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How to Make a Healthy Shamrock Shake Smoothie

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Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shakes!

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How-To Make a Shamrock Shake | Clean & Delicious

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Healthy VEGAN Shamrock Shake Recipe // Cook With Me!

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Enjoy a healthy, low-sugar, low-carb, high-protein Shamrock Shake at home — with just 5 minutes of prep! This fun St. Patrick’s Day treat is a nutritious copycat version of the indulgent McDonald’s milkshake.

Enjoy one for breakfast or snack this season — guilt free!The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake relies on artificial green coloring, artificial flavor, and loads of high fructose corn syrup. This real food shamrock shake uses pure peppermint oil extract and naturally green foods like spinach and avocado. Even though there are veggies hiding in this dessert, all that’s tasted is creamy, minty goodness. Healthy Shamrock Shake This Healthy Shamrock Shake recipe is made with 8 nutritious ingredients like avocados, spinach; Greek yogurt & is ready in 5 minutes!

The perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat that’s naturally dyed green!My Healthy Version of the Shamrock Shake My version of the Shamrock Shake is sweet and minty, and creamy and delicious.

It is also packed with. Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe (Paleo, Keto, Vegan) This healthy shamrock shake recipe is simply made with coconut milk, avocado, and fresh mint—no food coloring, complicated instructions or scary ingredients! ‘Tis the season for the shamrock shake!almond milk: every shake needs some kind of liquid and we’re using almond milk.

Feel free to use any kind of milk! spinach: every shamrock shake deserves to be green and our recipe uses spinach! Use as little or as much as you’d like. The more you use, the greener it will be! peppermint extract: the secret sauce to the minty flavor of this. This drink is a light and refreshing version of the original Shamrock Shake. It replaces the ice cream, whipping cream, and syrup with fresh ingredients that are.

Blend coconut milk, banana, ice, avocado, spinach, vanilla extract, and peppermint extract in a high-powered blender until very smooth. Pour into a tall glas. A small McDonalds Shamrock Shake will set you back 460 calories and 64 grams of sugar! Do your health a favor, and make your own delicious and healthy shamrock shake at home.

The popular McDonalds Shamrock Shakes are back again. According to nutrition information found on the McDonald’s website, a small Shamrock Shake contains 460 calories, 13 grams of fat (8 of them saturated fat), 63 grams of sugar and 150 milligrams of sodium.

List of related literature:

This recipe is inspired by the special shake that McDonald’s rolls out around St. Patrick’s Day: the famous Shamrock Shake.

“Keto Restaurant Favorites” by Maria Emmerich
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The drink had actually been in development for eight months, and the two flavors we launched, Orange Mango Banana and Banana Chocolate, provided a serving of fruit, 15 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber at no more than 270 calories—with no artificial colors or sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

“Onward: How Starbucks Fought For Its Life without Losing Its Soul” by Howard Schultz, Joanne Gordon
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Do not ever think that this shake alone will make you lose weight or control your diabetes.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
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This shake tastes fantastic and is a powerful way to start your day or energize yourself in the middle of the afternoon.

“Success Is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices; Change Your Life” by Tommy Newberry
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It’s delicious and healthy, and it makes an excellent addition to green smoothies.

“The Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Over 100 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes to Look and Feel Amazing” by Mendocino Press
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The shake is very rich and creamy, which makes it rather filling.

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
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If you can fit their calories in your eating plan, order a small milk shake.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Sodas, fruit punch, sweetened teas, and, worst of all, milkshakes can add hundreds (and even thousands!) of calories to your meal.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
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* Please use the berries only in the shake and 1⁄2 cup as a treat a few days during the diet.

“The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days” by Mark Hyman
from The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
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Shake well to combine the flavors before serving.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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  • This is the only recipe I can make for St. Patrick’s day because it falls in the middle of Lent which is when I cut out processed sugar.

  • Is it bad that I didn’t realize that it is St. Patrick’s day until I watched this video? Double the protein and half the calories. Now that is an improvement!

  • I can’t wait to make this! That brand of whipped cream is actually $6 at my local coop. I only ever buy it for thanksgiving. Lol. I just bought you smoothie e-book too. ��

  • I was really excited to make this but I’m allergic to avocado�� and I’m not really into the banana taste with the mint. What can I use instead?

  • I guess I’m crazy, because the shamrock shake has never tasted like mint to me. I thought it was supposed to be Irish Cream flavored.

  • It is good but does not taste like a shake. I use it as avocado cream over raw fruit cereal. Had it everyday this week because I bought a large green Florida avocado. If you want a shamrock shake that is not really a healthy version like Caitlin’s, check out edgy Veg version.

  • truvia is a chemical! Its not stevia it contains most erythritol which is one of the most dangerous sweeteners there is. This even kills fruit flies!

  • I made this right after watching…. It was NOT EXACTLY like a shake but it will be a great addition to the smoothy line upit was simple and is for sure worth trying.

