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MINDSET FOR HEALTHY EATING | 5 tips for the holidays

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My Self-Care Morning Routine 2020 | Healthy & Productive

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The reopening, the welcome, COVID safe and secure and introducing the new Hopton Pavilion.

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5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

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Publish Date: Apr. 7, 2020. Holistic chef, food blogger, and author of, Laura Lea, will publish a new cookbook focused on wholesome, fresh foods and healthy recipes modeled on what she actually eats on a daily basis. The collection of over 130 recipes will be geared towards easy cooking and chock-full of flavor, which all follow Lea’s mantra of “No diet, no dogma, just great healthy.

If you think healthy cooking means grilled chicken and steamed vegetables 24/7, it’s time for some inspiration. “Having a variety of go-to cookbooks on hand helps to spark creativity and bring. Healthy eating can mean so many different things to so many different people, and R.D.s use healthy cookbooks the same way we all do: as a way to learn and be inspired to incorporate healthy. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved.

We may earn a commission through links on our site. The 14 Best Healthy Cookbooks, According to Dietitians. With candies, cookies, and cakes galore everywhere we go, it’s difficult to stay on track with our healthy lifestyles.

Thankfully, filling our holiday meals with delicious, yet quality dishes can help us to feel satisfied while making healthy choices! I’ve always struggled with making good choices during the last few months of the year. Growing. This July Fourth weekend, be responsible and respect local public health ordinances and social distancing guidelines. Whether you’re planning to stay at home to grill in your backyard, or heading to your nearest beach or lake for time outdoors, it’s more important than ever to.

If you have ever visited our cafeteria, aka “The Lone Tree Cafe,” you know exactly what that means. Good food is an important part of our health, and we know that this time of year it can be especially challenging to eat right. That’s why we are once again offering our Happy, Healthy Holiday eCookbook for free download.

Click HERE to download your own copy of our free holiday eCookbook, today! Just hit “Click to read” and then the “Share” or “Download” buttons. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays (almost) upon us, we want to make cooking easier and help take the work out of logging your meals. This healthy holiday handbook, filled with.

Holiday Healthy Eating Guide These easy tips and recipes will help you stay healthy and mindful as you celebrate the holidays with friends and family. You can eat well and be well this holiday season, with these tasty treats, party tricks and simple strategies. Healthy Holiday Recipes Our healthy holiday recipe ideas will delight everyone in your family.

Make baked shrimp, low-fat eggnog and more, all from the experts at Food Network.

List of related literature:

Those dieters who had lost more than 3 kg (61/2 lb) by pre-dieting during the six months prior to Christmas gained less weight (from 175 g/6 oz to 2.15 kg/ 4% lb) between Christmas and Epiphany (a religious festival celebrated on January 6) than those who didn’t pre-diet.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
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The Passover holiday comes in spring and requires observant Jews to avoid eating the usual products made from five prohibited grains: wheat, rye, oats, barley, and spelt (Hebrew: chometz).

“Halal Food Production” by Mian N. Riaz, Muhammad M. Chaudry
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The Danish holiday season is marked by eating rice pudding (risengrød) on December 23, known as Lille Juleaften (Little Christmas Eve).

“Encyclopedia of American Folklife” by Simon J Bronner
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The promotion of healthy diets based on the local, seasonal production of agro-ecological foods, along with the promotion of short marketing circuits, have been proposed as opportunities to increase added value and forge closer ties between farmers, consumers and the land (Jacoby et al., 2014).

“Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems” by Barbara Burlingame, Sandro Dernini
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Some of the expenses of Pesach will be neutralized the week following the holiday, when we mingle our “repurchased” chametz supplies with our Pesach pantry leftovers, and when we all go on diets after so many matzah balls.

“How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household” by Blu Greenberg
from How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household
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More recently, at the end of May 2001, the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF), an expert committee that advises the European Commission, decided that the tolerable intake should be expressed on a weekly rather than a daily basis and set a tolerable weekly intake (TWI) of 14 pg WHO-TEQ per kg bw per week.

“Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences” by C. Devine, Werner K. Jensen, Carrick Devine, M. Dikeman
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Since Tub’Shevat is a minor holiday, few specific dishes evolved for its celebration, but rather the practice emerged of serving food containing fruits and nuts.

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Food” by Gil Marks
from Encyclopedia of Jewish Food
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our diet this past winter was greatly enriched by four simple things: a good store of apples and winter squash that kept us fat with pie through all the dark days.

“The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country” by Peter Bane, David Holmgren
from The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country
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Accordingly, these participants also planned to eat healthier prior to the New Year, intended to avoid unhealthy food during the holidays, and felt guiltier when imagining holiday overeating.

“Handbook of Imagination and Mental Simulation” by Keith D. Markman, William M. P. Klein, Julie A. Suhr
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Gebreyes WA, Thakur S, Morrow WE: Comparison of prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and occurrence of multidrug-resistant Salmonella in antimicrobial-free and conventional pig production, J Food Protect 69:743-748, 2006.

“Current Veterinary Therapy E-Book: Food Animal Practice” by David E. Anderson, Michael Rings
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • You are so real,your expression was so so real…i loved your vibes,could feel here all the way from there! Be always calm and peaceful as you look.

  • dont focus on perfection, you will have balanced eating moments, and other times you have to let go
    holiday is a small friction of the year
    enjoy yourself and dont be obsessive,
    Those are my favorite threes,
    This video will be my guidance during this period,
    And this video is one of the reasons why i am subscribed to this channel.

  • I LOVE that: “Perfection is not the goal. We’re using these as tools as a doorway to stay connected to yourself”
    Really needed that, going into Thanksgiving.

  • Why do we have to feel shame of of our choice Of eating, you know at this time of era, everyone knows what to eat and not to eat, it’s only the determination of the mind, just stop saying do this and not this, motivate people to eat healthy

  • Hey Beauty.
    Thx for sharing all your advices, but may you please tell us more about your fragrance dispenser. It’s very nice, and I think that I want the same one for my Bday LOol ����

  • This is a very encouraging and sweet video Dani. I appreciate it as going to food for comfort had always been a weakness of mine growing up. Now that I’m older I learned to enjoy the moment with people and not focus on just food! The journaling of gratitude is totally helpful. Thank you for this! #thanksforgivinghelp

  • Hi Dani, for me, music is so important and not just for the holiday season, just in life in general. My favorite soundtrack is The Greatest Showman. I can’t help but to be in a great mood. I play it all the time. I’m relearning Sign Language (ASL) and I want to learn how to sign most of the songs. One song that’s on there is my favorite song is This is me. I’ve been through a lot in life where I wasn’t made to feel good by others, and this song is just so personal to me. It’s become my anthem. Right now, I’m learning how to sign All I want for Christmas is you. Your vids mean so much to me.

  • I love how you said to give yourself permission to feel how you feel because during this time of year we have so much pressure on us to feel the way others think we should feel. I am really going to repeat this in my head these next couple months and I think it is really going to help. Thanks so much for this video, it is really helpful:)

  • Your videos are always inspiring. Love morning routines. Gotta try that latte. I do the glass of water, coffee, skin care, essential oil in diffuser, walk 2 miles, stretches, and breakfast.


    I’m on a Naomi Whittel journey today. It started with the Dave Asprey interview, then Tom Bileau. Now I’m making my way through your interviews.

    The Asprey interview really resonated with me. Anxious to learn more about 70% saturated fats. So I started first with some MCT oil (which normally messes me up). A while later made a grass-fed beef patty. Putting off my carbs for later. I’ve done Lectin-Free Keto for 18 months but know that I still have major mitochondria issues.

    Green tea steeping, will add some bergamot drops.

    Thanks for all your inspiring travels and discoveries and for taking the time to bring us along (especially those of us still dragging our way back to health).

  • I am on my healthy journey. I have been on it for about 2 months. I made my plate for Thanksgiving like normal just with smaller portions and I ended up having half left on my plate. So it goes to show you that your body and mind can be retrained. I listened to my body when I was full instead of trying to keep eating to clear the plate. Love your tips. Thank you!

  • High Fibre Keto. Good to see your book being relased. It is a great opportunity for many people who want to get into ketogenic diet and reap the benefits arising out of it.

