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Switchel is a better sports drink for everyone.

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19th Century Sports Drink

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Switchel The 18th Century Energy Drink

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Switchel: The Old Fashioned Energy Drink

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Haymaker’s Punch HP and HP + Switchel: America’s Original Sports Drink Your Body Makes its own horsepower. Don’t just quench your thirst—punch it! THE ORIGINAL ONE-TWO PUNCH. Grape Switchel — Homemade Natural Sports Drink Recipe 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons maple syrup 4 cups (960 ml) water 1/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste 1 cup grape juice.

Ingredients. 4 cups (960 ml) water. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. 2 tablespoons maple syrup. 1-inch (2.5 cm) piece ginger, minced. ¼ teaspoon sea salt, or to taste.

Ingredients. 4 cups (960 ml) water. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. 2 tablespoons maple syrup.

1-inch (2.5 cm) piece ginger, minced. 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste. Also known as haymakers punch, switchel was consumed by field workers during the hay harvest in the days before commercial sports drinks. Recipes vary, but the basic ingredients are the same: Apple cider vinegar, molasses, sugar, ginger and water.

SWITCHEL America’s original sports drink. Enjoyed by farmers since the 1700’s. Organic hydration, containing natural electrolytes and antioxidants.

Switchel Or Haymaker’s Punch as it’s sometimes called, is a great drink for hot humid weather: think of it as the original Gatorade, but without high fructose corn syrup. And it’s easy to make! Considered a fermented drink, Switchel is probiotic because of the apple cider vinegar — which means it can nourish you digestive system.

Switchel is a natural, healthy way to replenish your electrolytes and is often considered to be the original sports drink. Make a batch and try it after a sweaty workout sesh or when enjoying a sun filled day outside. How to make Switchel: Ingredients.

8 cups of water; 3/4 cup of maple syrup or raw honey (more or less to taste). Switchel is the original electrolyte drink, rich in glucose, potassium, sodium, and vitamins. Before the industrialized food system, our ancestors made homemade sports drinks to keep their energy up for their high intensity workouts in the haying fields. Switchel is what children were given, when they were burning up with fever, too. Switchel is an old fashioned sweet-sour-spice drink.

Where switchel originated is still debated. New England, the Caribean, China? No one knows for certain where it came from.

What is certain is this popular 17th-century drink helped the colonials beat the heat. Think Plymouth Rock Gatorade in a stone jug, minus the red dye #40.

List of related literature:

Cade and Shires’s beverage became known as Gatorade—the original sports beverage.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
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Shortly after the emergence of pioneering sports drinks, such as Dexters in 1986, Lucozade was promoted as a sports drink.

“Sports Science Handbook: A-H” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: A-H
by Simon P. R. Jenkins
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The company offers its products under Coca-Cola, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Glacéau, and Pump, as well as other trademark beverages of The Coca-Cola Company; and beverages under the Mount Franklin, Deep Spring, and Kirks brand names.

“INVESTMENT YEARBOOK 2015–2016: 41st Edition” by Investment Research Group (IRG) Limited, IRG
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This was first shown by studies funded by the sports drink industry in the United States (Gisolfi, Summers, et al., 1998).

“Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports” by Timothy Noakes
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As of 2012, the US sales of non-aseptic sports drinks totaled $4.1 billion a year according to the beverage industry.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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During the 1990s it tapped into the sports market and introduced Lucozade Sport, now the market leader in sports drinks.

“Marketing Management” by Philip T. Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Mairead Brady, Malcolm Goodman, Torben Hansen
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One such notorious example is the case of the product named Frusighurt, an ‘official drink’ of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, produced by an orange juice manufacturer.

“Functional and Speciality Beverage Technology” by P Paquin
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At the 2004 Games the company used the Gamesasa platform to promote a relatively low-key product Powerade on an international stage (Britcher 2004).

