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High-Protein Bodybuilding Pumpkin Pie

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Oreo High-Protein Pudding Pie for Idiots | Tiger Fitness

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Bodybuilding Sweet Potato Protein Pie (Easy to Make)

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Baked APPLE PIE Protein Oatmeal Recipe

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Pie Crust Protein Treats by Nutracelle

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PROTEIN Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Low Fat)

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PROTEIN Banana Cream Pie Recipe! (Low fat/DELICIOUS!)

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Protein Banana Cream Pie If you love banana cream pie like I do and you love protein, this protein banana cream pie recipe will be your new best friend!Vicky’s (Gluten-Free) Cherry Protein Pie. Protein Lemon Meringue Pie. Grasshopper Protein Pie – by Clayton. A Friendly Giant’s Sweet Potato Protein Pie. Two-Ingredient Protein Apple Pie! Crustless Mini Pumpkin Protein Pies. Single-Serving Crustless Mini Pumpkin Protein Pie. Mix pudding and peanut butter together in a bowl until smooth; add protein powder and stir.

Fold in whipped topping until pie filling is combined. Step 2 Pour filling into prepared pie. Meet OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE®, a fantastically unique all-natural, non-GMO functional food that delivers 14 grams of the highest quality protein in every delicious pie!

Oatmeal Protein Pie™ | 10 Pack. They say variety is the spice of life, but when you’re hungry and craving something packed with protein that is healthy, satisfying, and awesome tasting, there isn’t much to choose from well not anymore. Meet Oatmeal Protein Pie®, a fantastically unique all-natural functional food that delivers 14 grams of the highest quality protein in every delicious pie!This high protein pie crust recipe can be used for sweet and savoury recipes, and I’ve also included a gluten free option.

Easy to make, and uber yum! INGREDIENTS. ¾ cup flour (use gluten free if you like I used Bob’s Red Mill) with 1 Tbsp set aside for rollin. Combine first 3 ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Mix with an electric hand mixer.

Evenly spread into pie crust. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours or. 29 rows · Protein in Pies The favorite choice for the term “Pies” is 1 piece of Apple Pie which. The low-fat, low-carb formula delivers 22 grams of protein per serving to keep you full and satisfied for hours. Protein Key Lime Pie provides a range of amino acids that stimulate muscle growth.

The uses for Protein Key Lime Pie are endless. Use as a delicious, healthy meal replacement to boost your metabolism and support muscle recovery. For a vegan version of this pie, replace the Neufchâtel and yogurt with cashew whipped cream, and the vanilla whey with vanilla Warrior Blend or vanilla pea protein. Neufchâtel cheese is marketed as “1/3 less fat than cream cheese” here in the states.

I stay away from the fat-free cream cheeses because of the additives.

List of related literature:

You can make an easy dessert by putting a scoop of protein powder (24 grams of protein) into one serving of cottage cheese (13 grams of protein), add some fiber powder and non-fat sweetener and make a pudding containing 37 grams of protein.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

Additional protein sources may be incorporated into other dishes, e.g. by adding extra skimmed milk powder to porridge, soup, mashed potatoes, rice and milk-based desserts and beverages, or by introducing commercial protein powders to foods and beverages.

“Juta's Manual of Nursing” by Anne Young, C. F. Van Niekerk, S Mogotlane
from Juta’s Manual of Nursing
by Anne Young, C. F. Van Niekerk, S Mogotlane
Juta, 2003

Other sources of proteins are found in legumes, nuts, grains, cereals and vegetables and are referred to as incomplete proteins.

“Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care” by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
from Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care
by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
Wiley, 2014

Often sold as granules, flakes, or chunks and either flavored or unflavored, it’s used to boost the protein in some baked goods, casseroles, and other mixed dishes or to replace or extend meat or poultry.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

Delightfully enough, dairy protein

“The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times” by Carol Deppe
from The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times
by Carol Deppe
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010

The milk protein casein is added to frozen dessert toppings.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

This is pure protein, and a good thing to mix with fruit or salad.

“The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom” by Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz
from The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom
by Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz
Atria Books, 2006

It will absorb any flavor, and a standard 3-ounce serving has about 16 grams of protein and 8 percent of the day’s recommended calcium.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
Galvanized Media, 2019

how about a little protein added with a yogurt or egg dish?

“The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook” by Mireille Guiliano
from The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook
by Mireille Guiliano
Atria Books, 2010

For example, the white of a boiled egg is denatured egg protein (albumin) and cottage cheese is denatured milk protein.

