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Walking for weight loss may even be more effective than running, according to a 2015 study. British researchers found that people who regularly took. Here, Rutledge outlines a 4-week walking plan for beginners, that along with a healthy diet, helps jumpstart weight loss. “This plan is for someone who currently considers themselves sedentary and wants to get started,” says Rutledge. The seventh of 10 reasons that Livestrong mentions people avoid exercise: You’re always hungry or want to snack on unhealthy foods.

Depending on which weight program is referred to, sweet foods can either be eaten in moderation or should be ditched altogether. What very few disagree about is an increase in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Jeff Galloway’s go-to walking workout: To introduce faster segments into your walks, start by jogging for 5 to 10 seconds per minute for 10 minutes, gradually working your way up to 30 minutes. 10-WEEK WALKING PROGRAM MODEL. The 10-week walking program model begins with a kickoff event where participants gather to get fired up to commit to increasing the amount they walk for 10 weeks.

The kickoff includes educational presentations on setting goals, how to walk the right wa. This 21-Day Walking Plan Will Help the Pounds Melt Away. Varying the speed and intensity of your walk is an easy— and effective—way to burn more fat and calories. ©2020 Hearst.

Do this beginner’s 4-week walking program to help reduce pain and build strength. Start slow up to 10 minutes a day 3-4 times a week and build up. Check with your doctor first. Walking has lots of health benefits, but for most folks, it’s hard to figure out how to make it part of their routine. Learn how to design a walking program and find out the best ways to stick.

TM 21 Six-Week Beginner Walking Plan This six-week program is for the beginner walker who wants to improve overall health and increase energy. Walks start at 10 minutes or. To help get started, here are three of the best online learning platforms to check out, whether you’re looking for one-off college courses, creative-specific options, or you want to earn a.

List of related literature:

A key to successful use is to focus on number of steps walked per 10 minutes, with the idea of moving toward the 150 minutes per week goal.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
from Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention
by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
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Therefore walking programmes should use personalized step-goals of adding approximately 3,000–4,000 steps to normal everyday step-counts.

“Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions” by Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie
from Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions
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These include: group exercise classes; walking programmes; pedometer-based walking; treadmill walking or running; stationary cycling; step test; and arm cranking [133–135].

“Falls in Older People: Risk Factors and Strategies for Prevention” by Stephen R. Lord, Catherine Sherrington, Hylton B. Menz, Jacqueline C. T. Close
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This cadence is based on recommendations of Tudor-Locke, Hatano, Pangrazi, and Kang (2008) on how to use a pedometer to assess moderate-intensity walking speeds.

“Intervention Research: Designing, Conducting, Analyzing, and Funding” by Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN, Dianne Morrison-Beedy, PhD, RN, WHNP, FNAP, FAANP, FAAN
from Intervention Research: Designing, Conducting, Analyzing, and Funding
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Springer Publishing Company, 2012

Recommendations of 10,000 steps/day (5 miles) are associated with health benefits.133,134 One of the most successful walking programs in this country came out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, over a decade ago.

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook
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The program was designed to increase the physical activity levels in rural communities, in part, by creating walking trails.

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
from Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
by Harold Kohl III, Tinker Murray, Deborah Salvo
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The benefit of walking programs has been clearly established to increase time-to-claudication and maximal walking distance (Hiatt and Regensteiner, 1990; Hiatt et al., 1994).

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
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Given the fitness benefits of power walking, you can include itinyour walking program.

“Fundamentals of Track and Field” by Gerry Carr, Gerald A. Carr
from Fundamentals of Track and Field
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NR In an RCT study, a home-based walking program for older adults with osteoarthritis of the knee who used arthritis self-management education and a pedometer walking program significantly increased their daily steps walked by 23% and improved muscle strength and walking performance (Talbot et al., 2003).

“Evidence-Based Nursing Care Guidelines E-Book: Medical-Surgical Interventions” by Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig, Beth Ann Swan, Sharon J. Tucker
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*The walk-run program is started after a patient has demonstrated the ability to walk 30 minutes consecutively, without injury, 3 times per week on alternate days.

“Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
from Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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  • Love you Gina! 2020 didn’t quite turn out as good as we hoped but thanks to you I’m in better shape than before lockdown. Working out with you here in Spain, going on week 5 ❤️

  • Actually, i have fallen off from the wagon, due to a hectic schedule, others people its an excuse, but this year I am telling myself instead of forcing myself to huge change why not just give myself a 15-30 minutes a day maybe I will see changes bit by bit. Love you!!! Jesscia

  • I lost around over 30 pounds in 2016. I then got pregnant, had a baby, and was up close to 25 pounds. I spent almost every day after having her telling myself I was going to work out, but I didn’t. Our local paper had a list of free workouts, and yours was included! I thought how hard could this be? I’m so out of shape, that this left me sweating! I don’t typically set goals, as I have an issue with seeing them through, so for now I’m just going to simply work on walking with you daily.

