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Of all of the colors of the rainbow, green is the one we love to see on our plates the most. Fresh veggies, leafy greens, avocado and matcha are just a few of our favorite green ingredients, and they each provide myriad nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Here are eight green recipes. Find healthy, delicious clean eating recipes including breakfast, dinner, snack and kids’ recipes. Healthier Recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Our clean-eating recipes are made with real, whole foods and limit processed foods and refined grains. Plus, they are. For those of you interested in eating more plant-based, we highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App — with over 15,000 delicious recipes it is the largest plant-based recipe. This is an easy recipe for a “tofu beginner,” as it teaches people how to use it.

If you have time, one way to prepare it is to cut the tofu block in half and wrap well in a terry kitchen towel. Let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour to absorb excess water. Below is a list of 28 of the best green vegetables (in no particular order) that you should be eating more of (my favorite being #24).

1. Kale. Kale has often been considered by many people to be the most healthy food on the planet, and rightly so. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of eating kale on its own – I simply don’t like the. When it came to losing weight and regaining her health through diet, for Angela Savini Hill the third – and final – plant-based time was definitely the charm.Hill, a 66-year-old Nike apparel technical fit manager from Greensboro, North Carolina, just refused to give up.

Easy hummus and veggie wrap. 4. Quick stir-fry.Microwave a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, toss in teriyaki sauce or a combo of equal parts of soy sauce and brown sugar, and serve over a grain of choice. Eating an exclusively plant-based diet can be incredibly satisfying and tasty—especially with these healthy, hearty, easy-to-make vegan dinner recipes. Get the recipe: Pasta With Green Olive Pesto.

10 of 23. View All. 11 of. Served as an easy vegetarian side dish or entree, this eggplant will delight even the most picky eater.

The eggplant becomes tender in the oven and absorbs the flavors of tomato, onion, and bell pepper for a wonderful Middle Eastern dish. To get technical, a vegan doesn’t consume any animal products including meat, eggs, milk, dairy, and honey. For some vegans, the primary reason for leading a vegan lifestyle is related to ethics and animal welfare.

Yet, a vegan diet is not always as nutritionally virtuous and as clean as a plant-based lifestyle—hello, faux meat and french fries. The vegan focus is usually set on avoiding.

List of related literature:

Add 1 TB. green superfood-Crystal Star ENERGY GREEN”MDRINK; Transitions EASY GREENS.

“Detoxification: All You Need to Know to Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit” by Linda Page
from Detoxification: All You Need to Know to Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 1998

Selected plants were water spinach (kangkong), Chinese flowering cabbage (Choy Sum), spinach, onion, and sweet potato leaves.

“Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Research Day 2019” by Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah
from Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Research Day 2019
by Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah
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America has taught me to use both.”13 Like Jaffrey’s recipe for Corn with Ginger, Cauliflower Stir-Fried with Ginger and Cilantro, Peas with Ginger and Sesame Oil, and Whole Wheat Couscous with Cumin and Cauliflower}4 Curried Red Cabbage with Cranberry Juice lacks the national designations of other dishes.

“Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader” by Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan, Anita Mannur
from Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader
by Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan, Anita Mannur
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Rich food sources include green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, broccoli), beans, fruit (bananas, melons, lemons), yeast, mushrooms, and animal protein (liver, kidney).

“Goldman's Cecil Medicine,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print, Single Volume,24: Goldman's Cecil Medicine” by Russell La Fayette Cecil, Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer
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Sturdy leafy greens are delicious in stir-fry recipes, too.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
Wiley, 2011

about 8 medium-sized potatoes 1 butter lettuce a few fresh spinach leaves 6 hard-boiled eggs 1 green pepper, thinly sliced 1 cup caraway flowers, broken up and stalks removed juice of 1 lemon sea salt and black pepper to taste Boil the potatoes, peel off the skins and dice.

“Edible & Medicinal Flowers” by Margaret Joan Roberts
from Edible & Medicinal Flowers
by Margaret Joan Roberts
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*Green leafy vegetables (spinach, chard, endive, lettuce, watercress) and root vegetables (carrots, radishes, beetroots, turnips)

“Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease” by Mark L. Dreher
from Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease
by Mark L. Dreher
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Variations ◗ White Bean Soup with Lots of Vegetables: In Step 2, during the last 5 minutes of cooking, add 1 to 2 cups of chopped greens such as spinach, kale, escarole, or collards and cook until the greens have wilted, 3 to 10 minutes.

“How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos” by Mark Bittman
from How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos
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HMH Books, 2012

Fresh-cut vegetables for cooking include peeled cut sweet potatoes, cut pak choi, cut pumpkin, baby corn, broccoli and cauliflower florets, cut chayote, cut celery stalks, shredded cabbage, cut asparagus, and stir-fry mixes.

“Minimally Processed Refrigerated Fruits and Vegetables” by Fatih Yildiz, Robert C. Wiley
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Plant Foods Hum Nutr 66(4):401–407 Hayward A, Stirnberg P, Beveridge C, Leyser O (2009) Interactions between auxin and strigolactone in shoot branching control.

“Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 12 Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs” by T. K. Lim
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hey guys! Are ripe avocados easily available in your countries?

    Wanna have clearer skin? Watch this

  • So happy that I found you Kiki. You are so much fun to watch and your recipes look so delicious. And girl you are stunning wear those off the shoulder shirts! I too am an off the shoulder gal…feel free to share where I can find some of those lovely tops!

  • Adoro i tuoi video, ma la pasta non così ��! Si fa prima bollire l’acqua, poi si mette il sale e per ultimo si butta la pasta e si cuoce per alcuni minuti, fino a quando piace il livello di cottura. Prova e vedrai che ti piacerà tantissimo.

