Easy Taco Salad


Easy Taco Salad

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The easiest Taco Salad in the world! (simple and delicious)

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Mexican TACO Salad!!!

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How to Make DORITOS TACO SALAD Retro Salad Recipe

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How to Make Simple Taco Salad | Taco Recipe | Allrecipes.com

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The Best Taco Salad Recipe Just Like Mama Used To Make | Cook Eat Repeat | Blackstone Griddles

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Instructions Heat oil in a skillet over high heat. Add ground beef. Stir fry, breaking up the pieces with a spatula, for about 7-10 Stir taco seasoning into the ground beef until well combined.

Meanwhile, combine all remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Add the ground beef. Toss everything. Easy Taco Casserole.

Taco Salad is a classic dinner recipe.Today’s recipe is a twist on that meal but in casserole form – Taco casserole. Yes, this Potluck Taco Casserole is so delicious and has all the great flavor of taco salad making it a family favorite. This easy Baked Taco Salad Bowl is quick, easy, delicious and healthy! (Plus you can have them ready in less than 15 minutes!) (Plus you can have them ready in less than 15 minutes!) Since the first of the year, hubby and I have overhauled our way of eating.

Ingredients 1 pound ground beef 1 package (1-1/4 ounces) taco seasoning 1 medium head lettuce, shredded 2 medium tomatoes, seeded and chopped 1 cup bottled Catalina dressing 4 to 5 cups corn chips, crushed 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese. Ingredients 4 ounces refrigerated seasoned ground beef (1/2 cup), such as Chi-Chi’s® brand 3 cups shredded romaine lettuce ¾ cup chopped tomatoes ½ cup canned no-salt-added black beans, rinsed and drained ¼ cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese (1 ounce) 1 0.75 ounce package baked nacho-cheese. Directions Step 1 In a large skillet over medium-high heat, brown the ground beef and drain excess fat.

Stir in the taco seasoning, Step 2 Crush the bag of chip. Ingredients 12 ounces ground round 2 cups chopped yellow, red, or green bell pepper 2 cups bottled salsa 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro 4 cups coarsely chopped romaine lettuce 2 cups chopped plum tomato 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese 1 cup crumbled baked tortilla chips. Easy Taco Salad. June 26, 2012 By Cris 4 Comments. Pin.

Share. Tweet. Share. Dear Reader-As most people, I have tons of childhood memories tied to food and food traditions.

A couple of those memories center around taco salad and two little restaurants in my home town. 1 can (16 oz each) beans in chili seasoned sauce. 1 teaspoon chili powder.

1 can (10 oz each) Ro*Tel® Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, drained, liquid reserved. 6. Yes, you can make taco salad in advance. Simply store the cooked beef, torn lettuce, shredded cheese and salad dressing in the fridge.

When ready to.

List of related literature:

Spread each tortilla with some of the sauce and top with TOMATO slivers, shredded JALAPEÑO JACK CHEESE, diced RED ONION, and snipped FRESH CILANTRO LEAVES.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
from Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two
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On taco salads, use lots of salsa with tomatoes, chiles, onions, herbs, and lime juice.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
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If the flour tortilla doesn’t work for you, ask for romaine or iceberg lettuce leaves to stuff with your fajita mixture, or just use a knife and fork instead.

“IBS Cookbook For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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Place 2 tortillas on each plate and top with lettuce, jalapeños and cilantro.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
from Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
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This recipe was a plan B. I had planned to make taco salad but discovered at the last minute that I didn’t have any romaine lettuce on hand.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: Taco salads are a great way to enjoy the flavors of a taco with no assembly required.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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Divide the cooked rice and add it down the center of each tortilla; top with the sliced chicken, cheese, lettuce, beans, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, tomato, and avocado.

“The Belly Fat Cure#” by Jorge Cruise
from The Belly Fat Cure#
by Jorge Cruise
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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: We wanted a recipe for a fresh, easy taco salad with spicy, saucy meat.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
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Taco salads are a great way to enjoy the flavors of a taco but without all the assembly required.

