4,000 Steps each day Can Keep Dementia away


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Walking every day could help keep dementia at bay, according to a study published in the January 2018 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. WHY 4,000 STEPS The researchers recruited 29 adults over the age of 60 to explore how physical activity affected the thickness of brain structures. a high physical activity group, made up of people who walked more than 4,000 steps per day All the participants reported a degree of memory complaints at baseline, but none of them had a dementia. Taking an extra 4,000 steps a day might reduce our risk of dying prematurely, even if those steps are not swift, according to a large-scale new study of moving and mortality.

The investigators found that those who walked in excess of 4,000 steps per day had thicker brain measurements in the area of the hippocampus and surrounding regions. Walking more than 4,000 steps a day can improve attention and mental skills in adults 60 and older, according to UCLA research published December 12 in a preprint edition of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.. Various studies have found that physical activity is important in preventing cognitive decline and dementia in older adults.

A new study found that older women, taking as few as 4,400 steps per day was significantly associated with lower risk of death compared to taking 2,700 steps per day. Risk of death continued to. Keeping dementia at bay. Building up your cognitive reserve over a lifetime can help prevent decline.

By Kirsten Weir. July/August 2017, Vol 48, No. 7. are thought to allow the brain to keep functioning normally even as detrimental changes accumulate — much like software that allows a computer to keep running despite faulty hardware. If you don’t exercise regularly, taking an extra 4,000 steps per day may help, even if you walk at a leisurely pace, a new study finds.

The study included a nationally representative sample of 4,840 Americans ages 40 and older. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: APA. Lashkari, Cashmere. (2019, February 26). Where did 10,000 steps a day come from? Crafty Ways to Keep Dementia at Bay.

Arts, crafts, social, and computer activities could keep your brain healthier as you age. By Seize the day.

List of related literature:

Whatever type of dementia we may be predisposed to develop, exercising good physical hygiene can help.

“Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome” by Nancy C. Andreasen
from Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome
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One study showed that walking just one mile per day—that’s only about 2,000 steps!—cuts the risk of future memory problems, including cognitive impairment and dementia, by 50

“The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks” by Mike Dow
from The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks
by Mike Dow
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Several studies suggest that regular physical exercise may slow the progression of dementia and can help reduce agitation in people who have dementia.

“The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss” by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins
from The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss
by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins
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A.40 Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease A headline at MSNBC.com94 stated “One way to ward off Alzheimer’s: Take a hike.

“Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data” by Robin H. Lock, Patti Frazer Lock, Kari Lock Morgan, Eric F. Lock, Dennis F. Lock
from Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data
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For example, Abbott and colleagues (2004) found that taking a long walk daily significantly reduced the risk of developing dementia.

“The Oxford Handbook of Health Psychology” by Howard S. Friedman
from The Oxford Handbook of Health Psychology
by Howard S. Friedman
Oxford University Press, 2011

According to one study, regular exercises (walking 15 minutes three times per week) reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by 40 percent in individuals over age 65.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by Sherry Torkos
from The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
by Sherry Torkos
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Although most cases of dementia cannot be prevented, some experts suggest that lowfat diets and exercise may help ward off vascular dementia.

“Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets” by Nancy L. Caroline, Bob Elling, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mike Smith
from Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets
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Hardly a day goes by without an article being published about the importance of exercise in helping prevent or modify conditions ranging from diabetes and cancer to dementia.

“Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book” by Shirley Sahrmann
from Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book
by Shirley Sahrmann
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Regular physical exercise may help lower the risk of some types of dementia.

“The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends” by Sandi J. Davies, Lawrence J. Fennelly
from The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Trends
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It may also help to establish night and day routines to reduce sun‐downing (behavioural change in individuals with dementia in the evening).

“The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures” by Sara Lister, Justine Hofland, Hayley Grafton
from The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures
by Sara Lister, Justine Hofland, Hayley Grafton
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  • There is a prevention and a cure. Eat a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. It is the proteins from animal products that cause this sticky protein. Diet is the answer not more drugs. A Whole Food Plant Based Diet will also cure and prevent Cancer.

  • The scope of my question is so narrow, it might qualify as tangential. Regarding constipation and poor dentition, since I puree my dad’s food in a blender, does it still have all the fiber? If I blenderize vegetables, for example, does he get the benefit of the fiber?

  • My Dad was diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s disease last November, and was just places in hospice care as of yesterday. The Memory Care facility where he’s staying says they’re saddened by how quickly the disease process has been progressing. It’s been particularly hard during the pandemic lockdowns. Thank you for this video! It helps me understand what my Dad has been going through, and what to expect as the hospice process begins. It’s an extremely heartbreaking disease.

  • It’s important to know about Delirium, as well. Each episode of Delirium
    can cause the Dementia to progress. Research how to prevent UTIs by using multi-pronged ‘best practice’ care.

  • Thank you, Dr. Tan. Lots of helpful information here. My wife has mid-stage FTD so I need to be mentally prepared for what’s to come.

  • A particularly beautiful music video about dementia from the incredible Irish artist, Laura Mulcahy. Really worth looking and listening.

