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1 cup almonds 1 cup cashews 1 cup water 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 ripe banana. Homemade Banana Yogurt (Or pudding, but I like to call this “yogurt” since it’s healthier than traditional pudding) 3 level teaspoons agar flakes (See below for substitution note) 1 and 1/3 cup milk of choice (I use Almond Breeze almond milk). Special Diet Notes: Banana Cashew Yogurt 1 cup cashews, soaked for 2 hours or more, then drained 2 large bananas 1 1⁄2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice. Ingredients. 1 medium avocado.

2 medium bananas. 2.5 tablespoons lemon juice. 2 medjool dates, pitted.

1 teaspoon vanilla powder (or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract) Advertisement. Instructions Stick each piece of banana onto a popsicle stick. Dip bananas in yogurt, letting excess drip off. Arrange on a parchment-lined tray and freeze overnight. Ingredients 2 cans full fat canned coconut milk vegan probiotic capsules totaling 50 billion active cells (use several capsules if one of your capsule has less than 50 1/2 teaspoon powdered agar agar (it serves as a thickener).

Ingredients 2 cups frozen peaches 1/2 cup cashews 12 ounces tofu (see notes). The most common thickeners are agar agar, tapioca flour or xanthan gum. In this recipe though we are blending soaked cashew nuts into the light coconut milk to naturally thicken it. The combination of the creamy canned coconut milk, the cashews and the fermentation make a really thick and creamy vegan yogurt.

Add all of the ingredients (except the blueberries and banana slices for toppings) to a high-speed blender or food processor and blend until you get a silky consistency. Spoon into two separate bowls and top with a few extra banana slices and the optional blueberries. Vegan Banana Bread easy to make with the best flavour! Using overripe bananas and vegan yogurt!

Soft, moist, tender loaf that’s eggless, dairy free & tastes incredible. Healthy oil free option! 1 Bowl recipe!

List of related literature:

Place a half to a whole sliced avocado, one teaspoon cinnamon, one to two scoops organic whey or vegan protein powder, four to six ounces full-fat coconut milk, one to two teaspoons almond butter, one to two teaspoons carob or cocoa powder, and a dash of pure vanilla extract or vanilla powder in a blender and blend.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Once you make your own, your idea of vegan yogurt will beforever altered.

“Vegan Under Pressure” by Jill Nussinow
from Vegan Under Pressure
by Jill Nussinow
HMH Books, 2016

1 cup organic vanilla yogurt 1/4 cup organic milk 1 ripe banana 1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries For increased nutrients (optional): 2 teaspoons flaxseed oil 1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses 1 tablespoon peanut or almond butter

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
from Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness
by Aviva Jill Romm
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2002

Try this soy yogurt recipe!

“History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
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If you make your own plant-based yogurt, feel free to use that, or some soft tofu.

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
from Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar
by Cathy Fisher
Green Bite Publishing, 2016

Tofu Raspberry Pudding: Puree in a blender: 11 ounces tofu, 11/2 cups fresh raspberries, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 4 teaspoons lemon juice, 1 small ripe banana, 2 to 4 tablespoons honey, and 2 tablespoons maple syrup.

“Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual
by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Soyfoods Center, 2000

Replace the oil called for in the recipe with half the amount of another moist food, such as applesauce, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, mashed pumpkin, tomato sauce, soft silken tofu, or soy yogurt (keep in mind that tofu and soy yogurt are high-fat foods).

“Dr. McDougall's Digestive Tune-Up” by John A. McDougall, John McDougall,
from Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-Up
by John A. McDougall, John McDougall,
Healthy Living Publications, 2006

You can substitute with nut milk and rice and soy cheese and still use plain, organic yogurt.

“IBS Cookbook For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
from IBS Cookbook For Dummies
by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
Wiley, 2009

Pesto Sauce: Water, basil, expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil, garlic puree, olive oil, maltodextrin, potassium chloride, yeast extract, xanthan gum, salt, vegan lactic acid, citric acid, pepper, vegan natural flavors.

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
Soyinfo Center, 2019

While yogurt will yield the best results in both taste and texture, if you cannot find it, sub with vegan sour cream.

