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1 2/3 cups (5 ounces) frozen shelled edamame, defrosted 1 1/2 teaspoons tahini 1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon lemon zest, finely grated 1 small garlic clove 1 tablespoon olive oil Sea salt 4 (2 ounce) slices whole-grain rye pumpernickel bread, toasted 6 ounces cold-smoked salmon. Assembly. 4 slices Danish rye or pumpernickel bread. 8 ounces sliced smoked salmon. 3 radishes, thinly sliced.

2 tablespoons salmon or trout roe (optional) Dill sprigs and flat-leaf parsley leaves. Make the sandwiches by spreading some butter on the bread and add salad, a slice of salmon, some sauce and dill Image and recipe courtesy of IKEA Note: if you’d rather not cook at all, then pre-made bread of a good dark variety like pumpernickle or dark rye is a perfect choice too. 1 1/2 cups sour cream.

2 cups cooked baby shrimp (aka “bay shrimp” or “fancy shrimp”) plus 1 cup shrimp for garnish. 2 bunches dill (finely chopped) 1/4 cup sweet red pepper (or green, finely chopped) 2 avocadoes. 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

1/4 cup red onion (finely chopped) 1/2 pound smoked salmon. DIRECTIONS. Butter each slice of bread you want to use then proceed with ingredients for any one of the options below: Salami and tomato cover the bread with slices of salami.

Add slices of tomato and some onion rings. Prawns and lemon put a lettuce leaf onto the bread. How to make smoked salmon sandwiches Assemble the Sandwich – On one of the slices of bread spread some cream cheese evenly over the entire thing.

Layer with smoked salmon, followed by avocado slices, tomatoes, radishes, and alfalfa sprouts. Top with. Smoked salmon and cucumber smørrebrød: Spread the mayonnaise on the bread.

Arrange the thinly cut cucumber and the smoked salmon slices on top. Add the lemon slice, garnish with spring onion rings and some cayenne pepper, if desired. Salami smørrebrød: Butter the bread. Arrange the salami, tomato wedges, red onion rings and diced gherkins on top. 8 hard-boiled large eggs, chopped fine.

2/3 cup mayonnaise. 2 scallions (white and pale green parts only), chopped fine. 1 teaspoon drained capers, chopped. For smoked salmon filling.

10 ounces. Cover one side of the sandwich with slices of salmon. Season with lemon juice and spices/herbs. Put the slices together, cut off the crusts, and slice the sandwich diagonally two times to create four triangle finger sandwiches.

Lined up in café windows, served in specialty restaurants, and packed into their very own lunch boxes, sandwiches are everywhere in Denmark. They’re piled high with pickled herring, spoonfuls of sharp horseradish cream, and mounds of fresh shrimp. But forget what you think you know about sandwiches; these guys are in a different class entirely.

Allow me to introduce you to Denmark’s—and.

List of related literature:

very thinly at a slight angle, roll up the Dry the salmon fillets well with paper towslices and arrange them on a platter.

“Estonian Tastes and Traditions” by Karin Annus Kärner
from Estonian Tastes and Traditions
by Karin Annus Kärner
Hippocrene Books, 2005

Place the salmon fillet on the baking sheet, spread the mayo on top, and sprinkle with the chopped herbs and sea salt and pepper to taste.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
by Drew Manning
Hay House, 2019

Add butter, mustard, cayenne, blended with horseradish, butter, and bread crumbs and 2 cups bread crumbs and blend to a smooth and spread on top of a salmon fillet.

“The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes” by Ruth Reichl, John Willoughby, Zanne Early Stewart
from The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes
by Ruth Reichl, John Willoughby, Zanne Early Stewart
Houghton Mifflin, 2006

In our search for a supremely crunchy and flavorful topping for our Horseradish­Crusted Salmon, we found that fresh bread crumbs didn’t brown enough, plus they were too time­consuming to prepare for this recipe.

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
from The America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America’s Most Trusted Test Kitchen
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2012

Next, combine the salmon, potato, shallot, egg, and bread crumbs in a bowl, and add the Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

“Implant Dentistry E-Book” by Arun K. Garg
from Implant Dentistry E-Book
by Arun K. Garg
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

Using the food processor ensured the salmon was chopped just right, and binding the patties with crunchy panko bread crumbs (and a little mayo) helped prevent a mushy texture.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

While the salmon is roasting, make the aioli: In a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, dill, lemon juice, and garlic.

