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Delicious Veggie Curry Recipes 3 Ways

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How To Make a Vegan Curry

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Easy Vegetable Curry | Tim Shieff

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Ultimate Vegetable Curry | Chetna Makan | #MyFoodMemories | AD

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Add curry powder and stir 1 minute. Stir cornstarch into 1/4 cup broth,. Add remaining broth, tomatoes, chickpeas, salt, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne to pot.

Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat. Stir occasionally 15-17 minutes. Stir in cornstarch mixture and chard.

Stir until chard is wilted. Serve with rice. Put the onion, ginger, tomatoes and paste, garlic, salt and pepper in a small food processor and whiz to for a paste. Heat the oil in a large heavy based pot and cook the mustard seeds for 2 minutes or until just starting to pop. Add the paste and cook over a medium heat for 8 minutes.

Add the spices and coconut milk and bring to a gentle boil. Hearty vegetable curry with chickpeas, aubergines and halloumi Lucy Parissi | Supergolden Bakes This hearty vegetable curry recipe is packed with aubergine, courgette, chickpeas and topped with grilled halloumi. Easy to make, super delicious and slimming friendly too!

Heat oil over medium-high heat in a large pot. Add onions and cook for about 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium, add the garlic, ginger and cook for another minute. Add the curry, cumin, turmeric, coriander, cayenne and stir for half a minute.

This winter vegetable curry is an easy vegetarian dinner filled with hearty butternut squash, cauliflower, tuscan kale and chickpeas, you’ll never know the meat is missing! I hate to be one of those cliches that talks about the weather and how time flies but I seriously can’t believe tomorrow is December. Step 1 Heat olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

Add sweet potato to pan; sauté 3 minutes. Decrease heat to medium. This is a rich and hearty lentil curry, great as a main meal rather than as a side dish like the more traditional Indian dhal. Don’t let the ingredient list faze you, this really is an easy dish to make.

This dish is great served with basmati rice. These hearty vegetarian recipes are flavorful, filling, and just what you’ll be craving once the cooler weather starts to hit—chilis, casseroles, and. Take one tbls of curry and add it to the pan, making sure all of the onion and garlic is covered. Add in the Tomatoe, scallions, thyme, ketchup, dash of salt, coriander and cumin. Mix well and cover for 5 minutes.

Add in the stock and stir well. These vegetarian recipes, including fava bean soup, lentils, broccoli with nutritional yeast, and chickpea burgers, are packed with good-for-you protein.

List of related literature:

Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and add 2 cups chopped onions, 6 chopped garlic cloves, 1 cup chopped celery, 2–4 tablespoons curry powder, and 1/2 teaspoon cayenne to start, then 3 or 4 whole cloves or a dash of ground cloves, 1 teaspoon powdered ginger, and 3 bay leaves.

“The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: Finding, Identifying, and Cooking” by Katie Letcher Lyle
from The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: Finding, Identifying, and Cooking
by Katie Letcher Lyle
Falcon Guides, 2016

Heat some oil in a pan, add the curry leaves, chilli powder, coriander powder, cummin seeds, the ginger-garlic paste and fry for a minute.

“Usha's Pickle Digest: The perfect pickle recipe book” by Usha R Prabakaran
from Usha’s Pickle Digest: The perfect pickle recipe book
by Usha R Prabakaran
Pebble Green Publications, 1998

Heat 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil and add 2 cups chopped onions, 6 chopped garlic cloves, 1 cup chopped celery, 2–4 Tbsp. curry powder, and 1⁄2 tsp. cayenne to start, then 3 or 4 whole cloves or a dash of ground cloves, 1 tsp. powdered ginger, and 3 bay leaves.

“Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: How to Find, Identify, and Cook Them” by Katie Letcher Lyle
from Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: How to Find, Identify, and Cook Them
by Katie Letcher Lyle
Falcon Guides, 2010

Heat some vegetable oil and cook a thinly sliced onion and a minced clove of garlic for a couple of minutes until soft; add a tablespoon or so of curry powder and stir until fragrant.

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less
by Mark Bittman
Simon & Schuster, 2009

Before adding water to saucepan, stir 1½ tablespoons grated fresh ginger and 1 tablespoon curry powder into vegetables and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

Normal basic vegetable in this curry is karaathe (karela/bitter gourd).

