really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #*Next Level Diet*.

  • Hi Dr Jo, I have been struggling with my ankle for about a year now (overuse injury) and I’m unsure what to do. The strengthening exercises and alphabet exercises make it worst. I do the towel strech and it helps… I have a hard time going in dorsiflexion with my ankle. Only goes about half way compare to the other ankle. (Like it stops half way). Any advice. Thank you very much

  • where are you from??? i love foam rolling lol, but i dont feel as much pain as everyone else claims they do when they roll, so do i have nerve damage or something

  • I just discovered your channel and I want to say a big thank you! I’m not injured, rather mildly disabled as all of my joints are so weak that I easily twist my ankles just standing still. I want to start doing the strengthening exercises once every day and see if anything changes. My brother who has shortened muscles finally learned to walk at ten years old because of exercises like these and I’m very hopeful!

  • I just ordered some resistence bands and I think this exercise will be a real game changer for my horseback riding lessons! I have to constantly keep my heels down in the stirrups with my toes pointed inward. Its been a struggle!

  • I love doing the workouts but Leslie please stop talking so much, I’ve noticed you’re missing doing some of the workouts by always talking to the workout team… less talk more walk ��

  • You cannot walk or exercise the pounds off. You have to get your food intake under control. Walking/Exercise are great for strength, flexibility and endurance, but unless what you put in your mouth changes don’t count on weight changes.

  • Just subscribed and try to walk 3 miles everyday or every other day with husband. We will incorporate some.of these exercises! Thank you!

  • I love these ideas. Yet my common sense says yard work and chores seem more beneficial in actually getting something done while exercising. Just a thought.

  • Thank you WALKERS for loving this 1 Mile HAPPY Walk!
    We are sorry for the interruption at approx. 9:14 minutes into the Walk. It freezes for about 20 seconds and then resumes playing. If you would like the version that does not freeze, we have it playing for you at: https://youtu.be/X3q5e1pV4pc

    HAPPY WALKING to our faithful Walkers!!!

  • Hi I am Hala from Egypt! Following your classes during the lock down really really helped me both psychologically and physically to be healthy. Thank you so much:) by the way I am getting used to moving furniture around and creating my security and healthy space:)

  • Hi dr. Jo,
    I just got my second mri result after 6 month injury. The result shows that an osteochondral lesion in the medial dome of the left talus remains overall similar in size with small subcortical cysts showing interval increase in size. Please, the doctor said it’s not loose, so do I need surgery or not?

  • exercising to lose weight is very difficult if not impossible… genetics has a much bigger role… but if you have he discipline of Bruce lee sure you can do it… lay off the pop and ice cream.

  • I love you guys. I am not very fit, I don’t exercise at all but watching you really motivates me to because you give me hope as a beginner. Thank you, keep up the great work, I am watching and moving.��

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  • Dear Leslie
    I am doing this workout from last 3 months and I have lost 8 kg.Its amazing to walk with you.You inspire me to be fit and healthy.The best workout I have ever done.Thanks a lot..God bless you dear.I wish I could talk to you.

  • Great advice. I piled on 3.5 stone when my spine had its spondy and i was incapacitated and very low. I began by walking to a local park, tricep dips n press ups on park benches, walked between bences, introduced squats, lunges, and low impact star jumps. After a year it helped me lose a bit of weight enough to get in the pool and 10 months later all the weight is off. Hasn’t helped my spine though, but the weight being gone has helped my mental health.

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  • If I do a mile with you a WEEK it will be more than I’ve done in years! I used to walk all over town rather than wait for public transportation. My auto ended the walking altogether! Thank you! ��

  • This world is shutting down.
    St John 3:16! ��
    JESUS is Returning SOON to carry HIS BRIDE away in the RAPTURE! ALLELUIA!
    GET READY! ����

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  • I am wondering does anyone loss good amount of weight following this routine, because it’s not high impact I am
    Just thinking would it be a good one to try

  • OMG Leslie how could you walk and move nonstop and talk at the same time! I was dying trying to catch my breath but I’m getting there! Thanks

  • I’m lucky to be standing let alone doing jumping jacks and squats!!! But, I will adjust, thanks for the advice, you guys are crazy but cool! Luv your enthusiasm!:-)

  • OMG Leslie I love this exercise!!! I’ve been working out with your videos I feel very good after I finish exercising thank you so much you are wonderful God bless you!��

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new workout routines! https://www.youtube.com/user/walkathomemedia?sub_confirmation=1

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  • Lucy, I watched this video this morning and then headed out on my walk.  What a difference!  I never realized that I was just briskly walking instead of power walking, and I also never realized that my elbows were flailing out to the side-not a lot, but still not straight back.  In order to get them to move straight back, I had to lift my shoulders and almost squeeze my shoulder blades together = instantly better posture!  Now it’s time for your Sept challenge.  Love love love your workouts!!#Lucyssquad!!