“Easy Keto Dinners: Flavorful Low-Carb Meals For Any Night of the Week” by Carolyn Ketchum
from Easy Keto Dinners: Flavorful Low-Carb Meals For Any Night of the Week
by Carolyn Ketchum
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Smoked salmon, served raw on buttered brown bread, with just a squeeze of lemon and a grinding of black pepper, is perhaps the quintessential product of the cold-smoker’s art.

“The River Cottage Fish Book” by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nick Fisher, Simon Wheeler
from The River Cottage Fish Book
by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nick Fisher, Simon Wheeler
Bloomsbury, 2007

Thinly slice the salmon, garnish with fresh dill and lemon slices, and serve with mustard sauce drizzled over the salmon, or with a dab of horseradish cream on the side.

“The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook” by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
from The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook
by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
Simon & Schuster, 2008

This new and improved recipe uses the same concept of fresh salmon fillets with a crunchy, flavorful topping, but it replaces the panko crumbs with a mixture of almonds and Parmesan cheese.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

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  • Hey. I know you speak English. But we fucken don’t.

    Keep in mind, your accent sucks for TV. No ideas what the fuck your say.

    Try to a little more clearer, because your lecture is important, it continues the legacy of the dish and your culture.

    So with Mate, for fuck sake, speak clear…


  • You’re butchering it. I’ve worked as a chef, Danish chef, and you bet your arse we learn to make this, it is drilled in to your skull (let me know if you want some pics of my work) please call your Sandwiches “American jewish sandwiches” not Smørrebrød, it’s like calling a hotdog a steak. Or call it Danish smørrebrød inspired sandwiches.
    You do get the basic idea, but you’re not getting it.
    I hate to sound like a rage commenter but, making “smørrebrød” is a speciality that takes 2½ years of training, then you have the protected title of “Smørrebrødsjomfru” (weird name really, it means openfacesandwich virgin or maiden). It is an elegant dish, little pieces of art, where you don’t just mix everything together and call it what you want. No, you put layers, you cover all of the bread or you don’t make it at all.
    You serve on sour dough rye bread, this is very important, as it is part of the flavour profile. Not just bread with syrup in it to make it dark, and don’t forget dark puppy seed on the top of the bread you bake (actually that is optional, I just like how it looks).

  • Wow… first off. Good try… then to the feedback.
    This type of dish is specifically Danish, and yes, Denmark is in Scandinavia, but smørrebrød is only from Denmark. Being a Swedish neighbour I love a good smørrebrød when visiting Denmark though!
    Then to the bread… I like that you didn’t just buy the bread, but the bread you made in the video was certainly not a Danish rhye bread… You should make an effort to to research on the dish. And the salmon looked nice, but was not cold smoked like it should be. Try the same recipe, but with the proper bread and it’s probably a tasty dish anyway.

  • I LOVE yoir videos
    They are so beautiful and your vibe is so loveable and authentic xx thabk you for taking the time. To make such inspiring videos x

  • The comment section reads like a philosophical debate on what it means to be a “sandwich.” Is it the preparation technique or is it the cultural classification???

  • The egg is pretty normal on smørrebrød, u Can actually put anything u Want om there it’s only limited by your imagination. The only thing is as others mentioned it should be full rye, or maybe just most rye compared to half and half and yeah it should have had butter and then u can put any sauce or whatever u want as well. Looks delicious �� oh yeah and please don’t call it a sandwich not even opened faced����

  • All the three recipe were fabulous! I feel like I have to step up my sandwich game now:D Feeling SUPER inspired to try new combinations now!
    I have also seen a lot of vegan salmon recipes but I feel yours is just crafted in such a careful and complete way it must taste incredible! Maybe one day I will get out of my comfort zone and prepare such a complex sandwich topping:D

    Anyways, sending you lots of love!
    Stay safe and keep creating amazing dishes for us!

  • I’d say that smørrebrød you made is great, ’cause it’s normal to eat smørrebrød with salmon, shrimp and other fresh meats from the ocean on lighter bread, and not ryebread. Anything else is with ryebread though.

