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The Hallowe’en connection is a tenuous one, but this vegan matcha coconut lime cake is at least a witch-worthy shade of green. A simple, light vegan coconut sponge is transformed into something more exotic with lime zest and a few teaspoons of matcha tea powder. The pictured cake was made with premium grade matcha. Transfer batter to prepared pan.

Bake 75-85 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan 20 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely. In a small saucepan, combine glaze ingredients. Cook and stir over medium heat 2-3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.

Brush over cake. Sift matcha powder with a very fine sieve into the curd and stir well, then strain the mixture and stir in the lime zest. Allow the curd to cool then cover with a layer of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the curd to keep a skin from forming.

Curd will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days or frozen (in a ziplock or container) for 3 months. This coconut bundt cake with lime glaze is a doctored cake mix that yields a moist, dense, flavorful and delicious cake. If you want a cake that is easy to make, freezes beautifully, tastes delicious, and is a guranteed crowd pleaser, look no further than this coconut bundt cake with lime glaze. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray baking sheet with vegetable spray.

In a large mixing bowl combine flour and sugar and whisk together. In a microwavable bowl combine butter and water and microwave on high until the butter is melted. Combine drizzle ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat until all the ingredients are incorporated. Once the bread comes out of the oven, poke holes all over the bread and immediately pour drizzle over the bread and let soak inches.

Once the cake has cooled, pour on the glaze and sprinkle with toasted coconut. Make the cake: Preheat the oven to 350˚ F. Butter the bottom and sides of two 9-inch round cake pans. Line the bottoms with parchment paper and butter the parchment. Flour the pans and tap out the.

Combine all ingredients except lime zest and coconut flakes into a microwave safe mug. Stir with a small whisk until batter is smooth. Make sure you get all the flour, sometimes it gets stick around the edges of the mug.

Briefly mix in coconut flakes and lime zest. For Glaze: In a medium bowl combine sour cream or yogurt, sugar, lime zest and juice, coconut milk, shredded coconut. With a bamboo skewer, poke holes in cake and spread glaze on both sides of both.

While the cake is cooling, make the glaze. Whisk together the coconut milk and powdered sugar until smooth, then add the extract and mix again. If the glaze is too thick to pour, add more coconut milk a teaspoon at a time.

If too thin, add powdered sugar a tablespoon at a time, until the glaze reaches the consistency that you want.

List of related literature:

Combined with the spongy matcha cake, this is a rich and (in my opinion) underrated pairing.

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In a small bowl or large glass measuring cup, whisk together the oil, granulated sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, and hibiscus milk until combined.

“Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible” by Erin Gardner
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FINISH WITH A DOUBLE GLAZE For the glaze, we first tried mixing just lemon juice and confectioners’ sugar but found that it was too sour and overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the cake.

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COCONUT GLAZE: While the cake is cooling, heat the coconut cream and water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring, just until the mixture is warm.

“Classic Home Desserts: A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes” by Richard Sax
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Whisk sugar and eggs in large bowl to light lemon color; stir in lemon zest, anise seeds, and vanilla.

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Place the mousse cake beside the berries and on the other side of the plate add a little raspberry sauce as a base for a quenelle of sorbet.

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Add one cup of desiccated coconut, 11/2 tsps of lemon essence and 1 cardamom powdered (instead of the vanilla essence) to the sponge mixture.

“Rasachandrika: Saraswat Cookery Book with Notes and Home Remedies, Useful Hints and Hindu Festivals” by Saraswat Mahila Samaj (Bombay, India)
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When the cake is cooled, Make the Coconut Glaze: Whisk together all the ingredients in a small bowl.

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Mash into a paste and add the shredded coconut, brown sugar, and cardamom.

“Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine” by Harish Johari
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Remove from fire, add vanilla and fold in the stiffly beaten egg white—or make a meringue of the egg white to serve with the tapioca after it has been chilled.

“Food That Really Schmecks” by Edna Staebler, Bevvy Martin
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  • Quanta criatividade habilidade e dedicação fico com água na boca.Quantas delícias.Parabéns obrigada por compartilhar.amo todas as suas receitas.������❤❤

  • I was looking forward to try mirror glaze recipe but was so scared to follow others as so many and so confusing but now I got your one and I can try this without any doubt…because you are the best❤️��thanks for sharing
    Just one thing can I replace condensed milk instead of glucose!!