  • My mother got to age 80 before dementia actually set in but it progressed quickly. for months we battled w her we thought she was going insane. we couldtn even control her. doctors couldnt either then we discovered thru a doctor a med called Citalopram. omg it was like turning off a faucet and so far so good. we have had to increase the dosage but it flattened her out and didnt change her persona and we are thrilled. its not expensive either and worksgreat.i understand it works by clearing the sticky substance that builds up in the brain w elder ly ppl so they can think straight. yea.. for us caregivers taking care of mom forever..

  • Its the most horrible disease my mother is going through it when there is nothing that you can do about it no matter what help you get all i can say is why? this is for my mum i love you all our family do please god help as much as possible my mums name is elsie scott born 1942 from liverpool uk mum i love you always YNWA6 ����������

  • Garlic may doas much for your brain as it can do for your body by helping to protect you from age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia…. In addition, garlic has been found to improve many brain functions, such as memory, learning and mood. See Pubmed!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, The latest studies on turmeric show that curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier and has the potential to help clear these plaques. Again, see PUBMED!!!!!

    Also, based on results in labtests, [6]-gingerol, [8]-gingerol and [6]-shogaol were found to be able to penetrate the BBB via passive diffusion, suggesting them to contribute to the positive effects of ginger extracts in the central nervous system.


    Lets get practical. Do this: Take a 3cm piece of aged spicy ginger root. blend it together in your favourite smoothy. Drink it immediately. Analize how you feel in your brain.

    Now, take that same 3cm piece of ginger root and slowely chew it up. keep the juice in you mouth for as long as possible allowing the ginger chemicals to be absorped sublingually into your blood stream. These chemicals will reach your brain withing a minute! If you can stand the spicyness, you’ll feel an incredible sensation in your brain. Now this is the power of Sublingual Absorption! The power of Natural Antifungals and phytochemicals crossing the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.

    You’re welcome!

  • Alzheimer’s is a disease of insulin resistance. Eating carbs, sugar and vegetable oils consistently signal our pancreas to release insulin. Insulin was not designed to be in our blood all day, every day. The more we eat processed carbs, the more we have insulin and the more resistance is created at the cellular level. What that does is make it impossible fir insulin to get the glucose in to the cells. The cure is using ketones. Eating a Ketogenic diet will stop our pancreas from needing to release insulin. The ketones do not need insulin to get in to the mitochondria. It is a preferred fuel source of the brain! ��

  • I wouldn’t wish this most horrific disease on Satan himself…my Mom has vascular dementia…truly horrific!! When he talks about latter stage dementia..my Mom does all that, just us kids take care of her..thank God for internet..still doesn’t make it easier to deal with but at least gives me an understanding of what is happening…she refuses all meds so…Blessings to all who are going thru this including the patient!!

  • This is not helpful Dr., you’re lecturing. Those who are living with this person know a lot but knowing is not enough. We need ways to deal with this intractable, horrifying disease.

  • Each stage brings its own unique set of challenges. This article provides details on what to expect through each and how you can help: https://superiorseniorhomecare.com/7-stages-of-dementia-how-to-prepare-for-parents-with-it/

  • Thank you so much…this video helped answer some of my questions. My mama is in the last stages and it is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. Thank you again.

  • My Nana has Alzheimer’s and it’s getting worse, she can’t remember our names, gets us confused, confuses time and good goodness she repeats and repeats over and over and over. In addition to that she’s complaining about everything as she is repeating, drives me crazy but I remain respectful and just go with it. If I say well no it was this not that, she then will start yelling at me and I am very sick of it! She has changed so much I don’t even know her anymore (tears) I tell myself everyday she can’t help it, it helps for most of the year. Yesterday I finally asked her why does it always have to be a battle with you, always the back n forth? I never speak to her like that I just could not take it anymore, I feel terrible especially since I slammed the door as I left her home. I never speak to her like that and in all the years with my grandmother I have never slammed a door at her home. I just wanna cry today.

  • Heads Up Display Goggles Tuned To Biometric And AI Computation Should Lead To Progression,Tune It With Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Re Enforcing Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Not To Mention Neutropics And We May Overwrite The Influence Of Dead Cells

  • Please don’t ridicule this mans presentation. You hear drug and get turned off immediately. It is a logic response. This isn’t big pharmaceutical though. This is a small team of researchers at a college. They just genuinely want to cure it. Not capitalize on it. Not yet at least. If they can create a drug to break apart the protein that causes brain deterioration everyone should be thanking them. This is one of the scariest diseases there are. We could live longer and stay healthier, saving so many sad families.

  • Dementia is among the most twisted of ways to exit life. Caregivers are also victims. I hate dementia with every cell in my being.

  • My father was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2013 now since last 10 days he is ICU fighting for life being in last stage of dementia, going through this video gave me all those memories of progression of my father’s disease, I know he dont have much time but I am happy I made his life easier to bear the pain and now I want to devote all my remaining life to aware people about dementia mostly in the countries where medical facilities are on initial stages

  • Great video.. i hiked to raise funds and awareness about Alzheimer’s.. here is a trailer of that V-Log… it was done purely to help those suffering from this…



  • Thank you. I needed this. My friend didnt ate yesterday. I was only able to feed him half a bowl of cereal last night. I hope today everything will be normal.

