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Ingredients. 2 cups milk of your choice (whole, coconut, almond, etc.) 1 1/2 teaspoons ground turmeric. 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. 1-inch piece of fresh, peeled ginger.

1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup. pinch of black pepper. Top tips to make golden milk turmeric latte. Check that your spices aren’t stale for maximum flavor and benefits. Rub a little of the spice between your fingers, if.

Think comfy, cozy and luxurious with all the warm fuzzies. That’s what this Golden Milk Turmeric Lattebrings to your coffee mug. But without the caffeine and boosted with inflammation-fighting properties. Since I’m on Day FOUR of my break.

Instant Turmeric Golden Milk Latte Mix (Make Ahead) And if you want to make a Turmeric Latte dry mix that you can make ahead and use as needed, this is the recipe for you. Just scoop out 2 tbsp of the dry mix into a cup of water (which CAN be used here because coconut milk powder. Add the almond milk to a small pot and heat on low temperature.

Add the turmeric, cinnamon stick, cardamon pods, raw honey or coconut syrup, and pepper and stir frequently for about 3 minutes until the milk. When talking about the health benefits of turmeric latte or golden milk it comes mainly from its ingredients turmeric and ginger. Turmeric latte is rich in antioxidants – This helps fight off disease and infections and contribute to your overall health. Easy turmeric golden milk latte recipe by Mama Natural tea Creating the Turmeric Paste. The key to making this recipe a daily part of your routine is making a big batch of turmeric paste first.

This way, you’ll always have on hand the concentrated paste that brings the golden milk to life. 1/2 cup milk (dairy or plant-based milk of your choice, unsweetened) 1 teaspoon turmeric. 1/2 teaspoon ginger (ground spice or grated fresh ginger root) 1/2.

Combine milk, turmeric, maple syrup (or honey), cinnamon, cardamom small saucepan and heat so it is infused. Now strain and use a milk frother to make it creamy. thats it. Golden milk latte is done. Check out my warm turmeric milk recipe.

Creamy turmeric latte, also known as golden milk or turmeric milk, is a delicious warming Indian beverage. Made with hints of warming spices, you’ll love this simple recipe with a handful of ingredients. In Hindi, golden milk is called “haldi ka doodh”.

List of related literature:

5 Golden milk: Popular nowadays, this drink is made by boiling 1/4 tsp. of turmeric in a cup of organic milk.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Simmer turmeric in milk for 5 minutes.

“Mother Nature's Herbal: A Complete Guide for Experiencing the Beauty, Knowledge & Synergy of Everything That Grows” by Judith Griffin
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Or add it to cow’s milk, unsweetened almond milk, soy milk, or light coconut milk to create a spicy golden milk latte.

“Joy's Simple Food Remedies: Tasty Cures for Whatever's Ailing You” by Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N.
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PRO TIP If you don’t have time to whip up turmeric milk, don’t sweat it.

“Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health” by Kris Carr
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Masala chai tea (brewed spiced tea) is often made with whole milk.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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Prepare it by infusing 1 tsp. turmeric powder in 1 cup of room temperature water over night and then stain it through a coffee filter before using.

“Ayurvedic Herbology East & West: The Practical Guide to Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine” by Vasant Lad, Vishnu Dass
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You follow the same recipe, but use a turmeric tea like Tumi turmeric instead of coffee.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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It is A turmeric dried and then powdered to make haldi which is widely used in Indian cooking.

“Longman Active Science 6” by Narayanan Vidhu
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For a golden orange colour, mix the turmeric with 50 ml milk.

“The Tudor Kitchen: What the Tudors Ate & Drank” by Terry Breverton
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Blend the turmeric into the yogurt, mixing thoroughly.

“Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting” by Judika Illes
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  • Hi mam… I have a baby girl. She s 1 year 3 months old.. he got food allergy.. hives in her boby from 3 days… can I give her this milk??

  • Its not just going to work on its own
    Americans can’t have a big mac and golden milk and think they will be well
    Turmeric worked for me

  • My boyfriend is the most picky eater/drinker I know…After seeing the color of this drink he denied taking a sip until I encouraged him some more (lol), and he absolutely fell in love with the taste!! I loved it as well, adds a very soothing/relaxing vibe to my nighttime routine thank you!!