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
from The America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America’s Most Trusted Test Kitchen
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While the beef is browning, place the taco shells or lettuce leaves in a bowl and place the salsa and guacamole in serving dishes.

“Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight” by Maria Emmerich
from Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

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  • Romaine and Thinly shredded cabbage and Honey BBQ Fritos Twists. Although for another Throwback would be to use Cool Ranch Doritos with the Zesty Italian

  • Taco Salad is a favorite in our home. When cooking the hamburger stop top I drain it and add some taco seasoning and Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Medium cheese.

    In Metro Detroit Catalina Dressing is the go to dressing for a taco salad.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Good stuff Nate! Since we got our 22″ Blackstone I’ve been making everything on it burgers, Gen’l Tso, wings, breakfast, cheerios, martinis um no not the cheerios, but hey it’s worth a try right? LOL Love the channel and contentkeep up the great work and sharing these awesome recipes and the fun cooking them:)

  • Hey Justyn! This is a totally random comment, but be careful using that metal spatula in your nonstick pan. The coating can be damaged/scratched. I’m not sure but I’ve heard that once its scratched, it should be replaced since chemicals can leak into your food. ����‍♀️

  • Wow, I didn’t know if Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison was cooking. Man I bet that Taco Salad is DELICIOUS. The recipes handed down are the best. Cook Chick fil a…..lol

  • Never in my life have I added “French Dressing” nor chili beans��I don’t know anyone who mixes everything together in one big bowl either this should be flagged as inappropriate ����

  • It said it’s a variation. Relax, nobody forcing anyone to make this, but if you decide to try it, more power to you. Aren’t options great! I personally don’t add beans to my tacos but I’m sure many do. I really don’t care. We eat the way we like, not the way someone else likes. Make it your own. ��

  • French dressing? Consider the sugar content as it does not compliment any of the other flavors nor provide flavor balance at all.
    Sorry –

  • You use Catalina Dressing, not French!! And those beans? Those were NOT chilli beans!! And crushing the tortilla chips into powder? I didn’t know someone could screw up Taco Salad so bad!!

  • I ended up making this a little bit different I used 96 ground beef kraft fat free sharp cheddar cheese daisy light sour cream, shredded lettuce,old elpaso lower sodium seasoning mix and great value lightly salted tortilla chips. I couldn’t find your chips but I must say this turned out so good. It was 8 points. I’ll get it lower soon I still have 5 left so I’m ok. Thank you for your tips and videos Jen

  • This looked really good!! I, too loooooooove those mini cups!! Makes EVERYTHING 1000% easier!! It’s funny, I saw you taking out the chunks of lettuce in your salad bag and I laughed cuz I thought I was the only 1 who took things outta those pre-packaged salads. I don’t mind the lettuce, but I hate that raw red cabbage. Lol Anyway, nice video as usual. Also, where do you find the Quest Protein Chips? ������I can never find them. Thanks��

  • This is not the first taco salad that I have seen people use French or Western style dressing in. Over the decades recipes change as people change them up. Twenty years ago people would have shit at the idea of putting Avocado on a hamburger, but it has been done a a regular basis for many years now. Many years ago the idea of adding fruit to a tossed salad or chicken salad would have grossed people out, but it’s become quite popular as well. As the saying goes, don’t knock it till you try it!


  • I do the same thing kinda except I use Fritos and add in Kraft Parmesan cheese with the cheddar, no french dressing or beans in mine. I think she did an awesome job looks delish, thank you.



  • I know I’m late to commenting, but a quick tip for saving on plastic use. You can pour the taco sauce on top of the sour cream since your using them both on the salad. I use glass but that’s I do that when I bring sour cream and salsa to work. Thanks for sharing the prep!

  • You had me all the up to the “French Dressing”.  C’mon, Denise.  The ‘ho freakin bottle???? Have you heard about the obesity and diabetes epidemic in the US.  Good grief.