  • I think I’ll try and write down positive quotes daily, school runs take time but it’s important to have self care. I’ll put it on my channel if I can make time x

  • I love these tips. Thank you.

    What I do (and it took a long time to get there) is instead of expecting people to be nice, I just take it like it is. If someone is being rude and obnoxious, then I try really hard to just let it be, instead of correcting them.

    Honestly, I spent many years hating people because of their behaviour and attitude until I realized that it is just the disease that makes them that way and not really their character.

    In my family (and probably a lot of other families too) it was really hard because after family members got diagnosed, it wasn’t communicated about the way the disease makes people behave, it was just only mentioned that the disease is there and that’s it.

    This might seem kind of cliche or awkward or even inappropriate to write on a YouTube comment, but diseases like diabetes, ptsd, autism, begininngs of dementia/Alzheimer’s, hormonal imbalances, even bladder issues, all can make someone’s character seem off and even mentally unstable.

    So instead of getting mad about how I’m treated by people, I just look at it as part if the disease. That is what the disease does and not what the beloved family member does, althought it does affect the family member and others around, it is not their own fault.
    Our friends and family are still people and they can not help it. We will be around people and using the time to be mad and get our own point across is a waste of time.

    Instead, find out ways to connect to with your loved ones.
    Once time with them is gone, it’s gone.

    For a war Veteran family member, it might be simply just making it known to them that you are actually listening to them and engaging with them, even if it’s a particular war story that you heard a million times before and not putting in your two cents or opinion.
    How about just telling them,
    I had to tell this to my dad after 40 years and you wouldn’tt believe the difference it made, just for him to feel appreciated after all these years, even when I wasn’t even alive during the time when he was in war, he needed to know that even if he didn’t stop all the wars in the world, that he made a peaceful difference in mine and others. I’m grateful for that!!! I wish I did it sooner.

    Just hold your own tongue and love and enjoy people even if it’s hard.

    I love how you said “to allow the feels,” to happen, even if there is crying and emotions involved. It’s better to let it all out and deal with it as a family, then to ignore it and be bitter that another holiday came that wasn’t perfect.

    Realizing this is better than gold!! Loving action is beautiful. Faith without works is dead. Do God’s work in faith in Him.
    It actually works!

  • A few years ago I remember watching a recipe from Laura Vitale and she said “Treat yourself on the holiDAY just that one day, have whatever you want but don’t let it extend to the whole month”

  • Thanks so much for this video. I’ve been waking up early but I’ve been a little lost on what to do besides workout or clean. And random journaling has been a little intimidating. These tips on more focused journaling should help a ton. I’m down 33lbs and I’m a little nervous about the holidays. Your food tips will also be very helpful. #justmakeittoJan1st

  • I love this advise!!! I’m going to send this video link to all three of my adult children. We will all be together for Christmas and are planning meals already. We are all on our own health journey and I don’t want anyone stressing about what to eat. Thanks again for all the great recipes. I’ve been cooking a lot more. Your muffins have become a big hit.

  • Great, important ideas and all I’m thinking is, “I need that lipstick! The color is perfect!” I would be so grateful if you could share:)

  • Hi.Dani❗
    Yes portion.control❗❗✔✔✔

  • Adore your routine videos. I’m moving soon, and you’ve given me so much inspiration for how I want to curate a happy, healthy space. Could you go into more detail about your meditation? I remember you once talked about it (I think it’s hypnosis-based?), but I would really love some guidance for different meditation styles. Thanks!!

  • I plan to enjoy the run up to Christmas and organise one thing a week to do with my children. Sometimes it’s gets to Christmas day and I’m too tired to enjoy it.

  • I teach adults to journal and am absolutely delighted to see journalling included in a down-to-earth, holiday survival guide. The structure you use sounds brilliant for me, also. Overwhelm makes everything worse. Thank you so much, I will be sharing this video and referring back to it.