“The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less” by Brandi Doming
from The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less
by Brandi Doming
Time Incorporated Books, 2018

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  • We Holistic nutritionists are the best and most passionate… it’s important we stick together. Great video, i make mine the same way❤️

  • I usually make soy yogurt but can’t wait to try this recipe. Also, thanks for the info on the yogurt culture vs. probiotics. Love your healthy videos!

  • Do you wonder how they get coconuts?
    Watch “Are You Paying Monkey Kidnappers and Abusers When You Buy Coconut Oil?” on YouTube

  • Vegans are aids… just saying. Not trying to “bully” anyone, just making it clear. Btw you fuckers are killing more animals than non-vegans do… By eating food away from the animals.

  • I really don’t have words to thank you…. Simply love you…. Thank you sooooooooooo much…. Because of dairy industry and milk production cruelty I completely stop consuming all milk and milk related products… And your recepie for me is like a life saver… Thank you thank you, please bring more vegan recepies… God bless you

  • I was searching for easy, uncomplicated recipes. You made quality video and explained it really well with a calming voice. Not to mention your video does not have a loud, annoying music. Keep up the good work!

  • If you think those strawberries are great, you should taste and see the ones we get here in Norway. They are much darker red all the way through and the flavor is soooooo much stronger. Appearantly strawberries get sweeter and more flavorful in colder climates… Only downside is that the season is short… We really enjoy it though (and use imported ones the rest of the year)… ��

  • Title: 3 mins (My reaction: Awesome! ��)
    16 secs: Banana ice-cream (My Reaction: Not yogurt? ��)
    31 secs: Freeze overnight (My reaction: So it’s actually not 3 mins then… ����)
    Stopped watching video at that point. Gave it a thumbs down.

  • I love you guys so much.
    I can tell you been eating this healthy way from a long time and on the other hand i can see your husband is like the majority of us that ate other kinds of foods and his insights give us an idea what to expect or compare it with..i love it! Thank you for your great recepies ��

  • Didi……what are the 3 things you added with Banana to make chocolate…..?….I guess Chocolate powder, Cocoa and Chocolate essence….Am I right……..?

  • Hi Joy, Thank you for sharing. I’m sure coconut cream will also work well. Please share dairy free icing, biscuits, cakes & cookies. Many thanks.

  • great i can’t have ANY of them….. damn food intolerences…….
    (can’t have avocado, banana, strawberry, peanuts or cocoa…………………)
    the struggle……:'(

  • Okay I’m just going to say….. your hair is amazing! I just tuned to your channel cause it was recommended. The food looks great too.

  • It was too hot yesterday, and after my work-out, I was completely done. Unfortunately I didn’t had any prepared frozen yoghurt at home!

  • In Brazil we use 10 grams (1 tablespoon) of a powder called “League Neutral”, it serves to prevent the formation of ice crystals. It’s vegan. ��

  • Hi there Petra! Sorry to bother yet again, this time with the yogurt! I’m trying to find kudzu root to buy here in São Paulo but it’s proving to be a hard task. I read about it and it seems to be some kind of starch. Do you think another kind of starch like cassava flour could work? Or perhaps you know of some substitute for kudzu root? Love from Brazil, Alessandra

  • I’m so pumped that you’ve been making more and more vegan recipes =D I love coconut yogurt! How did you get those scoops so perfect?!

  • I have a question, I have an ice cream machine, would it have better texture if I use it on this recipe (and the coconut, banana, and others ice cream recipes) or it would be the same? I love your recipes, greetings from Uruguay!

  • I’m so glad I found your channel �� I recently found out I have PCOS so I can’t have sugar, but this is perfect for my birthday party next week!

  • I’ve been loving your channel and binge watching your videos for the last three days, would LOVE to see some Paleo specific recipes…maybe even Whole30?? I like to draw a lot of inspiration from Vegan recipes, but some things like chickpeas and beans aren’t allowed in the Whole30 lineup, would love to see your ideas as your recipes are always creative and simple!

