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Gluten-Free Cranberry Walnut Bread Recipe This cranberry walnut bread recipe uses a combination of rice flour and almond flour in place of regular wheat flour, making it 100% gluten-free so anyone can enjoy a slice. Not everyone is a fan of gluten-free baking. But just one mouthful of this amazing walnut bread will completely change your mind.

Frozen or dried cranberries can be substituted in equal quantities for fresh. Substitute the all-purpose flour with gluten-free flour to make this loaf gluten-free. To freeze a whole loaf, allow it to cool completely, then wrap in foil followed by plastic wrap or a freezer bag. Freeze. An easy, delicious and healthy gluten-free Irish Soda bread filled with cranberries and walnuts!

Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any occasion! This Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread is truly one fun, easy, healthy and tasty bread to make and enjoy! Tips for making Gluten-Free Irish Soda Brea.

Loaf Pan: grease and flour. Baker 60 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cupcakes: makes 16. Bake 15 minutes or until golden brown. I do not wrap due to the gluten free flour, best if kept at room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spread out the lentils in an even layer on a baking sheet (parchment paper optional for easier cleanup). Roast for about 20 minutes, stirring after 10 minutes, or until the lentils start to dry out and split open.

10 ounces fresh cranberries, halved. 1/2 cup (4 fluid ounces) milk, at room temperature*. 1/2 cup (108 g) sour cream, at room temperature*. *The milk and sour cream together can be replaced by 1 cup (227 g) plain whole milk yogurt, or with 1 cup (8 fluid ounces) real buttermilk. A few of my favorite are cranberry orange upside-down cake, cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies, and cranberry orange scones. This cranberry walnut bread is so great for this time of year!

It has a hint of orange and is dotted with tart cranberries and crunchy walnuts. If you’re looking for the best, bomb-diggity gluten free cranberry orange quick bread, Spoon into a lightly oiled or oiled and GF floured 9″ or 10″ loaf pan. Spread corners and sides slightly higher.

Bake for 1 hour. A knife should come out of the center cleanly. (Jules note: in my oven this loaf. How to Make Gluten Free Cranberry Bread Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease and flour a 9″x5″ loaf pan. If you’re making this bread for someone with Celiac disease, be sure to use gluten free flour when preparing the pan. In a small bowl, whisk together 1/2 cup sugar, walnuts.

Instructions. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour (with sweet rice flour) a 9x5 loaf pan. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flours, xanthan gum, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Stir in orange zest, cranberries and pecans.

Set aside.

List of related literature:

If you are gluten intolerant, note that rye flour is not glutenfree, but it is lower in gluten than wheat flour, and it has the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
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Organic rye flour is lower in gluten than wheat and is used in our sourdough bread recipe in Chapter 9.

“The Bone Broth Secret” by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
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You may also use 3 cups of whole rye flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour, strong in gluten, to make a splendid rye loaf.

“Back to Eden: A Human Interest Story of Health and Restoration to be Found in Herb, Root, and Bark” by Jethro Kloss
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Most rye breads baked today are made from mixtures of rye and wheat flours, with rye providing its distinctive, full flavor and wheat the rising power of gluten.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
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Note: Rye has less gluten than wheat flour, so you need to combine it with other gluten­containing flours in order to make bread.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
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Quinoa’s natural sponginess makes this bread work without other flours.

“The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking” by Sharon A. Kane, Peggy Matthews
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The bread will be duller and less properly baked, if it contains less of this gluten.

“The Book of the Farm” by Henry Stephens
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If you are experimenting with your own recipes, I recommend using 1 to 2 teaspoons of gluten per cup of white bread flour and 1% to 3 teaspoons gluten per cup of whole grain flour for an exquisite texture.

“Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook: A Master Baker's 300 Favorite Recipes for Perfect-Every-Time Bread-From Every Kind of Machine” by Beth Hensperger
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GLUTEN-FREE FLOURS There are numerous gluten-free flour options available on the market today including amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, and chickpea flours, as well as cornmeal.

“Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas & Modern Recipes for Cooking with & for Each Other” by Sarah Copeland, Sara Remington
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Low in gluten, rye needs to be supplemented with other high-gluten flours.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
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  • Thanks my friend,,, I was so happy I was able to convert it to Gluten Free and have it taste so yummy!! I appreciate all your nice comments,,, HUGS!

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  • This bread was so much fun to bake… and to eat. I love the combo of cranberries and walnuts in bread. Toasted with butter, it’s unbeatable! In this video I am showing how to fold in the goodies. This is part of a series of videos I did for my 10th online sourdough baking course. You can find out more in the description if you are interested.

