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Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Poached Eggs & Bell Pepper Salsa. Ingredients. 2 sweet potatoes, about 270 grams each; 2 teaspoons olive oil, divided; 1 small clove garlic, minced; 1 tablespoon white onion, minced; 1/3 cup bell pepper, diced; 1/3 cup cherry tomatoes, diced; 1 tablespoon parsley, freshly minced plus more for garnish; 1/8 teaspoon black pepper.

• 1/8 teaspoon black pepper • 1/8 teaspoon paprika • Pinch of sea salt • 1 cup baby kale leaves • 2 eggs • Hot sauce or Sriracha, to serve (optional) Directions. Preheat the oven to 400°F and line a baking sheet with foil or parchment. Scrub the sweet potatoes and prick them a few times with a fork. In a large skillet, sauté the red onion, sweet potatoes, and red pepper in cooking oil over medium heat. Add cumin, salt & pepper to taste, and red chili flakes or cayenne pepper while cooking.

Cook the vegetables for 15 to 20 minutes over medium heat until sweet potatoes begin to soften. If you’re not a fan of oatmeal or smoothies, these breakfast burritos are made for you. Packed with protein-rich eggs, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, and onions, these freezer-friendly meals make a great meal-on-the-go. Store them in the. While the eggs poach, cut the sweet potato into noodles using a spiralizer.

Heat the other teaspoon of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add in the sweet potato noodles and cook until they just begin to soften, about 5 to 7 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in the skillet over medium-high heat. Add the bell peppers, onion and garlic and cook until softened, about 5 minutes.

Add the sausage, cumin and sweet potatoes and cook for 5 minutes more. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve with green salsa. Original recipe yields 6 servings.

The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Ingredient Checklist. 1 green bell pepper, seeded and halved. 1 red bell pepper, seeded and halved. 1 yellow bell pepper, seeded and halved.

1 tablespoon canola oil, or as needed. 2 eaches Roma (plum) tomatoes, chopped. ⅓ cup chopped green onions. Ingredients.

1 small red onion, julienned. 1 large yellow bell pepper, seeded and julienned. 4 roma tomatoes, seeded and julienned.

2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro. 2 fresh jalapeño peppers, seeded and minced. 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice. 2 teaspoons cider vinegar. 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters Salt and black pepper to taste 1 cup milk 2 Tbsp butter 1 Tbsp minced chipotle pepper.

Step 1. Place the sweet potatoes in a pot and fill with enough cold water to cover. Add 1 teaspoon salt and bring to a boil. Cook until the sweet potatoes.

Eggs and onions and tomato and sweet pepper. Pancake with Blueberry. Pancakes with egg and ham. Avocado and bacon and egg.

Potatoes and pork and eggs.

List of related literature:

MASHED POTATOES WITH SMOKED PAPRIKA AND TOASTED GARLIC While potatoes are simmering, toast 1 teaspoon smoked paprika in 8-inch skillet over medium heat, stirring frequently, until fragrant, about 2 minutes.

“The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen” by Cook's Illustrated
from The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen
by Cook’s Illustrated
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Potatoes can handle much more salt than seems reasonable, so make sure to taste your mixture (or fry off a small test latke) before you cook up a bland batch.

“Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking” by Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook
from Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking
by Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook
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You may prepare the mashed potato in advance, mix it with the spices, but not the egg yolk.

“Fine Haitian Cuisine” by Mona Cassion Ménager
from Fine Haitian Cuisine
by Mona Cassion Ménager
Educa Vision, 2005

Beat together the eggs, salt, pepper, and chives in a bowl.

“Jacques Pépin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen” by Jacques Pépin
from Jacques Pépin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen
by Jacques Pépin
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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: This tapas bar favorite, boasting meltingly tender potatoes in a dense, creamy omelet, is immensely appealing.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
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Add the potatoes, scallions, salt, and pepper and sauté, stirring occasionally, for about 2 minutes, until the potatoes are well mixed with the seasonings.

“Essential Pépin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food” by Jacques Pépin
from Essential Pépin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food
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Reduce heat and simmer, cov ered, for 15 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

“The What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook” by Don Colbert
from The What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook
by Don Colbert
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Add starch-egg mixture, parsley, and ¼ teaspoon pepper to cooled potatoes and toss gently to combine.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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Garnish with plenty of fried parsley; you may leave out the egg and cream, and put in a spoonful of browning, a little lemon pickle and catchup if you like it best.

“The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy: Which Far Exceeds Any Thing of the Kind Yet Published, Containing... to which are Added, One Hundred and Fifty New and Useful Receipts, and Also Fifty Receipts for Different Articles of Perfumery, with a Copious Index” by Hannah Glasse
from The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy: Which Far Exceeds Any Thing of the Kind Yet Published, Containing… to which are Added, One Hundred and Fifty New and Useful Receipts, and Also Fifty Receipts for Different Articles of Perfumery, with a Copious Index
by Hannah Glasse
W. Strahan [and 25 others], 1784

Thoroughly combine mashed potatoes, egg yolks, parsley, parmesan, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl.