  • Inspiring vid… I no longer get overwhelmed by Christmas, taking time to always remember it’s true meaning. I kick back with family and friends but don’t stress trying to achieve all that is expected from this special occasion!����

  • Hi Dani, I’m a new subscriber here. Loved your tips for the festive season. I’m wondering if you could do a more detailed video on gratitude diaries as I’m not sure how to start. Thanks Pixie

  • You seem like the kind of friend I could go to Starbucks with and enjoy a treat without having to spend all of the social time talking about how guilty we feel about having the treat. I appreciate that!! ��

  • I made my own green smoothie: baby spinach, milk, greek strawberry yogurt, and banana. I want to try the 24 hour smoothie challenge. If I can master that, I’d like to try it further.

  • I’m a healthy person and I used to overeat during holidays. Now I just allow myself to enjoy without setting too high expectations and I end up less stressed about it therefore less bing eating. When the expectations are high I know for sure I won’t be able to fulfill them so I just fail at the first temptation.

  • Love it! Thank you. Just what I needed!!! I actually do feel anxious about the holiday season. I’ve lost 22kg this year and Christmas scares me.

  • You’re videos are always awesome keep it up dear.I want to know that what are you listening in head phones while you are doing meditatio is this a music having different sounds or something else kindly tell me

  • The water bottle in the video is not the same on the link. Can you put a link for that water bottle you are using while doing yoga?

  • Absolutely loved this video! I’m a regular with your channel and have never really commented on anything previously, but this video totally inspired me in so many ways, especially the part where you were enjoying yourself with the colouring book. It seemed so damn relaxing! And it indeed is true what you said, the habits we had as a child do really make us quite happy as adults, especially cause they bring out the passion and creativity we had back in the days ☺️ would be eagerly waiting for your next video! ���� Lots of love for you, the channel and lovely Miss Cashew! ����

  • I found you on tiktok, and I’ve been binging all your videos. For the past few years I feel as if my fitness has not be aligned with my mind and soul, but I’m so excited to start my journey. No more waiting for “motivation”, it’s time to build habits! I’m 21 by the way ♥️

  • What no outtakes?! That’s one of my favorite moments of your videos:), your make-up looks really good, do you do it yourself? Thanks for the tips., Sandy (Dan Lee’s wife)

  • I recently started my weight loss journey and I stumbled upon Dani’s channel and my life will never be the same! I learned how to cook for myself and include healthy wholesome food into my diet. Preparing your own food really feels great, especially knowing it’s good for you and even more so when it’s delicious!

  • Very good advice! Love your videos as always. Not a bad idea to plan a little extra exercise around the holiday as well if possible with loved ones.

  • Hi Nichole this is Kim! I enjoyed watching your video. I like coffee, and get the breakfast blend by Folgers! I never heard of a herbal coffee? Untill you had talked about it! I also like coloring in adult coloring books! I do flowers, and forests scenes. I also bought a St. Ives apricot face mask! Thanks again, Kim!��

  • What a lovely self-care morning routine. I love every minute of it, especially the coloring. I agree that it can be very therapeutic.

  • Love this video girl! I do almost all the same things for my weekend morning routine! Need to break out the coloring again for sure!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • These tips are so useful! I also love cooking around this time of year, everything is always so cozy, comforting and warming! Oh… and HEEEY random human scrolling through the comments haha. Just like the wonderful Dani, Im all about inspiring people to better their life through a healthy and natural way of living and eating! If any of this happens to be of interest to you, please know that I value your time and your attention would mean the world to me:) and if not, well have a wonderful day anyways ��

  • Love this video, love the vibe in your home and your p.j.’s! ♥️ Where are they from? Love it when you link your attire and small things! Always great ideas!

  • Thank you for a great video �� Can you make a video on the idea you mentioned about “healthy meal prep for the holidays”. Would love to bring my own prepped breakfast home for Christmas. I’m vegan btw.

  • After all your raving I tried Caf Lib and it was disgusting! Lol. To each his own. I much prefer Dandy Blend. ���� Have you ever tried that? ❤ All said in love. Hehe

    Self catered, self accomadated caravans: YES. YES
    Limited Activities: YES NO
    Activities: NO YES
    Indoor and outdoor pools: NO* YES
    Laundrette: YES YES
    Aracde: Yes Yes
    MiniMarket: Yes Yes
    Kids Play Areas: Yes Yes
    Bars: Yes* Yes
    Resturants: Yes* YES
    Show Bar And Entertainment: NO* YES
    You may notice some of the pools may be open during your stay, however these are currently open for those who book before lockdown and owners. Have a good stay! (P.S It’s great!)