Notion Press, 2019

Add the curry powder, 1/2 tsp black pepper, and tomato paste (if using) and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant, about 30 seconds.

“The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy” by Amanda Haas, Dr. Bradly Jacobs, Erin Kunkel
from The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy
by Amanda Haas, Dr. Bradly Jacobs, Erin Kunkel
Chronicle Books LLC, 2016

Add the curry powder, turmeric, and ginger, if using, and the remaining vegetable broth and let come to a simmer.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

3 Curry Pilaf: Stir in ½ cup diced dried fruit and raisin mixture, ¼ teaspoon ground allspice, ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric and ¼ teaspoon curry Step 2.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today” by Betty Crocker
from Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today
by Betty Crocker
HMH Books, 2011

Substitute ¹∕ cup packed fresh basil leaves, 3 tablespoons red curry paste, 2 teaspoons lime zest, and 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger for lemon zest and rosemary.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine
by Cook’s Illustrated
America’s Test Kitchen, 2011

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  • I’m gonna try it I love spicy and veggies I want to be a vegan I love animals so damn much I swear yo I hope I marry an animal lover vegan doctor haha ok

  • I love how she browned the onion. That’s exactly how you make a good curry! Absolutely hate those tasty videos where they leave the onion raw when making a curry!

  • I’m struggling to find the recipe. Like one I can look at. Is there one available? Like how much onion was that. Sorry I’m terrible at this cooking stuff.

  • I’ve written down the recipe in German, if you’ll need it 😉
    Chetnas Familiencurry

    1. Breiten Topf auf mittlerer Hitze erhitzen.
    2. 2 TL Pflanzenöl dazugeben.
    3. 1 TL Kreuzkümmel, 1 frische, grüne Chili dazugeben.
    4. 2 gehackte Zwiebeln dazugeben und 10 min auf mittlerer Hitze anbraten bis die Zwiebeln goldbraun sind.
    5. Daumenlanges Stück Ingwer und 2-3 Knoblauchzehen dazu reiben und auf tiefer Temperatur weiterbraten.
    6. 2 gewürfelte Tomaten dazugeben und bei mittlerer Temperatur 10 min weiterdünsten, dann 2 TL Tomatenpüree dazugeben und weiterdünsten.
    7. 1 TL Kurkuma, ½ TL Chilipulver, 1 EL Korianderpulver und 1 Teelöffel Garam Masala dazugeben.
    8. 1 Teelöffel Salz, 1 dl heisses Wasser und 1 Dose Kichererbsen mit dem Saft dazugeben.
    9. 1 Blumenkohl in Röschen, 2 Karotten in grossen Stücken und zwei Handvoll grüne Bohnen, Erbsen dazugeben und gut mischen.
    10. 1 dl heisses Wasser dazugeben, zudecken und auf tiefer Temperatur 20 min kochen.

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  • Dear Chetna I did not have all ingredients and used butternut squash instead of cauliflower as well as coconut milk instead of double cream. It was very delicious!

  • Was salt used instead of fish sauce in order to preserve the veggie-ness? If so, use vegan fish sauce (made mostly with shiitake) instead it makes a massive difference. Malagasy cuisine uses fish sauce, as does Thai, Vietnamese, Lao etc; it imparts flavour as well as saltiness.

    Also: damn your hide… The Lovely caught me watching this video, and now she thinks I have no excuse for not cooking her delicious veggie/vegan curries ” It’s right in the title they only take 15 minutes!!”… next time I have few minutes to waste on things that interest me en spec, I’ll watch porn.

  • Watch that lemon at the end. I had a ton of juice in a half lemon and it submerged the curry. Okay, it’s month later and I remade this with just the littlest sprinkle from half a lemon. Much better. Got the nuttiness of the curry, the flavor of the shiitake mushrooms and the sweetness of the bell and broccoli. An of course the coconut. Very satisfying this time unless you want to make lemon coconut curry. Which is fine but there is a medley of flavors here that you rick losing. But yep you can make this in 15 minutes flat.

  • Add a small bit of sugar to butternut squash really brings out the natural sweetness trick I learnt from my mother also for meat eaters try butternut squash with chicken as a curry delicious!

  • Dear Chetna, I absolutly enjoy your recipes, the way you present them in your channel and also I love your books. Though I have one question: the amount of green chilis seems much too huge in most of the recipes. I love spicy food a lot, but it´s even far (far far) to hot for me. My question: Is there a special kind of green chili you use or which is common in India?

