Tevy D.

What I learned from the program was how to change my, not eating, but living for a better life. Coach Alexia has been instrumental, very supportive, and basically there the whole way from start to finish.

The Love Yourself Healthy Plan is, I believe, 100% effective because there’s no such thing as an easy fix with weight loss, I mean, the pills, the diet, they all come back but this is something that you learn that you carry for the rest of your life to not only lose with but live a better and happier life.

We learn to look at food, choose food, make better decisions so it’s not about just counting calories or watching your carbs or eating this or eating that. It’s your choice of eating; but it makes you think what are you putting in your body. That’s very helpful. Having this class, I actually lost 10 pounds – 10 pounds doesn’t seem lot – but to me it’s not just the 10 pounds, it’s a healthier life.

The group support was very helpful. You learn things you did not know and there’s no wrong question. You can ask whatever and Alexia is not going to, she’s not judgmental, she’s supportive and she gives straight answers so it’s your freedom to ask whatever you want without having to worry about a wrong question asked because there’s no wrong question.