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3. Over half of those surveyed think olive oil is the healthiest option. That probably explains why we all own it, and why it’s the top logged cooking oil in the MyFitnessPal food database. (Coconut oil came in second with nearly 25% of the votes for being the healthiest oil.) While revealing, the data brings up still more question. Because when an oil reaches its flash point, the oil starts to form chemical compounds called lipid oxidation products (LOPs). These particles start a chain reaction of free radical damage that wreaks havoc on your cells.

Cooking oil oxidizes over time, especially if it’s less refined or is high in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Slow down the degradation by storing it properly. ‘Keep your oils in a dark, cool place, not right beside the stove with the heat and light,’ says Mornin. Some oils, like flaxseed, are best kept refrigerated. The Healthiest Cooking Oils, Decoded in One Handy Graphic What oils to use for cooking has always been one of those flummoxing topics—for me, at least. You might hear that X oil has the most omega-3 fatty acids, or Y oil is high in unhealthy fats—and then you just might hear the opposite later.

Cooking Oils Decoded | MyFitnessPal. If there’s one thing we know about cooking oils, it’s that they’re really hard to keep straight—particularly in regards to how they impact our health and what types of oils to use when. If you often wonder, “Is the oil I’m using to roast these veggies protecting my heart?”. Now you know how detrimental oils are to your health, but what are you supposed to use as alternatives? For cooking, use seasoned vegetable broth with a non-stick pan, different spices, steaming, baking, parchment paper and even water.

As far as salad dressings, try flavored vinegars (i.e. balsamic and lemon vinegar). Cooking Oils Decoded. When it comes to health benefits, not all oils are made equal. Here’s the skinny on which oils to skip and which to slather on. and potentially improve insulin and blood sugar levels.

Choose corn oil if your recipe calls for cooking at a high heat, as it can stand up to the temperatures better than other oils. You have a lot of options for cooking oils. Some are better at certain temperatures, others are best with certain types of food. The folks over at MyFitnessPal have created a chart that helps you. Vitamin G The Healthiest Cooking Oils, Decoded in One Handy Graphic What oils to use for cooking has always been one of those flummoxing topics—for me, at least.

You might hear that X oil. Cooking Oils Decoded [MyFitnessPal] Comments. drd @drd. Sep 1, 2014, 12:40pm. Can we get a local to update with oils commonly used in Australia?

Would be good to cover macadamia and rice bran oils.

List of related literature:

Fatty index and saponification and ester numbers were determined on mixtures of oils and liquid waxes using PCA or FA (Janosch and Ebel, 1993).

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Over time, the fats solve the of molten essential fat oils at 60 (Enfleurage).∘ C (Mazeration; In some Enfleurage cases, the á process chaud).

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Another interesting product is safflower oil, which is produced using the seed roasting temperature of 140-180°C. In a study by Lee et al. (2004), the fatty acid composition of safflower oils did not change with treatment temperature, and the major component was linoleic acid (80%).

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  • Thing about olive oil is the amount of monounsaturated fats (i.e. omega 3’s and 6’s) is pretty small, so the ratio of 3’s to 6’s shouldn’t be a big worry. Although, if you can switch to Macademia nut oil

  • Everyone acts like they’re a doctor here. If you know so much then why are you here? PSA… don’t drown your food in oil, use in excessive amounts, or use daily. Just like other high calorie dense foods. The point of this video is to compare the oils. It never said anything was “healthy”.

  • Since the topic of this video is “… Healthy Cooking Oil Choices” I figured I should inform you that the American Heart association don’t agree with you on the coconut part. It can increase the chances of heart disease.


  • If you listen to this propaganda you deserve to be Sick. When I removed vegetable oils, seed oils out of my diet my diabetes Miraculously went away. This is the truth and let the truth set you free. Hopefully from vegetable oils.

  • Absolute Lies. The AHA is a corrupt organization that has been killing people with their dangerous advice since their inception. They are paid for by the food industry. Saturated fats are the safest fast to cook with. Polyunsaturated fats become trans fats when heated and cause heart disease by increasing inflammation in the body.

  • Everone at the AHA should be terminated for this vid. But now I understand what they did. More sickness, more money for them. Sad.

  • This food is brought to you by The American Heart Association, who used to label foods like Cocoa Puffs as heart healthy…good to see that many people are starting to wake up.
    Back in 2009 when I finally figured this out, I took my bottle of vegetable oil out to the garage to use as a lubricant.
    Back then, nobody would listen to me when I warned them about the dangers of seed oils and sugar.
    Now, many more people have seen the light. Good to see people questioning the major corporations and groups like the biased AHA.

  • Canola oil has erucic acid which is known to be toxic to humans…….. eat fats that you can make at home, olive oil,coconut oil or butter are some examples, there is a type of trans fatty acid in butter called Conjugated Linolenic acid which is known to protect the heart and lowering inflammation

  • Been using vegetable oil since I avoided canola oil. IDK what to use now. Olive oil may not always be commercially available in our area.

  • Chris, you have to study the mechanisms of imperialism to understand why the rest of the world “follows” the American model. Read my book on Haiti to see how the American government and “charities” forced Haitians to eat like Americans. Your mind would be boggled from a different direction.

  • Oh dang, I was gonna listen to the AMERICAN HEART ASOCIAN! But how could a bunch of hipster YouTubers without medical or culinary backgrounds be wrong!?