“The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” by Biju K. Thomas, Allen Lim, PhD
from The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes
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    John Mitzewich from food wishes = the JOHN WICK of food/cooking show:P

  • I usually just eat plain baked sweet potato, I don’t even add any salt or pepper, I can’t imagine how it tastes with those bbq chicken and cilantro ��

  • Oh wow I didn’t know you could use chickpea water like that! I’m not vegan but I’ve been making chickpea salad sandwiches a lot lately, because the mixture stays fresh in the fridge 4-5 days I mix it up Monday and have lunch sorted all week. But I’ve been throwing the chickpea water away:o I’ll definitely try these pancakes, they look delicious!

  • He stays talking shit about other people’s cooking but didn’t even have enough holindays on his food �������������� I know all y’all triggered people gonna pretend that’s how anybody eats it but literally nobody does because everyone wants sauce all over it so it’s not disgustly dry ������

  • İsn’t it interesting how worlds number one chef tells the recipe simply?
    unlike others that explains cooking a damn egg more than 10 minutes

  • Hi guys! The cold, rainy weather this week has me craving all the warm, oven baked sweet potatoes. Once you bake sweet potatoes you enjoy them in healthy meals throughout the week or stuff them with a variety of ingredients. I show you BBQ chicken as one option….but what would you stuff in your sweet potato? xo Lisa

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  • That’s such a simple recipe, I bought Sweet potatoes wasn’t sure how I was going to cook them came across your video, that’s dinner sorted roasted sweet potato, salad, and Veggie Burgers thank you:)

  • Wow, I’ve just discovered your channel after browsing minimalist room tour videos. Instantly subscribed! Kumara and spuds are my absolute favs! Right, heading back to binge watch your channel. Nice one!

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  • Thanks for taking the time to make this video, I don’t have a vegetable brush I’d assume rubbing them in water with my hands would be ok right?

  • You made reference to your video last week on how to shred chicken. I have not been able to find it could you provide a link. Thank you

  • Hey there! Do you mind saying where the plate is from? Looks like you have the C&B Mercer plates on your website, but this one looks a bit different. I love it! Thanks!

  • Do NOT eat baked sweet potato!! Sweet potato has extremely high Glycemic Index (GI) when baked. It will cause Insulin Resistance. This will make you fat forever. Stay away from high GI. You can boil Sweet Potate, that keeps the GI lower.

  • So delish loved watching it so good have to make these tonight! turn up my delta parole playlist in the background and enjoy! Lara

  • Thanks for straight forward instructions. I don’t cook, ever, but got some sweet potatoes & wanted to see if I’d like them just by themselves out of the oven. Many other search results had sort of the BBQ chicken type info of how to make them the best way possible with all kinds of extra steps, but yours at least told how to cook them exactly like I asked in my Bing search. Much appreciated, from non-cookers around the world.

  • I’ve been making this dish for a few weeks now. I make the hash and store it in the fridge and have it with an egg for breakfast throughout the week. I’m addicted! So yummy!

  • Depending on what colour sweet potato you have determine the cooking process, so the traditional orange variety are amazing for mash cassarole and desserts.
    The purple skin white flesh are good for fries and roasting they lack the sweet flavour like the orange the purple skin flesh are good for all rounder

  • Somehow I missed this back in January but seems perfect for fall season now! Am making for my family this week and serving with a choice of toppings… sauteed mushrooms and..? Thanks for your good instructions (as usual)!

  • Beautiful video as always but I have something to say:
    I don’t know if I’m used to 1440p, I don’t know if it was just a bad day for your camera but I personally think that the video quality is lacking, don’t get me wrong, it’s not disgusting or anything it’s just that a channel like yours deserves a bit more.
    I would suggest investing in a decent 4k camera, they shouldn’t cost too much anymore but I think the cameraman is more knowledgeable than I am on the topic, just a suggestion. Have a great day.

  • I wrap my sweet potatoes in aluminum foil. This way the skin stays nice and soft, and I find that the flesh is much sweeter this way.

  • Dude, great channel, why have I only just found it? So, I want an “And we stir!” T shirt, I’m in Germany, what am I gonna do with a Make America Cook Again tee? I mean come on we already cook, so that would be just kinda weird, right? Also (and I’m not asking much here) have you got a link to the squeeze bottles you use for the oil? I hate the bottles the oil comes in, some drip, some come out too fast, so annoying.

  • Just made this for my family and it was amazing!!! Both my kids loved it and wanted to tell you that you rock! Best cooking channel out there. Also, what brand butter do you use??

  • OMG Sam! I just found you! I love your shirts, I love your attitude, I love your kitchens! Private chef from North Mich, your non pretentious approach is refreshing. Looking forward to a beautiful youtube relationship… lol

  • I made the best over easy egg I ever have for dinner last night. No one else wanted eggs. Also had sausage gravy and biscuits and bacon…but that egg. A perfectly cooked egg make everything better.