  • Very helpful. My 57 year old wife has both MS and advanced dementia, exhibiting many of the symptoms outlined in the presentation. I was already planning to meet her neuro this week to discuss palliative care. Steve Jones (Manchester, England)

  • How do I handle this issue: my 86 year old mom with moderate dementia refuses to wear a sunhat or sunscreen and doesn’t realize how much time she’s has spent in the sun! I do bring her indoors after 10 min but would love to spend more time outside. Please help! thank you

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  • When the brain encounters a bad feeling it creates a bad feeling it tries to forget. This causes the brain to stop feeling. When these negative frequencies are combined with good attitudes and feelings the brain will start to work again.

  • So sad, but anyone who has looked after a loved one with dementia will know how hard it is physically and mentally. My heart goes out to anyone/everyone affected by Alzheimer/Dementia. A huge shout out to any caregiver doing this alone! I feel your journey. I feel your pain because I’ve been there. My mom was also diagnosed in her 60s. Feeling absolutely shattered, heartbroken and drained, working with different physicians across the country with little or no improvement. I was exhausted and overwhelmed to look any further. Crying a lot through frustration, anger and despair, But today with the help of Homeocure Worldwide Natural Medicine, my mother is completely healthy and well again. I think we only need more support and sunlight to overcome this dreadful disease. Search for support regardless and don’t stop until you get it. With Homeocure Worldwide treatment, there is hope, don’t give up! contact them on their Youtube channel for more info

  • Fuckers you aren’t working. I am just 23 years old and have neurodegenerative disease called msa. Yet in it’s website it is mentioned that the person must be 30 years or older to be diagnosed with it. In all these years you can’t even figure out what causes it and whom can it affected.

  • “We have to find the right step to block and then create a drug that stops it”. Always a drug. Maybe find out the natural mechanism that naturally cleans away these plaques and show why it is not able to keep up with the plaque production. It is too busy dealing with Insulin!

  • the plaques of preoteins are not the cause they re just a symptom they are the same plaques you see on the skin of autoimmune diseases, the plaques you see on MS brains thelaques you see on Parkinson brains the plaques you see on whatever amylodosis or whatever they call it, plaques are what the immune system could not clear and left on the. way it s not about cleaning those plaques its about getting system enough help not to be overwhelmed.

  • Note that this talk was given in 2015. This is now almost 2020….All medications manufactured for mitigation of this disease have failed. They have reduced this plaque build up without any diminishing of dementia.. It’s better preventing this disease than dealing with it once it starts….

  • Unfortunately drugs can’t cure everything. Our unhealthy lifestyles are at the root of many diseases. Dr. Dale Bredesen discovered this with his research and eventual development of a protocol to prevent and reverse cognitive decline in his book “The End of Alzheimer’s”, which came out in 2017……2 years prior to this Ted Talk. Out of 244 experimental drugs tested only one was ever approved and it only had mild results. Over the last 20 years of testing, this has been all that drug companies have had to offer. I don’t think this disease will be curable by a drug. Only when we all start to make a conscious effort to improve our overall lifestyle and fight for better healthy options for all will we see an end to the many diseases we have today.

  • We can cure aging too, we just haven’t found the aging gene. Once we do, we will remove it completely and humans will live forever.

    No, we will not keep aging if we eliminate the gene. Aging causes death. Remove death by aging, remove aging too.

  • This was a great presentation. This research and recommended program is fantastic… He is bringing out so many facts and raises the #1 question all M.D.’s and patients should be asking-“WHY?”… But, let me add one more newly discovered finding to this topic…First, I am an M.D. and my 2 brothers were M.D.’s. My wife was an R.N. and my mother and sister were also R.N.’s…. We are all taught that vaccines are all safe and all successful and none have side-effects. My mother was the head nurse in the ER of our medical center. She was told by her bosses to get 8-9 vaccines one day to “catch up” with the newly updated CDC list of new vaccines. Within days she got “Brain Fog”…. Within weeks she was unable to answer the phone, push the elevator button or insert her key in the lock to drive or unlock the front door… Within weeks she was hospitalized and put in diapers and unable to care for herself and died from what the best specialists called the “worst case of aggressive, progressive, fatal dementia” any of them had ever seen…. They did not know what caused her rapid fatal death but said it was NOT from the 8 vaccines…It turns out that this “induced Alzheimer’s” was caused by the neurotoxic mercury molecules and Aluminum Hydroxide molecules that are the ingredients in vaccines..Now all the studies show that if there is no mercury and no aluminum in the brain that there is no Alzheimer’s inflammation and A-B formation in the brain….My 2 M.D. brothers and I and the 3 R.N.’s in my family were never taught that vaccines could cause side-effects…My 2 M.D. brothers and I were taught in medical school that vaccines were safe and effective and to just memorize which ones to inject and at what age….Vaccines have a place in public health treatments…Mandated vaccines are another issue…It would be ideal if the CDC ever actually finally did the studies to compare the outcome and health findings between vaccinated children from un-vaccinated children…I was vaccinated with all 4 vaccines growing up, as were my 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the 1950-60’s…The CDC added 4 more vaccines in the 80’s when my son was born…My active, talkative, precocious, running, climbing, coloring, and loving son had received 4 vaccines before age 2 and then was vaccine-injured by being given his 4 more, additional vaccines, all given in one day at 2 years old…He was immediately changed after the 105 fever, inconsolable crying, limp-lethargy, and diarrhea all that night….We spent the rest of his life recovering him… Then I lost my baby brother (the M.D.) at age 56 from Guillain-Barre paralysis after his flu shot..The doctors did not know why he was paralyzed but they all said it was NOT from the vaccine…The vaccine court disagreed and awarded the family a large settlement…It turns out that we (the American public) have been falsely told to ”believe” in vaccines and not question them, ever, anytime….The truth is that the government (CDC) information trying to keep us compliant and obedient seems to be actually based on lies, cover-up, and deliberate fraud from our own CDC, and then the kickbacks to the doctors for giving vaccines is a new revelation…Watch more research here at the Vaccine Support Group…. click here to find the medical truths…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1313182338778841/.

