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Directions Step 1 Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Advertisement Step 2 Beat egg whites, salt, and pepper in a bowl with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Fold Parmesan cheese Step 3 Make 2 mounds of egg. Directions Preheat oven to 450° and grease a large baking sheet with cooking spray.

Separate egg whites and yolks, placing egg Spoon 8 mounds of egg whites onto prepared baking sheet and indent centers to form nests. Bake until lightly golden, Carefully spoon an egg. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with a silicone liner (such as Silpat (R)) and butter lightly. Crack 1 egg into a clean hand and then separate carefully by letting the egg.

A light and dreamy way to enjoy your eggs—light as a cloud, in fact. These heavenly cloud eggs with fluffy whipped egg whites, runny yolks, melty Gruyère, crispy bacon bits, and fresh green onion. Cloud eggs are delicate and delicious, too.

The method is also quite versatile, perfect for playing around with different flavors by changing the type of cheese used, adding minced herbs, even stirring in some crumbled bacon or a few spices. Cloud eggs or eggs nests, whatever you call them they are a delightful way to prepare eggs! You basically whip up the egg whites, form cloud or nest shapes with the whipped egg whites, and plop the egg yolk in the center, and bake. Oh yes, and some grated cheese is folded into the whipped egg.

The questions can be found below. I like to show students the Cloud Eggs YouTube video but there are others you can use. If you want to learn more about the history and science behind cloud eggs, you may want to check out “NPR: Cloud Eggs: The Latest Instagram Food Fad Is. Coat 4 small bowls with nonstick cooking spray. Separate the eggs and put the whites into a medium bowl and the yolks in the small bowls (1 yolk per bowl).

Add a large pinch of salt to the egg. Keto Cloud Eggs will give you that easy way to surprise someone with a lovely Breakfast. Gluten-free, Grain-free and fully Low Carb, Cloud Eggs will upgrade your Keto Breakfast into a VIP event. Separate eggs, putting whites in 1 large bowl and yolks in 4 separate small bowls.

Whip whites until stiff peaks form. Fold in cheese, chives and bacon. Spoon into 4 mounds on parchment-lined baking sheet; make a deep well in center of each.

List of related literature:

For example, in mammals, eggs are surrounded by cumulus cells and the zona pellucida (ZP); in sea urchins, eggs have an egg jelly (EJC) coat layer and an internal VM.

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Cloud droplets are the small particles that form all the familiar visible nonprecipitating clouds described in Chapter 1 (stratus, stratocumulus, cumulus, altostratus, altocumulus, and cirriform clouds).

“Cloud Dynamics” by Robert A. Houze, Jr.
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The drawing in part b of Figure 29.9 shows that the EGGs shade the gas and dust behind them from the UV photons, creating the many finger-like protrusions seen on the surface of the cloud.

“Physics, Volume Two: Chapters 18-32” by John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson
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These cells are called cumulus cells, as in low-power microscopic images of a released egg it appears to be surrounded by a ‘cloud’ of material.

“Principles of Development” by Lewis Wolpert, Cheryll Tickle, Alfonso Martinez Arias
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The cumulus is a matting of sticky extracellular material that serves to bind the egg

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier
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A contrail, also known as a chemtrail, is a type of cloud that is formed from the vapor contained in the exhaust of a jet when it is flying at high enough altitudes for cold temperatures to cause the vapor to turn into ice crystals like cirrus clouds.

“Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia” by Peter Knight
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Ancylostoma and Uncinaria eggs have a smooth, clear, colorless, ellipsoidal shell and contain an embryo in the morula stage of development.

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Eggs embryonate in the external environment under favourable conditions of temperature and moisture and are directly infective to the avian host.

“Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates: Their Development and Transmission” by Roy C. Anderson
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Depending on the ambient conditions, egg deposits can often be seen in the nostrils and in the angles of mouth and eyes.

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In clouds over continents, the high concentration of very small atmosphere-borne particles, called condensation nuclei, permits the rapid formation of many cloud droplets from the available water vapor.

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  • When i make it I add nothing to the egg whites, then make the meringue, then I fold in the chives carefully. Gives it a better texture in my opinion

  • Just imagine that egg on top of a slice of fresh sourdough bread cut ridiculously too thick and a few drops of black truffle oil. Served with some homemade sun-dried tomatoes and a slice or two of Iberico ham. Add a little pickled onion to liven things up. Even a light shake of cayenne will not be out of place! That’s a breakfast game changer.

  • Chef John, you’re the best. I always go to your videos first, but man you take huge bites. I bet you could fit an entire apple in your mouth.: )

  • Eggs come from hens not roosters
    Oh and they also are covered in chicken poop sooo I say staged
    But still very clever, love u rob

  • I’m not sure what an upper-case period is supposed to look like, but that is what this guy uses to end every one of his sentences.

