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One of the things that we have personally found to be helpful is to create ‘hot zones’ in your fridge and pantry. This is where your most used items are kept. This is eye level and the shelf below. It’s turned out to be very handy in our world. The Best Way to Organize a Fridge, as Perfected by Our Test Kitchen Glass Food Storage Set.

Transfer leftovers from flimsy cardboard boxes to these glass food storage containers. Since Chalkboard Labels. Don’t rely on the sniff test: Label and date every container so you know exactly what’s. The Ultimate Way to Organize Your Fridge Your Game Plan. Let’s start with the obvious stuff: Freezers are for storing frozen things (duh!).

Your ice goes in the Crisper Drawers. The purpose of crisper drawers is to maintain moist conditions that. And if you’re worried about forgetting those items tucked all the way in the back, stack them on a rotating organizera genius way to use a lazy Susan -to easily grab ingredients and check expiration dates.

Raw meats should go on the super cold, very bottom shelf in the fridge. KNOW YOUR TEMPS. Drawers are designed to help your food last longer — higher humidity for vegetables, lower humidity for fruit. Meat likes it cold, so store it in the back. Cheese, cold cuts, and hot dogs should be in the shallow middle drawer, which stays cool even when the fridge door is opened and closed frequently.

Check your individual fridge with a refrigerator thermometer to see which shelf is the coldest. Keep milk, dairy, eggs (in their cartons) and raw meat in that area. 2: Avoid cross-contamination. Remove everything from your fridge and purge all expired foods.

Clean your fridge with a multi-purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Adjust your fridge’s shelves to best fit the foods you typically keep on hand. Designate zones for each category or type of food.

When organizing the refrigerator, we like to use professional and restaurant kitchens as models, because they organize their fridges with food safety in mind. Their way of doing it is to organize based on the temperature the foods need to be cooked to. Organizing this way may mean you need to pull things out of the pantry, fridge and freezer first, which is a good opportunity to clean shelves and toss items that have been in there for too long.

2. Store newer items behind older ones. Add a Label. Just because you’ve taken the time to design a new organizational plan for the refrigerator doesn’t mean the rest of the family will immediately understand.

By labeling the different zones, anyone opening the fridge can search for the right label, rather than tearing through carefully arranged shelves.

List of related literature:

To get the most use of the freezer space you have, stack things neatly and use bins to keep things organized.

“Cooking Basics For Dummies” by Bryan Miller, Marie Rama, Eve Adamson
from Cooking Basics For Dummies
by Bryan Miller, Marie Rama, Eve Adamson
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You can also organize a list by establishing which things should be first and last and somewhere in the middle, just as a list of errands might remind you to take the casserole out of the freezer first and buy the ice cream last.

“Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process” by Kjell Erik Rudestam, Rae R. Newton
from Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process
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An even simpler way to do this is to photocopy a master list with the common items you usually need to replace and stick it on the fridge.

“Stress Management For Dummies” by Allen Elkin
from Stress Management For Dummies
by Allen Elkin
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I then arranged my cabinets and fridge by food groups (sauces, gluten-free pastas, snacks, etc.) and then labeled them.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates: The Essential Guide to Total-Body Fitness” by Brooke Siler, Editors of Women's Health
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Save space by storing soup cans in a soda can rack.

“Unclutter Your Life in One Week” by Erin Rooney Doland, David Allen
from Unclutter Your Life in One Week
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The secret to keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for the week is not using the crisper sections of the fridge.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
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At least one separate refrigerator and one large freezer are essential.

“The Restaurant Manager's Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service Operation” by Douglas Robert Brown
from The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service Operation
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Taking inventory is especially important for the freezer, which most people clean out less frequently than the fridge or

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
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Optimizing your fridge can also include organizing food according to how temperature is distributed to make it last as long as possible.

“Sustainability Made Simple: Small Changes for Big Impact” by Rosaly Byrd, Laurèn DeMates
from Sustainability Made Simple: Small Changes for Big Impact
by Rosaly Byrd, Laurèn DeMates
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This involves planning the amount of needed refrigerator space (to include good circulation) or ice and cooler space to keep foods at safe temperatures.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
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  • Yikes! That middle drawer became your refrigerated “junk drawer”! I have a new LG 4-door coming this Saturday. Thanks for pointing out what NOT to do! ������

  • A TV manufacturer making Kitchen appliances?!