  • Beautiful video and food as usual ��
    Is that bread gluten free? I think I heard in one of yor videos that you couldnt eat gluten and that bread looks so delicious, it didn’t look GF to me��. I cannot eat gluten that’s why I ask☺️

  • An adventurous first try at smørrebrød! If you do try it again, which you mention you might, there were some good suggestions in the comments re rye-only rugbrød, slice thickness the Smørre guys cut theirs quite thick, curing. I think it would be really interesting to find some Danes to give you tips that weren’t covered by the Smørre guys. I recommend using a knife and fork. This is not a ‘sandwich’ easily eaten with the hands. And always, snaps and beer! Danish snaps if you can North American akvavit isn’t there yet. I keep testing ��. Maybe try making your own kryddersnaps (herb-infused snaps).

    My favourite smørrebrød is leverpostej on rugbrød with rødbeder (Danish liverpaste on dark rye with pickled red beetroot, good pinch of Læsø salt on the leverpostej. Maldon salt will do if you can’t find Læsø.) Side note: the whisk you use to mix the dough is called a farsrører. It’s actually for mixing ground meat and fat, most commonly for frikadeller (Danish meatballs). It’s only recently found a new life as a dough mixer!

  • That salt roasting is on my next trylist. I’ll roast pumkin✌️����. No carrots here.☹️.
    All recipes were ��������but that carrot recipe is ����

  • The best herring is filets marinated in a light oil with onions, simple but absolutely tasty emphasizing the fish taste and onions together, don’t even need bread for that.

  • This looks and must seems delicious, but it has nothing do with Danish smorgasbord. The only likelihood with smorgasbord is the rye bread!

  • No, it’s actually not fine that the scrambled egg is warm it should be chilled, set and cut as a slice. This will ruin the salmon somewhat. (Just in case anyone tries this at home)

  • I have zero interest in fish dishes. Period. Hate fish.

    Yet I’ve watched this kids video about 40 times. His technique is amazing and this is a great look at an international dish that I could make with something else.


  • My husband is Finnish and I’m Mexican-American, when I first met him he offered me a sandwich. He was a student and barely had anything in his fridge. Well anywho, this was before we were vegan, and he handed me an open faced sandwich with lettuce, deli ham, slice of cheese, cucumber and tomato slices. I asked, “where is the top slice?” and he looked at me like if I was a freak lol I love open faced sandwiches now, I prefer them over closed sandwiches unless it’s a chickpea salad sammie, all the goodness needs to be contained lol

  • The worst Smørrebrød I have ever seen, Danish Smørrebrød is food art which lacks here. Number one rule of a Smørrebrød none of the bread should be showing

  • You can pronounce Desi as De-see Ga-li
    Your pronounciation of gali was like gaali,which means abuse in Hindi language fro where the name comes from, LoL

  • I will never understand how the English became experts In the culinary industry. I mean they left their Island by the millions and traveled explored the world because of how limited and bad the food was. Having that said I watched this because I’ve never seen to many mackeral recipes. I’ll try it but I think the English/Irish “what ever” get a pass is because of their ability to be somewhat understood whole sounding foreign.

  • Love that Sebastian 1 (aussie-chap) absolutely nails the pronunciation of smørrebrød!
    Sure, should be expected from a guy co-running a place as they are, but props for even having the ‘slurred-version’ at 4:11 (“our rendition of a potato smørrebrød”) down to a tee warms my heart!:D

    Super interesting episode, of seeing them make a Danish staple with what they have available in NYC loved it! Best of luck to the guys running Smør!

  • Looks delicious. Tasted well, I think. but it’s more your vision of Danish sandwich bread, not really Danish sandwich bread, which is completely different, both with bread and wats on, but the look is good, but you can find pictures of Danish butter bread on the internet so you can see the correct ones about you do not remember when you were here he he, good luck

  • “that is fucking good”
    your reaction to the food you make is almost better than your critical opinion, tells me almost all i need to know about how well it turned out

  • Everything is just wrong, first dont Call it Nordic in The title its danish. Second The Bread is totally wrong danish Rye bread is totally diffrent 3 you forgot butter, it half of The name!

  • It looks awesome, I’m Italian but I love these flavors…it’s like a kicked up potato salad with pickled taste, n I love pickles n fish so I want to make this

  • Another Dane here 😉 I think you did a great job! It looked delicious (although the bread was a little light) and FYI a lot of people eat the type of salmon you made (it doesn’t have to be cold smoked) 10/10 for effort and presentation and I’m sure it tasted restaurant-worthy, I would def eat the entire thing!

  • You really should have attempted working with a more classic danish ryebread. It allows a very different taste combination as it is a heavier bread. It basically opens up for more powerful flavours in what you put on the bread, as the bread brings more to the table itself.