  • I do microwave poached eggs all the time (60-65 seconds in a half cup of water in a glass). I LIKE the pouring off of the thinner egg white tip. Genius!

  • Hey Sam and crew a Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for keeping us entertained throughout the year… Baz (with a bigger belly) from Australia… ��

  • Can you please show us how to keep a spiral ham from drying out? To many holidays I have had to smile through a dry ham….if you do a video on this I will be plastering it all over my son’s facebook and emails lol

  • Hey Sam.
    I absolutely enjoy watching your vids, they are great! But i have to say that i dont like how much plastic you are “using”, i mean the peppers, Onions, tomatoes,.. what ever, do not have to be pre peeled, you can just peell them your own, it’s not taking much time.. please think about it..
    Have a great Christmas with your Family.

  • Directions from the video:

    1. Pre-heat oven to 400°.

    2. Rinse and scrub sweet potatoes and then blot them dry.

    3. Poke 4-5 holes in each sweet potato with a fork or knife to allow steam to escape.

    4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place sweet potatoes on sheet.

    5. Bake them for 60 mins for average-size sweet potatoes or 75 mins for larger.

    6. Check if the sweet potatoes are done by piercing with a knife. If it goes in easily without any resistance, they’re done. If not, bake a little longer.

  • I love poached eggs! We were just given a bunch of sweet potatoes. Planned on making fires with them. Thanks for the idea. Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Christmas Sam. Thanks for all the great recipes this year, the family have loved them all. And thanks for getting me back in the kitchen.

  • Wow, so simple and so delicious looking, will have to try this, potatoes on the grill though with some smoke too….thx for sharing…Greetings from Dallas Texas…

  • Thank you so much we all love it thank you very much is very healthy and very delicious well as well comes up if you like guys and subscribe if you are new

  • omg i wasnt expecting much when i clicked on this video but this looks going to try it at the nursing home i work for.

  • Guys, i’m making these babies tomorrow, with pan seared salmon for Sun Brunch!!! Can’t wait!!! Thanks a bunch for the awesome recipe

  • Liesl, this is a super dish! Great balance of flavours and super nutritious ingredients!
    In Spain It´s so difficult to find kale in the supermarkets, what could i use instead of it! Spinach?

    Have a lovely week,

    Your friend from Spain,


  • This is perfect! I was thinking about how to use up my sweet potatoes and this kale that I have in my fridge. I was gonna make soup out of it, but this is so much better:)

  • this look delish and Liesl always has great recipe, but since I dont live in the US I can never find sweet potatos on the market, I have searched it everywhere, can I substitute with regular potatos? 

  • Hi guys! This is one of my favorite easy breakfast recipes and I hope you love it as much as I do. Make sure to watch the until the end of the video, as I show other veggies I frequently use when making this recipe as well. I wish you all a wonderful and delicious Easter! xo Lisa

  • Lisa, I was craving a healthier lunch and remembered this video. i quickly came online, re-watched this video and made your sweet potato egg nests. OMG!!!! They were so amazing. I have a hand held spiralizer and am now going to invest in the same one you have! Love this recipe!!!! Thank you for all the time you put into YouTube for your YouTube Family! We love you to pieces! Thanks again! X0

  • Hi! For how long can I keep raw spirilized veggies in the fridge? I am Just trying to optimize time to meal prep but dont want veggies to loose freshness.thanks! Gloria from argentina

  • Today, I am eating an egg in a spiralized zucchini nest (inspired by this video), laden on top of my sweet potato toast (inspired by the meal prep video). One word, three punctuation marks Delicious!!!

  • Had them for breakfast this morning! Added cayenne pepper as you suggested, hard to pick which is my favourite! Going to try them with courgette (zucchini) this weekend. I really love them, and I don’t even like eggs!!!!

  • Made this for lunch. A hit with myself and my son. Definitely going to be our staple each week as it is just so easy, filling and delicious. I will definitely make a batch of spiralised sweet potato to keep in the fridge for when we want to make these.

  • Wrapping potatoes (either regular or sweet) in aluminum foil does not bake them. It steams them inside of the foil. Thanks a million for saying aluminum foil instead of TIN FOIL. It drives me crazy when cooks or chefs say tin foil. It has not been used sine WW II and it is poisonous. Thank you and congrats on a great video. My other pet peeve is when You Tubers say go HEAD instead of go AHEAD. Go head does not really conduct a true instruction (it actually means to go to the toilet on a ship!).Go AHEAD means proceed with the next step or instruction.

  • Hey Lisa! I just found your channel a couple of days ago and have been watching your videos like crazy. I love your style, and recipes; this one looks divine. I was wondering if it might be possible for you to make a video of your basic/staple ingredients you keep in your kitchen (like the types of ingredients you get and what you always have on hand). Also, in your how to make coconut whipped cream video, would you be willing to go over the different pots of herbs you had hanging up behind you in that video?

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  • What an inciting recipe, Lisa:). I have zoodles at hand; how long should i cook the zoodles before adding the egg?I don`t like soggy noodles..:/

    In another note, I wish you and your lucky family a Happy Easter!