    Never buy LG Refrigerators, the compressor will fail on you and leave you without a cooler for weeks on end, such as why theres a class action law suit about the said part.

    �� #LGelectronics ��


  • I dont think cutting vegetables and fruits right away but it is better than not eating so if you have the choice then always chop them before eating

  • If you eat mushrooms they are to be kept in a brown paper bag with a paper towel in the refrigerator write the date and the word mushrooms.

  • does anyone know what kind of fridge this is and whether or not it has a water filter?? i apologize if she says in video, havent gotten all the way through yet.

  • I think i am going to clean my refrigerator this week. I am working from home so by the time i am done with work i don’t want to do anything but you have motivate get mines done.

  • The worst videos I’ve ever seen for a normal person trying to use their refrigerator. They have so much time on their hand they worry about the size of their milk and booze. This family fridge that is so loaded that their problem is how to better throw a party. All I wanted was to know where to put the $30 of groceries I can afford so the meat won’t go bad while I work the next 4 days. The kids that live in this household have a whole shelf that’s nothing but certain types of condiments.

  • During this pandemic I’ve taken advantage of my spare time at home and decided to do a massive cleaning. One room per day. Today’s focus is my fridge. Thanks for this video cuz I’m going to take your approach at organizing it.

  • Thanks for the motivation. I do have a question, why did you place the meat beside the eggs and not together with other meats? You still have space in your freezer

  • Watching you try to make everything look pretty in the fridge instead of actually trying to fit your original stuff back in just confirms i should not try to do what you doing. I watched you cheat by binning the sauce bottle, and the half carton of eggs that had no place in the plastic tray, so where you gonna put remaining eggs in if the nice plastic tray is full? You are not authentic, you just want things to look nice but incapable of making ALL the things look nice when ALL are back in fridge.

  • I’ve tried using liner and absolutely hated it. Lol whenever anything spilled, it spilled onto the liner and the shelf so i was stuck cleaning two things. And slid around everywhere. So it’s a no from me lol (simon cowell)

  • Tan!!! Girl you did that! I try to organize my condiments like that as well, but the little one and hubby refuse to put things back in their space!!

  • I have the exact same fridge so it was nice to see how somebody else organizes theirs. I feel like I have a hard time fitting things in because even though it’s a big fridge it’s not a lot of useful space. So I enjoyed seeing how someone organized it.

  • yoo I’ve watched three videos about fridge organization and they all have the same a fridge and they all have the same containers it’s freaking me out

  • Great tips!  But how can you eat raw lettuce, etc., after it’s been on a **germy store conveyor belt** or in the shopping cart.  Please use produce bags! 3:48

    A study by Michigan University found a high germ count on these surfaces.

    Per a source below:  “75% of germs identified in grocery shopping carts were harmful.

    Conveyor belts can’t truly be sanitized, because they are porous and continually re-exposed to germs.

    Two articles well worth the read:

    FoodSafetyMagazine (.) com “Consumer Advocates Call Attention to Microbes on Grocery Checkstand Belts”

    Insider (.) com “Your supermarket is filled with germs — here are 7 facts that will make you dread grocery shopping”

  • I love how immaculate and meticulous you are. The produce is very appealing to the eye, especially the greens. Would you consider trying some vegan dishes?

  • I’m confused what is in the back of the fridge it sounds like your saying film and I’m just curious if that’s like food item or what?

  • Great tips Shara. I like to wash my strawberries with water and a cup of vinegar then let them air-dry. Then I cut off the green part and they will last two weeks in my fridge that way. I’ve noticed if I leave the green part they go bad faster. Why is that?

  • Throwing out food is not fun. That’s why we never do big shopping. We always only buy what we need, what we want to cook, so our fridge is never full. And we don’t buy new package of anything until we use up what we have. If something is close to expire we use it for the next meal. In this way we hardly ever have food waste. Good luck.

  • Love your hacks but I do get really nervous watching you sitting in front of that OPEN fridge for so many minutes!!
    #poorenvironment ��

  • I have started my reorganization in the fridge. Thanks for sharing your faves. I’m order them for my refrigerator. I happy to know how to keep kale fresh!!