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  • I made it and it was delicious! The crust is really hard and difficult to cut though. Id recommend cooking the crust less than five minutes

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  • Love you Nasstasja.. Great sourdough bread with a sour taste just right.. Knead it without any starter or a lot of hassle.. Thanks dear and bless you.. Greetings from Egypt ������

  • Thanks Dear Lyndsay,,, I was so missing my Old Wheat Based recipe…I was determined to figure this out before Christmas.. This bread is a big part of our Tradition and I was beyond thrilled that I got it,, YAY!! and when I saw Sweet Hilah made one,, I was like,,, WOW!! Totally awesome!! 😉 I appreciate your support so much,,Im still a novice to GF,,, only been since Feb 2012,, but every time I conquer a recipe I feel more confident and I thank you for always cheering me on! HUGS!

  • I loved Hilah’s recipe the other day you have totally done it justice as gluten free looks AMAZING!! I love the technique of wrapping it overnight.

  • For everyone asking why she is levelling the cups as she is also weighing, I would say it’s so people that don’t have scales could also make the bread just using the measurements given.

  • I am confused why you use a scale without mentioning the proper amount of flour, yet you use leveled cups of flour for your recipe.

  • Simply the BEST no knead bread recipe I have ever made… and my husband loves it even more!!! �� Thank you so much for posting ��

  • i left it undisturbed and covered for 18 hrs and my dough didn’t grow….:( i followed every step without changing anything… help…

  • Very good. Very detailed and very well explained. Please can you tell me is it ok to add olives as well as walnuts I love olive & walnut bread. Thank you

  • Your first video? Well, you did a stellar job! Instructions clear, accurate and enjoyable to watch. Good camera views of what you are doing in the bowl as you mix, stretch, fold. And…you actually cut the loaf and showed us the crumb! I will never understand those who neglect that all important detail! You are a delight to watch, and people will be able to relate to you, and find themselves believing that they can do this too! Thank you. Time well spent!��������

  • This is so awesome I didn’t know you had a channel! I would be able to actually make bread along with you which I love. I’m gonna try this in our new place. I will have the space to!

  • I did over proofing my dough which is I don’t want a flat bread but I degas, fold and reshape again wait another 1 and half hour pop in oven. The result was perfect.

  • This was a great video, packed with really good information and bread tips.  Two things that spoke to me were the book recommendation and having the bottom of the dough ball facing down in the banneton.  I always put the top of the dough down…..then I need to score it and I suck at that.  I like your way better.  I think I’ll order that book from amazon too.  Thanks for your help.  xoxo

  • Excellent video. It’s nice that you show using a kitchen scale which I rely upon. I do have one question: if dried cranberries are also used will that affect the amount of water or other ingredients?

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  • Delicious Bread…and you are a good teacher and presenter. Thanks for sharing. Have the recipe and looking forward to baking it soon.

  • If I used a mixer could I reduce the rising time from say 18 hours to 12 hours? I’d like to try this recipe with blueberries, craisins and chopped pecans

  • Using cast iron. I plan to preheat my pot and lid, transfer the shaped loaf onto parchment and bake covered in the pot with parchment. Remove parchment and then allow it to finish and brown up with the lid off. I don’t want to ruin this, please correct me in the next 18 hours if you see this and find a flaw with my strategy.:)

  • Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I made mine with white bread flour instead of whole wheat. I believe it hasn’t risen quite as much as the one on your video. Still, it was delicious. Will try another flour next time.

  • Great video and recipe! What size clay baker did you use? They have a medium and a large, I am looking to purchase one to make this bread, but not sure what size you used. Perhaps you might be able to provide measurements? Thank you.

  • Beautiful bread. I made my first loaf last year. However, I had to guess the cup measurements. Do you mind letting me know how many grams of flour as per your 1 cup? I used bread flour. Thank u��

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’m going to bring out my chicken brick (similar to what you are using ), which has been kept away for at least 20 years, to bake this bread. May I know what is the temperature in your kitchen? Can I keep the dough in the fridge as the temperature here is 32-34°C.

  • If you are using active dry yeast, you must dissolve it in water first and let it sit. This recipe is using instant yeast and it can go straight in the flour. I already made this mistake and my dough is now in the oven, proofing. I hope it turns out okay.:(

  • Couple of questions:
    1I use dried yeast which is no instant active, should I add the yeast to the 1.5 cup water warm then leave 20-30 mins and add all in later or since it rises for so long (18 hr) does it just not matter?
    2can you crush the walnuts leaving them kernel sized rather than ground rather than cutting?
    3cranberries are expensive here but we regularly have blueberry quick sales so would blueberries be a good berry for a bread like this?
    4can you use baking paper rather than greasing?

