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Dark Chocolate Yogurt Pudding Dark Chocolate Yogurt Pudding. Ingredients. Directions. Put the yogurt in a medium bowl and stir in the vanilla.

Let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Serves: 3 | Serving Size: 1/3 cup yogurt pudding plus fruit. Put the yogurt in a medium bowl and stir in the vanilla. Let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes.

Place the chopped chocolate in a bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute, then stir. Continue to microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until the chocolate is melted. 1 cup 85% dark chocolate. 1 t vanilla extract. 1 t coconut sugar.

1 cup unsweetened coconut yogurt. How to Make ItMelt the cacao, coconut oil and chocolate together in a double boiler. Stir to combine and.

Instructions Make the chia pudding. Whisk together the chia seeds, milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, and maple syrup. I like to make my in Make the yogurt.

Whisk together yogurt, lemon juice. Here’s the great part: it tastes just like dark chocolate pudding! But it’s only Greek yogurt, dark cocoa powder, and maple syrup. So, you weirdly get the protein and probiotics of yogurt while.

In order to make our chocolate yogurt pudding recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients: brown sugar, unsweetened cocoa, salt, coffee, reduced-fat milk, cornstarch, Cabot two percent Greek yogurt, and pure vanilla extract. To a medium bowl add SILK Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative Dark Chocolate Coconut, almond milk, cocoa powder and chia seeds. Using a whisk, mix everything together. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and.

Not only is this Chocolate Pudding Fudge Cake rich, decadent and delicious but it’s also incredibly easy. A store bought chocolate cake mix is dressed up with chocolate pudding, yogurt and applesauce to create the most moist chocolate. 9 oz chopped dark chocolate, or 1 ¾ cups dark chocolate pieces (70% dark is best) 1 cup lowfat milk (not nonfat!) 3 tbsp sugar, or more to taste; Pinch salt; 2 cups whole milk Greek yogurt the. Dark Chocolate Drizzled Greek Yogurt Bowl with fruit and homemade chocolate sauce (WholeLiving) Martha is the founder and main content writer for Simple-Nourished-Living.

A longtime.

List of related literature:

Dark Chocolate Tapioca Pudding Replace the Vanilla Almond Milk with Chocolate Almond Milk (page 47) or other low­FODMAP chocolate nondairy milk.

“Low-FODMAP and Vegan: What to Eat when You Can't Eat Anything” by Joanne Stepaniak
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Use fresh condensed milk, which is about the consistency of heavy cream and almost white in color.

“Maida Heatter's Book of Great Desserts” by Heatter, Maida
from Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts
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Darken the pudding by adding instant cocoa a teaspoon at a time, stirring vigorously, until the desired color is attained.

“The Diloggún: The Orishas, Proverbs, Sacrifices, and Prohibitions of Cuban Santería” by Ócha'ni Lele
from The Diloggún: The Orishas, Proverbs, Sacrifices, and Prohibitions of Cuban Santería
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Pour cream mixture over white chocolate and let sit, covered, for 5 minutes.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
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When the chocolate is well mixed, add the yogurt, mix well, and let

“Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor” by Francois Chartier
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Add melted chocolate and evaporated milk followed by cooled gelatine-and-coffee mixture.

“Chef Wan Sweet Treats: 240 pastry recipes from Asia’s most flamboyant food ambassador” by Chef Wan
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Then add the white chocolate pudding on top of each.

“The Minimalist Kitchen: 100 Wholesome Recipes, Essential Tools, and Efficient Techniques” by Coleman, Melissa
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Stir the heavy cream and white chocolate into the pudding just until it melts.

“Delicious Under Pressure” by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
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Meanwhile, place the chocolate pudding mix and milk in a large bowl and blend according to the package directions.

“The Cake Mix Doctor” by Anne Byrn
from The Cake Mix Doctor
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Bring the cream to a boil and immediately pour over the white chocolate.

“Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking” by Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook
from Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking
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  • Greek yogurt fage ( means eat) manga in italian xaxa. 5% is the best, because it has the fat but not as much as the regular one and its creamier. use that one and this recipe,I can’t wait to try it, but I need more yogurt and chocolate to make for more than 1 person right now. unless I just try for myself lol. I’m sure dad will like it since he likes yogurt. so I will surprise him tommorow morning. tonight I go for my walk and shop on my way back:D


  • Just made it..Cant wait to taste it in 2hrs..

    After 2hrs, Hubby tasted and said chocolate is too bitter (I used lindt 70% bitter range) and yogurt is sourish..Is it ok to use normal yogurt or greel yogurt is a must??