  • AHA is trash, change my mind. Sunflower, peanut, and canola oil are all VERY BAD for you. This video is only 3 years old ffs… thought it was going to be at least 20 years old with this garbage information. Stick to avocado oil, EVOO, coconut, and macadamia nut. Always aim for extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined, and organic. Your welcome. Employ me AHA…..

  • motivated by greed who ever funded the research just wanted to sell your their byproducts instead of disposing of or using them properly

  • Hello if you get a chance please read Valery Mamonov’s, Nutritional Mystery Solved: Why Japanese Researchers Would Never Eat Fried Food. Now I’m more mindful of my cooking decisions. Hope it helps you as well. Wishing you good health.…/dp/B07TVF1XXZ

  • The person who started this video don’t know or care about health. They are trying to make money from people who clicks to watch this video.

  • Hi. Can you please explain how canola oil is harmful? I didn’t find anything horrific in my research. And the only negative thing I found about soybean oil is that too much of it can cause a larger liver..? What about palm oil..?

  • So the American Heart Association is saying this? These claims are soooo not true, that it should be ilegal to publish them. Maybe they are being sponsored by Canola. Canola oil contain Sodium Hydroside and bleach, for oil separation and clarity. Do they even know the healthy risks that come from that? Frankly, now any stupid monkey with a camera and a computer can claim to be an expert.

  • I see nothing but people complaining but when I search healthy cooking oil these are all that show up. How about you guys make a video showing healthy oil instead of bitching about other people being wrong?

  • Have you considered that possibly there is a symbolological, consumeristic correlation between the product rapeseed oil and black seed oil? I think psychophysiologically it could be considered a sociolinguistic marketing ‘health’ ploy to control human reproductive cycles, impair psychocardiological development, and control the human mind.
    So from an informed perspective, one could consider that perhaps ‘health’ culture could be constructed sociolinguistically to create separation altogether.
    One can never know what one is truly putting into one’s body unless one has one’s own laboratory

  • I would like to know what are thoughts. I came across Organic Chosen Blend Cooking Oil. organic high-oleic safflower oil, avocado oil and coconut oil would you consider this a good oil or bad knowing there safflower in it

  • All mammals eat a diet high in saturated animal fat, whether they are carnivores or herbivores. They don’t eat Plant oils. To follow the AHA is to deny the existence of evolution.

  • The American Heart Association should take this video down. Let’s talk about inflammation and other complications that come with consuming ‘vegetable oils’. These are just highly processed poison. Eat real foods, and real fats to heal your body.

  • If you can’t get the oil without going thru all that heating than its really bad. The only good oil they mention is Olive oil because you can squeeze the olives and the grease comes out

  • I got an ischemic stroke after 5 years using canola oil, now I turn to virgin coconut oil for cooking or salad and i feel more healthy

  • This information is wrong,yet even though coconut oil may be considered bad by some i know for a fact it is better than all the oils here

  • Non of these oils are good for our health. People should stop consuming oils in cooking. Better boil your food in water and live healthy and longer.

  • Lmaoo, this is garbage advice. Lard, butter and coconut oil are all my family cooks with and none of us are unhealthy or fat fucks.

  • Concentrated sources of Omega 6’s are not natural or appropriate for human consumption. I believe they are the main culprit for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  • When the American Heart Association recommends and markets these toxic food like products to trusting Americans, their credibility when scorning natural saturated animal fats is suspect. Along with their medical treatment recommendations and endorsements. History will not be kind to this cartel.

  • 40 years ago, when mum had changed from butter to Flora margarine because she was told it was healthier, she got fed up because it didn’t taste nice, so she plonked it on the bird table where it stayed, unpecked, unmolested by insects and even mould! She rightly said, decades ago, if the animals won’t eat it, neither will we. And we went back to butter!

  • Any young aspiring filmmakers here like me? Comment here and ill sub to your channel. Let’s support each other and grow together! #wanderlust

  • Fantastic content here. Dr. Knobbe is excellent. If we had a medical system in the US that was made up of thousands of clones of Dr. Knobbe and Ivor, we would have minimal health issues. The other thing that I would add to the ‘toxic soup’ of modern eating is oxalates. Oxalate is the ‘chemical warfare’ that plants protect themselves with, and they also interfere with the energy production of the body at the mitochondrial level.

  • I asked a surgeon why he eats Becel. His response was for the planty goodness and that our genetics are responsible for health and longevity. Ouch.

  • What about extra within rapeseed.. I though I am doing better the oils oil for years now.. it’s not processed. Could you tslk about the processed vs cold pressed oils differeces

  • Lots of comments i read an article in 1975 about margarine and they explained how toxic it was.
    Pretty much plastic and supper unhealthy
    But i did not know crisco veg oil were the same

  • I would have appreciated alist of the seed oils you were talking about, i think that this was one of the worst videos, i gsined no info, basically talking to people that already know and agree, not educational at all.

  • To make a real sunflower oil costs too much the pure one….only in former Soviet union it was properly produced…..still now nobody’s production can match how it was originally produced…..and maybe still is….yet in certain areas. And not in the western world….

    PS sunflower seeds eaten has loads of nutrients….yet most of the world lazy to prepare it how it’s supposed to be prepared………
    Imagine walnuts?…they stain your every thing when u peal it of its bright green shelf….the young walnuts most nutritious…..

  • Oils have to smell nature and look like nature….its the truth factory kills it…..why on earth mix any oil at all?
    What’s the reason?….