  • What the hell are those monstrosities. Probably reinvented to pump the price:D
    Your version looks better, also white bread is better for salmon.
    I wish I had salmon in the house now…

  • As a dane, i will try to explain to you, how it’s pronounced. Smoeerebroeeed. The oe is how the ø is kind of pronounced, tho you need to combine the oe, so it sounds like when you say the “i” in first. The pronunciation of the “i” in first, is the ø in Danish, if you say it while rounding your lips. Also the “u” in burst. REMEMBER TO MAKE KIND OF A ROUND KISS MOUTH. Have a wonderful day. Good karma.

  • It is probably a us version of the Danish smørrebrød but it is a nice version of it. I am danish. The next time I come to the USA, I have to make grace of Danish food for you. Laugh out loud

  • As an actual smørrebrødsjomfru this kinda hurts me. You made a delicious meal but it was not smørrebrød and you were fed a lot of wrong information. A traditional smoked salmon is served with scrambled eggs or a similar thing called æggestand, and it also is served with chives, dild and lime on the top.also the one with potatoes you where served is traditionally served with sliced potatoes, mayo, onions, chives and bacon. The ones here writing that you can put anything on is technically right, but there is specific smørrebrød that is traditionally always made in the same specific way �� but love the effort and side note, if you put the eggs in boiling water they need 7,5 minutes to be smiling as you wanted them ��

  • Well that is not rye bread, that is very light bread compared to what you would usually use! And you need more on it, and it’s not an o it’s ø -which is a completely different letter
    Okay I’m done now

  • DA: En ting som mine med-Danskere må forstå er at selv om han ikke laver en af klassikerne forstå han stadig and inkorporere de typiske smage og aromaer og konsistenser man bør have i et stykke smørrebrød.

    EN One thing my fellow Danes need to understand is that even though he didn’t prepare one of the classics, he still manages to incorporate the flavors, aromas and mouth-feels you want on a Danish Open-Faced

    Bonus fakt DA: Det hedder faktisk ikke Smørrebrød pga. Smør, men er navngivet efter det at smørre noget på noget, smør er også navngivet efter det at smørre.
    Bonus fact EN: It’s called “smørrebrød”, not because of the Danish word for butter, but because of the Danish word for spreading someone or covering in a substance. Butter is also named after this in Danish.

  • In Finland we usually cure the salmon for 2 days or so. Really needs a longer time to achieve that texture you wanted. Also I would not add that much sugar, traditionally try honey instead:) Nice video nonetheless!

  • Mike, I tried to order the Mowi Salmon from the Amazon link that was under your list. Came back “Sorry, Could not find your page”, try ordering from Amazon directly. I went to Amazon and they don’t even show it. They show others but not the “Mowi”. What do I do now? I love salmon and what you made really looked good.

  • All the butthurt rage at calling a sandwich a sandwich is hilarious. Y’all can call it Uncle Bob for all it matters, in the end it’s still an open-faced sammich. A rather tasty looking one, too!

    Sandwich is bread or bun with toppings…open or not…doesn’t matter if it’s “special” toppings with “special” ratios. Whole drama is as funny as telling an American that french fries are basically pomme frites…almost always causes the same level of butthurt. “But, but, ours are DIFFERENT!” No, not really…

  • If you truly visited Denmark (1) You didn’t learn pronunciation of Smørrebrød  or København ; (2) didn’t learn that Danes ALWAYS eat the sandwich with Fork & Knife on a Plate…not picking it up like a total SLOB & having the artfully arranged toppings fall on the floor!

  • Everything they say is wrong smørrebrød is a slab of “bread that’ll keep” with “whatever’s in the fridge” it’s not high cuisine it’s good fucking food (Everything in Smørrebrød is salted, pickled, smoked or briened it’s meant to last) even the bread will last for weeks, if kept correctly.

  • Smørrebrød is not a sandwich. Smørrebrød is smørrebrød. And sandwich is sandwich. That is how we Danes see it. Like… You don’t go around and call a pizza for sandwich do you? And NO, it is not nordic. It is a Danish thing and not Nordic.

  • Looks so Nice. If you want to be Even more authentic you have to use ryebread in thin slices and you need loads more stuffing to get it higher. As my old Chef d’Cuisine use to yell “DER SKAL HØJDE PÅ” (It needs hight)

  • u got the bread all wrong, its like 10% whole wheat flour max.
    and its not a sandwish, and its no near a real smørrebrød you made:D

  • Wooow the last recipe is just pure ART!!�� Love your recipes!! Thank you so much!!!! I am from Finland and this is such a nice take on the salmon toast we also enjoy here:) thank you so much Malin!