  • I’m just curious though. If water can thin your blood(direct effect) or basically anything you drink travels in your blood(medicine, caffeine, fatty acids, etc) How can it not be if your drink alkaline water that your blood becomes more alkaline? What keeps it from being to high or low other than kidneys?

    Say I drink a tested 8.5ph bottle, get blood drawn. Would the alkaline not change until you peed it out?

    Honestly curious!

  • She didn’t mention ERW ( = Electrolyzed Reduced Water), which is Alkalyzed Water (it’s the best).
    The chemically made Alkaline Water is not comparable with the ERW
    Watch the next YouTube video for the technical explanation:
    You can also watch the demo video on my link:

  • I love avocados I eat them all the time they are great I also love them in my smoothies. Thank you for even more information to love

  • I do every day,right now my avocado tree is so full of them that I have to put baskets of them in front of my house for people to take them home

  • I’m glad I found this. I’m tired of these Instagram or‘s with a lot of followers making a lot of money off selling these alkaline filters (Kagnet). I knew the Sci Show would have a topic about alkaline water and debunk this. So sad that people buy into it and hound instagramers are making 3,000-5,000 + on these and they get to travel. Kind of jealous lol but I rather have my Integrity

  • Take one avocado, mash or chop it in a bowl, add 1 TBSP of olive oil, top with 2 TSP of tumeric and 1 tsp of black pepper. stir the mixture. You really have a powerhouse. It is no joke. I took a one year nutrition course.

  • I eat avocado everyday..for now it’s a season for avocado…phillipians.
    Now I know the benefits of eating avocado…thank you for the information.

  • Love these ideas and think I will make that pasta this week! Even though the veggies will be from frozen I’m sure it will be delicious! Did you sew your own linen apron? Would love to see a video on that if you did — or even suggestions of where to look to find one similar. That’s a style I’ve been searching for… Stay healthy and thanks for always spreading calming, positive content❤️

  • thank you so much for introducing chili and ginger as an alternative to onions and garlic. as im moroccan, we love onion and garlic, use it in nearly all recipes, and while I really love it, it’s actually great to have a gorgeous and healthy alternative like fresh chili and ginger, going to try and implement it in my cooking once or twice a week. Thank you!! All great recipes btw, I cant wait to try the mushroompasta dish!

  • The seed if you have got teeth like the jars guy out of James Bond have more nutrients then the rest of the avocado they are bitter I eat em

  • Since becoming pregnant I haven’t been able to eat any meat at all it makes me sooo sick. So I am going to have to try out some of these recipes thank you

  • Just love avocados. I eat them three or more times a week. Really enjoyed this article as it made me aware of several benefits I wasn’t aware of.

  • Yes i do like avocado. One of my favorite fruit.I don’t eat avocado everyday because it’s a seasonal fruit in my country but as soon as I saw avocados in the fruit stand I don’t miss eating’s my comfort food.

  • Thank you for your lovely recipes and video. I hope you are doing well with everything that is going on in the world. I have started to make my own sour dough during this pandemic, since there is no yeast on the grocery store shelves. So far, it has been very rewarding. =)

  • Great video! What really concerns me though, it’s the iron intake on a vegan diet. It is the main reason I keep eating predominantly plant-based, consuming once a month or so a meat portion. I think it is way better than starting those pills.

  • You make those wraps look so good. Why would a person want anything else. Yes, you are driving the possibilities home! YUM! Love the hair style:)

  • What’s funny is, i’m more intersted in the purety of the water over whatever benefits there could be of drinking “alkaline water”.

  • I just like it. It tastes good. And, it helps when I have mild heartburn as opposed to eating a bunch of calcium (tums) or bismuth (pepto) ��‍♀️

  • Cool Video! Although I’m not vegan I really like vegan cooking. Because if you don’t use meat or cheese to make something tasty you have to find other ingredients to make the meal taste good. Really like these tempeh rolls and the buddha bowl. Definitly got some new inspiration for cooking new meals because of this video. Thank you! P.S.: your dance moves rock…I also do this sometimes when I’m really exited for the meal that I’m cooking. Greetings from Germany! 😉

  • Thank you so much for posting the My Fitness Pal breakdown! Question, though: do you usually average around that many calories per day/did you find it hard to eat that much? I feel like I’m eating all the time but rarely, if ever, break 2,000 as a vegan.

  • I had a green smoothie this morning and this is making me want another one! Great ways to get in protein and your marinated tempeh looks so yummy!!

  • Science requires faith:
    Newton vs Einstein
    time going forward vs time is relative
    Big Rip vs Big Crunch
    Vegan is healthy vs non-vegan is healthy
    fats are healthy vs fats unhealthy
    coconut oil healthy Superfood vs coconut unhealthy fats
    ketogenic diet vs less fat diet
    fasting is unhealthy vs fasting is healthy
    eat 8 meals a day vs eat 1 meal a day
    milk is healthy vs milk is unhealthy
    calcium from milk vs can’t absorb calcium from milk
    egg is healthy vs egg is unhealthy
    vitamins are healthy vs vitamins no benefit

    TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine (alternative medicine) is not scientific vs TCM is scientifically proven (food supplement boom)

    asexual reproduction detrimental to a species vs asexual species thriving after many generations.
    evolution as random mutation vs mimicry evolution.
    matter is real using 5 senses vs 5 senses not real, matter not real.
    steady state universe vs Big Bang as beginning
    Water is dead vs Water is alive.
    virus is dead vs virus is alive
    atom as solid vs atom as energy, vibration, frequency
    carbon dating as accurate vs not accurate
    dinosaur had reptilian skin vs dinosaur had Avian feathers
    Neanderthal as separate species vs Neanderthal and humans interspecies, interbreeding.

  • In my culture, breakfast is always beans. We add cumin and that helps with bloating. Sometimes we have cumin tea if any digestion problems… Works wonders!