  • You guys are way off about politics and imperialism. It’s not about consumer choice in the slums of the world. It’s about whatever is available.

  • I used to intern at AHA and let me tell you these people have NO EDUCATION!! It is unbelievable the information they put out to the public.

  • No living things cook their foods nor eats oil.Yes,no animals drinks milk after weaning off milk except us humans,only babies drinks milk,all animals drinks their mother’s milk,humans drink milk from an animal whose physical structure is totally different,lactose intolerance?Cow is mummy.

  • Brilliant interview. It’s an uphill battle to get people to even read or watch about this stuff, let alone convince them to change.

  • Great stuff! It’s global… For centuries, Chinese have used pork lard to cook. Now “lard free” is touted as “healthier” option… Sad…

  • I need your help ASAP. A lot of dog food have CANOLA OIL!!!
    Any reference on what to feed him. He is already under inflammatory stress. He is eating nomnomnow but it has canola oil!!!

  • There was no Crisco or trans fats sold in NZ and Australia and also no vegetable oils prior to around early 1980’s yet our heart disease peaks followed exactly the same as US and UK peaking in 1967.

  • The irony is that cannabis is a schedule one drug “with no medical value” according to the US federal govt. yet vegetables oils are legal and infused into almost everything. Guess which one reduces inflammation.

  • Keeping the big picture in mind and putting diet as a number priortity for preventing and curing from disease? Agree! But saying pesticides (like glyphosate) and other toxins like heavy metals mercury, cadmium, etc are almost begign is somewhat naive guys. In the nineties as a practitioner you could heal people with putting them on a low carb healthy diet. That’s not the case anymore and I speak from experience. People improve yes, but you have to address much more nowadays than back then to bring them back. You should check the research what the impact of glyphosate and heavy metals is on the mitochondria and will be blown away. And together with this weakening comes susceptibility for parasitic infections, etc. I have people in my practice who can’t even go in ketosis or a fast cause they are so toxic. One needs intracellular oxygen and a more or less healthy cell to oxidize fat as well, which is a hard job when cells are completely messed up by the seed oils true but also by other toxins, lactate, mycotoxins,….

  • “in my opinion..” who cares old man? it’s 2020 meritocracy rulez 😉 show me the numbers or go home. What an old fashioned idiocy fairy tales and fearmongering, Look at the statistic poor medical doctor(doesn’t mean you have doctorate in anything 😉 we live longer? yes we do. So how are your claims are holding up?

  • I’m wondering if keto friendly nut butters (peanut, sunflower, macademia, etc.) are equally as bad, if they have no added sugars or other oils added?

  • Thank you so much for the well articulated presentation. Everything seems to taste so much better when cook in coconut oil. I can get it in 1 gal. container and at a price comparable to many factory fats. Now, I save all my bacon grease and use that to cook my omelettes.

  • I do not agree with the extra virgin olive oil. We use it so much in Italy to cook “spaghetti con le vongole”. The most famous Italian dish is made with pasta, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and pepper and heated up with medium high heat. Btw. Nice tips.

  • This 4% of calories threshold doesn’t make any sens to me. It was reached arround 1970’s and in 1990 it was already 7% and climbing. We shouldn’t see any increase in cancer rate since 1980s if there was any threshold��

  • Garbage canola oil????? Omg my nutritionist really misguided me. Are used to cook with olive oil all the time and the nutritionist really got mad and told me that it is toxic to cook with and replace canola oil and sunflower oil. And the worst thing is I am a thyroid patient but I also like to eat the goitrogenic vegetables and she told me never ever ever ever eat the goitrogenic vegetables. Not the research says that is absolutely fine to eat those vegetables And the research also sees canola oil how toxic it is. Really before listening to any nutritionist we should always listen to doctors like you and do more research on it

  • Just watched the CEO of Campbell’s on Mad Money tell Jim Cramer they’ve shifted the Focus of their company from Soups to Snacks, which now make up 50% of their Product Line. ��

    One of the FIRST Things you learn about Healthy Eating is to ABANDON Snacking especially the Highly-Processed Refined Flour with Seed Oil snacks that Campbell’s now Offers! ��

  • Excellent talk, as usual!!! I have one big question about vegetable oils….but before I ask just a little background. We lived in rural West Africa (Togo) for 5 years….and will soon return there. Over the past 3 years back in Europe I discovered dr Fung, and then….Ken berry, Ben Bickman, Diet Doctor, and of course Ivor and many others. Nutrition has gripped me and this talk moves me because seed oils and refined flour and sugar is FLOODING rural african towns and cities!! On return inTogo I hope to set up a very basic program for women….With basically 4 pillars: No sugar, no fefined grains, no seed oils and incorporating some form of intermittant fasting….. Togolese will not be able to go carnivore or even low carb (Although I will certainly suggest them to try egg/avocado fasts during avocado season….)….but I am certain that following these rules nutrition density will improve….whatever food choices they make! It is in fact asking them to go back to their traditional way of eating. Now my question…..many Togolese eat their locally made palm oil. How does that compare to animal fats or seed oils??

  • My parents married in college and had 3 kids before age 24. My mom a registered dietitian, ultimately ran a hospital program. She was diagnosed with scleroderma while carrying me. We were formula fed, and always fed the RDA. All of us have connective tissue and serious autoimmune conditions, and two siblings have added mental health issues since early childhood.
    My dad, a chemist and body builder never bought into her program, but she was the expert, so he let her keep charge over our nutrition. Today, he’s 79 years old with the energy of a healthy 50 year old! No pills, and zero health problems ever. We’re all sickly in our 50’s.
    She died at 48.
    Turning the tide is a monumental task. Where to begin after a lifetime of an absolute fear of fat!

