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Client Testimonials

Initials have been changed to protect confidentiality

I really have enjoyed working with my coach and find her advice very valuable. Also, she is always sincere and interested in my improvement and wellness.   I reached my goals and plan to further improve, could not have done it without her! D.L.; Florida

It is my pleasure to share with the FANTASTIC coaching sessions I am receiving from Alexia Lewis!  This lady is the “bomb!”  I was diagnosed with Diabetes two months ago and told by my employer that I would have to stay in contact with a health coach.  So, one day, I am sitting at my desk and I receive a phone call from Alexia Lewis. At first I thought “Lord help me…I just got the devastating news that I have this disease and now I am going to have to talk to this lady!  All of this is too much for me to handle right now and I am truly not interested in having someone tell me “every week” that you can’t eat “this or that” anymore”!  Please help me Father in Heaven!”

Well, it is funny how God works, because after the very first session, I could hear that she was not telling me what I couldn’t eat, but that she was giving me advice on how to choose differently or decrease serving sizes for the foods I am eating.  Surprisingly, she has never once made me feel bad when I deviate from my plan, nor has she ever told me I can’t have a food item, but instead, she offers me alternatives to the foods I want to eat…so, that my choices are better suited for my health concerns.  This lady has done nothing but show me compassion, encouragement and genuine concern for my well-being.  I can’t believe how much I truly look forward to her calls each week and I cherish the knowledge that she so willing shares with me.

As a direct result of her coaching sessions with me, I have lost 19.5lbs., over two months and I have been working together to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Because of her great advice, enthusiasm and passion for helping others, I feel beautiful, healthy and full of energy (which I have not felt in over seven years).  I am convinced that I will continue to accomplish much more with her as my health coach! Thank you, God, for giving me such an awesome Angel like Alexia Lewis! – B.L.; Florida

I enjoy talking with you, you are not pushing, or demanding.  You listen to me, and adjust accordingly.  Your method is subtle not direct.   Yes I know you know more than I do about nutrition, but you let me think that what I say matters, and that gives me a confidence in you that you will be there for me when it matters. Thanks! K.P.; Florida

I consider myself to be a fairly healthy individual, but Alexia helped me fine-tune my diet and go beyond food to enhance my life style with mind and behavioral improvements. She is encouraging, non-judgmental, approachable, and honest. I’m a work in progress but happy to know that Alexia is a phone call away. – L.K., Florida

I’m enjoying the sound, sane support from Alexia Lewis, R.D! – L.M.; North Carolina

Alexia is open, approachable, honest, and supportive. I have enjoyed learning from her, and feel confident that she is promoting life-long changes instead of just a quick fix. While I would prefer to drop pounds quickly, I’m learning ways to live in a healthy manner, and have noticed changes in my sleep, my mood and my weight which I didn’t get from doing this without support. – K.U.; Florida

Alexia really listens and works with you to develop a realistic plan with achievable goals. – C.C., Florida

If you are looking to embrace healthy living, I highly recommend New Motivation Coaching!! I have had great success over the past 7 weeks more than I have had ever before. I am excited to continue and see my progress. – K.Q.; Florida

What I liked most about the Your Healthy Life Group was the different approach taken. Knowing that it’s not the end of the world if you eat something unhealthy. One meal or snack does not effect your overall health. – Anonymous Survey Response

It was great to not have the standard nutrition jargon all the time. I liked trying a different approach and modifying or adjusting what I do instead of completely changing and being so strict. – Anonymous Survey Response

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