“Marketing Communications” by John Egan
from Marketing Communications
by John Egan
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While sugar-laced sports drinks have been around since the advent of Gatorade in the 1970s, recent research shows that consuming a sports drink (immediately following a workout) containing both carbohydrate and protein triggers a faster recovery rate than does a conventional carbohydrate-only sports drink.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
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Lucozade was rebranded as a sports drink from its previous life as an expensive drink for when you were ill.

“Sales Promotion: How to Create, Implement and Integrate Campaigns that Really Work” by Julian Cummins, Roddy Mullin
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  • I 1st saw this drink on “offgrid with Doug and Stacy”. Thanks for the video. I’ll be trying this tomorrow. Also liked and subscribed.

  • I’ve been making switchel for a while, and here’s a refreshing twist on it. Try using agave syrup instead of honey, and use lime juice instead of lemon. Then salt the rim of your glass a little bit, and you’ve got yourself a nice virgin margarita.

  • I made this and added a bunch of caffeine tablets. Passed it out at work, people dug it. It was summer in the warehouse and it was an overnight shift.

  • Its weird I first hear this word and not know what it was and diffidently never tried it when I was little and even seen it in old tv shows my parents are fond of. then I read about it recently in a book about living in past ages and stuff to try for summer. Then this video was suggested to me. I do not believe in coincidences. This was meant to be added to my repertoire! I hate energy drinks though and would never drink them, bu this could be worth a try.

  • Cousin to ginger beer?
    Thank you for studious efforts.
    I’ve had something similar prepared by maroons from near blue mountain Jamaica.

  • Can you technically call it “Off Grid” when you are posting video’s on the internet? LOL. Just recently started watching you guys and I can say that I am enjoying.:)

  • Someone asked about using stevia… here was my reply:
    I think she uses these alternatives to sugar for the trace mineral content they bring. The sorghum syrup is really niche thing… but molasses is not… so stevia would bring sweetness but not the mineral content of the others… perhaps use a small bit of “cone” sugar, brown sugar, or light molasses or that “raw” sugar… for the slight mineral content they have… and the stevia until you get the flavor to your liking… but really the reason to make this with these sugar alternatives is for the mineral and vitamin content they bring to really make this an old fashioned energy drink.

  • So, I JUST got through making this. I was low on my organic molasses, but did have organic maple syrup! I have a lot of home juiced ginger so I just want ahead and used that. I added the organic vinegar with the ‘mother’ as you suggest, added to a 1/2 gallon Ball Jar, filled with filtered water…delicious. It’s a very refreshing taste. I cannot wait till it’s hot out to try then. Thanks for all the great inspirations. I am having so much fun with your marvelous ideas.

  • Hey! I make this all the time for tummy aches, and as a tonic when I’ve got a cold. I love it! But use honey instead of molasses… so probably less potassium. It’s good with a touch of cinnamon and clove, too:)

  • We call it Switchel and use molasses. And we’ll use any sort of fruit pulp/juice as you did with lemon. But always ginger, molasses/honey and acv.

  • This is such a healthy version of energy drinks. Wow, I had no idea that something like this exists. Thanks for bringing it back to the modern ages, Mary!:)

  • I live in Queensland Australia and I’ve been looking for a homemade hydrating drink to make during the hot summer’s here. Thank you for sharing. ��

  • I slice up the ginger and boil it, add some Cayenne Pepper, let it cool… Squeeze 3-4 lemons… Then when I serve it, I add 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar and fresh water… Every morning upon waking and evening prior to sleep…

  • Any idea on alcohol content/affect? Just thinking of a farmer drinking this all day in the field then driving home, may be over the limit in some countries??

  • Wow! Great recipe! Is that really your grandmother’s kitchen? An AGA and a sub-zero! Sweet. My grandmother had a gas stove and a wood cookstove in her kitchen. I miss her.