  • MY goal for 2018 is to move more every day. I work at a desk job sitting for 9 hours a day, so I’m challenging myself to add 15 more minutes of motion a day. I just finished 2 rounds of WalkStrong 2.0 and am starting Walk STRONG 3 today. Did 1 Mile of Motivation, which I LOVED!, and am going to do Foundations next. We’re dealing with single digit temperatures here in Michigan so I can’t get outside for my daily walks I’ll be inside walking with you and Peanut instead. Thank you for all you do, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Been working out with you for almost 2weeks and eating healthy, lost 15lbs. I’m doing 30minutes everyday, this is the most enjoyable workout i’ve ever had. Thank you so much. (I gained alot of weight last year so i was 290lbs now down to 275lbs.)

  • OMG, This was a great burn. I’ve done alot of walking videos but this one is by far my favorite. The music was a great selection. This was my first time doing your videos and I have fallen in love with this one. I highly enjoyed it and will definitely share. #myfavorite

  • I’ve tried so many exercise videos nothing actually worked but from one month I am using Roberta’s gym it is really working I’ve already lost weight.
    Thank you so much for your efforts

  • Happy New Year Jessica and your family wishing you a great 2018. My resolution is to focus more on just getting in shape and not focus so much on the scale. I’ve been working out for a while now and I’ve lost close to 60 pounds but I do obsess over what the scale says and not on what my body says. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me and so many others!

  • I started my weight loss and fitness journey in 2017, losing 102 pounds in a year (literally 1/4 of my weight!). I started my journey by doing dance video games, then began working out “with” you in July, and finally feel confident enough to start going to a gym! This year, I’m resolved to continue on with this journey, through finding balance in all things. I don’t let losing weight consume my life, so I’m always staying open to new adventures.

  • Thank you for your videos, I have bought your series also. Love that are good for peope like me, who have knee problems. Wish you all the best and many blessings for this New Year!

  • I jus started this program and so far it’s great! Thank you so much it was quick but I defiantly worked up a sweat and I feel wonderful afterwards.

  • My word is “move”. I am 56 and I have been working out my whole life. It is a lifestyle for me coming from a heavy family with heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. I own a fitbit and each week I walk over 70,000-75,000 steps..average 10,000 a day which equals out to 30-35 miles a week. I am not skinny and never have been. Most scales say I am obese because of my build and some muscle but I eat very healthy and constantly workout and the pounds do not go away. I am at a weight that just stays constant. At my age I just want to be fit and healthy. We have been isolated because of the virus and I get tired of the same old walking routine around our home and cotton field. I love power walking and dancing. Your class has a little of both! So thank you for your wonderful video to watch at home during this time. It was so much appreciated and needed.
    I normally like one hour of aerobics, walking, or zumba/dancing but I will take your wonderful fast paced combo class.
    I will have to look to see if you have longer ones.
    I am new to your class.
    God Bless you! 2020

  • Today was my first Day #FITIN15.
    I want to do a whole program of training. There is some fat to burn. I have been training only with you and Peanut for about a year.:) Thank you Jessica for your wonderful videos.:)

  • For 2018 I’m focusing on losing 45 lbs by changing my relationship with food. Since Fall 2015, your workouts have improved my fitness and balance greatly and have kept me sane. It’s time to add to the program and deal with my weight and health. Thank you and happy new year to you too!

  • I love this 63 years old… thanks so much…you are full of fun and inspiration and the time flies when I do it.. I liked the music…. don’t really like Abba and all the old fashioned songs… but you always give a good workout..

  • Hey Jessica and Peanut, I just love working out on this channel because it motivates my ego. Sometimes when I don’t feel like working out, I come here and get my mojo back. You are really the type of trainer for me. Thank you for all you do!

  • Thanks Jessica as always����. Wonderful to read the inspirational stories below. I have been exercising regularly with you since 2015 and aim to maintain that. One thing I would like to do is restart my Muay Thai and try to get to a class regularly.

  • Thank you! I’ve been a bit lazy and blah the last few days. I just got back from a great vacation where my exercise plan took a hit but I sure did get in a lot of steps at least.

    Anyway, I hope to continue on my path of walks in the mornings (although I’m trying to hit my 10,000 late today) and strength training most evenings. The results I’ve noticed are I’m fitting into smaller clothes, and that feels GREAT! My scale may not indicate it, but I may be getting trimmer.

    My tip: Find an exercise program you enjoy. If you love the exercise program you do, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. I do reformer Pilates classes at a local studio that I just love and sometimes I’ll do a barre class, which really challenges me. If you don’t like or don’t feel ready for super intense workouts, DON’T’ DO THEM. Create a regimen that works for you.

  • You’re such a joy. Giving us what we need exactly when we need it. My resolution is to hang out with you and Peanut on the reg:-) Whenever I workout with you guys your energy is so sweet and uplifting. No excuse not to do it! Thank you for doing what you do.

  • It may be a while since you posted these Fitin15 workouts; but they fit the ticket for a busy traveler! I love breaking a sweat in the morning, it jumpstarts my day. Thank you Jessica!!

  • Does anyone know (maybe Jessica does?) whether she’s certified? I’m looking for a program to follow but am having no luck because most of the trainers I see on popular sites these days are failing certification crosschecks and I for one will not start a program without the comfort of knowing the on screen trainer passes muster.