  • Does anyone else make this and keep it for the week? I am noticing that the consistency becomes more gel-like after a day or two. Is it just me?

  • Just too many ingredients in this…..Better to add turmeric and carom seeds with honey on top with milk. It will serve the purpose. Cardamom makes it flavorful as well…..Try to use ground ginger in a boiling water with cinnamon and drink it every morning. It will metabolize food and help with digestion and anti-inflammatory properties…

  • all spices are healthy…they may not treat cancer but they can improve health generally…they do more good than bad….and when your body is healthy you can fight many illnesses

  • People in #India only use 1-2 tea spoon of #turmeric in a family worth’s of curry. It is a spice not the main dish to be used in such large quantities.

  • So I made it and drank it. I felt like I was unlocking some ancient secret from the gods of India. But anywho, mine wasn’t as golden �� and all of the “good stuff” was at the bottom of my cup. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • You should try also adding either garlic or onion. You have to use garlic or onion grated right before you use it, and the onion should not be saved for later use. The onion and/or garlic should be added, just like the honey, once the golden milk has cooled a bit, because otherwise their benefic properties will be lost. A few garlic pieces taken off the garlic bundle and grated or slicen or diced should do. Same for onion. I would recommend adding the fresh ingredients in a blender, and turning them into a paste with a part of the milk, and have the milk+onion or milk+garlic or milk+onion+garlic mix added right after the honey is added.

  • No no no! I smell a rat! Perhaps big pharma sponsored or affiliated. Dear once u have been on turmeric (it is a daily multi use in our diet and medecine cabinet fresh is best we grow it with ginger root) you won’t be such a skeptic. Notice how healed your body is once on golden milk or throat infections disappear with turmeric salt gargle or wounds are healed super fast with a turmeric poultice or how acne free skin glows with a turmeric mask…list goes on. But I guess the speaker hasn’t experienced any of above before actually making her case!Please people of the world do not fall for bs.

  • This is a magic drink which will keep you healthy forever.
    Since 2 years i have been drinking this drink and never caught flu and cough. I will keep drinking it till i die.
    My immune system was sooo weak that i caught flu every 3 months.

  • Check out this video:
    I trust Dr. Michael Gregor. He analyzes all the science.

  • Dude.. this recipe is Ayurvedic from over 3,000 years ago… don’t believe the Fake News being spread today from “science”.. that’s normally funded by big pharma to make you think anything natural can’t do anything for you so you turn to medication.. ridiculous… if it didn’t work the recipe wouldn’t STILL be around

  • add the ginger after the milk has been boiled, otherwise the milk could curdle. also use regular sugar, honey should not be added to hot foods or cooked

  • Hello ma’am

    I am great fan of ur channel.
    Recently I saw this video of urs.
    So I would like to ask if I can drink turmeric milk in the morning. Before breakfast or after breakfast

  • Hey amy, having turmeric in food doesnt help because you are cooking it. If you want to get the benefits of turmeric you have to have it like tea. Your research is very poor and if you really want to find out look out how you should consume rather than adding it like food coloring lol. Please dont publish videos without knowing the real facts. Thanks.

  • I watch this video even when I don’t make the latte. The music + vibe + your voice is very soothing and happy �� thanks for an awesome video and yummy drink!

  • Its a very healthy and quick drink, especially to boost ones immunity and get sleep at night, im suffering with insomnia, wil try this for sure. Thank you

  • Important, only use plant milk, dairy is very inflammatory, you want the Tumeric to heal your brain and body, not the damaging effects of the dairy. Just heat lightly until ingredients combine. My book will have the smallest of health details, subscribe to get news once it’s finished.

  • So… Is it an anti-inflammatory or not? I get that it doesn’t cure cancer. Is this video just to slow the sales if tumeric lattes? I loved Crash Course, but these videos are looking more and more like click bait.

  • Turmeric is THE most powerful fart-inducer that I’ve ever encountered (seriously)… oh and the smell of those farts (oh my gosh)

  • You should mention that this “Golden Milk” is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipe from thousands of years ago and you have taken the recipe to introduce on your show!

