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Tofu & Tempeh Tofu is probably the first food that comes to mind when thinking of vegetarian meat substitutes, and for good reason! Tofu and tempeh are made from soybeans, and they’re incredible sources of protein. Tempeh contains 15 grams. 7 Great Meat-Free Protein Sources. by Paul Scrivens.

When some of you are eating, there may come a time where you don’t desire any meat. That’s perfectly okay. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for it. you can always add a little more protein to help your body out.

Categories Nutrition Post navigation. Some standouts in the vegetable world include, Kale, which has between 4 to 6 grams of protein per serving. Sprouts contain between 1 to 2 grams of protein per serving as do beets, broccoli and squash. Vegetables with the most protein include broccoli, spinach, asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. They contain about 4–5 grams of protein per cooked cup (.

Kale has been making waves in health food circles and is a fitting example of how powerful a vegetable can be. It contains enough protein to rank on our countdown, but kale alone is not enough to make up for not having meat. When combined with other high-protein meat-free sources you’ll have no trouble meeting your needs.

Discover the best plant-based sources of protein to boost your intake as a vegan, including pulses, tofu, quinoa, nuts and seeds, grains and vegetables. Why do we need protein? Protein is an essential part of our nutrition, making up about 17% of the body’s weight and it is the main component of our muscles, skin, internal organs, especially.

7 High-Protein Vegetarian Soups That Even Meat Lovers Will Crave but not out! 1. Lentil Soup This vegan and gluten-free stew is nothing short of uber-satisfying. It’s packed with protein.

Tempeh is good for more than just stir-fries. When sliced into strips and baked, it makes a tasty, high-protein sandwich filling. This recipe from Sophie of The Green Life uses balsamicand soy.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan looking for ways to get a high-protein breakfast, the real key is adding lean protein. You want plenty of protein without plenty of fat. For example, peanut butter (or almond butter or soy nut butter) on whole-grain toast has plenty of protein, but if you eat too much peanut butter, you’re going to be adding lots of fat to your diet.

Just one cup of lentils packs a whopping 18 grams of protein!However, tofu and quinoa are still good sources, both clocking in at 9 grams per serving.If you’re newly vegetarian or vegan, check out these meat-free protein sources for more ideas to satisfy your protein needs and your taste buds! It’s also important to note that both herbivores and omnivores often overestimate proper protein needs.

List of related literature:

Indeed, light vegetable proteins may completely replace meats in the human diet: 1½ to 2 pounds of raw nuts and seeds per week, for example, provide all the protein and fat required by anyone and eliminate the metabolic craving for meat, eggs, and other animal proteins.

“The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way” by Daniel Reid
from The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way
by Daniel Reid
Atria Books, 1989

Vegetarians should consume plenty of soy products, which also contain an ideal amino acid profile and high protein content Beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and grains supply protein in smaller amounts and with low levels of one or two amino acids.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Because of this widespread concept, many concerned vegetarians use protein supplements, eggs and dairy, or extra amounts of legumes, brewer’s yeast, miso soy paste, seeds, and nuts combined with quantities of grain to ensure abundant and “complete” protein nutrition.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Paul Pitchford
North Atlantic Books, 2002

Complete-protein foods include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and a few vegetable proteins such as quinoa and avocado, as well as nuts and seeds.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
by Maureen Whitehouse
Axiom Pub., 2007

The proteins of SOYBEANS, dried BEANS, AMARANTH, and QUINOA contain relatively large amounts of all essential amino acids and are of higher quality than other plant protein sources.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

Good sources of protein for vegetarians include nuts and seeds (sesame and sunflower), pulses, soya products (tofu, soya milk, etc.) and wheat germ.

“Skin Talks: Secrets to glowing skin for men and women” by Jaishree Sharad
from Skin Talks: Secrets to glowing skin for men and women
by Jaishree Sharad
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2014

All foods made from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds are considered “protein foods”—as you will learn, meat itself (including beef, pork, or chicken) doesn’t need to be at the center of the plate to keep you healthy!