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  • Delicious. I tried this bread from Costco and when I went back they didn’t have it anymore so now I want to make it myself. Love baking bread:) Thanks for the recipe

  • Omg! I made it! Can’t believe myself! It’s my first time to attempt to make any type of bread! Your recipe is very easy with clear instructions! I was craving it for a while and since we are in quarantine, I couldn’t get it! It turned out great, very delicious. I liked more than the professional one at the restaurant. Thank you so much! Appreciate your help! For reference I doubled the quantity including the dry yeast to use my cast iron 5 quart. I baked it for almost an hr since I have double the quantity. The pot was almost full so next time I’ll make quantity like the video.

  • I have a bread baking question I am going to make a braided loaf of cinnamon bread once I braid it and it rises can I put it in the fridge the day before I bake it or would it keep rising?

  • Just found your station. Wow…what beautiful food you make! I have subscribed and will be watching many more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills…. Brian ��

  • Hey sweet friend,,,Thank you kindly for such a lovely sweet comment,,, you are always so nice to me!! I thank you for that! I hope u had an amazing day,, it was 56* here,,, YAY!! I was outside most of the day,, Loved it! Hugs and Love!

  • I’ve done lots of bread / pizza dough over the years. I’ve been doing lots of sourdough cultures and preferments as well. I’m not sure why you’re getting some hate, because this is precisely how I do my doughs. You’ve got all the techniques down. And the overnight rest is critical for biochemical gluten development. It also makes a big difference in developing extra flavors in the dough. However, if you don’t have time for overnight rest, I do several stretch and folds on the counter with rests in between. Then I shape and let rise over the day and bake at evening.

  • My bread is in the oven as I’m typing. Let see what happens. Oh my god, my house smells like heaven and I god some lively loaf of sweet bread. This the most easiest recipe I have ever used and the first time result is fantastic. Thank you for posting. Lots of love from my family.

  • muy buena la receta, la quiero preparar rápido, me regalaron un romertopf pero seria la primera ves para usarlo, veo que hay que remojarlo primero 15 minutos, pero luego lo puedo meter al horno caliente? a 400 grados o tiene que ser el horno en frio, esta es mi confusión i miedo a que se parta y de paso pierdo el pan, le agradecería me ayudara con esta gran duda y miedo que tengo, muchas gracias anticipadamente por su contestación.

  • I’ve seen similar recipes from other sites except with the use of a Dutch oven… Tried it (made it just before going to bed at night, then came home from work the following day and continued). Easy-peasy… LOVED IT!!! ����

  • Once again as promised ; I had a problem.with releasing the bread out of the romertopf…I lost the bottom of the bread(only the crost happily)because I was not able to get it out…So next time have to lay a piece of waxed paper on the bottom of the pot because I don’t want to have this problem again, although I put flour first at the bottom….
    The taste of the bread is delicious…Maybe you try it once the way I did.?? Xxx

  • You know, your bread seems delicious to me and I started a dough yesterdayevening
    …I thought it maybe will be even more delicious if I ad the skin of an orange and some cinnamon..changed the sugar for honey…..The dough did raise well and I will let you know the result lateron…thanks for this recepy…kisses from Portugal

  • I’m a fan of the “second rise”. I use a 9 inch frying pan to bake the bread into a loaf. Would you agree that 1 and 1 half hour would work for the second rise? When you don’t get a “rise” on the first proofing, your yeast may be out of date.

  • What a wonderful person, so lovely and pleasant to view. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I’ve been making bread for over 50 years now, (I’m 58) people love the fresh aroma and taste of fresh breads. Thank you again, truly a pleasure to view your informative videos. Ken

  • Wondering about the temperature. I was of the impression that the clay cooker can only take temps up to about 390 degrees. It is my first time using it, I don’t want to crack it!! Can this bread cook slower?

  • Yippee! I finally found my clay pot! You said that you presoaked the clay pot in water (top and bottom?) for 15 minutes. Is that correct?

  • I baked this bread today for the first time. I used my Romertopf clay pot. It came out great! My family loved it! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will be baking this bread again soon.

  • Hi Steve, i have been making breads with your recipes for many years now. Your recipes are fabulous. I want to make a cranberry orange dry fruit bread, is there a specific recipe for that or i can add fruit to the basic recipe?

  • Although I’ve made this before, and a big fan of no kneads, this is a great video, and with the recipe. The only change I made was from another recipe, replacing 1/2 the water with carrot juice. Thanks and people, make this it’s good for sandwiches and breakfast with cream cheese.

  • It is hard to follow you because you do not speak clearly and you need to put down the ingredients-I have also gone on your other site and same no ingredients and same video. Why do you do that? Sorry, but I have to go elsewhere to get recipes with ingredients. F. J

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  • Great recipe… I just made a loaf this morning. I like a ‘sweeter’ bread so I’m going to double the sugar in the recipe. But, you won’t be disappointed if you make it according to the recipe provided!:)

  • I tried that few times, it was very good and tasty, but I smell some alcohol smell in my bread. I did follow your time instructions. Is it because proofing too long time? Thanks

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