“Fundamentals of Microbiology: Body Systems Edition” by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
from Fundamentals of Microbiology: Body Systems Edition
by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2014

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  • Just subscribed to your channel and I’m definitely gonna add some of your recipes to my arsenal! Gotta do more vids with chocolate protein though. Otherwise, keep up the awesome work.

  • Ok so i bought 2x the ingredients one for the team at work. One for home for the fam. Im super new to cooking and wanted to start with this. I added everything like itwas said. My pie came out way to watery BOTH attempts. My only answer is when you say 1 1/2 SCOOPS you must mean more than the scooper that comes with the ON whey protein. I let my shit settle even longer the second time it was still jacked up. Help me please! @theproteinchef

  • Wish someone would make a sugar free pudding mix with all natural ingredients:( Pie looks great, though. Maybe I can experiment to make my own instant mix (I have ideas already) and see how that goes.

  • Damn I would eat the filling itself without the pie crust. Omg. Derrick do you know the macros just for the filing without the cool whip?

  • great videos just been binge watching your videos.. Would love to see videos down the line “gluten free”.. Either way keep up the great work.

  • You mentioned using soy milk at 1:17, but on the package it states that the pudding will not set if used with soy milk.
     I found that the pudding doesn’t get thick enough. Adding some gelatin to the mixture will make it nice and firm.

  • shit man jus stumbled on your vids good channel with awesome recipes. Wonder why your not up there in the fitness community. Not to sound like a hippie but you shouldn’t fuck with cool whip unless the one your using has no hydrogenated ingredients in it

  • Do you have a receipe for the low fat pie crust?? Can’t buy it here in Holland, so hard to find a receipe showing amount of calories in it aswell. (Sugar free jello is only to be found in a shop in Amsterdam too, hard stuff)

  • Thanks my friend! I don’t mess with cool whip that often…(maybe once a month). I’ve been playing with a recipe for a few months now to make my own healthy alternative. Almost there but not yet!

  • @barryn94 Carbs specially.. cant judge by that pumpkin in a can whats the total carbs of it. I dont even have that in my country, only real pumpkin and the nutritional values may vary i am sure… thanks

  • Absolutely incredible! I think this is your best one yet. I subbed the Xantham gum with 1/4 tsp of ground flax seed & 1/2 tsp of water.

  • Hi XFloze! You could use fat free canned whipped cream instead on each piece individually or top the whole thing with it. Another alternative would be making your own fat-free whipped cream with fat free evaporated milk! However, it does taste great even without the cool whip.

  • yes! I love pumpkin and I am dropping down weight classes in powerlifting, so I hate that I see all this delicious pumpkin stuff I can’t eat. Thank you!!

  • Could you use Greek yogurt instead of the cottage cheese? I’d also like to try it with the cinnamon protein powder I have instead of vanilla.

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  • very nice. eating all this meat on the zone diet is getting a little hard. having a difficult time holding it down. i get the feeling i’ll get some good tips from you. thanks! (and maybe i can get my husband on board. i’ll entice him with yummy pie and bacon bits!

  • Neither here nor there, but the bowl you had your bacon in is not a bowl.  It’s the bottom half of a honeycomb pattern candle holder, a “fairy light”. The top half would have had a round hole in the middle (to vent the candle) and it probably came with a metal wire tripod to rest in.

  • I am trying this recipe…and subscribing.  I really can’t get enough of a man in an apron in the kitchen (muscles are BONUS!):-)

  • Just a quick question for anyone watching, if you dont have a food processor or blender can you use an electric hand mixer and get the same consistency and overall same product at the end?  Much love man I subscribed earlier today, and i cant wait to be finished cutting so I can try all this out!  Going to Wal-mart to buy me LOAD OF INGREDIENTS!

  • I would actually go over to my cheesecake recipe and modify that with some pumpkin/spices in it before anything else. I plan on doing this but not until next week, sorry my friend! Happy Thanksgiving though!

  • I made this recipe last week, n to say the least it’s all gone lol One question since it’s thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend really want a pumpkin pie cheesecake. If I use this recipe but add two 8ounce cream cheese tubs, will it work?

  • Comment section is clueless! Stevia is a sweetener. Meaning that you can substitute it with anything SWEET! Sugar, molasses, corn syrup, brown sugar, splenda, they all work! The reason he uses stevia is because it’s a zero-calorie, natural sweetener that’s WAY better for you than those other sweeteners I mentioned.

