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To a mixing bowl, add melted vegan butter, nut butter, vanilla extract, and maple syrup and whisk well to combine. Add dairy-free milk and eggs and whisk once more to combine. Add baking powder and whisk to combine. Then add almond flour, starting with the lesser amount and whisking to combine. Great Grain-Free Pancakes.

A fluffy, high stack of flapjacks can still be yours, even if grains aren’t on your menu. This quick-and-easy recipe uses almond flour to set up satisfying cakes that are perfect with berries, eggs and certainly a drizzle of coconut syrup. Coconut Flour Pancakes Absolutely the best grain-free pancakes I’ve ever tasted. And they’re super nutrient-dense thanks to all the eggs that go into them.

I add a splash of vanilla and cinnamon to the batter and serve them slathered in butter from grass-fed cows, freshly ground almond butter, & a smidgen of maple syrup. Bananacakes: The very BEST grain-free pancake Radiant Life Pancakes are usually considered a special breakfast in this house. Round up your short list of ingredients: sweet potato flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon and baking powder for the dry. Applesauce, almond milk, coconut oil, ACV, and vanilla extract for the wet. Add the dry to a bowl and whisk.

Add in the wet ingredients, stir and done. One bowl pancakes coming atcha!You only need six ingredients to make these simple paleo pancakes!

They’re grain-free, dairy-free and they taste like REAL pancakes! These pancakes are fluffy and filling and I’m so excited to share the recipe with all of you! Finally! I’m sharing a recipe for the fluffiest paleo pancakes!

I have been working on perfecting paleo pancakes for what. 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder (make sure to use grain-free baking powder, if necessary) 1 teaspoon baking soda. 1/2 teaspoon salt.

3 large egg. These pancakes were much better than I expected. Even my nephew liked them, and my husband said “Not bad!”. (I’ve had quite a few gluten-free pancake failures before trying grain-free.) They are delicious even without the bananas. I like my pancakes a bit fluffier, so I added a touch more flour the second time. Thank you so much for this.

With a few changes, these are wonderful, grain free pancakes. My changes: 2 whole eggs, 1/4 cup yogurt. 1 TB Butter, and 1TB coconut oil melted. Cook at 350 F 375 too high.

I served with bananas & whip cream. So yummy, does not need syrup. Makes 4 pancakes enough for 2 persons with the addition of a fried egg and bacon. Recipe is a keeper. Paleo Buttermilk Pancakes {Grain Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free} These fluffy paleo buttermilk pancakes are the perfect healthy answer to your pancake cravings!

They come together quickly and are a hit with kids and adults alike. Grain free, nut free, dairy free and even freezable, which makes them great for breakfast or brunch any day of the week!

List of related literature:

Pancakes are a special treat for me, and when I make them they’re always whole grain based.

“The Doctor's Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance” by Travis Stork, Leda Scheintaub
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If you haven’t made grain-free pancakes before, know that they will act differently than those made with grain, which have gluten and more flexibility, and hold together better.

“The Bone Broth Secret” by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
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Whole Grain Waffles and Pancakes Have whole grain waffles or pancakes that you make yourself from scratch or from a whole grain mix, and top them with yogurt, fruit, one to two tablespoons of heart-healthy nuts, and a drizzle of real maple syrup.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
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BREAKFAST-GRIDDLE CAKES: At home, mix together % cup/90 g white whole-wheat/wholemeal flour, “A Cup/ 35 g cornmeal or semolina flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 4% tsp salt in a sturdy plastic or stainless-steel container big enough to stir your batter in the next day.

“Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas & Modern Recipes for Cooking with & for Each Other” by Sarah Copeland, Sara Remington
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Alas, while these are very good lowcarb pancakes, they are no rival for the fluffy, gluten-filled version that you may be accustomed to serving.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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  • Pretty frustrated. If this is a recipe video you should be including amounts of each ingredient. You told us in the video that you’d list which gluten free flours work best in the description but if you did that it wasn’t easy to find.

