Cloud Bread and Lox Sandwiches


HOW TO MAKE CLOUD BREAD (the most pillowy sandwich bread you will ever have!)

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No Carb Cloud Bread with 3 Ingredients! | Easy Keto Sandwich Rounds

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Is the new cloud bread trend really good for you?

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Keto Cloud Bread Salmon Sandwich 3 NET CARBS

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NO Carb Cloud Bread! 3 Ingredient Takeover Mind Over Munch

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Cloud Bread

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How to Make CLOUD BREAD SANDWICH (Gluten-Free/Low Carb Recipe)

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Cloud Bread and Lox Sandwiches 2 large eggs, separated 4 ounces (125g) neufchatel cheese, softened and separated 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar 4 teaspoons Dijon mustard (no-salt added) 2 ounces (60g) lox 4 leaves lettuce 4 teaspoons minced red onion. Subbing eggs for bread is the latest way to cut carbs and amp protein. Apr 25, 2019 Subbing eggs for bread is the latest way to cut carbs and amp protein.

Apr 25, 2019 Subbing eggs for bread is the latest way to cut carbs and amp protein… 0 (0) Cloud bread is great for sandwiches. It’s simple, quick, and convient to make.

I love it because 2 slices have less than 1 gram of carbs. I use cloud bread to make everything, from cream cheese and lox to turkey sandwiches. It’s even great for grilled cheese! Ingredients: 3 eggs, seperated 1/8 tsp. Cloud Bread and Lox Sandwiches. Sheri Tweedt. loading X. Ingredients.

2 large eggs, separated; 4 ounces (125g) neufchatel cheese, softened and separated; 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar; 4 teaspoons Dijon mustard (no-salt added) 2 ounces (60g) lox; 4 leaves lettuce; 4 teaspoons minced red onion. Keto cloud bread, also known as oopsie bread, is a low carb bread replacement that has a light and airy texture. It requires no flour to make – not even low carb flours like almond or coconut. The traditional way to make oopsie bread.

Everything Bagel Cloud Bread: Spread softened cream cheese onto Everything Spice Cloud Bread and layer on lox and capers. Cloud Bread Tuna Melt: Scoop your favorite tuna salad on top of Scallion Cloud Bread, lay a slice of Swiss cheese over top, and broil until melted. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake: Top a warm Pumpkin Spice Cloud Bread. The Best Cloud Bread Recipe. Te key to making keto cloud bread is to gently fold the beaten egg whites into the egg yolk and cream cheese mixture.

The most common mistake people make is not beating the egg whites until the get stiff. This is essential for the cloud bread. I like to eat my cloud bread with some cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon and avocado, hmmm. If you like a ‘sandwich’ feel, just pop another cloud bread on top. I’ve frozen cloud bread for up to two weeks and they kept well.

If you do. Cloud bread is soft and fluffy like a cloud! It’s a great substitute for ‘regular’ bread and is low in carbs. Although it’s not firm enough to replace bread in a regular sandwich, I like to top one ‘slice’ with peanut butter and bananas, toast it with jam or with my favorite lunch meat and fillings!

The Best Cloud Bread Recipe. Each “slice” is baked separately and has a soufflé-like texture when it first comes out of the oven. After a couple hours, the texture becomes more bread like, so you won’t even miss traditional wheat bread..

However, I believe this is The Best Cloud Bread Recipe because of the seasoning. When cloud bread.

List of related literature:

The sandwich will have another look if you begin with artisanal whole wheat bread, wide curly leaf lettuce, tomato slices, carefully flaked tuna with fresh herbs, another layer of curly leaflettuce, and another slice of whole wheat bread.

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It is very versatile, used widely in canapés, pates, pastas, salads and quiches and in Jewish cuisine is called ‘lox’ and is usually eaten on a bagel with cream cheese.

“4 Ingredients Diabetes” by Kim McCosker
from 4 Ingredients Diabetes
by Kim McCosker
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Spread 1 teaspoon of margarine on one side of each bread slice, flip the bread slices over, and spread 2 tablespoons of the smoked cheddar sauce on the other side of each.

“The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude” by Brian L. Patton
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Add the smoked salmon, again dividing evenly, and top each sandwich, cream cheese—side down, with a remaining bread slice.

“Flour, Too: Indispensable Recipes for the Cafe's Most Loved Sweets & Savories” by Joanne Chang, Michael Harlan Turkell
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Instead, they substituted a bagel for the English muffin, a schmear of cream cheese for the hollandaise sauce, and lox slices for the ham.

