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This delicious and smokey barbacoa brisket is made with a spicy chipotle sauce combined with other flavorful vegetables and spices. It gets even better: the barbacoa brisket is made in the slow cooker, making it tender and juicy! “Everyone loves Chipotle, meaning the eatery and the smoked jalapeño peppers. Trim any excessive fat from your brisket and place it in your slow cooker fat cap side down.

You don’t need a lot of fat on your brisket at all. Pour the rest of your liquid puree over your brisket ensuring that you coat the top and sides. Cook on low for 8 hours.

Slow Cooker Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket This Slow Cooker Smoky BBQ Beef brisket is cooked low and slow until tender, basted with a homemade brown BBQ Sauce that the brisket is cooked in, and then broiled to get that gorgeous BBQ caramelization. Slice it and serve with sides or pile it up high on sandwich rolls or sliders! Prep Time 5 minutes. In a small bowl, combine the chipotle chili powder, smoked paprika, ground black pepper, kosher salt and ground cumin. Rub this mixture on the beef brisket.

Place the brisket in a slow cooker set to low, pour the liquid smoke and stout around the brisket. Cook on low for 8-12 hours or on high 4-6 hours. Procedure.

To make the rub:Mix together salt, ancho chile powder, guajillo chile powder, cumin, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, chipotle powder, and ground cloves. Season beef shoulder roast liberally with rub all over. Fire up smoker or grill to 250°F, adding chunks of smoking wood chunks when at temperature. Place meat in slow cooker or Dutch oven and add beef stock, chipotle in adobo, lime juice, ground cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, cumin, coriander and oregano. Cook in slow cooker 8 hours on low, 6 hours on high, or in oven at 275˚F.

1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped. 1 small white onion, diced (alternatively, serve with pickled red onion) 2 jalapeños, sliced. Cotija cheese.

To make the braising liquid, combine the cumin, cloves, oregano, lime juice, chiles and sauce, garlic, beef broth, apple cider vinegar, and sour cream in a food processor. Shred the brisket with two forks and return to sauce, stirring until completely coated. To assemble the tacos, pile a couple tablespoons or so of barbacoa brisket on a plantain tortilla.

Top with pickled radishes, pickled onions, shredded cabbag. Once the beef brisket is browned on all sides, transfer to the slow cooker and cover with the sauce. Cover and cook for 4-6 hours on high, or 6-8 hours on low. Shred beef with 2 forks and serve over rice or on tortillas. Everyone loves Chipotle, meaning the eatery and the smoked jalapeño peppers.

After my last trip to the eatery I found myself thinking, “why don’t I just whip up 10x more of this meat for the. Slow Cooker Chipotle Barbacoa Brisket.

List of related literature:

Cover with foil, and return to smoker or grill grate over indirect heat, and smoke, maintaining temperature at 250°F, about 3 hours until very tender and sauce is absorbed, stirring every hour and basting with the dip if the meat looks dry.

“The South's Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection” by Matt Moore
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Remove the pan of brisket from the heat and let rest for 20 minutes.

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Scoring the fat cap on the brisket helped it render and let the potent spice rub penetrate the meat.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
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Remove brisket from marinade, dry with paper towels, and let it sit for ½ hour.

“Dadgum That's Good” by McLemore, John
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Add brisket to hot pan and brown on both sides.

“Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking” by Nathalie Dupree, Cynthia Graubart
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I know that parboiling is not the done thing in real slow-smoked barbecue, but this is grilling, not smoking.

“Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue: Barbecue Your Way to Greatness With 575 Lip-Smackin' Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue” by Paul Kirk, Bob Lyon
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plan to smoke the meat, liberally season the brisket on all sides with the rub, using your hands to rub the spices into the meat.

“Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight” by Maria Emmerich
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WOTE The brisket actually improves in flavor if braised 2 days ahead.

“The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes” by Ruth Reichl, John Willoughby, Zanne Early Stewart
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Place brisket on grill (preferably one with a cover) over medium heat and cook 10 minutes.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
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Wrapped in aluminum foil, the brisket cooked to a fully tender texture in 4 hours.

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  • Solid recipe, but you ought to consider de-glazing the pan you use to brown the meat in with the liquid mix you’re throwing away some wonderful flavor in there!