  • HONEY is basically SUGAR = UNHEALTHY. A real and scientific nutritionist won’t recommend honey to anybody in any healthy diet. Very clever, a sleep drink with a dramatic increase in blood glucose…:-( Free sugar is not right, as stated by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in multiple reports. Your healthy advices are based on myths.

  • I always end up with a lot of grains of unmixed something at the end. It may be cinnamon. Any advice to make sure everything is mixed?

  • You all stole this all from south Asians and are selling it as your own ‘golden milk’ now shame on all or you. I was bullied for my eastern practices. This is a staple in our diets. It’s been around for centuries in south Asia. This is so sad.

  • I just use turmeric because it relaxes my muscles and helps me focus as well as clears up brain fog. Kind of like green tea. At least for me.

  • I just want to say thank you.. i was suffering from food alergy from last 1 year. After watching your video as started drinkng this milk.whitin 1month alergy gone almost 80%. Thanks a lot for suggestion. I had spent lots money on this alergy.but this simple milk gives me relif thanks…

  • My doctor suggested to me to try turmeric and make something called Golden Milk!? I’d never heard of it before. So one day I was looking for the recipe for “Golden Milk” on YouTube and I saw a few before yours, but none of the others weren’t very easy to follow, just too many steps. I am very happy that I found your recipe ��
    Its actually tasty. Thank you. Now I can tell my doctor I’m finally making it for myself. To better health. ❤❤

  • Turmeric half teaspoon mixed with olive oil has fixed my parrot’s broken leg. His bone was broken and all I did was heat this mixture and massaged it 3 times a day on his leg. It worked wonders.

  • Nice even better with whipped cream or heavy whipping cream if you like cream��
    I just learned why my ingredients don’t mix well; I don’t whisk. Thanks��

  • This is such a blessing of a drink! Keep bringing joy into our healthy lives! It is truly inspirational! You have no idea how much your recipes impact my mind, body, and soul! You rock!

  • is coconut oil really healthy? apparently, it is not:

  • Do not heat honey!!! It not only kills its benefits but also leads to creating toxins in your body. You should put it in after liquid has been removed from heat and cooled a bit.

  • Thank you!! A great golden milk recipe! This is one of my go-to remedies for a mild cold and sore throat. I generally substitute ground turmeric for fresh but I’ll look into fresh roots at my local grocery store.

  • Re “boiling” or “cooking” the honey. You are NOT cooking or boiling it you are only heating it up a little. It is a warm drink. Don’t worry about it. I used powdered ginger & tumeric as I did not have the fresh. It was delicious!

  • Im having a sore throat and runny nose, just tried this….sooo good! I did one cup unsweetened milk, 1 cup 2% organic cow’s milk, put in extra fresh ground ginger, and I only had dried tumeric spice…crossing my fingers this helps me kick this cold!! It smells AAAMAZING! and it tastes great!!! love this….thanks sooo much Dani!

  • You need to always combine it with black pepper(apparently increases bioavailability by 200 %) which probably just means it makes a blip in you. Or just inject yourself with curcumin by a professional or something.

  • Man how much did big Pharm pay her for her little college skit? Perhaps she got extra credit and a lifetime supply of meds from merk! Now go back to your 2 for a dollar 7-11 hotdogs and bag of doritos. Lol

  • You look like a ‘project’ from the pharmaceutical companies. How much of their estrogen are you on? People have stumbled upon natural remedies and are healing themselves which is a stumbling block for the filthy rich pharmaceuticals. You SHOULD NOT be supporting them like this. There are thousands upon thousands of everyday people confessing to be healed using natural remedies! Shame on you for supporting them. The money you’re getting from them is not worth it! Oh and layoff the estrogen, you’re obviously a boy!

  • The honey becomes poisonous if heated high. ⚠️

    Please add the honey �� at a warm temp! A great indicator is your finger, just dip the tip and feel it carefully. Can you withstand 1 or 2 seconds in it? Time to put your honey.