  • Why not name the worst and then maybe any, like olive oil, that are not as bad; I do not know. You could name diseases and studies for ever. Give us the punch line upfront about your title and name some good fats and some bad. So much rambling!!!

  • This conversation is solid gold. One Oli that is rarely mentioned but has grown massively is rapeseed oil. I saw something that said it was better than other seed oils because it has a higher smoke point when heated. Does anyone know if it is as bad as other seed oils?

  • I love this very much.
    Now, what am I putting into my salat? (No more olive oils:( )
    So my father (born ’46) was right to put cream in the salad afterall.
    And he and his doctor thought this to be the reason for the fatty liver…
    Having pure oil sounds like drinking fruit Juice without the fibre, which is worse than eating the whole fruit. ( Dr. Lustig)
    I’m looking into ketogenic diet at the moment, but this is as interesting.
    Thanks from Germany, Alex, 32

  • Love ❤️ quick Q — what about when people say not to cook with olive oil because of what happens to the molecules when it gets hot..??

  • The early exponential growth in heart disease and cancer was undoubtedly driven by diet. Still, in the last 50 years, it’s Roundup herbicide that’s generating an exponential increase in many diseases, the most notable being autism. Believe it or not, Roundup makes grains, oils, and sugars much worse. Don’t forget that canning and pasteurization also came out with the seed oils. And today’s mutant wheat came out 30 years before Roundup. The most significant change in diet came with colonization. That’s likely what drove infant mortality.

  • I am an actuary and work with healthcare data all day. Need to address two key questions that are not addressed here.
    1. why has average life expectancy increased so much in the last 100 years during the same time we ramped up use of these poisons?
    2. Can you separate heart disease increase caused by sugar/ white flour vs oils? Maybe processed sugar and flour and trans fats caused the problems and liquid veg oils are not a problem.

    Would love to see answers and comments with credible data.

  • Unless you can replace the status quo with a healthy alternative at similar cost, you don’t have a solution. Instead of demonizing the food industry, work for change that can improve the lives of all. Healthy eating is a luxury not available to most of the world.

  • Ivor thank you so so so much for all the priceless information you provide through these lively discussions with your guests. Merci.

  • but you forgot the RDA? mono unsaturated fats are good to the body but making them look like it is still fat is kind of mis informing the same thing as the benefits of eggs since you mentioned it.. and its true that consumption is moderated but upto what degree as most will just avoid the healthy oils which could be beneficial like omega 6 and omega 9 and vitamin E if you just lump all oils together as the same

  • Hi Dr I am new to the whole scene but was considering finding a lifestyle doctor soon after quarantine is over and watch dr Eric berg and others on YouTube which promote the keto diet and some the carnivore and many people have had many positive benefits but a few I noticed in the comments said they had a stroke a few years on keto this one woman did it for 8 years than got two strokes and a heart attack and that concerns me greatly. I want to do keto to lose weight I’m around 200-210 not sure exactly and I also have a fatty liver and have seborrheic dermatitis mainly on the scalp. My scalp is so dry and brittle and my hair is also very dry and brittle like it’s lacking oil. I hear that keto can help with the dermatitis and people say their is no cure but some also say they did it and it hasn’t came back since starting keto. I also have heard a mix review of cholesterol hdl ldl etc etc I’m 21 I don’t know much about any of this I just want to be healthy and reap the benefits but also don’t want to lose my hair I’m losing some as is and scared keto will do that again doctor sorry for all the questions just really worried since it’s hard to find answers now a days I just want to live a healthy life

  • Well aware of the issues raised since 2013 as I became type 2 diabetic and wholly endorse this video. Occasionally when shopping I see new salad dressings promoted containing olive oil and on examining the label find seed oil, usually canola oil, in greater proportion. The manufacturers are well aware now that deception is required to sell their poison. Keep up the good work, you are winning.

  • I love to listen to Ivor’s accent. Not to mention the great information! This is an excellent topic and talk. Shared on my social media. Hope people pay attention!

  • ………Wait did he say sesame oil is good for high heat…wat???? It has a really low smoke point.
    Just hearing that makes me wonder how accurate the rest of the info in this is.

  • Please recommend a healthy cooking oil or is butter the only recommendation? Is olive oil included in this category ”Vegetable oil”!? Avocado oil comes in tiny bottles here in Ireland, I only see 250 ml bottles for about 8 or 9 euro. I use those boneless chicken pieces in the foil tray, there’s not much extra in there. All these years, I’ve not been able to give up roast potatoes and the fat is goose fat! I will stop berating myself.

  • This is such a 360. I thought rapeseed oil was healthy. Crisp ‘n dry is rapeseed oil and it’s cheap so i’ve been using that for twenty years………….

  • I love the genetic blame game. It’s like suggesting humanity is about to be run over by a glacier! In engineering this is termed “implausible”

  • Medical schools don’t teach nutrition, because all medical schools were funded by Rockefeller and he designed the curriculum.
    Rockefeller Medicine the Corbett Report on YouTube.