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Food” by Gil Marks
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These sandwiches are served with a sweet dip, and strawberry jam stirred with Dijon mustard was the perfect blend.

“Cook's Country Eats Local: 150 Regional Recipes You Should Be Making No Matter Where You Live” by Cook's Country
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The sandwiches are open-faced, a bottom slice of dark rye bread topped with pickled or smoked herring, sardines, salmon, anchovies, cheeses, liver paste, sliced radishes, watercress, chives, onions, pickled beets, cucumbers, dill potatoes.

“Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People” by Linda Civitello
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Hoping to find a loaf that was a serviceable alternative to (not a sacrifice compared with) regular sandwich bread, we tasted eight national brands of gluten-free white sandwich bread, both plain and toasted with butter.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
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Spread bagels With the cream cheese, and layer with the lox, capers, and dill.

“Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas & Modern Recipes for Cooking with & for Each Other” by Sarah Copeland, Sara Remington
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Assemble 4 sandwiches by layering ingredients as follows between prepared bread (with mayonnaise mixture inside sandwich): half of Swiss, turkey, crisp bacon, arugula, and remaining Swiss.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
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  • love the video, and the recipe. has anyone commented on the side of those guns (biceps)? man you’ve gotten in great shape.

  • I made these and they were good. Although very dry (are they suppose to be this way?) and my batter turned soupy (any tips? use a towlette?? ). Aside the few final products were the talk of the town.

  • Hi Shinichi and Satoshi, THANK YOU for lunch today!! We had your cloud bread as a part of our ham and cheese sandwich just like how you did it and it was fabulous!!!!

    I have made many versions/recipes of low carb breads over 10 years, and this is a winner. It is not dry or crumbly, but tender yet it holds the sandwich together until the last bite without getting soggy. Really perfect. (I have enough for 2 more sandwiches and I am going to test it later to see if it can hold up if my sandwich is assembled in the morning for an afternoon lunch. If it can, it would be so handy!)

    Tip: after creaming the cream cheese and egg, you can whisk it smooth by hand. (I didn’t have time to wash my mixer after lunch so I tried doing it this way, and it works!) The egg white/cream of tartar, can be whipped to stiff peaks using an immersion blender. Again I didn’t have time to wash my mixer and my 30 year old Bamix immersion blender takes less than a minute to wash after whipping the egg whites.

  • Love that more low carb content is making its way into your channel! Have you ever tried soul bread? Apparently, it’s even more bread-like than oopsies/cloud bread!

  • Love you guys to death. My one complaint is ITS NOT FLUFFY or cloud like at all. Lol I feel like it shouldn’t be called CLOUD bread

  • This recipe will be very useful for me and my 3 year old great nephew because we have got to have a gluten free diet for the next 3 months to eliminate coeliac’s disease from our health problems.

  • Hey guys, be careful with the xylitol around Justin. Even a tiny amount is toxic to dogs and I’d hate to see anything bad happen to such a cute little buddy. ��

  • I was around 150kg for most of my 20’s, now I’m 37 and currently weigh almost 200kg. I’ve lost 30kg since I broke my arm in 2014, without trying mind you! Weight loss is a hard thing to achieve with lasting results so I totally understand being fat and all the stigma and health issues that come with it.

  • Would be super interesting if you could share some more about your weight loss, like tips and motivational thoughts, that made you accomplish this great result. Also you could maybe show some recipes, recommended foods and stuff??
    Love your videos ��

  • Adding psyllium husk or flax seed powder will give you fiber but so will a salad or romaine lettuce on your cloud bread (Keto) sandwich. Popsicles bread or cloud bread is NOT bad for you.

  • Guys, I just had to pop in to see this! I’ve tried other low-carb bread recipes, but not yet cloud bread. Now I must try this recipe! It’s a low-carb winner! Your sandwich looked divine!

  • I love the new layout, background and style of this recipe video. It feels very genuine and homely.
    I also really love the videography style of your other recipes (where you are zoomed in on the ingredients with voiceover or captions) which I find very relaxing and beautiful.
    I hope you keep both styles, and use whichever suits what you want to convey with the recipe!

  • I adore you guys. But I made this once years ago and they made me so sick. Tip to make the cheese and egg come together easier: beat the cream cheese and then blend in one egg yolk till smooth, then add the other egg yolks.:)

  • I’m so glad that you made this video. I’m looking forward to making these. How would you suggest I store the extra pieces? Okay to leave outside or keep in fridge?

  • Shinichi I love your shirt. Looks really good. Missed the live stream
    But will catch it next week. Keep up the good work. Love from Bethlehem pa

  • useless fact, cream of Tartar is a byproduct of fermenting grapes into wine. once the wine is out of the barrel they scrape the Tartaric acid out of the barrels.

