10 Common Walking Problems, Solved


10 Exercises for Foot Drop after Stroke, Nerve, or Muscle Damage (Weak Ankle & Foot).

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Advanced Balance and Walking Exercises

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Exercises to Manage Foot Drop | MS Exercises

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Learn to Walk Correctly or Your Plantar Fasciitis May Not Heal

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BEST 3 Foot Drop Tests to How to Walk Normal Again (After Stroke, Nerve Damage, or Weakness)

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A dedicated walking program can help you lose weight, build stronger muscles, and improve cardio endurance. As with any type of exercise, you might encounter certain obstacles during training. Here are 10 common walking problems and simple advice for solving them so you can keep your walking routine on track.

Your 10 Biggest Walking Pains, Solved 1. Plantar fasciitis. What it is: The plantar fascia is the band of tissue that runs from your heel bone to the ball of 2. Ingrown toenail. What it is: Toe pain can develop when the corners or sides of your toenails grow sideways rather 3. Bunion.

What it. Cuts, bruises, or bone fractures can temporarily make it difficult to walk. However, diseases that affect the legs, brain, nerves, or spine can cause walking abnormalities. The most common causes.

Solve Common Walking Problems! Stride with more confidence and comfort. By Maggie Spilner. Nov 3, 2011 Don’t let minor irritations or self-consciousness interfere with your walks.

Here’s how to. Common walking problems our physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk treat include: Abnormal Gait; Foot Drop; Increased Risk of Falling; If you would like more information on physiotherapy for walking problems, or to book an appointment please call 0330 088 7800. Foot problems, including corns and calluses, sores, and warts; Infections; Injuries, such as fractures (broken bones), sprains, and tendinitis; Movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease; Neurologic diseases, including multiple sclerosis and peripheral nerve disorders; Vision problems; How is the cause of a walking problem diagnosed?

The most common 10K problems, solved. In this article, we take a look at the most common problems most runners will face when try jogging to or from places instead of walking or taking the. Problems Walking?

It May Be Your Arteries, Not Your Age The calf is the most common location, but symptoms can also occur in the hip, buttock or thigh. A muscular, manly leg, one untarnished by sloth or sensuality, is a wonderful thing.” –Alfred Barron, Foot Notes, Or, Walking as a Fine Art, 1875. Solvitur ambulando.

It’s a Latin phrase that literally means, “It is solved by walking.” Or, a little more loosely, “It is solved by walking around.” Walking?17 Useful Products That’ll Solve Problems You Didn’t Even Know You Had. Or maybe you knew you had these problems, but were like, “Fuck it.” Get it.

List of related literature:

7) Take the patient on leash walks for 20–30 minutes, three times a day, slow enough to ensure that the patient is weight bearing on the affected limb, but with jogging for 5–10 minutes, twice a day (or use a treadmill at 1.5–6.5km/hr).

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5 Unable to walk alone, even with walking rquipment.

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can include “What problem(s) do you have when walking?”

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● Patient walking: Is the gait abnormal?

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Every human being needs to have two kinds of walk.

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2 You slow down when you become less walking: youths slouching against the wall on the street

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Additionally, walking on a treadmill presents none of the obstacle avoidance or navigation tasks normally encountered while walking.

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Variations of independent walking include moving up and down various types of stairs and handicapped-accessible ramps, walking alone and in the midst of other walkers, walking around obstacles, and walking on various types of surfaces (e.g., carpet, vinyl, gravel, asphalt, hardwood, ceramic tile, brick, and stone).

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1 • Does patient stop for breath when walking at an ordinary pace?

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Also, turning and walking require an excessive number of steps.

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  • Hello. I have foot drop coz by accident in my bike, my nerve at tnedon have affected. Is there is possible that i can walk back in normal? I gor this in august2018 and its 2months so im worried for it. Hope you will help me guys. Thanks

  • Ok I am almost 38 had a stroke been in a chair almost 9 years. In that time I have done a lot of pt. I want to be free of the wheel chair. But how?

  • I have peripheral neuropathy horrible drop foot in right foot some of these exercises bother my knees. What are the simplest best of these to do and do you have stretches that could help. I feel like my body is falling apart thank you �� what insoles do you recommend Dr smokes were awful don’t know that to get

  • 3:44 Three times FAST: “Argyle Gargoyle”
    I BET YOU CANT! ��
    -Arguy gogle, Argle gargle, agga gagga… I can hear you tryin’! LMAO
    Hard to say it fast even once!

  • Omg yesssss…lft leg drags… Gotten worse etc all of my left shoes are damaged due to my tripping and dragging… Weak hip flexors… Self Rehabilitation…athletic but this is the best video ever… Going to trying the method with the ban and keep strengthening my hip flexors and watching all your recommendations

  • I was told some permanent nerve damage from a botched surgery wouldn’t allow much recovery from foot drop. Absolutely no dorsal flex, nor can I “hold” position like you showed. Muscle atrophy is happening amazingly fast, in just four months. I have a Flex-MT plus, but am not sure of where to place the electrodes or how strong to set it. Lots of numb places to avoid. Are the exercises even going to benefit a person like me? Feeling hopeless. Living abroad in a 3rd world country.

  • I sprained my ankle somehow by opening home gate, my doctor said nothing was broken however I couldn’t walk for 3 weeks. I been sloooowly healing after 3 months, and I have found myself walking barefoot for about 2 weeks now, seems to be helping.

  • My baby 13 month old. started walking from 10 months, recently I noticed when he walk his one leg bowed. But he walk perfectly even run no other issues.
    Should I get worried about it is there anything we can do?

  • I am 83 years old and my right footdrop is more than 40 years old I could not even more any toe so the exercise ankle Inversion is impossible to do.