  • Wow! This is the first time hearing about The Start Solution. I love how you present the information. I have been plant based for a year but not losing any weight. I am going to do some research as this might be the answer that I was praying for. Thank you��

  • I’m so excited to come across your channel! I have seen only 2 of your videos and I am SUPER PUMPED about your explanation! I am making a grocery list and I’m starting TODAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • I would like to see a video on what you used to eat and how you gained weight. If you were always heavy or what. It’s nice to get a feel for someone’s whole journey.

  • Just came across your channel and really enjoy. I already eat 90% vegetables but tend to have the bread and flour along with those. My question, if do always have to do the 50/50 when you are still hungry or can you simply eat more vegetables, like a plate of green beans? Also, I noticed your cooktop, is it glass cooktop or induction? I’m having a hard time finding a non stick frying pan for my glass cooktop, soft metals like aluminum can not be used. You look great and I am looking forward to going back and watching all your videos. Thank you!

  • What was the twisting thing you used in your blender when you were making the ice cream? I am taking about investing in a blender and is between vitamix and blendtec

  • Hi! Thank you for such great information! I saw somewhere that you are doing a book. Will it be out soon? You should sell a digital book!!

  • I loved this video Nisha! Some days I feel like I struggle to get enough protein but you made it look so easy! So many delicious options that aren’t just protein shakes �� and your little dance is so cute haha

  • Hi, so I just came up to your video, I really love your content, this is the first video I have seen, I am already going to follow you on IG. Where do you recommend I start or a video you recommend I watch to start my journey. I like your approach, I used to be plant base about 9 years ago, stayed with it for 2 years and then life happens, I feel I still have some of the knowledge but the tips and tricks are not there and I would love to get an insight on how to get started again. Thanks for your input.

  • From what I see, you might not be getting enough vitamin k. I use an app called cronometer and it has literally saved my life. It’s free and you can make sure you’re hitting all of your vitamin targets.

  • I am sure you have answered this before ( I am new to your channel), so I will try and take a look to find answer, but do you have a calorie count or macro/micro count you aim for every day?

  • I love the fact that your food is so much similar to indian cuisine and m sure you are a Krishna follower hence no onion and garlic, is it?

  • I made the lentil chilli tonight, it was lovely. Even my 3 year old and 7 month old liked it (I only added a little chilli powder for them and more for me) I was amazed my 3 year old ate it (except the kidney beans) it was a huge success thank you xx

  • I have never commented on a video before but I loved this video! I want to have a plant-based diet(lifestyle) so I loved these recipes! Please share more! Whoever reads this have a great day!

  • I like trying all the different brands of water, they have different water tastes and keep me away from drinking sodas and stuff. It is a huge drain on money and I never believed that alkaline water did anything normal water couldnt do.

  • I come here often to binge your videos. I’ve never had any ‘problems’ hearing you. Your magnetic personality keeps me coming back again and again. I can’t tell you the level of excitement I have when I get the notification that you’ve uploaded a video. When I miss you, I come back to your channel and re-watch ☺ You keep me SANE! Thank you for sharing so much of your life! It’s VERY much appreciated ��

  • Thanks for the recipes. I’ve had great success with all ‘pick up limes’ youtube recipes. Any I’ve tried have become favourites so highly recommend their vegan recipes. I’m not vegan and I adapt them according to the ingrediants I have on hand and they work so well.

  • @ Plantiful Kikifor your vegetable soup, would adding low sodium vegetable broth be OK instead of water? Or is there a concern for extra calories in doing that? Thanks for the awesome recipes!

  • Do you take iron and B12 supliments/keep an eye on your levels? I have iron issues and even eating sources of iron does not maintain healthy levels.

  • Im not on a plant based diet, but I keep kosher so vegan/vegetarian dishes just make it easier for me to not worry about ingredients!

  • Fixed my heart burn. Got off pills and chewables. Why wouldn’t you drink it? The 9.5ph was my daily medicine plus tastes better imo.

  • Hopes this recipe helps someone, and regardless I hope we all keep safe and healthy. My “risotto” recipe, and it makes my rice and frozen veg stores go for a bit longer (no white wine so I don’t think it can be called real risotto)

    1 cup of rice (rinsed very little bit, then put in the freezer so the break down a bit easier)
    2 cups of veggies (this last time I just used a bunch of frozen veg, and a quarter of a sweet potato)
    13 cups of liquid (I use just water but if you have broth go for it)
    4-5 tablespoons of spices or herbs (I usually go for a mix of curry powder, turmeric, red pepper, cinnamon, salt, and pepper)
    1 tablespoon of oil/butter/or fat of any kind

    I added the rice, oil, and veg into a pan with medium high heat (my burners go up to 10 and I had mine in between 7 and 8) and cook for 10 minutes.

    Then in add 2 cups of liquid to the pan, stirring constantly until absorbed or the spoon of spatula can drag a visible line in the pan. Then add the rest of the liquid into the pan in 1 to 1.5 cups increments stirring constantly until it’s all gone over the next 30-40 minutes. It should like like there is some kind of creamy sauce with the rice and veg. Let cool slightly, serve and eat. I added eggs with a runny yolk for the kids and my husband.

  • Love your videos. Made the pasta today, first time making it with no onions or garlic and family loved it. Going to make the lentils tomorrow.

  • But try to buy from sustainable sources, not from the limitless greedy producers in Chile, who basically with their huge mono cultures use the water reserves. Just a little thought.

  • Do you really just eat kale with a squeeze of orange juice? No salt? Nothing else? I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around greens like this, or just with a maple mustard sauce.

  • I deadass didn’t Believe in alkaline water. Until I went hooping and drinked this water. I felt great and didn’t even catch cramp. I seriously recommend it.