  • Just found your channel by accident while I’m in Lockdown here in UK,absolutely loving it, where have you been all my life??? Love the TOONS and MOVES, I also love your outfits,where are they from??? Keep up the Good Work, I’ll be so fit in no time ����������‍♀️������

  • In 2017 I started my weigh loss/fitness journey with you in February with your 6-week program that I did religiously. I still do your workouts and others to keep the variety and switch from cardio to strength. I’ve gone from a size 18 to size 8. I still have about 10 pounds to go, and another size down, but have so far lost 64 pounds in 2017. Adding a fitbit in October helped me get past my latest plateau. So did indoor rock climbing, starting in August. So for 2018, I want to reach my second goal weight/size and continue to encourage and educate those around me about getting healthy.

  • ur workouts always leave me feeling so good. u r so positive & pleasant to work out with, Jessica. Thank u so much for these workouts. Always better to do something rather than nothing, like u say, but without ur motivation it is just not the same. ��

  • Thank you so much for all your FREE videos. Like many people, we are struggling financially and to be able to workout along with you every morning is such a blessing in my life. I started with the Nov 2016 Fall into Fitness Challenge with My Fitness Pal and kept on going. I reached my goal weight April 2017 and have maintained even through this holiday season. I am looking forward to many more sessions with you and Peanut (I love the Peanut Cam)!!! Thanks again. Btw, I am almost 62 and have gone from body weight to using 5 and 10 lb weights!

  • no organization. no set time. just counts to however and finishes to how ever much. wtf. you shouldn’t even upload this. you goof off. take the workout seriously. thats the point of a workout. dont goof around and actually have a set amount of time on the screen for each exercise. jeez

  • One of my tips is when I cook dinner in the evening I look for recipes that have at least 30 mins oven time, so that I can squeeze in exercise in while dinner is in the oven. I also make enough for a freeze portion so for a busy/lazy day I always have a meal that I can pop in the oven and more exersie time.

    I was 83KG (Oct 2017) amd now 77kg. I am doing this by loosing roughly 1kg per month. I have doen this by looking at my portion sizes and at 15000 steps a day. I also give my self a reward for each 5kg that I have lost. A new hair style, gettting my nails done, a day at the sauna ect.

    My partner & I eat out a few times a month and to help me keep on track we now choose 1 starter and share it, then we choose our main course each and then choose 1 dessert which we share. This is not only good for your waistline but also good for your wallet.
    Also when I get my main course I look at the portion and visually divide everything in half. Then I eat the half and ask myself a I satified. If yes I leave the rest if no I eat half of what is left and ask myself the same question again. This way I am leaning to listen to my body and enjoy a 3 course meal with out feeling guilty.

  • My goal this year is to decrease the amount of stress in my life. On a daily basis, I plan to do at least a 10 minute activity right before each of my meals for the day. On a bigger scale, I am distancing myself from people and occasions that take more happiness than they provide me. The second part is a lot harder than the first, but I am also breaking that down and reflecting on each change that I make before I make another.

  • Me to myself: I should take it easy today let’s try this ten minute cardio
    Me after I understanding how delusional I was: Okay maybe not:’)

  • Awesome!!! Oh my stars! I didn’t realize how out of shape I am!!! My least favorite is the side to side because I feel like my foot is on the very edge. I think it’s a weird me thing! Great work out as always looking forward to sticking to the Fitin15!!

  • Great way to start the day! I have trouble keeping up with some of the cardio videos. This one I was able to follow all the way through, and get a good workout. Thank you Jessica!

  • Thank you, needed this! When I hit my weight goal, I forgot my fitness goal. This New Years resolution is fitness, not weight. I want to get back to working out consistently. Thank you for reminding and inspiring me ❤️����

  • Thank u Gina! I just working out w you! This is fabulous! I’m 51 and a nurse in the covid unit in MA hospital! This is very motivating and fun! Thank u

  • i have been working out my whole life and just started exercising with you 2 years ago. i have been using the 1 mile walk and talk to supplement my other workouts or on days i don’t feel like working out. then, 3 months ago i found out i had breast cancer. i continued to work out even more than usual up until the day of my surgery knowing that i would be down and unable to exercise other than physical therapy for a while. three days ago, (with doctor’s approval for walking) i started the walk and talk series again. it is a great way to get back into the groove without too much arm movement or too much jiggling, if you know what i mean. thank you so much for making this series. i am so happy to be able to start working out again.

  • This was my second Jessica Smith workout.  I haven’t worked out regularly since my hip surgery 3 years ago.  It was tough but I felt like I got a great workout!  I am sweating like crazy!  I’m going to keep going and do these to get back into shape.  I like that they are only 15 minutes so I have no excuse not to do it.  I can squeeze a workout in most days if it is only 15 minutes!  Thanks for making these available for free!

  • I have been doing workout videos all my adult life and have lots of Jessica’s earlier CD’s. Last year I discovered this YouTube channel and have been using it along with the Walk Strong series pretty much exclusively ever since. During this time I discovered that I have a chronic health issue that I will battle for the rest of my life. It might sound corny but Jessica and Peanut have helped me through some very difficult times. On my stronger days when I’m up for some high intensity work, I go looking for a good dose of HIIT. But other days I can only manage a low impact walk and am able to find plenty of those on this channel. The latest Walk Strong series gave me lots of options including choices of weights and lower impact suggestions when I needed them. And Jessica always reminds me to listen to my body and be grateful for the things I can do today. Thank you, Jessica. I hope you know how much those of us who spend time with you appreciate you and your mom and little Peanut for brightening our days and keeping us on a healthy track.