  • So my sister & I made this for dinner tonight, the rest of the family came over, and it was a SUCCESS! Everyone had 2nd’s! Amazing taco salad! 

  • Yum, you do make your taco salads different to mine. I will have to give this a try, I never thought to add beans. I will continue to use warm taco meat instead of chilling it. Thanks Tess!

  • That looks very easy and very good. Your supposed to put french dressing on a taco salad. People been doing it for years.. never heard of putting salsa on a taco salad. But to each his own.

  • Where in from, which is michigan thats how we make nachos and crumbled doritos for taco salad same ingredients tho, very delicious

  • I really wish you had a million subscribers, I watched like 10 videos in a row and fell in love with you ��. You’re literally motivation babe

  • Great meal prep idea! Not sure what’s happening but when I scan my Jennie-O or Foster Farms 99% fat free ground turkey it comes up 0 Points!

  • What’s the difference in just making loaded nachos and having it already there vs a taco salad that you break apart just to put toppings on the chip….which is nachos. I’m kinda confused by the idea of this style? Looks amazing and great. But I have had nachos the same without having to break the bowl and load the chip individually.

  • Hi tess I am making this tonight for dinner. I am subbing the ground beef for beyond beef veggie crumbles. I am super excited to make it for my family.

  • Thanks for this! I’m going to make this my meal prep for the week. I’m gonna put the lettuce in a little baggie so I can reheat the meat/corn at work. Great job love!��

  • I’m pretty sure I don’t want to fucking try this if you pour a fuckton of french dressing into the mix.  Were you confused when you made this?  I mean, I dunno 100% what goes into taco salad, but I know what goes into a taco.  French dressing isn’t the first ingredient I think of, nor the last or anywhere in between.

  • You can make your own by combining ketchup, some vinegar, paprika, chopped onion and Worcestershire sauce. Let us know how it turns out for you!

  • I completely forgot about Doritos/taco salads! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ll definitely be making this soon. Have a beautiful day.

  • I really wish you had a million subscribers, I watched like 10 videos in a row and fell in love with you ��. You’re literally motivation babe

  • Quien digo que es un taco mexicano un taco mexicano es una tortilla calentada en el comal. Se le rellena de un guiso. O carne asada. Y su salsa su pico de Sebolla y cilantro. Ese un tostada americana

  • The only thing that I suggest is you mix all the ingredients and then put it in the bowl and make the lettuce smaller shreds because when you scoop it you’re going to get large chunk of lettuce and large chunk of tomato but other than that it does look great just make all the pieces smaller mix it all together and then poured in the bowl and then top it with cheese so then it’s easy to scoop and you’ll have a bite of everything

  • Lol just go to taco bell and take a bunch of their sauce! They give soooooo much
    I’m gonna have to try this healthy version. I’m not on ww but need more healthy tasteful recipes.

  • Oh my goodness, those toco bowls are absolutely beautiful. I love toco salad it’s my absolutely favorite mexican meal. Thank you for showing us how to make the bowls.

  • Here in Iowa we just slit open a small bag of Doritos and add taco fixings it it and call it a Walking Taco:) A standard for games and fairs and such.

  • Great recipe as always, i was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not seeing a Basant video for two weeks.lol Thank you so much.

  • ,#282 thumbs up hey Phil, stopping by to show Love an support �� �� this is definitely my favorite meal,we just had this last night.enjoyed Watching TFS ������ peace love and blessings.

  • Looks good Bro… I’d add some chopped scallion or chive for garnish… Either way you definitely won the world’s easiest taco salad

    Salute Sir

  • This is so helpful! I love taco salad but usually think it’s too much trouble to pack for lunch. Those little containers are a game changer.

  • Solid recipe my friend but I think I had previously followed one of your other recipes that was a Sausage, peppers, & onion with the added Corona. That turned out amazing and loved the taste the corona left behind. If that wasn’t you then my bad and try that recipe because it was awesome!