  • Pet food additive
    Vegetable oil is used in the production of some pet foods
    The number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes has increased three-fold in thirty years

  • Ivor shouldn’t keep saying “it costs nothing” he should say it costs less or next to nothing. If it costs “nothing” then it is free. Then it is charity being offered in the grocery shop. Sorry to sound pedantic but there you have it.

  • canola oil is generally not hydrogenated unless you choose to buy it that way. By the logic of refining being bad, pure olive oils should also be considered a bad fat

  • Eating green leafy veggies raw without boiling or cooking with healthy fats like ghee, is unhealthy and toxic. Even black cumin seed oil can’t save that person

  • A must-read book to understand all about Oil / Fat and cholesterol NUTRITION MYSTERY SOLVED: WHY JAPANESE RESEARCHERS WOULD NEVER EAT FRIED FOOD by VALERY MAMONOV, PH.D.

  • I took nutrition in nursing school, canola oil is the best cookin oil even better than olive oil. coconut oil is bad bad bad.. Has lot of saturated fatty acids

  • This is really misleading imo and it should not be titled best oils for ‘weight loss’.

    Weight loss occurs by either consuming less calories per day or burning off excess calories that have been consumed with cardiovascular exercise.

    Oils are entirely comprised of fat and are the most calorie dense substances, averaging 850 calories per 100 millilitres.

  • The use of coconut oil for cooking is considered to be somewhat controversial in health. There are so many advantages as well as disadvantages also. When advised to have healthy foods they say not to use too much coconut oil. Because it contains plenty of saturated fat, that increases the risk of heart disease. But according to some modern researches they are saying that some saturated fat increase the risk of heart diseases and some are very essential for the health of the body.

  • Black cumin is not black seed. Black cumin is a different thing altogether. Americans being americans call black seed black cumin.

  • Help! I eat a crisy broccoli floret from Trader Joe’s as a snack and I noticed in the ingredients that other than broccoli and salt it has Palm oil. Is palm oil ok the consume?

  • I’ve been using Avocado oil for the past few months, and I can honestly say I never want to go back to any other cooking oils (excluding peanut oil for deep frying)

  • It is absurd that we, university graduates, bought the concept/lie of “healthy unsaturated fat”, when our basic chemistry knowledge tells us anything with unsaturated structure is unstable chemically and sensitive to oxidation!! Shame!

  • Which oil is “best” for say frying chicken or cooking a breaded pork cutlet? I usually use vegetable or canola though I am considering switching. Any tips?

  • Wooah! been thinking about this, this is very informative! Please upload other videos relative to healthful tips like this. More power!:)

  • So the main message: every single oil you can possibly buy from a standard grocery store -> highly processed and refined
    Make your own oil cuz everything they sell in stores is bad. Don’t know where you get your oils from, your advice is solid but just not practical

  • Hi erwan! i would like to ask where do you buy your Spectrum coconut oil here in the philippines? I am badly in need of that coconut oil. I was diagnosed of kidney disease and i can’t resist to eat fry foods. I think this oil would help me. Thank you erwan. please notice me. ��

  • Love where this is going.. please do a video on your other go to ingredients and brands.. preferably ones that are not endorsed haha. Also cooking materials and utensils, like your pots and pans would be nice..

  • If you don’t want to suffer from heart disease, use Canola oil. It contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat which is healthier than saturated fats. Avoid oil that contains high amount of saturated fat, such as coconut oil, it will cause your arteries to clog, which increases your risk for heart disease. Excess saturated fat, trans fat and dietary cholesterol can build up in artery walls and harden, causing blockages.

  • Why is there a higher rate of cardiovascular disease in India than the United States. Don’t they eat more ghee than vegetable oils or is it something else?

  • Saladmaster doest not need oil when cooking or frying. The foods are not only nutritious and very healthy but tastes even better than with oil.

  • coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid which means it becomes solid at room temperature, so when you consume too much coconut oil on your diet, it will make you fat

  • Very informative. Great to really have the different types of oil used and explained how they should be used. Curious, you wear made in MNL, but no accent, so you are “mistos”? Especially your name, not a typical Pinoy name. But I’ll watch your posting.

  • i bet loads of the restaurants wont even have butter but only substitutes because they “care about the health of their customers and think they are doing the moral thing”

  • My god! good thing I get to watch this video. I’ve been trying to figure out which one should I use between pomace and regular olive oil. Thanks for introducing the Avocado oil Erwan! This is really helpful.:)

  • What if we can’t afford olive oil? For someone in the wroking class like myself, I never bought olive oil simply because it really eats up alot of the grocery budget.

  • hi Erwan! great video, very informative! I didn’t know that canola oil is very bad for our health. yes I do have acid reflux ��. and I thought that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much better for sauteing or frying eggs than pure olive oil and pomace.

  • Aldehydes are scary. What vegetables is that Baguio oil made from? Palm oil is pretty bad I imagine. It coagulates at room temperature.

  • Definitely one of my favorite videos. Info + graphics + good looks = ��SUPERB! Thanks for this, dude. Leggo to Landers and buy some Avocado oil plus the chance of seeing Erwann there browsing some good stuffs. ��

  • Thank you Erwan, I honestly wanted to know what kind of cooking oils is best to cook with because I’m trying to be more aware of what i eat & then I see your video on my notifications so I appreciate the time you put into making this
    Btw I wish I had a boyfriend who knows how to cook as good as you, I wouldn’t mind if he made better dishes than I would haha

  • I really thought canola oil was decent. I’ve even recommended it to my friends. Olive oil is still expensive for me for daily use but I buy it sometimes.