  • Hi Jessica, I am from South coast of UK,I been doing all your workout for bout 16 months and l have lost tons weight l gone down two dress sizes…now I am slimmer l now do the workouts to keep me shape and as a hobbie

  • I just found you a few weeks ago and your workouts have been PERFECT during this time of sheltering in home. So grateful for the music, the movement, and your positive energy.

  • It is a cold and dark ‘snow’ day here in Texas and I’ve spent my day going between the couch and the kitchen (I also started my period this morning). I am so glad to know that I can turn to these walk-and-talks when I start to drown in my own fatigue and self-loathing your work is so important, especially to those of us who struggle with depression and hormone imbalances. I just did 2 walk and talk videos on my Apple tv, and now feel motivated to complete day 15 of a yoga challenge I’m doing from another channel that I was thinking about skipping. All of this aligns with my 2017 goals to pay down my debt and save up enough to do a yoga teacher training something this awkward always-picked-last-in-pe girl could never have imagined being a desire! Thank you for all you do motivating us!

  • My word is “malleability” during this time when we can’t be together but we are all going through this as together as possible and we are all capable of adapting!

  • I m obesse and weigh 143 kgs.
    Doing this twice daily for three days.
    Now I feel easy to move.
    I mean instead of asking someone to bring water I go myself and take it.
    Easy to work out. I want mobility first. Hope it will help me carry myself easier

  • Hello, I’ve been trying to do the low impact exercises but my knees keep hurting, now they even hurt when i’m not exercising, what can I do to keep working out without furthering the pain? I love working out for 20 mins but the pain is becoming unbearable. I do only the low impact, no jumping or kneeling but even the side steps hurt.

  • Hi there,
    Just came across this video!
    What a difference a few month make!
    The only word that can describe 2020 is Survival!
    Stay healthy and safe out there!

  • Just recently found you and you are awesome! I love your workouts. I am 53 and this is right up my alley. Good music, fun but easy and Gina, you are super engaging and motivating. Thanks for posting these on Youtube and I am going to download some videos from your online store!

  • My New Year’s resolution is to lose 20 lb. practice yoga to get flexible. Learn Crow pose in yoga. And to hold side plank longer than 5 Seconds. You should do more side plank videos 😉

  • i love this workout seriously and i love how u all having fun but can you pls do another jump workout with music and without screaming? i had my ear pods on load and i thought my ears are popping. no hate just credits <3

  • used my apple watch to track calories, for reference, I am 5 feet and around 108 pounds (almost 49 kgs) and I burned
    Active: 80 calories
    Total: 89 Calories

  • Gina! I found your workouts last week and just became a tribe member so I come very late to this 2020 party ��! In dancing, sweating and singing with you, I have discovered that my word is “joy”. So often I get wrapped up in everyday life and forget to seek out and feel joy. So thank you Gina and happy (late) 2020 ��❣️

  • Luv your workouts. The 15 min cardio in the small space are the best when you have limited space to use. Also, I can do this workout anywhere because it’s short and doesn’t need a lot of space. The best part is the cardio. It really get your hear pumping which I like best. Thank for the vid. Always enjoy your workouts.

  • Really enjoyed this workout, thank you! It’s a little sad to see how optimistic we were at the beginning of the year (and decade!). We’ll get back.

  • Burned about 100 absolutely perfect could do with another low impact workout or to hot a certain active cal amount that other workouts didn’t!

  • This is just what I needed. I ended up with a cold and wasn’t feeling great today but I vowed to do something the first day of the new year and this was perfect. I have been so busy traveling for a week visiting families that I haven’t had time to think about my goals. This was a perfect opportunity to stop and reflect. It also just really hit home with me as I tend to think of the BIG picture and forget that the end result is comprised of tiny steps forward and not one big leap.

    I feel unaccomplished in 2017 and although I know that is not really accurate, I didn’t really keep track of what I did do. This year I plan on keeping track of mileage and workouts through a journal/calendar and tallying up the info. At the end of the month so I can really see what I did and can compare month to month. I was so impressed and inspired by the responses to what so many accomplished! Wow!! I want to respond to that post next December with a laundry list of what I accomplished this year!

  • PERSEVERE!! That’s my word! Thank you so much for these workouts. I’m striving to get 3000 steps in every day as I’m losing weight and your videos are my favorite. You’re easy to follow (which says a lot because there are many YouTubers who don’t warn you when the steps change)! You are engaging and encouraging and I really appreciate you!!

  • I am going to love these walk and talk sessions. Some days I just need a boost to get rolling. These walk and talk sessions are the best. Especially on Jan 1, 2018!

  • I used to rarely be able to make it all the way through this workout. But this time years into training regularly I was able to keep up and do it without too much trouble (plenty of sweat though, of course) and I love it! Thanks for this:D

  • January KO request: ; ) Would be delighted to do an at least 40 min walk with balance on the Bosu breaks/intervals sprinkled in. Gratitude. Been really enjoying your Walk Strong set that Santa brought me.