  • This coconut flour pancake recipe is amazing. We renamed them Cloud Pancakes because they are so fluffy and soft. These pancakes hold their shape better than pancakes I have made with all-purpose gluten free flour, and I think they taste better, too.

  • I made this for my wife this AM because she wanted some paleo pancakes and she loved them the satiety level is on 100%. I guess the almond flour and enriched white flour has very different consistencies.

  • So I ran out of eggs and attempted this recipe with a chia seed egg substitute and it failed miserably. Hope this helps someone!:D

  • Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve tried many grain free pancake recipes. The pancakes fell apart each time. I made the almond flour pancakes this morning and they were great.

  • Made them just now. Love them. I added slivered almonds and a BIG dash of cinnamon cause a girl loves cinnamon. Super yummy. Topped them w sugar free syrup strawberries and blueberries. Yum!

  • Hi loved your video. Almond flour is new to me as I’m on this keto diet. I’m thinking butter is my choice of toppings although that little bit of maple syrup can’t make too much difference.

  • I wonder if coconut flour would work instead of the GF AP flour. Hmmm. add some xantan gum as a binder maybe?? Thanks for the video!

  • These are great! We make a similar pancake in our house. And, I loved how well you put together the video. It’s so easy to follow!

  • I just made this awesome recipe, it was great! For syrup, try, Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar free Low Calorie Syrup BUTTER FLAVOUR. Low, low carb! Awesome taste..I actually prefer it to the regular stuff!

  • these are delicious! i put blueberries in them to make blueberry pancakes, and used sugar free syrup, which i know is still bad for you, but its a lot better than normal syrup.

  • Thanks for the recipe! These worked out great. I have not really badly, so I am always looking for ways to normalize my life. If you can believe it, I can’t do dirty either. It was ok…I have an almond/coconut milk conception that I made that also has hazelnut in it. So, I used that. Yes, the milk replacement made them really good so I wanted to thank you!

  • Danny only gave 2 mmms for the almond pancakes whereas the coconut pancakes received 4 mmms. I’m going to try the coconut pancakes first. ��

  • Add a large scoop unsweetened protein powder instead of that extra one third cup of almond flour and you can make these protein I use nutricost whey protein unflavored

  • I followed this recipe perfectly, and twice just to make sure. The batter turns into sticky oatmeal. ����‍♀️ They stick to even a greased pan and are impossible!

  • Unnsweetend apple sauce has still too much sugar for me, do you please have any suggestions for a substitute? I guess it has to be something sticky? Maybe I can use soaked Chia?

  • Hi Dani, I just tried your coconut flour pancakes (but did not use tapioca flour, not available here so I substituted it with regular flour) for breakfast and they’re great. So filling! I put some dark choc chips on the last batch of pancakes. Thanks for the recipe:)

  • So, I have made the Almond flour ones twice now and my batter is more liquid than yours. Pancakes still taste fine but what could be wrong?

  • Great video, we do our own parlour…the oats you showed whole, we just grind in our Bullet and have oat flour in large canning jar on counter.

  • Help! For the nutrition facts It doesn’t specify about the serving size? Is it the whole recipe or one pancake! Please anyone help lol

  • Excellent! JUST made the coconut/tapioca flour version. I loved them, my husband loved them and they were easy enough to make. I really enjoy your channel:)

  • Dani! Not for nothing, but what about pancake pancakes? You know, pancakes made with pancake fixings. Pancake pancakes. Okay, I’ll stop now.

  • WOW thank you for this amazing vegan recipe. Finally a recipe with no oatmeal or any banana. Instead of using GF Flour, can I use rice flour or chestnut flour instead?

  • I just made these literally, and I added cinnamon and a packet of Stevia and topped with a little bit of butter and a little cinnamon on top and then they were good. I’ll make them again.