  • I Love Switchel so much! If you make up a few quarts of it, how long can you keep them in the fridge or does it ever go bad or need to be thrown out? Listen, I will drink this stuff fast but just wondering if I should choose to make a bunch all at once……

  • Thank you! Been following Dr Berg n this fits right in to my new way of eating n drinking..actually i grew up on the good stuff..at 62 im just getting back to it after getting test results back on issues i can fix this way♡

  • I greatly appreciate not only the food aspect of your channel but these drinks as well. There’s the connection of these types of ingredients that relate to improved health without modern pharmaceuticals, an industry I’ve spent the last 20 years in. This is very close to the ACV, lemon and ginger drink I consume (no molasses or honey) nightly along with intermittent fasting. Please continue this line of education else it be lost to future generations.

  • Awesome video as always!!! I absolutely love your presence and calm in how you present and explain!!! Just superbly done!!!! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to start making this for my uncle and myself but mostly for himself because he is working in the heat a lot!!!

    Have a blessed day! All of my love and the love blessings and grace of our LORD ALMIGHTY unto you and yours today and for always!!!��������

  • I’ve made this just like this, also with honey or maple syrup in place of molasses, and I’ve tried lemon juice instead of vinegar for different variations…I’ve added cinnamon sticks, or sometimes even fruit….I drink a lot of it working outside in the Florida heat!! Love it….I also add sea salt for the electrolytes.

  • Love it! I carried ginger water to my dad in the fields during his planting/harvest time! I’ll try it with the molasses! I just happen to have Bajan molasses. I drink this ginger cider vinegar honey drink often!! Thank you for sharing! ��

  • Off the Grid?

    Gotta go on the grid big time to get lemons, ginger root. I guarantee these folks don’t grow lemons and ginger roots on their off the grid location. Good drink I’m sure. But don’t put on a act that your off the grid. If you were off the grid. We would not have even known about you would we? ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • You forgot to SHAKE the VINEGAR in order to distribute the “MOTHER”
    [probiotics] evenly throughout the Vinegar itself so that your getting it in your beverage. It tends to SETTLE in the bottom of the container. Very important to remember this.
    Great video none the less. Thankyou��

  • Very interesting. This is similar to my morning drink.
    Apple cider vinegar
    Liquid stevia (to keep it keto)
    Potassium citrate
    Liquid D3-K2
    Pink Himalayan salt

    It’s delicious, and I use it to take my other supplements.

  • Hi Sweet Friends, If you need a tasty, all natural energy drink, then Switchel is the beverage for you! Learn How to Make Switchel, which is an 18th century energy drink that’s perfect to enjoy after exercise or hard work. And if you want to learn how to make a Ginger Bug and Homemade Ginger Ale too, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5On9AsrWVw&list=PLkRuW3pBo2U3sVtrfYJQu1IMlDqYpppaf Love, Mary

  • Can you use whey instead of ACV? I do not have ginger right now. So, I wondered if I could make “lemonade” and add the whey for probiotics.:-) I know eggnog was also something farmers used in the heat of the day.

  • Braggs is great I’ve been making Fire Cider aka Thieves Tonic for the last couple years. I take a couple straight swishes a day and I’ve honestly been feeling a lot better in many ways

  • I make a drink similar to this one and take it to relief inflammation and also for digestion. I peel and slice a piece of ginger root, add it to a pot with about half a gallon of filtered water, I add 3 or 4 sticks of cinnamon and boil it for about 10 minutes. Turn it off and let it cool off. I then squeeze a couple of lemons in it and sweeten it with honey. It is delicious and can be drank either warm or cold. It helps me with tendonitis pain, hurtburn, gives me lots of energy and even clears out mental fog.

  • you have made my day with this! i suffer from heat illness and HAVE to be hydrating all the time with more than water. i will be making this, and sharing this vid!