  • Looks good but it is also Bonging… < Possible mis-spelling... Fat content way to high..? Could be done but a leaner way would be better... Still a thumbs up for effort...

  • Disturbing things:

    1. Gordon Ramsey’s daughter is fat
    2. Gordon Ramsey’s daughter has no idea how to cook

    Just proves that celeb parents fuck up just like the rest of us, lol.

  • Civvie 11 should have watched this and included Gordon saying “good girl” over and over again whenever Hiro is talking to Mikiko in his Daikatana vid.

  • Tha Ramsay family on the beach
    Wife: Honey can you give me that suncream?

    Gordon: “Seasons it with soht and pepah and let it rest there for several minutes”

    Wife: HEYY

    Gordon: “Olive oil…in”

  • Watched this video last night and decided to make it today. Searched for hours to find the video again! Not making that mistake twice.. subbed! Thank you!

  • Hey jack try it with pickled red onions oh my god it is so good… have a wicked great weekend.. love the videos new subscriber….

  • Just made this today for tomorrow’s superbowl party. I’m now looking at other recipes for barbacoa because the flavor didn’t pack as much of a punch as expected, and I’m seeing every other recipe have only 1 or 2 cups of beef stock. Also didn’t see bay leaves in your recipe list and of course I forgot to add em. I’m also seeing everyone else put oregano in as well which may bring on some more flavor.

  • I made this today and it is amazing, great tasting, Will continue to make this all the time. Thank you for sharing. One question, where did you get that blender/processor? Love it.

  • You say bay leaves but i dont see you put it in?? But just put my brisket in the oven with these ingredients, didnt like others put paprika

  • ok, i’m not going to act like i wouldn’t eat the hell out of this, but i think it’s a huge shame you didn’t get any type of color on the meat. there’s no caramelization, no crunchy texture to the meat to contrast with that perfect inside you got. just my opinion

  • Technically, you CAN see smell if Ayou have one of the many forms of Synesthesia OR BThe Smell is Smoke.

    In the latter case, call a Fireman.

    In the former, I would be greatly jealous of you. The world must be a beautiful place.

  • Thank you. This is exactly like the title. Simple Beef Brisket. And I appreciated the explanations as to why you did what you did and the why about the fat side up. glad to have fell onto your brisket recipe. Happy Cooking!!!!

  • Wow! Thx for that recipe. We had a porkbutt and cooked it up in the crockpot yesterday. We did only use one chipotle though. Man that stuff is hot!!! It was delicious! Will be making lots more stuff with that recipe! Thx again!

  • I like to see more crock pot or somewhat like these recipes. Set and forget it for busy people who want to eat good. I’m liking more and more of your cooking. Thanks!

  • Looks Good Jack.   Big fan. I have enjoyed all your recipes.   Thinking I might do this for the fourth of July celebration.  Keep up the good work.   Regards

  • most green sauces on taco stands contain cilantro and onion this is on point maybe a flower tortilla gonna try this, taco bell is more like tex mex which is okay but this the real taco taste of mexico

  • I make this with chicken all the time! Also, favorite brand of apple cider vinegar there. Just got a Grilla after watching your video on it, in love with it so far!

  • Jack, what would be an alternate choice for cilantro?  I understand it’s like one of the holies in Mexican cooking, but there is a fair percentage of people whose palate finds cilantro to have a disgusting soapy/corpse taste to it.  I am among that percentage, I think cilantro tastes absolutely revolting.

  • One thing that really makes me cringe is she was wearing a ring while handling raw meat������ edit: That sounded mean. Sorry. Just a suggestion next time take the ring off or wear gloves

  • Jack!!!! Ever try one of those slow cooker liners? I use them and they’re great. One drawback, I still wash that cooker.
    A big yellow onion, diced tomatoes and a little Dairy brand sour cream to cool the mouth down. Corn tortillas only please! ������������������������������������������������������������������������.

  • All the thumbs down are from vegematics! A vegetarian is a buffoon from the old times (same today probably) who couldn´t hunt fish or make a fire!!!!