  • I have foot drop since 15 months ago
    Made a faradic since April 2017 until april 2018 and there is no positive result until now..
    We had spotted that the common pronoir nerve is injered
    Plz ı want the way to finish this ��

  • Forefoot walker right here. I’m also quite tall and always leaning a bit towards the front even when standing still. I’ve tried to consciously correct it but I always revert to it as my usual posture. Uff…

  • Hey, Bob&Brad, re. 7:12 not tying the knot too tightly you can use a clip for kitchen plastic bags to squeeze the ends together, but it has to be a clip that actually secures itself.
    I think Thera Band sell clips like that as well [probably not in the kitchen-clip price range, though]

  • Hey dr. T, do you do remote consultations? I like to send a video me walking and want you to suggest exercises to fix remaining issues with my gait. Btw, I live in canada.

  • Why people put vid ok YouTube and want subscribers and dont respond to the people who needs, for that why u dont close the comments?!
    I dont subscribe because of that

  • Walk like the Native Americas did, also they claim Abe Lincoln did too for which he caught much blame from his Narcissistic wife.

  • I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google). But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan?

  • I had foot drop, because of nerve damage, from porphyria. I ingested methylcobalamin, a form of B12, and P5P, a form of B6. I put the sublinguals under my tongue, every 6 hours, until my foot started working again. I take one, of each, every day, since. I started in the year 2000. I can tell I still have some nerve damage, because that foot does not act like the other. God is good! I used natural means to recover. I, also, took other supplements, and have kept the porphyria monster at bay, for a very long time.

  • I am unable to lift my foot up because I have been dealing with foot drop for almost a year now my right foot just wants to lay to the right.I’m trying to do whatever I can to get better. Do you have any tips for me?

  • I wish I had a dr that would help me. I just tried to walk on my heels and I couldn’t do it. I don’t have good balance and I am going to look harder for a dr to listen to me. Thanks guys. I got my recliner set up to almost like a hospital bed. It’s very comfortable. ����

  • The ankle aversion really hurts at the front where my ankle/shin meets my foot. Is this normal? It’s like the joint is locked, this is why I have trouble flexing my foot up.

  • I had my stroke 4 years ago. I don’t have foot drop but I have the tingling in the right foot still and the leg. So I know I have nerve damage is there away to stop the tingling feeling or do I have to live with that?

  • I had a traumatic brain injury back in 2015 had to be put in a medically induced coma for like 8months did PT OT 2 years. Now i just work out at the gym. Any tips on relearning how to run i miss that?
    I have foot drop on my right side with clonis? Idk j
    How to spell, never new up untill recently ��

  • hi i have a question on how many exercises should one with MS perform daily to stay fit or active. In the past i did a lot a lot of stretching and felt brilliant after it but then my motivation got lost and it seems that i cannot find new ways to stay active. Im also disturbed by every little noise. Should i perform every day the same exercises or should i switch them (legs one day, hands the other and so on)? thanks in advance:D:D:D

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is actually great way to lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • I just woke up with this issue a few weeks ago. No evidence of a stroke according to the doctor. Almost like I dont remember what muscle to use. Creates just a little anxiety with the possible causes suggested on the net 😉 Will be working thru this, thanks.

  • barefoot hunter-gatherer from africa naturally walk with the front part of the foot, you’ll destroy your heel by landing with it without shoes.

  • Sit up straight in a chair! Now lean forward when you walk. I found that leaning forward helps me to shift more weight to the front and away from the heel.

  • Not to be mean, but these instructions arent that good. Do Not use shoes that has arch support.. And that one who is modeling doesn’t walk properly either..

  • I tried everything for past one year.
    Finally i started walking bare foot for 1 hr daily and my planter fascities cured day 1 itself.

  • I had a stroke 4/10/17, wearing an AFO brace on my left leg, when I was in therapy (no longer am as insurance benefits have run out), but I was told by PT that leg was firing, currently, I am waiting for my ankle to wake up. Can only walk some with a quad cane. Left hip flexor hasn’t awakened either. Do you have any exercises I can do for the ankle, hip flexor and to strenghten the whole leg? A video would be great!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Great video, but running shoes have too large of a cushion in the heel to allow you to toe strike at all. They also stabilize your foot so much that muscles to your ankle and foot atrophy

  • I had plantar fasciitis for 7 months. I’m not a teenager yet. This is due to a MASSIVE growth spurt, and I’m still small ��. It was awful. So absolutely terrible and it was hard to pay attention in class..

  • I had serious trouble with my anterior tibialis and also for the ankle stabilizing,,,i worked out in gym for a month and my calf is much more stable and powerful but yet,,if i stand on one foot,,my ankle starts shakng from left to right and i have to constantly use balance to stay on that,,seems the coordination there is weakened by my ms attack,,, so plz tell me if there are any workouts for ankle stablizing,,,

  • After hit by a car accident, my left ankle unable to move. I went to physiotherapy but nothing change. Please let me know what can I do to be able to walk again. I’m tired and stressed. ��

  • Dear Bob and Brad. You may not believe this, but about 2 weeks ago I started walking exactly the way you described. What an intuition! I’m 87 and I can now easily 2 miles. Thank for the video.

  • I broke my ankle two years ago last month. Had plates and screws removed seven months after it was put in. I have had numbness in toes and much of my foot. Now experiencing toes cramps ( four toes curl under). Although I went through PT before and after hardware removal, I still have issues esp when walking on uneven ground. Very gun-shy going down steps etc. Any advice?

  • Have just recently been diagnosed with drop foot due to compressed nerves at my l4/l5 region.
    Me left foot is definitely hard to flex, but my right leg is also weak.

    I have found that my calves and hamstrings are extremely tight now. I am struggling so much to be able to walk and do normal day to day activities.

    So I hope some of these help.

  • Chi walking is similar to the way children walk and is best… And I suggest 30 to 40 percent or less heel strike is better at preventing low back pain. Shoes weaken the ankles, knees and hips and cause low back pain. Spend several hours a day walking in barefoot style shoes or socks if you can’t go full barefoot and stretch daily for full range of motion.

  • Dear great twosome, my right side hip is heavy and pulling downwards while walking. I undergone spine surgery two years back and now walking without stick ( last 7 months). Spasticity is more on right leg. Thanks for consideration.