  • Happy, Health and prosperous New Year to everyone. I don’t have a New year’s resolution. Unless you want to include a challenge to cut down-give up processed sugar. I have enlisted a co-worker I can be accountable to and I will take it one day and one week at time. Otherwise, I am of the mindset that if I am going to do something I am going to doing it. No better time than the present. Personally, in the past when I made resolutions and I didn’t stick with them, I beat myself up. It seems like resolutions place unnecessary pressure and possible let down on me. Now, I make up my mind to do and do it. I go in with one moment at a time to meet my goal and get it done. It seems to work for me. No pressure.

  • Love this! Thank you. My word in January for the New Year was Grace. It is definitely good for me to continue giving myself grace as I teach online to my kinders and we are all learning new technology!

  • Fitin15 #8, #12 & #13…this week…. Then starting from beginning on Monday… then pick which ones will be the best to do inside the small space of the camper when I can’t get outside. Thanks for all the workouts. ������

  • Starting from today along with Roberta’s other videos.
    Day 1done
    Took a break due to some issues.
    So yeah starting from the start.
    Day 1 once againdone

  • I started this today. I’m 64 and going to be doing a 10 k. I’m losing weight list 2 1/2 Stone but want to help it along. I will do this every day. Thanks Christine from bristol uk

  • Day 1 After a long hiatus from fitness (fighting with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, degenerative disc disease) I am back starting with Jessica’s Fit in 15 Fitness program today. Done with a only few modifications. Very nice cardio, jessicasmithtv!

  • Day 1 of fit in 15, starting my journey of rebuilding my strength and stamina after baby. (Baby is almost 2, but better late than never!)

  • I have completed Day 1 of the #FITIN15 Weight Loss Challenge. This was a good level of difficulty and had me sweating and breathing hard but not dying.

  • Gina soing this workout again today in July and I see that you have kept to your two words ‘resilience; and ;griwth’ pretty well. During this pandemic, you have shown reslience (something we all need now) and your tribe and you have kept growing. Good job!’

  • Hi, just completed the first workout for #FITIN15. I’m a mom of a toddler so a workout series that I can do during his morning nap is just what I need. Am I correct that if you follow the 5 week schedule you created, you don’t do the workouts in numerical order? Thanks, Ashley

  • This was very chaotic and disturbing….and the background music is chaotic as well….i didnt find it attractive….to the people who are doing it, kudos to you!

  • High knee jumprope 0:33
    Jumping Jack 1:06
    Forward Backward hop 1:42
    Lateral hop 2:21
    High knee jumprope 2: 3:05
    Burpee 3:48
    Lateral high knee 4:29
    Squat Jack 5:17
    High knee 3 5:55
    Squat jump 6:33
    Hop scotch 7:13
    Lateral jump 8:06
    High knees 4 8:51
    Cool down 9:24

  • This was soooo good!! it’s exactly what i love about POPSUGAR even when they don’t do dance classes (which are my favourite!!��), it never seems like a boring, dreaded class it’s always so fun and you get to enjoy working out because there is literally no point in working out unless it is effective AND fun <3

    and the girls (and boys) are just so supportive and positive, they really add to the atmosphere ��

    you’re videos have really helped me become a healthier version of myself, i am the most fit i have been in my life thanks to you!! thank you so much for your videos and classes!!❤️

  • Constructive criticism: please don’t put adds in the middle of the workout, it is very disrupting and you lose your momentum. Adds in the beginning or at the end of the workout is OK. Thanks.

  • I have swiped across this particular workout a dozen times it seems, but due to a lack of time I clicked on it. Whoa! One of my new favorites!

  • Omg….obsessed….I get so bored with cardio and I usually just plug my own music but your classes are so fun….who wouldn’t want to move with Bruno M MJ or GAGA…I enjoyed….when it was done I was what??
    However my dog thinks I should be on medication ��

  • I made a resolution to start tracking my water intake and getting at least 64 ounces every day. I bought a jug and fill it with 8 cups every night before bed. The next day, I go in my frig to fill my water glass from this jug. This has helped me eat less during the day, and I’ve found it really isn’t that hard to drink 64 ounces each day! Most days I actually go over!

  • Hey love I have been working out with you for a month and love the results I am getting so far. New month, new me. Happy July!! Keep up the good work!! #HWFAB

  • Love, love this workout Jessica!! is short but effective!!! thank you for your personality and enthusiasm!! You are a blessing in our lives!!!

  • I am finally in a good place after a three year recovery of a major TBI. I can now tolerate exercise and meet my goals. My goal this year is to start off with yoga and 10,000 steps a day or as close as I can get and to lose the weight gained from being sedentary for three year. I am starting slow and will work up to other exercises as I can. I am also logging my food to make myself be accountable to what I eat. 2020 is my year to shine. Thanks Jessica for the mile walk and talk. I enjoy adding them to my daily step goal.

  • Just started today and man this was awesome…I’m so out of shape I had to stop a few times but pushed through to the end…Cannot wait to try more!!!! Thank you!!!