  • Oooh this bread would never be accepted for Smørrebrød. Dark rye sour dough bread is your only choice.
    Otherwise thank you for this!

  • omg! all the people in the comments are so irritating. he isn’t trying to make a traditional or carbon copy of the recipe. It’s a series that is inspired by the “sandwich-like” recipes from different countries. For him, he interpreted it as an open-faced sandwich, and for a chef from another country they might interpret it like some kind of “tostada” like in some Latin American countries…..get over it. I feel like if you aren’t giving constructive feedback like new recipe ideas and are just trying to criticise…..then don’t watch it!

  • Your videos are always so aesthetically pleasing and the food always seem so beautiful and delicious. Love watching your content ��

  • Farmed salmon from Norway has proven to be some of the most toxic foods. they get fed all kinds of anti biotics and herbacides. a french lab did some tests on a bunch of the fish from there.

  • i dont understand why all of you go the same places torvehallerne and lagkagehuset is only a place for stupid tourists who like to get the wrong impresion of wienerbrød and smørrebrød

  • I dont like the bread you have baked it is way to fine for me. The samon looked good. I wouldnt use eggs on a samon smørrebread. I would make a mustard and oil dressing with a lot of dill. ;o)

  • Important to note, its spesifically danish to use rye bread, Norwegians don’t use it, they go wild for a whiter type of bread called kneip. In fact, for me at leas the type of bread depends on what I want on top. For savory stuff, salmon, eggs, hams and what have you rye is perfect, but for sweeter things like jam you go for whiter bread.

  • The salmon should be cold smoked, not like this. Cold smoked is easier to slice. One of the most important things to do with traditional skandi smoked salmon is to dry it a few days. Commercially smoked salmon is not dried. I used to work at a salmon factory in Norway. I smoked salmon together with my grandfather, while drinking a case of norwegian beer (so no tuborg or carlberg). Being norwegian I know the Danish Smørrebrød game is light years ahead, of us. “Det er deijlig å være norsk i Danmark”. #kamelåså #sugglekuge

  • Hey man, love your stuff!

    However, it’s really sad to see you ignorantly take sponsorship from mowi, you should really research a little about how the farm fish industry are destroying norwegian fjords.. This especially is true for the salmon industry:(

  • I would love to see you try and make it fully traditional. Darker rye, more seeds like linseed/sunflower seeds, scrambled eggs and chives. Maybe instead of smoking make gravad laks with cornichons and honey mustard as toppings. The fun part of Smørrebrød is the fact that you play around with it, cold kitchen or hot kitchen it don’t matter, anything goes.

  • This is the one I requested! Thank you SO much for making it.

    Love, love, love the video! Everything looks incredible! Will definitely be trying these recipes out.

    p.s. You totally have the ‘under promise, over deliver’ thing down. “Oh the Danes make these fancy ones and mine are so rustic”. *proceeds to produce three sandwiches which are each visual masterpieces*🙂

  • His accent is hella different danish/scottish. U dont get to hear this accent often.
    // En broder från sverige


    He wasent danish:/

  • Sandwiches are life! I absolutely adore them!
    And your videos are now the highlight of my day each time you upload. Ifell in love with them as soon as I stumbled upon them but now, your rustic and relaxing but artistic and beautiful content is just what my soul needs the most <3

  • So delicious! The one with ”smoked carrot” looks appetizing. Can you tell me what is written on the magnet you got on your fridge? I’m curious because I can see some polish words, or am I wrong? ���� x

  • cured AND smoked? thats weird, but probably good.
    Also, usually the curing process takes several days when we do it for christmas. Its good to mix in some mustard seeds and some dill in the curing mix too. Just remember to put a brick or something heavy on top of the salmon while it cures.

  • I’m from Denmark. And my favorite is Roastbeef with horseradish, and second is the potato with mayo.

  • I was into it until you started promoting Norwegian salmon after watching a documentary about salmon farming there, I can’t help thinking about the parasites and diseases in those filets.

  • Open faced sandwiches didn’t need a recipe… Its just a slice of bread with whatever you want on it.. A slice of bread with.. Strawberry jam is an open faced sandwich

  • My moms curry herring is like the best thing in the world, and now I miss Christmas and Easter lunch ���� (btw I think most people use mayo when making it ��)

  • Instead of roasting Rugbrød in the oven. Try what one of the Danish restaurants do. Fry it on a pan in so much butter that it nearly floats in fatt. The oven way, is the poor man’s way.