  • Lions mane has been shown to REVERSE this. The system doesnt want people to be well. Its a business and there is no profit is healing people. Lions mane is super easy to grow on your own as well. Alot of great vids on youtube. Check out Paul Stammets as well.

  • Along with the ball-and-chain combo of working out and healthy diet, especially a very veggie-heavy one with a bit less animal protein, You have to take megadoses of vitamins and supplements to keep that scary disease from wrecking your brain.


    I’m sure as hell to continue to take vitamin megadoses in my lifetime and oy, that diet and exercise combo too. ☻

    TIP: get them at Costco and/or Walmart for the better deals.

  • They are calling dementia diabetes 3, we all know diabetes is caused by eating sugar, so cut out sugar and carbs that turn into sugar! Google Dr. Darren Schmidt.

  • He doesn’t want to cure the disease; he wants people to keep getting it and then coming to them for a magic bullet so they can be rich.

  • My wife and I were pre diabetic.
    Alzheimer’s is often described as Type 3 diabetes.
    We are able to reverse Type 2 by intermittent fasting.
    It seems likely to me that intermittent fasting will have benficial effects not only for the pancreas but also the brain.
    Intermittent fasting promotes metabolic flexibility and provides ketones as a complementary source of energy. When in a state of ketosis, the body is accessing energy from stored fat.
    Consuming carbohydrates regularly on a daily basis prevents the insulin level from being sufficiently low to allow access to the stored fat, and any excess energy consumed can only cause further fat storage, eventually leading to obesity Etc., Etc. We have a problem….
    This is not rocket science.
    Why are we so naive?
    The only explanation that I can see is that we are ‘culture bound’, we need to get away from thinking that there is a pill for every ill and get back to first principles. Think positively and take appropriate action!!
    Graham Edwards
    [email protected] gmail.com

  • Electroshock or ECT is now being used in some cases of dementia/Alzheimer’s around agitation. It is a form of behavioral control because ECT uses up to 450 volts and greater to the brain and subdues secondary to traumatic brain injury outcomes. It creates docility and manageability for caregivers. There is no FDA testing for safety or effectiveness of devices or procedure. There is currently a national product liability suit in the courts that have proved brain injury outcomes at a minimum. This is purely electrical trauma passed off as a mental health treatment. Electrical trauma can evolve years out in damages to include CTE and ALS. It also impacts all bodily systems in damages to include cardiac and respiratory. Patients have been lied to and harmed around this practice for decades. Inform yourself on ectjustice and Life After ECT. A good book on this topic is called Doctors of Deception by Linda Andre. This practice generates billions annually in US alone. Medical malpractice firms are also interviewing patients for suits as informed consent is fallible. There is no FDA testing for safety or even effectiveness. This is also fraud. Medicare paying out huge amounts on this procedure that has not even been tested. Cover ups for decades at patient expense. Also discrimination on part of FDA in not testing a device or procedure involving a protected population under the ADA.

  • Alzheimer is type three diabetes. Stop eating Carbs, eat healthy fats Olivoil Butter Fisch gras fed meat, Avocados,… Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D3 and within the Week you start recovering your brain.

  • He said nothing of any value. Today it is known that vegetarian and vegan populations are not being afflicted to the extent of meat eaters. If your life is worth something, think about it and consider making some changes. But this change to plant-based also has a positive impact on so many of our systems like the cardiovascular system, reverses diabetes and arthritis and asthma… lowers cholesterol without drugs, is the best diet to prevent cancer and to mitigate it when it does occur and add many years of real life. Additionally reduces obesity.

    Meanwhile, because it is a change of lifestyle, it is not going to make Big Pharma any money but it is going to make a HUGE difference to families who can enjoy their loved one’s life and not be their are their caregiver but as someone to share in life’s joys.

