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Breakfast Toast Cups

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Egg Toast Cups Recipe | Easy Recipe | Tasty Recipe | By Food Mania

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Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups -with yoyomax12

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Bacon & Egg Toast Cups Recipe Demonstration

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Egg and toast cups recipe / Egg and toast muffins recipe

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Ingredients 6 (3/4-ounce) slices whole-wheat bread 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted 1 ounce shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese (about 1/4 cup) 1/4 cup finely chopped tomato 6 large eggs 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon. In a large bowl, combine the eggs and milk. Whisk until combined.

Transfer mixture to a measuring cup for easy pouring. Pour egg mixture over the bread cubes in each muffin tin, filling it until each cup is almost full. Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of cheese on top of the egg. Break 1 egg into each toast-lined cup and season with salt and pepper.

Add chopped tomatoes and onion, if using, dividing equally among muffin cups. Top with cheese and bake until cheese melts and eggs are set, 15 to 20 minutes. Scatter on parsley, if using. How to Make Egg and Toast Cups How to Make Egg and Toast Cups. Ready to grab and go, this recipe has three of breakfast’s key players: toast, eggs, and bacon.

View Recipe: Egg and Toast Cups Healthy Breakfast and Brunch Recipes. You May Like. Advertisement. Advertisement. Cooking Light.

Magazines & More. Whether you’re making a fancy brunch appetizer or a no-hassle, one-pan breakfast, Cooking Light’s egg & toast cups are a tasty option ready in under 40 minutes. These adorable cups are sprinkled with flavorful bacon and chives, but you can also substitute shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms or chopped onions — the possibilities are endless!

Ingredients 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 8 slices white or whole-wheat sandwich bread 6 slices bacon 6 large eggs Coarse salt and. These Bacon and Egg Toast Cups are a complete meal with toast, egg, and bacon all in one individual portion. I admit I am not much of a breakfast person probably because I’m not much of a morning person. Home Toast Cup Egg Toast Breakfast Cups Egg Toast Breakfast Cups Eny Abdullah November 02, 2014. Saya cilok idea ni dari Masterchef.

Jom cuba buat breakfast senang dan sihat ni. Cuma pastikan telur tu tak overcooked barulah sedap. Saya makan dengan bawang besar yang digoreng kilas sekejap je. Korang boleh juga try pukul telur tu dan campurkan.

Tomato and Yellow Squash Baked Egg Cups (breakfast meal prep) The Cheerful Kitchen milk, salt, scallions, pepper, Dubliner cheese, eggs, plum tomatoes and 1 more Baked Egg Cups Salty Life Mom. Breakfast Recipe: Easy Egg and Toast Cups For each cup, you’ll need: 1 egg 1 slice of bread salt and pepper. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease the cups of a muffin tin. Trim crusts from the bread.

Press one slice of bread into each cup, trying to cover as much of the cup sides as possible. Break one egg into each cup. Sprinkle with salt and.

List of related literature:

We recommend serving these eggs in egg cups with buttered toast for dipping.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
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Blend gently so that the egg whites don’t go flat, and when the mixture is thoroughly blended, pour into a baking pan greased with butter and dusted with flour or bread crumbs; the batter should be about two fingers high.

“Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” by Pellegrino Artusi, Murtha Baca, Stephen Sartarelli
from Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well
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Begin with a single dense, sticky egg white, work it with a whisk, and in a few minutes you have a cupful of snowy white foam, a cohesive structure that clings to the bowl when you turn it upside down, and holds its own when mixed and cooked.

“On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen” by Harold McGee
from On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
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They start with egg foam that contains yolks.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
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These work beautifully as long as you do not have so much sugar that it interferes with the eggs setting.

“BakeWise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking with Over 200 Magnificent Recipes” by Shirley O. Corriher
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I feature some nontraditional combinations along with some dishes highlighting other flavors that mask the egg taste.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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Put half the egg whites into a clean glass or metal bowl.

“The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes” by Rachel Khoo
from The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes
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Sometimes you want to keep a mixture light and airy, such as when adding ingredients to whipped egg whites or whipped cream, or you want to make sure you don’t overmix a batter (for example, when adding liquids to dry ingredients for a cake or muffins), which can lead to a tough crumb.