  • I have to try this!! I used to be obsessed with the Shamrock shake! (before i went vegan) I would love to make this but I don’t have avocadoany suggestions? ((we just had a blizzard so roads aren’t too good so I don’t wanna run out hahah))

  • THIS IS AWESOME! Has anyone tried it??? Please let me know how it tastes! I would definitely add this to my fave smoothie recipes if it’s good!

  • Caitlin, your videos have helped me immensely to stay on track with my new plant based lifestyle! Much love from a fellow plant based youtuber! ❤️

  • Great upload Derek! My protein shakes are never boring anymore thanks to You! It’s neat watching the evolution of your channel, comparing your older videos to the new ones. You can tell that you pour a lot of time, effort, and planing into each one! Keep up the excellent work bud!

  • Can’t wait to try this with some almond milk too! Might make the tea more concentrated-smaller volume and stronger so I can add the milk to it.

  • I have never had a shamrock shake either, but have been craving on after seeing a commercial for mcdonalds! I have coconut cream freezing as we speak!

  • I found out your channel thanks to healthnut nutrition and i looove it! love your recipes! The good combo healthy and tasty!:) i will try the chicken nuggets for sure!

  • Thank you for this recipe! We need healthy food more than ever right now. These are going to be great since so many of us are working from home now.

  • zucchini squash instead of cauliflower, greens powder instead of peas, and really strong brewed mint tea would be great. Plus you can totally put oatmeal in smoothies and it makes it really creamy.

  • Hi Dani, You are a genius using the mint tea!!!  This Healthy Shamrock Shake ROCKS!!!  Thanks for the “Laughs” at the end of the video!!!  LOL!!!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Cheers!!!  GGG

  • I love your zanniness.. just so random. I think we feel like we are just hanging out in the kitchen. I love your top tho!!!��������❤

  • Been looking for a green drink to serve to my friends today for St. Pattys.. And I am definitely going to try and make this today!! Thank you for this delicious and healthy recipe.

  • Wow that looks so delicious ������ i am so happy that you said it would keep in the frigde for a few days, because now that i work from home everyday i could use a healthy shake to have as a snack ❤️���� so thank you for the recipe ❤️

  • YUM! I’ve been meaning to try out frozen peas or broccoli in my smoothies. Definitely inspired. AndI love that you pulled up a old photo of me in Ireland…very festive. You’re too cute by the way!

  • Wow, this looks incredible. I might have to try to do this for my next workout. Found you via MyFitnessPal.

    As for what I do for St. Patty’s Day, I just started to do a tradition of eating corned beef with cabbage and have a different Irish beer I find from BevMo.

  • “…that’s colored with this green pigment. I don’t really know what it is. Do I want to know what it is?” ���� yep basically sums McDonalds up

  • how cute!!
    i really wanna try this out. We don’t have Shamrock Shakes in Brasil and i have no idea what it tastes like!
    But im sure yours arre great and its a good idea to make kids eat greens!
    thanks for sharing! ��

  • Wow 5 $? Here in germany you can get premade vegan whipped cream for like 1 2 €… doesn’t costs much more than the regular one:o!

  • you’re adorable Caitlin:) This is the weirdest smoothie I have ever seen! haha! But I bet it tastes great because I trust you girl!

  • Ohh nice!��
    My alltime favorite breakfast/desert/snack recipe is:
    1/2 pack of silken tofu,
    2-4 dates,
    1/2 cup of berries,
    some cinnamon,
    all mixed together in a blender until it become a smooth pudding like texture.
    Topped with linseeds, chia seeds, etc.
    You get some good protein, it’s not too high in carbs and it tastes amazing��❤

  • I recently stopped using Stevia because it stops the body from uptake in calcium in your bones become brittle and break as my father‘s hip broke later in his life and I’ve want to avoid this kind of osteoporosis problem that is caused by not being allowed to uptake calcium into the bones it blocks that soap Stevia looks like it’s really healthy and everything but I will and I love the flavor of it the sweetness of it but I don’t love the suppressed information about how damaging it actually is to a human body

  • Why ruin a shamrock shake they are ment to be bad for you don’t make them healthy somethings are just bad for you that’s the way it is

  • Your dog is such a cutie!!
    Starting to drop fat and I’ve notice many people recommend eatting protein filled food and you have some yummy videos tnx


    Ingredients: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Yellow 5, Blue 1. May contain small amounts of other shake flavors served at the restaurant, including egg ingredients when Egg Nog Shakes are available.

  • I love this! I was just thinking about what I want to have for breakfast tomorrow (doesn’t everyone ponder over breakfast options the night before?) and this sounds quite appealing! I’ve been trying to figure out how to add more vegetables to my usually fruit-filled smoothies and FROZEN PEAS sound great! I’m not the biggest fan of peas but I’m thinking they might be pretty amazing in a smoothie:) Thank you so much for thinking outside of the box and sharing this recipe with us! ♥

  • Wow, this looks delicious. I can’t wait to try it out. I use to love the shamrock shake, but stopped because it’s so unhealthy. Love this alternative. Thank you!