    Why do I care? My father and maternal grandmother both died of Alzheimer’s. I was my father’s caregiver. My mother and sister died of breast cancer. All had arthritis, diabetes, skin problems, obesity and even asthma. I don’t have any of these and I am vegan. But I have recovered from arthritis and was pre-diabetic and am no more at risk. My blood pressure is normal, the rest of theirs was high. They all ate the Standard American Diet.

    The one who should be most involved with our health is ourselves. The more you know and implement, the less likely you will have dread diseases. Yes, Paleo is out there, but in the long run we do not know all that it will do to people whereas we have had people eating vegetarian in many areas of the planet and they do quite well. They live long and avoid diseases.

    If something has to die for you to live, in the end are they not having the last laugh? Animals are lovely creatures. We can make burgers which are plants and taste like beef, and many other sorts of animal protein, all plant-based. How many have you tried?

    Waiting for a pill to make over-indulgence just go away there will never be one. Lazy people make rich doctors and a broke country. Self-reliance is a beautiful concept, we need to become that.

  • Avoid sugar from carbs and processed food. Never add sugar on your protein…like barbecues. Protein clamp together and clog your arteries and brain. Do intermittent and keto diet. No need for drugs, they suppress the truth, they know the cure but they want to feed us DRUGS FOR MONEY.
    We need cholesterol they are good for us. Our brain needs it. But they demonized it. Take control of your own health in the age of internet informations are available. Choose your path to good health. Pharma does mot care.

  • Dementia is caused by aluminum. Chemtrails. Pull the aluminum out with cilantro, strawberries, activated charcoal, bentonite clay. Any binders work really.

  • When did TED become a giant wasteland of libidiot commercials for SJW? I can’t watch how these clowns talk, not about science, but about Funding for their Cause! Yes, I want Alzheimer’s cured as well. But, we use to be able to watch science shows to LEARN SOMETHING. Not a giant commercial to FUND BIG MEDICINE! OMG, somebody should WTFU!

  • Top scientist discovers the cause of Alzheimer’s disease!

    A top scientist proved that mercury, and only mercury, causes three of the major hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. The National Institute Of Health stopped funding his studies after he presented his findings. I’m very passionate about this disease because I’ve lost multiple family members to it. The mercury comes from multiple sources and you can get it out and reverse this disease.

    Scientist = Boyd E. Haley (born September 22, 1940, Greensburg, Indiana) is a retired professor of chemistry at the University of Kentucky.


  • Vaccines kill, paralyze, cause cancer, diabetes, lupus, seizures, autism, Alzheimer’s, arthritis. The viruses are grown on aborted baby cell lines and contain human DNA, as well as animal cell lines and animal DNA. They contain aluminum, Mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, glyphosate, polysorbate 80, antibiotics. Please people, wake up! We must stop injecting our precious babies, we must stop mandatory laws. We must save our future generation from a lifetime of suffering. Watch high wire with Del Bigtree for more information. May God bless our babies!

  • I think.because in the west.you take.too much too many pharma drugs and.now you propose snother drug yhis time for AD. Weanaway.from this drug. For AD it has been proven by.some west drs that virgin coco nut reverses it
    Y NOT DO clinical trials for the sake of your people. Beware God.is watching

  • If everyone who has a brain is at risk, risk is something that can be avoided. Surely, there’s gotta be a better way of preventing it.

  • Look at all the people here triggered because he dared to use the term “drug” and suggest it could be used as a cure. Heresy! Drugs are bad!

  • This video is interesting but basically fraudulent.
    Samuel Cohen does a good job of explaining the history/symptoms/economic cost etc ….. of Alzheimer’s disease; but concludes only by suggesting that if enough money is pumped into research (perhaps him own Research Dept. at Cambridge University? ) a drug to treat the condition might be available in five/ten/twenty years?
    I was hoping for something better.

  • Oxygen therapy and light therapy heals the disease! You will just have to do that for life. Which is better then living like an alive vegetable if that makes any since!!!

  • The last stage of Alzheimer’s is when the plaques and tangles destroy the nerve cells in the pituitary gland that controls the breathing and heart. This will lead to respiratory failure/heart failure, and this will lead to systemic infection that will lead to death.

  • I have hypertension, and I also have autism, so I could face the high risk of MCI which could then lead to dementia and then full-blown Alzheimer’s later. So I have to be extremely careful, because I know Alzheimer’s has a mortality rate of 99.82 percent, even if you die a slow death!!!

  • It’s funny how so many people take shots at Big Pharma, but, if there is a drug available for your particular disease, or for your loved one, don’t tell me that you’d turn it down ‘on principle’! The pharmaceutical industry isn’t perfect by a long way, but if you’re looking for an enemy, might I suggest that Big Food the huge processed food industry might be a better target. An excellent piece of advice never eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food! Disclaimer I am a retired pharmacist but never worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • If you can understand the story. Another problem is they forget how their body works. Don’t wear deodorant with aluminum. It’s against the law to put it in products in Europe

  • Hello everyone, everything good? Alzheimer’s improves or cures with a dietary supplement from a company called Omnilife, autohemotherapy, or ozone therapy. Even a spice called saffron, in the right amount helps to improve or reverse. Alzheimer’s is an inflammation in the brain. Hope that helps and hugs!