  • She must mean wild ginger from the north east United States…. because real ginger was hard to come by and only for the rich in the early and mid 1800s….wild American ginger is not real ginger….but it sounds like good stuff to drink…

  • hahaha she loves it,yeah right dad
    but like you say i’m with you,everything from the past just return in a new package
    when my daughter was a baby,she was very ill one time,she could not hold nothing in her small fragile body
    and she had no expression in her face her eye’s where glazed,and she didn’t move
    she was completly dehydrated,a bacteria had her in his grip
    i made some ORS,it is water,sugar and a pich of salt
    like the farmers these are the things that get them going
    the ORS was the thing her body needed,after a few hours letting her sip every 5 a 10 minutes
    she has recovert,and when she could move she started to drink water like crazy
    and how did i know of the ORS
    wel by reading history

  • I made Switchel as described and I can say that it does not taste good at all. I might try it with honey and cut way back on the ginger.

  • In one of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder Ma makes a ginger water for Pa to drink and Laura carries it out to the field for him to drink. I am wondering if this is what Ma made. Thanks for sharing Mary.

  • This is really good to know. We were just saying how unhealthy all these sports drinks are and that there has to be something better. Definitely going to try this. Thanks:)

  • O my goodness, I make a version of this! I use lemon, fresh ginger, and honey. I have also made it with ACV. Maple syrup sounds fun too.

  • There are all sorts of variations, I have been using fire cider instead of the normal ACV which has the benefits of added turmeric and cayenne already added to it

  • I haven’t had molasses since I was a youngster. Funny enough it was from my great grand parents who were farmers in the Deep South since the early 1900’s.. I will have to try this. Thanks

  • Another interesting dip into the well of history.  You mentioned the old adage ‘Nothing new…’  in a comment below and that brings to mind your great video on Otzi the Iceman, whose kit from 5,000 years ago contained items that performed the same functions that we count on our modern versions of them to do.

  • I thought I made this up…lol.
    I do apple cider vinegar and raw local honey, warm water, stir, put ice, then add water until it tastes like apple juice. ��

    Energy until 3pm, cleans the liver, tons of live enzymes…

    At 3pm, I do another with good cinnamon, cloves and ginger for the extra stimulant effect.

  • It’s good in moderation. When I drank only this for a day, it made me even MORE thirsty. I assume that’s from the vinegar in it. But yea, not good. Maybe have a glass between other drinks.

  • I make this everyday now, thank you, helped me lose weight and lower my blood sugar using stevia and the acetic acid from the vinegar, thank you

  • 14 teaspoons of sugar; in your hand… that is more than a can of Coke and well over your total daily intake of sugar. It also contains maltic acid, citric acid and other highly acidic ingredients that can really wreak havoc with acid reflux.If you go to a gym to lose weight and drink these sports drinks you can leave fatter.

  • I have been making this for years but I do keto so I use a keto sweetner and I add sea salt to it for electrolytes. If you want a flavor you can add some of those flavor diet drink powder packs to it or fresh fruit infuser.I live deep in the ����Mojave desert and when your hot and on keto you need this and this is great. I forgot I also add some posstaum powder you can get that on Amazon also. love this drink it’s great. Thank you Mary’s nest you have a blessed day.

  • I don’t believe it. For some years now I’ve been drinking a generic supermarket own brand blackcurrant cordial. One day I had some balsamic vinegar on the countertop and I wondered what it would taste like if I added some balsamic vinegar to the cordial. It’s GORGEOUS. Like “grown-up cordial” rich and fruity, with a bit of bite from the acidity. I thought I’d invented it, but turns out I’ve just RE-invented something that has been drunk for thousands of years. I’m made-up!

  • Have you ever seen the movie ” Idiocracy “? You will die of either laughter or astonishment at what people eat. Your garish color comment reminded me of this movie. It actually a very prophetic movie about the sheeple people who are fed nothing factory fake created synthetic which dumb us down. I don’t recommend movies to often but this movie is very entertaining if you like comedies which actually reveal truths. Much like that movie ” Attack of the Killer Tomatoes ” from the 70’s which was foretelling of GMO foods. That movie is a must see as far as I am concerned.

  • I’ve been dabbling in making mead lately. It’s a viking era honey wine. Wondering what fermented alcohols were commonly made and drank in the 1600s and 1700s

  • I’m going to do this and yes I have seen swichell on some menus around town and had no clue as what it was. I’m saving this in my recipe list and making it this weekend.