  • Wondering if this can be served outside—warm to hot weather?
    You are fab! If I make I’ll cite you…
    as for this vid. ��������������

  • One of the loveliest and most elegant cakes that I have viewed thus far!! The passion seen in the works and processes were greatly admired! ��

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    ل تشيز كيك الليمون و النعناع:
    ٤ ورقات جيلاتين اى ما يعادل ٧ جرام جلاتين بودر
    ١٢٥ جرام ويب كريم
    ١٥ ورقة نعناع
    ٨٠ جرام سكر
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    ل طبقة البسكوت:
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  • I tried baking this cake last week and I just had to come back to write a review. I have never baked a cake successful, but this one came out amazing. I followed the recipe exactly as you have it, and the cake was perfect. My family loved it, and thought I had purchased it from a bakery, they especially liked the layers of coconut pastry cream. Thank you for this recipe!

  • I made this and it was amazing! Literally made me moan first time I tried it lool the pastry it what made it even more declicious!

  • I used this and its very good! I made half the recipe of custard, and used a condensed coconut milk buttercream frosting recipe and it was perfect! Going to be my new go to cake to make!

  • Excellent and elegant matcha cake! This must be better than cafe. Looks very delicious �� I would like to pair with matcha tea ����

  • It’s was truly heavenly me and my husband ate it for a week.. we went out for dinner but skipped desert so we could come back home to this… was amazing ��

  • I make fresh coconut milk by hisking a few coconuts and crackung them open into pieces and grading them on a cheese grater really fine…… And then using a clean shirt.. Or cloth. To strain the coconut material and squerze milk from coconut. Grinds.. squueeze many many many times for more flavor.. Will. Be delicious.

  • I made this for Valentine’s day.  My local supermarket didn’t have limes, so I made lemon curd instead. When cooking the meringue I had to discover that my thermometer doesn’t work anymore, but…. it all turned out really well!  The cake was impressive-looking and tasted soo good.  Thanks, Tatyana!

  • Saw a picture of your cake and had to click. Oh my, I looove coconut, can’t wait to make it, your video instruction was great, thanks.

  • I loved everything except the frosting. This is a classic American frosting I believe, but I think it’s too buttery and too sweet. I’d probably try making an italian meringue buttercream next time so it isn’t that sweet or buttery.

  • I don’t personally “use” dried coconut “schaapsels” unto anything that I bake or make, because, it’s so dry, and not good to eat!!! I only use coconut milks, or “fresh” young coconut meat!!! It makes this recipe as “UGLY” as the maker of it!!!!hahahahahaha

  • Hi hi thanks for yr recipes. Can i make one cake and cut it into 2 halves instead makingv 2 cakes since its only one pan I have and do I cut d measurement in half to do this to accomodate my pan? Thanks for sharing. God bless

  • Any idea if I can make the filling a week ahead of time and store it in the fridge or will it separate? Trying to get as much done before hand as I possibly can

  • I made this cake yesterday with a side of whipped cream and strawberries. I followed the steps as shown and it came out SO SO GOOD. Admittedly my most stress-free, quick and surprisingly wonderful bake. I couldn’t believe I made it. Haha

  • Respected Mam
    Instead of egg whites what we can use and kindly mention the quantity of the ingredient. Kindly consider this query and do the needful
    Thank you

  • Wow! Very wonderful. It is also amazing you replied almost all the comments. I hope you will be able to reply mine too.

    Can I substitute flour with whole wheat flour instead and what quantity so I use? Can I also substitute caster sugar with honey and what quantity do I use too? Many thanks.

  • This cake is so light and airy. Rises beautifully and doesn’t sink back. The coconut milk topping is refreshing and doesn’t over sweeten the cake. Delicious.

  • I baked this cake today for Father’s day and it turned out superb… I was a little skeptical with regards to sweetness but the sweetness was perfect.. Not too much not too less.. I was also wondering if the cakes would get too soggy due to the pouring on top but it did not turn out soggy it was a perfectly moist cake..Thanks for this lovely recipe… My trays were 8×12″ So I decided batter into 2 trays and got 2 lovely cakes. Everyone licked it clean…

  • For all those that made this can you tell me if it’s dry when you get it out off the fridge? It looks a bit wet looking when she got it out of the tray.

  • This is another one I haven’t tried and so want a good tasting white cake…in gluten free flour. Got to try this recipe with the gf flour mix. Love coconut too.

  • I’ve just made this for the first time, it’s in the oven. Had to use evaporated milk and sugar instead of sweetened condensed milk because all the shops are out of it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out ��

  • I tried this recipe it was yummy but what I did with the top, I used unsweetened coconut and sprinkle sugar and blow torch it, ah it was so good

  • This is actually the best its gonna be my birthday at August 1and I would love to make this cake this was an easy recipe loved it <3<3 ����❤

  • Thank you for your recipe. I love it very much. I followed your video closely but still couldn’t evenly pour the glazing milk (2nd last steps)…Why??? Are there any techniques to pour the glazing milk over the cake evenly?