  • No-machine frozen desserts tend to get a bit icy (unless you use a lot more fat and sugar) so I like to freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and when I want dessert, I pop the frozen cubes into the food processor and let it run for a bit, much like you would with nice cream. The ice crystals that have formed are broken up and the end result is much creamier:)

  • They all look amazing, however the peanut-butter-chocolate version looks so so good! Cannot wait to try what an amazing video.:)

  • You can also make “oatgurt” with soaked oats too. Blend well, cook, and you can strain it before adding your starter but it’s a messy pain. I prefer to just leave the fiber in for added health benefits and thickness, just blend well after heating. Never tried using chili stems for the starter though, I always freeze a bit of my last batch and use that, but going to have to try this, thankyou!

  • Does the coconut milk you use contain guar gum? I use Native Forest’s Organic Coconut Milk Simple. Ingredients are organic coconut and filtered water. Wondering if that would work.

  • Peanut butter is good! I can’t eat it though because every time I start to, my dog comes over and begs for it. She is a Shih Tzu and therefore so cute, I can’t say no.

  • I so yummy. Knowing me though I need more than my share and wind up getting fat because bananas can put weight on you if you’re not careful they are high in sugar and they are fattening. Thank you for sharing the recipe I’ve got to try it

  • Wow! This was delicious, what a great way to take away a sweet tooth issue without going to buy vegan junk food ice cream. Thank you so much, except i tried it with and without the coffee and i prefer it wothout the coffee.

  • Brilliant! We have lots of almonds where I live in Spain and coconut milk is hard to find, so this recipe is so welcome. Thanks again Petra.

  • 2 fully ripe bananas (frozen)
    4 tablespoons peanutbutter
    3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
    Blend for 1 minute until smooth.
    Serve, or freeze for longer until hard.

  • I’m excited to try the avocado one! I’ve been looking for something nice and fresh for my baby girl. Glad to see they are all vegan ❤️

  • nice video but why put coffee in it??? its stimulant, we don’t often want to give children, make another video without the coffee, I’m sure many people will appreciate it

  • In an effort to cool the coconut cream more quickly than in the fridge I put it in the freezer but then forgot about it:(
    Do you think any of the properties have been changes? E.G. when you freeze yogurt it will never go back to how it was, or do you think I can let melt and then put in fridge and then start from zero and it won’t make a difference?? Also, I’m not sure how much probiotics to put in… I have a yogurt-starter powder version, should I just guess? A teaspoon?

  • Can someone tell me if I can make what they might call regular yogurt and while I’m making it can I add coconut milk would somebody drop a line I will give my Gmail if you will try and send me that answer somebody
    ([email protected] GMAIL.COM

  • No Sugar-Milk-Cream | Chocolate Ice Cream | Fully Raw & Healthy
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  • Can you please provide the brand of coconut milk that you use I noticed that the cans are pretty large and the ones that I see in the store are pretty small. Thank you so much

  • I don’t believe this recipe! I used to make my own dairy milk yoghurt, and getting the temperature right always got me off-centre. This doesn’t feature using a thermometer at all! Thank you so much!

  • Joy, you are an ANGEL! I was looking for something to use as a yogurt starter, but what I found is expensive! The probiotics are a perfect solution and I will happily try it to make my very first vegan (btw are bacteria vegan? ��) yoghurt!!! Thank you so much ��

  • Regular intakes of peanuts is worse than organic milk in the long term. Everything Vegan being healthy is a myth. However, moderate usage of peanuts, soaked in hot water or boiled for 30 minutes should be OK.

  • When she said “Plus my daughter is obsessed with bananas”‘, I was like mouth open and couldn’t talk, like WOW you’re mom. From head to toe this woman looks perfect, couldn’t stop looking at her hair, like is it extentions or natural.

  • I know only from watching YouTube videos on how to make yogurt, but most use a temperature controlled machine like yogurt machine.
    You just put yours in an oven that’s turned off.
    How can you be certain that your bacteria has fermented?
    And what kind of probiotic bacteria strain are you making and why that particular strain?

  • No one in the east sterilizes their jars or vessels to make yogurt and they have been doing this for 1000 of years! In the west we have to sterilize put gloves on etc. come on guys don’t make things harder for yourself!

  • Our desire for dairy products is damaging the environment. Large areas of forests need to be cut down to provide grazing land for the cows that will give us milk. It is high time that we start considering vegan alternatives like peanut dahi and so on.