  • As a first go, that was amazing! I am a swede but live quite close to Denmark and I love smørrebrød! I also love gravad (cured) salmon and I can help you with yours. The 24 hour piece salmon was better because it lost more liquid and was in the bottom of your container meaning it was at least a little bit weighed down.
    For your next try I would advise you to enclose your salmon in the salt & sugar mixture (add dry spices and/herbs if you want to) in a vessel with holes in the bottom so that the liquid can drain away from the salmon. You want your salmon dry!! You can use the container you had just drill some holes into it. Put that container in another vessel, not touching the bottom because remember keep your salmon dry! �� Now you weigh your salmon down. Put a silicon bakemat or plasticwrapon top of the salmon and weigh down with a pot, bakingtray or something else fitting. If you have a whole side of salmon, put some cans in the tray that´s on top as you then need something heavier. The idea is to encourage the liquid that the salt&sugar mixture is pulling out to drip out faster and from deeper within. The weight also gives it that nice texture and enables you to slice the cured salmon in thin slices.
    Wow, this became a long post but I saw something you easily could change if you ever wanted to cure salmon again so I couldnt help myself. I hope my explanation made somewhat sense. After writing all of this I remembered that Brad from Bon Appétit made a video where he made cured salmon for the first time. It´s called “Brad makes Gravlax (cured salmon)…”. Yes..I checked just to be sure.
    Well…take care and good luck!

  • I just need you to know that whenever I see a notification about a new good eatings video, I smile! It’s often when I’m having some mid morning coffee. What a cozy feeling. And perfect timing, I just did groceries and have all the items for the first sandwich! Lunch is sorted:)

  • Oh, dont let the bitter Danes get to you. We have the exact same sandwiches here in Norway, in Sweden to. In different variations though. The salmon with eggs are basicly the same wherever you go in Scandinavia. However we all use different types of bread, and while the Danes love to go out for a smørbrød, we usually make them at home in Norway and Sweden for festivities (except for shrimp sandwiches, and salmon egg sandwhiches which you can buy anywhere). There are som more exclusive Danish types we dont have though, like “Dyrlægens nattmad” or something in Danish. Denmark have a huge smørbrød fetish, and make some very good ones.

  • i guess im the minority, i just found him fucking annoying and pretentious. I’ve lived in Ireland for some years, so I guess thatswhy.

  • You look like a weirdo with a man bun there’s nothing manly about a bun and your not a samurai and you don’t need a top knot damn snowflakes

  • Max!!! the germans eat these open faced sandwiches for an evening meal called “abendbrot” you don’t pick them up to eat them. you cut off a piece with a knife. just big enough to fit in your mouth. leave the sandwich on the wooden board and eat one “bite” at a time. that way…nothing falls down. try it, it works really well!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  • Im probably late to the party, but you NEVER EVER make them on anything else than ryebread. Soft breads tend to make the “toppings” too nasty and mushy. But A for efforts tho!

  • How do you fuck smørrebrød!! The rule is Rye bread, butter, lots of meats or (what ever you like) and the same amound of topping. It should be 20% Rye 40% meats and 40% topping. Thats real danish smørrebrød. The remoulade looks good though.

  • scandinavia and eastern europe is also all about open faced sandwiches, i love them. perfect balance between bread and toppings. and all those bagets and other things are tooooooo big to bite. all mess there. open faced sandwich is the only proper way to go:D

  • I remember when he was on Bourdain’s Parts Unknown when he was still apprenticing in Noma. His dessert was Bourdain’s and everybody’s favourite. Nice to see that he has progressed.

  • this man loves his dirty food, apparently. can’t blame him. I go through a week about twice a year where I just have to make a ton of hotdogs with all kinds of toppings like he’s describing.

  • I’m a sous chef and I gotta say I loved this video you did everything right imo I love this. In fact I’ll try it right now. Cheers.

  • Althought he cut himself, and over boiled the brine. This guy is a very skilled cook, you can see it in his knowledge and execution.

  • The amount of funk on those hands is a violent puke fest waiting to happen. Let Lizzie know you need to buff tose nails after swabbing that rotten crotch.