  • I’m no cook but this was actually very entertaining to watch; not to mention it was also very informative since I myself wonder about the differences of these oils. Good job Erwan!

  • I cook a lot in a wok and olive oil is really not a choice because it has a low smoke point and has a strong taste. I usually use canola and peanut.

  • very informative video! i’ve been researching more about these oils and found out that there are only two ingredients listed on that Baguio pure vegetable oil100% pure coconut oil and vitamin A palmitate. I’m not sure what vitamin A palmitate is but it does say that it has 100% pure coconut oil. how is it different from the other coconut oil in the jar?

  • Great vid. To add to the wonders and countless benefits of virgin coconut oil, they now use it to reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms and epilepsy, promote healthy testosterone levels, kill harmful microbes, help burn more fat, reduce craving, among others. And it’s actually good for the heart despite being high in saturated fats it helps increase good HDL cholesterol and help convert bad LDL cholesterol to less harmful form, which can personally attest to.

  • Pretty odd that your advice goes directly against the American heart association and Harvard university’s recommendations, saturated and trans fats both have been proven to increase LDL cholesterol increasing your risk of atherosclerosis, canola is low in both saturated and trans fats and even has a significant amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids which also have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, decrease the growth of plaque in the arteries, and aid in thinning blood.

  • I thought coconut oil had higher smoke point than avocado oil. Coconut oil is saturated fat unlike avocado oil so it should be higher?

  • Mic the vegan’s and gojiman’s channels have made oil seem like the devil-incarnate, particularly with the research they cite. I’m curious to know what you think. I’m vegan low carb, and wouldn’t know what to do without oils!

  • Is safflower oil ok to eat if not heated? One of my favorite keto desserts is G-Butter, but they use safflower oil, and some flavors I prefer to eat raw right out of the jar.

  • When frying eggs in a skillet on the stove, now do you know what temperature different flame settings are giving you? Do you stick a thermometer in the oil to find out?

  • I have been told to avoid RICE BRAN OIL as” it is cause of both inflammation and the mitochondrial dysfunction which is believed to be causes of insulin resistance.” Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Dr. Michael Eades and others have been quoted for above opinion.Please guide.

  • Momma use to give us cod liver oil when we were kids. Can you consume macadamia nut oil the same way. I have heard about the Omega-3 and 6s. This oil seems to be better for me in the way of inflammation. Am I wrong in assuming this?

  • Is frying it self healthy, say for example even if you used avocado oil. Is it just the oil burning the only thing that makes frying unhealthy?

  • Visiting in India now. RICE BRAN oil is VERY popular sold as Saffola. Possible slight arsenic contamination but in research I’ve found it is quite OK…

  • What about grapeseed oil instead of avocado oil? I find Avocado oil gives food a bitter taste. Not sure why Avocado’s are not bitter.

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  • So flaxseeds oil is mostly good, but they alone mess up with testosterone as you mentioned in some other video… So in oil form, is it still gonna mess up with our testosterone?

  • Just now finding your videos and I am really enjoying them. I am assuming since you didn’t mention lard that is something I should not be eating. Correct?

  • Would love a video about unhealthy oils (soybean, canola, ect). There aren’t many out there and your videos backed up by science would be so beneficial on the subject!

  • All oils you are mentioned apart from coco oil (contain mostly saturate fats) are quite refined in order to extract the oil from that untreated product which carry along lot of trans fats (detrimental ones).

    Which is the ideal temperature to cook unsaturated fats in order to don’t break its natural chemical bond and so make them unhealthy ones? Could you please explain that?

  • Wait, why does it sound MUFA is better than PUFA? I might be wrong but my high school science taught me that PUFA is a lot healthier.

  • Seasame oil and peanut oil are both rich in omega 6 polyunsaturated fats ( about 60% of mass ). Great advice… You’ll have bunch of oxidized omega 6 = super inflammatory.
    Omg, You advice to cook with flaxseed oil? Why do You think flaxseed oil is ‘cold extracted’? You’ll ruin all those omega 3 fatty acids because of rapid oxidation. They’re very sensitive to temperature and easily go rancid. You should remove this video, because advices here are harmful!!!

  • What’s the truth about Canola oil? I live in Sweden and we produce a lot of it is it safe and if so, is it good when on Keto.
    I started Keto today. I use to add a little to butter when frying so the butter wouldn’t burn.

  • I like to lightly coat spinach wit il and salt and add cherry tomatoes, diced shallots and mushrooms for a salad, but have been using Wesson oil. I am going to try macadamia nut oil instead.

  • Thomas could you please do a research on corn and soy oil? How dangerous are they, do they have Any benefits? Please help us understand more of them. Thanks

  • I switched to a keto diet almost a year ago due to Type2. Off3 meds. My doctor insists that I remain on Metformin and cholesterol meds as preventative if cardiovascular disease. What is your thoughts on this topic. Also what is your thoughts about sugar alcohol sweeteners?

  • hi Thomas, thanks for the video but I have a question please: if you are frying with avocado oil, you are definitely getting to the smoking point with high temperature of the pan. In this case what happens to the avocado oil? does it get denatured and hydrogenated? please reply. thanks

  • Canola oil (rapeseed) also has a very high burn point. There apparently are two versions of it. There is an engineered version that has low inflammatory response, that is a lower omega 6 ratio.

    I don’t know if there us an official name for it.