  • I assure you that I set my oven to 230*C and oiled the tray, but it still got stuck to it. I was cleaning for at least 20min.
    It‘s really hard to season the eggwhites right because they became too salty with (only) two pinches of salt! Also, the eggwhites turned out brown and it was overall not that much tastier than a fried or scrambled egg.
    Do it on your own risk! I‘ll stay loyal to my scrambled eggs

  • Here’s the link to my Maria de Sangre cocktail recipe for the person who wanted a bloody Mary recipe. Just swap out the tequila for 1.25 oz plain vodka, or wait until my tech disadvantaged device uploads my response tonight. https://youtu be/Js4gjUH5jw0

  • Hi Chef John,

    I will try this after I finish my dozen hard boiled eggs in the fridge. It should be soon since I can’t get under 18 eggs at a time at the grocery store. I just tried to watch the live chat with no luck due to my phone and bad buffering. I did catch the question about the Bloody Mary. I didn’t get the answer, so if you don’t have a “good” recipe, I do. I just uploaded it yesterday, but I used tequila silver instead of vodka. I just made a regular Bloody Mary and am trying to upload right now and at the rate I am going it will be ready tomorrow. In the meantime I will put the link here or by on the latest recipe post. You can delete it if you want. I call it Maria de Sangre on you tube.

  • Made this for breakfast. My wife said Wow!
    She also said it would be good with Canadian bacon, so I played the part of the video where Chef John says it would be good with Canadian bacon.

  • No guys this does not work, I tried it. Look at another tutorial, one where they cook the egg whites first a bit and then add the yolks and then cook again.

  • Oh and btw, 8-10 min is way too long! Bake it at only 4 minutes because that’s the point of which it turns golden brown! If you wait longer, it’ll burn!

  • Am I the only one who can’t stand a runny yolk? I see so many vids with them or videos with any meat other than well done and it drives me nuts because I don’t want fucking pink meat and runny yolks i want a fully cooked dish

  • That was fun as hell to make. I sprinkled some smoked salmon and pepperjack cheese before throwing them in the oven, and it made for a heartier breakfast. Thanks tasty!

  • There are egg yolk separators that could address the “separation anxiety” like this one

  • Just tried making these and it was a total failure. Spent bout an hour whipping these damn eggs (with a tiny dash of red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt) and turned white but remained runny. So i started adding corn starch over and over til they thickened up but still not at that puffy pudding consistency. Finally put a pancake flat dab on the pan and tried to cook it in stages to maybe build up to that flower model in the video. Nope. After adding the egg i cooked it a little longer then i should have but thats ok. The result was a crappy starch flavored thing that i had to dump. Next I’ll attempt the Scotish egg.

  • good video sir. Seemed like too much work for such little change in flavor. I like a good sunny side up but I can do it in half that time.

  • this wouldn’t really work. If you really want to do something like this, whisk the egg whites first, THEN add salt and GENTLY fold in other things like cheese, herbs, and/or spices, bake it for a few minutes in the oven at 200 C, THEN add the yolks. It takes about as much time and effort as an souffle omelette.

  • This is the first thing I ever cooked by myself! I made it for my dad for breakfast i was 7. Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane��

  • First time watching and had to subscribe. You got me at, ‘separation anxiety’. Just a hoot. I was smiling all the way through. Thank you.

  • I’m not going to lie, those cloud eggs look like the Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster. ���� Can’t wait to try the recipe soon.

  • For those who have been asking about the music in the outro (me playing the guitar. It’s a song called Narasimha: The Man Lion by my band Demonic Resurrection. You can watch the video here:

    And for those asking about the background music during the video that’s a song from my solo album called ‘When The Hope Withers And Dies’ and you can listen to that song here:

  • I made these, but I think my convection oven cooked them too quickly. I should have been paying more attention.
    My clouds are tan and well cooked, and the egg yolk definitely did not just plop in. Most of them ran off….fail! ����‍♀️

  • Threadbanger created 3 new colors: mermaid,unicorn and galaxy������‍♀️��(couldn’t find a galaxy emoji so I’m gonna use stars in the sky)�� PS, luv ur vids and I’m commenting from the future.

  • Want something aesthetic af but isn’t high on sugar for a birthday party? Like cake just add a smol cute charm on the yolk take a pic take of the charm

  • I put smoked turkey or smoked ham between the toast/English muffin….and lightly cover the whole cloud with hollandaise sauce. Finishing with a sprinkle of Red River Ranch seasoning.

  • Hi, Chef John. Whatch your channel since 2012 and always enjoy all your video tutorials. They are very informative and easy to watch. Best wishes and greetings from Belarus!

  • im absolutely triggered by the fact that you stirred your egg whites like a savage when you should have spread the seasoning out evenly as sophisticated people do to retain the airiness.

  • I don’t know you guys but I did all the steps, whisked the egg whites, put it in the oven for 8-10 minutes but still I’m sitting here with some burnt egg next to me. I think that the oven’s degree is too high. But I’m not the expert, you are so correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I tried to make cloud eggs but when I took them out, they were flat as pancakes so it was a fail for me and It said everything it said to do but it still failed

  • If I was in this guy’s kitchen is this the way he would walk me through a recipe…bc I’ve been watching for a little while now and the up and down in his tone during his voice over is so distracting!!!!