  • Made it and it came out superb! I ended up buying the same crust that you used in the recipe. Tastes good by itself, even better with whipped cream! You definitely have the best protein recipes on youtube!

  • trying this on Saturday! I’m gonna be making my own pie crust with graham crackers, stevia, unsweetened apple sauce & cinnamon, just to cut out some calories. Would you recommend baking the crust first then apply filling or should I refrigerate crust, add filling then bake?

  • I made this and LOVED IT. I shared with my parents. This weekend, my dad mowed my yard and when i offered to pay him, he said ‘can you make me one of those pies.’ Lol….AWESOME AWESOME pie!!

  • canned pumpkin should be thicker than applesauce… just get yourself a pumpkin, cut in half, roast in your oven (little water added to a pan in which you place the two halves) you should be able to scoop out the pumpkin off the peel… then add a little cinnamon,nutmeg,clove (=pumpkin spices) and you’re good to go:-) I am from germany too i know your prob! check out the international sections at the stores! At least we have Quark -they don’t 😉

  • Wow, that looks delish! I make a pumpkin protein bar that has the consistency of a cake, but I need to try this for sure. Thanks for the recipe!

  • I’ll do some giveaways eventually where I’ll throw some cooking packs together! In theory that should work but then you have to factor in the cooking differences so times will be a bit off/may not create the right texture. You could use sweet potato puree or make your own assuming you have sweet potatoes. However I do have a sweet potato pie recipe up as well but if you want to use this one instead you could!

  • Germany. I’m kind of jealous of you Americans cause all your food seems to cost pennies and there is a bigger variety all in all (and there seems to be a low-fat no-sugar variant of just about anything out there). I actually don’t eat pie all that much but wanted to try some with these healthy recipes. I gather that the canned pumpkin is basically just “meat” to hold the pie together, right? then apple sauce and some fiber should do the same trick, am I correct?

  • I’ve made one before but haven’t recently if I keep this pumpkin kick up you’ll definitely see my variation sooner than later, haha!

  • Derek, it seems that I can only find pumpkin soup for whatever reason (consists of only 22% pumpkin). What do think could I substitute for the pumpkin? Greek yoghurt? Cottage cheese? Something else?

  • Hi Mike, I’m 16 is it ok for me to have protein powder?? I really want to try your recipes but I’m not sure whether it’s ok for teens to eat protein powder. Please give advice. Thanks!!!

  • For anyone wondering, I made this with ON Double Rich Chocolate whey and it turned out great. Also, to make it a bit healthier I skipped the pie crust, but added some dry cereal to the top while baking to add some crunch.

  • Henrik it doesn’t matter put your ingredients and figure out the macros yourself I use lose it you can create recipient add your ingredients and it will tell you the macros I made this but I made an oatmeal crust only 1 scoop of casein protein 2 boxes of jello pudding and 2.5 cups of cashew it was a little thick maybe next time I’ll add 3 cups of milk as the casein makes everything thicker the macros for my pie 4 servings 11.6 fat 137 carbs,38 protein I’ll make 4 servings

  • Haha! Bodybuilding problems! Let me know how it turns out. I gotta try your recipe too! Will come in handy when I get a bit more into my cut and want some volume.

  • Yes, you can substitute these for normal meals. There will be days I’ll eat a cheesecake instead of a regular “meal”. Never had any issues in losing weight. Just make sure you don’t overeat and of course train hard! Definitely about promoting a health great tasting life style more than anything.

  • Absolutely my friend. You can definitely eat all of my recipes daily and lose weight (well not all of them in the same day), especially if you need to kill a sweet tooth! Thanks for the kind words.

  • You can but you will need to cook it a bit! I wish I could help ya find some. I should do a giveaway with a ton of random products that are hard to find outside the USA! Thank you

  • I like it will try. However, we don’t get our pumpkin out of cans in Australia so is that pre-cooked? I assume it is but you know what assumptions can make of us:)

  • This looks really good! Considering this is my favorite pie and it’s my birthday today, I think I know what I will make instead of a cake! thanks for the recipe!:)

  • Brilliant recipe! It smelled so great in the oven that I couldn’t (and didn’t) wait for it to cool completely. That may be why It stuck to the pan a little. I will be making this on a regular basis. BTW, I didn’t have any apple sauce so I used some canned pumpkin instead and it worked OK.

  • Thank you Scott! One of the main reasons I started making these recipes was to prevent me from overeating. I know exactly how you feel and can’t tell ya how glad I am to hear these recipes have helped you too.

