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Your local park is infinitely more exciting to the senses than a treadmill. “By being outdoors you use more of your senses, taking in the changing seasons and dynamic surroundings,” says Zarr. Thus, it can be a great form of therapy and motivation for sticking with exercise. “There has been growing evidence that when people engage in physical fitness activities. 3 Ways Walking in a Park Can Boost Your Health Written by Martin D. Braden | May 30, 2019 | Health If you can’t decide whether you should walk on a treadmill, on the street or in a park, choose the greener option.

New research shows it yields greater benefits for your mind and body. In fact, a growing number of doctors nationwide write their. We had walked 3 days on the Inca Trail and would, the next morning, arrive at Machu Picchu. At the time, it seemed as if our happiness stemmed.

Being in nature can boost your mood and improve mental health. Spending quality time in the great outdoors reduces stress, calms anxiety, and can lead to a lower risk of depression, according to a study done by researchers at Stanford University. Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Strengthen your bones and muscles.

Improve your mood. Improve your balance and coordination. The faster, farther and more frequently you walk, the greater the benefits. Benefits of walking: Walking is good for your mental health. Walking is a great mood booster, with proven benefits: a daily 30 minute stroll can reduce symptoms of depression and stress by 36 percent.

Anxiety UK say a 15 minute walk “can help to clear your mind and relax”. Surely the best excuse to get out and about at lunchtime!Walking for transportation is a good way to start any exercise program, and it’s an excellent way to protect your health. Still, many men will get extra benefit from setting aside dedicated time to walk for exercise, health, and pleasure.

show it can help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal. To experience these benefits, aim for 30 minutes of brisk.

As a moderate-intensity exercise, brisk walking every day for at least 30 minutes will reduce weight gain and inhibit multiple diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dementia, and cardiac issues. Taking short walks in the midst of a busy day can improve your mood, boost your creativity, and reduce stress. A recent study that was published in PLoS Magazine reported that if you start walking briskly for 150 minutes each week, that is less than 22 minutes each day, you can increase your lifespan by as much as 4 years.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Walking. Walking helps you to manage your weight. You can also use walking as a way to lose excess pounds.

List of related literature:

3 Improving quality: walking should be an enjoyable environmental experience, with a good sense of safety.

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Finally, walking can have psychological benefits as well, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

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A Guide to the Healthy Parks Healthy People Approach and Current Practices.

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Walk (v): People walk everyday to maintain good health.

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Walking keeps bones and muscles strong, helps to control body weight and reduce body fat, and improves blood lipids and blood pressure.

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Walking is also an ideal mode for both health and sustainability.

“Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives” by Jarrett Walker
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For example, when a patient is able to walk on the flat with good postural control he can be asked to walk at a faster pace, walk on an incline or walk while talking or moving his head up and down or from side to side.

“Physical Management for Neurological Conditions E-Book” by Sheila Lennon, Gita Ramdharry, Geert Verheyden
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Walking also improves overall conditioning; this usually takes the form of a 6or 12-min walk performed once a day, depending on the patient’s condition and tolerance.

“Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care E-Book” by Robert M. Kacmarek, James K. Stoller, Al Heuer
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Each of the three ways of walking has its own quality.

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Studies in Australia have found that access to parks and large attractive open spaces are closely linked to walking.

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  • I’ve been blown away with how much effort is being taken in preparing such amazing content by GCN team.
    It’s just amazing and mind boggling to see how much something I did to lose some weight has had substantially more effect on me.
    Great content guys.

  • I love listening to your interviews when driving ti the mountains 3-4 hrs for work weekly again and again making sure indont miss great information! Love this!

  • Wow, what a excellent video. This video is like looking into a mirror. Cycling is my way to deal with stress and, getting out a depression.

  • The only think I know is once that I am on my bike, I am in LALA LAND, and nothing can beat that feeling. I often do long detour to keep that feeling last has long as possible before getting home. My favourite time of the day is early morning, sun rising moment..

  • Speaking for myself as a 65 year old male that grew up playing competitive sports such as hockey and american football. i found myself dealing with depression and anxiety after having to give these activities up not even realizing they were probably keeping me mentally healthy. In my fifties I started weight training and cycling and it seems to have helped keeping me on a mentally even keel so much so that I’ve used my indoor stationary cycle to stop the beginning of a panic attack dead in its tracks. So yes I would say exercise in any form makes a huge difference in your mental and physical heath.