  • Hi Niamh, I hope you are both well and safe. All 3 meals looked so delicious. And I cooked the first curry tonight for my girls…they both absolutely loved it, as did my husband and I. (minus the chilli for us) So thank you for sharing. And even more perfect because Sarah can’t have any onion or garlic either, so those two ingredients are off my menu list permanently. Take care, warm wishes. X

  • But i bet if someone has an alkaline deficiency a scientist has a pill for that ������ please stop pharmaceutical companies just stop.

  • Lovely ideas! My go-to comfort meal is steamed potatoes or sweet potatoes together with carrots and whatever else I happen to have on hand, usually something green, with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. It’s not the most well-rounded meal, but it really works for me, especially when I’m very busy.:)

  • It’s true I go 3times per day because I eat lots of vegetables fruits avocado �� 1 a day no pasta no rice often I drink 1lemon water everyday warm water half of lemon �� in the morning and half during the day I am 70 year’s old

  • I notice you are avoiding using oil in your cooking. Why is that? There are quite a few good cooking oils ex coconut, grape seed, and sunflower oil. Why dont you incorporate these into your cooking versus using waster. Please respond. Thank you

  • I’m a nurse and actually have been eating onion and garlic like crazy the past few weeks because….. now I get to wear a mask all day. There are benefits to wearing a mask I’d never considered before.

  • she clearly has a bias because the companies selling bottles of it are in a grey area and overcharging.. wonder how she would feel about it if it was just the same price or came from ur tap, maybe stumble across some other minor yet relieving qualities about it?

  • Looks so good!
    I really enjoy your videos.
    Your voice is so calming and really slows me down. Thank you so much ��
    I’ll definitely try the sunday rost! recipe

  • So is alkaline water bad for you? How can letting your kidneys do less work bad? I would like to see a bigger study with better methodically.

  • I live this and with as alkaline body live free of arthritis, all inflammation of any sort, and have none of the aches and pains of aging at 70. Most diseases called auto immune are nothing more than the body dissolving itself from the inside out from excess acidity. Besides here is the competence level of the people you are asked to trust. Why should people listen to any one with a medical degree. Examples of drug based medical incompetence includes SARS, West Nile. Hanta Virus, Ebola, Cancer, Flu, The Common Cold, Aids, Hepatitis, Huntington’s, Arthritis, Muscular Dis-trophy and more.

    There is more to curing cancer than alkalinity. Immune system builders must also be used, but that said alkalinity strengthens the immune system, while acidity weakens it.
    I also have told the medical profession for decades how to stop arthritis, but they refuse even to write it down so they can look and lie stating there is no proof. There is lots of proof. The fact they refuse ti does not make it none existent.
    Look at it this way if people with medical degrees were worth anything we would not be dying from corona.

  • Many people in the comments say it has helped for IBS and acid reflux. There is a lot of science that shows a correlation between an acidic body and various diseases; The real question here is this: Does drinking alkaline water reduce acidity in the body? If it does, it very well may have some health benefits and be considered a miracle drink.

  • Your channel is amazing! I’ve been so inspired by the things you share, that I started eating/following the starch solution. I’ve already lost 10lbs! ���� I was terrified at first. The thought of eating potatoes and rice was almost too much, but you are very knowledgeable and encouraging, so I decided to just dive right in. Thanks for all you do! Big hugs!! ��

  • Namaste, Nimah:). I am trying to find lentils that are not over $20. There are none on the shelves at local stores. Online they are going for hundreds of dollars. I rely on them for my primary protein source. Does anybody known if a good, affordable source online? The recipes look delicious! Especially creamy mushroom pasta. Mmmmmm

  • One of our favorite meals is pho soup. Make a veggie broth as normal but use the aromatics of ginger, Chinese five spice OR cloves, anise, a cinnamon stick or a dash of ground cinnamon, and peppercorns. Season with salt and soy sauce or alternative. Then boil up some pho noodles (cool in ice water) and fill a large bowl with the broth and noodles (store excess noodles in a container in water). You can add whatever veggie you like sprouts, green onion, greens, shredded carrot, steamed broccoli, sliced sugar snap peas, peas… you can toast or fry some seasoned tofu to place in your bowl. We aren’t vegetarians, but we do enjoy vegetarian meals, so this is a vegetarian variation that we absolutely love.

  • I eat 1 or half avocado daily for past 7.5 weeks as part of my new diet. I have literally lost 18 to 20 pounds. I have noticed the better skin on both me and my mom who has been drinking my avocado juice for.lunch. They are expensive and sometime as high as $2 each.

  • Hello Nisha! I am vegeterian and not using any protein powder.. what do you think about it? Should i start using it? Why do you use it? Have a really nice day��

  • First of all, these look amazing and I’m going to have to try them because I need more big meals. Despite being home all the time I find that when I want to eat, I want it now. This self distancing time has been filled with a lot of peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches and missed meals for me.

    My top 3 vegan go to meals are

    1. Cheap Lazy Vegan’s Toowoomba. It’s somewhat higher in fat as coconut milk is a main ingredient, but it can be made healthier by adding lots of veggies. I usually ad something like bok choy, broccoli, zucchini or kale…whatever I have really. So good.