  • I have had to slow down on the exercise because of a bad cold that has hung on for over 4 weeks. I’m still doing short, easy routines and yoga for my back too. I have a habit of going too hard at the exercise and causing too much pain for myself so I need to figure out a way not to let that happen. I was using acetaminophen daily at least once and that is not healthy for the liver. I want to be fit and strong but not have so much pain. How do I approach that?

  • Happy New Year Jessica, thanks for another inspirational walk & talk..Please keep them coming as I enjoy them so much..Thanks for another one….xxx

  • I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, however, I am doing things in 2018. I started a masters program haven’t been in school in 23 years and I was afraid of it. Well, I started and will take one course a semester until I’ve finished. I’m also continuing to exercise and eat right. I don’t have a specific goal in mind, but I do want to exercise to feel good. If weight loss is a result of that, then that’s GREAT! If I don’t focus on the scale, I won’t beat myself up about not losing.

  • Starting over again after a lazy 3 years of letting myself go…..I WILL be back in shape and looking healthy this summer!!!! These #FITIN15 videos are my favorite!!

  • Had been a regular exerciser until in June a shoulder injury with surgery set me way back. It knocked the drive right out of me! So my resolution is to GET MOVING again! I saw this walk and talk in FB it was just the pep talk I needed! See you daily Jessica! Thanks!

  • Hey guys im going to do this cardio 4x a day for a week!!! And im going to show you the final results and if i do it 4 x a day its going to burn at least 500 calories a day!! Wish me luck��
    I started today
    Day 1 done✅

  • I’m accepting your Fall Challenge a tad late, but love making my “fat cry”! Thank you for the Fall Challenge look forward to toning up, thanks to the wonderful Jessica Smith (and Peanut).

  • Robarta, please tell
    How much fat/calorie can we burn if we continue the whole workout while watching it…. For young teens….
    Please tell me…

  • Hi I actually did this workout tonight. It was great.. I enjoyed the talk; and Peanut’s thought bubbles. ☺
    You have the cutest workout partner.

  • this was a great workout for a couch potato. I travel extensively for work, so having the flexibility of YouTube videos from my hotel room is fantastic! I love working out with Jessica-she really knows how to mix it up so you aren’t bored.

  • Thanks Roberta for this wonderful experience…. have a doubt like how long for a person to reduce a optimal weight loss along with diet and exercise ����

  • +jessicasmithtv
    This year my goal is to accept myself exactly as I am. I exercise 6 days a week and live an active lifestyle. I eat food that fuels me and that I enjoy, without restricting or dieting. So since my behaviors are where I want them to be, I’m not setting any weight loss or size goal. I’m engaging in healthy behaviors, and I’m accepting my body the way it is, as a result of them.

  • 2 months into isolation I’ve been doing inside walks, zumba, and yoga. Your routine really got the sweat going! 65 and still moving it! Thanks for the energy and encouragement!

  • Hi my name is Suzanne I’m new to your exercise video but I enjoy it so I hope to do more also I have a learning disability Adult age 51 I like the music

  • Thanks to YOU, Jessica and Peanut for keeping me motivated and moving over the last 20 months. I am 13lbs away from my 100lb. weight loss goal and will hopefully reach it by the end of my two year anniversary on April 1st. If you are looking to live a more healthy lifestyle and exercise is your area of weakness, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe to Jessica’s channel and start exploring all of the great free workout options. She has many great choices which makes it easy to make each workout your own depending on the day, your mood, etc. Jessica, I love your motto that something is better than nothing and it is one that still gets me through my unmotivated days! I actually have more days now that I look forward to exercise than those that I don’t. Happy New Year to all! Stay strong….you can do it!

  • After an almost 4 month hiatus (death of my dad, excessive family emergencies, health issues, etc.) I decided it was time to start looking after myself and my health and get back to Jessicasmithtv and started with this cardio. This was just great!
    And then I followed up with 30 Minutes of Standing Strength! Thanks, Jessica!

  • Love the walk and talks! Could we do one on the basics of a healthy lifestyle? I know everyone is different, but just basics of exercise, nutrition, sleep and all that goes into taking care of ourselves. Thanks so much! Your philosophy and style are such an encouragement and motivation!

  • I did the workout!! I love how short but doable this is!!! It definitely makes me think I can do this everyday and not sacrifice a lot of time!:) thank you!

  • Breaking down big goals into small achievable ones is really important and sometimes it’s a really hard thing to do. Thanks for the tips and encouragement. I want to lose 25 lbs this year by my daughter’s June wedding….well see how this goes.

  • In 2017 I resolved to do some sort of movement every day. I did well with that goal. Sometimes, I just did the one mile walk and talk but it was something. With healthy eating and exercise I lost 40 pounds last year. My goal for this year is to keep moving and continue my healthy eating.

  • Hey! So excited to have you back.
    My goal for this year is to start off slow and get back health and move on with my healing process. Also I am going to begin exercising once a week and getting back too eating better again. I’ll talk to you soon. ��
    Happy new year.

  • I started doing very simple walking workouts with you and another instructor about 2 years ago at my highest ever weight and when working out was hard and a struggle. I started small with your walking workouts indoors and walking outside and added strength training last summer. I have lost 2 pants sizes and about 40lbs in 2 years with slow, consistent changes. Thanks for being a constant in my workouts, Jessica!