  • Mmm… it’s fantastic with coconut milk & maple syrup as the base. I keep taking variations of it to work potlucks, and folks willingly eat it without coercion now. ��

  • I tried to like this one, I really did. But I can’t handle people chewing things that obviously don’t need to be chewed. You can still get squishy sounds without doing that��

  • Hey Mystic! I love chocolate pudding soo much! �� Tho I got to admit, I haven’t had them for a very long time now! �� This chocolate pudding really reminds of Aero Mint Chocolate mousse! Haha! �� thank you for a super relaxing video, your chocolate’s videos are honestly my favourite & the best! I hoped you have enjoyed your chocolate pudding, as much as I have! (I would have dipped the chocolate pudding in bread too haha! ��) See you in your next update, much love as always! ��❤️

  • Old video I know, I just got some chia seeds and WOW….. I’M MAKING ALL SORTS OF UNHEALTHY NOW HALF HEALTHY THINGS!!!!!!!!!! DELISH!!!!!!!!

  • Okay WOW. This is so so good. I swapped the sugar with 2 tbsp of maple syrup and it’s perfectly sweet. It is so good! Next time I may add peanut butter. Definitely recommend. I also used half full fat coconut milk (for richness makes it more like real pudding) and half almond milk.

  • Ich liebe ja die Alpro Schokound Vanillemilch richtig. Hab diesen Pudding noch nie gesehen, muss unbedingt gucken, wo es die hier bei uns gibt��

  • Hey! Your hair is dark color! I love it! Fair skinned brunettes naturally trigger me and make me attracted to you. Glasses are a bonus..��

  • We have a version of this in the philippines using rice and a local chocolate we call tablia(unrefined chocolate in tablet or coin form). And it taste quite good especially on rainy days

  • Ok chef for us in low carb keto
    We will us healthy Sugar Substitute and dont be shy to add berries on top Or keto chocolate ��������

  • Love this pudding with yogurt. Most videos only use milk or coconut milk. I tried a couple of variations but this is by far the best. The yogurt makes it so creamy and delicious.

  • Oops! I made a mistake in the recipe in my previous comment. As far as the chocolate part goes, I should have stated double the quantity for this amount of pudding. The correct amounts are 2 discs or tablets of chocolate, 1 cup water, and 1 cup cherries. Otherwise, I stand by the remainder of the recipe.

  • I have made chia pudding for a long time. I use 4 cups milk (any type you like), 1 cup chia seeds, 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, a good splash of vanilla, one whole “Mexican Hot Chocolate” disc or tablet warmed and dissolved in 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup dried cherries. Mix together well and repeat mixing every 5 minutes for 15 minutes. Refrigerate overnight. I garnish with cocoa nibs for crunch. If you like tapioca pudding you will probably find it as delicious as I do. It lends itself to many variations.

  • wow was my favorite tnx for sharing this! you got my support hey watching you here in china please always take care wherever you are! and god bless! waiting you to knock back my friend

  • You can grind the chia seeds for a quick minute, releases the very beneficial Omega 3, and helps it to lose that crispiness and sets faster.

  • Being lazy, I used my vita mix blender to make a pudding. Made it with coconut milk, brandy soaked medjool dates, cinnamon and nutmeg. Blended on high for about 1 min. Instant pudding!! Chia seeds were soft. Next will be chocolate. Thanks for the inspiration and for the very entertaining, delish. recipes!! Love your channel!!

  • I just found these at my grocery store I’ve been wanting to try them but they’re $4! So expensive! But I might just have to now you made them look amazing ��

  • Do let us know if we can do this with coconut milk instead of regular milk. Anything that calls for regular milk is out for me and it’s not because I’m lactose intolerant. Don’t ask.

  • Minimum of 4 hours is usual, not 2. The freezer, initially, worked against you. The seeds needed the time soaking in your milk, not freezing. Much better to freeze after the 4 hours in the liquid of choice. Usually, only health conscious people are interested in Chia seeds. In that case, the brown and white sugar are out and the 2% pasteurized milk as well. For individual servings in small mason jars use 1/2 cup liquid, 2 Tab. seeds. 1 Tab. Maple syrup or stevia to taste ( about 15 drops). Coconut milk is wonderful, also chopped bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coffee, Chi, Macha… -any and all combinations. The small mason jars allow you to make multiple individual flavors at night and leave in frige until morning. Cut the sweetening and it a great breakfast cereal. Supposedly the Chia has more calcium than milk, omega3’s than salmon and antioxidants than blueberries and 4 gm of protein per this serving size. My family loooves it-soooo many flavor combos. Kids can all make their own the night before!

  • Chef John I am one of your biggest fans but I kept waiting for you to remake this with hot milk instead the Chia seeds would’ve softened and the texture would’ve been a lot better

  • Why couldn’t you grind up the chia seeds first… it might release tons more “Stuff”… kind of like grinding up pepper seeds… just a thought.