  • I have make a correction. Not 3 min. but 4 min. blah blah and blah.
    People are seeing this video because they are aware of this disease and are looking for cure or preventive measures.

  • Yes, the Alzheimer’s research is neglected, and its a picture of real condition of that place on the hill from where the Fat Cats govern, and it reflects the structure of our present culture and society. I work in a nursing home…..and I know….

  • Completely useless. You could have used your time wisely and expanded on the results of her autopsy. That could have been your opportunity to expose the fluoride propaganda.

  • Should not spend that money on the disease we should spend that money to provide ” clean food and water “!!!!! Everything is cureable

  • I am sincerely hoping that this research leads to something that can help people in the future. Alzheimers is very complex and while I have not directly dealt with anyone with the disease my comments are only just my opinion.

  • See the Bredesen protocol. reversing a high percentage of cases with diet and lifestyle. You don’t hear about in the mainstream because it doesn’t involve drugs.

  • In 2018 the drug company Pfizer stopped research on Alzheimer’s because it cost billions and gave no positive results. Research has shown that not only are the Alzheimer’s drugs NOT currently effective, they are making many people sicker faster! So don’t waste your time and money on useless and damaging drugs.

  • I have a new 73 yo male.He is in great shape,did construction,hunted,baked pizza…..now he wanders up,down….2minutes and away he goes.All day,all night.
    He is an absolute gentleman. Great family.This is a great start for me.You are interesting,and engaging.Thank you.

  • I’m all for a cure, but not a word about protection for those that can still prevent it. Western medicine is always looking for a cure after the disease has developed. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • If tomorrow they find cure to alzheimers think of how many people would be out of job. So this is why in medicine diseases are managed not cured. All horrible diseases will not have cure but will have drugs to manage them. If you want to cure alzheimer or any memory related diseases or cancer etc. Try what millions have already done in asia and middle east. Put head phones on listen to the recitation of a chapter from quran 3 times in morning and 3 times before going to bed…..give it few days and see the result or have your doctor test for your disease again…..try it and see for your self if it works or not!

  • I have never considered myself to be a victim….but I am am A VICTIM. pretty close to suicidal….talk to my therapist regularly.

  • One thing I have learned from the last two years of watching videos nightly on Yt is that since the onsett of my wifes dementia is to base your anticipated routine on daily Chaos.
    Again, also reading multiple books… Ive given up trying to apply systems discussed. The only thing you can do is to be compassionate, kind and totally commited to whatever they desire. The end for all of us is inevitable, but unfortunately we are faced with the demise of our loved ones in a way which none of us would accept for ourselves.
    We can only keep trying to make everyday special for them.

  • Thank you for the video. I was looking for help to make a loose schedule for myself. I am home by myself all day when my daughter is in school & my husband is at work. Without the schedule I easily lose track of time & forget things that I am supposed or want to do.

  • Dimentia has completely took my grandma to an insane state and to the point where she is such a nuisance she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming about nonsense and I cannot sleep, she treats my mom like a personal servant and takes everything to the extreme she has peed 2 times on our carpets then denied it I just want her to pass quickly and so I can take the rest of my teenagehood back

  • Thank you Natalie! I needed some guidance and encouragement! I have been feeling overwhelmed because I work full time and my 90 year old Mom (with dementia) has been living with us for the last two months. My grandson has been taking care of her but we needed suggestions for activities for Mom. At this time no one else is able to help and I feel guilty for wanting a break.

  • Hello from Turkey. ����❤️Dad has throat cancer and mom was in a care home, but due to the Covid -19 we decided to take mom out of the care faciity, things are hard especially on me and my husband. We have no place to run out for relief. We are on a voluntary lock down weekdays and mandatory on weekends. Thankfull that the government is enforcing a mandatory lockdown on 65 and older. It would be very hard to keep dad at home.
    Mom got agravated yesterday when she saw the toilet paper and water stock and feared that we exchanged all her money for the stocked goods. Some days are much harder than others. Really apreciate the videos you make.

  • Thanks for another gem Doc. I started a daily routine a month ago and it seemed to be working. However, my LOWD has now stopped showing interest in following routines. No interest in hobbies and old activities. She seems to be jumping all over the place. The only constant is rude, crass behaviors and escapism. My hat’s off to y’all caregivers doing this. Y’all are some strong folks

  • this virus has caused some problems with him being able to grasp what’s going on. He forgets and everyday sometimes several times a day he asks me the same thing about what it is..etc. I found I had to stop listening so much about it. and he is more settled..just wanted to tell others to keep watch on things like this…I forget that I can’t go to him like I did and be able to talk about all this because he just can’t process it all. And to say, remember that your loved one just can’t help what is happening to them.

  • thank you so much, your videos are very informative and helpful. I have a brother with the disease and right now he is wanting to go home when in fact he is home. He left the house the other day and a neighbour found him 2 hours later, thank god with no coat on in the early morning hours and it was very cold out!!! Then that night, he tried to go out of the house again, but my brother who is his caregiver caught him and said where are you going, again he wanted to go home, please help what should we do?