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

Some patients may tolerate a higher protein level supplied from vegetable sources, starch, and dairy products; limit protein from meat sources to 20 to 40 g/day.

“Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary” by Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio
from Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary
by Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio
Springer Netherlands, 1996

Plant sources of protein include pulses (e.g. lentils, peas and beans), nuts, and ‘novel’ or synthesised protein such as tofu (soya bean curd) and quorn (myco-protein).

“Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.” by Moonie
from Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.
by Moonie
Pearson Education, 2005

Beans, seeds, nuts, nut butters, and soy products (edamame, tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein, soyburgers) are good sources; for lacto-ovo vegetarians, eggs and dairy foods are, too.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

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  • It doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not People eat burgers and they ain’t healthy but they don’t care?

    Also I tried one of the impossible burgers and it taste so much like a burger is delicious

  • If you want to be vegan I definitely recommend it but meat lovers will definitely taste a huge difference so stick to your red meat��

  • The amount of proteins, fat and nutrients an Impossibly patty contains is slightly less then an actual burger and when eating an Impossible burger the tons of water and space you will be saving is dozens

  • Now this is The Future. No more slaughtering innocent animals. Just advanced technology of Digital Visual Creations. Great work Scientist

  • Something irks me about how that doctor really tiptoed around that question. Not that I really care, but I do see the benefits to the environment, it just surprises me that we went from protesting all meet being made in a factory, to fully adopting it. However, I will remain open minded to the idea till I have reason to believe it isn’t as good as it sounds.

  • Hi, I embarked on this keto plan 2 days ago, and somewhere along the way, I was told to keep the carbs to 20. One of those planners from memory. I am vegetarian (4 years) and 67, and for the past two days I have eaten well, keeping to the 20 carbs, but are falling well short of the 1475 calories, unable to get over 1000 and the protein also is a problem and afraid that in the long term might be a problem. I noticed you are recommending 35 carbs. My goal is to lose a fair amount of weight, and was happy to do the 20 carbs and was looking for the quick loss as I tend to lose interest. I just wondered what your thoughts are regarding the calories and protein numbers, and any suggestions you may have. Kindest Regards.

  • Wow….I’m trying vegan lifestyle for the second time. First time was a fail I had no clue how to replace the meat in my life. I needed this video. Wow helped me tons. Thanks

  • Meat was never meant for everyone, only for those who could afford the costly and difficult process. Nowadays everyone wants everything at a low price, forcing the industry to meet the demand. Cheap salmon, fake caviar, unnatural amounts of avocados, cheap wine, etc. These are all products that are getting worse in quality and also by destroying the environment, as well as cutting margins for small producers while making huge companies take over. „Luxury“ products, as horrible as it might sound, is NOT for every day consumption and NOT for everyone, just the select few who can afford an environmentally healthy and humanitarian product. Even simpler socialists want everything for nothing, while capitalists fight to earn what’s good.

  • ooh yeah!! Jackfruit! that was the fruit flavor used for wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum. i love Jackfruit…but not like durian sorry JSoh.:P

  • As Jim Gaffigan says, why do
    Vegetarians always crush vegetables up and shape & attempt to flavor them like burgers or bacon?

    Do Vegans secretly miss Meat?

    What if it had Bacon on it?
    It would have a better flavor profile obviously, and it would be 85% less meat than a Burger with Bacon on it. ������

  • I don’t eat beets, I don’t eat eggplants, I don’t eat mushrooms, I don’t eat tomatoes, I don’t even eat onions�� but I’m still tryna be vegetarian

  • I never eat meat because I hate it, and I’m underweight.
    This is the perfect video for me to find food that would be heathy to me as an underweight person although I know that I have to eat more calories to fix this problem

  • it’s not the content of proteins, it’s the body’s ability to absorb those nutrients. Meat protein is better absorbed by our bodies despite it may having low protein content than a few plant based.