  • The fuck are u talking about? “We could stop and we would be there” hahahhahaha NO, smørrebrød is not just bread with butter, wtf is wrong with you not researching about the topic u make a whole video about. morron. Ur food looks delicious.

  • Looks sooo deliciuos Sam, but you need more leaven in that bread, and a bunch of delicious seeds inside. Thats really makes the difference 😉

  • It’s very nice
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    for trying all kinds of Indian, Middle eastern and Asian food.

    Thank you

  • Wrong bread, too much bread and too thick slices. You’re using soft, airy breakfasty ‘franskbrød’ (white bread with just a little rye) with a totally wrong consistence, structure and bite and not the dense, coarse, heavier true sour dough based ‘rugbrød’ (rye bread). A blasphemic taste experience.

  • Wow.. I never thought I should feel offended by one of our most important sources of life called food.. You should never call our lovely all through amazing smørrebrød for a sandwich..!!

    Well then people from outside Denmark have to learn to say (Smørrebrød) If you go to Italy at a restaurant and want to order Porchetta then you probably do not say.. ‘I would like to order rolled pork stuffed with herbs and scratched pork skins all around’ You have to respect what things are now called no matter what the synonyms may be. Lesson ended

  • there’s a freaking many different hearings… an marinaded in vinaigrette is the most common one, ofen with egg and a carrydressing and snap’s to drink with so the hearing have something to “swim” in

  • Egg and prawn with Celeri? Never heard that one before, nor the chives thing, but I bet it’s good. And the herring slice was also amazing. Better looking like the stuff we by in a glass.

  • That kind of sandwiches are very popular in Poland to (maybe without shrimps). I didn’t even know that such a simple sandwich could be called a national dish. Lol. Scandinavians know how to make business:D

  • Sorry….. I’ll eat all of those, (I did actually) but I like my scrambled eggs as dry as the Sahara desert. (not fried though. I like those over medium.)

  • Good job! Might want to take a tiny sip of Aquavit (schnapps you can buy it here in the States) with the herring, just changes the flavor to out of this world.
    Also use a knife and fork, cut that bread into 4 squares. You can buy legit rugbrod (rye bread) in the USA under the Mestemacher label (wife uses the 3-grain).
    Good video, looks delicious!

  • First! So delighted to have your notification pop into my field of vision while watching a video about standing desks…These recipes look delicious, affordable, and achievable. Thanks to you, and to Rob, for your incredibly beautiful and substantive offerings. Vegan has never looked so good!

  • It’s nice to see something other than Stjerneskud but you should really try Dyrelægens Natmad og Sprængt Oksebryst med Peberrodsalat. Hell, even a Rullepølse med Italiensk Salat… and now I’m hungry.

  • I love lever pate open faced sandwich with bacon and gelatin meat juice thingy. Also love stjerneskud witch is breaded fish with shrimp on top.

  • It’s really funny to read these comments as a Dane. Your bread looks wonderful! And the comments are too harsh I think. But I do understand where they come from. Your bread looks like the kind of rye bread we make for our younglings, which is less dense and has no seeds as opposed to traditional rye bread.
    Smørrebrød comes in a different variety where the bread is made of wheat, but it is called “landgangsbrød” and is pretty different. Then again, there are local and regional differences as well.

    In Denmark, “rugbrød” (literally “rye bread”) means a very specific thing, and your bread is not it. But it definitely is a bread with rye. And it looks so delicious!

  • no no you cannot place hot food in plastic. same reason you cant use plastic in the microwave. heated plastic gives off toxins called dioxins that are cancer causing. place the carrots in a glass container cover with parchment or soy wax paper and place in the fridge overnight. cant wait to try this recipe as we used to love smoked salmon. just don’t put the carrots in plastic and then fill with warm liquid.

  • excuse me, no way danes will win! iwhole scandinavia and eastern europe is all about open faced sandwiches. our estonian sandwiches are way ahead danish ones:D

  • I’m reminded of a lunch i had with my Norwegian aunt, I was the guest of honor at her house and she made open faced sandwiches. They were authentic SE Norway (Arendal) sandwiches that were served for the a special occasion. FTRshe was the matriach of my family farm in Norway, and he was really good. Not heavyand the flavors didn’t blow you awaybut very crisp.

  • This ‘sandwitch’ is called ‘laksemad på rugbrød’ in Danish. And no it isn’t a sandwitch. You should try making ‘stjerneskud’ Now that’s a classic. Smørrebrød was invented as a way to use left overs from yesterday’s dinner. That’s probably why it’s not gourmet like your stuff. Usually my lunch consists og 2 pieces of rye bread with something on them. Leverpostej with red beads pickled and some kind of salami and some remoulade (the danish one) and crispy onions.