  • Jack / all,

    check out the tacos (they have barbacoa) at this food truck 230 Thompson Ln
    Nashville, TN 37211

    super good and only like 1 dollar per taco

  • Hey Kaitlyn, I loved and subbed lol this looks awesome! Making it tomorrow for the superbowl! I was wondering I’ve seen a ton of recipes that use Bayleave is that not right? Thanks SO much. 😉

  • WTH?! Why would you make something like this? You realize I’m gonna have to make this as it looks absolutely delicious! I’m on it! I’m making this tomorrow! Damn! Looks soooooooo gooooooooooooood!!!! ��������

  • It was a great idea to brown the meat first…. but you should actually brown the meat! You barely had any color on it! Everything else looked good except to cooking in plastic. Those ceramic slow-cooker pots are easy enough to clean.

  • Best way to cut meat like this is to freeze it alittle its alot easier to handle and I make my barbacoa in my instant pot electric pressure cooker and its amazing, dont like cooking in plastic bags because of the BPA

  • so for two years when you first started the never done bbq even though you promote sauce and spice you make.and i came up with cooking for jack too don’t deny are losing honesty integrety every day

  • Recipe is good…but U R PLAYING WITH UR HEALTH…by putting plastic bag underneath the dish…just for easy cleanup…don’t u know..plastic releases toxic fumes on heating…n it gets transferred to your food

  • To all who are saying “this is not barbacoa”…it’s not MEANT to be authentic barbacoa!! THIS is a COPYCAT recipe for the “barbacoa” they serve at Chipotle restaurant. It’s a fast food restaurant owned by McDonald’s, so of course it’s not going to be authentic!! The same way Taco Bell is not authentic. At any rate, thank you for this copycat recipe, Tassie! I’ll be trying it out some time next week! ������

  • Looks like a delicious recipe, my only concern is the clove. Can I make this and only omit the clove and still have a delicious recipe? Thank you.

  • Thank you for the recipe and video. I made this for my family and it came out awesome. Beef came out just like Chipotle!!! All though I didn’t take head to your discretion on the chipotle peppers and it came out spicy. I loved it! It was to spicy for the kids.

  • Wow Coop!, I haven’t had good brisket since my Daddy passed away. He made the best. Your recipe might just give me what I’ve been missing. Thanks for sharing.

  • looks great but for northern barbacoa exclude the lime juice, the chipotle peppers, do not sear the meat, the cummin powder use pinch of whole cummin, the apple vinegar,

  • australian english (or nz english? i can`t tell the difference) is so unpleasant to my ears. like portuguese. that fact just punched me in the face

  • this recipe looks amazing! i live in germany and only have access to the old el paso ‘seasoning mix for chilli’…your package says ‘chilli spice mix’….the packages also look different. could it be the same spices just packaged differently? is the ‘chilli spice mix’ only available in australia? many thanks!

  • made this and its in my crock lot right now. Stick all things in blender except the meat n bay leaves and onion. Pour over top n let it cook. It melts in our mouths. Gonna make lime cilantro rice and make bowls.

  • I just tried this recipe and hated it, it just has too much cummin flavor (I used half of what he said) Better out trying a real Texas style brisket

  • That’s actually a bad way to explain; you did a double layer of foil, and didnt say why we need the parchment paper. Also did not indicate farenheit or celcius

  • I dig it! I’ll give it a go. Although I’ve started making my own tacos as they aren’t that hard and are far better than the stuff from the store!

  • I Made it,  today and its DELICIOUS!! Beef was so soft and moist  and a perfect bite with salsa and sour cream mix  together, Thank you and please make so more easy and fast recipes.

  • In the U.S., barbacoa is often prepared with parts from the heads of cattle, such as the cheeks. In northern Mexico, it is also sometimes made from beef head, but more often it is prepared from goat meat (cabrito).

  • Let me tell you lol….I tried to lift my brisket out the crockpot and it fell apart lol. After letting it sit for about an hour I just tasted it and it so tender! I did a brisket rub and I make my own onion soup mix and it is so good. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Coop, looks amazing!! Just purchased this rub as well. I would that I’d waited before I made a dried mess of my first brisket last week ��, but at least it was a half one and not a whole one. I’ll try this, thanks!!

  • This is not barbacoa. Did you learn this from working at chipotle back in the day? Lets start with using the correct meat, then we can discuss how to season it properly.

  • Wow, it is possible then! Always wondered about brisket in a slow cooker but never dare to try it after my turkey fiasco. You rock, thanks for the video! What do you think about using liquid smoke on the brisket just to make it a more bbq experience?