    2. Madeleine Olivia’s Red Lentil Dahl another easy recipe to add veggies to also very easy to make both low fat and low sodium, if that’s a goal.

    and finally

    3. Derek Simnett’s sauce recipes…okay so this isn’t a meal but like Derek I prefer my food with some type of dressing or sauce. Derek has so many good sauce recipes, they’re super simple and very versatile. or or even

  • Would you tell me the pattern name and company of your plates? I have similar one that has been discontinued. I am trying to find mugs. Thank you

  • You are great and it’s lovley to watch you. Excellent advise, thank you. I watch AJ too she is great too and similar to your cooking. Thanks for v haring, Greatings format south africa

  • Hi, I could be wrong here but I always feel most of your cooking is inspired from Indian style of cooking… which I absolutely love ❤️ Lovely recipes… would definitely try out the Tofu one�� As here in India we cook our lentils differently mostly a staple with rice or roti and a dry vegetable ��

  • My lifes dilema….I do not like veggies…I am making a huge effort in acquiring a taste for some basic veggies…thank you for your calm visit…its very soothing during such dark times ��

  • Ok I want to do this, I understand the 50/50 plate but is there an actual amount of the starch to eat at the meal? Like so many grams or something?

  • I did order his book today. But,what do you think about me not having starch? Should I wait till my triglycerides are normal again? I’m also taking Red rice yeast supplement.with CoQ10 and Alpha laphoic acid. Supposed to lower it fast.

  • Wow I do admire that you don’t use garlic and onion, you could be great Buddism vegan (they forbidden garlic and onion and another 3 plats) which I found very hard for me. and it’s funny how many people react to your garlic and onion. Thank you for the video!

  • It’s unbelievable the amount of protein that are in plants.. I can’t believe why people are still eating animals.. Love your videos!

  • Basically eat more non starchy veggies and big salads then some whole complex carbs in the form of potatoes. Then if your hungry at more veggies/ legumes. Stock up the fridge/ freezer with veggies and salad stuffs. Thank you Kiki ����. I was definitely starting to just reach for the carbs only and forgetting about the veggies. I find it hard to eat microwaved/ steamed veggies for breakfast. BUT veggie soup is easy.

  • I want to change to a whole food plant based lifestyle but I don’t know how to start day one. Do you have a video for that for pre plant based lifestyle. I would like to see what’s best for me. The half plate sounds good but I don’t know what I should jump start with. If I can still have rice that would make me happy! I will eliminate the meat! I’m 50 and going through menopause….Currently no hot flashes but it comes and goes. 3 months on and 3 months off. When I’m off is when my cycle comes back and when I’m having hot flashes it stops. I’ve gained 25lbs as well and would like to get down to 140-145 and healthy. Currently I’m 186…Any suggestions for a newbie would be great! I don’t feel healthy but I’m in the health and wellness industry! Your story is inspiring. I’m ready to make the change. Thanks bunches!

  • I do not know what alkaline water you are talking but i have been having Ionized Alkaline water from a Japanese machine for the past 1.5 years and believe me, presently i am living a drug free life and major improvement in my diabetes. I would like to state here that normal alkaline water may be harmful or do not have any results but Ionised alkaline water from a Ionizer machine is completely different. Even we have tested that it does not neutralize stomach acid which other normal alkaline water does.
    Hence i do not know what is the agenda of you to publish such negative videos.

  • That green smoothie has my name all over it and a quick way to get the day started…and your Buddha bowl will be on my grocery list next week.

  • the first food is from India ri8? ^_^..i am from new Delhi,India,itself and a huge fan of urs too and that food called here is rajma chawal…my favourite:)..will be waiting for ur reply.

  • I love your videos!
    Tiny tip: Search for a real Italian strained tomato (Passata di pomodoro), it will make a perfect soup and a much healthier, since is pure tomato.

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  • So how long did it take you to lose what you wanted weight wise? Thanks so much! I have 10-12lbs to go and I have been struggling like arm wrestling with only eating from 4pm until 8pm. Ugh. And have been plateauing for like 3-weeks like a yo yo I lose 2-lbs then gain it back. So frustrating. I have to change it up. It’s just not working anymore for me. I don’t drink alcohol at all. And I don’t cheat.

  • The body is 70% water. And if you eat trash your body will be trash. This tries to use science logic to disprove something science has already proven. Trash food and drink will give you a trash body. Good food and drink will give you a good body.

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    I am getting the book & my husband & I are giving this way of eating a go ��

  • I eat a huge salad/soup which I consider part of my 50/50 plate, after my salad/soup then I will have a high starch food but only half a plate full. I cannot imagine for myself eating a whole big salad/soup and then on top of that a 50/50 plate of food afterwards, too much food for me no room, unless I used small portions of that ratio?:) Been eating this way for 3 wks now and have lost 6 pounds. I’m menopausal and the weight is coming off. I’m vegetarian still eat some dairy, but cut out all oils and don’t buy any processed food including vegan snacks or meals. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, it has been helpful. I know eating a plant based diet & exercise has a major impact on health. In 2013 I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, always ate healthy but upped it up even more so, exercised more and within a year my thyroid evened out and went off my thyroid medication as well as the heart medicine they had me on(palpitations)caused by my thyroid condition. Many things can be reversed or at least meds lowered.

  • Ooh, so many delicious ideas, I want to try all of them!:) Could you do the same type of video but with meals high in healthy fats and lower on protein? I’m in this program where I phase my diet (1 day high in protein, 3 days of carb cycling, and 2 healthy fat burning days), so I’m wondering how I could do a carb cycle and healthy fat day on a vegan diet.

  • At 4:15, is that a typo? “Didn’t significantly INCREASE the risk of developing bladder cancer”
    Either this is a misquote or the study was studying something slightly different.

  • I think you have this all mixed up. electrically reduced water has molecular hydrogen antioxidant which is which has healing properties. it’s not about the ph of the water.. please watch this webinar i did here. also alkaline water from adding metallic minerals is different to electrically reduced water. Why does so few professionals understand this? Agree alkaline water does not change the body’s pH as pH is regulated by your kidneys and your lungs.