  • Hi! I just discovered your channel! Very informative video! Thank you! I’m trying to become vegan by slowly cutting out meat and eggs. I already cut out all dairy and I’ve started to cook plant based recipes 4 months ago.

  • I would bet money that most any person would not be able to eat a beef burger after seeing the process in which they are made. The fact that this guy was hungry after touring the facility is one of the biggest differences between the two. Aligning your morals with your eating habits is becoming more and more common and a very welcome change in my opinion.

  • It all looks good for occasional use, and I’m sure I’ll try some of them, but it still doesn’t add up to the 2-4 ounces of protein per meal needed for optimal health, muscle building, and weight control. Some protein is better than none, of course, but most of these don’t give even half enough unless you overeat.

  • So happy animals will not get killed for taste.keep going on.Technology is advancing and we should also advance our ways and depart from animal killing ways to finding alternate and yet ethical ways for food.

  • “No meat lover loves the fact that it comes from an animal cadaver.” I’m gonna stop you right there. Because I do, I’m sure a lot of people do as well. It’s primal, but its still there.

  • Nice video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Chireetler Deepest Relaxation Rule (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning to grow muscle when you are naturally thin without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend Sam finally got amazing results with it.

  • 1. Greek Yogurt ( 1:15)
    2. Lentils ( 1:48)
    3. Edamame ( 2:16)
    4. Kidney Beans ( 2:44)
    5. Tofu ( 3:12)
    6. Chia Seeds ( 3:37)
    7. Quinoa ( 4:03)
    8. Soy Milk ( 4:36)
    9. Green Peas ( 4:52)
    10. Peanut Butter ( 5:24)

  • This song is illegally funkadelic. I need to groove my thang off.

    Oh yeah and the food looks er tasty.

    I’m a pescetarian but a lot of what I eat is vegetarian, and although I’m a good cook and know a fair amount about nutrition you can always do better.

    I tried your stir fry tofu and broccoli only threw in julienned carrots and skipped the sesame oil, threw in some paprika.

    Bloody hell it was good and made even tofu taste good. I struggle with tofu unless it’s smoked so some good ideas here to try. Can I recommend Dragonfly flavoured tofu btw it’s amazing.

  • VERY HELPFUL!! easy and to the point meals for people who dont know how to get protein without meat. This helped me alot since i want to stop eating meat.

  • Thank you. Great video despite the silly unpleasant comments. If there were an easy way to get written directions would be very helpful but it looks delicious. I’ll make it when I write down the directions.

  • This meat eaters taking a dig at vegans/vegetarians on EVERY video that contains vegan/vegetarian dish is, pure ridiculousness. I truly feel sorry for the people that have to share the same oxygen as these clowns.

  • Great vid! The perfect information to boost my motivation to progressively reduce meat consumption. Thanks for sharing and all the best!! ������������

  • I tink it’s funny how people react to this. I am not vegan or a vegetarian, but this is a great video for people who don’t eat meat.

  • Should I be watching my calorie intake along side the carb intake? Also, if I’m doing this for weight loss should the intake be based on my size? Thanks!

  • I’m vegetarian joanna, But find it very difficult to know where to start making meals, At present im living off of Quarn vegetarian meat’s with mixed veg �� & great upload ��

  • Greek yogurt???What is that thing?? It’s Bulgarian yogurt because it’s actually found in Bulgaria first, and the Bacillus Bulgaricus which is only found in Bulgaria!

  • So by the time you’ve eaten all of this, you’ve eaten nine meals for god knows how many calories and a little over a hundred grams of protein, plus you’ve spent the entire day cooking and spent like a hundred dollars on food. Meat is cheaper and easier.