  • O.M.G…..!!!!never have I tasted a grain free anything this delicious! I made the almond flour pancakes….I was concerned about them because my batter didn’t look like yours��but… after some research I realized what was wrong when you make the almond pancakes in the video you use 1/2c almond milk in the recipe you use 1/3c of almond milk I watched the video too make them so I’ll adjust the recipe the next I make them and I’ll look at the recipe for the coconut flour pancakes and compare the two before attempting to make them anyhoo….I love love love them! #lovecleananddelicous

  • Thanks for the recipes!! I have tried both the coconut and the almond and i like both… but the almond flour is my favourite ����

  • Is it possible to substitute a gelatin egg for regular eggs? Also potentially using maybe tapioca flour or another flour that’s not nuts?

  • Me: has allergies to egg and dairy
    Also me: makes pancakes from flour and rice milk
    Also also me: eats pancakes
    Also also also me: *makes these pancakes even though I can eat gluten
    Also also also also me: tHeSe PaNcAkEs ArE tHe BeSt

  • Looks fabulous! I’m going to veganize this by using egg replacer and soy milk and will let you know how it went, okay? Thanks for your lovely channel and keep those recipes coming!

  • Hi, I love the recipe for my son and me. My wife can not have applesauce as it is a migraine trigger for her. Can I simply leave out the applesauce or replace it with a pear sauce? What is the purpose of the apple sauce is it just a sweetener? Thanks for any help.

  • This is not meant for you, but more in general, and thank you for sharing your recipe… But I just really do wonder, whyyyy is it that every time I try to Google vegan gluten free ideas ALL I get is gluten/meat/dairy substitutes??? Instead of just a fruit or vegetable based breakfast or dinner or something else.. I find this so annoying, I am trying to eat healthy and eliminate these foods and I want to find out how to eat right, but all I seem to come across is for “healthier versions” as substitutes, but that’s not what I want. Does anyone have or know any channel where i can just get plant based meal that is its own meal and not a substitute to something else? Often times it is so much work to find all these sub. Ingredients…. (again im not speaking about your video ofc) but does anyone understand what I mean?:( it is so frustrating.. like just give me a fruit pie made out of only fruits and not some substitute flour that I can’t find anywhere. Sigh***… sorry for the venting. Again, this was in no way meant to you or your channel. Thank you for sharing

  • The coconut flour pancakes are good but even after waiting some time the batter didn’t thicken (something’s wrong with my flour). Took me some time and more ingredients but they came out alright. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Great recipe! My wife, kids, and I loved them for breakfast a couple months ago. Planning on making some for dinner tonight!

    The sped up video of the skillet is really fascinating.

  • Hey can i know whats the function of the applesauce? Is there a substitute for it cause i dont have it and im very lazy ti make it? Is it fine if i just leave it out of the recipe?

  • Thank you so much for making this!
    My partner had a lot of allergies, and I love cooking, so I always want to cook for him, but it’s hard to do so. When ever I look up “vegan pancakes” but they always have nuts, that he can’t eat, do this was a big help.

  • I made these and they were great except for I think this recipe has way too much cinnamon for my taste so next time I will skip that part but overrall this is the best recipe I have come across thus far. #Totallyworthmaking

  • Hello Danny, the pan you used looked to be made of iron, however you said it was nonstick. It just doesn’t look like a traditional nonstick. I would like to know more about it and where I can purchase one if I wanted to. Thanks.

  • This is crazy, I’m watching your video and as you’re cracking the eggs, I’m also cracking eggs, you get two yolks in one and so did I… one in a million.

  • Hey can I ask is the apple sauce and flax seeds really needed? I am lactose and gluten intolerant and miss normal pancakes i tried it with banana and it was tasteless despite adding sugar and vanilla essence but I have seen some made with GF oats too in the mix thanks

  • Woman, let my mom serve me those small ass pancakes. Id be throwing a fit. LOL Thank you for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll make them adult sized LOL. You know I am trying to stir away from all purpose flour due to its high carb count. I have tried using almond and coconut flower. Any tips for that recipe?