  • I’m a veracious overeater, I’ve eaten 2 XL pizzas and a tub of Ben&Jerrys and still wanted more:'( This is perfect as I can easy eat it all and not go over my macros:D

  • That’s a great pie crust Thanks. Is your protein available in Australia? If not, how would I know what protein powders are appropriate for baking?

  • ProteinChef, how many grams of protein powder, each brand seems to have a different size scoop.
    Also, people are talking about xanthum gum and I don’t see it in the recipe.

  • I love Pink Lady’s and Honey Crisp apples for just eating raw for a snack. I will always select a Granny Smith apple for baking. They taste wonderful in baked goods or in oatmeal.

  • I thought of this once I edited it! Although gently stirring in is fine for this recipe since it’s still going to keep most of the air in the recipe. Thanks for the feedback Jason!

  • This looks great. I bet it would look great baked into a larger ramekin and turned out on a plate for a guiltless dessert. If take this over pie.

  • Yummy!!

    Either Golden Delicious, granny Smith, or honey Crisp those are my favorite cause their crunch when you bite into them so good and dipped slices in almond or peanut butter is heavenly

  • Usually Granny Smith for me because they’re more sour than others. I just love apples though ����. You should do a blueberry recipe next, I’ve been on a blueberry kick lately lol. This looks delicious by the way!

  • I haven’t “officially” released this yet but if you want some random perks/training/just to support:

  • Yo yo… Very good movie.

    My close friend was once a flabby. He went from 283lbs of fat into 204 lbs of purely natural muscle mass. We thought it was astounding! I just registered myself because I want to make improvements to my build. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  • Sometimes when i am eating my own home-prepared lean foods I imagine Michael sitting next to me and him approving of my clean foods. Sometimes I imagine the Hodge Twins

  • Probably no new videos for awhile…
    I’m honestly not sure how many people see these, but if you do…please subscribe to my other channel. There’s a link in the description. I’ll make a video explaining things soon.

  • I’ve been meaning to comment and give a thumps up for your videos for a long time. Love your protein shake and cookies receipes. Keep it up.

  • Thanks for all the recipes!!! I am getting so bored with the regular “clean eating” staples! Can’t’ wait to try this out, to change things up a bit!!!

  • can i use the same amount of natural grind pumpkin? because i think we havnn´t that kind of stuff in our super market. (pure pumpkin) Or maybe i take a detailed look to my local super market. Greetings from austria, go ahead:-)

  • And how much grams is one serving? What good is 9g protein gonna do me??? I have to eat 20 servings to get my protein macros. Please start showing some high protein recipes nobody has time for this. I need at least 30g protein per serving wtf is 9g????

  • If you want to burn fat quickly, you should look up on google Atomic Fat Loss. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  • Calories 297.7
    Total Fat 4.1 g
    Total Carbohydrate 12.6 g
    Dietary Fiber 2.3 g
    Sugars 5.2 g
    Protein 52.5 g
    this is what I got as far Nutrition values

  • Sorry for the missunderstanding.

    If you haven’t already done it, do a video on high-protein icecream. There are lots of people wanting to know how do it.

  • I’m not complaining and I do appreciate what he’s doing. I was trying to make thing right but it seems like they’re already. It was a missunderstanding.

  • HAHAHA you must of went to the same speech school as George Bush, Its not alum min em,
    its pronounced alu min nium, not hating, love your recipes

  • Not quite sure on the graham cracker crust until I buy another one however the pie dish is just your standard 9” one! Hope this helps

  • Nice Video. It would be cool if you made some more meal on the go videos that way you can stay true to the great bodybuiling meals and it would also act as a supplement to the tracking your macro video.

  • Hi Michael, I’ve got a question, could you help me out? I’m 16, and I’m wondering if it’s ok for me to have protein powder? I recently bough it, but it said “not inteded for people under age 18”. I’ve searched the web, and most say it’s ok to eat protein powder. Now I’m confused. Is it the brand’s protein powder not good for teens or something? I’m a short guy, so I’m real afraid it might stunt growth or something, but I really want to try your recipes and build muscle!! please help me out. THX!

  • I made this recipe tonight. I did not use a crust, and it came out great. I’ll be honest, I’ve had better pumpkin pies, but this pie is very enjoyable and doesn’t destroy my daily carb budget. I will make it again and share some for the holidays.

  • would sweet potato baby food work just the same as regular mashed sweet potato if a blender is unavailible? the baby food ingredients solely read sweet potato and water

  • Hi Michael, I’m a girl and I love your videos!