  • Because of front foot injury before 3 months I walked putting maximum pressure on my heel.After recovery of injury now I developed bad habit of putting pressure backward.I can walk upward comfortably on stairs but on flat surface there is painful pressure on my calf muscles & heel.So I can’t move forward easily on flat surface.What can I do now?Is there any exercise for this? Please help me..!!

  • I had a discectomy L4-L5 on May 29th, 2018. I did not have any paralysis prior to surgery. I woke up from surgery and immediately felt a difference. The next day a physical therapist attempted to have me walk up the stairs and it was extremely hard, I couldn’t feel much in my right foot. They released me from the hospital and I went home. I called my doctor because I was in excruciating pain and my right foot was VERY swollen, his office told me it was unrelated to surgery and sent me to my primary care doctor. I went to my primary care doctors office, this was the worse day of my life 4 days post op, and got a scan to check for blood clots. They told me it was ridiculous that I was at their office instead of my surgeons. 1 week post op my surgeon did an MRI, it showed that the disc reherniated which he told me happened on the OR table. He then sent me to get a nerve block the next day. During this time he told me that he nicked the spinal cord during surgery and had to do internal stitching. I was told that my foot drop would go away within a year. It’s been 2 years now and my foot is still paralyzed, my hip flexor also has paralysiswhen I asked him why my hip was the way it is he didn’t have an answer. The calf on my right leg seizes up frequently and locks my foot in an arched position with excruciating Charlie horse like pain. The same thing happens to my hipa spasm usually only when I lay down or sit. My last appointment he told me that my foot will always be paralyzed considering it hasn’t improved thus far. I’m 25 years old and so tired of having this injury, it’s so inconvenient and makes my life miserable. I can’t work out like a normal 25 year old, it’s an extra struggle to drag my foot around to walk. I’ve worn uncomfortable braces, I’ve gone to months and months of physical therapy. I’m just wondering if there is anything at all that might help the nerve recover or exercise/treatment that will stimulate it and bring function back to my leg.

  • Few months ago I have been taking accutane and it caused lower back pain and to relief it I started leaning slightly backwards. Don’t know, but can you give me some advise or should I just go to doctor.

  • Can you do a video on the walking.my daughter is 7 yrs old and has been walking on her toes ever since she started walking.I started getting her treatment for this when I realized at 4yrs old she really was not walking normally. They diagnosed her with idiopathic toe walking.They started her with casting her legs for a month then o shoe insert that she wears during the day and a night splint for her to sleep in.They did two rounds of castings pt after.There was little improvement after that but she is currently still walking on her toes at 7yrs old.She just started pt again.Btw there are quite a few kids walking on there toes that are not babies.Thanks in advance for your response.

  • I’ve had foot drop since I was 19 due to dirt bike injuries
    Definitely going to try these suggestions
    Starting to cause back problems

  • I began having this problem from riding a exercise bicycle too much Do you have any recommendations on the proper way to keep from having reassurances of this condition?

  • Good morning, I was wondering if you all had any ideas on how to improve balance with someone who has an anoxic brain injury? My husband had an allergic reaction to Lisinopril November 2017. We went from being told that he had no brain activity to now he is home and can do so much. He does have a lot of deficits but I’m thankful he is still here. He uses a walker but needs help. I quit work to be his caregiver. Our adult children had started a go fund me because we cannot work now and he had no insurance when it happened because he had been laid off. Now we are hearing he may lose his insurance again. He has had in home therapy and outpatient therapy. He gets sick when we go anywhere so we stay home. He is only 55 years old. Is there anything you can suggest to help? Thank you and I love watching y’all.

  • Hi i sm a strike survivor for 10yrs. I would appreciate it if you could show what exercise to do for foot turning inwards and pointinginthku��

  • I had a full sciatic nerve resection due to cancer a year ago. I have zero dorsiflexion or plantarflexion, noe eversion or inversion in my foot. I cant feel or move any part of it. I would love to regain control, will things like these help me?

  • How does one walk quickly with the knee bent at full extension and forefoot and heel striking nearly simultaneously? I’ve switched to zero drop minimalist shoes (barefoot runners) to limit my natural outward ankle roll in part caused by my otc orthotics. I am currently awaiting the delivery of custom orthotics, hoping that they help with my everyday foot pain. I’m a 66 year old, 205 lb. person who works standing up at least 90% of every 8 hour day at a work station. Walking all day, for me, an avid long distance hiker, is far less painful than a day at work. Why would that be?

  • Forefoot walker here, no idea why I do it. Has the side effect of making me extremely quiet while walking and periodically straining my fascia. Had a personal trainer prescribe farmers carries up stairs, which I need to resume…

  • I have foot drop total paralyzed no movement. 3 mri of back 2 of brain 1 of left hip.Two nerve conduction studies. 3 blood work and glucose test. Everything negative and fine. I am super healthy.Mayo clinic won’t take my insurance. 1 doc spinal surgeon, 2 neurologist 2 nerve docs. 2 acupuncture’s. I keep searching and nothing no help. Ohhh also physical therapy nothing works.

  • What helped me, mentally, to walk more evenly on my feet, was to imagine that I was walking up a level flight of stairs, if that makes sense, haha. Helps a lot in getting the glutes engaged too.

  • i have had foot drop for over a year i. carnt move my foot in any direction or lift my. top foot up i cannot walk or kekeep my. balance i cannot get up if i fall down i feel week in my legs andarms and cannot support my body to try and get up i

  • Hi mam, my baby is 6 month old and i observed and measures that her one ankle is tinier than other ankle. My wife and me dont have any genetic problem. Please guide us, what to do?

  • Hello I had a stroke when I was 10 years old I am now 34 and still walk with a limp do you think these exercises can assist me and making my foot stronger after so many years?

  • Hi, my 9 month daughter keeps her left big toe flexed about 85% of the day. It can be pushed down, but it immediately flexes back up after I let go. I’m not sure what to think. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • My 10 months old babe is not able to stand up and walk by himself should I worry? When i try to make him stand, his body his shaking it looks like there is no équilibre in his feets

  • Its been a day since I started walking in a slight marching motion, and I noticed right away how much the pain in my hips, back, and knees feel a little bit better.

