Veg Out Baking without Eggs or Dairy


Water cake: without milk, eggs and butter!

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Chocolate Cake Recipe – No Eggs, No Milk, No Butter

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Vanilla cake without eggs, milk, butter-one pan recipe

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Lockdown Cake Recipe Without Egg, Milk, Curd, Butter |No Oven Option | Vegan Vanilla Cake | Low Cost

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Egg-less chocolate cake Cake Without Eggs or Condensed Milk

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CREAMY AND MOIST VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE | No Eggs, no butter, no milk | Easy Dessert | Baking Cherry

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THE “WATER CAKE” English recipe, no eggs, no milk, no butter ����

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Milk Any dairy milk can be substituted with non-dairy milk in baking. Common substitutions are soy, almond, cashew, rice and coconut milk. Good to keep in mind: soymilk tends to be sweeter than dairy milk, and full-fat coconut milk can be creamier than regular milk. Buttermilk Non-dairy milk can quickly be used to make a buttermilk substitute.

Simply add ½ a tablespoon of lemon juice or. Vegan baking without eggs and dairy has a reputation for flat and tasteless cardboard sponges. Modern vegans though, will say that’s completely unfair.

Baking without eggs, using vegan substitutes instead, can still mean delicious cakes, biscuits, brownies and trifles. Plus all vegan food shows respect to animals and the environment. To replace one egg, use ¼ cup of blended silken tofu or non-dairy yogurt plus ½ teaspoon of oil. Another choice is to use three to four tablespoons of vegan mayo for each egg that you need to.

After discovering I had multiple food sensitivities, I began developing holiday recipes that would be safe for me, but enjoyable for others, too. These tarts are delicious—with no gluten, eggs or dairy! —Chantale Michaud, Guelph, Ontario. By mixing 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar you’ll replace 1 egg with a mixture suitable for most baking. You can also make a vegan buttermilk by mixing plant-based milk and apple cider vinegar.

This is my. Here are some great egg alternatives for baking and the best ways to use each: Commercial Egg Replacer Commercial egg replacers come in powdered form and typically contain tapioca or wheat as the primary binding agent. Eggs are a pretty integral ingredient in baking. But if you’re vegan (or allergic, or just out of eggs), there are plenty of awesome egg substitutes available today. “I can’t tell you how big. When baking gluten free, dairy free egg free you can use all the help you can get!

To give your baked goods a boost and help them rise,utilise this tip! Baking without eggs: To further boost leavening Replace the milk or water in the recipe for. The Best Baking Without Eggs Or Milk Recipes on Yummly | 5-ingredient Honey-mustard Chicken Breasts, 4-ingredient Bbq Baked Salmon, Vegan Baked Ziti. 5 hours ago · This cake has no butter, no milk, and no eggs, but you’d never tell.

It’s so fluffy, moist, and with a light crumb! I volunteered to make this cake for a vegan friend’s birthday and NO one could telleven non-vegans loved it! Ingredients for a vegan birthday cake.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make a vegan funfetti cake.

List of related literature:

Alternatively, if eggs are called for in a baking recipe, you can use a vegan egg substitute such as ground flax seeds (see page 244) to act as the binding agent.The most important thing to do is to start experimenting and embracing a variety of foods from around the globe

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If you want to leave eggs out of your baking, you can buy egg re• placement powder (made by Ener-G; this is a popular ingredient in vegan cooking) or substitute about G cup of mashed banana, plain yogurt, or applesauce per egg.

“The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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Replace the oil called for in the recipe with half the amount of another moist food, such as applesauce, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, mashed pumpkin, tomato sauce, soft silken tofu, or soy yogurt (keep in mind that tofu and soy yogurt are high-fat foods).

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Among the eight confirmed food allergens—eggs, fish, dairy milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts and wheat—the food allergens that are essential to cooking and baking are eggs, dairy milk and wheat.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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By substituting canola oil or applesauce for butter, you can make virtually any cake recipe vegan friendly.

“Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started” by Rockridge Press
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You can even try using chia seeds as a vegan alternative to eggs in most recipes (1 tablespoon of chia seeds to 3 tablespoons of water; let sit for about 10 minutes until the mixture thickens).

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Some of our meatless recipes may contain dairy and/or eggs, but vegan options are regularly included.

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Some examples are cakes without egg, biscuits and cakes without wheat, and gravy and sauces without wheat.