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  • I recently found your channel and I love it so much!! I’ve been watching lots your videos over the last week. I went WFPB in 2015 and lost 30 lbs pretty easily. I had lots of health improvements (Which was why I started it in the first place) and lots of non scale victories. In 2017 I started suffering from depression and anxiety triggered by things I had long needed to address. It unfortunately took a lot of my attention and I got very off track with my health. We have been junk food vegans for the last couple of years but I’ve been getting back on track again and I’m feeling wonderful. I love the positive message you are sending about eating this way for health and not for the skinny factor. I’ve been overweight most of my life and just finally have gotten to the place where I love myself and value myself regardless of my size. The weight isn’t coming off as fast this time, but I know I will get there and it’s encouraging to see my husband and kids making healthier choices just from watching me. I really appreciate having such an authentic and positive person to seek out and watch when I need some motivation and fortification in this way of living! Thanks for being such a positive force in the world!

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  • I love mushrooms soooo much. Your recipes are top! Thank you so much for sharing. Btw: I started using an App called Plant Jammer…. I use it when I don’t know what to do with what’s in my pantry… It sort of creates recipes out of what you have…. And 9 times out of ten, it tastes great (with a little twist here and there). Plus, it’s free during these testing times…. They are a small Danish start-up and so far, most of the recipes I saw are vegan or vegetarian at least:)

  • You can read the comments on a YouTube video, or you could try it yourself and feel the benefits. Go to for the chance to win a free alkaline water filter for your fridge!

  • I love seeing other YouTubers showing high protein recipes. We have to put to rest all the rumors that vegans can’t get enough protein

  • There is utility for alkaline drinking water, for instance neutralizing phosphoric acid in soda so your bones dont hurt right after drinking mountain dew or whatever.

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  • Whenever l purchase avocados, l look for dark green ones, keep them in the fridge’ all but one or two, putting them on the counter. I learned to do this after finding they went bad.

  • Question.; do you use only one sheet of bread or can i use more? My goal is 150 gr of protein. Im following this video really close. I don’t wanna exceed my macros. Also do i eat all 25 balls during the day?

  • imo, sorry to blow the whistle, this video is an example of someone speaking with confidence and professionalism that can say anything, whether true or not, and people think they know what they’re talking about. Alkalinity is basically minerals. We need minerals to be healthy.
    And her challenging the argument that alkaline water would affect the alkaline level of the blood is so bogus. She said herself that the blood regulates itself to keep it at a certain level. That part is true. But why would you make the deduction that therefore alkaline water isn’t improving your health? Blood alkalinity and system alkalinity is not related.

  • Wow they all look delicious. I will try Mushroom Pasta and Sunday Roast. My favorite one pot meal on Sunday is a Vegan Red Curry with Tofu. I think you should do more recipe videos. I am always looking for inspiration

  • I have gout and when i eat high acidity foods my gout will act up. Ever since I drink kangen water I have not had any episodes. So I don’t know if your claim is true either scientifically

  • Know All About Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Health And Alkaline Water Purifier Available In India.

    Click below to read more-

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  • so i need to eat atleast 4 grams of paracetamol to destroy my kidneys and then alkaline water works.
    cool thanks for the explination

  • Thanks for being honest.. gas part too:) Try soaking your lentils or beans ahead of time -cuts time on cooking and when you throw away the soaked water, they are less gassy and ofcourse should be eaten freshly made, anything kept in fridge just adds the gas. Thank you for the inspiring videos.

  • Video suggestions: Organization and home decorating, how you started getting better quality sleep, recipes that use lots of beans/legumes/lentils/tempeh and greens, green smoothies, what you in a day to meet Dr. Greger’s daily dozen app:)

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  • I saw an ad on YT that touted an alkaline diet to combat toenail fungus. I am currently looking to see if there is any data to support or refute that claim. So far, I have found that an alkaline diet is pretty much the exact opposite of the keto diet, which I was on for 5 months, and lost 20 lbs with.

    Are there any studies that specifically address alkaline diets as a suitable treatment for toenail fungus?

  • Hey Niamh, we r also cooking by our own these days…. Actually me and my sisters don’t cook that much, our mum do always….But In these quarantine days we are trying many dishes… Yesterday I’ve made pasta with lots of stirfried veggies and today I’ve made chocolate cake for the 1st time in my life��������,.. I wish to try your recipes too..Those are looking so delicious……..By the may I know why don’t u like onion & garlic???? Because we Indians don’t even think any dish without onion & garlic…I would love to know…. byeee ��������

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  • Such abysmal ignorance. We know we cant change blood pH. We know your body does everything it can to maintain that pH. So what do you think happens when you drink an extemely low pH beverage like Sprite? The 4.0pH drink hits your stomach, its digested but your body cannot allow it in your blood because its 1000 times more acidic than your blood, So it must buffer the Sprite with alkaline minerals derived from bones, tissue etc to get it up to 7.4ph. Your body can do this for years, maybe,… then starts to break down. The real pH you test is your saliva, not your blood, not your urine like Miss Brainy says. more vegetables equals more minerals which equals higher saliva and intercellular pH.

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  • Guys also check of Socca. Very easy to make, delicious and a perfect accompaniment to salads or soups. You can add fresh herbs as the batter rests, sea salt, etc and I drizzle on olive oil and balsamic. It takes moments to cook once the batter rests and is so delicious! I don’t even do the broiler bit, just make it like a giant pancake, flip then serve or section. You won’t regret it.