  • Direct medical advice from The American Heart Association (AHA)

    82 percent of coconut oil is comprised of saturated fats, far more than in regular butter (63), olive oil (14), peanut oil (17), and sunflower oil (10).

    “A recent survey reported that 72 percent of the American public rated coconut oil as a ‘healthy food’ compared with 37 percent of nutritionists,” the AHA’s review notes. “This disconnect between lay and expert opinion can be attributed to the marketing of coconut oil in the popular press.”

    A meta-analysis of a suite of experiments have conclusively shown that butter and coconut oil, in terms of raising the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, are just as bad as each other.

    “Because coconut oil increases [bad] cholesterol, a cause of cardiovascular disease, and has no known offsetting favorable effects, we advise against the use of coconut oil,” the AHA conclude. In essence, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose by using coconut oil in cooking.

  • Flaxseed oil has the most omega 3 but as explained in your other video, it isnt so easily and efficiently used by our bodies.

    Avocado oil is really good for our bodies but least omega 3.

    Sigh… What now? Which to buy?

  • I have also heard that the lignans in flaxseeds can increase SHBG which is probably not good for optimizing free testosterone.I don’t know how legit this is but what’s your opinion on it?

  • note: as to comments below when tossing oils.. Not down the sink.. Not in a bottle.. mix oil with something,,,flour, dirt.. cat litter… or it just makes a mess for the garbage man. Bottles burst = oily mess for him to clean up. Don’t mess with the cook or the garbage man.

  • Why exactly is cholesterol evil? Don’t we need those for the formation of many hormones?

    Cholesterol does not cause atherosclerosis and its sequela cardiovascular heart disease

    [Hyperinsulinemia triggers the inflammatory conditions that can lead to atherosclerosis.]

  • Dr Berry, thanks for all your great videos. What about chicken fat for frying in? I make dog food for my 2 dogs out of chicken quarters and always have lots of chicken fat left that I’ve been freezing. I refrigerate the broth and it solidifies on the topthen I just scrape it off the top and freeze.

  • Hi Dr. Ken Berry, what are your thoughts and advice on cooking with Gee Butter. My husband is Indian and we make our own Ghee Butter at home but I never know if it is healthy or safe to cook with it at all times. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • and alwayy when say extra vingin olive oil and normal olive oil need to understand differnce. Extravigin oil is more pure in colour but not take heat so much than normal olive oil wich is best for taste and cooking,

  • Thanks Dr. Berry for the info. and educating the masses. Just came from the “stupidmarket” and I’m amazed at the deceptive product labels I now find. A product called Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise claims it’s better than mayo. Guess what the first ingredient is? Expeller pressed canola oil! You really have got to read the labels these days as not to fall into the food industry’s trap.

  • Hi Ken. We have a farm here in the UK that makes cold-pressed rapeseed oil. It’s delicious and, I believe, not factory-made. Does this fall into the bad category with the rest of the seed oils? Martin

  • Yes it’s scary and I saw today an article that there is a new vegetable based fat which had been concucted by a good company. It’s maddening that all you see that plant based anything is best and meat and saturated animal fats are poisons

  • Here in the philippines canola oil is the best buys in the sister is always buying it…my goodness this oil is not good at all..thnx for your warning us canola users,..

  • Can-oh-la-la! Good grief. Made from genetically modified rapeseed oil which is used to lubricate machine parts. In Canada. Hence, Can-o-la. My wife and I get indigestion from this oil. I suspect that all those university hospitals and medical associations like the AMA, get a lot of funding from food companies. So they are very defensive about Canola. Fine. But I’m staying away from it. My principle is this: minimize oil use to the lowest possible level, and if you do consume oil, get only cold pressed oil. In India, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of RICE BRAN OIL. But mostly what is sold is chemically refined and likely quite unhealthy. I’m an MD, an Internist. The AHA putting out a video with this info? Good grief.

  • Hmmm do you have any credible research backing these claims? I am not unwilling to accept new information, but what you said contradicts what I’ve been told my entire life, and I need sufficient evidence before changing all I believe in.

  • Nine times out of ten I would agree with him regarding the smoking points of oils. But, you can actually cook with coconut oil at a high temperature because it is very different from most other cooking oils as it contains an unusual composition of fatty acids which makes it highly resistant to oxidation at a high heat. For this reason, it is very suitable to cook at a high heat incuding frying

  • Very informative!! My husband was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver  and we were still in a cloud of smoke not knowing what oils to use for our daily cooking. I went with my gut instinct and chose avocado oil and have been using it for about 4 days now. Today I stumbled across your video and I’m so glad I did…put my mind at ease. Thank you so so much.

  • Can anyone comment on rice bran oil? It’s quite cheap where in live. And can refined olive oil be considered a better choice of cooking oil as opposed to EVOO because of its slightly higher smoke point?

  • We just bought what I thought was a great mayonnaise made with sunflower seed oil. Came up zero carb and high fat. Too bad. It is tasty!

  • New subscriber here. Really really enjoyed your videos with Dr. Subbotin and Creon Levit. This video certainly showed some strong historical associations, but I was hoping it would include some discussion of the mechanisms by which seed oils impact the body, and why other fats, particularly other omega-6s do not behave similarly. Do you have other content that explains this?

  • I use coconut oil. However I can’t convince my mother to use it. Instead she uses canola oil. She thinks its healthy. I wonder where she got the idea. My family thinks poly fats are good while saturated fats are bad because they said it will solidify in the blood vessels and cause heart attack. I’m not a doctor so they won’t believe me.