  • Thank you so much for making a gluten free recipe!!! I never see my favorite channels do things like this and it is so exciting to me! I can’t wait to try this out. <3

  • I’ve never heard of cloud bread before. Looks like it’s good for protein. Such a lovely golden color too! Thanks for introducing us to this bread.

  • That’s a very interesting recipe, Shinichi. I am currently going through a transformation. Ha ha! I am losing weight as I am over 100 kilos. I have one question: does the recipe really need the sugar?

  • Does the sweetener add anything in terms of how the cloud bread turns out, or is it just a preference? I really want to try making this, I’m trying to lower my carbs too and it looks delicious!

    Oh, and love this video! Your recipes are always awesome.

  • No fiber, but the ingredients in between the cloud bread should have fiber! If that’s her only concern, there should be no issue. She mentioned a lettuce wrap but why not just put the lettuce on the cloud bread sandwich? I mean really, have you ever tried to eat a lettuce wrap burger? It can get pretty sloppy. However, put those same ingredients in between cloud bread, and it’s easier to hold. Same fiber, but a tad bit more fat and protein.

  • Please show us more delicious low carb/keto recipes. This is the best looking oops bread I’ve seen. I need substitutes like this as I literary eat rice every day and need to cut some carbs per drs recommendation. Thanks. You guys are amazing. Have been binging on your channel for a couple of days now.

  • I know is been a few years. But I’m making the recipe with greek yogurt and it is slightly liquidity. What can I do to make it look like batter?

  • You know what would be super delicious: if you put vanilla into the cloud bread, and had it with strawberries and whipping cream (not cool whip if you’re still trying to be healthy:P). I think when I’m well enough to start baking again, I’ll make some cloud bread. I LOVE eggs so this looks right up my alley.

  • Love you guys and the puppy. I guess I’ll try cloud bread again. Congrats on your weightloss. ��������

  • When i make cloud bread i use plain greek yogurt( in place of cream cheese ) salt, bakeing soda, and phylum husk, no sweetner or cream of tartar. The phylum husk give it some more texture we use it for pizza crusts

  • What am I doing wrong?? I’m having trouble with the egg whites and cream of tartar… it’s not thickening up at all… help!!? Please ��

  • !!!!!!!!XYLITOL IS EXTREMELY DEADLY TO DOGS EVEN IN SMALL AMOUNTS!!!!!!! Just be warned in case you like to give human food to dogs, do not give them even a crumb of this if you make it. It’s also usually found in GUM, ICE CREAM, and other sweets. Be careful.

  • l tried these, not bad at all. l didn’t get mine exactly how l wanted it but l will try again. Thank you very much!! Such a unique recipe.

  • Hello I just did these. Been trying to do them for ages. I used only eggs and light Philadelphia cream cheese and some salt when I placed them on the tray. I got an electric oven ( heated a little before ) put the fan on 150 degrees Celsius and we’re ready in about 15 to 20 min. Watch them.As for taste I thought they were going to be worst. I let them cool, toasted a little two and made a regular toast, butter, ham and cheese. Mine came out golden and fluffy very soft. I put them in a sealed container with paper between them

  • Great video! How long do they keep for? also do you need to store them in the refrigerator? they look yum, im gonna have a try at making them for sure!

  • Thank you,
    I’m making these today….actually have all ingredients….yippee….gotta stay busy during this mandatory quarantine period….

  • I kept hearing about ‘cloud bread’ and decided to make it. Hell, I just miss eating bread……. Anyway, I followed the recipe & they turned out beautifully. I personally didn’t like the texture or taste; airy, spongy & taste like eggs…yes, I said eggs (duh). I dont know what I expected it to taste like. When I watched the video my eyes sort of seen a biscuit but my mind just automatically thought, wowww, ummm, b-r-e-a-d but at the end of the day my mouth said…….girl, who you’re kidding?

  • Sometimes, clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. Its like a silver sandwich. So when life seems hard, take a bite out of the silver sandwich.

  • Cloud bread is sooooo good,. I have tweaked the recipe, using baking soda/ half a teaspoon of pysillium powder and a little flax seed plus small amount of erythritol and a few herbs. Quick and easiest low carb bread substitute

  • I don’t understand the negative comments. If we have made a conscious effort to better our health and we are presented with options, then why not try it? and why criticize��

  • This recipe is certainly a must try. I wish our friend sharing, how to do this recipe would slow down her yakiety-yak, so we could
    understand her more clearly. Thank goodness for pictures. We don’t need 1,000 words here. Next a video on elocution lessons.