  • My LO has MS along with dementia. She is confined to either a wheelchair, bed or her recliner. She has trouble feeding herself or routine tasks. How do I set up a routine?

  • Hi Dr Natalie

    Thank you for your video

    My dad with Dementia Alzheimer’s sadly passed away last Saturday. He went into hospital for over 2 weeks with just a mild infection after a neighbor complained about his nightly roaming in his property and the police called the paramedics. He went in being able to walk and talk and while there was given illegal antipsychotics to quieten him against family’s wishes. He then came out over 2 weeks later having lost loads of weight and muscles and couldn’t stand up by himself. They lied saying that he was fit to go. They then put him on end of life and wouldn’t give him fluids even though he showed that he wanted a drink and could no longer swallow ������. Now I hope to seek justice for him against a doctor that never ever came out to see him xxx

  • My wife is lucid most of the day, but usually once a day, and usually after 8.00pm talks about subjects without a reference point or time so I cant relate at all, do I just agree and ignore it as best I can?

  • Dr. Natalie is spot on. A well established daily routine and being as organized as possible. Is the first line of defense in helping relieve caregiver burnout. Depending on where your person is in their dementia journey. Well established daily routines also help your person with dementia. In building a good routine don’t make it so rigid that you make it impossible. Keeping it simple with breaks in between as the key.

    I found baths on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings after breakfast beneficial. That allowed me to schedule doctor office visits and grocery runs later in the day, without so much chaos. I also planned doctor visits to accommodate meal times. By making it a field trip with a meal out as a treat or a reward for good behavior during our outings. I turned trips to the grocery store or Walmart as time spent with my dad. Getting him to engage in different snack and meal choices. I felt helpful in keeping him interested in mealtime. I kept him engaged with the household budget. By giving simple explanation of bills and the amount. Having him sit with me as I wrote out checks on the 1st and 15th. Letting him sign the checks and put them in the envelope. Inclusion as much as appropriate, gave him purpose.

    Yes, I could have done things much faster and efficient without including him. Until the journey with dementia took his ability. Again, the act of inclusion gave him purpose. I recommend, living life with you person with dementia, until it becomes necessary to live life around your person with dementia. While memories might be impaired in the first stages of the journey. You might be surprised by their remaining abilities, with simple acts of inclusion.

    While your mom might not fold the laundry like she use to. Taking the time to fold the laundry together, will give her a sense of purpose. While giving you the opportunity to spent quality time with your mom. Even if she only manages to fold one towel as you do the rest. I can’t say inclusion as appropriate is easy. But it is definitely rewarding. When the day comes that their chair or bed becomes a empty space. When they have completed the journey of life. Your reward will be memories made without regret. Even if your person’s journey of life ends, as it did for my dad, in a residential care facility.

  • I want to know that How to handle if pateint has multiple brain illness with dementia like schizophrenia while pateint had surgery thanks

  • Trying to stop heart disease, using statins to reduce cholesterol, has contributed to starving brains of the cholesterol it must have as well as every cell in our bodies. See Dr William Davis (cardiologist) videos on heart disease prevention. Hint, stop eating sugar, foods that turn to sugar and all highly processed seed oils. Canola oil is NOT heart healthy. See recipes by Dietdr.com and ruled me.com
    Also see research on coconut oil for Alzheimer’s, see work of Dr Mary Newport.

  • I work with people who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s and i am really happy that i have the the privilege to work with them i really enjoyed my job.

  • Quite meaningless. Just strutting out historical facts and statistics. Even telling a lie that we have now got a cure. And ultimately saying, it is up to you, which means nothing,. Dear Dr.Cohen should have talked about coconut oil and ketones. They are cheap and hence Pharma will shy away from them!!!!

  • Go along with them. You don’t have to “set the record straight” You don’t have to sweat the small stuff. TRY to stay on positive happy thoughts. Remember who they were + it helps you appreciate them even more.

    WAKE UP!!!!!

  • I think one of the painful things about this is that, while this video presents a sweet, soft and placid view of caring for someone with dementia, it doesn’t represent the reality of at least what I’ve seen of it.

    It is not always a peaceful, loving journey, with plenty of time to spend with your loved one. Often times, which is terribly unfair to the patient, as well as their caregivers, the caregiver(s) are living a duality where they are still expected to swim with the sharks in the workplace and, then, manage to be angels with nothing but time to spare, when they just didn’t have the time and resources to begin with. It’s just unfair for all concerned.

  • Take a different approach. Think out of the box. I have two cancers and killing it on a daily basis. I see cancer as a friend and not an enemy. I believe cancer wants to help the body to coop with the underlying condition. Please do look for the problem why cancer developed. For example hpv virus. Kill the virus. Or B streptococcus….or lhyme deciese…or maybe to many underlying conditions. Kill them and cancer will desolve…I have all those conditions too. Also thinking that cancer is white, like mold or candida Cancer like sugar and carbs. Parasites do too. Cancer dont like bitter things and red natural foods. Also parasites dont. In loads of cancers there are also parasites. Why dont we take that approach that cancer takes care of the extra sugar, because the body can’t anymore. So please look into parasite medicine nutrition and herbs that heal. Bitter and red. Take the compounds and make you’re medicine. Cancer dont kill… cancer helps. Chemo and radiation kills. Relive the mythochondria and the cells will continue fighting. Kill the underlying condition. I dont believe in the mutation theorie. We all have mutated cells in us all the time but not big cancer yet. We just fight it wrong. Why do we stick with this bull chemo? Look beyond and you will find. I’m fighting for my life and I will win. Never tell a patient go home and get all in order. Say…go home and find your way. You will find it. We will follow you so we find a way out of this and maybe through that can help others. Stop thinking you know more about cancer then the patient having it. That person want to live and do all to do so. Listen to the patients. Well I can only do so much. Please listen and get your success. good luck…..