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    Happy Easter and greetings from Canada
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  • My parents bought an $3 000 alkaline water machine and they made me drink of it for literally nothing but more expensive pee?�� fml

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  • I’m just getting back to this way of eating. I remember having headaches, being really hungry and kind of tired for the first 4-5 days. Then everything settled and my energy became more consistent, I was sleeping well and woke up easily. It was great! I fell off the wagon when I went on a rather long vacation and kept eating processed foods after the vacation �� no my hormones are all over the place so I know now I can’t deviate from this way of living. Thanks for helping to bring me back to this Kiki! ❤️ love your recipes and the motivation ��

  • My cholesterol and triglycerides were really high. 6 mis ago. My Doctor told me to bot have any sugar or Starchy foods because my Triglycerides are high. I had been having alcohol during that time more often than usual. I usually dont drink. But….my cholesterol was a littlehigh once when I was eating eggs every morning for a diet. I stopped doing that.! I have watched Dr Mc Doogle on youtube. And I started following what he said but I didn’t buy the book. I dont eat meats just chicken. Yes that is meat, but I keep it to 1 or 2 servings a day 3 oz. I think I’ve been eating chicken more often too, and was cutting back on starchy carbs. I dont use oil when cooking. I do use Mayonnaise but not alot. I allow 1 tsp a day. I eat vegan cheese. I dont eat dairy bcuz I have allergies. I’ve been eating more avocados bcuz i heard it lowers cholesterol. And nuts. Eating 1 handful a day. When I went back to the doctor she said my cholesterol went down 200 but still at 400. My triglycerides are still high too. She wanted to put me on a mild medication. I told her, No because this has never happened before. I’ve went 25 years not going to the doctor, or having labs. The times before when I did, it was fine. but now it’s crazy! Shes telling me to not eat starch! I love bread and starch. I was noticing when I ate starch, pasta and potatoes, seems I gain weight, so I cut back on it, and increased my chicken. So I want to know what you suggest….. No starch!???

  • Off the shoulder is my jam! Also Latina �� btw you got me dedicated to hclf and the Starch Solution. Thank you! I already feel amazing after just a week. I was already vegan and love all the foods you make so it’s been a breeze. ��

  • Oh WOW, you mentioned you where low carb and made the switch! I have been strict low carb for almost 6 years and am also incredibly worried about how I will feel if I go high starch since the reason I kept on that wagon was because it actually does keep my health issues in check. I always feel so sick if I have something I’m not supposed to eat… even like a banana. I would assume this would go away as soon as my body gets used to it. How was the first week of your switch from low carb to high starch? Did your energy drag a few days? Was there weight gain during reprogramming? I have worked so hard to feel healthier and keep my weight down but this way of eating seems so much healthier and natural to me. I miss legumes, sweet potatoes and tropical fruit. I am just afraid to backtrack on the progress I have made. Learning your experience with that from a similar perspective as mine, would be super helpful so I don’t freak out.��

    Thank you for sharing your journey.��

  • The stomach is acidic. As soon as water or food enters the stomach the digestive juices change the contents into an acid base. So why bother?

  • amazing-to know top 10 best alkaline water pitcher of 2020,click here->

  • Eat BBQ and sweets everyday and chug it down with softdrinks everyday for a year. Watch your health decline. Have a reading taken of your bodys PH level and observe our acidic it is. Raw organic veggies create a good PH in your body. Add alkaline water to this. It certainly wouldnt hurt. Its better than drinking water with a low PH making that water more acidic.

  • I could not stand my life without eating onions. I like garlic too, but onions are absolutely non-negotiable. I have to ask. I think you and your husband/partner must be practicing either Buddhism or Jainism? The recipes do look good. How’s the book coming by the way?

  • Are the souces and references credible? Any studies been sponsored or funded by certain entities? You haven’t made any disclaimer about this crucial part of your presentation.

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  • I had to remove nuts and avocado… it was horrible for weightloss for me!! 20 years of struggle is over.
    .this is the one diet working for me..thankyou jesus

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  • Maybe it’s just me. But I have the opposite problem. Hesitant of the vegan lifestyle because I do not want to lose weight. I can’t stand being 110 pounds for the rest of my life. I’m at a healthy 135. Not going back to 110. I am small framed and get treated like a child when I’m too thin. It’s also not attractive when I look in the mirror. I want to be able to eat well and carry a healthy weight. Something I’ve struggled with since young. I do not like being called “too skinny”.

  • I’m 6 months pregnant and I have been craving daily: avocado with sea salt and lime wrapped up snuggly in a warm flour tortilla ��I’m going to go eat one right now!

  • I am wondering why you do not eat garlic and onion? I know there are some spiritual factors in avoiding garlic, and for Pittas, garlic brings more fire to the body.

    Also have you roasted brussel sprouts in the oven with tamari, maple syrup and smoked paprika? ITS AMAZING! They get so caramelized and crunchy if you leave them in for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.

  • Hello! I really love the videos you make! <3 Do you know if we could replace the kidney beans in this recipe (I know it's weird) but with my IBS, I'm not sure I can eat those yet. Thank you!

  • Dr Caldwell Esselstyn does not allow any oil or fat including foods high in fat like nuts or avocado in his book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. People with health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease should never have any fat in their diets. I have brought my blood pressure down to normal and gotten off of my blood pressure medicine I had been on for almost 15 years by following his advice. I started with Dr McDougall, The Starch Solution and Maximum Weight loss but did much better following Dr Esselstyn to get my B/P to normal and cholesterol down. He says to keep your cholesterol down to 150 or below to be heart attack proof. If you do that you won’t have diabetes or high blood pressure either. You can be slim and still have high cholesterol over 150 eating too much fat from foods like nuts and avocado. So the real test is knowing what’s going on inside your body. I love watching you’re videos Kiki and have recommended them to my daughter’s and friends. You are so down to earth and make it seem so doable and easy. I also find your videos relaxing which I enjoy. You are the best out there. Your subscribers will increase once they discover you like I did. Please keep the videos coming. ������

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  • Does this exercise go with a certain amount of exercise or does this diet still allow you to lose this much weight even without exercise?