  • Made this tonight. Incredible. Didn’t miss meat at all. I added tomato purée when I was frying off the onions etc and added a cup of water with the tomatoes to stop it sticking and waited for it to reduce down.

  • I’ve tried one of the recipes for curry you have a while back & I received so many positive comments from friends, asking for the recipe & I shared your video with them! This looks amazing and I cannot wait to try this out!

  • I tried this recipe, and it was great! The thing is though, in my opinion it was waaaaay too spicy. When I added the spices, I taste tested it, and my mouth was on fire. So I had to rinse the veggies, and start again. After I adjusted the amount of cayenne pepper, it was indeed tasty. I only point this out, for others who are terrible at tolerating spiciness like myself.

  • Today I’ve made this dish for the dinner (I always make coconut carry), I added steamed broccoli and avocado on top and it was so delicious. I am obsessed with coconut curry and now I also have new addiction hehe. Nice job Tim.

  • Hi Rachel, l do enjoy your videos and your food looks amazing. Can’t wait to get your book!
    Also, thanks for your birthday wishes last week.

  • I’ve been watching a lot of Tim’s vegan recipes and it really shows what creatvity can be done when you restrict yourself in hopes to change for the better. Thanks foodtube!

  • Watching this again, as I’m making it now after not making it for a year, and want to get the measurements right. These recipes were a real help and exciting when I first transitioned to veganism. Such a shame that Tim is no longer vegan.

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  • Not a vegetarian but so enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. Will be giving this a go for the me and the wife. Needs more chilli for me though!

  • I made this and it came out delicious! I do agree with other people that it is spicy and I can handle spice.

    I don’t like onion too much so I only used a quarter of the onion. I think next time I will leave it out and use only garlic. The onion didn’t make that much of a difference.

  • Let me tell you something girl! I made this three years ago and loved it! I made it tonight and love it even more!!! Damn!!! This is a great dish!!!

  • Hi, the garam masala you use here, what is it’s composition? I usually prepare it instead of buying it mixed, so, I’m just curious about yours. Thanks!

  • Hey Rachel that looks absolutely delicious. Unfortunately we don’t live in England we live in the USA we would love to meet you and I am a hugger too because I’m an Italian so you will definitely get a hug from me.❤

  • The tampering is ALWAYS done with whole spices. You may also add the powdered spice mix a few minutes before turning the heat off.

  • hi although its a great well presented video i made the meal and i dont know if i put to much chilli in or if it was the mustard seeds i did not enjoy it. iv only been vegan for a very short time and i dont seem to be getting the hang of the food cooking at all.your meal looked lovely though, i will just have to keep practicing. thanks again for your video,

  • I just found your page and I’m loving your energy and personality and most of all these recipes! I will have to try some of it soon. I’m curious what made you choose a vegan lifestyle? And how do you find support to help u with this lifestyle? Thank you

  • All the coconut oil is a artery clogger. Very unhealthy. You look skinny and healthy but probably about to have a heart attack, seriously. Also that kitchen is ridiculous, are you in an RV cooking on an camping stove????

  • Based on comments, I used frozen peas and halved the amount of all the spices, except salt/pepper. It was very flavorful and easy to throw together! Next time I’ll reduce the amount of cayenne even further to lower the heat. It still had some intense kick.

  • Hey Rachel! I wanted to know if I can use a splash of water from a glass of pickles or a littlte bit of yellow mustard instead of the mustard seeds to get the required taste? ♥

  • Rachel this looks AMAZING but I promise you that if you add the garam masala at the very end of the dish it will be even more Ahhhmazingtrust me. I’ve been cooking Indian food for 10+ years and that’s one of the best tips my Indian friends have given me❤️

  • My only complaint is that they dont make the curry and just use curry powder. Not all curry is the same. So just show the damned spices separately

  • All your recipes are indian based excluding the avocados’s though… Poppadums.. mango chutney, the salad what we call cachumber with yogurt.. which is our basic every second day meal… Its so cool that indian recipes are going viral cause of more veg content in our diet.. keep spreading.. check out more recipes with pulses curry ( mostly called dal)..

  • I love your recipes and have tried several. I notice you use chick peas a good bit, are black eyed peas a good substitute? I cant have chickpeas.

