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Prep ahead: Use Pint glass canning jars to ensure that you will have room for your liquid & stirring. The photo shows 1/2 pint jars that were assembled for my children using smaller 1/3 cup portions of rolled oats. �� ■ Add 1/2 cup dry rolled/old fashioned oats to the bottom of the glass jar. For each jar: 1/4 cup oats (old-fashioned) 1/3 cup milk* (see notes) 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon chia seeds 1 teaspoon honey* (see notes). Instructions Add all ingredients into a jar and place it in the fridge. Hold on for a couple of hours.

Then enjoy ��. Saw this posted on Facebook and was intrigued so decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how simple and how good it is. This lends itself to so many different combinations. I’ve listed as it was posted but left out the banana and blueberries as didn’t have it, added 1 teaspoon of vanilla and topped with walnuts.

For those mornings when you know you’ll be in a hurry, here’s a breakfast that. Combine milk, oats, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, honey, and cinnamon in a 1/2-pint jar with a lid; cover and shake until combined. Remove lid and fold in blueberries.

Cover jar with lid. Refrigerate oatmeal. Making Instant Oatmeal Packets I like to make up a double batch of the basic mix, and then divide it into four containers of about 5 1/2-6 cups each. Then I add various flavorings or mix-ins to make different varieties of instant oatmeal. You can also divide your oatmeal into separate baggies and make your own true instant oatmeal packets.

This no-cook, make-ahead oatmeal is packed with nutrition from oats, yogurt, and chia seeds. Made in mason jars for a grab-and-go breakfast. Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal. This post may contain affiliate links.

Please see my Full Disclosure for details. 75+ Best Make-Ahead Oatmeal Recipes to Eat for Breakfast. Published Sep 21, 2017 · Last Updated Oct 14, 2019. Add oats to a mason jar or glass container with a tight fitting lid.

Pint-sized mason jars allow plenty of room for toppings! Next add the desired amount of liquid, such as milk, rice milk, almond milk or even water. The general rule is equal amounts of liquid and oats.

If you like your oatmeal. The Recipe: To make four servings, place 1 cup steel cut oats (or 2 cups rolled oats) in pot, along with 4 cups water or milk and a pinch of salt. Follow package directions and cook until oats.

List of related literature:

Old-fashioned and quick oats generally come in a large cardboard container with a tight-fitting lid, which is fine to keep them in for storage.

“Baking For Dummies” by Emily Nolan
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To make overnight oats, simply place about ½ cup rolled oats and other desired ingredients—about ½ to ¾ cup skim or almond milk; chopped fruit; spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract; and other mix-ins, including 1 to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds—in a mason jar or other container you can seal and refrigerate.

“Joy's Simple Food Remedies: Tasty Cures for Whatever's Ailing You” by Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N.
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properly processed oatmeal is extremely stable and can be maintained in good quality in closed containers for many years.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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Rolled oats cook faster than steel-cut but make for a gummy, lackluster bowl of oatmeal; they are best saved for granola and baking.

“The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes.” by America's Test Kitchen
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Reheat oatmeal either in microwave or in heavybottomed saucepan over medium-low heat; stir often and add hot water to adjust consistency.)

“Slow Cooker Revolution: One Test Kitchen. 30 Slow Cookers. 200 Amazing Recipes.” by America's Test Kitchen
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My Steel-Cut Overnight Oatmeal is obviously not instant, but it’s quick, simple, and guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

“Valerie's Home Cooking: More than 100 Delicious Recipes to Share with Friends and Family” by Valerie Bertinelli
from Valerie’s Home Cooking: More than 100 Delicious Recipes to Share with Friends and Family
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To make an oatmeal bath, put 1 cup of rolled oats in a food processor and process into a fine powder.

“Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding” by Demetria Clark
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Our solution was to jump-start the oats’ cooking by stirring them into boiling water the night before so they gently hydrated and softened overnight.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
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For oatmeal that takes just minutes to cook, look for quick-cooking (also referred to as instant) oatmeal or old-fashioned rolled oats.