  • Thank you Nikole. I’ve always suffered with anxiety but still needed my morning coffee, until you suggested Caf-Lib. I was sceptical, but I gave it a try. Leaving caffeine behind has been a game changer for me. No more jitters in the morning and I truly believe it has helped my anxiety. Now, maybe meditation.

  • Michael Norman went practically undefeated in the 400m, holds the indoor WR in the 400 and 4×4, yet the only thing they describe him as is a 200m champ from world juniors? ��

  • Thank you for your tips!! It’s really helpful when people like you share ways to be healthy!!:) it’s actually really inspiring and I started my own YouTube channel to share my own healthy life experience and healthy dessert recipes!!:)

  • Hi Nikki!, me and my daughter loved watching this video and you have inspired us both to try and incorporate some self care habits in our morning routine. She says, she really likes you and wants to meet you one day! I love Caf lib too and I am thinking to get a frother!

  • Wish I discovered this video BEFORE the holidays ��‍♀️�� I can totally relate to the all-or-nothing thinking and to eating all the food in the house just because it’s there lol������

  • Happy Holidays and a very happy 2020! So many exciting things to come and can’t wait to share it all with you soon and throughout the year.
    For those of you taking part in the giveaway be sure to simply write HIGH FIBER KETO as your comment and we’ll be choosing 10 of you at random to receive a signed copy of my new book. And of course you’re able to pre-order it if you don’t get lucky, through the following Amazon link
    More details along with the announcement of the winners will follow in our first video posted in 2020 so keep your eyes peeled!
    Blessings to all:)

  • Ty for those great and positive tips!!! I believe we should all have time for ourselves in the morning even it’s for 5 or 10 minutes.:)

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  • This messege came right on time! Thank you for posting this. I REALLY needed to hear this. Recently lost 65lbs and I was becoming a bit anxious about how to “control my eating” during this time of the year. Learning that it’s ok not to be perfect, and surrendering to a few extra things won’t hurt at all. Thanks again��

  • My family will all cook during the holidays! We try to have tasty but light lunches and dinners, so we do not feel ill after all those feasts! (We have 3 birthdays on top of the holidays, and extra holidays because #Spain��)
    Also, when we are having the “feast” for ourselves, we will prepare a menu and indulge ourselves in great quality stuff (cheese table, top-quality steak with a good wine, traditional deserts…) But we’ll always start with a light soup or salad, again not to feel sick ��
    It’s basically it! Trying to balance and compensating but not due to calories, but for holiday quality and feeling great and festive instead of groggy and unable to move ��

  • I just want to say that I really hope you stick with what you are doing! You explaining your situation and giving tips has really helped me a lot it really makes me want to stick with what I am doing and continue.

  • I love your self care i am trying to create on for me I don’t journal at all i tried but nope but i am trying to create a self care routine

  • I eat wayyyyy 2 dam FAST. Food is sooooo Euphoric. When I say ( or someone else says ) ” CHEW the dam food” its already in my stomach lol
    Dani gettin Down with sum Real Deal Tips in this vid

  • Hello Dani thank you for the great tips.they are very helpful. Just to let you know we made the garlic mashed potatoes yesterday for Thanksgiving and they were yummy. thank you for sharing your recipe and remembering us Vegans.❤

  • Thank you!! So helpful! I lost 42 pounds last year. I gave up sugar and all white foods and have been eating a whole foods plant-based diet. I feel better now at 52 than I did at 38. I made it through Thanksgiving very well. I had a very small portions of a few of my favorites. My family did ask me to make my traditional maple, apple crumb pie, which I did. I had two forkfuls to taste it and see how it came out, and that was all it took to get a sugar buzz right to my brain LOL what they say about giving up sugar and the results you’ll reap…’s all true!!

  • What is the difference between cafe Lib and the bambu coffee you used to drink? Is one healthier than the other or is it just personal taste preference? Do you still recommend bambu coffee?