  • Im not here to be meat free or because its better for the environment. Im here becuase joe rogan had a podcast where they mentioned plant based fats. Id like to increase them not live soley off them.
    #LoveMeat #LoveGreens

  • Don’t take Tasty for gospel on what all vegan food is like, they’re just sharing their own interpretations of it. They’ve been doing it like a year. Some of their vegan recipes are good, some not as much, but it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s vegan, it’s about the ability of the chef that made it. I’ve been vegan 16 years so I know for a fact there’s more to it than just what Tasty’s capable of broadcasting to the world, but it’s still a good thing they’re doing. So if it looks gross, that’s on them, at least they tried. The peas and pasta don’t particularly look appetizing to me, that doesn’t mean it might not taste good. I’m sure meat tastes good, I’ve never had it, but morally I just have no urge to try it, I’m not interested in supporting it. Even though it tastes good, personally to me I think it looks gross. In a very gruesome way to describe it, (trigger warning) if you saw a dead human body mangled up and bloody with entrails pouring out and puss oozing out of its cloudy eyes, you’d think it’s gross right? Does it instead being a pig than a human make it any less gross? If not, you’re desensitized and you should see a therapist, but you should all probably find that gross. That’s how I see it, I think that’s much more gross than some peas on a plate of pasta.

  • Love this video!! It would be great if the next one could be like how to get a balanced diet being vegan. I’m already vegetarian, but would like to become vegan. But it would be really helpful to know how to make sure I’m still getting all the nutrients I need!

  • the real video should be “why the fuck would i ever wanna get protein without meat or dairy”……………………………………….. fuck that pal

  • Burgers aren’t supposed to be healthy. I’m not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but people chose that for many reasons. Ethics, Religion, Culture, Environment (animal agriculture is a HUGE factor in climate change)

  • High protein do not mean that these foods are better option than meat…all this stuff is have a lot of more calories than the meat…i mean…you can eat 100 grams of tuna that gives you 20 grams of protein and only have 130 calories….and let me said you that only 2 tbsp of peanut butter gives you 100 calories…so yeahh!! You have 7 grams of protein but you got 100 calories!

  • Laughably small amount of protein, probably okay for women but any man would be hungry especially if they get any physical activity.

  • I made this tonight and the family really liked it! I have a question though In the video you add the tomato paste earlier than the recipe calls for which should we do? Thanks!

  • Interesting video.Thankyou for the tips.I Never tried vegan looks good and healthier.Im trying to eat better.I have to lower my sodium intake.any suggestions. god bless

  • These healthier choices/recipes Tasty has been putting up lately is so freaking awesome! It really gives people like me, who has always wanted to eat healthily but lack the ideas/motivation/resources blah blah you name it, a chance to see the different ideas, get inspired and creative. Gd work there!

  • This is not a sustainable solution and will probably lead to further erosion of the Brazilian rainforests. The demand for Soya to replace beef is probably far less eco friendly!

  • “i can start to see my onions..”
    Yeah, i keep looking at you instead of seeing what i want to see.. Yes, the food cooking.. Thats where the FOCUS should be.. Not on the person cooking. You tell me how you can see the caramelization.. Good for you.. I am at 5min and have not seen it yet.

  • Good ideas (although this is not a video that really made me want to make or eat of these) I just hope that this channel doesn’t change to solely catering to vegan/vegetarian meals

  • I think I’m at the ‘Angry’ stage of my vegan life lol. I see all of these non vegans bashing and disrespecting vegans and how they are “sooo annnoyyying!” And I’m just…ughhhhhhh. Like you realize that not every vegan is shoving veganism down your throats? But what angers me more is the fact that you find a person explaining to you the suffering and horrible deaths these animals that you look at as ‘food’ go through! THAT is whats ‘annnnooyyying!’. I bet you most of you can’t even watch 5 minutes of a video exposing animal agriculture yet you bash vegans for being disrespectful and over the top. How is caring for another living, breathing animal being disrespectful and over the top? Humanity needs fucking help really.

  • The naan bread and dal makhani (black lentils) or yellow dal (golden lentils) combination is both tasty and high in protein. My favorite source of plant-based protein is almond. I carry almonds in a little box all the time.