  • This was actually easy enough for me to make, although it’s very hard to move the yolks a 2nd time without breaking them. I didn’t think it was worth all the extra dishes when it tastes the same as sunny-side-up, and my husband was weirded out by the texture. Easy enough and cute for like a brunch idea though.

  • Haha right learn how to make a cooking video dont even give all the instructions. Haha it happens tho. these are amazing tho for sure try it

  • I followed THIS recipe from THIS channel and it turned out DELICIOUSLY PERFECT. My mom and I loved it and I plan on making it again.

  • Just made this! Yolk broke in the bowl while waiting to go on the clouds.:( Not very runny in the end, but it’s still tasty! Going to have to pick up some seed bread for round two.

  • After 3x trying I finally did it very nicely! Am loving it, thank you for the guide! The lemon juice for me is way better plus added some bacon crisp. My mother is still freaked out about it.

  • So I find the weight of the yolks will split the cloud and make them fall through. In another recipe I watched the chef first baked only the clouds for a few minutes so they solidified a bit, then he added the yolks on top and baked a few more minutes. That works really well.

  • I tried it today… I should have whipped the egg whites a bit more because it didn’t hold up as well… but tasted really good ;D

  • I had a little bit of trouble the first time I made them, but once you get the hang of what you’re supposed to do they’re pretty easy, and they taste so gooood! I just hate the smell of eggs everywhere afterwards

  • I agree with your final thoughts! Even though they look beautiful, I like some crispy edges around my egg whites.
    I WILL make it once, though. Just for aesthetic. ��

  • This recipe has an oven heat / cook time that’s way too high.

    350F for 6 minutes, then add York’s and cook for a few more minutes till yolks are set. I burnt the first batch of 7eggs at 450.

  • Very good! I’ll make this again. Though baking at 450 F for even 8 minutes overbaked my merengue. I’ll try turning the temp down next time. I think I saw a similar recipe that bakes at 350 F for the same amount of time…

  • I came over from the Dalgona coffee video, just to see what the cloud eggs were.. so I have a question: the T-shirt you are wearing, what is that? If you don’t mind? My daughter would love it!

  • Lots of dirty dishes and it’s still eggs. Fried in bacon grease sunnyside up set atop a pile of fried potatoes and onions fried in bacon grease and mix the runny yokes all together. A rib stickler

  • I made these before. They are HEAVENLY.
    I would like to point out, however, that if you follow Tasty’s cook time, you’ll get burnt eggs, as I did the first time I made them. I eventually hunted down other videos that made them, and they each say;
    You are supposed cook the whites for 3 minutes, and then add the yolk, and cook for 3 more minutes.
    When I followed the above, my eggs came out perfect each time.

  • keto recipes and a metalhead, i don’t need no more cooking shows on youtube. Props to you brother! hope your channel skyrockets \m/ keep headbanging!!!

  • I’ve never made the cloud bread (oopsie brea) that way. The original cloud bread has cream cheese mixed with the yolks then stiff peaks egg white that was mixed with baking powder. I tweaked mine though with some cinnamon and pure vanilla extract with some keto friendly sweetener. When they come out of the over and still warm, I topped them off with some mixed butter and cream cheese. Total game changer for a keto cinnamon bun. I don’t eat alot of sweets so it’s really up to you how much sweetener you want to add. Delicious.

  • The mountains are so beautiful!!!! Unfortunately I live in the not so beautiful sandhills area ����
    Edit: So basically you made Meringue then put the yoke in the middle and baked again ��

  • I feel like he totally had permission to get the eggs… 1. The voice yelling at him was pre-recorded and 2. The whole start was about the neighbours chickens.

  • since everyone is debating the eggs.. those did not come from that little farm…eggs when picked will be muddy and sometimes bloody and have many things stuck to them…

  • Thank your so much for still singing at the end when you say, “Enjoy…” I ALWAYS look forward to that. Oh, and all your recipes are amazing…

  • I did the seasonings first then blended then baked five minutes. Added the yolks and baked another three. They turned out beautiful. Would recommend oiling pan first. Texture and flavor left much to be desired.

  • when my dad builds something in the garden (handyman), he jokes about ‘oh we gotta make it secure so the neighbors don’t steal/break/get into this!’

    thanks god we did that jesus christ

  • the one thing that drives me crazy about every single Tasty episode. PLEASE use a metal spoon. The thinness that it has makes sure as little air leaves as possible.

  • Lol for those who arnt sure if its staged, it definetly is, because chicken coops are not that clean, nor are fresh eggs straight from under a chicken. They poop on them. A lot.

  • Ok I know I’m late but I think you should salt eggs after they’re cooked since the salt will make the uncooked proteins less fluffy. Or some shit. Idk. I saw it in a chemistry video comment so I could be wrong

  • Idk why but it kinda made me sad when he stole those eggs whilst the chicken was sitting next to it… Animals are so innocent and humans are shit that’s the reality people hh

  • Imagine Rob having a cooking show
    “Okay so I am going to take this blender doohickey then we’re going to wait for some peaks to form what ever that means”��

  • I haven’t watched glitterforever17 videos since she made lip bomb out of a person. I knew her videos were weird but that was too far. Now that I’m viewing from a distance her videos are really uncomfortable