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    Son Gün =

  • I walk around my local golf course daily. I do between 5-8 miles a day before my nightshift, I do the arm stretches and leg stretches on my walks. I was getting so fed up with idiot people leaving all their rubbish on the floors around the lively golf course apposite my flat. I’ve dedicated 1 of my walking days to ‘rubbish walks’. I bought myself a litter picker so I’m getting exercise and making my lovely walking area cleaner. It’s disgusting why people decide to throw litter on the floor in such a beautiful area

  • The cues you give while doing workouts helps me tremendously (especially “tuck in your tummy” reminders). Having all these tips in one place is wonderful! Thank you! <3

  • Medam iam midhun iam from India an I have an problem of an ankle feet..then iam a pressional runner..i cant run in last 7 month..please medam any pain relif excise or idea..please help

  • I started walking 1 hour 5 days a week at 3.1 mph it is fast but already lost 4.5 pounds in 3 days I weighed 240, now my feet really hurt any suggestions I’m using Skechers memory foam shoes

  • I have broken my harris bone (ankle) a month ago and there is little swelling and very little bruising could I use these exercise to help strengthen it? Xx

  • Hey Dr. Jo! I had a sprain a couple years ago that I didn’t let heal properly and now it’s causing me a lot of continued pain through out my legs. When I do these exercises, I mostly feel it in my calf muscles. My podiatrist said this was normal, but wanted to get your opinion. I’m doing these exercises in conjunction with daily use of an equinus brace. Subscribed! Thank you!

  • I have foot drop and toe drop and restricted knee ROM.How to improve my toe drop as I face a lot of problem in walking and I am not able to stand straight. Kindly help

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  • Exercise regularly is a must for good health but eating less is the key. I have not changed what I eat but I eat a fourth of what I used to eat. 225 to 165. It makes exercising much more enjoyable. I’m 77 yrs old

  • Hi Bob and Brad, I’m new to your channel! I definitely appreciate this work out as I could have potentially tore my ACL. I’m just beginning PT for my injury, however, this is a work out that I can keep in my back pocket for after I’m medically cleared to do something like this. Thanks again and I look forward to the next video!

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  • At 4:57, my ankle can’t come down all the way like most people. Please tell me how I can improve my ankle mobility. Both of my ankles hurt after I play tennis or basketball. I would like to improve my ankle flexibility. Most people can easily sit on their ankles and they would just be flat to the floor. Mine are so tight. There is actually a big gap in between when I try to do that, say 1″ gap.
    Thank you

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  • I got operated on my left anckle, i thought this foot can mobilized properly since i can walk already, and even run at that. However, when i bend my knees for the past months i noticed its painfull. Will this excersize relieve pain even if this already took, maybe 12 months or so?

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  • Hello Lesley, just wanted to let you know that I have been working out at home and on the beach doing my jogs and walking. Then with this lockdown my sister reminded me again about your programs as she sent it to me once before. I started on the 24 April and everyday like clockwork I have been enjoying your workouts. I have downloaded quite a few of your workouts and have enjoyed each one. So even though I own a TomTom watch and go out for my jogs I do come home and still do one of your programs everyday. I am one year old than you and must say I love walking with you. Thanks for all the effort you put into your workouts to help and motivate us all over the world. By the way I live in Heathfield in Cape Town, South Africa.

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    I injured my ankle ligaments, the inward injury. it’s been 2 months. when I try doing exercise it hurts. not unbearable but yes pain. is it normal? should I continue doing?

  • Hi Dr. Jo,
    I have some minor strain in my ATFL ligament for the past 4-5 months. Will these exercises help relieve the pain? Are there any other exercises I should do?

  • Hello dear thanks for the video. I had my surgery on december 30 2017 and now I have been advised by my doctor to join my office. I broke my fibula and doctor have put plate and screw on my ankle. I have been asked to wear ankle brace and use a walker for 1 week and then use a stick to walk. If I am going t the bathroom and moment I put my foot on the ground I feel I am going to fall, any suggestions how much time it takes to heal. it is very painfull. Only thing i do is hot water massage and putting oil on the affected leg. thanks