  • Hey Rachel Amacongratulations on the article in British Voguejust picked it up today and reading now!!! Vegan, black girl magic!!! Awesome!!

  • Everyone should eat vegan and give up the packaged processed nonsense we’ve clogged ourselves with. Thank you for all your recipes!! I can’t wait to get that book!

  • I was looking for easy recipes during this 2020 Quarantine and stumbled across this recipe. It is so easy and simple to make, plus tastes delicious. Highly recommend… 5 years late, but it was worth it ����

  • I love your recipes and always try to figure out how to adapt them for my household. We are gluten free, coconut free, and strawberry free as well. Allergies ��.

  • I can do this minus the parkour, but with homegrown butternut, cilantro, tomatoes (in the winter!) and spinach… And I soak the garbanzos (less salt that way), all organic mind you. Thanks for this vegan recipe! ; )

  • Can you please make a recipe for those who workout ��️‍♀️ where they can their protein I lost some muscle cuz I’m not eating meat for like one month and half I would appreciate if you could share thanks

  • Bullshit about peeling shallots< i grow all sorts of onions the all the same, the not that hard to peel. Stop buying fresh goods in packets and making excuses

  • i can’t wait to buy your book, your recipes are amazing!
    thank you for being ☀
    love & peace, everybody!

    ps: i just found out you added songs to listen to while making the recipes in the book �� i love you!

  • For the Australian’s out there you can buy Rachel’s book here: https://www.booktopia.com.au/rachel-ama-s-vegan-eats-rachel-ama/prod9781529104578.html

  • I’m watching this as I eat curried potatoes and lentils with a side of veggies ��I think your content is slowly turning me vegan lol ����

  • Rachel, like I said yesterday……. I just ate dinner tonight Easy Vegan Curry, it was packed full of flavours, tasty and so filling. THANK YOU for showing and helping me to see another food point of view. Im so impressed.

  • I love a vegan curry preferably without oils. I have different versions so it gives me variety of vegetables and other vegan whole plants foods and it prevents me from being sick. Excellent video and curry recipe.

  • Ok. Sooo… I’m a budding vegetarian and when I seen thus video I hade to make it! When I say it is delicious!! I don’t even like tomatoes, but with this I ate them and enjoyed it. Thank you!

  • Ok so the easiest way to cook basmati rice is to add salt and cumin seeds to large pot of water. Bring to boil. Add rice and let it dance around freely. When it’s done pour off water into mesh colander, dribble little pats of butter and toss with fork. Light fluffy individual grains of rice. Never sticky, never worry about burning rice.

  • 12secs in to the video…. Okay 1stly, I’m so excited for your upcoming book, kudos!!! 2ndly, I tried your curry lentils recipe from the High Protein Caribbean Feast video, using Red Lentils so GOOD! & I had to click on this one!! ♥

  • Tomorrows dinner sorted mate. Ive been trying some of your dishes and had no idea that vegan food had any flavour. Thought it was about nuts, bland rice, no taste etc but how wrong was I….

  • this was like watching a man be possesed by a gluttony demon; i genuinely had a look of horror on my face when he was physically apprehending himself, struggling against a stronger will to not put meat into the vegan curry, his screams and wails of pain will forever haunt me

  • I was hurt the first time around trying to follow her recipes, couldnt find the majority of what she cooks with especially the seasonings. This looks a lot more simpler and budget friendly, motivated to try again ��

  • You’re making a mistake by adding ground spices on an empty pan. You’d get better results with sautéing onions, garlic and ginger, then adding the ground spices. You’ll burn the spices by adding them earlier.

  • i love your style of videos you show your fuckups without editing them and making you seem like you never make mistakes like some cooks do and your way of giving advice in general is really down to earth and not patronising. thank you, this looks delicious!!

  • Wow,this looks splendid. (Indian approved). Just wanted to tell you that ‘papad’ is usually a side treat that we have with the curry and the bread (naan/roti/paratha). You can also enjoy curry with rice! It’s wonderful. Papad is like the crunchy side treat you have with a huge bite of roti/rice and curry. Yoghurt too. And you can add pickles to your meal too with chutneys.