    Thank you so much Doctor’s!

  • Omg this wrap technique is great! I’m so thankful it’s going to help me out tremendously when I go in for my bone marrow transplant on Monday oct 7th. We are required to walk everyday and I’m not going to want to wear my brace when I feel like crap so this will be wonderful.

  • Hi, my baby is 18 months old, when she started a normal walk she touches right full foot on the floor but left foot only half touch. what do we need to do?

  • I imagine the dislikes on this video are do to people like myself who have foot drop due to stroke which is much more common. Then MS, no offense to people with Ms but foot drop is very common among stroke victims. Stroke is much more common then MS. If you are experiencing Paralysis on one side of your body you may not be able to lift or rotate the foot like they said. I’m 3 years in my stroke recovery. Yet I cannot do the first exercises in this video. However I have found a way to lift my foot. By putting my leg with the foot drop over my good leg then holding it down and acting like I’m going to lift the leg will cause your foot to lift. These videos really need to find out who is the most affected by these issues and what they can and cannot do. Before they make these videos. Since the number one disabled or in the world is stroke. You would think they would keep that in mind more often.

  • I have foot drop from a severely ruptured disc, surgery was 3 weeks ago. I’m hoping these exercises help. I can lift my toes fine, but have a really hard time getting my heel off the floor if I try to stand on my toes on my right leg. Walking is difficult, my doctor said it can take up to 5+ years and sometimes it never gets better.

  • Hi
    My problem is I can barely bend the effected leg. I can do squats but on my own cannot or barely bend the effected leg. I have good balance my issue and effecting my walking because I can barely bend the effected leg

  • Thanks! For helping all of us with the challenges we in the MS community deal with ever day. I have had MS for over 35 years and work every day to get better and stay out of a wheel chair and really appreciate your help and advice!

  • hi my child is 2.5 years old but unable to walk because he lift his left leg while standing and also noticed that his left foot not having curve.
    If you can better advice to me. Please advice. Or send email while I can send full images and videos while he working.

  • I have been installing laminate flooring in my room for about 2 days. I worked about 8 hours per day and I was kneeling, crouching and sitting crossed legs a lot (I suppose that I have injured nerves in my knee). When I was done with work I have noticed that I can’t lift my right foot anymore. But, at first sight, I was thinking that maybe somehow I have streched or injured a muscle in right leg. Therefore, I waited for 6-7 days before I visited my family doctor (that was a mistake).

    Two days before I visited my family doctor, I have been reading a lot about the foot drop on the internet. That’s why I knew I had a symptoms of foot drop. My family doctor confirmed that I have foot drop and with an emergency procedure she sent me next day (20.11.2018.) to a physiatrist.
    Diagnosis was laesio nervi peronei and because of that I wasn’t able to lift my right foot. Physiatrist gave me a prescription for the Neurobion (combination of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and other ingredients) and also they have showed me how to perform exercises (you can find similar exercises on yt) at home. I have been taking Neurobion and performing exercises 2 times per day. Today (28.11.2018.) I can lift my right foot normally, I can drive a car and walk properly. But, I don’t have yet full strength in my right foot like I had before the injury. Also, 3.12.2018. I need to go on physical therapy (abbreviation is AFT – I don’t know what that abbreviation stands for). Physical therapy will last for 10 days, and after that (20.12.2018.) I need to visit that physiatrist again (just because of examination).

    Btw I am from Croatia, probably in other countries they have a different medicines and procedures.

    If your injury is similar like mine, don’t be afraid. Be persistent with exercises and take your medicine regularly and you will be ok again.

    Good luck!

  • I am having joints pain in both hands inside and outside and muscle weakness due to multiple sclerosis (MS). I am falling a lot, I have headaches and lightheadedness. I cannot keep myself balanced, and walk with a tremor like I cannot control my steps. I had taken avonex for two years. Presently I am taking Mayaka Herbal Clinic MS HERBAL FORMULA TREATMENT (ww w. mayakaherbalclinic. c om). I take it twice daily morning and evening. I have experience a continual diminution of symptoms. it’s a powerful herbal formula, 10 out of 10 from me!

  • sir plsss replay,iam from india,sir can mri detect calacaneous fracture,plantar facitis? because i am getting pain during sitting,sleeping,morning, i dont know what it is, iam confused

  • Feels weird in the nerves just getting it to move alot, Im not sure what happened worked on a floor with knee pads for 10 hrs went to bed and next day, foot drop.

  • This video should be called Learn to Walk Correctly Barefoot or Your Plantar Fasciitis May Not Heal. Heavily padded running shoes are the worst things for your feet, regardless of what they may advertise in this video.

  • Ive been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease had three referral for surgery last year still no relief in sight iv got drop foot gait in both legs. Its gotten so bad I have a little movement in.my feet. I try to Exercise my feet seem like I do more damage to my body

  • What you need to look for in a shoe or boot to help with foot drop issues, is a hard or solid sole. Meaning that the bottom of the shoe doesn’t bend much, it’s not flexible or its as little as possible flexible or pliable

  • Hi. I was diagnosed with CODP and also experiences the same as with Foot drop. I have been in hell for like 2 years now. Problem is, I still need to go to work

  • It’s gonna be hard to retrain myself to walk I walk fast and big strides I think I’m walking pretty flat but I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot it hurts I walk in surfaces 4 to 5 hours 5 days a week including stairs

  • Hi..doc hv found no response in my fathers nerves during nerve conduction test..now i just wanted to know if he can stand again on his legs after these type of exercises nd medicines ����

  • Check out my store and help out a fellow MS’r since 2015. Thank you! https://www.redbubble.com/i/tote-bag/Multiple-Sclerosis-Awareness-Ribbon-by-Austin02/44360580.PJQVX

  • The heaviness that somebody feels, is because in your hand or in your leg the musles are not connecting with your brain, because of the stroke or a TBI. I’m not at the stage that doctor Tobias shown, but out every video i can use some things. For example kneeling and putting all my weight on my right leg.