  • I’m interested in reducing my meat consumption even if it’s just meat free Monday’s. I’d love to see more of these videos from you! Are you vegan?

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  • I really want to try the orrington farms powder but not available in canada, any good replacement for it since i dont want any oil based ones ty.

  • Is kraft balsamic vinegar and zesty Italian dressing bad on this starch solution lifestyle? Please help. I cannot eat salads without a tasty dressing:(

  • Nice video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched Proutklarton Protecting Aqua Plan (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for getting prepared for a mega drought without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate at very last got great results with it.

  • I believe we should study, physiology, public health, psychology, and anatomy right along with science in school to know about our bodies, because there are alot of theories out there, and I think it would give people reasons why health is important.

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  • This totally sounds like Johnson & Johnson paid for this just to stop holistic medicine. Lmao ��‍♂️ you actually made me want to try this even more.

  • That seems like a lot to eat for breakfast. The bowl of fruit would be good enough for me. Anyone try the smoothie she made? How was it?

  • just found your channel.obsessed.i switched to a vegetarian diet about a month and a half ago and im trying to find more foods to make. I also read “How not to die” and it changed my idea of food and helped me make changes.

  • Another youtuber said that if you get gas from beans, that means you need more in your diet. I eat a lot of beans, and did notice gas in the beginning, but I think she is right. love your content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. XOXO

  • Its absolutely beautiful where you live. I would love to walk/exercise where you are, that would get me more motivated every time. I live in a bad section in my city. Sometimes I just want to jump up and go running at 4:30 am, but then I have to remember I got wait till there is more citizens in the streets. It just scary outside my house at that time. Lots sketchy ppl.

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  • I like your entry about Avocado…the fruit my Doctor recommended for me as a diabetic. I like Avocado with salt… not with sugar as a diabetic person…Thanks for putting your article in a video. I also like your video presentation…so professionally done. My envy.

  • The osteoporosis theory behind alkaline water wasnt based souly on the alkalinity in the water but the calcium in the water and im a soul believer in the alkaline water for many reasons personally but the big reason i believe is a 65 year old man ive done tree work with forever who taught me good water will change your life for the better and at 65 this man still climbs trees and has the strength of a silver back gorilla not only that i witnessed this man fall 30 feet from a tree onto big rocks an pieces of large limbs that were cut down flat on his back an walk away with minor fractures an a concussion from a fall that would had killed or crippled most people and at 65 this guy still visits the gym an can bench press 425 lbs and to do this at his age is phenomenal and he claims his secret to preserve life,longevity, and prosperous health benefits starts with good water, alkaline water to be exact an at first i drank it cause it seemed refreshing without expecting any health benefits but now i will drink nothing but it because over time i realized my energy and overall health seemed better than usual without realizing i had been drinking the water for a while and me explaining how good i felt to him one day an he asked have i been drinking good water an i then realized not thinking about the change to alkaline water for a good period of time then that it was the source to the benefits i was experiencing, not realizing it all the while and to this day i still drink it regularly along with my milos famous sweet tea now an then to switch it up on occasion an havent drank from a tap since an if u visit enter your zip code or water utility providers name it will provide a list of harmful contaminants the epa allow and do not disclose to u when they send annual water test info to u an the hazardous health risks they impose on you and your family! Once u see this info u will never drink from a tap anywhere from a local provider ever again, no matter how thirsty u are once u see this info u would rather drink piss from a homeless mans shoes before u fill a glass from a tap again! the info is quite disturbing, what your not told the levels an the ailments these contaminants cause will make u cringe and bring many questions like why the epa would allow any amount of potentially harmful chemicals especially when u pay for the service just to be poisoned by what they allow u to know is there and the really bad stuff they dont utter a peep of to the general public who purchase the utility and need it on a daily basis! But check it out EWG environmental working group water info and enter your zip an choose your provider youll be shocked buy what u find, u may even find answers to your health issues or possible sources to them.

  • Pls can you research the effect of alkaline water on menstrual cycles cos the women in my home swear on it easing their flows tremendously

  • Hi Kiki when you mentioned farting after eating legumes; what I do to eliminate or maybe reduce the winds is add about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of “asafoetida” while cooking legumes. I also add to my beans, whether it be black, chickpeas or navy beans. Being an Indian decent my mom has always added that when we cook Dhal. You can purchase it at Amazon. I get mine from the local Indian store.
    Love your channel…I too have changed my diet to Plant base after watching your youtube videos along with Pickuplimes.

  • You look absolutely darling in your off-the-shoulder tops!!! You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing so many recipes, it is a real help!

  • i just subscribedyou sound just fine!! I love that like myself, you’re latina, you’re relatable!! i just know i’m gonna love your channel!!

  • Love your videos! I was wondering I’m having a hard time with eating vegetables for breakfast, can a green smoothie take the place of eating vegetables?

  • There are several cooking tips to help prevent gas from beans:

    · If cooking dry beans, soak them for at least 8 hours prior to cooking.

    · Add little baking soda to the soaking water not only reduces bloating but also speeds up cooking time. Rinse well before cooking.

    · If cooking canned beans, rinse well before cooking.

    · Adding a teaspoon of fennel seeds to beans while cooking reduces gas or bloating.

    · Cook beans with carrots to eliminate gas.

  • Am I the only person that has noticed farts and poop no longer smell as bad when you switch to a plant based diet? I’ve been on a plant based diet for 19 days now and i love it!

  • Damn this is a terrible diet tbh.
    Just fast for fucksake people. Listen to your body during a fast, pay attention to your cravings that arise due to mineral and vitamin deficiency.

    This is just crazy trash.
    You’re not gaining weight because you’re not eating enough fuckin food. But you’re making your body work non stop!

    Fast for most the day n stop packing ya guts with food. You fart alot because your body hates you! Let it breathe!