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This chapter also includes recipes that allow you to replicate sour cream, crème fraîche, yogurt, and whipped cream in your home kitchen using only wholesome natural foods, without highly processed ingredients such as soy protein isolates, which are found in so many store­bought vegan analogs of dairy products.

“Artisan Vegan Cheese: From Everyday to Gourmet” by Miyoko Schinner
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I include eggs in this, even though they are not strictly dairy, as they go hand in hand with things like butter and milk when cooking.

“The Little Book Of Life” by Alan Macmillan Orr
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  • i made this for my cake pop, i put the batter on the maker and it worked! i tried one it tasted AMAZING! thanks so much for the recipe

  • Why the white vinegar? Does help in the baking process or is it there to balance out the nuances of flavour?
    Gotta say that it looks absolutely delicious. And with the Peanut Butter, you’re definitely speaking my language……. ⚛️☮️��

  • Sir! You are the first chef I started to follow on youtube years ago when I was on maternity leave. Years later I am watching you along with both my kids. U had us in splits in the end������n the cake looked sooo yummy! May God keep you and your family healthy and happy��

  • I hope this will work because my birthday is coming up and I wanted to throw a party so one cake is gonna be with milk and one without milk because one of my friends is allergic to milk so i have to try to make a cake without milk and I hope this will work.

    Cross our fingers

  • Has anyone made a gluten-free version of this cake? My brother is allergic to gluten, but I want to make this for him for his bday.

  • don’t waste your time and money doing this “cake”, the taste of the vinegar and the oil makes the cake taste TERRIBLE.
    if you want to do it, use lemon instead of vinegar and use some tasty alternative to oil (i don’t know what, maybe Margarine)

  • I just made this cake and it tastes amazing, you can’t tell it’s vegan! Yuuum! I used coconut sugar and I added a cup and a half. Thank you so much for for the recipe!

  • Wow I tried this! I added banana in the cake. The cake came out really soft, perhaps due to the banana. Next time I will bake it a little longer��

  • Hello during carina, working from home and having craving on food. Any suggestion how to avoid food cravings. Where I can replace with some thing which will stop food cravings

  • 1 cup of warm water
    2 1/2 tbsp of vegetable oil
    2 cups flour
    1 1/4 cups of powdered sugar
    3/4 tsp vanilla
    1 tbsp of baking powder

    I think. No promises.

  • I made this with rice flour, and I used 3 tea spoons of baking powder, instead of the baking soda and vinegar, and it turned out so delicious.

  • Mr. chef… all recipes of urs which ever I tried have worked grt.. bt dis cake didn’t,… does d quantity of baking powder n soda change if I take a small tea glass instead of a cup

  • Jokes on you! I don’t have vanilla extract! And I ran out of peanut butter.. So are there any substitutes that work well? Somebody plz reply.

  • my first successful vegan cake after many desperate tentatives. I did not put sugar in the batter and swapped it with honey in the syrup with espresso for taste. Thanks for the recipe

  • My mother was a child during the depression. She learned this from her mother. I remember her making this for dessert when I was little. She always called it “the butterless eggless milkless cake”. Its soo good!

  • It turned out yum. I added coffee powder+warm water mixture in half of the batter and made vegan marble cake. It looked beautiful and tasted good. Thank you so much for the recipe. ����

  • Haven’t eaten chocolate cake for over 4 years now, just gave this a try and I most admit that it was a lot better than I expected! Can’t wait to bake this for my birthday (probably still going to be on quarantine)

  • Nice cake. I like that you used a fork. That is how normal people eat cake and it just showed how moist the cake is. Will try this recipe.

  • This is the best chocolate cake EVER…. ������❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you cannot tell for a second it’s vegan. Beautiful and moist with the easiest ingredients. 5 ⭐️

  • Prepared as per your instructions
    Got out perfectly for first time thank you
    Can you make a video on how to make curry పుఫ్ in convention oven
    And in which mode should I bake��

  • The cake looks delicious! I’d like to make it but I have regular peanut butter instead of natural. Can I still use it? And thank you very much for the recipe ☺

  • Sir!!! �������� sir!!! Sir!!! Thank u thank you thank youuuuu sooooo much for your recipes.. I tried and I and my family just done with eating this cake….. wah!!! Kya taste hai sir abbaaa awesome anthe awesome anthe… matalu levu, kids tohh fall in love with this cake.. and this type cake is my fav one, its taste is same like sizzling hot brownie… love u sir bless you.. I m ur student since 2012 tried mny recipes gt many compliments

  • i was so excited and then the peanut butter came.. we’re nut free here..can’t think of an alternative for that! looks delicious though