  • This shake looks bomb. I’ll definitely try this soon.  
    As for St. Patty’s day, I don’t really do anything special haha. Some times I’ll have corned beef and cabbage

  • I was really excited about the rice whip, but when I heard that price I had the same exclamation as Caitlin. ���� #brokecollegestudent

  • I cried while you listed the macros for the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.  Thanks for providing a clean and delicious version of the Shamrock Shake.

  • How funny, those nutrition facts are crazy. I remember as a kid McDonald’s also had a shake that we loved called something like a purple Gak shake???? It was when that Gak goo came out. It was so good.

  • Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the Truvia brand of stevia is mixed with erythritol. Im sensitive to sugar sweeteners and i found that switching brands helped my digestion tons!:)

  • love this shake recipe. I’ll share my recipe:
    2 cups baby spinach
    1 scoop Vega One French Vanilla
    3/4cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    2 drops of mint extract
    1 frozen banana
    I don’t usually use whip but I just might today for fun!

  • I just read that if You eat a avocado every day it will help you lose weight?? I’m definitely going to try this today!! Thank you so so much I feel like we’re best ��

  • 7:30 hahaaha I am currently watching The Office for the first time ever and I am starting to use “that´s what she said” way too much

  • Most underrated fitness diet channel on youtube! haha from ur long time italian subscriber, happy early St. Patrick’s Day!!! P.S: u should make some lifting videos as well!!!

  • Good video Caitlin! I ditch the veggies altogether (not a fan of them in smoothies) and use almond/coconut milk, matcha powder, mint, banana, and either vanilla extract/maple syrup for added sweetener:)

  • Just tried this, I love it…Thanks for the video please keep them coming. Can’t wait to try your chicken buffalo ranch meatball recipe tomorrow.

  • Oooh this is awesome! Looks super yummy! I’m Irish, so this is perfect! P.S. my name is an Irish variation of your name! (And your name is also of Irish origin, you probably already know that though haha…) Love your videos, I find them super inspiring:D Thank you so much, happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

  • I just tried this! It’s delicious!! And I didn’t have cottage cheese, so I put in a little less than half of a frozen banana instead and it was still very thick!

  • Thanks! Want to make it today. My dad was born on St Pats day. My brother lives on Irishtown road. I get blamed for being Irish a lot. Happened twice in one day.

  • That won’t last more than 1 day in my house, particularly when my son sees it. I’m not a fan of spinach but LOVE kale stem and all. My kids would only have their kale either in chips form or smoothie. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Or; spinach, ice cubes, plant milk, dark choc chips/cacao nibs, mint oil and some agave nectar/other sweetener =) Probably not as healthy, but so good!!!

  • Dani, belated “Erin go braugh”. This shake looks yummy and I cannot wait to make it. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous recipes.

  • Like I legit love watching this girl. I’m not even vegan. Or vegetarian. But I want to convert solely because she makes it look so easy but I know it’s not! But anyways! I wish she was my friend! Lol keep up the AMAZING work you do! <3 much love

  • I stopped using tea bags years ago, now if I want pepper mint tea I just steep a few mint leafs and drink that or add it to lemonades, shakes… try it and you will see youll never go back to tea bags.

  • Love ur energy in this video u r too funny �� that whipped cream was definitely over priced but looked so good omg! Definitely wanna attempt making this! ��

  • You should try
    chia seeds
    water ( i just put a cup)
    frozen bananas
    I was drinking this while watching this video and I think you will like this!❤️ definitely will try your recipe and I will tag you ��

  • i hate that whenever i wanna do something with spinach we dont have any spinach. we rather have spinach for the fridge or no spinach at all

  • YUMMM that looks so good!! going to school in Chicago has kinda made me hate Saint Patrick’s Day so I’m not too motivated to get festive… but I’d definitely LOVE to try this!

  • Another great video mate. Ill have to look for mint extract. Not sure if they sell it in Australia. But ill give this a go. Awesome to see your channel growing. Keep seeing heaps more subscribers every time. Good job mate.

  • One banana, A hand full of baby spinach, 2 tbsp of creamy peanut butter, 1 cup or 1 1/4 cup of almond milk all in a blender. To change up this recipe leave out the spinach and replace it with bakers coco powder or chocolate protein powder. I sometimes add instant oats to this to add its health benefits. The sweetness will come from the peanut butter. I hope you like. You can also use regular milk if you don’t have almond milk. If you’re really hungry then add two bananas and about 1 1/2 cups of the almond milk or plain milk.

  • I bought that Rice Whip once. Thinking the same thing like. This better fucking be worth it. I got ONE use out of it…then the rest of it jammed and never came out again. And their customer service was the worst. Never again, abort abort.

  • Also, you don’t have to unplug your electronics if they are plugged into a grounded electrical outlet or a grounded extension cord ��