  • So biggest tips here for me…get Lazy Susans and put everything in other containers…I found this to just create more to wash if one is vigilant using everything as one should not to be wasteful…so pretty much only maybe one tip for me… sorry not impressed

  • Great advice, we do same. The only difference we soak berries 20 minutes in cool water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Then rinse, lay on dish towel to dry a bit, then we pat dry batches at a time, store in Debbie Meyer green boxes with a piece of paper towel on bottom. This method is the longest lasting we found living in hot humid South Florida in the everglades.

  • always purge while nobody is around…if you dont, you keep hearing “NOooo dont throw that i MAY use it SOME other time”……when the hell in the last year have you used it, I always ask them……….”it is waste to throw it out”…….well….you are not using it, we are not at awar at the moment and on rations and you should go shopping with full stomach so you dont buy stupidities

  • Hi Tan, I know that it has been a while but I thought the squeeze bottles you used to have were a great idea. That chicken looked delicious I thought that it was from Publix ��. Thank you for sharing, I pray that your family stays safe and thank you for sharing.

  • I have the exact same bins, bought mine on amazon. They are really strong and easy to clean, I like them. I have the one that holds the eggs. One for my soda cans and one for water bottles. Using these gives me so much more space in my fridge.
    I put liners on my fridge before putting everything back in so my shelves don’t get scratched. I also use fruit and veggie life extender liners that work very well in the crisper.
    Your fridge looks so organized and clean in the end ��

  • Your refrigerator looks amazing! Glad to know that I am not the only one who stores avocados in the refrigerator. Also, did you DIY the labels on your containers? Thanks for sharing. Stay safe. #FaithOverFear

  • You’re inspired me to step my organization game up in my fridge and pantry this week. That is one thing that has come out of this quarantinegetting around to my list of projects. Love your content, thank you!

  • I hate refrigerators, they absolutely have to be designed by men. Why is there no revolving shelf? Shelves are not adjustable for different heights no matter which slot you put them in. I just bought a new one for $2,000 and I already hate it. My old frig was second hand, I have had it 40 years and it was still running. Got rid of it for one with freezer at bottom because of back problems. My old one held much more.

  • Hi Tan & Erik! I really love ❤️ how neat and clean your fridge is.. I’m really going to give this a try.. Your entire home is always so neat, clean and organized… Thanks for sharing! ��

  • Luv a clean, organized refrigerator. I did mine couple weeks ago and it’s still looking great. I also put some Arm & Hammer baking soda to keep it smelling fresh.:-). TFS.

  • how long does the cut up veggies last in glass containers? I waste so much food and dread making supper because I need to clean and chop everything so I love the idea of cleaning and cutting everything when you buy it

  • I love the containers it makes things much easier to see and makes the space look so organized! I lovit �� tfs stay safe and GOD bless ❤

  • Now if you can only help me ” PRACTICALLY PERFECT ” my hubby to listen to me once I have the fridge practically perfect and in order that would be wonderful LOL ( joke ) My fridge would be very close if not the same size. And often wanted to get a lazy Suzy turntable or what ever we want to call them for my condiments but never knew what size to get know I have more of an idea on that. one. Thank you

  • Hi, I just started watching your videos first of all my favorite part is Scout he is so gorgeous. Your fridge after you cleaned it was still a mess I’m glad you took the eggs out the door, opening and closing will make your egg whites watery I’m a baker so believe me it makes a big difference. Shelf paper in the fridge is a no go, it prevents cold air from circulating also the added layer gives another space for bacteria and mold to grow underneath. Simply wash your shelves and inside fridge with dawn and baking soda. For seals and molding use Clorox wipes. Its only you and your husband I’m confused about the amount of jars condiments and junk in the door, purge that area some more, all the containers to hold containers is actually a waste of space and prevent the cold air to circulate. It makes your fridge run more trying to cool the containers that hold your containers of food it runs your electric bill up. Your produce, fruits and vegs even leafy vegetables will last longer if properly stored as you described they each give off different gases. Tupperware makes a system called fridge smart it is worth the money you spend vs how much you save from throwing produce out that goes bad before you use it or forgot about it. You were describing your containers as Tupperware, I didn’t see any Tupperware just a bunch of containers you used that really doesn’t hold temperature and is useless in the fridge. Real authentic Tupperware will actually save you space, time, money and look really pretty, I encourage you to buy a few fridge smart pieces you will be amazed at how well your lettuce, cabbage will stay crisp. You mentioned bag of lettuce and putting a paper towel in the bag. First its more cost effective to buy a head of lettuce if your not going to use the whole head only break off and wash what your going to use and store the head in a Tupperware Lettuce crisper. I can buy a whole cabbage and store it in a Tupperware Lettuce crisper and cook it next week. My daughter and her boyfriend graduated from college and are both very health conscious. She said they are tired after work but both have to go to the grocery store to buy produce to cook fresh meals. I brought them the Tupperware Fridge Smart set, they love love love it. They can shop and meal plan for two weeks by properly storing their fruits and vegetables without them going bad. Saving them money and time before she said they went to the grocery store every couple days. I will continue watching you are a breath of fresh air but that fridge before and after is a disaster…