  • Nice video on a very important topic. Well done GCN! �� One aspect that could be discussed further, specifically related to cycling, is the mindset that we have. Most cyclists develop a strong “warrior spirit” to endure the pain over time and it becomes a very useful skill in life to fight against mental health problems. Personally, I started cycling very early in my life to fight physical health problems and develop my heart and lungs. I remember that thanks to my training, as a teenager, I was mentally already tough compare to other people. And it surely helped me later in life to fight depression and stress. Cycling is such a complete sport to develop yourself and help prevent or treat any problem of life.

  • The information about fats was a little over simplified I think. Nuts are good, because of their saturated fats. So, saturated fats are not all bad! Coconut oil can be very good for health.

  • Great video and I’m sure many can relate to it. Cycling certainly helps me with my baggage and I’m sure without it I could start going backwards. Well done GCN

  • Hi GCN and a big Hi to Si! A great piece of work away from the usual indeed. Q: can a private person go to these labs and have tests run on them (for a fee)? Thank you

  • Thank you for this excellent information. A library of a variety of resources relevant to improving heart health for seniors is available here: http://gracehomecare.com/category/heart-health/

  • She says 400 times but the screen says 400% greater which is 4 times the rate. Then she does the same thing with the 200% greater.

  • Never in my life I liked to wear shoes. Now, at my 61 years, I’m a barefoot hiker… In bare feet life is a happiness!
    “Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature”
    — Adele Coombs, “Barefoot Dreaming” ^_^
    And some reasons to go barefoot: _ @t

  • yes.. totally yes a cycling help me to overcome drug abuse use.. im an addicttion of drug. but after doing some cycling.. rrally make me happy and can forget the drug. now im normal people:).. say no to drug

  • For me mindfulness is the pain and suffering on the bike, after that all your stress/mental worries dissolve. I know as I attempted suicide a number of years ago and returning to the bike was and is my life line!!! Great video GCN this has probably helped many people!!

  • I´ve been suffering from depression for 20 years (I´m 34 now). The only thing that really helps is cycling (no therapy, no pills etc.)

  • Fitness, including cycling, has helped me stay sober. It provides that sense of fulfillment that addicts are always chasing. And it does this through delayed gratification, rather than instant. Which is a very important behavior to learn.

  • I am 59. Getting myself out in nature helps my mood. Focusing on technical riding distracts my mind as well as makes me feel better about the capabilities of my body. Si asked insightful questions.

  • This info is great. It gives credit to what my go to mental health/stress reduction has been for 40 years. My challenge is now a heart arrhythmia (I also watched your heart health episode) and growing stress because of work demands. I’m sure I’m not alone and like many other now professional office workers struggling to stay fit mentally and physically until the sweet spot of retirement when we can resume some level of extreme bicycling! I will be going to my doc for some tests. Thanks so much GCN. Your videos and news clips help me a lot,

  • I think every cyclist out there identifies with Si when he said when your riding along within your limits you still have thoughts running through your brain, but as soon as he pushes himself he enters that zone!! That zone is a amazing place I find it so addictive! Great vid GCN…. I only wish my zone was 425watts!

  • I went riding today in Calgary. It was minus 15C when I hit the road. I had on layer upon layer of clothing, winter cycling shoes, a balaclava and it was damn chilly. The roads were snowy and icy. Riding made it feel 10C colder with the windchill… It also made me feel great!!! Sure cycling is good for your mental health… on a freezing cold day like today it also shows that I’m mental.

  • Don’t forget to ride with friends, or at least think about riding in places where you can meet friendly people. Wave and give thumbs up. Strike up a conversation with a stranger at a rest stop. Works wonders.

  • thx god i go fast walikng everyday and i have a valve murmur caused with drugs thx for d video and yes i feel better with execize

  • I suffer from mild deppresion. I’ve been a Cycling nerd for the last 15 years. Every time that I had to quit Cycling for some reason I have suffered a deppresion episode. So this vídeo was very useful for me as I could establish, over the years, a relation between cycling and mental wellness. Thanks you all.