“Dinner Made Simple: 35 Everyday Ingredients, 350 Easy Recipes” by The Editors of Real Simple
from Dinner Made Simple: 35 Everyday Ingredients, 350 Easy Recipes
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Do not buy pre-packaged instant oatmeal, which is full of chemical additives and artificial flavors.

“The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness” by Rosemary Sue Ellis
from The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness
by Rosemary Sue Ellis
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  • All pretty much the same you just changing the fruits, smh! Would of been a better video with other options and real difference! With yogurt, without yogurt, with milk, without milk, ect ect

  • I see a lot of recipes asking you to mix yoghurt with milk… why would you do that? Won’t it cause the milk to curdle overnight and cause acidity in your tummy even if you consume this immediately?

  • This is a marvellous recipe however I find that when I topped this with a little bit of flaxseed and hemp (to boost my protein level) it became quite dense in calories (622 cals).

    Just a little heads up for someone’s who’s doing a caloric deficit (losing weight)

  • OATS! ������
    Yumm.. my daily Morning GoTo.. would eat them for Supper if I was allowed to ����.
    Thanks for that.. Will definitely give them a try.
    My Favourite at the moment.. Oats, Salt to taste, Honey, Chopped Banana, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper. Some variations thereon.. Chopped Mixed Nuts and Fresh Fruit, Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Saltanas, Mango, etc.

  • You should read warning about the Chia seeds..they are good for you in some ways but bad in others, 1 example is if you are on blood thinners you need to be careful when eating them, also if you have low blood presser, some people can have intestine problems or even make your intestines have more problems…so why there is good to the seeds please do more homework before you pass on using them…thank you

  • I tried this for the first time last night. I added my protein powder and flax seed to the mix. It was PERFECT for my morning breakfast!!! Thank you!

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  • I just made these and kept in the fridge to cool, can’t wait to try them with my family ����, thank you so much for making this video for us and God bless ������

  • Delicious!!!
    I wonder how long it will take if I make it with traditional oat? �� trying to skip the stove top and use the oats I already have at home lol

  • Why don’t you stir the ingredients at all? I know it looks Insta-good this way. But isn’t the whole point of overnight oats that all the ingredients meld together, and soften up together? At least to a certain degree? There’s rustic and then there’s rustic.

  • Question.. do the bananas start turning brown by the next day? I LOVE the idea of the banana nut one, but I worry that the banana will become brown if I cut them the night before.

  • Hi lovely! Could we cook the oatmeal with milk instead water and with quinoa instead oats and freeze all to eat later on another day?
    Tyvm:) lisbon, portugal

  • my recipe: 31g of oats, 50g greek yogurt, 3g of chia seeds, half a scoop of a vanilla protein powder, 60 g of frozen berries/fruit, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, usually around around 3/4 cup. comes out to around 270 calories for me. the way i get different flavors is by playing with the fruit options or playing with flavor of protein though most of the time i stick to vanilla or cookies and cream. also just a note, the frozen fruit turn nice and soft by morning time and taste pretty good. i do this most mornings. I really look forward to this every morning. its so good.

  • These units (cups, tsp and tbsp) confuses me. As different websites give different measurements.
    I hope someone helps me to convert them to (ml and grams)

  • Definitely more fruit needed. I use raisins and honey and nonfat yogurt and a little bit of milk in the morning if it’s too thick and usually a drop of vanilla. But you can use bananas and strawberries anything that fresh or frozen. Cherries are good also just don’t mix cherries with raisins because it doesn’t work well. I love these for breakfast.

  • I love the fact that he seems to try things out as he goes. “Oooh, it’s still soft.” He’s an experimentor like me. I love this guy!

  • Absolutely delicious, wento Trader Joe’s got all of the ingredients, husband and I been having the,we absolutely love them,thank you!

  • If anyobe is looking for a review, i tried the blueberry one and ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Gave me a great start to the day.

    You can make the blue berry sauce yourself even though im not good at it. I just boil blueberries and water together lol.

  • These look amazing. But I don’t like how these sort of channels feel the need to put every ingredient in its own bowl to make it all look overly clean, along with the poppy music. This just makes me worry about all the dishes..

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