  • Omg i just did this workout and i have to say it’s kinda hard!! for someone who’s used to hiit and tabata workouts like me this one kick my butt haha i’m sweating like hell

  • Hi Jessica and Peanut!  I’m from the UK in a small seaside town called Cromer.   I have now been doing at least one of your exercise routine’s every day for the last 10 months. I save certain routines in my favourites, IE Cardio 15min, walking 20min, kickboxing 30min and so on. This way I can easily find the workout and time that best suits me for that day.  You really inspire me to carry on, and I feel that I have a good friend in the USA that I can work out with.   Thanks JessicaWendy from Snowy Cromer!!

  • With the pandemic going on, I’ve had to work longer days at work. I really appreciate the Fit in 15 program! I can fit in a good workout and still have time to do all the other things I like to do in the morning. I’ve been working out with you for years, Jessica, and I can’t imagine starting a day without you! Thank you so much!

  • Happy new year, Jessica and Peanut! My word for 2018 is “calm” I’m resolving to continue fighting my perfectionist nature, so I stop stressing myself out over little things I can’t change/control. I’m also resolving to continue making progress with combatting overexercising and undereating. Here’s to a healthy, balanced 2018!

  • I know this was about New Year’s but I think my word is faith. I need to have faith in God. Faith in myself that I can do this and faith that this will help me get healthier so it will be easier to get pregnant with baby #2. We tried for over a year for our first and now have been trying for 10 months for our second. I need to have FAITH that everything will work out and I will continue to work out!:) Thank you for the wonderful upbeat and down to earth videos!

  • Did this one last nite. So great. Loved this one, great moves and energy. You were so excited about the new year. Who knew what a mess it would be. Unfortunately I’m in the USA with the greatest debacle in the world. My word would be VOTE in 2020.
    Love you!

  • Thankyou very much roberta…lts working I can loss my weight slowly. I am doing this exercise for 1.week I do this exercise twice in a day, is there any problem?
    How many calories will burn a day through this exercise?

  • I’m hoping to build stamina for a walking tour in Ireland in late September. I’ve always enjoyed your workouts but got distracted by life the last few months. Starting over!

  • Class wee workout thank you, with a 6km run under my belt today this is all I needed, I know 6km is not much to all but too me it was great 1st run this last while

  • Hi Jessica!! I enjoy working out with you. I struggle with healthy eating but I love to exercise. My plan is to join you on a daily basis because you have a great variety of workouts and I need to push myself.I lost 14 pounds last year but found 3 of them over the December holidays. I’m ready..

  • My NY resolution is same as it was in 2017.  Had to start over due to breaking my foot and sprained ankle in March 207 where I wasn’t able to walk for 3 months and spent the last part of 2017 getting my leg muscles back.  I started with you sometime late in 2015.  I have scoliosis and wasn’t able to walk more than 30 minutes without pain for quite a few years.  But I decided to start slow and did your low impact and slowly worked my way up to higher impact and longer walks before breaking my foot.  I was actually able to hike to Rainbow Falls in the Smokies and a few other shorter hikes in 2016, and I credit your videos and my perseverance.  I am starting again with the same goal of just to keep moving and trying as hard as I can without hurting myself.  Thanks.

  • I wish I would have found Gina B at the beginning of the year how awesome is this! My word today in April is “Consistant” thank you!

  • Big Buff 40 year old gym rat guy here. At home because of the coronavirus thing and working out with 40 lb water jugs and some dumbbells and polished off with this 10-minute workout. I’m with you the whole time but definitely kicked my ass and I think I am in pretty good jogging shape. The Plyometrics stuff adds a lot. Thanks for helping me get through this time! You girls sure do giggle a lot though…����

  • I am So glad I just found this channel! It may be a few days after the new year 2018 but I am finding such inspiration in you (and peanut!:D ). I have health issues I was diagnosed with last year and I am trying so hard not to just give up on my self and just get fat. I was really depressed at first but now I know I just have to work even harder.

  • There are no words for Peanut’s cuteness. Your walk & talks are relaxing & inspiring. Thank you for easing me into 2018. This is a year for transformation & gratitude.

  • Just completed this even though it’s way past the new year. It was good. Can we get a cardio kickboxing workout. I would kill for that

  • Resolve to do at least a 10 minute “something” before getting ready to go to work. I always find 10 min to look on-line or some other activity in the AM, I can use that same time to “boost” myself for my day. Will do a longer workout in afternoon when not in a time crunch at least 3 days per week!

  • After 8 weeks in an air cast because of a stress fracture I am all healed up and ready to get back in shape. My other goal for 2018 is to not feel guilty about taking time for myself. I want to be the best person that I can be and the best mom to kids that I can be. I love this walk and talk. I will be setting an alert on my phone to do this walk and talk on the 1st day of each month in 2018 to check in on my goals and make sure I am still on track. Thank you Jessica for all you do for your followers. You have been such an inspiration for me over the last few years in my fitness journey.:)

  • This is the first video of yours I have seen. I googled walking videos. It is August and I have been slowly losing weight since April. I have a neurological condition that limits the exercises I can do and most of the medications to treat it cause significant weight gain. I was a little discouraged to hear you preface this video with this isn’t a workout because for someone who has been sedentary for a few years this was work out for me. I struggle with motivation and can’t make myself get out and walk very often. Right now I am confined to the house due to extreme poor air conditions from wildfires so I thought I would try this video. I hope there are a few in the series I can do. I can’t do anything that is “jarring” (absolutely no impact) and I can’t lift anything heavier than a carton of milk.