  • Why don’t you look at Dr Sebi’s work? He healed aids and cancer. Not sure if it’s not ego that keeps people looking in all the places but where the answer has been all the time.

  • Bull man like not even a bull can make. At about 16 mins he talks about a poor woman never smoker, who in 2009 was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread. Then she was given one of medicine’s miracle drugs and she got better, but her cancer had EVOLVED MECHANISMS TO EVADE THE DRUG”S ACTION so by 2011 she passed away.

    Now for a cancer cell, by random mutations don’t forget, EVOLVED to evade the drug’s action, it would need evolution in the super fast lane, the speed of light lane and maybe faster. Because new proteins have to have EVOLVED in order for the cancer to evade the drug’s action. This guys is equivalent to the fish to man in a hundred years of evolution!!!!!!!! BULL yeah in capitals.

    The ONLY explanation is that cancer is a nocebo effect. The intelligence of the body at work. But that is an anathema to the whole drug industry because when the public get woof of it they realize that it it their reaction and thus they can seize control when they understand what it is about and not react.

  • The body heals itself given the correct environment for you,  and it starts with your thoughts.  Diet is actually not the MAIN cause of remissions,  although we cannot consume scientifically modified produce and chemicals and be healthy.  However,  most of the healing starts with a massive change/shift in lifestyle and environment.  Medicine has been attacking cancer with poison,  cutting and burning  which hurts the recipient more than the cancer.  Stem cells are not killed by those archaic tools.   Many people die from those measures instead.  We have made very little progress since President Nixon’s “War on Cancer”.  2.1% of people in the US survive over 5 years after chemo/radiation.  2.3% in Australia.  That means that almost 80% of those receiving those treatments do not survive them.  Modern medicine is great for acute/trauma situations  very poor for much else.  Epigenetics,  mind/body connection, etc.   Now  these are working against cancer.

  • I am baffled, you are a director of a renowned cancer institute, you are 34 years fighting cancer, you published 200 papers, you have 10 minutes to talk about it and you can only come up with this poetic nonsense that just stole my time…. I know nothing more than just before your talk. As a head of I don’t know what, you just greatly dissappointed me. Best thing of your talk was the idea of becoming a laywer. Too bad you did not do that.

  • Im so over this “we’re right on the cusp of the cure….” they know the cure… they have several cures… both chemically and naturally…. why are they doing this? This hurts so bad and is so frustrating.

  • What a bunch of bullshit. Big money is only interested in treating symptoms. This guy gets paid a lot of money like other highly educated drones doing research to dance around the issues and never the root causes.


  • I have been listening to this speeches on TED how they’re so close, and some of them they claimed to have found the way to fight cancer but still when you go to them the only have,chemotherapy and radiation.so this guys just talk and don’t say nothing.i have stage 4 cancer and they got no cure.the cure exists but they don’t give it to people

  • Doctors are losing credibility. The primary players don’t want a cure unless they own the patent. If you want cures for cancer, try addressing the root cause; improper nutrition and lack of exercise. There are many successful alternative treatments. Why not insist that they are investigated and tested for efficacy? The better alternatives are suppressed because they are not profitable to pharmaceuticals. If doctors were truly for non-patented cures, they would be a dogmatic advocate rather than allow suppression of alternative treatments.

  • Relax and rest assured! Any cancers and any other diseases on Earth can be eradicated very fast Perfect Health is not only a dream anymore It’s a reality My discovery is light years ahead of any medical knowledge and even of the nanotech in keeping everybody (kids and adults) absolutely healthy all the time and by that making humans immortal (absolutely fit for any space missions) No vaccines and no nanobots are needed for the job Just the Oxygen from he air we breathe I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to destroy any pathogens instantly, to curb any global pandemics and to stay absolutely invulnerable to any diseases on Earth Any threat worldwide will be completely avoided, once everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (the greatest one of all time on Earth and maybe in the Universe) The WVCD The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction By far more powerful than the human immune system, keeping it intact all the time, for any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us Just an exercise for a minute a day The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Diseases and Strokes Even Tibetans and Yoga don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time Everybody (kids and adults) will stay that way, for the WVCD supplies every cell of our bodies with enough oxygen, that kills any pathogens the moment they touch us and prevents us from any diseases The price of the WVCD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO Just 25 million EURO per country Once I am paid the money, everybody (kids and adults) will know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time Never getting sick of any diseases even for a second Welcome to Immortality!