  • I tried this recipe and I loved it. Im not vegan but I eat vegan most days, and im terrible at cooking meat and i dobt like dairy which is why im vegab most days lol

  • i thought this was a real tutorial and i did half of it without watching the full video and i don’t even know if i can eat this. But I did like the video:)

  • Lol sucks about the rice. I used to never be able to cook rice. Butttt now i cook it like im making a pasta. Tons of water then i strain the rice out when its almost cooked just a bit hard still. Strain then return to empty pot. Let sit a little then fluff. Its perfect and seperated everytime. You cant go wrong! Dont over cook it.

  • is it just me or… this was recorded and edited into a 15min cooking video?..his pan seems to have different ingredients on 13:29 as compare to 13:31….even at 13:01 the numbers of mushrooms seems different… but anyhow I love his vids so I am cool but it just bothers me..

  • Don’t pretend you were going for sticky rice man…

    For the rice: use less water and cook for 5 mins less. If there is still a little water left in the pan just stick the lid on and steam it for a couple of minutes.

  • Hello Rachel!
    Could you please do a video on types of nutritions a vegan have to consume in order to be healthy? and give some examples of foods that contain those nutritions (foods rich in iron, calcium etc), if there are any pills you’d have to take in order to get for exampel vitamin B12, talk about nutrition yeast and why most people use it etc.
    I would really appricieate if you make a video on that and it might help me go vegan!

  • just made this sooo good! I added 2 tsps curry instead of 4 cause I don’t like things really spicy & I also added coriander and cardamom. Definitely will make again

  • Just made this but threw some shrimp in. Was dank af! The lemon juice was a key ingredient. I also added some brown sugar since my curry was more robust. It balanced it out w little

  • I really like this recipe, thanks a bunch:)
    I took the liberty to write it down, which makes it easy for me to keep printed out with my other recipes…
    I post it here in case anybody else likes to print it as text:)

    Serves 4 people


    preheat oven 190′

    1 butter squash -> cut in 1 inch cubes

    1 or 2 spoons of oil

    2 teasp kumin

    2 teasp coriander

    1 teasp chilly

    2 teasp madrass curry powder

    salt + pepper

    shake in the tray

    put in oven: 190′ for 40 min

    1 large red onion, sliced

    1 thumb of ginger, finely chopped

    1 chilly -> cut in small pieces

    1 teasp garlic

    1 coriander bundle -> finely cut the stokes

    oil in pan, drop all vegetables

    add 2 teasp curry powder

    low heat

    add 1 can of tomatoes

    add 1 can of chickpeas

    cook for 20 min with lead on, low heat

    Add squash to the soup,

    cook for 2 minutes

    add 1 bag of spinaches (fresh)

    cool for 2 minutes more

    Use the coriander leaves from earlier as decoration.

    Serve with boiled rice.

  • Left out the potato, left out all but a few spoons of the coconut milk, quadrupled the other spices, left out the pepper, but otherwise, just made this was very, very nice!

  • I just made this and am eating it right now. It’s so hearty, flavourful and warm. It’s like a delicious hug. I just love it. Thanks Chetna!

  • your rice method is for fools, use the 40/60 ratio of water to rice.400 grams rice (2 cups) washed and covered with 600 Ml water. with the lid on bring water to a boil as fast as you can, turn heat down to not remove lid when it starts boiling time 8 min, and you will have fluffy rice, Basmati or Jasmin

  • Just found you from the article in the WSJ! Wonderful! I used the link to find the recipe. Nice but I wish I could print it from your website without copy&paste.

  • warning do not use this recipe!!!! I used this recipe and the shit is over spiced!! I took one fuckin bite and my mouth was on fire… recipe is total shit and it’ll make you run to the bathroom to shit!!!

  • So many arm chair cooking quarterbacks here, @55 I’ve been cooking for 40 years, not an expert, not a chef, but this guy is good. I have 22 raised beds and 2 greenhouses and Broccoli remnants make a great stock in my Instant Pot

  • I have never seen coconut oil that is solid like butter before. Did you store the oil in the fridge? In room temperature, the coconut oil should be liquid like olive or mustard oil. Here in India, I have never used or saw anyone use a spoon to scoop out a buttery Chuck of coconut oil…

  • Nowhere in this video does it claim to be a “100% Authentic Indian Curry Made Just The Way You Like It”. It’s a simple, fast currybased on certain flavors and techniques. In fact, “Indian” (or any other specific nationality) is never mentioned ANYwhere here. Yet, dumb dumbs are practically lining up to be personally affronted *by a cooking video*. You know where you can find curries that are exactly how you want them? Your own damn videos and your own damn kitchens. See ya’ there.