  • So, i saw a comment that grinding into a flour might make the texture more pleasant but keep the thickness. Is this correct? Has anyone tried it? if they have, i might start making this when i head to college

  • I made this recipe to the T. Most of the patrons were spreading Barf out their mouths and asses in less than 15 min. This is the first Food Whishes idea that we will never make again!!!

  • For all those vegans out there, just use vegan milk. Or do what I did:
    1) Get a jar and mix in one cup of water with a heaping tablespoon of almond butter
    2) Shake the jar (with the cap on of course) until you get this sort of milk (I saw this in a kid’s vegan recipe book)
    3) Open the lid and add all the ingredients mentioned in this video minus the milk (you really just need the “milk”, chia seeds, and cocoa. Alternatives to the brown sugar can be maple syrup, coconut sugar, or anything else that will sweeten it up. It’s only optional)
    4) SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE KEEP SHAKING (a healthy snack plus some exercise:P )
    5) At this point, you can choose to refiregerate or not because the chia is already plump enough to be eaten out of the jar:)
    6) Optional: Add fruit on top, even more chia seeds (you can never have too many chia), cacao nibs, dried cranberry, really anything you want:)

  • Done in Iran for over centuries with water or milk in summer and it doenst need any chocolate or vanilla in it, it is called ‘Khake Shir

  • Grinding the chia seeds really makes the difference. I used my coffee grinder for this. The texture is now more like a very fine semolina pudding.

  • Love chocolate pudding �� Sometimes I like to mix a little bit if peanut butter in with chocolate pudding, really tasty. Love you lots pretty lady ♥️��

  • I love this video!! Sounds very good. By the way, i have one request. Could you make some playlist? I want your videos divded into some playlist. For example, Theme: fruit / Chocolate or 2019 / 2018 etc. i like your videos even 2-3 years ago. but sometime, it’s difficult to find that videos. but This is jus a request, so don’t feel pressured!!!

  • I keep having stints of making these chia puddings cause they all say how yummy they are but I always end up going to all the trouble of getting all the ingredients and making it but then am disappointed in them and end up throwing them out �� yuk. Don’t believe hype in other vids.. they’re not nice at all. I’ve tried using all the different milks.. coconut milk, almond milk ect but it’s still
    not great to eat.
    Ps usually sugar is not used in these puddings… it’s always healthier honey or stevia ect

  • Chia seeds are great for low carb diets. Unsweetened almond milk, some vanilla, chia seeds and the zero sweetener of your choice. Yum reminds me of the consistency of tapioca

  • Excelent recipe Chef Jonh in México the Chía and cocoa are common ingredients in popular food. Love and Kisses��my like for you ��

  • I wonder what the starch content of the chia is. Adding amalyse after it soaks a while will raise the sugar content significantly.

  • These are great and I can easily adapt with substitutes for my dairy free kids. Thank you! Something to add to the Summer holidays ‘to do’ list:-)

  • I first came across chia in another cooking channel I subscribe to. I was thrilled to see you use it, Chef John. I also loved your comment about the chia heads. That’s what first came to mind when I heard chia. Thanks for coming up with a recipe. I also have heard it makes a very good breakfast item; used with fresh fruit and milk.

  • My recipe is: Almond milk… (for breakfast) or full fat coconut milk (for dessert), Chia, coconut oil, chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or banana… flavored protein powder, for breakfast I may add some oats… for dessert I add melted dark chocolate and instant coffee powder, or smashed banana or strawberry or mango or whatever fruit I have, less calories no regular sugar less fat and not dairy

  • The tingles �� and I don’t even have my earphones in yet! All up my spine! You help so many people relax and help them sleep. Me included ����

  • Hi Chef John, I tried for the first time chia pudding today. I used coconut milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup as sweetener. It’s delicious!

  • This makes a great low carb dessert if you make it with stevia or splenda. Palm sugar can also be used if you’re more worried about the glycemic index than the overall carb count. The good thing is that the grainy texture of the palm sugar won’t be noticeable against the grains of the chia seeds.

  • Maybe a bit more liquid. Chia pudding isn’t supposed to be crunchy at all. If the liquid to seed ratio is correct, it will be thick and creamy with no discernable seediness.

  • I made this but instead of 2% milk I used 1% and instead of chia seeds I used a Jello pudding package. You are right, it wasn’t bad.

  • would it be alright if I used true Canadian maple syrup and carob instead? I often hear either cacoa or carob to be a better option then dark chocolate but I agree with the greek yoghurt its far better for you then cream.

  • tried this with coconut milk and (splash or four of almond milk) a little bit ago when the coconut milk chills it turns the whole mixture into more of a mousse. really interesting.