  • Summers where I live are hot and humid (30°C; 90% humidity) and if I go for a 2 or 3 hour hike around midday, water just isn’t enough to replenish my thirst. I usually will eat some fruit and drink herbal tea post-hike, but one thing I noticed really helps quench your thirst during hot weather is simply adding lemon juice to your water. I will def try adding some ACV though, to compare:)

  • I still make Switchel every summer for me and the kids. Found it in a recipe book filled with making home made soda. Nothing better on a hot day. Only I use fresh ginger and let it simmer for a while. Used all kinds of variations even sometimes with balsamic vinegar

  • I found a recipe and history on switchel when I was having my scythe made. Indeed they did drink this while scything fields. I had made a sort of it without knowing long ago. Called it vinney-ade as I had no lemons but had plenty of acv and wanted lemonade.

  • I have no idea how your film came into my orbit but I’m certainly glad that it did. This drink sounds really yummy and being from another land it has also piqued my interest too, so many thanks for that.
    My Bavarian wife makes a drink that her family used to put together that’s totally healthy for you as well. It has water, figs, sugar or honey and a yeast like substance that is opaque and square shaped with a stiff jelly constituency which grows and multiplies in the drink as it’s infusing and is ready to drink the next day. You can then pass it on to anybody else that also wants to brew this stuff. I can’t for the life of me remember it’s name but it’s a traditional one that was made in the farming community.

  • This was great as an alcohol substitute last summer when I saw this and started making it because I was drinking too many cold ones to cool down. Lol… and one of my batches of apple cider turned to vinegar so I have been making switchel with it already as the weather is starting to heat up again.

  • Hi yeah, I’m near 60, and my mom used to make this when I was a kid.
    One thing I noticed, having used apple cider vinegar to combat inflammation, you didn’t shake the vinegar to get “the mother”, all those cloudy bits at the bottom, mixed in. That’s where all the probiotics, antioxidants, and all those things you were touting are resting. Without a good hard shake, your switchel won’t have any of the qualities you described.
    I scrolled back a ways, no where near the almost 300 comments, and didn’t see anyone recently mention this. If y’all are gonna make this, be sure to give your apple cider vinegar a good, hard shake!

  • As someone who goes to the Indy 500 every year and gets really by dehydrated mid-race. I can attest to the pick up a high potassium drink has. I can see why this type of drink would have been popular with a person working in the field back in the 18th century.

  • My mom made that with vinegar, ginger sugar and water, she couldn’t make it fast enough when we were doing hay, we called it switchel

  • I got some sorghum syrup, Himalayan pink salt and org apple cider vinegar, and made some switchel today! Really yummy. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m thinking about adding a pinch of turmeric and black pepper next time, for even more anti-inflammatory power.

  • I always come here for a feel good when everything is else is going to crap. Thank you guys. And when our world does burn I know you guys will do just fine.

  • Honey and ginger lemonade! What is not to like about this beverage? I haven’t tried it with the maple yet, but the honey ginger is so refreshing. I would only question how people in the midwest in old time got ginger (native to asia at that time) and lemons (native to warm to hot moderate climates at that time). I perhaps think that this is a modern beverage and not so antique. But, regardless of what time it was invented…it is really an awesome hot weather beverage.

  • Just made some (the maple syrup version) after picking up some powdered ginger. This is pretty good! I’ll use less water next time, because the taste is a little weak for me. I’m a vinegar fan though (love kombucha!) and I know that Townsends is not.

  • Thank you for sharing this very simple recipe! This is right up my alley of things I like to do for my family and I will definitely be making some!

  • Yep I know this drink from when I was little but without the apple cider vinegar. My grandmother used limes instead of lemons. I’m still drinking this and the one you showed on the vid. I love it. Thanks Stacy.

  • I’ve tried this but not with the ginger. It was already delicious but the with ginger I can imagine how nice this would taste. I’ll be doing this soon. Like tomorrow!