  • Alyssia, this froyo recipe is seriously amazing. I made chocolate peanut butter with cocolate peanut butter pb2 instead of actual peanut butter.

  • hii mam i loved it but i missed brewed coffee and it was a bit of we say KARHWA in hindi…so can u plzzz tell me the measurements

  • Your recipe is very nice and very interesting.
    Your instructions are
    very easy to follow. Thanks for share thisgreat recipe. Stay connected
    and help each other. Have a nice day. I watch the full video as per my
    habit. Have a nice day.Amazing, very nice and very interesting recipe.
    Thanks for share with us.

  • I don’t really like yogurt. And I’ve stopped drinking cow milk. And I recently realized there is almond milk yogurt but I’m not sure if I will like it.

  • Going to try this, i didn’t quite understand the use of plastic to cover, we are supposed to be trying to get rid of plastics, would a plate be a better option.?

  • Can this yoghurt be frozen and thawed and keep its consistency? I imagine it does…I ask because I had purchased a bunch of coconut yoghurt from the store and froze them and when I thawed them it was like watery cottage cheese. I imagine this is because of the other ingredients they put in it.

  • Where can i buy kuzu and agar powder and sunflower lecithin powder? Thanks. Is kuzu sold in separate bag and agar in seperate bag or are they in same bag?

  • For a slightly different consistency, color and obviously taste, try and use rice milk and peanut milk in about 1:1 ratio but that is twice as tedious but totally worth the taste.

  • i would probably whip this thing up by placing a smaller bowl over a huge bowl filled with ice and lots of salt. It also probably helps to place the bowl/s in the freezer/fridge overnight before using them. Have you tried making some coconut condensed milk and subbing it to the light cocomilk?

  • The second one looks amazing even if you don’t freeze it. Could probably eat it like pudding or use it to top some other kind of dessert or on a sweet breakfast.

  • when you take your tin of coconut out of the frig. turn the tin over and open from the bottom and you can then just pour off the liquid and you are left with the cream. regards from Australia.

  • lol I gave you a thumbs up �� and a like even before video ended…actually at the 10sec mark I ⏸ed then typed this ��…cant go wrong with that title and me since I am lactose intolerant.

  • I absolutely love this. I’m so going to try this since I love love lovvvvvvveeee yogurt and coconut and I’m lactose intolerant this is perfect. I spent so much money on coconut non dairy yogurt so delicious brand I love it but they’re too expensive… I’m so going to try this. My husband is a vegan so this is just perfect for the both of us… thank you for sharing. I just liked������ and subscribed to your channel… pls keep them coming…

  • Thank you so much Joy for finding and sharing amazing healthy video. ��
    Although I am still in search of finding a natural way of converting homemade coconut milk into yogurt

  • Please find a probiotic with plastic free, biodegradeable packaging and use an alternative to plastic wrap to cover the bowl, then your process would tick all the boxes. We need to care for the environment’s health as much as we care for our own health.

  • Canned food is bad. Better to take desicsted coconut and blend it with water in blender. Then let it sit in fridge overnight. Next day Just swipe up the real coconut cream from the surface and enjoy ��❤️

  • I love the simplicity of your videos and the fact that your husband gives is view on each dish you make…love it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • I just discovered this… looks amazing…sure will try out.
    But would have appreciated a break up of the nutritional values of the peanut curd.

  • I tried it without chilli and lemon and didn’t soak peanut for four hours it was not normal curd was not good did not enjoy do you have any solution how can I make it better and make it creamy tasty and delicious

  • Maybe they’d be easier to scoop if you were to use agave as the liquid sugar instead of the traditional sweetened condensed milk? Anyway they look so good!!!����

  • Stored in metal cans of over refined coconut can of death yup doesn’t everyone say don’t use metal spoons hmm yup definitely not listening to u.

  • This is amazing. I’m just confused what happens to the chillies. Do I need to fish them out later or they have to stay in the bow?

  • Amazing:) Does anyone know if this will work with other nondairy milks? cashew/almond? Also, can I freeze a bit of the curd and use it later as a starter? Will the freezing process ruin the curd? Thanks!!