  • Outstanding comment, well presented. Keep up the great work. I am a fan of your channel and have learned alot. I am a cyclist and enjoy your sense of humor. The video on cycling on men’s private areas was quite informative and a bit shocking but well done nevertheless.:)

  • Thank you super much for these kind of videos! Nice work! GCN is getting better and better! Please keep the good work and passion:)

  • I have been cycling for over 40 years but because of my situation now, living alone in Italy, I have had a number of panic attacks over the last year, but have found if i can get out on my bike I can relieve the stress and clear my brain of negative thoughts.

  • Love all your vids,very informative. I’m just a recreation/commuter cyclist. I ride all year unless it’s icy/snowy. 3 yrs ago I got rearended in my car and was off the bike for about 8months and couldn’t ride. I got really depressed and angry, as I got back on the bike things got better, then I got hit in the side of my car from someone who ran a stop sign, so off the bike again. Anyway, I really notice when I’m not outside riding,my moods are aweful, and coworkers and my wife notice as well. Going to the gym helps alittle,but being outside on the bike is my ZEN.

  • Long story short I lost everything and my bike was just waiting for me to pick it up again. (Bmx) it was like we were never apart the pain allowed to me get all my tricks again. If I don’t ride my bike I cry I think I have something really wrong but I ride everyday so I’ll be fine.

  • PLEASE HELP! �� I have had fibromyalgia since 2013 and stomach issues since the end of 2016 when they gave me an antibiotic because they had done a retreatment of a root canal at the endodontist. Mind you they knew what medications I was on at the time and I found out later that there was an adverse reaction with that antibiotic and the medicine I was on for acid reflux/pump prohibitor which was at the top of the list that gave me an infection,c-diff which is now in-active in my system. When they didn’t know what was going on they gave me other antibiotics in between without a test that said xyz that I took because they had scared me enough to do so,but I digress. I believe that I have leaky gut, possibly a bacterial overflow and perhaps a little bit of candida. I’m not completely sure and I cannot afford to go to anymore holistic doctors or get products etc. as I do not have the money to do these things. I’ve tried different things over the course of time some of which helped and some of which probably did not and made things possibly a little worse and I eat healthy for the most part. I don’t really know everything that’s going on in my body. I took a wheatzoomer test and they said that I did have intestinal permeability and a gluten intolerance. I’ve just had different symptoms and still do including my bones have been doing this cracking thing all over and stiffness etc. which I think may be from the leaky gut, but I am unsure of anything as far as what is what and what’s causing what because I don’t actually know 100% I can’t afford to take these other tests that they want me to take or go back to the doctor because the office visits are almost $500 alone. I feel like I’m not getting enough nutrients or not doing something right. I don’t know what the magic combination is, but I know that I’m just tired, I need help and I want my body back. I’m too young to feel this way and I just don’t know what to do anymore:( By the way thank you for taking out precious time to knowledge people and share to truly help others. I’ve learned a lot since 2016 about foods that heal and are better for the body. I have much more of a desire to continue learning and to teach other people how to heal their bodies much more naturally as well. It’s a beautiful thing! There are some positives that have come out of this. I have definitely learned a lot more, I eat healthier than I ever have, I’ve helped different people along the way or at least pointed them in the right direction to which they made their own conscious choice. I honestly wouldn’t mind to be certified to teach other people and possibly even know as much as you know. But at this point I just want my body back. I don’t know what to do anymore. Not 100% anyway �� P.S. Sorry for the novel,but thank you kindly for taking precious time out to read it all. I’m a little sleepy as I only got 2 1/2 hours of sleep,woke up feeling XYZ again. Look forward to hearing from you and I wish well for both you and your family:)

  • What I can tell you is that exercising and especially cycling have ripped me out of my years depression and anxiety and have generally made me a happier person. I’d encourage it for everyone.

  • Cycling in that “racing bike” posture (leaning forwards) is really bad for men, as the entire weight of the body is placed on the perineum, where the internal part of the penis is. This compresses the arteries required to get an erection and can lead to impotence. That in itself could be a major cause of depression. To avoid this damage, you should cycle in an upright position, with most of your weight on your buttocks and get a “no nose” saddle which further reduces compression of the perineal artery. Basically, if you have a numb, tingly sensation in your groin after cycling, you are cutting off your blood supply to your genitals and if you do that too often, you’re going to cause some damage, potentially permanently.