  • As usual…. informative, entertaining and obscure in a nice way. This one is a gem… I tend to be on the diaphoretic (very heavy sweater) side so I loose a bunch of necessary minerals w/ even moderate activity, but I HATE most sport drinks cause of all of the HFCS and other sugars they put in most all of ’em. Jus’ happened to have all of the ingredients hand so I made me a batch… squeezed in a bit of lemon for acidity and to improve the taste a bit….. I love this stuff! I owe you BIG for this ‘blast from the past’ which is now going to be my “go to” re-hydration drink…. perfect timing too, was 105 today and supposed to be hotter tomorrow…. keep ’em coming, I love yer vids.

  • Thank you sister for this wonderful recipe. I am on ketogenic diet and I will substitute the sweetener in this recipe with istevia. The rest of ingredients is allowed in my diet. Regards and love from Kuwait ♥️��.

  • Great video, thanks for sharing! Here in Indonesia we have a drink from boiled water + tamarind + sugar (and then cooled) as traditional energy drink. Me and my high school friends used to go on 5-7 hours hiking with only water and this energy drink. I’m not sure the science behind it but every time we forgot to make the tamarind water we would be more, much more tired

  • I love things that were simple and a hit in a simpler time, we all need to get back to the simple things in life, great video guys

  • Is it an “energy” drink, a sports drink or a summer drink? I remember researching how to make an “energy” drink then I realised what a completely useless and stupid marketing term it really is. Mostly it’s just caffeine and sugar, and caffeine isn’t an energy, it’s a drug. I actually had to explain to someone once that caffeine isn’t actually an “energy” it’s just an instruction for your body to produce a large spike in adrenaline.

  • The women make this drink and take it out to the men working in the field for a mid morning refreshment in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s story of her life (the Little House series of books). They did call it switchel, too.

  • Great video and I am trying this out but I have found one glaring problem with your recipe. 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar is correct.
    1 pinch of ginger correct.
    1 tsp of molasses is wrong. Breaking it down from the 1 gal recipe comes to 4 1/2 tsp of molasses. Not 1 tsp.

    I was wondering why my 2 qts was very dark. Looks like thinned out motor oil hahaha. After this I think yours would taste better because molasses is very bitter and your using 1/4 the amount.

  • My. mother used to make this for us when we were kids……about 60 plus. years ago. She had grown up with it and often made it for the farm crews when she was quite young. Great stuff. Thanks for the memory!!

  • So many people want to add alcohol to it which according to Terence McKenna in his book The Food of the Gods he considers a poison which produces insensitivity and violence latched onto by the Romans mostly, whereas other cultures used other psychoactive drugs in a religious context to gain wisdom and understanding.

  • I love this recipe. I’ve been making this for when I work on the garden. It really gives the me the energy I need. It’s like homemade gatorade. Whenever I feel lightheaded when I stand up from gardening I’ll go in a make myself some of this and I instantly feel better.

  • I think the thumbs down are here from people being turned off by certain ingredients in the drink. The idea of drinking vinegar gags me and many others. And ginger has a similar effect on lots of people. Thumbs up from me regardless

  • I make the same drink at home, but instead of water I use a high quality sloe gin. The ginger/honey/lemon flavour is better than any martini I’ve ever had.

  • Mary this was awesome. We need more of this especially in this day and age where a lot of people are addicted to all the other retail energy drinks out there (myself included). Thanks I will definitely have to try this out and let you know how it goes. Thanks! Send my best to Ted and the Fam!

  • This looks awesome. Wanted to try at first, but with the funny ending, having second thoughts. Thanks for the history lesson. Great video! Thanks again!

  • Do you refrigerate it? I think it was too much ginger for me. I used Healthworks ginger powder from Amazon. Maybe it is to concentrated. Could’nt taste honey at all.