  • Thank you so much, I have started walking with you again, and i forgot how much i loved it. I do a lot of walking at work and don’t always feel like doing even more when i get home, but have to remind myself how much better i feel when i am done. I love seeing peanut in your videos also. And again THANK YOU!! Michelle

  • Great cardio workout! I did it 3 times to make it a 30min workout. I did it in a hotel room because it was raining outside and I didn’t want to go to the hotel gym due to covid.

  • i enjoy all your workout videos… keep ’em coming.. and thank you very much… you are such a blessing to ppl like me stuck at home during this pandemic… God bless you abundantly…

  • I just found you!! Your workouts are fantastic with a great playlist that keeps me going the entire time. And I am dripping in sweat by the end! Thank you: )

  • Goal: to lose the 15 pounds I gained when I quit smoking 1 year ago, after smoking for 40 years!! Yeah ME!!!!! Thank you Jessica and Peanut for this encouraging mile walk and talk!! Love ya Girl!!!

  • I did two of your workouts before I could think of the word. I think mine will be “regeneration” I’m broken and pieced together with love tape. but I want to be a better partner, mother, daughter sister friend. I want to regenerate myself and truly heal it.

  • Hi jessica,nthanks, this was great, quick and easy, but worked up a great sweat, and my toddler only bumped into me twice! Really enjoyed this!

  • what type of workout is this in which u never gives a time to change the movement nor you provide any prior intimation before changing the movement it is just for fun but not to follow……………………………….

  • Hello
    I want to start today with this workout, how many times in week should I exercise? And try this only or with cardio or abs workout? Thank you ��

  • Love your Walk and Talk series and this one is PERFECT for New Year’s Resolutions! When I’m too tired to do anything I tell myself I can Walk and Talk for a mile. A lot of times I find the energy and can workout more! I truly appreciate you! Happy New Year Jessica and Peanut!

  • Hibernating in Spain and have felt down at times but I’m soo pleased i found your videos. They set me up for the day. Even my neighbour has asked me what I’m playing!

  • Hi Jessica and followers of her and Peanut! I have been a subscriber since last year. I really enjoy your exercise because they are manageable, not harsh. I live and work from home in the Nord East of US, often cold, no where to walk, often drive (when I have an assignment outside the house) so I spend a lot of hrs at home, translating, working with on the computer…. With the sedentary lifestyle, your videos are, you are a very sweet lady and fitness expert, and your lovely four legged friend puts a smile in my face! I love dogs, cats, Nature….and I am in the process of adopting one. Your videos connects me to the best part of my self. By keeping fit we avoid so many ailments later in life, from mental to physical. Movement is everything. If I may suggest, please include more exercises with graceful ballet movement. It was always my dream to be a dancer, and I believe that by moving our bodies with grace, our thoughts toward ourselves become more graceful, gracious and giving! Thank you. I admire you!

  • Amazing! A friend recommended am so happy its been difficult doing gym due to work rota but now…i have it in my room no need for a treadmill��������

  • Found you at the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine in the US. Love the music, it is spirit lifting! I truly enjoy your 25-30 minute workouts. Please keep them coming.

  • I’m setting a goal for an enjoyable 20 pound weight loss in 2019. I’m also setting a goal to complete my cd of original songs for submission for radio play. I would love to be driving down the road and hear my tunes on the air waves! I’m going to do your youtube or dvd workouts daily as well as work the platforms and reach out for song submission and extended gigging and playing. Thanks so much for all your heartfelt work Jessica Smith & Peanut too! <3

  • This channel is so good. You will not find such simple, innovative yet effective exercises anywhere on youtube, at least shared by a human. Such nice thing this channel is doing. Please keep it up

  • Bonjour j’adore vos séances mais malheureusement je ne parle que français ne serait-il pas possible d’avoir des sous-titres français merci de tenir compte de mon avis merci beaucoup pour vos cours cordialement Maritė

  • Hi Jessica, mid-fall I decided to give up my gym membership and workout full time with you via YouTube. Currently I am on day 15 of the 30-day boxed plan. I actually enjoy working out with you, thank you for being so positive. My question is… when will I start to see weight loss success? I am post menopausal, 59 years old and would be happy to lose 40 pounds. Thank you so much.

  • 1. Limit alcohol
    2. Remember to drink more water
    3. Sleep quality/get more sleep by reducing lights in room
    4. Reduce sugar & processed foods
    5. Drink warm water & lemon juice first thing in the morning
    6. Make dinner your smallest meal of the day
    7. Don’t snack throughout the day
    8. Move more (exercise)
    9. Dry brushing (to drain lymphatic system)
    10. Yoga or meditation
    11. Grounding (getting bare feet onto the ground) =?? This one confused me lol