  • “is this burger healthier for you than a hamburger” Well im a physician, bla bla bla for 3mins, that doesn’t answer the question, how about yes or no… obviously it’s not… if you gotta twist your words like that… 10:01 was REALLY CRINGEY….. Thanos is working on the power to snap his fingers…. “oh man”… this man was thinking you’re a nut, lmao

  • inhales exhales Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why do you need meat again? There’s a reason why fruit and veggies are here. They are here for us to eat and cook with and be creative.

  • I’m loving all the things your showing now a days. It’s all so damn healthy. Takes my goal to stay fit a step further. This recipes inspire me a lot to eat more healthier foods. Thank you so much tasty��

  • I found it hard to caramelise the vegetables as there was too much fluid from the mushrooms. Do you have any advice? Just used regular white store mushrooms x

  • What’s crazy is cows milk has always made me feel nauseous. and I just don’t really like dairy things like yogurt or kiefer. It taste sour funny to me even when it’s fresh. I like the other stuff on this list though for a protein source. I been looking into going vegetarian lately and thats one of my major concerns is not getting enou protein and I can get very weak and listliss without enough of it. So its good to know there alternatives to meat for protein.

  • I m curious about all 8 nutrition proteins. Not for quantity how much proteins are there. I want food with all vitamin b12 lysein, mesonin these stuffs

  • YASSS! tasty uploaded a vegetarian/ vegan video!! Finally a reason to watch tasty again.***

    Also, am I the only one who thinks these meals are really BIG? I dunno, but I could never finish any of these in one sitting XP. None the less, they look absolutely delicious!

  • Yes!! Please do get a vegan tasty channel!!!! As a carnivore, videos like this are unsettling to me. I would NOT eat most of what was in this video! I need high protein LOW carbohydrates for my diet. Plus… I would never be able to eat enough of this food to get the protein I need.

  • enjoy so much your video. if possible, would u also share recipe of all these 10 ingredients in video? I’m not good at cooking but enjoy to learn from you.

  • Thank you for this great information on veg..iam not that much fond of non veg..but i vl go with available veggies mentioned in ur list..ur information gives great sweet of you.. looking just like a kid..

  • I absolutely love your vegan videos ��❤️ favorite meat replacement? I honestly eat beans regularly because they are cheap and easybut I looooove tofu! Edamame too….can’t decide! ��

  • I hate wen some vegetarians don’t eat fish and seafood but are happy with eggs. Like wtf? Fish is more healthy and it tastes delicious, I won’t stop eating it why not incorporate it in such a diet?

  • Aw! I loved your video and I certainly appreciated your last comment about keep on trying to mix & match all these greens �� for a great & healthy outcome �� Can you make a video on what foods can be mixed that have great �� taste? Me & my family eat more with our tongue �� palate than anything else. If it doesn’t taste good then they ain’t having it ����

  • I like all of them. I only eat whole plant based foods which means I eat my fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, grains and spices and herbs.

  • Love this video, I’m not vegan but I like to consume a lot of vegetables & meat alternatives. I just recently started using eggplant and I love it! Black-eyed beans, Lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower & eggplant are becoming my absolute favourites. As for beets I only use them to make my own beet juice. I tried tofu and decided it’s not for me, I think I’ll try it out for deserts like mousse, I’ve heard thats quite good.

  • At the point where you promote supplements for the missing nutrients, is the point where I think the restrictions go way to far. A diet that restrictive that I have to take vitamins and minerals sorry, but that’s just wrong.

  • 2:24 that’s 0.4g of protein per lb, which is for normal people, but if you go to the gym you need at least 0.8g of protein per lb so… there’s your predicament

  • yoghurt is NOT vegan…and anything soy is a GMO product a DEFINITE bad product for you unless its labelled GMO free good luck finding that eh…

  • Burger is a indulgence, a treat anyway, so I am all for it if impossible burger/beyond meat is way better for the environment. It uses 99% less water, 93% less land, think about that!