  • Just made this now without the potatoes and coconut milk (used semi-skimmed) cause my dad is fussy about coconut and I can’t have potatoes too often. Came out beautifully ty:]

  • Great video to watch and going to make the veggie curry this evening for dinner (Mine) but sure the girls will want to try it as well. Thank you for sharing x

  • I made this and it was way too much cumin for me. Maybe I’m not that used to it, even if I live en Mexico (lots of mexican recipees use cumin). Does anyone else agree?

  • So i followed his recipe to the T and lemme tell you guys…DO NOT SKIP THE LEMON JUICE! I HAATTTEEE citrus flavors and skipped it because I cannot stand the taste of lemon and then tried the curry. It was SO bland and I was super disappointed that I wasted all of my veggies that I could have used for something else…then I thought I might as well add the lemon juice and see if that makes any significant difference before I throw this all away. Let me tell you guys, it didn’t taste lemon-y at all! It made it SOO MUCH BETTER! I never thought one half of a lemon could have such an effect and as a person learning to cook, I now wonder what I was missing out on by skipping this step in a million other recipes that I’ve tried. Just thought maybe this would help my fellow lemon-haters out there:)

  • The US release isn’t until August 1st so I guess I’ll just buy it twice. One ebook for now and one hard copy in August ��������‍♀️

  • I made it today,but it didn’t taste good.I did evryting as in the recepy step by step everyting except the chilly at the beggining,probably that was my mistake,but I did’t want the curry to be very spicy.Probably I am just not used to this spices, I don’t know….So now I have a large pan full of untasty curry.WHAT DID I DO WRONG?At least my dad like it (I am not sure that he says the truth )so I hope that mum will like it as well.It looks exactly the same,so beautiful,I gues that I have a lot to learn about cooking.But i will not give up I AM GOING TO COOK AGAIN TOMOROW,but different recepy and this time only for me so that I don’t waste food if it doesn’t taste good.Btw I am 16.

  • Hey guys, just a recommendation. I made it but added a few changes and it tasted amazing!
    -Skipped the cayenne
    -Skipped the canned tomatoes
    -Added 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
    -added 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
    -added 1.5 more teaspoons of curry powder
    -Replaced the coconut milk with diluted coconut cream (1:1)

    You can try this out. Tasted quite good with Indian bread!:)

  • Thankyou very much for the receipe. I am a meat eater but cooking for a female friend soon. I just don’t find vegatarian curry or food fill’s me up, what am I doing wrong:)

  • oh wowwwww.bhutt easy a bnona ah ta.mai rat e try kita c bhut testy bniya c.ghare sab nu bhut psand ayea.bss 20m di jga 40m hle aa meria vegs nu bnan ch… nd mai black channe use kre c.alag toh boil krke.nd channe aa wala whater e use kita c 100ml…. thankss to you nd your mom for this recepi ��������.god bless you bhene… we are punjabi ����

  • this looks really good! i have one suggestion though: as an indian, i have tried many different versions of the curry you have made. Each person puts their own amount of spices in the curry so that it tastes unique. there should not be any exact recipes for the spices. but this video is very helpful.

  • I picked up a tip from the Campbells Soup company when they were located here. They use vegetables that are past their Prime to make their soups. My husband was working on the grounds one time and asked about that. They said that, that’s the secret to all really good soups. Not rotten, but past what you would put on the table. They have more flavor. That’s also the secret to a lot of cooked salsaa. The tomatoes need to be overripe. At that place where they get just wrinkled.

  • Is this even a curry..You guys don’t even cook onions properly..that was a bad curry nightmare…do some research work and then make videos guys.

  • can i substitute peas with soy beans? can i substitute potatoes with yuca? can i substitute onions with bell peppers? can i substitute coconut milk with almond milk? can i substitute cayenne with chili powder? and lastly, can i substitute curry powder with soy sauce? please answer me asap. i would love to try this dish. looks delish!!

  • The trick with dried herbs and mixes like curry and garam masala is to fry them in hot oil. It’ll change the experience and the flavor. You’ll never have heartburn again with this trick.

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