  • If I may contribute an idea:Whenever I make big pitchers of,say,Kool-Aid & it must be refrigerated for coolness & taste but I don’t want to put that huge pitcher in the fridge,I get the biggest ziplock bag I can find,I pour it in there and to the freezer it goes.You thaw or unfreeze the stuff 1-2 hours before needed and there you are!

  • Thanks so much for a fridge organization video that really makes sense and works for me! I found this video really useful and thanks again for a great video!

  • Great tips girl!! ��������
    I just cleaned my fridge too & just put up my video, it’s so satisfying to look at when everything is organized!! ������
    I love clear organizer too, just pick up my egg containers, i will definitely label my defrost basket, it makes sense as a reminder!! Thank you for this great video!! ����

  • Thanks ahah mine was scary I forgot to look through my condiments eww some super old lol. Keep meat at bottom of drawer so if leaks it doesn’t contaminate produce/ ready eat food. Glad you told them this because some don’t know this. Oh and never use marinate use marinate meat,poultry or fish in and use to baste your meat because that’s been with raw meat,fish/poultry (eww) salmonella/ecoli anyone? ����.. I found some old spaghetti sauce… Son loves it but guess pushed to the back

  • Jot down the actual date that’s derived from the sell-by date. You need a calculator to do the math? why else would you need to record your math two weeks ahead of time. It’s really easy there are 7 days in a week.

  • I go through that chili paste like crazy. It’s very very similar to the chili paste we Portuguese use in a lot of our traditional cooking, and I buy it when I can’t get the authentic Portuguese variety and need some right away.

  • At the beginning of the video, there were 38 eggs. At the end, she only put 14 into the egg organizer. Where did the rest of her eggs go

  • here I found out what the ideal temperature in the refrigerator should be like to keep food fresh…

  • You can use the chilli paste for so many things.. stir fry, soups, marinades for anything giving it a little heat.. list is endless! It’s a really nice asian flavour we use in all our cooking:)

  • Is this video some kind of strange joke? Condiments, Pickles, Peppers, Garlic, Tomatos, Citrus Fruits, Maple Syrup… All posterchild items which shouldn’t go into the fridge. Not to mention that you shouldn’t chop your peppers till you need them. And after all this waste of space for items which shouldn’t be in there she’s talking about how she’s saving “real estate” by using containers? Not that it would matter much for a fridge so big that you can almost walk around in there. Now some practical tips for actually organizing a normally sized fridge, that would be something.

  • I clean apartments after tenants move out and the first thing I clean in every apartment is the fridge. It takes the longest time and there isn’t even anything in it. Honestly, I enjoy it.

  • I don’t have a problem storing milk on the top shelf of my Whirlpool side-by-side since that’s where the freezer vent is. It doesn’t freeze them either if you keep them on the opposite side of the vent.

  • such a beautiful and clean and organized fridge i would love to have my that way which i can but my kids will destroy my hard work in just 1 day

  • Did she really say a “bag of milk” or am I just hearing things? 0:35

    Edit: Okay, she did indeed say that, so…where do they sell bags of milk? Honestly curious.

  • I’m sorry, but I think it’s silly to transfer deli meat to a clear plastic baggie when it already comes in a plastic resealable baggie that is pre-labeled. Not only is this method silly and pointless, but it is also a waste of plastic baggies that can be used for other things.

  • Omg why you people don’t open your own youtube channel and make it better? Such a crybabys over the comments sections. they complain of stupidities. they are whimsical!

  • I don’t see the little plastic containers as space savers. Sodas actually take up less room and store just fine simply sitting on the shelf.

  • any suggestions for sharing a fridge with roommates? we have 3 roommates and 3 shelves so we currently separate by shelf but that leaves two drawers and the door as wasted space!