“Flour: A Baker's Collection of Spectacular Recipes” by Joanne Chang, Christie Matheson, Keller + Keller
from Flour: A Baker’s Collection of Spectacular Recipes
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Slowly pour egg mixture over bread slices; press bread down to absorb egg mixture, spooning egg mixture over any uncoated bread.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2004

That way you’ll get the color and the flavor of the yolk, but less cholesterol and less fat.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
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  • I just made and OMG what a crowd pleaser!!!! They were great! The egg whites ran over a little and kind of candied the bread cups. DELICIOUS!!!������������

  • i tried it. it went out good but the yolk was cook..i was hoping for the yolk to be runny like yours haha. maybe ill do it next time with less 15mins. of time

  • Great post! What other spices could I add to this? Also, what kind of bread should be used? I am thinking sourdough would be great!

  • Damn, I thought I was being original! I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now. Awesome recipe, though I have some suggestions:

    1. Don’t bother with cutting out the circle. Leave the crust on; it’ll give you less overflow, and the crust will give you a very nice-looking flowery edge.
    2. The bread will come out fine even if you don’t butter the tin. The important thing is making sure the egg doesn’t soak through the bread; that’s what causes sticking. I toast the bread cups (without the eggs) for about 5min first, and put oil on the inside.
    3. BAKE the eggs for 5min; BROIL them for the last 10min. This will make sure that both the bottoms and tops cook. (Bake means heat comes from the bottom of the oven; broil means it comes from the top.)

  • You said you need 20 mins for the egg whites but in your hash brown cups you say only 8 mins. Is this because the oven is hotter for the hash browns? I’m gonna make them both they look delicious

  • I just made this for myself…it was fun and very tasty. What a great idea to combine toast and eggs together. Now I’ll have to make it for the rest of my family:) Thanks!

  • I don’t like green eggs and ham. I won’t eat them on a train, I won’t eat them on a plane. I don’t like green eggs and ham, Sam I am.

  • I tried making these back in JUly and sadly for me the pan I used was wayyy too small. Nothing stinks the house up quite like baked egg drippings.. THe ones that came out ok were really yummy and I’m gonna make these again once I get a bigger pan!

  • This is one of my favorite recipes, it looks soo easy. Thank you. I will be trying some of your others as well. In cuarentena in New York, I am becoming a good cook. (Should I thank the virus?)

  • Hey! I love all your recipes, your cookies are the best I’ve baked of my life!!! lol For this egg and toast muffin can you tell me how to do if I want to bake the egg more? I guess I should let it cooked longer than 15 min but maybe at a lower heat?? keep it up 😉

  • i try this morning these muffin eggs..soo yummy and easy to make. will make more! thanks. next on my list chocolate lava cakes ☺☺��

  • I’ve made eggs this way several times based on this video and they are easy and delicious but perhaps best of all is that if you’re serving a number of people for breakfast they are all ready at the same time. Thanks for the tip.

  • I have a question if I were to refrigerate them after baking and microwave these to reheat them would the bread become soggy? I’m going to make them the night before for a breakfast luncheon the next day

  • I’m always on the lookout for a fast way to make breakfast for a crowd, outside of breakfast casseroles, which I hate. They turn out too much like a quiche and if I want quiche, I’ll make quiche. This looks to be perfect!!

  • Wow, that looks absolutely delish! I just found your channel (at 1:30 AM) and now I want one! 
    A question: I cook for one person (me) so could I use a ramekin? It’s a bit bigger than a muffin tin.

  • Good little recipe to know. Thanks for posting. I think you should show us how to bake a home made vanilla cake with cream filling, kind of like a twinkie.

  • Love the egg yolk oozing out from the food. Tht kind of classy bistro meal by the alley. Putting this on my future accomplishments.

  • Hi there! It looks yummy except I don’t care for the egg whites to still be runny. Can I make this at a lower temp to allow the egg to cook more and to avoid burning the bread? If so, how long do you suggest for those of us who like our eggs “over medium?” Other than the egg whites, though, I think it’s adorable and super easy! Yumm!