  • I just discovered that I have foot drop after a week. I just suddenly couldn’t move my toes or my foot up I can bend them downwards but no way upwards. And I have slight numbness on the outter skin. I can still feel my foot. Is this really a nerve damge? As it just happened to me suddenly last week and I haven’t damaged my leg or so. And I can’t see a doctor because of the Corona Viruse quarantine. Any explanation guys?:(

  • How to do weight bearing with knee hyper extension for ankle spasticity. Please guide me I had knee hyper extension. And ankle spasticity(foot drop). Thanks in advance. God bless you guys…

  • Hi Jeff, I love your kind, positive attitude and how motivating you are. It’s really helpful to those of us that are scared/depressed/frustrated by our symptoms. I’m pre-diagnosis with suspected Primary Progressive MS. I’ve had a slow decline for 9 years and getting closer to disability, so I’m doing lots of these exercises while I still have my mobility. I’ve read some good success stories where building strength helps managing symptoms, and may even mean further years of mobility. I hope it also brings benefits to those that are in later stages of the disease.

  • I really appreciate the videos you guys post. I find the resources you post are way more helpful then some of the physiotherapists I have seen.

  • My name is Linda. I had a stroke Christmas of 2016. I realized that something was wrong. For 5 months my left foot toes were cold all the time. No matter what I did they stayed cold. Three days before l had the stroke l had a stiff neck could not get comfortable. The day of the stroke I walked into my house and fell, family member helped me up, l slide back on the floor. They called EMT. Once I got to the hospital I was given an exray of my head and was told I had bleeding going on, so I was put into ICU for a few weeks. Finally the bleeding stop after getting to the hospital where the doctors did there thing. Thank God l am still here. But I was looking through the computer and found these guys who talked about the stroke and showed some exercises l can do. I can walk but because I don’t get to get around a lot, l get very very stiff. So hopefully it will help me. Thank you guys.

  • I just woke up with a drop foot like two day ago and I’m freaking out here because I’m trying really hard to Lyft up my foot. Just woke up like this is it normal I’m 30yr right now

  • I suffered from foot drop in may 2017 and today march 2018 I m fine, this comment is just to inform u that foot drop can recover, for help u can message me on whatsapp+917597891308. Doing this because I can feel the pain and by helping others I want to feel happy

  • Thanx a lot i enjoyed wayiba this video and i think i will be trying these exercises, had a stroke September 2019 so I’m 9 months post stroke n doing pretty well, just struggling with knee hyperextension. If you could do exercises that help woth knee hyperextension, id appreciate it. Thank you.

  • I’ve had foot drop for 12 years. This first exercise around 2:15 onwards is IMPOSSIBLE to do. People with foot drop can’t dorsiflex (e.i. lifting ones toes). The 2nd exercise is doable.

  • Hello.
    Please tell me if after 7 years of the stroke I can regain the mobility of my paw on my right foot.
    These 7 years I did not do any medical recovery., but I move well and I have STRENGTH in my leg, even balance

  • The heel lift exercise you are showing for foot drop works the gastrocnemius It will do NOTHING for foot drop. Foot drop is caused by weakness or damage of the anterior tibialis muscle which lifts / dorsiflexes the forefoot. A forefoot raising exercise, with the heel firmly planted on the ground, may improve foot drop. This is the exact opposite of the exercise you are promoting.

  • at 5:53 “get the foot independent as soon as you can”, what does that mean? is there a time limit post stroke to which a person has any chance to regain any strength that they used to have? can you essentially be ‘too late’ and miss your chance of regaining any of that mobility you once had? Any feedback would be really appreciated, thank you for your time and the very educational video.

  • I’m a drummer and noticed two weeks I couldn’t play footed and tap my foot at all! I’ve been doing it fine for 32 years. No matter what my brain said, my foot doesn’t at all respond and pivot up. Please help!

  • Ma cousin have foot drop from past 30 yrs his lower legs have problem.one leg is thick nd another is thin.bcoz of accident he got injury in brain. How to remove foot drop nd his lower legs equal

  • Definitely like these “higher level” exercises! 19-years post brain injury here. They weren’t teaching this 20 years ago. Thank you!

  • I got foot drop from being rapid tapered from benzodiazepines.
    I’m also having trouble with my arms and legs weakness and carpal tunnel, also nerve damage in arms legs hands and feet.
    Can someone please tell me what has happened to me???
    Can you say TRAUMA?
    I was also nearing paralysis with my tongue on and aff for months. That has stopped. That symptom almost made me end it.
    Please can you give me insight as to what has happened to me?

  • People who can able to do dorsiflexion and eversion that too against the resistance of thera band doesnt considered to b foot drop they are perfectly fine.so keep your techniques with u and try hard everyday this would b helpfull for you but not for the foot drop patients.

  • Seriously you guys are awesome….
    I’ve been watching your channel since I stop working cause of my Multiple sclerosis….but I tune to your channel for help and tips.
    As well I recommend your channel to others where one did a simple exercise on her shoulder everyday for two weeks and now has more movement and pain free( not using pain free drugs and didn’t go surgery).

    I know everyone is different but I say watch these awesome guys first and see if their advice works(mind you, you must be dedicate the time and push yourself).

  • I injured my knee 7 weeks ago and apparently injured my peroneal nerve as well. I wasn’t able to move my foot or toes up at all. Not even a tiny bit. As of week 5, I can move my toes slightly. Very slightly, but it’s something. However, is it normal to be able to move my toes before my ankle? I still have no movement in my ankle. �� Again, my foot drop is not due to MS. It is due to a knee injury. Doctor says I will heal 100%, but it’s unnerving to not be able to control a part of your body….

  • make sure you are activating or pushing from you’re butcheeks and not ur quads, so when you are walking place you’re hand on ur quads if they are tight while walking this is not good. you’re butcheeks should do 70% of the work. you will never get rid of tight quads/hamstirng/calves when you are not using ur butcheeks while walking. Bad english.