  • Great vegan open sandwiches recipes. Enjoyed the video and have a great weekend and keep safe and well everyone and get out in your garden(if you have one) because it’s good for your mental and physical health.

  • You really should redo this one and actually make a Proper Dark rye bread used for Smørrebrød instead of which ever you would want to call the bread you made here.

  • Just googled the restaurant’s name, and found this gem on the homepage: “Maaemo – an old Norse word meaning «Mother Earth» – is focused on creating a narrative around the clean, bright flavours of Norway.” Yeah, this is definitely focused on creating a narrative around Norway. Maaemo is not Norse, it’s not even Germanic, it’s not even Indo-European! It’s not even Sami, who do live in Norway, it’s Finnish! This is like a restaurant in Edinburgh with a home page that reads “The name El Cid old Gaelic meaning ‘The Cid’ is a name we picked to represent the freshness of Highland waters and cuisine…”

  • why does his mouth stop working when he pronounces remoulade?

    …Even the french pronounce the last part of that item. He sounds like a right hack with that “Remou-LUGH” talk hahaha

  • I just wanted to let you all know, in countries where I live like America and Australia, it can actually be tricky to find real dark rye bread. A lot of people say “this is rye bread I am selling” but it’s just white bread with a dash of rye in it to make it a light brown colour. I really want to go to Denmark

  • In danish ø is pronounced as the “ear” in “pearl���� more or less�� Usually when making “smørrebrød” we use rye bread ���� Looks really good though, and the pronouncing is good����

  • Rugbrod is great for things like pickled herring and liverwurst, but the salmon and shrimp should be done on a good French bread. The shrimp goes on mayo and a bed of lettuce and the hard boiled eggs should be on mayo and sliced tomato, both with a little dill, but not as much as the Swedes use! Don’t forget to chase the sild (herring) with a snaps and a Carlsberg.

  • Please, just give me a normal explanation. Nothing you say or do will improve on the facts. It’s just distracting. Seriously. 😉

  • Oh yeah, that’s a really nice tribute to Danish culture. You just needed some snaps. We usually say that the fish needs something to swim in.

  • That is not even close to Danish smørrebrød! Did you you get your smørrebrød in copenhagen where everyone is muslim or jewish or did you go where DANISH MADE FOOD FOR DANES? I am sure a born dane and my family enterered Denmark in 1467. I wouldn’t eat that blendy shit you are serving! NEVER!

  • Chef Halaigh: “To my knowledge, it’s unique to Denmark (referring to Remoulade)
    Any Frenchman: “Hold my beer……I got to roll up my arm sleeves…”!!

  • Hi From Estonia! I am stuck in Mexico and so miss my bread so so much..:/ Btw we call it the same way in Estoniavõileibbutter bread:) Here is so hard to get rye so i will try to make just a white bread:) I make first starter and Thank You for videosthey help me a lot for starting:) <3

  • Everything is just wrong, first dont Call it Nordic in The title its danish. Second The Bread is totally wrong danish Rye bread is totally diffrent 3 you forgot butter, its half of The name!

  • I’m not from Baltic’s and we had our own version of this. But we used a really dense white bread and raw salmon thinly cut with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

  • American confidence: I can’t pronounce this Scandinavian sandwich, and I have no clue about it… or how to make a proper danish rhye bread. Let’s see if I can perfect it!…on my first try. Then precedes to make it all wrong.

  • Butter up some ryebread and put a sliced potato with skin on, top it with some mayo and chives salt and peber and flush it down with a good pilsner…Prefered Carlsberg, and woila the taste of summer.
    The same goes with a tomato instead the potato. Velbekomme ;O)

  • the shrimp smørrebrød you got totaly wrong. 1) white bread (best if taosted) 2) butter 3) hardboiled egg 4) shrimps 5) mayo 6) kaviar 7) citrus/lime… i never ever seen any put selleri on it.
    for the herring you need to chop up some pickels and at in it all. is will give you the right taste of Karrysild ( herring in kurry)

  • You really should try some of the more simple every day stuff that we eat in Denmark. And you need to use butter and not be shy about it. The butter tast is part of it. Try a simple eg and tomato or potato slices with mayo and deep fried onions and bacon garnish those are my favorites

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