  • I made them today, but i think next time I will add some spices for a savory flatbread or vanilla for a sweet one. This one it tasted like nothing so i didn’t love it.

  • You guys are so uncultured in the comments… Of course it could be beneficial to someone who is diabetic, but it was created for Keto people who can’t have carbs and sugars

  • I followed this recipe to the LETTER with just 2 egg yolks and 3 egg whites and was greatly disappointed. It doesn’t taste like bread at all but more like flattened eggs. The only way I could stomach it was by dipping in some sugar free syrup. This recipe along with many other low-carb/no carb recipes is the very reason why I stopped doing keto and went cold turkey into carnivore. I hate spending money on ingredients and getting super excited about keto recipes only to discover they don’t even come close to the real deal. Another example is the keto pancakes. They are grainy and very distasteful. So after today from trying this “cloud bread”, more like cloud eggs, I’m just sticking solely with my meat and animal products. Simple recipes that don’t disappoint!!!

  • I didn’t have a mixer so I used a fork which took forever. In the end the mixture was so watery I couldn’t use a tray so I went for muffin molds. After 40 minutes I figured they were ready but they didn’t fall out of the mold. I had to scrape them out so they crumbled. As for taste…ehh. They taste like fluffy egg. There really wasn’t any great or satisfying flavor IMO. Did I need to add salt? Such a simple recipe and I was more than capable of screwing it up.

  • When they beat the eggs:

    My brain: I WANNA EAT IT
    Me: No, no you don’t
    My brain: IT’LL TASTE SO GOOD
    Me: It is raw egg white
    Me: i͟͟t͟͟’s͟͟ r͟͟a͟͟w͟͟ e͟͟g͟͟g͟͟w͟͟h͟͟i͟͟t͟͟e͟͟
    My brain: You like cookie dough
    Me: Yeah
    My brain: and not edible no egg cookie dough
    Me: I know where you’re going with this, IM GONNA MAKE IT AND IM GONNA EAT IT!!

  • Omg. Thank you so much. I cannot afford almond flour and all of that other expensive stuff that people use during keto to make their own bread and pastas. I’m italian and pasta is a part of my everyday life along with bread and rice, but I started keto last week and I am committed to getting rid of this weight. Thank you again!!

  • When I mixed my eggs with the baking powder, it didn’t get thick and fluffy at all. It just became really watery and foamy, almost like soap.

    Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong? Maybe I put to much baking powder?

  • So what about gmo’s in said bread! Or some people dietary restrictions don’t allow for bread that spike their sugar. Eat some broccoli and there is the fiber.

  • I’ve been making them with only a large Egg, pinch of salt, and a 2 Tbsp of room temp cream cheese. No pre-heating the pans, 300F for 30-minutes. Make two big or up to four small. Great for almost any bread/bun analog. Great with smash-burgers!

  • I LOVE Oopsie bread brother!! I’ve always just had it on it’s own. I’m so glad that you guys mentioned that it has a different texture, when put together as a sandwich. I will definitely try it next time. Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Just made this bread for the first time tonight. It didn’t last 2 seconds after being taken out of the oven. We’re making a whole loaf now

  • This recipe has become part of my every Sunday night for bread during the week. I’ve made it with a bit of butter extract, some with garlic powder, vanilla extract, etc. Endless possibilities. Glad I ran across this.

  • I can’t find a cream cheese that has no carbs. Every single one has carbs. Yes, they are all full fat. What cream cheese are you using that has no carbs??

  • People are becoming too nutritionally smart to fall for the stuff this “nutritionist” is spouting..typical government food guide follower! This was from a year ago…it was dumb then and still dumb today!

  • Made my first batch from another similar recipe… I guess the batter was too runny for some reason. But then again, they’re still in the oven.

  • omg… first time I’ve seen one of your videos. Loved it! You’re quite simply adorable! I’ll pass this recipe on to my wife and ask her to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I am making these today. It’s good Friday! We are shut in and I need a communion cracker. No baking powder. I ll let it sit out & get crisp. TFS��

  • Lettuce wraps?�� I hate when someone suggests lettuce as a substitute for bread! Try seeing how sturdy that is for a burger.. No ma’am!! As a diabetic on a keto diet cloud bread is so awesome!! It gave me back something my restrictions took away! FYI: I add ground flax seeds to my batter for fiber.