  • I like Your Presentation.It’s fast and to the point without the long and boring introductions other Youtubers Usually do.
    Thank you. keep it up. ((LIKE))

  • Great idea boss! Gotta try this one. I’ve tried a few of your recipes and loved them. Keep up the good work! Cheers from Texas USA

  • So cool and easy! Great even for my tiny crowd LOL… I have some individual silicone molds I can use for that.
    Such a nice presentation! btw the cutie little rolling pin also caught my eye LOL…
    Hope you are having a nice week and happy Spring time to you, Mark!

  • Hi Mark. I’ve made these before and they’re fun to make. Only thing I did different was not cut out a circle but to place them into the muffin cups at an angle so you have the 4 points sticking up and it makes it easier to take out. If you add cheese on top before baking it’s extra yum. Lol. Thanks for this video. Those look adorable

  • We have the same muffin tin! ���� btw I absolutely love your videos so much.all of your videos are so cool and your so good at baking!

  • a little bit of shredded cheese on the bottom and some crumbled bacon, or a little bit of shredded up ham (like a maple flavored ham deli meat). I would probably put a little bit of cheese on top too! Looks Yummy!

  • I tried this yesterday for a late breakfast. I NAILED IT. Well, aside from burning my turkey bacon that is. And I loved it. It was great with lettuce salad and a cup of cocoa. Thinking of making another one now. Thanks a bunch Auntie Stephanie. You are making this Ghanaian girl an international cook.

  • Hi, Stephanie. I just watched the zucchini bread recipe and I might make that tomorrow, and this looks amazing as well. I can’t wait to watch all of these videos of these amazing things you’ve made!! I love your channel!

  • Note to self don’t watch your awesome videos on an empty stomach. My mouth was watering definitely have to try these. I made a Apple pie from your recipe today. You are my favourite go to on YouTube.

  • This looks good and I have this product in my my freezer but, am I the only person who objects to the term/lie “turkey bacon”? It’s NOT BACON!

  • Went i see your hashbrowncupcake its amazing i do it looks perfect on my oven thank for your time to show another way how to cook a diferent style ; hi from tijuana mexico

  • I’m totally doing this next Sunday Brunch! You’re awesome Mrs. Jaworski! I’ve been watching lots of these videos and they are so great and helpful, with lots of wonderful tips. Thank You!

  • I just adore your recipes! I have learned so much from you and it’s such a pleasure to watch your videos! The ONLY downside is that now I want to replace my Kitchenaid mixer with a Kenwood like yours lol.

  • Stephanie…thank you so much for this recipe. I am absolutely trying this for my husband! I will be using regular bacon and making him 3. He loves poached eggs and I think this is a similar presentation, with the toast & bacon included. What a treat!

  • It looked yum..i tried today it even turn out to be tasty but the yolk of the egg was totally boiled so it was looking like a boiled egg and not half fry…i used convection mode for 15minutes but it wasn’t cooked so I increased the time…i don’t want the yolk to be boiled any tips..?

  • Thanks to your husband for tossing in those quick frames of your dog. How about next time keep him in the video for a few more seconds

  • I saved this video years ago, came across it again and decided to make it for breakfast-dinner tonight with some breakfast potatoes and it was AMAZING. The only thing I really did different as add garlic to the butter when I spread it on the bread and mixed the eggs into a bowl and poured it individually. ( Only reason I did that is because my muffin tray is a little small and already looked crowded from the meat and cheese.) Thank you for sharing this recipe. Definitely adding this to my personal cookbook

  • When I was stationed in South Korea a few years ago, I NEVER ate from street vendors no matter how drunk I was. I NEVER trusted what they were selling and they were always making some weird food combinations.

    For some reason South Korean’s put corn in just about every dish they served. I never understood why, corn has no nutritional value.

    Outside of that, I loved South Korea.

  • Yum!! I’ve made something similar but with shredded potatoes as the “cup” and called them Birds Nests. This is so much simpler. Great for when you have guests overnight. I wonder if you could do any of this the night before, certainly the bacon and maybe rolling out the bread, getting the cheese and green onion ready and then just assemble in the morning. Love it!