    Also, thanks for your recipe. (:

  • Funny cause i read a bunch of SCIENTIFIC PAPERS that state boiling turmeric and or eating or drinking it with fats enhances its (curcumins) bioavailability significantly to degrees where it can have affect on the body

  • I watch 3 different videos with 3 different doctors and they all said that it’s turmeric milk is healthy for you, healthy food or drinks doesn’t cure cancer it lowers the chances of you getting it

  • ITS Yummy, and a nice warm drink I started having at night, sleep and wake feeling great. Soooo….. try what works for you. I LOVE IT!

  • People crack me up… They reach for a Snickers bar because the commercial says it really satisfies you… But they question every natural herb, spice, vegetable,and fruit that grows.. saying it’s “too good to be TRUE’.. yeah nature’s too good to be true..

  • Actually the original Ayurvedic recipe is 1 tsp Turmeric, 1 tsp Cardamom powder and 1 tsp Giner with any sort of milk you like, served hot or cold. Other ingredients are unnecessary

  • Just an fyi for anyone trying to relieve any fungal infection. Do not use any products containing sugar. As the yeast in your body feeds of of this ingredient. Do not use milk unless it is milk kefer (look it up) which is safe to drink and amazing for the immune system. Do not use honey as it contains sugar. You can simply use water instead of milk. No sweetener! Drink hot. Or warm. Do NOT drink cold.

  • Made it this morning……and it’s delicious!!!!! I was looking for a hot drink to replace my morning tea that my doctor said I had to stop ��….but alas! there’s hope in the Golden Milk! Thank you so much. I love your blog and YouTube channel.

  • I’m going to ask the same thing I ask people that claim Turmeric is a “superfood”. What are your credentials to make such assertions?

  • Turmeric has been around for centuries in many cultures and used in food and to cure ailments. I have very little faith in western medical research when it comes to nutrition simply because most of them are sponsored by Kellogg and cocoa cola.

  • I was given 5 years to live in 1995 by medical doctors because they destroyed my liver in 2001 I was told to go home and die my stools were pure white my kidneys and pancreas had shut down. I refused anymore of their help and went to the homeopathic side of medicine turmeric powder restored my liver foods brought me back from the jaws of death ( doctors ) I went back to the doctors and they went through my records they thought I was someone else they ask to see my ID? It has been 25 years. My blood pressure use to be 280/140 today my blood pressure is normal 123/79. Aye Sorry if this hurts your tee shirt sales? And they say the world will end in 11 years hahaha because Mickey mouse had sign his name with the list of bogas scientists.

  • I have never seen any of the claims from the beginning of the video being made anywhere. This is a bit (more than a bit really) dishonest.

  • Yep, agree on one thing all “superfoods” are about to almost make oyu immortal is a total crap or true in the long run. Like using those in any super mixture to the rest of your life and that is it would eventually lower the chances and also combined with the low stress lifestyle ONLY!

    With that being said. Have you ever tried to have a generous dose and I don’t meant tiny 3=2gr… More like 3-4 tea spoons (about 20 gr.) of turmeric combined with pepper before going to a party? It won’t make you a better drinker, but on the next day the withdraw would be insignificant… provided you drank enough water before bad and still had enough sleep). It is amazing anti-inflammatory agent.

    Otherwise corporate lattes with stupid pseudo dosage of turmeric (without the pepper) is really, really a waste of money.

  • Mi Tumeric works versus the ones you buy at stores in powder form. I take gel capsules from Japan there they grow it and treated as organically as possible. I became a believer when my body aches from car accidents went away from neck to knees! If didn’t work I wouldn’t spent $100 per 100 capsules.

  • Elegabt ladies n guys��FASTING OK.. If only you have the islamic intentiin too whike fasting, you’ll be so rewarded n blessed here and in iternity too

  • Ma’am, Me so Sorry… I liked to Point out, a Miniature Mistake in this Super & the Best(est) Medical Drinks… Please Poured the Honey after the Liquid Mixer @ warm (ie 32 to 36 Degree Centigrade) Stage… if Honey Poured /or Mixed @ either very Hot or it’s Boiled… ie becomes anti-effects or can say the Negativity Effects may happen to…

    Please Correct it, after Checking it Various Different Ayurvedic, Honey matters Related, Olden & Most Latest Medical Related Books & or Such Medias… Please!!!

    Real Natural Honey May long lasts > 3000 &&++ Years without any xxyyxx!!!