  • What an awesome taco salad! Very easy to prepare, and awesome for my grands to make,when we have our movies date! Blessings to you, stay encouraged, and always keep your hands in God’s hands!

  • You’re right, Tess, this is a classic favorite! It has been much too long since I had some! Do they still make Catalina dressing? (:

  • Can I add 1 suggestion that will throw this over the top for you… keep the meat separate and have it warm when you add it all together. It is amazing! We also put a little bit of sour cream in there. I am almost 50 years old & my best friend and I have been making this since we were 13 and we would mix everything up in the durito is bag and just dig in this recipe brings back many memories and right now going through quarantine memories are something to be cherished so today I’m eating this in honor of my best friend since kindergarten because she’s no longer with us.

  • If you use a stainless steel potato masher it makes it so much easier to break up the meat how you like it. Neat trick that my mom taught me.

  • sorry but no. this does not look good, too mushy. I’ve made taco salad many times and many different ways but this looks like vomit. and the french dressing, yuk.

  • This is the 1st time that im watching ur videos and im just blown away.the way u look and the end results just just awesome.
    Already ur fan

  • I tried this for work but now I’m wondering how will I heat up the beef before eating? Or is it good cold?

    Probably a dumb question but I never cook or meal prep so I’m lost lol

  • Do you like that ground turkey? I tried it once and I didn’t like it I make spaghetti out of it but I might try it again that looks good

  • Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one who picked out pieces of their salad. �� the EXACT pieces you don’t like I also don’t.

    “You’re just wasting it”

    Okay I’m sorry I don’t like a huge chunks of stem.

  • Really enjoyed watching you prepare and make your Taco Salad Bowls. I tell you are a professional at what you do. I also, appreciate you for wearing gloves. Keeps the food from being contaminated. Anyways, really really enjoyed everything especially when you were making the taco bowls. Keep doing your thang. ��������

  • OMG I love this. My dad made this for me as a kid, now I’ve been making it for my kids for almost 20 years, my dad has been making it much longer long then I. Great stuff.

  • Old 80’s recipe that I figured out you make the meat seperate from the salad ingredients and allow each person to mix their own bowl so your meat doest get ruined by soggy salad and in this way you can eat the next day. I was always so pissed that we had so many left overs that just got tossed in the trash. Take my advice this is a good recipe but leave cold salad cold and meat hot separate.

  • This needs five times the amount of tomatoes; otherwise, pretty good! BTW, I use Italian dressing added to the salad, not the meat.

  • I really wish you had a million subscribers, I watched like 10 videos in a row and fell in love with you ��. You’re literally motivation babe

  • Add beans and rice at the bottom, it would tast much better, and also roasted chicken/beef (carne asada, pollo asado), don’t use ground beef it won’t taste good

  • Heyyyy I love your journey!! I just made my channel and can’t wait to upload videos. Follow me on Instagram meanwhile! @Perspirationtings_

  • I like the Idea of making the meat ahead of time and assembling at your own discretion as you did in the video, you are a kitchen genius All of my taco salads have been make-a-head kind. Thanks

  • Oh man, this looks fantastic! We are dying to make street tacos there’s a great chance will implement similar items from this here great job Nate and Blackstone team!! Smashed the like button!����

  • Hi Justyn, Love your channel girl!!! Have you tried using the fat-free greek yogurt as sour cream. Its 0 points on WW. For ME, I can’t tell the difference.

  • I work overnight as well for 5 yrs. Since I’ve worked overnight, I’ve gained 12 pounds. Trying to lose it. But working overnight bloats me. Trying to figure out a way to alter my meal times

  • I just subbed today and am working on myself (I’ve lost 80 lbs in my life so far and working on the last stubborn 20), so it’s REALLY nice to see videos of others doing it too, especially since it seems so rare to find on youtube:[
    After this I’m going to binge watch your older videos haha. Thanks for the positive motivation <3

  • Yessss! Saw this in your other video and was like yum! Side note NEVER knew there was Taco Bell mild sauce in a bottle, for real life changing!! My favorite! ❤️