  • Hi am so sad and disappointed ��.. I couldn’t get the curd.. I put it in glass container n placed chilly tops and covered it with glass lid.this was 24 hours back.this morning I opened it n I could see all fumy bubbles n peculiar odour the curd wasn’t set. I dono if it was the temperature bcoz dairy curd we usually keep them warm surroundings. So m totally unsure what went wrong. I removed the chilly tops n left it like that

  • Looks like ice cream and I would love to make those for my nephews because they would MAYBE like it haha idk but they are vegan so I think they will they eat ANYTHING vegan lol

  • Girl! You know I love your videos! They are always so informative and fun! I started my own channel where i talk about my weightloss journey and do a few cooking videos as well! Id love it if you would follow me! Thanks a bunch babez!

  • Nupur ji Namaskar. I tried to prepare curd from peanuts as shown, but it did not work out. I soaked the peanuts overnight, drained the water, blended the soaked peanuts with 4glasses of water, strained the milk and set it for curdling with 12 chilli tops. It never set even after 24 hours. I used a steel vessel. What could have gone wrong?

  • Since Vitamin B12 is produced from bacteria, so this (Peanut Curd) might actually be able to solve the Vitamin B12 issue for vegans, if the right bacteria source can be used as starter.

  • You saved our bananas!
    no one in our family eating bananas that have black spots.But all of us love ice cream and chocolate! Now I know what to do with them
    thanks a lot!

  • So when I go to make the next batch of curd how much of the current curd batch do I add to the new one?
    a tablespoon two tablespoons?

  • I try making curd with coconut milk but when I added the chilly stems and kept to set the stems got slight fungus. Please could you tell me how to avoid this

  • there is a lady who uses tofu and fruit for her ice cream on vegan fitness tv. I thought you might be able to think of some things to go with it for non coconut/ banana people

  • Is it necessary to add probiotics to make the yoghurt everytime or can we just add coconut cream to a small portion of coconut yoghurt?

  • I have to ask: does it still work without the peanut butter or is there a no-nut option for the chocolate one? I’m sorry I’m always asking for nut free options.

  • Can we use other vegan milks, and also if we use peanuts do they have to be roasted or raw peanuts and will those chilli tops give the curd a spicy flavour?

  • What do you mean at the beginning when you say culture the almond milk? I don’t know how to do that. Do you have a video on how to do it?

  • So I love your recipes, but the thing I really appreciate more from your videos versus other recipe videos, is your husbands Critique. It’s nice to hear about things such as taste, texture, consistency and the like. Y’all are a fantastic team. ��

  • Thanks for the recipe. You’d better use a wooden spoon as probiotics could react at the touch of metal. The same goes for dairy yogurt, you can easily see it when the left over yogurt gets watery.

  • Hello, do I just leave it open in the oven just like how you did it or can I cover it with a towel?

    Oh, and the coconut milk is cold right? And you added the probiotic? I thought it needs to be warm?

  • i have a guy friend who is highly allergic to some main ingredients in icecream, so this is highly appreciated. I’ll try it first.

  • I made Raita out of this curd and dum Biryani and my family couldn’t even tell the difference! Just like she says, it tastes very similar to usual curd when used in recipes! Thank you! ��

  • Gulabjamun mey jaise na gulab hota hey na jamun hota hey but tasty hota hey na waise he ye without yogurt but super taste yummy

  • Great job, I was also wondering how to make vegan ice cream the absolute creamiest meaning when you freeze the ice cream to comes out of the freezer, what I did today is I have mango pineapple strawberry blueberries and bananas I blended it all together and I added for milk, then I put it in the freezer the Ice Cream came out more icy and it did creamy I’m looking for a creamy recipe meaning so when it comes up finish please help thank you

  • Wow I’ve been checking your recipes recently.
    You are incrediblely genius!
    Im gonna make some of them in korea for Korean Keto ppl or vigans.
    Of course I will let them know it is your recipes.:)
    Thank you anyway.

  • Hi there. Could I use arrowroot powder instead? Also just want to say how much I enjoy your videos. The way you make all your recipes with such gentleness and passion it’s so relaxing to watch!

  • Thank you so much, all this time i search for this recipe and now i see the notification of the recipe and i feel very happy, its easy and very simple. Kisses from a smole portuguese island “Madeira”…��