  • There are several variations of this recipe. My suggestion: avoid cow’s milk and use an almond or soy milk. Another is to try 100% maple syrup in place of honey if that is all you have around.

  • My GrandMaa used to give me “Haldi Doodh” means “Golden milk when I was 8. Today, I’m 29, She’s no more but her Haldi Doodh is still with me. And It’s an Indian recipe, please be humble enough to give us the credit we deserve,

  • I drink 2 zitrons and 1 limmetes in the morning with good honey and 1.5 l water…
    Also in the evening I make myself an amazing fruit shake with Mango, curkuma, apple, carrot, 2 vegetables I don’t know the English name of… And strawberry.. Ah and sometimes pineapple and Kaki…

    I am sure it helpsy body a lot.. At least I wasn’t ill a long time…

  • OK who is signing her paycheck. A huge red flag went up for me when she listed diseases that are incurable. That reeks of the pharmaceutical industry to me. Arthritis for example has been cured countless times. But the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know that. They have legally bound up the word cure so that means something that happens from a inorganic molecule like drugs. So nobody can use the word that isn’t using pharmaceuticals.

  • First of all, this drink is delicious. I had no idea that this golden milk was really great for bedtime. I drank it in the afternoon. All of a sudden, I got so sleepy.
    Normally, I just don’t believe the things that people say. But this drink really made me sleepy. Now I know what to drink if I can’t sleep. Thanks!

  • is there a version based on science? without the other ingredients that inflame and with curcumins? or does the cinnamon have those?

  • coconut oil is healthy?!!! I always heard the opposite! In fact I even heard that you should only use it as hair oil, and never for eating!

  • I boil 1/4 cup of distilled water for three minutes along with 1 tsp. of turmeric and freshly ground pepper then add milk, heat the milk through ( not boiling though ). Voilà, ready to sip!

  • Beautiful counter tops like these MUST be protected from the extreme staining qualities of turmeric. Small towel over plastic. Interesting to notice a silent “r” in spelling TWO meric.

  • Yeah ok white people, us Indians have been eating it for thousands of years and have lower rates of diseases like Alzheimers for the reason that we eat things like this. When your population is fat and sugar-addicted we don’t need your pharma-government paid research. We don’t need your sales, we’ll be healthy on our own. Thanks.

  • It’s so easy to grow turmeric…we used to plant a lot of turmeric in my native….we don’t need to put much effort to grow this.

  • if your criteria for what constitutes “science” when it comes to the benefits of turmeric were applied to everything else science tests, nothing would ever be confirmed. Anyway, look up turmeric and how it kills cancer stem cells, something chemotherapy and radiation can’t even do. Cancer stem cells are the cells responsible resistance to chemo and for metastasis.

  • This chick right here is a hater if you’re going to make a video make a video about something progressive positive you’re an idiot.

  • I haven’t heard anything other than it may help with pain and soothe your stomach. But I have always used curcumin for bad headaches or stomach aches with medicine. I think it helps but it’s not a miracle.

  • Gaining or improving health has always been a multi-faceted approach. Naturopaths/holistic health practitioners know this. There’s no magic bullet, or pill for any condition. Conventional medicine thinks there should be (and is diligently “looking” for a pill cure, which they will never find.) They like to put down anything natural because it will cut into their toxic protocol profits (drugs, drugs and more drugs.) Keep doing these drinks, juicing, etc. It will make a difference in your health.

  • Well, I just unsubscribed, because I’ve been using Turmeric for a very, long time now and it has helped me to be so much healthier now, and not just drinking it, in coffee! The ding a ling must not know that you have to use it with pepper to help it to be absorbed in your body! Also, she is the only one out of like 1,000 that has ever had anything negative to say about Turmeric!

  • Who were you hired by big pharma! I had a cyst on my head and after drinking 1 cup of tumeric tea my cyst was gone. I can’t stand channels that try to discourage miracles spices. Pathetic.