  • While I do understand point five, I think it’s unhealthful to tie needing “forgiveness” to eating any food. No food is immoral or bad, and linking a mindset to it is one of the things that perpetuates eating-guilt. I agree with the “let it be okay” and “let it go” sentiments and your other tips. But no one needs forgiveness for eating a cookie.


    So happy to have found you and really looking forward to your book. Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to learning so much more on this healing journey.

  • In recent years I’ve found holidays to be overwhelmingly hectic. Going to this house and that one’s house, and all the different ways that people use their own space can be quite tiring. The past few years I’ve opted out and stayed home. There’s just my husband and I, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have holidays. We have food, drinks, and décor just on a smaller scale. All the traditional favorites and less stress. Sometimes you have to reimagine what the holidays are supposed to be.

  • Thank you so much, Dani! Here in India, the (Hindu, I guess) festive season just ended. And it overwhelmed me into binge drinking. Aaah. I wish I’d seen this video a few weeks ago. Will turn to this next year. THANKS AGAIN!

  • Happy holiday season my friends!! Here are 5 easy tips I use during the holidays to stay sane, grounded and feeling good! I’d love to hear if you have any tools you use to help yourself feel good during the holidays?! XO-Dani

  • #loveyourfamily This year I’m paying special attention to my immediate family (husband and daughters). I tend to focus on other people and events too much. In my journal I’m going to write things I like about them and be more relaxed and loving.

  • I can’t wait for your new book, “HIGH FIBER KETO,” to come out. The year 2020 is going to be a fabulous year for all of us. Thank you, Naomi, for the hard work you have put into your VLOGS and the seminar, “The New Skinny On Fat,” which was a massive eye-opener for me and many others. The keto way of life has been a game-changer for me. I enjoyed following you throughout your travels. France was, of course, my favorite. I felt that I was right there with you. I also enjoyed watching you recreate your keto recipes and even more so trying them out for myself and my family. Thank you for the fabulous year. But I have to tell you that my solar plexus is telling me that 2020 is going to the best ever. We will all prosper in health, wealth, love, laughter, joy, happiness, family, and friends. I hope you enjoy life and don’t forget to dance. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Blessings!

  • While this video was okay, I find it very strange that you did absolutely no Thanksgiving recipes. The planning and batch recording for this week was pretty crucial for most businesses especially for YouTubers and you completely missed the mark. I suppose when you intentionally didn’t acknowledge your 1 million subscriber milestone that was a pretty big clue that your lack of focus was clear and present. It doesn’t seem like you’re very focused or care much on your YouTube channel anymore. I mean your last video was mashed potatoes. It took you what like 15 minutes to crank that out for an entire week of content. and the one before that was brussel sprouts with bacon, oh come on are you really out of original ideas. I don’t know, just seems like your recipes are not as exciting as they once were. Or you change a recipe by one spice and all of sudden it’s a brand new recipe and everyone supposed to be excited. Maybe YouTubers need to take lessons from TV shows. Jerry Seinfeld knew when it was time to end his show. Perhaps by having over a million subscribers you don’t have to work so hard on making good content. I don’t know what the real reason is just that I’m just not as excited to see the same recipes that everybody else has.

  • I loved all these tips! Thank you! Months ago you mentioned resetting the room and I have integrated that and it’s so fast and easy it keeps the house tidy and neat. ❤️

  • Great job Nikole! This video was awesome and I LOVE the idea of having a coloring book party with friends! And I’m with you on trying to find practical ways to incorporate self care into your normal routine like face mask or scrub in the shower it doesn’t have to be all or nothing:) Such an important message. You go, girl <3

  • This is so amazing. I recently started following you and I love your videos.

    I also have anxiety and I like doing mandala art. I loved your routine and habits. Will definitely try to follow it.

  • Thank you for your amazing information I have been keto for 3 years but my last year I had to have emergency foot surgery and I struggled with weight gain all over again the last year I did a reset did 21 days of 21 hour fasting and now 2 months in nothing is changing but I’m listening to ya and going to start to implement your suggestions ����❤️ thank you for amazing content