  • Should I stop exercising if my healthy knee started to hurt heavily? I have HEMIPARESIS (OF THE LEFT ARM AND LEG) FOOT DROP in my left foot which I got due to the hemorrhagic stroke undergone 10 years ago.

  • Hi there
    My dad recently had a stroke and I’m here trying to find things to help him. Can you explain involved uninvolved leg/arm? Does that mean the side that has been affected? His right side was affected by the stroke so is that the “involved” side? Thank you

  • I would like to see a video on trying to go up steps every time I try to go up steps. I feel like I’m going to go backwards. I can’t go up one step without a handrail. Please can you do more videos on stairs, and or curbs, especially stairs with out handrails.

  • Hi Tara, please put a video for this condition i have left side paralysis but am get recovering well.. while I try to do left leg toe exercise in my left hand finger feel more pressure and curl and in fore arm too i feel more preasure.please say some suggestions..

  • m kartheek. I  m ICH stroke patient. I had a knee hyperextension.my physio said that quads are not firing as I have good muscle mass and I m doing quads exercises daily. I m doing physio exercises daily.quads, harmstrings and rest of. Could please let me know how to fire quads.my physio is giving NMES also. Thanks in advance

  • Had a stroke in may of 2020 I got therapy but I m looking for something I can do to get a little ahead of the game thanks I just subbed. Great approach for me

  • I’ve had a bilateral foot drop for over thirty five years and have been wearing Turbomed AFOs for about four now and they’ve been life changing for me, can’t recommend them highly enough. https://turbomedorthotics.com/

  • Get one of these https://turbomedorthotics.com/en/products/turbomed-xtern-external-ankle-foot-orthosis best AFO ever, tried others and nothing comes close

  • I cannot stand yet on one knee although I can a little bit walk without any support.:-( I must do such exercises also, not only deadlifts or squats with a Smith’s machine.

  • Would you say that a body which is in balance (through a distribution of strength in every muscle and its countermuscle) will function in a perfect way automatically and intuitively (Walking, sitting, standing, laying, running…)?

  • I have transverse myelitis. After 16 months, I can finally walk but need a cane in case of losing balance. My left leg is smaller than my right leg. I can’t lift my left foot (only the fingers) so when I walk, the first that I can put down is the front one instead of the ankle and there’s still numbness on it. My left leg is also weaker and still stiff despite doing physical therapy 3x a week and doing some exercises at home when I don’t have schedule for therapy. Is this exercise effective in my case?

  • Hi, I am 44 male. diagnosed with neurological conditions since 4 years and having bad gait and imbalance walking for already a years. Having no jump in my foots also. Now i know the reason of this. God bless you both for sharing great informative video. Would definitely going to try these.

  • It’s because in the US, Canada and Australia people are obese!!
    Get rid off the pounds/kilos
    Eat one third of what you were eating before and eat your main meal early not late, for example dinner no later than 5PM!
    Cut back on carbs and go for protein rich meat such as skinless chicken breasts and tuna!!
    Lots of fruit and vegetables, stir fry s lots of water!
    Sore heels pinched nerves blood pressure, dizzy spells, dehydration tiredness fatigue,vision diabetes are all symptoms of obesity and overweight!!
    Look good feel good walk 12000 steps per day and pump some iron.
    Cut right back on calories!
    Nearly all the above mentioned problems will go away I guarantee it!!

  • Hi Bob and Brad. I’ve got a question? What would be a few good exercises for a paralyzed man who legs were amputated from the knee down? The paralysis is only recent from a virus in the spinal cord

  • I’m definitely at this stage. This is extremely helpful. I had a stroke in September of 19 so less than a year. Walking 3.5 miles a day… I’m trying to get back to backpacking at some point. Walking is hard and has just now started to be enjoyable. I’ve quit all PT locally because they didn’t share my vision. I did find a chiropractor that has been a huge help. He includes balance exercises with adjustments. I’m not sure I understand the role of the adjustments. What are your thoughts on Chiropractor adjustments for stroke rehab?

  • Hello sir…
    I am handicapped boy my operation have done before 2 year in spinal cord but now I have to much tightness on my right leg & while walking I can’t able to walk with my heel sir & I can’t walk without stick so please mam make make 1 video for my solution sir plzzz.

  • Hey Bob & Brad. We have developed an affordable device that does just this! Check out our videos. We would love to share the NewGait with you

  • I really want to walk normally again and I feel sad about the things I cannot do normally like driving and sports to the point where I just lie in bed doing nothing

  • hi thanks for sharing the exercises but my patient has grade 0 in dorsiflexor so from which exercise we can start,because patient is unable to do passively.

  • Please help I have peripheral neuropathy from over exercising and eating disorder horrible drop foot where it gives out can barely walk any exercises to strengthen seems to bother my other problems like knees I’ve been doing towel stretches do you have any suggestions for light simple stretches I can do to help this and have you heard of orthofeet shoes would they be good to wear please help thank you ��

  • I had a problem with nerves 6 years ago and my foth is like u say there DONT move up, after THIS years i still can have recoveries?

  • I need help with my feet I’ve always had a high arch and a high instep I’ve put on a lot of weight which I’m working on but I had to stop work I’m a CNA on my feet, back in Dec because of foot pain started out as plantar then my right foot bones started to hurt also now both feet a lot of pain bones my dr did not help gave me a shot sent me on my way.

  • Help i was shot in n out bullet it came out by the back of my knee n dr said it tear some nerves my foot is drop n i been having lots of pain tingly shooting pain n cant move it alot notting cant touch me cuz its killing me wha should i do gabapentin kind of helping:( help please

  • my right foot has been asleep ever since i had the stroke 7 years ago but i haven’t stopped exercising i’ve had a lot of physical therapy don’t think that it’s going to wake up

  • Tara love your YouTube videos on walking. My name is Trisha I had a major stroke 39 yrs ago and my mom worked her butt off performing therapy on me twice daily seven days a week to get me where I walk with just a slight limp on my left side today.