  • this sounds so great, i will try it and post back. i hope you have more like these, i am a mom of three and this sounds so time saving. thank you!��

  • Baxter! Awww �������� I rewind so many times just to see him 10:53 aww Stephanie, this is an awesome idea… I was with ohhs and aahs and salivating just like him. Will try it and experiment with this recipe, as you suggest. Would you add chives on top, or do you thing they’ll burn? I love chives and have some in the garden �� Thaaaanks!

  • omg!!! it look delicious! i’m starving! i ‘m going to make it but instead cheddar… im going to use manchego cheese… and a little bit of habanero sauce jajajaja

  • Love your simple b-fast (or anytime) method!  I have a small cast iron muffin pan I’ll use.  I love ham and bacon, but I think I’ll try sausage in mine first time.  Brown a few links then slice and toss in. Thanks!

  • Aslam alailkum ��������
    Good jo bhi mera comment dekhin unko ik hy mera yah youtube channel hy cooking ka is ko subscribe krin or dekhin mazay dar or esan cooking krequestasalami video please subcribe krin or sath main bell icon pe bhi zaroor press kijhy ga shukria

  • Excellent video! Thanks for posting. I think I might have brushed butter onto the bread after being put into the muffin pan before adding the egg. I wonder if that would affect the cooking or final product?

  • There should be at least a third selection. Like and Didn’;t like some times are not enough. In this case I would have selected say “I loved It!!!!” Great work yoyomax!

  • I’m going to try this in the morning. My husband makes me something similar he calls eggs in a basket. But he fry’s it. Defiantly going to give this a try. Thanks again for sharing. 

  • I can’t wait to try this recipe; the only thing I would do differently is add more cheese, my family loves our cheese, lol. But of course that goes back to personal preference. Thanks for sharing!

  • Well, You didn’t reply to my question and I couldn’t wait one more second to try this recipe. WOW! It was amazing. The egg was done perfectly at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. (Yolks runny and whites totally cooked)
    I am an egg slut and this technique will be used in my house permanently. Thanks! 

  • Thanks!! I also share your super easy recipe with some of my friend and their loved to know how to make it.. I will share your recipe through facebook..
    Again thank u so much

  • Hi Stephanie, the cups look so cute and lovely! I have been waiting for more savoury/ salted recipes from you. Thank you for your great recipe.

  • reminds me of Fisherman’s Eggs. a good smoked sardine (I prefer Riga Gold which can be gotten for $1.50 a tin at the World Market) on the bottom, egg above it, shallots or garlic on top. make sure the sardines are a nice smoked variety, not a cheap kind that’s really fishy tasting. the oil from the fish keeps the egg from sticking. You could do the bread thing with them as well I suppose.

  • Can you do a kitchen tour? I’ve been a subbie since 2014 and i love all your recipes. I make them and my family loves them. -much love from the Philippines! ��

  • Yay! Starting my day w/Joy of Baking! These are perfect for a Mother’s Day “tea” or brunch. Or even for Mom’s breakfast in bed! Thank you for another great & easy recipe. Wishing you a lovely upcoming weekend!

  • Hi Stephanie this looks sooooo yummy, just wanted to know if I could do scrambled eggs, and how long to cook them for? Love your recipes. TFS.

  • All the comments talking about smoking or being high but why is it creativity always must be something that comes from being intoxicated

  • I like that you give regular sizes and temperatures as well as metric! At 72 I hate having to look up what metric measurements are in regular cups, etc!

  • I love the way they show you how to eat it. There is nothing worse than buying some crazy food item to look cool then looking like a clueless moron making a mess trying to eat the thing! ��

  • A Egg Omelette Wrap Sandwich In A Cup, What A Waste. My way would be cutting it half served with fries or home fried potatoes on the side on a PLATE!! A CUP!! SMH

  • Oh my goodness. Modern Koreans are more unhealthy than Americans!! I would like to see what foods they ate traditionally. I’m sure it was very healthy. Makes me really sad. ��

  • I have seen loads of street food videos, usually I’m horrified by the lack of cleanliness on display (I’m looking at you India,) but Korean and Japanese street food always looks cleanly prepared and delicious. I’d have qualms about eating that.