  • @GCN and Simon: This is next level work! Very impressive network TV-level stuff IMO. An important, well researched topic handled with the right tone and pro presentation. I think this video has the potential to actually change lives and that’s something to be very proud of. Cheers guys!

  • I have battled with mental health issues all my life. Different phases of my life they manifested in different ways. Drugs and alcohol. Exercise addiction. Depression. Over eating. Under eating. Loss of hope/will to live etc. A month ago I pulled out an old MTN bike someone gave me when they moved and began riding it for the exercise and part of my quitting smoking program.

    Subsequently I started looking at YouTube videos about cycling. Found GCN and others. My interest in cycling was piqued when I noticed that after rides I would be much more upbeat and feel better about life. I had always known that exercise can improve your mental Outlook but for years now I couldn’t seem to get excited about working out in the gym. I do a lot of gravel ridesthrough natural areas and I stopped and take pictures of the wild life which usually consists of birds, lizards, crocodiles and alligators. There’s a lot of Peace inducing stuff in those rides plus my thighs are getting strong and my belly is getting less shocking. Now I find myself quite obsessed with cycling and I plan on building myself a nice road bike. I like the tech shows but I especially appreciate shows like this because it reinforces what I have already recognized as a means to an end for myself in my long-standing mental health problems. When I am out exercising hard on my bike, I rarely think about how evil my country is, there’s plenty of time for that later. Peace everyone!

  • Large amounts of stress tend to come from work. Is there a correlation between those who’s work is ‘physical’ as opposed to sitting behind a desk?

  • Great video GCN I am a cyclist but as well have mental health issues when I get out on the bike it helps with blocking out my problems and get a sense of freedom I also ride with a club relaxed club and it gets me out away from my 4 walls so to speak of my flat with a big sence of achievement and making me fill so much better in myself 100% afterwards coming back from a ride

  • Fascinating video. In my experience however, exercise increases mood compared to doing nothing, but doesn’t improve mental health. (Good mental health implies an optimal chemical reaction to your effort,) After my mental health improved, I experienced a lot more enjoyment from cycling compared to when I was depressed.

  • Hi Naomi. I’m a big fan of your work and first came across you on the docu series you did which I found eye opening. Your new book seems to say it’s mainly focused on females, does the material relate to males to or will that be a future book?

  • I have mental health issues that I have learned to live with and on those rough days I’ve found that simply getting on me bike and taking a ride definitely helps me. Thanks for touching on this issue and a super big thumbs up to Si and Chris!!! GREAT VIDEO GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU!!!!!! CHEERS

  • You might want to include what the rider sees in the environment while they ride that might get some stress read out. Do a ride with varying City traffic conditions and some scenic tranquil rides

  • “yes, we are all different!” “I’m not”. Excellent program (if I can call a YouTube video a program?) and highlights amongst other things Si’s perspicacity as an interviewer in a scientific realm. Alas, we still don’t have a good understanding of how the brain, or rather the mind, functions, even with a “novelty” hat and a couple of top university departments. Still, more grist for future mills!

  • Thanks GCN and Si for putting up this video, recently i have been suffering from stress and depression from office workload. I had started cycling 4 years back, but stopped due to laziness and office schedule, but you just gave me a way out. Thanks again for this video. You guys always rock. Am a big fan of Si, the way he deals with complex things in a simplified way. Cheers guys ����

  • a treat other then food,, hun well said aight some truth,,
    tho coffee means dairy too often,, meaning the ultimate worse crap you can EVER EAT IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE,, theirs ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WORSE in all the crap people think its normal to eat/drink,, NOTHINGS WORSE THEN DAIRY NOTHING,, white blood cells acne alergies mucus allllllll the other health issues with fat arteries blockages from all meats INCLUDing fish (dioxine pcb mercury pesticides fat cholesterole acidicanimal protein AND NOW MICRO PLASTIC IN fish too,, and the long DOMINANT PIG FARMs creating Physteria tho you woud know your fish had it huge black spot on your animal,, unless i cant tell yet maybe oceans are infected too

  • It would be interesting to see how/if the results be different for riding on a calm path or busy car filled street, compared to on a stationary bike in a lab.