  • Once a restaurant at an airport, I wanted to have eggs for breakfast and I told them also that I was allergic to vegetable oils and wanted my egg cooked in butter. The waitress went to ask the cook and said they don’t have any butter. I settled for soft boiled. Unbelievable. It reminded me of another time having a salad and I just wanted olive oil, but they didn’t have any and asked for vinegar and they didn’t even have that.

  • How one can define “Regular Olive Oil” in terms of oil extraction process. Like we say cool press or extra virgin which is crystal clear there is no confusion to understand it. Then we have olive pomace oil which is also clear to me that how it is extracted. But in this video Joanna used Regular olive oil which i cannot understand, is it pomace oil or is it another category.

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  • I have been told to avoid RICE BRAN OIL as” it is cause of both inflammation and the mitochondrial dysfunction which is believed to be causes of insulin resistance.” Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Dr. Michael Eades and others have been quoted for above opinion.Please guide.

  • Oils are so confusing, I thought canola oil was heart healthy. �� Now I’m not so sure. ����‍♀️����‍♀️ I also heard that coconut oil is bad for you. ����‍♀️ Yikes is my information backwards or can coconut/canola oil be bad and good at the same time? ��

  • Hey Erwan, thanks for this video. I am unsure about one thing you said about avocado oil. So if the bottle says its cold pressed, it means its not suitable for high heat cooking or are all avocado oil the same?

  • Wonderful interview Ivor! Chris covered so much ground. What I love is how you guys rely on data and unbiased presentation of study findings unlike the way certain activist groups distort and blatantly lie to their viewers about scientific findings which do not support their agendas. Case in point, Dr Joel Kahn’s appalling misrepresentation of a recent meta analysis paper published in Cochrane on a Plant Based YouTube channel recently. It’s so sad that they allow their agendas trump science. Congrats to you Ivor for staying true to what the data shows.

  • Oliv oil is no good for deep frying
    Some sources put the smoke point of olive oil somewhere around 374–405°F (190–207°C) (17). This makes it a safe choice for most cooking methods, including most pan frying. Summary Extra virgin olive oil’s smoke point is somewhere around 374–405°F (190–207°C

  • Wow, thank you Joanna, that was great information! I’m glad you mentioned grape seed oil, and confirmed the good things I’ve heard about avocado oil. �� Keep up the great work. ����

  • Oh my god, please don’t listen to her. You should only cook with EXTRA virgin olive oil, because it has high smoke point, if it’s not real extra virgin olive oil it will oxidize and cause you damage, what is said here is complete BS. You should NEVER DEEP FRY with olive oil!!!!! Go see Thomas Delauer, this lady will kill you!

  • Hi Joanna, just wondering if you have a video about the different types of milk and which type is better for what situation? Itll be great if we can get a video on that:)

  • I only wanted to know the best oil for my wok and for deep frying… instead, my brain exploded as i think i heard something about Star Treks Phase Inducer and how the photon cannons work?

  • Thanks for posting. Why is sunflower oil not ideal for low heat cooking? Some time ago, I made the absolutely perfect hibiscus leaf oil by frying away the mucilage of pureed leaves. The resulting oil was extremely fluid, clear dark like rich EVOO and ultra creamy.

    However, I am struggling to replicate it. My attempt #2 was too dense, dark and smelled like spent cooking oil. When I used a lower heat for attempt #3, the colour was better but the oil was still a bit too dense.

    Grateful for any suggestions.

  • What about the naturally occurring polyunsaturated fats in walnuts, almonds, and pistachios? I was thinking about this today, as I pondered the nutrition information label on my bag of pistachios: 4gm polyunsaturated fat. Too much?

  • I am continued to be blown away by the information that you give. Your YouTube channel continues to cause me to change my diet and supplement regime. It also has caused me to come to the conclusion that most doctors don’t know what the hell their talking about when it comes to the chronic diseases that tend to kill us as we age. Keep up the good work. It’s making a difference.

  • Any thoughts on sunflower seed oil? I thought I bought avocado oil but realize that it’s a blend of avocado oil and sunflower seed oil.

  • Thank you Dear, very important, you might want to touch on “smoke point” and why you don’t want to go past that point; smoking oil is dangerous (the fumes) and should be tossed out, start againt.

  • Hot tip: with ANY oil, if it starts to SMOKE, turn off the flame, toss it out-and DON’T BREATH THE FUMES. I do not know the formal name, but a form of cancer (killed my neighbor) is called “Asian woman’s syndrome” because traditionally, with wok cooking, a lot of Asian women have inhaled hot oil-don’t do that. If oil starts to SMOKE-danger, danger, danger. And you don’t have to be a woman, or Asian, to die from that. Don’t inhale smoke from any source.

  • It is confusing to hear that we should always avoid using rapeseed oil. I was led to believe that cold pressed unrefined rapeseed oil, that costs in a grocery store more than extra virgin olive oil, is very good for our health. Could you please give some further explanation here?

  • You are talking about good oils, unfortunately these oils can hardly be found in the supermarkets, most of them fake oils, instead of getting benefits your health will be deteriorated, you could find car oil also used as edible oil

  • How about High Oleic Sunflower Oil? It has almost identical fatty acid structure as Olive oil (75+ oleic acid content), no trans, rich in Vitamin E and is NOT a GMO. Smoke point 235 C +. Why is it not viewed here?