  • Lmao the fact that science decided to do a study on it
    Guess what people. I had inflammation in my body that was badddddd turmeric is my savior. I put that schiz on everything. If you make a latte, don’t 4get to add black pepper for bioavailability. Also add cinnamon to fight insulin spikes and last but not least, top it with hella whipped cream. Ummm ummmmmm good����
    Extra tip… get an empty spice jar and fill it with turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic and onion powder, parsley, cilantro, cumin, etc all the healthy herbs. Carry it with you to take to restaurants, friends, etc��

  • This is Haldi Dhoodh(turmeric milk) originated in India/Pakistan…this idea is stolen by western thieves and turned it into a turmeric latte without giving credit where it’s due

  • Honestly thought this was gonna taste gross but it’s actually so goodddd. You can kinda taste the pepper but it’s still really good. ��

  • My mouth burns how come it’s so hot I measured the right amounts with my measuring teaspoon and my first sip it was super hot, I can taste the pepper is it suppose to be like that lol

  • I get it, protect the honey… But there are hot or warm beverages we use honey for instead of sugar. I add honey to my coffee and other warm beverages. The video is about making hot golden milk not how to save the honey. Just enjoy the benefits of the golden milk the honey is just to sweeten.: )

  • Hahaha yellow tinted feces!! Btw Ayurveda never claimed that turmeric is a superfood. It is a very recent term. Also, how turmeric reacts or has any effect at all, depends on how it is consumed. It 100% fat soluble and thus is always used in tempering. There is a lot of science behind how we make “curry”. So please, before labeling something as unhealthy or something, check your facts, especially from people who eat those foods or experience these things on a daily basis as their culture/ norm.

  • Just made it now and it’s super spicy. My throat is on fire. Don’t understand why is everyone saying this is delicious. I followed the recipe but didn’t add coconut oil or honey. I added truvia instead.

  • The reason turmeric or golden milk may not work is because it isn’t made correctly. Tumeric must be used with a warming herb, like pepper,ginger,etc….It also must have a oil added it, some people add organic butter or olive oil. Without these it is useless. If it is not made properly then it does no good.

  • Typical American over-analysis of something relatively mundane. Nobody sane claims turmeric “cures” anything. But as part of a heathy diet its clearly a good contributor to a strong immune system which is more than you cans say for 99% of most American food.

  • Ma’am,,,,,, I made it and tested it.. Incredibly it is very tasty���� Thanks for sharing the recipe…�� Blessings for you….�� May your channel be more successful✌��

  • Hello madam thank you so much wonderful recepies.
    Madam please reply I have some doubts please
    1.can I use fresh termeric root instead of powder
    2.can I add cinemon as sweetner
    3.can I give this to my 2 years daughter I scared to give her because her weight is less
    Please reply madam

  • I don’t cook it for 10 mins, i just simmer it then pour it in a cup with coconut oil ans honey, in that way the temp for coconut oil and honey is just right

  • Mam plz tell can we really boil almond and coconut milk coz I hv not heard it before.I m allergic to dairy milk coz it causes me constipation..plz reoly

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe and video. I’m definitely making this tonight. I’m in the middle of a bad fibromyalgia flare up and after a long soak in Epsom salts and lavender, some comfy pj’s, and a hot cup of this tumeric milk…..I’ll be floating on a cloud to sleepy town…..

  • I wouldn’t waste honey in this drink, I’d have it unsweetened or use brown sugar since the heat destroys real honey. Looks delicious though, I’m so going to make this ��

  • This recipe looks good but with milk I’m not sure did you know that milk is proven to cause breast cancer prostate cancer and much more other cancers and did you know that 90% of milk is puss from the cow? Dairy is so bad for the human body. Coconut milk is very healthy for the body so many benefits. According Ayurveda heating honey is equivalent to glue and when you heat honey it destroys the healing properties in honey it’s alway better to put the honey with the drink is already made

  • I made it..turmeric,pepper and honey….I didn’t boil it,,just made it almost hot….then added honey. I couldn’t wait until it was warm:)

  • Thank you for sharing. I am going to try this. I think cayenne would detox the body better than black pepper, and cayenne is alkalizing, however I love the recipe because of the turmeric.

  • Thank you for all your healthy recipe videos they are very useful.
    But I live in city where we get less organic ingredients that you use in your recipes..
    I request you to make a video with links of organic ingredients if we can purchase online or from any particular stores all over India..