  • As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety cycling is literally the main thing that pulls me out of the seriousness of the feelings. I can literally just commute and I have a smile on my face. Cycling is the only thing that brings us back to the initial achievements of being a child I believe. Cheers GCN

  • For sure I’ve been down, even depressed more than once in my life, but I’d say the “sport” in general saved my life. Cycling at 14, then table tennis, then badminton, then football, then tennis, then running, then windsurfing, then walking, now road cycling again. So absolutely YES! I also have commuted on a bike through my life off and on since my first bike.

  • I really love GCNs health related videos! Being well spoken and friendly and seeming genuinely interested, Si’s the perfect presenter for them.

  • brains evolved for motor/limps controls for reproduction success. Cognition is just a byproduct. So exercise is linked to better mental health.

  • AddoptionLessBabies. Vegan. FREEnergy. Algea. ShareTransport. Minimalist. 0Wastes.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvlaQJImt9w HealthChoices ActualDetails
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    -Are We Designed To Eat Meat?. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXj76A9hI-o&t=975s
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  • Cycling used to be my go-to hobby for stress and anxiety relief, but what I ended up doing was increasing the stuff that made me stressed and then offset it with more cycling. This worked for about 2 years until I had some significant physical health issues due to over-doing it lol. Although I agree with the concept that exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you also need to manage the cause of the stress at the same time. Otherwise, using exercise to offset the stress is a bit like painting over a damp stain, its just going to come through again.

  • Cycling helps, excercise helps… talking helps too. Just a quick example this video has 510 comments (between 10.02.19 when it was published and today, 10.05.19). Another GCN video…What’s The Best Bag For Commuting By Bike? Saddle Bag Vs. Panniers Vs. Backpack (between 18.02.19 and today, 10.05.19) has 682 comments!! Keep making great videos guys, Keep talking and most of… keep cycling!!

  • I have suffered from Burn out and deprresion, those times are 12 years behind me. It where hard an difficulat times, but I got out of it with some good life lessons. At first therapy and medication got me to the point where I could redirect my life, change jobs, leave a bad relationship, then in more stable times I got on without medication. As anyone you have to battle your demons but I managed. I could say I was moderatly happy. 3 years ago I started to train, and got into triathlon, since then coping with stress has gotten much easyer. It’s stille there, don’t be fooled, but mindfullness is indeed at 110 RPM on a static bike… or at 4:50 min/km running,… it really helps. That being said, I would have never been able to get into this sport and shape without the therapy and treatement I had years ago. Exercise is a great help I think, but it’s not a treatement. And of course, when you get stronger you feel so much more confident, and for people with depression, low self esteem, and anxiety, like me, that’s a great bonus.

  • Can’t agree more cycling definitely relaxes me when i have a hard day in the office or working on an issue that doesn’t seem to have any solution i stop get on my trainer cycle an hour or so shower go back to work and all works out

  • Hi there! This is a great video! My greatest strength in
    physical fitness has been walking!
    Walking has served me well since I was a young kid.
    If you get into the routine and ‘own’ the knowledge that
    walking = heatlh, you will benefit for the rest of your life.
    Running comes next for me; but getting my knees in shape
    for it was something else! Nutritional support is what is
    keeping my knees healthy to carry me!
    Love it!

    Walking or Running To Stay In Good Health!
    My latest Fun Friday!!!
    A Lawyer Joke!!!

    Latest Page!
    My Site!

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    you dont moderate drugs & cigarettes,, vegan is much easier then you think,, only when you cheat that its hard,, teasing and numbing your taste buds with overactive concentrated fat sugar and salt,, i cant fkin taste the beans and the rice with all that salted soy sauce,, i cant fkin taste the salad with all this fat

  • Top quality info-video! GCN’s brought invaluable spotlight on evidence that would otherwise be limited to the readership of scientific journals (and a few nerdy cyclists). Finally, evidence to make-sense of the dopaminergic/ meditative benefits of riding (many of us are familiar with). ����������‍♀️

  • This video is amazing! Love it! However, can you shoot a video about cycling addiction? I have thousand dollars on bicycles, hours of riding and if I dont ride, I watch GCN or read bicycle forum. My boss starts to notice the decline in my performance.

    It is fine though! I love cycling!