  • So I am girl trying to go vegan does anybody have any tips? And also is Greek yogurt vegan. Also how do u eat food at a party if you don’t know what is in it?

  • Sad the fruits (berries) are way more expensive than a 20c banana from trader joes.. but thank you for the recipe suggestions, super helpful in figuring out what to make (and they all look amazing)!

  • No pressure but people need 24 amino acids vegetables don’t have them all at list people should drink protein powder from milk such as casein or feaf powder to get them all.
    People might notice some problems years later. Good luck with 100 precent vegan.
    At least eat fish very necessary and have fish oil pills.��������������������

  • I had one
    Not even close to the worst beef burger i ever eat ( Abracadabra in Ireland )
    If you are vegeterian than why you still want to taste the meat???

  • Made this recipe for dinner this evening. It was delicious! Combining the prep and cooking time it takes an hour. Goes together easily and can be served for guests. Thank you!

  • Nice collection of natural proteins. Except, I can’t have soybeans, soymilk, tofu, or anything associated wirh soybeans. Again, all the above listed is great, but don’t forget eggs, cheese, and milk. True vegetarian.
    I like and admire vegetarian meals and recipes.

  • Thank you! This really helps because I’ve been vegetarian for 1 1/2 year or so and I want to try something new and stay vegetarian. My parents are on the normal keto diet so I wanted to try this! This video really helped a lot!

  • I’ve been unintentionally following the vegetarian keto diet for the most part, more because of the cost of eggs! And also because one of my main sources of protein is plant based protein powder. Most of these plant based powders by brands like Garden of Earth take all of the carbs out of the original base ingredient, so that per serving there are only like 2 or 3 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of protein. I use this as a base and then add into a shake pecans, spinach, olive oil, avocado, etc. That is my main breakfast! A great lunch could be a salad with lemon juice and extra olive oil, again some nuts in there, and hard boiled or fried egg…

  • In my personal opinion the best diet is vegeterianism…as we humans need b12 which is present only in animals products. So I only eat eggs in addition to my vegan diet and parmiggiano reggiano cheese. I buy eggs only from farms where chickens are free and live in very good conditions and the cheese is made from grass fed cows who live in good conditions too. I am against supplements as they are not natural. I also do not encourage industrial dairy products.

  • Why do idiots still claim Greek Yogurt is healthy. It’s not. it’s fucked. Insane levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Yogurt (all yogurt) is fucked. it’s worse than the majority of meat. Fuck off with your yogurt. Further why do people go on about ‘full protein foods’? Your body keeps 65,000mgs of free floating amino acids (think about that!) in circulation. It uses them to dump into GI tract to complete protein requirements (if you eat meal with limited amino acid profile). Most people vastly over consume protein. You don’t need anywhere near the levels most people are getting (well the over stuffed fat fucks that make up Western Society anyway).

  • Wtf…i only knew 3 out of 10 foods you mentioned, and i never ever saw or heard of the other 7…( PS yogurt is milk based, so vegans cant eat that )

  • OMG you mean vegan right. Vegetarians still eat eggs SMH. Vegan eats no Animal product. Vegetarian simply don’t eat meat or fish dumbass can you guys please get it straight so that these videos can make sense. Please and thank you -_-

  • Wow this was a great video! I’m not vegetarian and was looking for a guide for a friend, and I really liked how there were cut scenes showing the different types of foods that people should eat, and it was made to look appetizing! Many other videos are of people talking and telling us what to do, but the visual of what to eat really makes this video a notch above. Very professional. 5 stars!

  • ive been a vegetarian over a year now and i mostly eat eggs yam rice potatos plantains spinach and fruits this is another good insight i’ll try it

  • PHD on fats & oils
    Book ” fats that heal and fats that kill” by Udo Erasmus.
    Fry in coconut fat a, or organic animal fat. Do not fry olive oil or avocado oil, because you will molecular Lee damage them and turn them into a toxin rather than a food. Traditional Italian cooking you would add your olive oil at the table.