  • Shinichi and Satoshi, what a wonderful video! I can’t wait to try making the cloud bread! I have to eat gluten-free, and this looks just perfect. I’ve been so curious about it, and it looks like great fun to make. It makes me smile to see the potholders in the video!:-) Thanks to you both for another great video. Have a good week!:-)

  • It’s not for low carb dieting. It’s for low carb/high fat dieting. This person does not understand the purpose of the cloud bread.

  • I was planning on trying a different recipe that called for cream of tarter but of course I”m out of cream of tartar. So happy that you posted this recipe that uses baking powder because my eating window is coming up and I wanted to make a BLT sandwich. I just took them out of the oven and they look delicious. Will cool, put in a storage bag, and then I’ll make my sandwich! Thanks!

  • HELLO COOKING NERDS! Haha just kidding question, can this be done in a loaf shape and sliced like normal bread? So I could do a bigger batch and have them square in shape?

  • I tried this and ended up breaking my left arm. Two questions: What did I do wrong and why are is there really no crab in this bread loaf recipe? Respect, I love to eat food.

  • This dumb bitch thinks she’s all smart and saving the world with her stupid old advice that obviously doesn’t seem to work for a lot of people. That is why we go keto! With your whole grain face ��

  • It’s 3 eggs and 3 tsp of cheese (cream or cottage), makes 8 pieces. If you eat two slices, you still get less than one egg and less than a tsp of cheese. There is no nutrition problem there. Add a couple slices of bacon, and it’s a lite breakfast.

  • The reason fiber is good is because it slows the absorption of sugar and carbs. So since there are no carbs in cloud bread, THERE DOESNT NEED TO BE FIBRE. If you are really eating healthy, you will have enough fruits and veggies that you will already have enough fiber.

  • Sad that wheat was tampered with, but it would still have a lot of carbs in it. Most people eating a keto or paleo diet are going to be eating tons of vegetables and hemp hearts and flax and nuts and so many other nutritious fibre-filled foods. I’ve not tried this cloud bread, but to me it’s an attempt to eat something no or very low-carb that tastes something like the bread taste/texture we all crave.

    If you live in Canada, there’s a wonderful book called “Discover The Power Of Food” by Janet Jacks, it’s available at Goodness Me Natural Food Markets in Southern Ontario or online. This book is used as the textbook for a wonderful 10-week course on better eating and living called Life Watchers that I personally found life-changing. The book is a 400+ text in 10 chapters and has a section written by “Wheat Belly” author, Dr. William Davis. This book is all about eating to balance blood sugars and to eat real food, cutting out wheat and gluten but still eating to enjoy food, real food. There are 100 recipes in the book, and she has a second book that is 100 recipes called “Share Goodness”.

    I also found a WONDERFUL site for wheat-free recipes called Gourmet Girl Cooks, her recipes use almond flour and some coconut flour, and her recipe for buttermilk biscuits looks SO good, I haven’t tried it yet but the reviews are very enthusiastic. Just wanted to pass on a few sources that have been helpful for me in my quest for healthier eating. I’m definitely not there yet, still working-a process for me but I’ve made vast improvements.

  • Trend, not so much. These are a take off on the 60’s Dr. Atkins zero carb bread. They are tasty and airy. Not much of a bread replacement but if you can’t or won’t have bread, this will do in a pinch. They are more like airy, meringue-eggy tasting buns.

  • Just add psyllium it’s pure fibre. Plus low carbers just use it for the sandwich substitute not for a bread sub. We eat lots of other flours and veggies for the fibre. I can’t eat high carb foods at all as I have insulin resistance. I also don’t like taking medication to stop it just so I can eat the food that causes it.

  • That woman is a fiber freak and really believes in pushing the multi grain bread agenda, that is much loved by the food industry. Since the middle of the last century nutritionist have pushed the Low Fat High Carb band wagon and ignored the fact that the percentage of obesity in this country has grown year after year due to following this recommended diet! But, instead of putting the blame on the diet, they blame people for eating too much and not exercising enough! The simple fact of the matter is, that people on a Low Carb High Fat diet just don’t get as hungry and so lose weight and get healthier. Please note, that back before the middle of the last century and going back further in the past, ate more of a high fat low carb diet!

  • Love your videos, love your kitchen, it is so pretty and so clean……thanks for doing such a great job on here….I want to try the cloud bread…..never heard of it…..interesting tho…..

  • Seems no matter what you add to the cloud bread, it is always delicious. One day I had a fierce sweet tooth; I mixed one package of full fat cream cheese (softened in micro), with 4 eggs (separated), and 1/4 cup sugar to the cream cheese/yoke mixture. Because it was all I had, I used baking powder in the whites. They were so good, like danish I remember before celiac. I try not to make them often because I can’t stop eating them.