  • I understand the “happiness” increase due to exercise activity in isolation but what the university study misses is to me a big part of the happiness of riding and that is the sheer elation of riding with the wind in your face, the visual pleasure of riding over nice countryside or beautiful views, and the elation one feels when descending at speed. Surely this is has a significant impact on how good you feel during riding that is not taken into account when riding in a computer filled room with a sci fi hat on your head? Given this is probably hard to measure.

  • If someone asked me to recall how many days I was down, I’m not sure I would know. My emotions must be very platued constant state then… who knows.

  • It helps me without doubt, but too much, interestingly enough causes the reverse but I think that may be to do with excess fatigue/exhaustion being tired is psychologically damaging. Before I smashed my foot, I used to run for this reason it made me feel better. Cycling does, but not in the same way which is odd as the argument is that exercise creates a mental benefit. Balance of experiences aside, the immediate benefits are bio-chemical (endorphins, adrenaline, etc.) but the secondary benefits are the successes cycling can bring ANYONE losing weight and a better body image (internally and externally how you think you look and how you actually look and how you feel about others viewing you). Cycling gives you time to focus, to experience living in the moment and a reason to be outside. Also, another success is that saying “I rode 20 miles” for a beginner cyclist is HUGE when you think about how far 20 miles actually is and then going to 40, 60, 80 and the big 100 is phenomenal with the looks from non-cyclists when you say it, speaking volumes. I’m autistic (Aspergers and a few other things) so I see things differently from NTs but the bio-chem side is just as valid and makes the cycling experience transparent for all humans I did an MSc in structural molecular biology to understand this better. Thanks GCN, really lads, you’re great and make all of this so accessible. Don’t stop.

  • Well done. I am a scientist and I was pleased that correlation versus causation was discussed. Good to see these new directions being explored.

  • It never ceases to amaze me the amount and depth of information GCN provides. And, as an IT administrator, I love data and GCN certainly satisfies my need!

  • I really enjoyed this and incredibly important to share.

    Currently, depression is huge killer around the world and can disrupt every area of life.

    Cycling since I could walk has allowed me to connect with all the comments below.
    Meditation also brings about similar mental clarity and alertness too and has changed my relationship with thought. So the same bothering thoughts may never go away but my personal attachment/relationship shifts and therefore the thoughts loose their power.

    Check out their website if you have time http://www.thebrightpath.com

    Thank you GCM

  • Yes. I’d be stuck troubleshooting a circuit card, go for a lunch ride and then figure out a solution the 30 minutes I was away pedaling.

  • My memory is noticeably better after starting to ride the last few years a lot. 60 YO. 10K miles last year. I now remember even store clerk names after noticing a decrease in memory in my 50s.

  • exactly this is the reason, why i dont “pedal” to my wort place. I race. I always try to beat my PB an that is such a motivating thing and if i beat my PB i´m happy all work day long:)

  • One of the trickiest parts of the balance between stress and exercise is that we convince ourselves we are “too busy” to get out. I’ve made that excuse to myself many times. However, even going out for a quick 30 minute spin VASTLY improves my mood every time. Thanks for the reminder!!

  • What I find so great is that we’re getting mental health into conversation, great vid guys, personally I have suffered depression and came close to taking my own life, it’s so important to remember that life can change so fast, cycling help me beat depression Along with many other things. I’m working through anxiety now, keep talking about it and supporting each other ����

  • I’m a Filipino who is taking my senior year at a local university. And I’m learning a lot from this video for free.

    Maraming salamat UCLA��

  • When you’re riding through the hills and rain, and get miserable, after a while you cannot keep the anger up. It’s some kind of a zen mode, where you suddenly lose emotion and just ride. Like a soldier fighting through pain, the normal life seems almost too easy.

  • Again, great job and a great way of differentiating GCN from other similar channels. I will be a happy viewer if this is the kind of videos you want to make.

  • This is a fabulous video, along with the one on cardiovascular health. As a lifelong cyclist, I can recognise the differences in my mental state when I’ve not been able to get out on the road or trail. The more we understand the impact of activity on our wellbeing, I think that we are recognising the real negative impact of our being displaced from our natural environment. Cycling appears to improve our demeanor at an individual and possibly societal level. Keep up the good work.

  • LOL NEW RESEARCH,, ok fkin idiocy wtf is wrong with you guys everyone knew this forever,, im starting to think mayo clinic might be full of sht or deliberatedly late?