Robyn K.

Coach Alexia is “just such a positive force and the minute you hear her voice, the minute you see her smile, you know that she’s there for you. She’s there to help you and she legitimately want you to be better. I’m sitting here with an A1c that went down in just over the course of two months, it went down from a 7.2 to 6.9. She helped me with that. I’m sitting here not being afraid of carbs anymore and getting my type 2 diabetes under control and a lot of that is because of her. It’s because she’s in there, she’s in my corner. 

If she can help me – and I really thought I was a lost cause –  she could definitely help anybody else.
So, if you’re thinking about hiring Alexia, get on it. What are you waiting for?”

– Robyn K. 
1-Month Coaching Package, October 2018