    Have you considered making some type of protein bread?
    I have seen some recipes on a website called protein pow maybe you could take inspiration from them?

  • It was my first week of class this week… and some guy kept staring at me and I was like wow this kid wants to fight or something. Then he came up to me in the bookstore and said he watches me on YouTube so that was cool! I’ve only been recognized 2 times in real life.

  • I’ve taken pictures of all of my recipes for the past year. The only ones where the thumbnails aren’t exactly what’s made in the video is because I didn’t have a good enough camera.

  • normally people don’t really measure out spices and stuff like vanilla and cinnamon when they’re cooking, they just estimate. it’s usually around 1/2 to 1 tsp of vanilla and around 1/2 tsp of cinnamon in a recipe, but just put however much you’d like

  • I tried it last night. This was my first time using a sweetener like Stevia. Great and easy recipe that came out of the oven just right. However, in my opinion, the Stevia ruined it. That stuff is absolutely disgusting and does not taste anything like sugar. I drink only water and have an overall very low daily sugar intake. Still, I wanted to try the Stevia that I’ve heard others talk about. YUCK! I will use regular sugar next time with this recipe; a quarter cup won’t matter once in a while.

  • Very good job Mike, I really enjoy your videos. I love the fact that you have elaborated your recipes.

    Most of us know how to make savoury dishes, please keep the deserts coming!!!

  • this looks awesomee!!reminds me of thanksgiving,ohh cant wait to see what recipes you come up with for the holidays(yeaa i know a bit too early),anyways thanks michael=)

  • Oooh this sounds super good:)) last Thanksgiving I had a little extra pumpkin pie mix (not enough for a full pie) and we had sweet potatoes so I cute them up and put them on the bottom of the pie crust and poured the pumpkin pie mix on top and it ended up being super good! Haha so I wanna try this recipe with some sweet potatoes not fully mashed up ^_^;

  • Ok I made this, and it was terrific. I’m going to try it with my other protein powders, and different pudding recipes. You’re the greatest

  • I’m thinking about taking my own life I have a plan I’m thinking about doing it Tuesday or Wednesday night next week, I’m going to start writing letters tomorrow and Monday. It saddens me typing this but I don’t know what else to do.

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  • Hello there, have you tried “MuscLeader” (just search Google)? On their website you will find a useful free video featuring the best way to develop visible muscle quickly whilst eliminating body fat as well. Fabian and plenty other guys enjoyed positive results applying this strategy. I hope it will help you also.

  • I have made several of these already and love them as a tasty snack and extra source of protein.  I actually use a “pumpkin” protein which adds to the flavor and when I do use the pumpkin protein, I can skip adding some of the extra ingredients.

  • If you have been trying to bulk up, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped Muscle”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  • Hey Michael! will you please do a chocolate tofu pie? Thank you!! And omg! i tried your protein pancakes, your frozen yogurt recipe, and the overnight oats. They are so good! Thank you so much, you inspire me to cook healthy food to the next level.:)

  • My mom made this recipe for thanksgiving instead of the traditional unhealthy pumpkin pie. I barely noticed a difference! It was delicious!

  • Can you mesure how much is “one scoop pf..” in “grams” because i don’t use a protein powder but low-fat soy flour and i need to mesure the ingredients!!!!

  • awesome job. Might want to try it with Almond or Rice milk, instead of regular milk which according to all the research is bad for you.

  • Niiiice!! This pie looks great for post workout!! I´ll try to make the pie crust using oats.
    Please keep the healthy and bodybuilding friendly desserts coming dude!!

  • @Mr19Sheen Shouldn’t be banned much longer. In the whole EU it was banned cuz it wasn’t tested. As it turns out now, its a lot healthier than all of our other sweeteners. (even has vitamines and stuff)
    I bought it the other day (Germany-Switzerland), but sadly they only sell it in a liquid form:-/ Might search for that.

    tried it online 2 btw. But can’t send it to germany:-/

  • Hello, Michael i just love your channel and the recipies you put your channel. I love pumpkin pie so much, i’m going to try this and share it with my family and friends….once again, thanks.

  • I add a pouch of sugar free vanilla pudding mix to my no-bake Pumpkin Pie mixture to help it thicken.

    I also add 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. ground ginger, and 1/4 tsp ground cloves for flavor. The cloves really give it a great flavor! It’s awesome! Om nom nom!

  • Why was stevia banned in the UK? I love these dessert videos. Do you like sugar free pudding? I use that alot in my dessert recipes.