  • Do you know of any good foods or drinks to help with mild E.D. as many men start to get from age 40 and up. Yes I’m asking as a serious subject maybe even do as a video. Men have been looking for that magic herb or food for years but I would like to hear your take on this

  • i honestly wonder if it “gives you energy” or if they just assumed that the fact it makes you yell and scream obscenities was “extra energy”

  • I love the taste, I heard about this drink last fall so I told my daughter who has bladder infections a few times a year, she’s says this has eliminated her bladder infections. She hasn’t had any this year at all. She drinks a couple glasses a week.

  • Switchel Recipe
    1 T Grated ginger (1 t dried)
    3 T sweetener (molasses, maple, honey, raw or brown sugar)
    3 1/2 C Warm water (or apple or cherry juice)
    3 T Raw organic ACV
    1/4 t sea salt
    (Optional: up to 1/8 t cayenne for extra energy)

    Mix together in a glass quart jar.

  • In the early days of America, northern regions referred to maple syrup as molasses (a thick syrup like liquid) while the southern region referred to sugar cane molasses (also a thick syrup like liquid) as molasses. So both were used for the popular drink switchel. Honey was also widely used. Thanks for this Mary. Always a good informative video.

  • that cabin is so natural and old school except that horrible granite countertop.totally kills the vibe. shoulda done butcher block for a cabin like that.

  • Sassafras tea is traditionally used to thin the blood in hot climates for staying cool in summer. DO NOT use if you are taking blood thinners. 1 scant tbsp sassafras root makes 1 gallon of tea. Bring to a boil, turn to lowest heat, cover and simmer on low heat for 2 hours. If you are using whole sassafras root, you can simmer for as long as 24 hr. The finished tea should look like red wine with a bit of oil slick on top as it cools. It it looks muddy, you boiled it for too long and it will not taste as good.

  • It’s called ‘Daddy water’ by my kids at our house. Water sometimes mineral water lemon or lime juice and raw honey. Been doing water kefir recently too.

  • The Haymakers Punch is my favorite drink!
    I’ve given the recipe to so many people and told them where I found it (Off Grid with Doug and Stacy/YouTube).
    I especially love it after working outside. Nothing quenches my thirst like this punch does.

  • I do understand it’s a great drink and booster,  But Apple Cider Vinegar has to be the nastiest liquid on Gods Green Earth.  I’ve tried many times to just consume it when needed, but it’s gut wrenching awful.

  • Made this stuff yesterday and it came out perfect I will continue to make this it’s amazing I do like my lemon so I add a little bit more to it other than that it’s an amazing drink thank you so much Stacy

  • Swizzle is so much better to drink when laboring in the heat. 8 years as a field archaeologist and I swear by this stuff. Also, you dont reek when you drink this while sweating as much. Didn’t do tons for my acne, but several other people had very good experiences. Might help clean the pores or something like that? Good stuff. Beats plain water when working hard in the heat.

  • I first found out about this drink from Jason Townsend on YouTube. I like to microplane the ginger and put a LOT in it. I love biting into those tiny explosions of flavor.

  • I first heard of this at a Christmas Market last year.

    Are there other flavours or spices that you can add to make it a different flavour or is it usually just the ginger?

  • 1800s hay-makers punch. in the 1800s they couldn’t go to the shop for all the ingredients and then put it in the fridge, what a farce

  • I have never used molasses I use honey or maple syrup. Mine is a gold color. I will have to try it that way. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • I made it this morning, with apple vinegar and with lemon. Both are good, but lemon is surely the winner. Very simple recipe and very nice result!

  • This sounds like a perfect fit for our preferred sweetener: Birch Syrup. We get ours from here: http://bit.ly/AlaskaBirchSyrup it’s like butter caramel. We like the lighter first run; subsequent runs develop a very strong flavor, too much for us. A bit price-y, but so much better than maple and we’re New Englanders:-P

  • I noticed that we never actually saw you drink the stuff, funny.
    I love these old time remedies and tricks, thanks for sharing some knowledge with us!!!
    so I made some of this, not bad at all. Thanks!!!