  • I’ve just put it in the oven! fingers crossed:)))) Who would think I’d find you and your video! I was just searching for the recipe without milk and eggs as I’ve run out! but my kids were determined to bake! thank you:))

  • Chef, thank you for this recipe. It taste wonderful.
    I only have one problem, the cake sink in the middle while its baking. I baked twice and both times it sinked in d middle. Could you advise what should I do to avoid this next time. Tq

  • Thank you for the recipe this cake is so quick and you have everything you need at home! The cake came out super fluffy and delicious!!! ❤️����

  • I’d just like to point out that white sugar is not always vegan. Bone char is used to decolorize sugar. Check it out on Google. Turbinado cane sugar and beer sugar are good alternatives! Or you can see which sugar companies are vegan-certified:)

  • I am not a cook but made this for my friend’s bday. It came out soooo amazing and yummy. Without frosting too it is yummy. Very moist and spongy.

  • My daughter loves peanut butter, and has a form of lactose intolerance. We still struggle to figure it out, because some dairy is fine, while others trigger allergies. Sometimes more, and sometimes less. We will have to try this recipe, thank you for the share!!!

  • I baked this yummy cake for my Son’s half birthday and wow, loved it. Though I little decorated it with chocolate, but the yumm is cause of your simple and few steps, correct measures. Wish I could post the picture.

  • Can I use powder sugar instead of maple syrup.if I want to use powder sugar is the cup measurement is same as the maple syrup that you take

  • I literally don’t know how to bake but believe me! I followed the steps and when I ate the cake it was sooo delicious!!!! Can’t thank you much!!! I was so happy that my cake turned out so great! All the credits go to you! Ty once again!!

  • Tried a different recipe the other day and it was so dry and not moist and soft at all ☹️ gonna give this one a try in a few days!

  • this cake looks great but the only ingredient I’m not gonna add is the vanilla extract. Im just shook that how much sugar there isi will try this recipe probably today or tomorrow

  • Hi chef, everytime i bake a cake it sinks and this cake is not cooked at all even though i followed all the instructions and ingredients.. i am literally going mad �� why my cake is not turning out well.. i asked many friends.. but no one could say.. please atleast you help me

  • I love it. Gonna make it. I have raw cane sugar. I will use a third cup of it and no frosting. I don’t like too much sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is an old classic recipe, it called The Depression Cake from the 1930s because during the Great Depression people had no eggs, milk or butter to make cake. You can google the real name and find many versions, including adding cocoa for chocolate cake. Its also known as the Wacky or Crazy Cake by people from the 1980s and 1990s…. Now I guess its ok to just slap a new name on an old classic Recipe, without giving just a Little history.

  • Outstanding api! Never even imagined such is possible, it’s worth a try. You uploaded it at the right time, my birthday is coming next week! I’ll bake it for sure. Thanks again!!! ��

  • Need to try this. But is it possible to replace the peanut butter with something else? My daughter is allergic to peanuts and nuts

  • Wow its wonderful… I will try inshallah thank u chef
    Can i ask u something that if we dont have cocoa powder what can we use then pls can u tell us

  • I am about to use this recipe for my dad’s birthday. I have never made him a homemade cake for his birthday before. Hope it turns out well!

  • Because of vinegar it taste different otherwise it was really good. It was amazingly soft and spungy. I recommend don’t add vineger or add extremely little amount

  • I cooked it twice I and my parents like it so I taught to make for their 13 anniversary I am 11 years so I am very nervous and excited

  • You’ve mentioned here the 1 1/2 cup of flour = 180g and 1 cup of sugar is 200g, i didn’t get that, plz tell me the exact measurements, coz i don’t have measurement cups.

  • I love watching all your videos because they have a slice of your life! I love the sweet banter you and your wife share❤️ Amazing recipe also! ❤️��

  • Is this really with no milk,egg or butter…cause I want to make this to my friend but she is allergic to everything that contains milk, so I just want to make sure, so I don’t give her something that will make her sick ��

  • I made this yesterday. I didn’t have a big tray like that so I used three small cake trays and put one in the freezer. For the chocolate gnashe I used melted chocolate, milk and a little butter and it all came together so nicely. It’s also nice with ice cream:)

  • I’ve just made this, with much less sugar, with apple cider vinegar and a bit more water and this is the first ever vegan cake that I succeeded with. So moist and creamy, it’s amazing!

  • I made it because I was out of egg and milk my grankids were over so I had to make something and I found this recipe and I’m very greatful..actually I will be making this more often….