  • This looks great but there would be no way I could get my 83 year old dad do all that rapping, it would just be to much for him and he’s the one that needs it with out a doubt, he drags the side of his big toe sometimes really bad!!!

  • Hi guys, Also, people have a tendency to not flex at the hips when they walk, which promotes that straight legged gait. So lifting the leg at the hips with each step (exaggerating this as if marching can help develop this more proper gait) puts the foot in a better position when it hits the ground. ��

  • Hi..My baby is 10 month old and when he walks with support his legs goes like out toeing, duck style..he walks with walker with it..no pain there is no arch yet..will it be resolved or concernable?

  • Mam my baby feet is flexible near ankle i m worried…
    She is 5 months old now…
    Her ankle bone is flexible i think
    Some doctors said its okkk

  • I heard that if you were born prematurely you may have problems with tighter tendons and thus be more inclined to walk on your toes.

  • I realized I have foot drop from Bob and Brad famous physical therapists. I make a conscious effort to raise my toes when walking. My right ankle is tight.

  • I live in an upstairs apartment and am up all night, so I walk very small steps and on my forefoot mostly now out of habit. But it’s helped my arches

  • Hi guys, this question is off topic but we can use your help please, my wife has poor circulation in her legs and we were wondering have your heard of the magnetic system from JAPAN to help with her problem? or what do you recommend to help, she uses a small massage ball before she goes to bed and it helps somewhat, and I massage her calves to help.

  • After I broke my leg I had some nerve damage. It took me a year of concentrated effort with every step to walk with out a limp because of foot drop. I’m going to check out your exercises because I still run with a limp and maybe that will help….it can’t hurt! Although at 60 I’m not running too fast for too long..lol..anyways….thanks guys!��

  • Just to say a real thank you. My daughters physio all got cancelled after leaving hospital (because of covid we got a scary call to say sorry all cancelled they’re gonna be helping people breathe!) We have had this to go on working through at home to try and help her move and walk. Happy to say since feb she has made improvement. Hope appointments are back on soon. Diagnosed FND, but just had very low emg results in both legs. We will continue these exercises 3 times a day, we just gotta figure out the rubber band brace now, her foot likes to be at the wrong angle when moving forward. She will get there, and shes as mobile as she can be because of this vid and applying it. Thank you again.

  • Hello, this video is very helpful. I am suffering from Foot drop. It was a acute pain in the right hip region which was followed by acute foot drop. Doctor diagnosed it as “Acute Polyneuropathy”, I have done with my MRI that is completely normal and Nerve Conduction Test in which doctor told me to continue with physiotherapy and medicine for 3 week. I am unable to move my feet upward. Please suggest me something how I can be fit fast. If you need I can mail you my medical documents. Waiting for your response. Thanks

  • Bob & Brad why am i getting this a 3:06 am my time….Normal time when i get this is 9pm….did we push the wrong set up time? Heehee

  • I have big toe drop. I can slightly lift my foot and other toes but the muscle feels Locked. The shooting pain is unbearable at times. Ill try this. Why not?

  • This is really good information but remember how in the beginning of the video you said that we can stretch out our feet using a belt or a sheet I like how you showed us how to do it with a belt and a cane and so on but how do you do it with a sheet you didn’t show us how to do it with a sheet please let us know

  • I love this! Dr wanted to give me foot brace for a degenerative nerve disorder…. the problem with that is that if you arent strengthening and using those muscles you will lose what you have

  • How possible is it to tear the posterior muscles doing this exercise? My calf is super tight with foot drop and pronation. Im trying to address it myself. Thank you both for your help!

  • Hi everyone!
    When we made this video at the start of MS Workouts, we had no idea we’d get so many views or that MS Workouts would get as big as it has. We’d like to take this opportunity to address some frequently asked questions regarding these foot drop exercises:

    1). What if I can’t lift my toes or foot up?
    That’s okay, perform the exercise in the range-of-motion that is available to you. Even if you don’t see any movement, try to consciously flex and actively push the foot to the best of your ability. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

    2). What if I fully exhaust the muscles after just 15 seconds (I wasn’t even using a resistance band)?
    That’s actually a good thing. In strength training, “failure = success”. The goal is to overload the targeted muscles. You did that. So the advice would be to keep rocking! Attempt to push a little further each time you perform the exercise.

    3). The Heel Raise (2nd exercise) doesn’t address foot drop, why is it in this video?
    This video, as well as our Foot Drop Series in our membership program, follows a comprehensive approach toward recovering strength and mobility. We not only want to target the muscles directly attributing to the symptom, but also the ones that are indirectly involved as well. In this case, we are not just focusing solely on the anterior tibialis. Although it is the main focus of our foot drop exercises, we don’t want to ignore other muscles of the lower limb that are used while walking, that contribute to better gait, and that help you better deal with having foot drop in the first place. Muscles work together during locomotion.

    Thank you everyone for your questions, comments, and support! We are so thrilled to be able to help each and every one of you during your journey to recovering strength. If you’re interested in more free exercises, sign up for the 7-Day Strength Camp at http://www.msworkouts.com/strengthcamp.

    If you’re ready to take strength recovery and improved body functionality to the next level, then you can learn more about our online exercise program at http://www.msworkouts.com. Join the hundreds of others who are training every week with us from the comfort of home.

  • Thanks for the great info guys! I’m recovering from stroke and while I can walk with my afo it’s time to force progress and this video helped:) any ideas for stroke dead left arm/hand? not necessarily thinking I’ll play guitar again but basic stuff would be cool to do again:)

  • My husband has extremely weak leg muscles and can’t lift either legs. When I make try and lift I can feel his muscles trying but just can’t get it to move. I’m worried sick. Can you help me. We work on this everyday I make him try and lift and make him push down.

  • Could you do a video on sprained ankle rehabilitation?
    I sprained my ankle in 2015. When i crouch down, it still hurts. Is it scar tissue?

  • Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! Really need this! BTW, where’s the link to that blue stretchy band you use?? Would like one and need it!!