  • Mary this is wonderful! You are full of knowledge and I love it! I bet I could drink that because I drink all that kombucha. Lol. Hope you are having a great week. You look great! I am so interested in this. Does it give you energy when you drink it? I have to watch what I drink or eat during the day because I have a very sensitive stomach and they don’t know why but I am feeling so much better this week and so grateful. Been praying and God is leading me. This might help me too. Thank you Mary I need all those vitamins you mentioned. Sorry for the long comment been missing you������—-Tressa Daigle

  • My mother always talks about a drink made with powdered ginger that they would drink when harvesting hay. She’s from the eastern townships region in Quebec, Canada, not too far from the US border. It’s the first time i see a reference to this drink aside from my mother’s and my grandmother’s memories. I’d really like to know if it was also something the french did or if it’s something they learned from the english. eastern townships are almost half french, half english settlers, could be both options. great video, as always. I’ll make some and have my mother try it so she tells me if that’s the same thing they used to drink in the fields!

  • I heard of this from the ancient Greeks as well as the shrub drink from the victorians. I put my leftover strong black tea 2/3 full in a half gallon container and then the other third is some kind of fruit juice and I add apple cider vinegar and sometimes honey and it naturally carbonates it.

  • It’s sooooo delish! My Grandparents drank it for decades. It was called switchel with just water, honey and ACV but I add ginger root and tangerine essential oil.

  • I have neen making this drink now for 2-3 weeks, idont know how bit it has cured my acid reflux. Not 1 episode since i stared. Other stomach issue i wont get into as well.

  • I find these things very interesting… Paraphrased quote “”a drink to reinvigorate the weary traveler or field worker””.. The thing I find interesting is more than likely, people back then would feel the effects of different compounds in our food much stronger than we do today because today we are bombarded with chemicals and sugars that would probably send someone from back then into overdose shock.. So you can imagine the effect it would have on people back in that day, where as today,, dont really sound all that appetizing.

  • When I was Young and could work hard all day.Like loading Hay bales on a flat bed truck and trailer then stacking in barns.Or unloading Water melons,,,,, I would have a big glass of Milk when I got home.

  • This is amazing! I was just wondering if I could use the apple cider syrup as a sweetener? I know that this isn’t something that is popular in the US, but here in the Balkan it is very popular. It is full of iron and gives really nice flavor to everything.

  • Thanks! I’ll try it. Id like to try to make this recipe into a probiotic drink by excluding the ginger but then adding ginger bug juice and bottling it to give it some carbonation.

  • I didnt know it was a energy booster. I started drinking ACV w/ lemon ginger and honey for my stomach health and heartburn problem. Works like a charm. And after a while it has turned into a treat.

  • I’ll definitely make that..I drink vinegar/water, and honey lukewarm when I do yard work. I can get headaches from the heat I have found. The vinegar and it being lukewarm keeps me from a headache most of the time. So this will be great! Thanks

  • Couldn’t see it in the “cup” perhaps a glass would’ve been better. And you said how you couldn’t wait to have it-but you wouldn’t even take a drink. A little odd.

  • When I have an upset stomach or sour stomach or even acid reflex I drink warm water with apple vinegar to taste. Very good. I notice you can get sipping vinegar now at the grocery. Same idea but a bit strong.

  • So I watched your video yesterday. This morning I made the Switchel. As I am making it, I’m thinking “this isn’t going to be tasty”…. but my first taste and I really like it. I will be making this for my husband as well. The ginger gives it a nice kick. Thank you!

  • Sounds great, I’m always looking for more healthy ways to use ginger, I also like the comment about adding turmeric! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  • That looks really good for people with IBS or digestive problems. Could you add mint to it as well? With out messing up the original formula specifically. Thank you Doug and Stacy. Really liked your ducks. My grandmother had one for years it was her best friend she named him Geronimo. The design on their coup was fantastic I could tell how it was made just by looking at it. Really looking forward to practicing some of the techniques that I have seen in your videos.