  • This is from 2015 I bet she ain’t so proud putting food in plastic or using plastic since we have a environmental movement going on!……

  • Woke up in my new apartment to almost all the foods in my fridge ROCK solid frozen. Bright side, our fridge keeps our fruits and veggies lasting a very long time.

  • Hello Tan! Why do I forget about the world’s issues when I watch your videos? ��. You have a rare peaceful calming yet fun it! I will be doing the same thing with my fridge later this week and loved your ideas! The dinner ware is simply beautiful. TFS, be safe & Many Blessings to you and your family! Stay safe everyone..

  • well…taking all the ham and chees out of the vacuum sealed original pack…of course they will get bad quicker…..what more you can no longer see the manufactur, the energy value or alergy stuff which could be inside diferent brands…..this is just no from me

  • I have a plain old apartment refrigerator. But, what I’ve done to update it is to source an order an extra shelf that fits my model fridge. I’ve installed the shelf and put 3 refrigerator organizers on that shelf that have a short height. I use the 2 larger organizers to store meats and cheeses separately and I use the narrower one in the middle to store salad dressing packs.

    I do realize, however, that refrigerator organizers are both blessing and curse. They’re a blessing when you stick to buying staples that fit them and they’re a curse when you deviate from that.

  • DAMN where you live that you get 3 cases of water per customer. ALL our stores say 1 per household, not even per customer lol we have 8 people in my house that wouldn’t last 3 days

  • I washed my fruit and veggies too in ACV/ h20 solution. I forgot to get castle soap ��, so hopefully the acv/h20 solution worked ����. Also i wiped down all the other items i bought with a water/bleach solution. To some that might be extra but hey, u can never be too careful.

  • 11 seconds in………… bad, first impression.
    too chipper and superficially enthusiastic; and, I really don’t give a rats what your name is.

  • I believe veg and meat when kept in plastic bags are much quicker to go bad. There is no way ham or any meat would be ok to eat when kept a week in a plastic bag….

  • It looks so good! I just told my hubby that I needed to get some organizers for the fridge because it is a train wreck! LOL Like your family it’s just 3 of us in our home but we have stocked up more on food items so they definitely have to be organized!

  • Could you please make a video on how to clean and organize your freezer!!:) I’m loving the easy organization tips and I desperately need help for my freezer!:)))

  • I clean my fridge out every 2 weeks when I restock groceries. I love wiping everything out and starting fresh. I too have zones as it helps with organization, but also helps others in the house know where to get stuff ie leftovers!! I like that you didn’t use the door for what people typically use the door for and used the lazy susan instead. Great idea. This family has no milk or alternative kinds of milk that need a home? That’s the only thing I noticed that I thought was missing in their fridge. Well done!! This was so enjoyable to watch!! Also, we bought a new fridge, it was needed, a couple of years ago and got the pull-out freezer on the bottom. I will never go back to the standard style of fridge.:)

  • yes, glass container is the way to store food. No plastic. Your fridge look just like my own in my kitchen. Lots of colors from veggies and it is clean. I just don’t have cans and plastic bottles with drinking water in my fridge bc I do not use them, they are not the best for our health. Thanks for the video. Blessings.

  • Looove this! Can you guys organize a small space freezer? Just like the freezer on top of this fridge. I haven’t seen one done before it would be so helpful! Thank you!!

  • My only cirque is keeping take out sauces and packages is a waste of space and you should just discard them or don’t get them from restaurants if you don’t intend to use them

  • I love watching these types of videos! I feel that I need to maintain my fridge organized in order to keep “order” BUT I will admit that sometimes I can slack off and its a hot mess if I don’t keep tabs on it when my kids put stuff back in lol videos as this one always gives me ideas of how to spruce up my organization or just find neat ways to use or arrange what I already have! so to answer your questions… weirdest item in fridge? hmmm I’d say it was a depository for my little girl when she was sick years ago.. it was an awkward find for some who saw it lol I never used it on her but it was suppose to be left in the fridge and then forgotten about… again, because she never used it lol.. the grossest would always be rotten veggies that where hoarded and pushed way back in the veggie bin smh its so gross when you put your hand in to grab something and you come out with mush..blehh.. lol

  • THANK YOU for advocating against food prep way in advance for produce. I’ve never understood how people can do this. Although I will say tomatoes and potatoes should not be kept in the fridge until they have been sliced, the fridge is what makes their textures turn grainy! As for weird things in the fridge, when I was little I would pretend to make potions by mixing lots of liquids together. I shoved one in the fridge one day before I had to leave for dance practice and my mom freaked!