  • nice recipe but for you and your child, avoid the non stick pans, plastics without bpa too!

    The reaction about high temperature made some hormones disrupters, and a lot of others problems

  • I love the pancake, very good video. What is the second ingredient after the flour? And what flour do you use? I use oatmeal, almond or coconut flour. Could you use those options as well?

  • I like the recipe I went on your website but I can’t find the ingredients just a video you do not give the exact measurements of how to make pancakes I like the recipe but I can’t find the ingredients and how much you need for flour and baking soda and everything else you just tell it

  • Why.. this is second time you use more beautiful video picture I mean thumbnail more beautiful and delicious than what u cooked and the result u don’t show us they look brown but in picture of video they look white

  • This looks yummy! We have a cooking show for kids with food allergies (particularly gluten and dairy) and are always looking for great recipes to make for our viewers. We love cooking with almond flour. Especially Bob’s Red Mill! We will definitely be trying this one. Thanks!!

  • Fantastic recipe. My girls don’t have any allergies but many of their friends do. This is going to be awesome for their next sleepover party! What is the best tasting gluten free flour and the best tasting dairy free milk?

  • Excuse me, but a butterstick to grease the pan and a slab of butter to melt on top at the end doesn’t feel dairy-free friendly. What would you suggest in replacement?

  • Yay!! Thank you! My son is gluten and dairy free and having a family of 6 been searching for a recipe we like. His birthday is next week and we are having our first sleepover and so these will be made!

  • They were alright! I didnt use the flax b/c i didn’t have any. on the second batch i didnt use the cinnamon. i used one egg instead of applesauce. and sugar inplace of honey. i only used half a cup of almond milk. they came out nice and fluffy, too. I will make again. it makes about 8 SMALL pancakes. soooo id suggest to double it or more depending on family size.

  • Great thanks for this post! Also, you used butter (Dairy) is that not sensitive to your allergen child/family? My child I believe is more sensitive her histamine would react sadly!

  • Mine come out raw inside and cooked on the outside no matter how low the heat is on….and takes forever to even cook to that point. I’m using a stainless steel pan. Any tips?

  • Thank you. All the other recipes I’ve seen use baking powder and starches or other crap. This is the simple recipe I knew had to exist.

  • Thank you. I love that it’s basic and I can add whatever to it. They came out fluffy, I did cover the skillet for it to rise some more

  • RECIPE: GRIDDLE: 1:1 Gluten-Free Flour:

  • Hi Danielle, I am really enjoying all your videos. You really have made your recipes conform to paleo without foregoing all the rich flavors that us old school Italian girls are used to. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knowledge and making it all simpler. May I ask you to explain the particular baking powder you used? Or explain the homemade baking powder and suggest your favorite brands to use to combine for making the homemade? Thank you again!

  • Hi Danielle! My girlfriend and I have made some life changes to our diet recently by eliminating grains and pursuing a paleo and overall healthy lifestyle. We own both of your first books, Against All Grain, and I just wanted to say thank you for providing us with these wonderful tools to help us succeed. My family has been in the food business for several generations, so I can certainly appreciate your wonderful recipes and simple techniques to make paleo food not only delicious but also accessible to all kitchens. Also your videos are very enjoyable to watch and it’s great to see the recipes come to life from the master chef herself. Keep up the fantastic work! Cheers!

  • Thanks for sharing Ian. My wife really enjoys pancakes but our attempts always turn out to be something other than pancakes. So I will show her the video when she gets home and maybe this weekend we can enjoy some “healthy” pancake treats too.

  • Can’t wait to buy the book and make these. What kind of spatula is that? I’m looking for one that you can use on ceramic pans that is pliable like the one you used in this video.

  • So awesome!!!! I need to try these!!!!!! I also need to Get my hands on ur new book!!!!!!! Thank u for sharing ur recipes! Blessings!