  • I tried this yesterday and it came out so freaking gooooood ❤ I let the cake cool then I add the milk mixture, a little difficult for the bake mixing well with the milk at first but thank God, still yummy �� as a cooconut lover, many thanks for your amazing recipe

  • Thank you very much for this recipe. I incorporated it into my peach cobbler, and I may have created something new…idk!? Has anybody ever heard of a coconut cake peach cobbler? I was absolutely terrified making the darn thing, but it came out boss!����

  • I have the question. when will we pour the mix ( condense milk, milk, coconut milk on the cake. when the cake still hot or we have to wait for the cake to cool.????

  • Tried it at home and it got completely destroyed. Layers didn’t hold due to meringue.

    I think it was because of filling too much meringue in each layer… ☹️������

  • This cake just looks like you so good. First of all welcome to showing your first video thanks. From, K.Singh Rajput North India

  • Hi Tatyana! This cake looks amazing and i would really love to try it but sadly i only own one 8 inch pan. Is it maybe possible to make the batter and wait for half of it to cook in the pan before baking the other half? It would mean that half of the mix would have to sit for 30 min until the other half bakes (hope that made sense)

  • I’ve tried to make the cake twice, both didn’t have any heights and they had gluey streaks in the middle. I’ve followed the recipe, the first time i baked at temperature and timing from the instruction and second, i reduce the baking temperature but with longer time, in case the oven didn’t work properlu. I used the aluminum foil to try to bake in the middle but nothing works.

  • Hi Tatyana ��. I am a new subscriber and new to homemade food and baking so I still know very little. I noticed in the video that you used a whisk attachment on the cake batter instead of a paddle. Is there a reason for that? I always manage to over mix when I use the whisk. Thanks for all of your great recipes! �� I can’t wait to try this out!!

  • says: I really love the ingenious idea of putting the leveled extra as a single layer! What a great tip! I will subscribe, and thank you!!!!!

  • i did this n turn it into cupcake, the lemon curd i fill in the cupcake n top it with the frosting n coconut flakes…its yummy although its sweet n lemony..i like..thank you

  • hi Tatiana my name is Yolanda I just subscribed to you I love you videos you make wonderful food all your cakes are beautiful can you please make a cake or pie with less sugar I am a diabetic even though I’m trying to pull away from sweets so I can lose my last 15 pounds it’s been 13 years I lost a hundred and twenty pounds and I’ve been able to keep it all off but I am still addicted to sweets I just tried to bake sweets with less sugar and make my own sweets instead of buying them the color of your hair is beautiful thank you so much for the wonderful videos

  • Hii tatiana, I am from Brazil and i just make this cake for my husban, its look beautiful and is soooo delicius. thank you for your beautiful and easy recipes. sorry for my broke english.

  • Suggestion: your cake will become more dense and change the baking time if you just scoop out the flour, instead fluff the flour before of even shake flour into your measuring cups. Ps you can add the cornstarch to your flour instead of cake flour but it’s really not the same, cake flour is much lighter, I’ve used both and cake flour is way fluffy then the cornstarch but if that’s all you have then it will be okay.

  • I tried this recipie today was I used much less sugar in every step and I found it to be very sweet. The cake turned out very thin so maybe next time I’ll double the batter? the meringue was beautiful but it made the cake wet and didn’t hold its shape in the fridge. any surgestions?

  • My fiance and I just made this cake. It’s perfect! We used regular coconut milk and add a little more vanilla to our cake batter. Also! We drizzled a coconut rum syrup onto the cake layers and finished it with a little lime zest. Overall fatastic flavor. The coffe cake is next!:)

  • I Totally love your recipes and your videos, you are so sweet and creative. You deserve a million subscribers but I’m sure you’ll get there

  • I love this recipe alot, however I can never get my frosting to fluff it remains a liquid. this is my 3rd attempt at it is there any suggestions?

  • aaaaaaamazing <3
     but your ultra slow zooming gives me really bad headache!:( i cant watch you full screen:(
     i love your makeup tho XD <3

  • Clear and easy to follow:) going to try this for Mother’s Day

    Update: it turned out REALLY tasty and my mom loved it ��highly recommend this recipe!

  • Na-curious tuloy ako kung sino ka. Halos napanuod ko lahat ng videos mo and super satisfying. �� ♥ ��
    Sana ganyan din ako kagaling magluto and mag-bake. ☺

  • Hello. I have urgent question. I have bought coconut cream in the Markt. Is yust pure coconut but creamy. How can I use in recipe when the recipe say coconut milk?!

  • Now i understand bakit ang mahal ng cheesecake… Kasi jazz yung background music hahahaha… Kidding aside, masarap yan. Akin na lang yung pinagtabasan ng chiffon cake. ��

  • Woohoo 41st sub and first comment. Haha I love your energy and smile. Recipe looks great! Looking forward to seeing more videos from you and meeting you at YYC VegFest! ����