  • Plant foods can’t replace meat… Plant foods are way superior than meat 😉

    I’ve been following you for a few years Joanna, and your videos keep getting better and better.

    As a side note, I find oyster mushrooms are also great for a meaty texture.

  • This video made me subscribe to your youtube channel. Great video. I never heard about the vegetarian keto diet. Maybe I can try it. Thank you for your recipes.

  • I just bought what I thought was plant based mince and I ate it and thought that’s nice then I realized it was beef lol, they should make the labels clearer

  • I need help, I been a vegetarian for 4 years now and I don’t know what foods break downs into fats. when I eat veggies, It always breaking down into sugars. any tips? am I doing something wrong?

  • BEST!!! Keto channel ever! im not even Keto anymore but watch to sport. everyone else’s videos are so full of restriction, rambling, wrong lengthy insight etc. this? very user friendly

  • Interesting concept coming out now: Vegetarian or Vegan Keto. I really don’t understand how people are supposed to measure their carbohydrates to 35 grams when many foods have both carbohydrate and protein in them, and then measure 70% fat, when most of the fat shown will stay in the pan after cooking, and then tipped down the sink. Whole grain products such as quinoa; yogurt especially Greek yogurt; dried or canned beans; and soy products such as tofu and tempeh have both carbohydrate and protein.
    Personally I think it is sugar and processed foods that cause people to be overweight. I see many people try vegetarianism to lose weight, but they only eat breads, pasta, and processed foods, so it never works.

  • Out of all of this I would make the sweet potato fries. I like sweet potato fries.
    Edit: I would probably make the loaded potato and chickpea taco as well.

  • Hello, I’m from india, our staple food is roti and rice, roti is made of whole wheat. What are the substitute for rice and wheat as they contain carbohydrates.

  • If one is to actually calculate the “facts” we get shown here one could see that none of these products has more than 14% protein. A normal nut has 15%. This is no critik but there are less exceptional produkts with more protein

  • Thank you for this, I’m 14 and I’ve been vegetarian for 5 months and never knew how to eat properly until now by the way do vegetarians eat egg?

  • Thank you. My partner has been getting worried because of all the meat I am eating. This has been a great vlog to show him. Best wishes. Peter

  • This is the answer I’m looking for, simple as it is, I’m never eating wheat, legumes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn or sugar again.

  • Ok for the protein but these are all very high in calories. That pasta bowl is at least 700kcal, same for the oatmeal bowl. Healthy/plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean diet friendly ��

  • Without animal fat, one can’t eat enough avocado, butter and coconut to fulfill the 75% quota of fat. One can’t be eating butter by spoon full nor drink MCT and olive oil all day long.
    What other fats are there for vegetarians?

  • Super useful video! Just wanted to add that most kimchi is not vegetarian because the fermentation process uses a special Korean fish paste. I realized that many vegetarians aren’t aware of that fact.

  • Hi and I just have a question and something to point out. Doesn’t peanut butter have butter which is made out of animal products so it wouldn’t be considered a vegan or vegetarian product? Please tell if it does and if there is a brand that doesn’t have any animal products, please comment it. Also, not all brands of Greek yogurt contain items from animals, for instance, the brand chobani doesn’t contain any animal products so it is considered vegan and vegetarian according to the internhet and on other websites. I am not entirely sure if this information is true, but I trust it and this is very weird to say for some reason. Hope this helped! XD

  • Hi Jo,

    How are you doing. I have so enjoyed your videos seen so far. Informative and easy to follow.

    You are a Godsend in these unprecendented Times of Uncertainty. I am an ex soldier who survived a horrific crash back in 2000. However I sustained a traumatic brain injury and know in my heart that God has kept me for such a time as this, to encourage you Joanna that only the Word of God can and will deliver us from whatever we are facing.