  • When I heard “a bag of milk” I said you must be Canadian like me (from Ottawa, Ontario). I live in the USA and have never seen bags of milk here.

  • This is fantastic! Will you please do a video for a freezer in this style? We have a fridge exactly like this one and most videos only show tips for newer side by side or freezer on the bottom appliances.

  • U made our job short and sweet… Ur explanation is just to the point no time waste… U r such a busy well organised and dedicated mom… Thank you so much… ����

  • How big is your fridge? I’m on a tight budget and ended up buying a fridge that was so short! Lol idk how to organize it but this was super helpful!

  • I found marinara that was in a tiny little container somebody put in the top of the fridge. It was growing mold and I had to throw it all away��

  • My very absent minded mom used to always find things like keys and glasses in the fridge — things she would be searching madly for and have my brother and I searching for frantically all over the house and not ever find until…. Voilá…there they are in the fridge!

  • One of my friends used to always say that every time she cleaned out her fridge she wanted to divorce her husband and give away her kid. It’s a job I’ve always dreaded too. I might or might not want to give away my family when I do it. Depends on the amount of scary moldy things I find.

  • Wow. Her throwing away the sambal really crushed my soul. There technically is an expiration date, but if you have kept it in your fridge this whole time, it’s good for about a year. But yeah. You lost a good one. My heart hurt seeing you toss a brand new one like that.

  • I used to not wash any fruits or veg until ready to use them. Until, that is, I found out that soaking them in a 10:1 vinegar and water solution makes them last much, much longer. Like strawberries that stay fresh and unmoldy for upwards of two weeks. Try it. It works. Great video, thanks. Lisa

  • Super video! Super helpful, super pretty host and super clever ideas! Thank you so much. My fridge clutter was getting away from me.

  • Love what you did with the frig. I have the same exact model. So this makes it easy because I know what will fit and what will not fit. Cutting and prepping food makes life easier and less stressful. Thanks for sharing!

  • fruits and vegetables actually need air to last longer…Tupperware has fridge smarts that allow your produce to “breathe” and lifts them out of the condensation, they will last for months, it’s amazing..

  • I lost my phone once kept hearing it ring and I looked everywhere for it where I could roughly hear where it was coming from i was getting so frustrated turns out was in the fridge. ��

  • oh and I think it is much better to wash the spill than go and buy liner everytime I roun out of it. Without it I just need soapy watter

  • I got colorful baskets for my refrigerator from the Dollar Tree. It looks very pretty and colorful when I open up my refrigerator. This way I can group like items together. My refrigerator looks very organized and pretty.

  • I am sooo happy and so sad at the same time that I don’t have an IKEA or Container Store bear me! lol I would love it, but I would be so broke!! Love how it turned out! ����

  • Hi Sharrah i always been wondering at the end life where u want to change the baking soda that you use to freshen up the fridge do you throw it away or it can be multipurpose to clean things with?? since we can use baking soda to clean as natural abrasive product.

  • I recently got married to a man that had been a Bachelor for 14 years. While cleaning out his frig I actually found stuff in there with the date code of 2009!!! Lol

  • Instead of baking soda you could also use coffee powder ��
    I’m moving in my own apartment so I’m going to have my completely own fridge for the first time in my life and I’m learning a lot from your videos

  • The cut fruit was already in containers, why buy new? Ketchup and mustard don’t need refrigeration, neither does fruit, especially fruit cups

  • I have a new fridge being delivered in the morning and I’m. Going. To start off right! Now I have you to blame it all on, down to the decorative liners in the drawers! ������Love it!!!

  • I store my roll on deodorant in the fridge. Especially in the summer, it’s amazing. I heard about this through a joke Bert Kreischer did. I tried it for a laugh and actually end up loving it. Lol. Love the video keep up the good work. ��

  • I find the idea of having a defrost bin useful. As for decanting, while I like the idea of having everything in matching containers, the time and cost of doing so is more than I’m willing to keep up at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

  • My wedding ring. It fell off into the crisper. Found it weeks later.

    Chili paste is awesome. Use it to flavor my veggies.

    Thanks for the video.

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