  • Thanks so much guys. I had a mild Ischetmic Stroke on 09/08/2016. I was left with minimal weakness on the left side. The first time I went into physical therapy, they put weights on my ankles and made me to leg exercises. They did not show or instruct me to do any stretches. I noticed the muscles in my good leg (the right leg) were getting tighter and tighter.I also complained that my left foot was starting to roll inward. It was never addressed. Of course since I am on disability, Medicare capped out and I was abruptly told I was done with PT. For two years I noticed the foot rolling inward more and more until I was walking on the outter side of my left foot. In August 2017 I went back unto therapy for balance issues. The therapist noticed the foot. She put me on a balance machine. When she moved the bottom floor around if I hadn’t had a harness on. I would have fallen. The therapist addressed the foot. She sent me for an AFO to stabilize the foot. She taught me a few foot exercises and some stretches. Because we live in the area of Panama City Florida hurricane Micheal interrupted our sessions. I went back into therapy in November 2018. I was told on Monday this week that my therapy prescription was not going to be renewed. I believe it is because they feel they could no longer help me. In all this time no one ever mentioned drop foot. I found it by accident researching exercises for my leg. My research today is the first time I heard the term drop foot. I read that a stroke can cause it. I found this video. I did some of the foot stretches you show here with the belt. I was shown that stretch, I never felt a difference from it. I thought my foot and leg were a lost cause. The belt in the stretch made all the difference. I also learned from the video to use an air cast to stabilize the foot. For weeks I felt that the AFO did not give my ankle much hope of mobility. I have to tell you that just from doing what the video instructs my foot feels a little bit better. I am going to get an air cast as I feel I am ready to lose the AFO. I’m sorry for the long story. I had to get it out. Because of my research and this video I know what it wrong with my foot, the cause of it and how to gain the use of my foot and ankle back again. Thank you ever so much!

  • hello sir I m frm india and I have ms since last 5 yrs….wht exercises can u plz suggest 4 clean,speedy nd good handwriting….I m not able to write as clean as b4 as my right hand r affected by ms….waiting 4 ur reply

  • I had a total hip replacement (THR)last month but my leg seems to be lengthy for 1inch now.why this was happened and what is your suggestion to correct this problem sir

  • There was subluxation in my ankle and my foot was plastered upto my knee. Now after one month of removal of plaster and two months since i got this injury. I can’t lift my toe as much and i am unable to crouch down. When i crouch down, the ankle of my injured foot doesn’t touch the ground and hurts if i force it.
    My doctor says it’s Normal and it is due to immobilization for a long time due to plaster. I’m not sure if i can ever be Normal. Please help me. Is it normal? Will i get Normal with time or do i have to force my foot to lift. Please help

  • I’ve had foot drop for over 11 years after my last TBI. Yes, I wear an AFO. I can walk without it (so long as I don’t have the weight of a shoe dragging it down). Should I err on the side of caution & only do this exercise while wearing the AFO?

  • thanks for the videos guys very helpful I have multiple sclerosis and I’ve been practicing at home exercises that you’ve been showing me for foot drop and just flexibility in general thank you very much

  • Do you have a video for knee problems and not following through quickly when walking? I’ve tried for four years to walk normally and would love to walk fast or even run again one day. Please help?

  • Agree with everything they said except wearing running shoes with arch support. These are coffins for your feet. Wear bear foot/minimalist shoes like Vivos or Vibrams, these will aid your foot regaining its true strength and development.

  • I still don’t haven’t had enough money to go to the hospital to check the pain in my waist when I exercise to get strength in my ankle muscle. So am still disgustingly walking like that around.

  • Hi I’m 31 years old and I’ve been living with this condition my whole life. I literally found out what it’s called a day ago… All of my doctors never really told me why my leg/ankle was the way it was. According to my mom my pediatrician told her I had polio, but because I had my vaccines I didnt get the “full thing”. They even measured my bones with an MRI to see if one was smaller then the other and of course they were identical. Another dr. told me I was going to be in a wheelchair when I was 26… I’ve had leg problems when I was growing up and now I have back problem to deal with as well. I’ve tripped and fallen so many times that it’s caused my back to be a problem. I always would stretch my leg in a certain way that would “tingle”. I just tried the exercise with the belt and it’s the same feeling I would get. Thank you so much I will do these as much as my leg can handle.

  • Hello Sir
    I am from india. I am suffering from GB SYNDROME and have a foot drop for my right leg. Can i recover? It has been 1 year i am on bed paralyzed. Please help me. I am scared that the foot drop wont recover. Please reply me.

  • This video is really awesome
    I have one question and please reply me.
    I have spasticity in ankle due to which my knee goes into hyper extension so can I do these exercises wearing a AFO splint or using a knee ROM splint. Thanks in advance

  • Its hard to start walking correctly again trust me and it lowers your confidence. You need 2 to 3 hours of practice to get the perfect walk

  • Thank you for this video.I have a foot drop because I had two spine surgeries.So thankful I am working.but the tightness of this right side knee down only.omg I hope this help me.Anyone here that had spine surgery and have a drop foot from it please.Any extra advice.please comment

  • Me: Hmm…I should probably teach myself to walk properly again after these ankle and shin splint issues.
    Bob and Brad 12 hours later:

  • My feet are in pain 1 hour in of active walking.( burning, heel pain, arch pain, behind the knee pain) Ex working at home depot. Im young(25) and i feel like I should feel this way. I’m hoping this helps. I’ll look into more of your videos thank you

  • I discovered this neuropathy treatment “Jοmtοsο Jota” (Google it) for my mother who suffers from the pain of neuropathy. I did the reading and understanding of the manual and made my mom to adhere to the program. Instantly my mother responded that something has considerably improved. I am so pleased this helped her. It truly does miracles, thanks to this treatment..

  • Thank you. I am 31 and have had foot drop since I was 18. I suffered a near fatal drug overdose and passed out with my arm over my leg for around 9 hours it killed every muscle and nerve. I got all of my movement back except for the ankle and toes. My calf muscle is balled up and I don’t know how to fix this.