    I now get to inspire via

    To hear what God has to say I encourage you to take a glimpse at

    Proof that God will never leave you nor for sake us, is that fact that we all have Gut feelings about things. How do you explain that. How about it is the Spirit of God giving us foresight into the future to help us because He Loves us.

  • Is indian homemade paneer keto approved? Made by adding lactic acid or citric acid in milk at home…i am following keto since last one month, basically using ghee,clotted cream, mct oil, paneer, eggs, veggies, nuts in moderation, but i think m still not into ketosis, my main concern and doubt is paneer, that i make at home everyday, i have a doubt about its carb content..waiting for you to clear this

  • i hate so much peanut butter that now disgusting. i traded it for a piece of steak porterhouse, not so huge. the all the beans and soy milk and yogurt. 1015 years doing peanut better, the body start asking for medium cooked red meat. i guess humans still the body ask for red meat, somehow?

  • Growing plants as done by conventional systems is the most destructive activity human does against nature. It destroys biodiversity in so many ways that it is the main cause of the actual 6th mass extinction. Diminishing industrial animal exploitation is great, but if it is done by replacing it by more conventional agriculture it is a dead end. This solution has to come with ecological agriculture, like permaculture, agro forestry or it will change nothing about the actual speed of biodiversity’s destruction.

  • Thank you for this!!! I know keto works for me, as it did years ago, but since then I stopped eating meat. And subsequently have NOT lost weight being plant-based (go figure). This is just what I was looking for.

  • Sorry! But I couldn’t do this diet it’s too restrictive. I’m vegetarian but I eat lentils, beans, rice or pasta every other day. Can’t imagine mains without one of those. ������

  • This is largely a misnomer that you can do keto on vegetarian diet. Vegetarians have much higher diabetes & Insulin Resistance. No harm eating fish & even some very lean meat for optimal keto. I eat tofu once a week & veggie burgers but I started eating fish: cod, salmon. It really makes life super easy. More importantly your Insulin Resistance will drop much better. As a 45 year multi generational vegetarian, I concluded vegetarianism is pretty dangerous. You will never reduce blood glucose. If you don’t believe me buy a glucometer & try. Plant based diets & carbs are dangerous hype

  • but most of theses foods only contain a few of all the essential amino acids require for the body to create the none essential acids, This is the problem with most vegans they fail to understand that not all proteins are created equal They do not understand how the body works and the way it processes proteins

  • Thanks for the ideas. I love meat but it’s nice to have options for “meatless Monday” type meals when you just want to lighten it up a bit:)

  • pasture raised, free range and grass fed meats ARE healthy. Fats are healthy too particularly animal fats. Vegetarians unfortunately has become slavery/religion… Been on Keto for 19mths and lost 50lbs and reversed type 2……. cholesterols down to normal but most importantly C-reactive protein (real indicator of heart disease) down from 10 to 4:D

  • Look at all those non vegans trying to trigger vegans.

    It’s pathetic how childish they are. And they says vegans are bad….

    BTW, Google Patrick Baboumian if you are going to make stupid protein comments.

  • My replacement for meat from cruelly treated animals is to switch to grass-fed and pastured meat from animals that live a great life and have one bad day.:-)

  • Ma’m i lost 15kg eating Paneer eggs and lots of Vegetables and some fruits and Nuts in 3 months. But i also looked for caloric deficit.

  • I hope he knows it take more energy to produce impossible burger than producing cow. And the cow is not invasive cows and plants work in harmony. With out cow you wont get the rich fertilize that is need to grow you plants. And all meat lovers love to eat meat from dead animals because eatting live animals would be cruel.

  • Even Tasty is wise enough to not put vegan on the title, but like every video, there is always drama.
    It’s hilarious, how heated up the comments are in a FOOD CHANNEL. Find another cooking channel? The comments are filled with parents making the recipes for their families while in Tasty we have people arguing over food.

  • Have just made this and it was fab, the children even had seconds, we followed your quantities (enough for an army��) which is perfect as I will divide it up and freeze for busy days (win, win) thank you